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Traxxas Factory Five 1935 Hot Rod Truck

The Traxxas Factory Five 1935 Hot Rod Truck honors the early days of hot rodding when big power, bright chrome, and curved steel ruled the streets. Like its full-size Factory Five counterpart, the ‘35 Pickup combines modern chassis design with a drop-dead gorgeous body. Riding on the 4-Tec 3.0 chassis, the Traxxas ’35 Hot Rod Truck offers blistering speed and razor-sharp reflexes with timeless good looks. Beautiful to behold and even more fun to drive, the Traxxas Factory Five Hot Rod Truck adds a classic touch to your RC experience.

Battery and Charger Sold Separately

MODEL 93054-4: 1/10 scale Factory Five replica Hot Rod with 1935 Truck ProGraphix® body, fully assembled, Ready-To-Race®, with TQ™ 2.4GHz Radio System, XL-5® Electronic Speed Control, and Titan® 12T 550 motor.

Factory Five Racing

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Every FormaCars ‘35 Hot Rod Truck is built in the USA and designed around you. Three series are available; the modern Signature, vintage Classic, and a fully Custom build (available per request). We build the factory luxury ‘35 Hot Rod Trucks using historically renowned Industry leading roadster frames and chassis’ designed by Factory Five Racing. FormaCars paint and interior work is second to none - people will melt with envy when you drive by.


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You’ll say “ I’ve always wanted one and want it to look just like the original”. An exquisitely designed period-specific interior respecting the original heritage of this timely classic. Be prepared for people to ask, “is that an original?”


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You’ll say “I love the look and sound of the old classic cars, but modern luxuries are necessary for me.” An exquisitely designed ultra-modern interior, form and function respecting the original heritage with all the modern amenities. Be prepared to be envied everywhere you go.

'35 Hot Rod Truck Features

Every high-quality FormaCars ‘35 Hot Rod Truck comes with waterproof electronics, powder coated sheet metal, painted rivets and more to increase value and last a lifetime.


  • Integrated HVAC System

  • Heated & Cooled Seats

  • Premium Sound System

  • Wireless Proximity Security System

  • Wireless Cell Phone Charger

Contact Us About Amenities

Control & Traction

  • Launch Control

  • Drive Modes (Track, Sport, Tour)

  • Adjustable Traction Control

  • Flatfoot Shifting

  • Power Steering

Contact Us About Traction Control

Interior & Exterior

  • Modern and Vintage Interiors

  • Powder Coated Sheet Metal

  • LED Lighting

  • Heat & Sound Insulation

  • Custom Paint Options

Contact Us About Interior & Exterior


  • 460-HP Engine

  • 6-Speed Transmission

  • FormaCars Cold Air Intake

  • Fuel Surge Tank

  • Independent Rear Suspension

Contact Us About Performance

Watch a demonstration of the benefits of flatfoot shifting and listen to the premium sound system in a FormaCars Cobra.


1935 Hot Rod Truck Supercharged Ford Coyote

FormaCars ‘35 Hot Rod Truck comes with a generation 3 5.0 L 460-HP Ford Coyote V8 Engine with a FormaCars designed cold air intake and MT82 6-speed manual transmission. The generation 2 Ford Coyote is a robust modern engine that is well known for durability, thrilling power, and reliability. Being a light cast aluminum engine with 420 ft. lbs of torque burning out, smoking tires, getting in and out of curves quickly, and being one of the fastest vehicles on the street will prove easy with this setup.

With silky smooth shifting, FormaCars advanced precision engineered MT82 Shifter Conversion Kit allows for the transmission designed for the Coyote engine to be used in the ‘35 Hot Rod Truck. This conversion allows for the shifter to be located in the ideal location for a great shifting experience and response.

The FormaCars designed cold air intake is engineered to pull in the freshest and coolest air. This allows for overall better performance and encouraging a race worthy performance setup.

Additional configurations are available including the ability to supercharge and more!

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Why FormaCars?

FormaCars ‘35 Hot Rod Truck is the most exhilarating and outstanding replica built in the marketplace. The high-quality precision engineered luxury ‘35 Hot Rod Truck comes with all the performance capabilities you would expect from an exotic race car.

New Technology Builds a Better Iconic Car

  • Modern technology allows for stronger, and safer frames

  • FormaCars advanced intelligent technology allows for more control over launch and acceleration

  • Advanced suspension, braking, and controls allow for better handling

Established company with robust capability

  • FormaCars is backed with decades of manufacturing experience

  • In-house precision manufacturing and design capabilities

  • Industry known limited production builder

Top-Tier Replica Builder

  • Industry recognized builder

  • Innovative and precision engineering model deliver amazing results

  • Preferred Factory Five builder

Watch this walk-through of a signature series Cobra Roadster designed for the Cystic Fibrosis foundation explaining the performance, modern luxuries, custom paint, and top-class engineering.





“…They practically had to mop our drool off of it.”

-Hot Rod Magazine

Contact Us to Learn More About FormaCars '35 Hot Rod Truck

Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Can I use a different engine?

Yes, we can install any engine you would like. We recommend the generation 3 5.0 L 460-HP Ford Coyote V8 Engine, but we are happy to accomodate your engine and transmission choice. Please contact us to learn more!

+ Why would I buy a '35 Hot Rod Truck if I can build it myself?

That is a great question, and one we often get. We have additional information about this on our blog, https://www.formacars.com/blogposts/2018/12/should-i-build-my-own-car. Here is a simple explanation, if you really want the experience of building your own car, do it. If you really just want to enjoy the car, hire FormaCars to build it for you. The average time a person takes to build their own car is 2-5 years. That is 2-5 years your garage will be filled with tools and parts. In addition, costs accumulate very quickly. We are happy to chat with you to determine if building or buying will be a better fit for you. Please don't hesistate to contact us!

+ Are you an official 35 Hot Rod Truck builder?

FormaCars is a preferred and authorized builder of the Factory Five Racing 35 Hot Rod Truck. FormaCars uses the Factory Five Racing kits because they are the most advanced and highly engineered '35 Hot Rod Truck chassis designed to date and have a very long history of being the best in the replica marketplace. Call us to learn more about how we are leading the replica marketplace!

+ How long does it take for you to build a car?

Generally, it takes 90 days to completely build and deliver your car. That is after we have received the frame and chassis. A frame and chassis could take up to six weeks to be completed, so you are looking at about 120 days in total. Keep in mind that some custom modifications could extend your build time and we will be upfront on the expectations. Please call us to learn more about our build process!

+ Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 24 month unlimited mileage bumper to bumber warranty with every new vehicle build. Please contact us to learn more!

+ What kind of power can I have in my '35 Hot Rod Truck replica?

Power options are almost unlimited. We can supercharge, turbo, and much more. With the signature and classic builds we offer, there is, no doubt, a significant amount of power. We will work with you and offer recommendations and solutions to get the power level you wish to achieve. Contact us and we'll have our shop manager talk about options!

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Traxxas 1/10 4-Tec 3.0 Factory Five '35 Hot Rod Truck RTR - Red

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Traxxas 93034-4 - 1/10 4-Tec 3.0 Factory Five '35 Hot Rod Truck RTR - Red

The Traxxas Factory Five Hot Rods honor the early days of hot rodding when big power, bright chrome, and curved steel ruled the streets. Like their full-size Factory Five counterparts, the Traxxas ‘33 Coupe and ‘35 Truck combine modern chassis design with eye-catching gorgeous bodies. Riding on the 4-Tec 3.0 chassis, the Traxxas Hot Rods offer blistering speed and razor-sharp reflexes with timeless good looks. Beautiful to behold and even more fun to drive, the Traxxas Factory Five Hot Rods add a classic touch to your RC experience.


  • Replica Factory Five Hot Rod ProGraphix® Bodies 
  • Factory LED Lighting
  • High-Performance Waterproof XL-5™ Electronic Speed Control
  • TQ™ 2.4GHz Radio System
  • Powerful Titan™ 12T 550 modified motor with internal cooling fan
  • High-torque waterproof Traxxas #2075 steering servo
  • Low Center of Gravity (Low CG) Chassis
  • High Performance Suspension
  • Adjustable Battery Hold Down
  • Efficient Direct All-Wheel Drive
  • Replica black Salt Flat-style wheels
  • Fully adjustable oil-filled GTR shocks with X-ring technology
  • Rubber-Sealed Ball Bearings

Classic Beauty

A steeply-raked chrome grille flows into the long narrow hood and aggressively chopped roof. Chrome headlights flank the sculpted fenders with full running boards. Deep, lustrous paint and wild graphics complete the package. The look is pure classic hot rod and Traxxas brings this timeless style to life in 1/10 scale.

New 4-Tec 3.0 Hot Rod Chassis

The 4-Tec 3.0 chassis wheelbase is extended to 300mm and outfitted with ultra low-profile suspension. This allows for highly accurate, deep-cut body lines and exacting proportions throughout both models. The rigid modular platform delivers ultimate steering precision and nearly infinite tuning potential. No classic hot rod ever handled this well.

Factory Lighting

Factory-installed LED lighting adds another layer of scale detail to the sculpted Hot Rod bodies. Brilliant white LEDs illuminate the headlight housings to lead the way with red tail light lenses for the competition as you blow past them. Naturally everything’s waterproof to keep the fun going, regardless of weather conditions.


  • Traxxas Factory Five replica Hot Rod, Ready-To-Race® Model with Titan® 12T 550 Motor
  • XL-5™ Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
  • TQ™ 2.4GHz Radio System
  • Quick Start Guide
  • High Quality Maintenance Tools
  • Optional High Speed Pinion Gear


  • Battery Pack
    • Traxxas Hot Rods require the use of a 7-Cell NiMH “flat pack” or 2-Cell LiPo Battery equipped with a Traxxas High Current Connector.
  • Charger
    • Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus (model #2970) recommended.
  • AA Alkaline Batteries
    • Four AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter

Battery and charger sold separately.

Sours: https://www.hubhobby.com/93034-4-110-4-tec-30-factory-five-35-hot-rod-truck.html
Joey Logano and Team Snap-on Builds a 1935 Factory Five Hot Rod Truck - Snap-on From the Ground Up

Hot Rod Pickup Perfection: SMG Motoring x Factory Five Racing

  • Story By Mark Masker
  • Photos By Tim Sutton

Flashback: 2019. Our own Greg Friend writes the story of a sweet, red, hot rod pickup built by SMG. It's the operation's shop truck; a good representation of what SMG can do. Like most shop vehicles, it's the owner's way of making something fun to drive without getting all that fancy. As SMG's Fred Simmons put it, “With shop trucks you cut corners to save money.” But what if someone else saw said truck and wanted one “just like it” only without cutting those corners? Chris Fitch's SMG project is that truck.

The original in-house shop truck garnered a ton of interest, especially after it was put up for sale. Chris was among the many eager would-be new owners but alas, he was too late. He was determined, though, and followed up with the question many people in his position have: “If I can't have that one, can you build me one?” SMG Motoring, of course, responded with the correct answer: “Yes.” And, well, here we all are.

Chris' project spawned off of that red truck and elevated it. This one blows the red one out of water with attention to detail,” Fred Simmons says. “He could afford to do super nice wheels and hardware. That took the idea to the next level.”

That attention to detail was the whole idea going into the build. Chris Fitch is a very detail-oriented guy; that was fine by SMG Motoring: “He's the ideal customer to build for because our ideas got along well. 'I like everything you're saying but make sure it's mint,' he told me. Chris wanted the details no one else will ever see, he likes that,” Fred continued.

Factory Five Racing specializes in replicating very rare, nigh-impossible to find bodywork, like the `35 truck skin found on Chris Fitch's hot rod truck. Covered in Porsche Graphite Blue matte and gloss paints, it cloaks a mild steel skeleton comprised of both square and round tubing, with a cantilevered suspension up front. Both the front and back pack Koni coilover double adjustable shocks. The cab and body are fiberglass, inset with a stainless steel inner bed. SMG Motoring added its own mojo to the bed with the custom water tank in it; that's just part of the air-to-water intercooling system that keeps a lid on the motor's heat.

It's a considerable amount of heat at that. This is because Fred didn't wimp out on the powerplant: “I like the Procharger P1X blower on this truck. I'm a horsepower junkie. The Procharger is definitely one of my things.” Convincing Chris and his wife Pam to commit to the blower took a little work, though: “He went back and forth on it. We'd sold the red truck about this time last year and it was going to Barrett Jackson. Chris and his wife came out to Barrett's to see it. They originally weren't going to do it. Then I took him for a ride around the Barrett complex in Scottsdale, and he said, 'We're doing the blower.'”

Blueprint Engines made the Chevy LS3 376 you see before you; the aforementioned blower sucks in plenty of air while Hooker LS manifolds and Magnaflow mufflers expel the spent gasses ignited by the Holley single plane manifold and EFI. All of which adds up to a claimed 800 hp and 695 lbs.-ft. of torque. Dynamic Racing Transmissions' 4L60C tranny and a Lokar shifter send all of that power to the wheels.

Which, by the way, are Budnik Tungsten wheels (18-inch front, 19-inch rear) riding in Nitto NT05 (front) and NT05R drag radial (rear) tires. “I like that style, the NT05. I know the brand from my own personal use. When you go open like we did with Perfection, you need a tire that looks the part. Put those tires on and they look serious. That's the tire that grabs my attention. The drag radial in the rear also helps keep the power hooked-up really well.”

All along the way, there was that high level of attention to detail. Not one thing went overlooked: “All those ideas that you want to do with a project like this, you get to do because that's how the customer wants it. Hide this to look cleaner, and so on,' Freddy says.

“Sometimes you don't have the freedom to put the effort into a custom but we did, here. The focus on the details was the most fun and the most challenging part of the build at the same time.”

Click here to see the truck that inspired this build.

Sours: https://www.drivingline.com/articles/hot-rod-pickup-perfection-smg-motoring-x-factory-five-racing/

Hot truck rod 5 factory

Traxxas Factory Five 1935 Hot Rod Truck
Factory Five 1935 Hot Rod Truck (#93034-4)

1935 Hot Rod Truck (#93034-4) 4-Tec 3.0 Chassis

The Traxxas Factory Five 1935 Hot Rod Truck honors the early days of hot rodding when big power, bright chrome, and curved steel ruled the streets. Like its full-size Factory Five counterpart, the ‘35 Pickup combines modern chassis design with a drop-dead gorgeous body. Riding on the 4-Tec 3.0 chassis, the Traxxas ’35 Hot Rod Truck offers blistering speed and razor-sharp reflexes with timeless good looks. Beautiful to behold and even more fun to drive, the Traxxas Factory Five Hot Rod Truck adds a classic touch to your RC experience.

Traxxas Power Cell Batteries with iD Logo
4-Tec lets you choose the performance you want!
Select the right Traxxas iD battery to fit your needs from the options below
Runtime*15+ Minutes20+ Minutes30+ Minutes
Battery2923X (1)
3000mAh NiMh
2950X (1)
4200mAh NiMH
2843X (1)
5800mAh 2S LiPo
Skill Level111
*Runtimes are estimates; actual runtime will vary due to operating conditions and driving style.
Traxxas EZ-Peak Logo
Choose your charging option with 4-Tec
Traxxas iD Auto Battery Identification makes charging simple
EZ-Peak Plus
EZ-Peak Live
EZ-Peak Dual
Charging Amperage4-amp12-amp
4-amp (dual)
8-amp (single)
See the complete lineup of Traxxas iD batteries and chargers available for this model.

Traxxas Telemetry Logo
Optional telemetry components let you monitor your model's speed,
temperature, and other parameters from your Android or Apple iOS device

MODEL 93054-4: 1/10 scale Factory Five replica Hot Rod with 1935 Truck ProGraphix® body, fully assembled, Ready-To-Race®, with TQ™ 2.4GHz Radio System, XL-5® Electronic Speed Control, and Titan® 12T 550 motor.

Factory Five Racing
Factory Five, Factory Five Racing, and the Circle 5 logo are registered trademarks.
All images used by permission from Factory Five Licensing, Inc. All rights reserved © .

Sours: https://traxxas.com/products/models/electric/hot-rod-truck
Traxxas 4tec factory 5 Hot Rod unboxing and ......

Factory Five Built This 1935 Hot Rod Truck As A Street Rod–Style Cruiser. How Would You Build Yours?

Twenty-five years ago, there were a lot of companies offering Cobra replica kit cars. Most of those companies appeared and disappeared faster than a strobe light. Factory Five Racing (FFR) was founded in 1995 and is not only still around today, but is continuing to grow its product line. The company is probably still best known for its sports cars, especially the Cobra and Daytona Coupe offerings, but FFR surprised a lot of enthusiasts when it introduced the 1933 Hot Rod. Now it's surprising people again with the new FFR 1935 Hot Rod Truck, introduced this year.

Dave Smith, owner of FFR, told us that after the company's success with build-it-yourself sports cars, he wanted to pay more attention to hot rodding. He did that with the 1933 Hot Rod. "The challenge was to interest hot rodders," Dave told us. "The hallmark of hot rodding is collecting parts. So how do you make an in-the-box component car package appeal to them?" The answer, he said, is to offer builders a lot of choices.

With the new 1935 Hot Rod Truck, fenders, running boards, and the ash wood bed kit are some of many available options builders can choose—or not choose—for their unique project. Engines and transmissions, wheels and tires, and paint are not provided with the truck, allowing the individual to choose these components according to their personal build style.

The full-fendered truck featured here belongs to Dave Smith and reflects his build style. He reminded us that the word "racing" is in his company's name and that most FFR customers who order sports cars are looking for serious racers; "heart attack serious" as he describes it. He built his personal 1935 Hot Rod Truck as an alternative to that, describing it as a classic beach cruiser—combining some period flavor with a lot of performance capability. "This is a cruiser with a laid-back stance, but not too far away from picking a fight," he explains.

In comparison, the 1935 Hot Rod Truck built by Hot Rod magazine (our sister publication), isn't even close to laidback. HRM's version is itching for as many fights as possible, with a pavement-scraping stance, open wheels, monstrous wheel and tire combo, dressed-to-aggress modifications, and a muscled-up 1,200hp Coyote packing the open engine compartment. The contrast between the two pickups proves that component package vehicles like this leave lots of room for personalization—the whole point of hot rodding.

FFR's new truck uses the existing computer-designed high-performance chassis developed for the 1933 Hot Rod, extended for the truck bed. A full-width rollbar is added to the mild steel tube frame. The FFR frontend features cantilevered double control arms, spindles, and coilovers using Koni shocks. The solid-axle rear includes a Moser 2010 Mustang 8.8-inch with 3.27:1 gears and the factory Traction-Lok limited-slip differential, suspended by FFR's optional three-link, Panhard bar, and coilovers. Braking is provided by FFR's standard kit using Wilwood discs and calipers, master cylinder, and pedal assembly. A rear steer manual rack handles steering. The steel fuel tank has a 15-gallon capacity.

The truck's body is built from hand-laid 3/16-inch laminate composite material. The tailgate and angled bedsides are constructed with stainless steel for practical use. FFR's website identifies every component provided, which is practically everything. Dave wanted his own truck built with the optional fenders and running boards in keeping with the vintage cruiser theme. The door handles and hinges, hood straps and tailgate chains, DOT-approved headlights and taillights also contribute to the laidback street rod flavor Dave wanted. The halogen headlamps have integral (LED) turn signals, and the taillights feature LED lenses. The ash bed floor is an overlay on the standard stainless steel floor, and a popular option for the 1935 Hot Rod Truck.

Mike Romer at Mike's Auto Restoration paints FFR's vehicles and sprayed the finish on Dave's pickup. Dave worked with Brian Fox from BASF to develop the perfect custom color for his truck. There is no name yet for the color they created, but it falls somewhere between teal and Ford Washington Blue. The paint is contrasted by the tailgate's black hinges and traditional pinstriping.

The 1935 Hot Rod Truck sits just right on those powdercoated wire wheels from The Wheelsmith. Dave says he has wider wheels and tires at home in the garage, but he prefers the look of the 18x8 52-spoke wheels with 1932 Ford center caps for maintaining the traditional theme. He selected 245/45R18 low-profile Proxes radials from Toyo Tires to complete the combination.

FFR provides engine mounts for Chevy small-block and LS engines, and Ford 302/351, 4.6L, and Coyote engines. Dave's truck runs a 2017 Coyote crate engine—partly because Dave is a Ford-in-a-Ford proponent and partly because he knew that if he could make an extra-wide Coyote fit in the 1935 Hot Rod Truck engine bay any other engine would drop in with ease. The engine is beefed up with an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger system. Exhaust exits through stock 5.0 headers. The glasspack-style mufflers soften the sound of the blown Coyote, but the tone still gets attention. A TREMEC TKO 600 five-speed transmission with a McLeod clutch and flywheel is mounted between the engine and the FFR 31-spline driveshaft. Dave's classic cruiser might not want to pick a fight with Hot Rod magazine's musclebound brawler, but with approximately 520 hp, it has nothing to fear on the highway.

FFR created a full interior for the 1935 Hot Rod Truck. The 1.5-inch four-point rollbar strengthens the structure of the cab. The black leather split bench seat includes a fold-down armrest. Black all-weather carpet covers the floor. The FFR leather-wrapped steering wheel, ididt tilt column, Auto Meter six-gauge set, and A/C are all provided by FFR. Dave added a tall shifter handle for a genuine hot rod look.

As a businessman, Dave Smith likes the 1935 Hot Rod Truck because it fills a previously vacant spot in FFR's product line. As an enthusiast, he likes it because it's a cool classic cruiser. As he told us, it would be very hard to own this truck and not drive it on the Hot Rod Power Tour or STREET RODDER Road Tour.



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Sours: https://www.motortrend.com/features/factory-five-built-1935-hot-rod-truck-street-rod-style-cruiser-build/

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