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The Best Teacher T-shirts on Amazon (That Actually Have Good Ratings)

So you want to buy a cute and funny t-shirt for yourself, for your teacher friend, or for your entire teacher squad? You can find some awesome deals on Amazon, but it’s important to sort through what’s good and poor quality. Always make sure to read reviews before buying, and check the sizing chart, as all T-shirts fit differently. If there aren’t any types of sizing charts, you’re very likely to end up with a T-shirt that’s either too big or too small, even though it may be the size you always buy.

To save you some time, we put together this list of the most awesome teacher tees we could find on Amazon with the most reviews, sold by verified/established brands or merchants. Pricing often fluctuates so make sure to check regularly by clicking on the link under each T-shirt. Enjoy!

By the way, Bored Teachers may get a small share of the sales made through the links on this page. We try our best to only recommend useful stuff that all teachers love!

1. Chaos coordinator

Chaos Coordinator Teacher T-shirt

Get it here.

There are so many “Chaos coordinator” tees out there. This one scores 4.6 out of 5 stars and doesn’t have a single bad review. You have some other options. Edie’s Walrus offers a custom-made one made on demand, so you need to allow a few extra days before receiving it. It’s a little pricier, but you’d be supporting a small business. I love this teal one sold by another merchant, but it doesn’t have any reviews yet. If you love the saying, you can find it on this cute stainless steel tumbler, by Brooke and Jess Design or even on a stemless wine glass, by Kris Gets Crafty!

2. My favorite people call me…

My favorite People call me Mrs Smith Teacher T-shirt

Get it here.

A great customized gift for your favorite teacher (or yourself!) These are custom-made so you need to count 4 to 5 days to create + shipping time. It can take up to 2 weeks before it arrives on your doorstep. It’s made by Strong Girl Clothing, and they have a very cute selection of mom’s outfits and funny workout tees.

3. Hogwarts wasn’t hiring

Hogwarts wasn't hiring so I teach muggles instead Teacher T-shirt

Get it here.

With the most reviews out of all the Hogwarts T-shirts on Amazon, ranking 4.4/5 stars from 111 reviews, this cute tee is available in red, purple, blue and grey. It’s made by Diagon Alley Customs, and they have a few other cute and inexpensive Harry Potter-themed T-shirts. Their “MUGGLE” tee is only $5.95 and would go along perfectly with the one above.

4. Be kind

Be kind Teacher T-shirt

Get it here.

Remind your students to spread kindness in your classroom every day by wearing it on your chest! I just LOVE the design on this one, cute and simple. It has a fair price and a good amount of reviews, mostly positive. A few sizing issues were mentioned, but the majority are happy customers. You can find it in V-neck, and in red or grey, from this different merchant who also has solid reviews. Or if pink is your color, check out this other “Be Kind” tee.

5. I’m s correcting your grammar.

Silently correcting your grammar Teacher T-shirt

Get it here.

This one’s only $4.99, !!!! They have a nice selection of heather colors, a little pricier but still very affordable. It’s sold by Crazy Dog T-shirts, and they have a great collection of funny Tees for teachers, moms, dog lovers, etc. They sell the infamous “Y’all gonna make me lose my mind” tee, (but watch out, the reviews aren’t all that great). They also have some really cute mom tees that are definitely worth checking out, for affordable, funny & thoughtful gifts!

6. I run on coffee, chaos, & cuss words

I run on coffee,chaos & cuss words teacher t-shirt

Get it here.

Great reviews with a lot of happy customer photos (which I personally love when purchasing a tee online!) It’s available in heather grey and blue, it’s fairly priced, and boasts 4.2 stars from a total of 157 reviews. Is it appropriate for the classroom? That’s for you to decide (or maybe your principal)! If not, you can always make it part your grading gear.

Sold by Yuyueyue, who also has a fun selection of mama tees. Check them out here.

7. Wake up. Teach kids. Be awesome.

Wake up teach kids be awesome teacher t-shirt

Get it here or here.

You may have seen this design all over social media. On Amazon, it only has 5 reviews (all positive), ranking 4.7/5 stars, with everyone saying the fit is perfect, and the material is soft and durable. It’s a little pricier than other T-shirts in this list (especially on a teacher salary) but you know what they say, “You get what you pay for!” You can also find this same, super cute saying on a stainless steel tumbler or a tote bag.

8. #teacherlife

Messy Bun lesson plans coffee patience #teacher life Teacher T-shirt

Get it here.

Nailed it! This might be the most accurate T-shirt out there summing up #teacherlife. Only a few reviews, an average of 4.2/5 stars, and it’s available in different shades of grey, beige, and blue. The seller is “unknown” which isn’t the best sign… You can find it from different sellers, but the fonts and graphics are not as cute, in my opinion! Definitely an all-time favorite, though.

9. Don’t make me use my teacher voice!

Don't make me use my teacher voice teacher t-shirt

Get it here.

There are so many “Don’t make me use my teacher voice” tees out there. Most of the ones on Amazon don’t have any reviews yet. From the photo, this one looks nice, but it only has one 5-star review. The same saying can be found here – in different fonts and a wide variety of colors. Although there aren’t many reviews, it’s pretty affordable, so it might be worth giving it a shot!

10. The definition of teacher Teacher T-shirt

Get it here.

What I love about it:

The merchant seems legit and the quality seems good. I love the message! You can’t go wrong by gifting this tee to your favorite teacher. The merchant also sells other nice tees for different professions: nursing, sports, and even this same design with mother & father.

What I’m not so crazy about:

It’s a bit on the expensive side. Let’s just keep an eye on it, and wait for a big sale!

11. Coffee. Teach. Sleep. Repeat.

coffee teach sleep repeat teacher t-shirt

Get it here.

Out of all the “Coffee, Teach, Sleep, Repeat” tees, this one has the most reviews. Not my first choice, design-wise, but it’s the safer bet! It’s available in black, blue, grey and beige, at a very fair price.

There’s another really cute one by Hadley Designs, but it doesn’t have any reviews yet. I’ll keep an eye on it and update the list as soon as it does.

12. State Pride Teacher

state pride teacher teacher t-shirt

Get it here.

Yes, you can find ALL the states here! They only have a couple of reviews so far, but they’re all good. This is definitely an all-time favorite, as it just speaks for itself. It’s fairly priced and available in black, red, pink and different shades of grey.

We’ll be adding on to the list as new awesome tees catch our eye, so check back from time to time! And if you’ve purchased any of these teacher tees yourself, don’t forget to share your experiences for others.


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Amazon is a treasure trove if you’re looking to upgrade your classroom supplies or find new ways to show off your teacher pride. Want to add some teacher inspired fashion to your closet? You’ll love the fun and stylish teacher t-shirts we found on Amazon too! Perfect for teachers of every grade and subject—these shirts make a statement whether you wear them to school or the supermarket! Here are the best teacher t-shirts on Amazon. (We won’t tell if you buy more than one!)

(Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!)

1. Prepare to get schooled

Prepare to get school t-shirt

The perfect back-to-school (or any time of the year, frankly) shirt for teachers!

Buy it: Prepare to get schooled t-shirt

2. Rainbow teacher

Pink rainbow teacher t-shirt

We’re loving rainbow teacher vibes.

Buy it: Rainbow teacher t-shirt

3. Support teachers, support kids

Support kids, support teachers grey t-shirt

A message we can all get behind!

Buy it: Support teachers, support kids t-shirt

4. In a world where you can be anything, be kind

In a world where you can be anything, be kind t-shirt

Spread kindness everywhere with this wonderful saying.

Buy it: Be kind in the world t-shirt

5. Full moon alert team

Full moon alert team teacher shirt

“I love full moons,” said no teacher ever.

Buy it: Full moon alert team t-shirt

6. Coffee, teach, repeat

coffee, teach, repeat t-shirt

Because coffee is essential.

Buy it: Coffee, teach, repeat t-shirt

7. Teacher of tiny humans

teacher of tiny humans shirt

And the owner of a big heart because of it.

Buy it: Teacher of tiny humans t-shirt

8. Mistakes allow thinking to happen

Mistakes allow thinking to happen shirt - teacher t-shirts on Amazon

How very true.

Buy it: Mistakes allow thinking to happen t-shirt

9. Reading is lit

Reading is lit t-shirt

Because we can’t resist a literary pun.

Buy it: Reading is lit t-shirt

10. Teaching future leaders

Teaching future leaders t-shirt

So, so many little leaders in my classroom.

Buy it: Teaching future leaders t-shirt

11. Teaching kindness is my jam

Teaching kindness is my jam teacher t-shirt

How cute! This is one of our favorite teacher t-shirts on Amazon.

Buy it: Teaching kindness is my jam t-shirt

12. Summer break, beach hair, don’t care

Summer break, beach hair, don't care white shirt - teacher t-shirts on Amazon

Our summer motto!

Buy it: Summer break hair t-shirt

13. Right angle

Yes, I'm always right. rRght angle t-shirt

The right angle is always right, but sometimes I am too.

Buy it: Right angle t-shirt

14. Teacher squad

Teacher squad blue t-shirts

Did someone say twin day? This is also a perfect shirt to wear on field trips or to team meetings.

Buy it: Teacher squad t-shirt

15. Define teacher

Teacher definition t-shirt

This sums it up.

Buy it: Define teacher t-shirt

16. I should be lesson planning

I should be lesson planning black teacher t-shirt - teacher t-shirts on Amazon

True for me 99% of the time.

Buy it: Should be lesson planning t-shirt

17. Be kind

Be kind yellow t-shirt

Simple as that.

Buy it: Be kind t-shirt

18. Tiny pencils, broken crayons, full heart

Tiny pencils, broken crayons, full heart t-shirt

This is teacher life to a T!

Buy it: Tiny pencils t-shirt

19. Nacho average teacher

Nacho average teacher shirt - teacher t-shirts on Amazon

Well, now I want nachos.

Buy it: Nacho average teacher t-shirt

20. Teach like a boss

Teach like a boss teacher t-shirt

Look at you, boss.

Buy it: Teach like a boss t-shirt

21. I train superheroes

I train superheroes t-shirt - teacher t-shirts on Amazon

I’m a superhero, training superheroes.

Buy it: I train superheroes t-shirt

22. Don’t make me use my teacher voice

Don't Make Me Use My Teacher Voice black shirt

At home OR at school!

Buy it: Teacher voice t-shirt

23. Alphabet “elemeno”

Alphabet "elemeno" grey t-shirt

It’s our favorite song, too.

Buy it: Alphabet “elemeno” t-shirt

24. My favorite people call me ‘Teach’

My favorite people call me 'Teach' t-shirt- teacher t-shirts on Amazon

Shout out to my faves.

Buy it: My favorite people t-shirt

25. Good day to read a book

Good day to read a book t-shirt

Isn’t every day?

Buy it: Good day to read a book t-shirt

26. You can sit with us

You Can Sit With Us - WeAreTeachers teacher t-shirt on Amazon

Spread the message of love and kindness this school year.

Buy it: You can sit with us t-shirt

27. Grow positive thoughts

Grow positive thoughts black t-shirt

Grow them like wildflowers.

Buy it: Grow positive thoughts t-shirt

28. If you can read this, thank a teacher

Teacher shirt: If you can read this, thank a teacher

Because if you can’t, you’re probably a teacher with a fried brain!

Buy it: Thank a teacher t-shirt

29. All the cool kids are reading

All the cool kids are reading t-shirt

And that includes me.

Buy it: All the cool kids are reading t-shirt

30. Teacher: because multitasking ninja is not a job title

Teacher: because multitasking ninja is not a job title t-shirt


Buy it: Multitasking ninja t-shirt

31. Science, like magic but real

Science, like magic but real tshirt, as an example of teacher t-shirts on Amazon

Does this make me a wizard as a science teacher?

Buy it: Science, like magic but real t-shirt

32. Students, I am your teacher

Students, I am your teacher t-shirt, as an example of teacher t-shirts on Amazon

Star Wars nerds unite!

Buy it: I am your teacher t-shirt

33. Teacher of all things

Teacher of all things red tshirt, as an example of teacher t-shirts on Amazon

Yes, yes, you are.

Buy it: Teacher of all things t-shirt

34. Teach your heart out

Teach your heart out blue tie dye tshirt, as an example of teacher t-shirts on Amazon

It’s what we do each day.

Buy it: Teach your heart out t-shirt

35. Star Wars alphabet

Star Wars alphabet letters white t-shirt, as an example of teacher t-shirts on Amazon

In an alphabet far, far away…

Buy it: Star Wars alphabet t-shirt

Loving these teacher t-shirts on Amazon? Check out our favorite teacher t-shirts on Etsy!

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35 Awesome Teacher T-Shirts You Can Buy on Amazon

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