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─── what are polarr codes?

                      polarr codes are filters that you

                      can use to make your edits and

                       themes look more aesthetic.

                       they are kinda like using psds

                       but in my opinion more easier

                       to use.

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user uploaded image

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𖦹 𖦹 𖦹 tutorial 𖦹 𖦹 𖦹

︿ first of all you will need to download

the polarr app of course.

user uploaded image

︿ next you will need to find a polarr

code you would like to use. I like

to use Instagram to find them but

you can also use other social media


︿ i will be using “la rouge” by

@overnochufilters !

user uploaded image

︿ in the post for the polar codes

you should find an image with a

code on it. take a screenshot and

crop it to where it is ONLY the code

user uploaded image

︿ then go to the polarr app and choose

your image you will be using.

︿ go to filters and the select all.

from there click on import filter.

then select it from your photos.

user uploaded image

︿ it should then appear in your

filter library. Select it and then

click save.

user uploaded image

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                                    my best to answer them.

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1.Go to polarr and then go to your custom filters scroll till you find import filter. Three options will come up if you want to scan a filter from another device click scan filter and scan your code. To find more click filters click filters by polarrists. To import from your camera roll  click important from photos. Find your filter and upload it.

 Find your filter and upload it

2.Scroll to find your new filter and add it to your photo save when finished.

Scroll to find your new filter and add it to your photo save when finished

Here are filters I made:

Here are filters I made:

Chris looking cute as heck XP hope this helps! Happy editing lovelies!

Chris looking cute as heck XP hope this helps! Happy editing lovelies!

Chris looking cute as heck XP hope this helps! Happy editing lovelies!

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Here you can learn all about your Polarr account, whether it's a basic account or one that's connected to a Polarr Pro subscription.

Polarr account vs. Polarr Pro

Anyone can create a Polarr account by going to settings. Why might you want to do this if you don't use the pro tools? It's how you can add a username to any Polarr QR codes when you share your custom filters.

An account with a Polarr Pro subscription allows you to do so much more. You get access to all of the pro tools and premium filters available within the app. Plus, your account allows you to access these pro features on up to 5 different devices! Any custom filters you create will also sync to your account so you'll never lose a filter.

Polarr Pro subscription

What you get with Polarr Pro

Polarr is available for iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac, Windows 10, and even your web browser! Polarr Pro gives you access to everything in Polarr. Here's a sampling of the features available when you purchase Polarr Pro:

  • Layer support
  • Sophisticated masking tools
  • Advanced skin retouching
  • Text tools
  • Premium filters
  • Any future features

Did you subscribe using a credit card or PayPal on the website?

You will immediately receive two emails, one about your Polarr Pro account information,another one is an email verification request if you paid Polarr Pro using Paypal or a credit card. You will see that your Polarr Pro account email is the same as your PayPal email or your credit card payment email.

First, open the email verification request to verify your email, this is important.

Then, simply download Polarr from the list below, launch Polarr, go to settings, click "Login", and log in with your Polarr Pro account email to activate all pro features and filters.

Did you subscribe to Polarr through an app store?

You will immediately have Polarr Pro on your device if you subscribed to Polarr Pro through an app store like the iOS App Store, Mac App Store, or Google Play Store.

That said, you should go to settings and create a Polarr account right away if you don't already have one. You need to create the account on the device where you purchased your Polarr Pro subscription.

How to manage or cancel your subscription

Need to take a break from Polarr Pro? How you cancel your subscription depends on where you initially purchased it.

Meaning, if you originally purchased your Polarr Pro subscription on iOS, you'll need to manage it and cancel it through Apple. We've broken down this page into sections depending on where you originally purchased your subscription.

Cancel on iOS or Mac

You can go to your account in the iOS App Store or Mac App Store to manage your subscription. More info available here from Apple.

Cancel on Android

Subscriptions purchased through the Google Play Store can also manage their own subscription status. More info on how to do that can be found in the Google Play Store.

Cancel on Windows 10, Chrome, or online

Purchased your subscription on our website? Then you either used Stripe with your credit card or PayPal. Either way, to cancel please email us at the address below!. Reach out to us [email protected] and we'll help cancel your subscription for you.

How to change your email, username, or password

Looking to change your email address, username, or password? You can manage your account by going to settings in Polarr Photo Editor. The section of the app where you manage your account is the same whether you're on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows 10, Chrome or the web.

1) Go to settings Navigate to the settings section of the Polarr app.

2) Swipe or click on the account tab Once in settings, you'll see two tabs. By default, you'll be in the settings tab, but there's an account tab you'll want to go to.

3) Update your info Here you'll see the option to log out, change your email, change your username, or change your password. Note, you can't select an email or username that's already being used in Polarr.

That's it! It's easy to update your account information.

What to do when you forget your password

Can't remember your password? You can do a password reset within settings in Polarr Photo Editor.

To reset the password: 1) Open Polarr Photo Editor 2) Go to settings 3) Under account click 'log in' 4) Enter your email 5) Click 'reset password'

Keep your region set to 'World' unless you're in China. In which case, you're best served by changing your region to 'China'.

How do I restore previous purchases

Not seeing your in-app purchases on iOS? All you have to do is to to settings and click restore purchases.

More on support

How to cancel your Polarr subscriptionMiscellaneousPaymentsPolarr Album PlusPolarr Photo EditorPolarr accountTalk to a personDriver errorUsage data


1. First off you need to make a polarr account. Then open a photo and go to the part where you change the colors of your photo and all that lovely stuff. Change the colors and lightning and anything else you would like.

Go to create filter and add a title to your filter then click save and share

Go to create filter and add a title to your filter then click save and share. Then it will show you your QR code and click save QR code to add it to your camera roll and share it to let other polarr uses to use it.

 Then it will show you your QR code and click save QR code to add it to your camera roll and share it to let other polarr uses to use it

Hope this helps y'all! Happy editing lovelies!!

Hope this helps y'all! Happy editing lovelies!!


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How to Use Polarr App and Polarr codes? (tagalog tutorial)

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