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Your golf experts: Jordan Fuller & John Marshall.
Updated October 15, 2021. This article was thoroughly audited by multiple golf experts and coaches for its accuracy. You can read more about our rigorous testing protocol here.

The Rundown:

Best Golf Mat Overall: Truedays Golf Mat
“Truedays Golf Mat is durable and versatile. It can withstand unlimited swings and allows you to train both indoors and outdoors. Its close to real synthetic grass provides effective training.”

Best All-Around Mat: Dura-Pro Golf Mat
“Dura-Pro Golf Mat is designed to help with shock absorption. Along with its durable turf, it comes with a UV protection that lasts up to eight years, making it ideal to train in all-weather outdoors.”

Best Golf Premium Option: Callaway FT Launch Golf Mat
“Callaway FT Launch Golf Matis very compact making it a favorite for those who love to practice everywhere, even in the office. With its small size, the quality is not compromised.”

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Golf mats have revolutionized the way that weekend warriors now practice and improve their game without having to leave the comfort of their home.

The best mats offer golfers the ability to hit not only irons but their woods as well.

These are versatile, allowing golfers to keep their game finely tuned on those rare occasions where they can’t get to the course.

The best golf mat available on the market today is the Truedays Golf Mat.

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Different Types of Golf Mats Available

We can differentiate golf mats types based on the ground conditions they are aiming to emulate. So, they are:

Driving Range Mats

We can consider this type as the most basic and designed to emulate a driving range. So, it only consists of a tee and a patch of greens. The synthetic grass and rubber sole are usually relatively thick to support high-impact shots.

Fairway Practice Mats

In many ways, fairway mats are similar to driving range mats, especially since they both only feature a tee and a patch of greens. Commonly, the main difference is the synthetic grass, which usually features a thinner nylon (more on golf mats material further below). This way, the thinner surface can emulate the fairway drive with less resistance.

Fairway Rough Practice Mat

As the name suggests, a fairway rough practice mat features one or more rough surfaces besides the fairway surface. Commonly, it is bigger than your usual fairway practice mats or driving range mats to accommodate the different surfaces, and so they are usually more expensive.

Rough Practice Mat

Similar to the above, but only features the rough surface(s). The rough surfaces are mainly made of polypropylene materials to emulate roughness.

Sand Trap Practice Mat

Typically, a sand trap practice mat will feature a nylon surface to emulate the heavy rough, and another surface to emulate sand traps. Thin polypropylene material is commonly used to emulate the tough lies of the sand surface.

Putting Mats

The main difference between a putting mat with the other types above is the inclusion of a hole, and sometimes more than one hole. Generally, a putting mat is also bigger than your usual driving range mat to practice your accuracy.

What to Look for in the Best Golf Mats

Surface Durability

If you are hoping to keep your golf mat in use for several years, then you must pay attention to quality of the construction of the mat. Most mats are made from a highly durable nylon surface and rubber base so that they can handle the repeated beating of club strikes over time.

Surface Function

There are multiple surfaces available for different types of practices with golf mats. Most commonly, players use golf mats to hit drives. These driving mats have rubber guides that hold tees to secure shots. Other golf mats offer the opportunity to practice pitch shots from rough made from synthetic grass-like material.

Alignment Guide

Some golf mats include lines on the surface of the mat to ensure that your stance is in proper alignment. When coupled with an alignment stick at your feet, you can make sure that your practice sessions are fundamentally sound. When using driving mats, it is crucial to understand your spacing at address to guarantee quality contact.

Length of Golf Mat

Mats come in differing lengths so that you can utilize your irons and wedges during practice. Driving mats don’t have to be terribly long because you shouldn’t be coming into contact with the surface. However, golf mats that have synthetic rough and are made for iron play, do need a couple of feet of length to assure that the club won’t come into contact with the ground.


The more durable the mat, the more it will weigh. With heavier materials, the golf mat could have issues with portability. Thinner mats will be easier to roll and carry in the back of a vehicle or trunk. Heavier golf mats will need to lay flat and need more surface area to transport. Realize that golf mats are made to lay flat, so if you do roll them up always try to return them to the flat position in storage if possible.


Golf mats can vary greatly in size. Thus, choosing the proper size according to your needs is one of the biggest factors in your purchase decision.

Generally, most golf mats range between 2 square feet (1’ x 2’) and 25 square feet (5’ x 5’). 

The bigger the golf mat is, the more playing area you will have. It is also worth noting that if the golf mat is too small, you won’t have any place to stand on, and so you might need another surface with a similar level to stand with comfort. This is the case with many portable golf mats.

Obviously, the bigger the golf mat is, the more space it will take in your house. If you have a designated area to put your golf mat on and just leave it there, it might not be a major problem. 

Yet, if you need to store the golf mat after each use, it is worth considering that the golf mat will not only need the extra storage space but will also be heavier to move around. Most golf mats with a regular material (again, more on material types further below) will weigh around 2 lbs per sq ft.

In general, a golf mat with around 3’ x 5’ in size will be proper for most applications.


Most golf mats are built with rubber (mostly black) as the base layer. Normally the base rubber layer is around half an inch thick or so, and there’s not much variation with this.

It is worth noting that base rubber mats are available by themselves. You might need one for extra support, or if you are planning to get a very portable golf mat, you might need one to stand on.

The main discussion here is the top layer, which is the hitting surface. Since this surface will make contact with your club when swinging, of course, we should consider the proper material to avoid damage.

There are 3 main materials that are safe for your clubs, and so commonly used for golf mats surfaces:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon

These 3 materials are considered safe for golf clubs and are quite durable to handle hard impact from your clubs.

Out of these three materials, nylon is generally the most durable. Nylon has a higher elasticity and stronger tensile durability than polyethylene or polypropylene. 

For this reason, a golf mat made of 100% nylon can be considered as the most durable.

How about the other two? Polyethylene is generally considered more sturdy than Polypropylene. Yet, polypropylene is more water resistant with lighter weight.

Another consideration is that a nylon golf mat is generally more expensive than the other two types, but will require less overall maintenance.

Of course, we should also consider the surface type, namely how fast the ball will roll on the surface. A nylon surface is generally smoother than the other two and thus feel more like a natural lawn. The ball roll on a nylon turf is far superior compared to polypropylene or polyethylene turfs, where there is a significant reduction of oscillation (ball wobbling) and deviation.

To achieve the same performance from polypropylene or polyethylene greens, we can use sand reinforcements to improve oscillation and natural feel.

So, in general, we can conclude that nylon is great for the best golfclub safety, natural feel, and durability, but will cost you more. It’s not saying that polyethylene and especially polypropylene turfs don’t have their applications. For example, polypropylene can emulate sand turfs better than nylon material.


The price of hitting mats is typically tied to size of the mat. The larger the mat, the more it costs. For golfers who want a large setup in either their home or outdoor area, expecting to pay $100 or more for a large mat is expected.

Smaller mats, offering excellent durability and easy storage, run under $100.


The warranty or guarantee of the best golf hitting mats is limited in scope and time. Most manufacturers offer replacement warranties on their mats that last around one year after purchase. 

In terms of protection, most mats offer a high-level of UV coating to keep the material green and not sun-faded.

Best Golf Mats in 2021

  1. Best Golf Mat Overall: Truedays Golf Mat
  2. Best All-Around Mat: Dura-Pro Golf Mat
  3. Best Golf Premium Option: Callaway FT Launch Golf Mat
  4. Best Premium Large Golf Mat: Champkey Premium Turf Hitting Mat
  5. Most Versatile Golf Mat: Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Mat
  6. Best Large Golf Mat: PGM Emerald Golf Mat

Truedays Golf Mat

Best Overall: Versatile and light at a very affordable price

Truedays Golf Mat 12“x24“ Residential Practice Hitting Mat Rubber Tee Holder
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Overall Score91%

Material Quality88%


  • Very affordable nylon mat that can be stored with little space needed
  • Woven nylon turf is durable and can withstand tens of thousands of swings
  • Non-skid rubber surface on bottom of mat prevents skidding and sliding


  • Although cheaper, the quality of the mat is much lower when compared to others on this list

The Truedays Golf Mat is our choice for the best golf mat on the market today. It doesn’t offer the biggest surface area on the list, but for the budget-conscious golfer looking for a small low maintenance mat, it certainly provides a solid experience.

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The one foot by two foot best golf mat is made from a woven nylon that can handle your practice routine without tearing or snagging your favorite iron. The mat rolls up easily for simple storage as the turf is soft enough to provide a nice top layer for the rubberized foundation.

One of the better features of the Truedays mat is the price. Cheaper than a dozen new golf balls, the mat might not reach the pinnacle of quality, but considering the size and durability of the product, it delivers value on a smaller scale.

The rubber tee on the mat cannot take a regular wooden tee that you’d use on the course and that is a problem. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend the mat if you must have a desire to use the mat for driving practice, if your ambitions are smaller, than this Truedays model will deliver a solid experience.

Great for the backyard, or even smaller spaces like the office, the Truedays mat is versatile and light on its feet.

Dura-Pro Golf Mat

Best All-Around Golf Mat:plenty of features, ideal for garage or backyard

DURA-PRO Commercial Golf Mat - 3x5 Feet Premium Turf Indoor/Outdoor Mat for Hitting & Chipping - Golf Stance Mat for Pros & Beginners w/Golf Accessories (Golf Tray + 3 Rubber Golf Tees)
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Overall Score95%

Material Quality100%


  • Incredibly durable with thickness that helps with shock absorption
  • Dense mat that stabilizes on surface plus rolls easily for storage
  • Will not stain your golf clubs after thousands of swings


  • The tee holder is in the middle of mat, should be toward the front as it would be in a natural stance

The Dura-Pro Golf Mat is a spectacular option for the garage or backyard and with a host of wonderful features is easily our choice for the best all around golf mat on our list.

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Made from 100% nylon, the Dura-Pro’s turf helps with shock absorption and wears extremely well over time. The mat also comes with a whopping eight years of UV protection, meaning if you leave it outside in the sun, the material won’t fade or crumble due to the elements.

Another feature that we loved is the pre-punched holes that allow you to put a variety of tees into the turf to simulate the experience on the tee box. Most mats simply give you a port to place your tees that can become wobbly over time, but the Dura-Pro stays firm throughout the life of the mat.

During our testing, we put the Dura-Pro through a battery of drills to see how it responded to irons, wedges and wood play. We were pleased to see that the mat’s density and thickness allowed for a replication that is amazingly close to the feeling of fresh turf. We haven’t seen a mat deliver this quality of shotmaking in quite some time and the accolades the Dura-Pro has seen from professionals is well earned.

Callaway FT Launch Golf Mat

Best Premium Option: Best Golf Mat for Confined Spaces

Callaway FT Launch Golf Mat

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Overall Score95%

Material Quality98%


  • Compact golf mat can be used anywhere from the office to a small backyard
  • High-quality turf responds well when used with irons or with the tee holder
  • Rubber foundation keeps the mat grounded with no slipping


  • The mat is definitely on the small side, but if that fits your need, this is a high-quality mat

The Callaway FT Launch Golf Mat is a versatile product that works well for individuals who like to put in a little swing work at the office or if you live in a confined city environment with a small basement or backyard.

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The one foot by two foot mat is very durable with a tough rubber foundation that did not slip or slide during our testing. The quality of the turf also receives high marks and is everything you’d expect from Callaway as it provides the golfer with the opportunity to hit crisp iron or wedge shots.

The tee holder is firm and certainly helps replicate the feel on the tee box with an innovative approach that some of the larger mats on the market cannot replicate. Even with full velocity swings with a driver, we continued to see no movement from the mat.

Although the mat is rather compact, the shock absorption, first-rate tee holder and strong foundation all add up to a great alternative to the larger mats that can be cumbersome and take up too much room for individuals living in a more confined space. The Callaway FT Launch Golf Mat is well-constructed and presents a quality value for a cost that is less than a green fee at a mid-range course.

Champkey Premium Turf Hitting Mat

Best Premium Large Golf Mat

CHAMPKEY Premium Synthetic Turf Golf Hitting Mat | Heavy Duty Rubber Base Golf Practice Mat | Come with 1 Rubber Tee and 9 Plastic Tees
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Overall Score95%

Material Quality98%


  • Three-layer mat offers premium shock absorption and protection for your clubs
  • Rubber base features non-slip surface that keeps the mat in place as you hit shots
  • High-quality turf recreates the feel and texture of real grass with surprising accuracy


  • One size option for the mat is a bit on the smallish side, measuring just 13-inches in width and 17-inches in length

The Champkey Premium Turf Golf Hitting Mats provide a high-quality hitting option for outdoor spaces for a relatively low price. The value provided by this mat is quite impressive, even though the size of the mat is a bit on the smallish size.

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The mat’s best golf features include the three-layer construction and the non-slip surface on the mat’s bottom. The three layers provide shock absorption that protects your clubs even after repeated use. The non-slip coating keeps the mat in place even on your hardest swings.

Another area worth noting is the high quality of the turf. Few other mats replicate the experience of swinging on real grass like the Champkey. At this price point, you won’t find many mats that offer high-quality feedback on each swing.

The mat does include a durable tee portal that keeps your tees firmly locked in for use with your driver.

There are two sizes available in the Champkey golf hitting mats. The first is on the small size, measuring just 13″ by 17″. We prefer the second larger-sized option that is preferable for outdoor spaces. The larger option measures 18″ by 26″ making it the best golf mat if you need a large one!

The Champkey Premium Golf Hitting Mats offer a durable base with a realistic turf that won’t slip on even slick surfaces. If you are looking for a high-quality mat that works well indoors and outdoors, this model is well worth the low-cost price point.

Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Mat

Most Versatile Golf Mat

Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat Attack | Portable Driving, Chipping, Training Aids for Backyard with Adjustable Tees and 9 Foam Practice Balls (Standard (25' x 16'))
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Overall Score96%

Material Quality98%


  • Provides three areas to hit shot from, including tee, fairway and rough sections
  • Thick rubber base keeps the mat locked in place regardless of shot type
  • Very portable mat that is easy to move and relocate


  • While the three strips of material are fun to have, they are narrow and offer little extra room

The Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Mat is extraordinarily fun as it boasts three different types of turf to hit shots. Whether you are looking to practice from the rough, the fairway or off the tee, the Rukket mat provides plenty of options with its three different lies.

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The Rukket product is one of few best golf mats that you’ll find that can replicate the rough you see on the golf course. Made from a nylon that wears extremely well over time, the faux rough is tall enough to offer resistance to your clubs to keep you sharp away from the course.

The mat also comes with several goodies that can help you tailor your practice experience for the home or backyard. The mat comes with nine practice foam balls that can’t damage your windows and twelve plastic tees that offer a variety of heights to help with your wood and iron play off the tee.

Offering the golfer various options that can add enjoyment to your at-home golf practice schedule, the Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Mat is one of the most dependable and durable mats for your home setup. With a 100% lifetime guarantee provided by the company, the mat should create a safe and enjoyable playing environment that allows you to practice year-round for the foreseeable future.

PGM Emerald Golf Mat

Best Large Golf Mat

PGM4860 4' x 5' Emerald Par Golf Mat
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Overall Score95%

Material Quality94%


  • Strong grip backing on the bottom of mat prevents slippage or sliding
  • Turf quality is excellent and provides a solid replication of fairway play
  • Large mat allows golfer to be level with hitting surface


  • The tee is made from rubber, is flimsy, and won’t stay durable over time

The PGM Emerald Golf Mat covers over 15 square feet to provide a wide playing area to the golfer that has room to spare outside or in a larger family room. Great for the golfer who is stuck inside for six months of the year due to cold weather, the PGM mat has a woven nylon turf that definitely meets our durability standards.

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The PGM Emerald Golf Mat provides the golfer with a large playing surface that allows the individual to hit shots from the included tee holder or from the fairway-like turf with their feet level to the ball due to the wide surface area.

That’s a big advantage that large mats have over their smaller counterparts and the PGM Emerald certainly takes advantage of its heft for the benefit of the golfer.

One thing we didn’t like about the mat is that it has a rubber tee that golfers are forced to use and not a holding area for real tees. By not having this feature, the mat suffers to reach that premium distinction that other mats on this list easily obtain.

But if you are more focused on replicating a fairway to work on your irons and wedge play, then the PGM Emerald offers a top-notch experience that is hard to beat.

Fiberbuilt Hitting Mat

Best Fairway Grass Hitting Mat

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Golf Hitting Mat - Oval Shape Outdoor/ Indoor Real Grass-Like Performance Golf Mat with Durable Adjustable Height Tee, Black/Green, 21.25' x 13.5' x 1.75'
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  • Exceptional replication of hitting from fairway
  • Oval shape helps improve swing path and alignment
  • Better impact absorption for less injury risk


  • The tee is made from rubber, is flimsy, and won’t stay durable over time

The circular Fiberbuilt Hitting Mat offers a unique method for working out at home. The rounded mat allows golfers to work on their swing path with exceptional fairway-style grass. Great for improving alignment, the Fiberbuilt mat also reduces injury risk with excellent shock absorption to keep arms, wrists, and hands fresh during hitting practice.

Real Feel Golf Mat

Best Premium Hitting Mat

Real Feel Golf Mats Country Club Elite 4' X 4' Heavy Duty Indoor Outdoor Use (1)
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  • Very durable with long-lasting reliability
  • Provides realistic hitting experience
  • Long Fiber System helps reduce shock at impact


  • The tee is made from rubber, is flimsy, and won’t stay durable over time

A great premium mat for hitting irons and working on your chipping, the Real Feel Golf Mat delivers a premium experience for serious golfers. The 16 square foot mat isn’t big enough for drivers, but offers an outstanding replication of fairway grass with realistic feel at impact.

The mat also utilizes the Long Fiber System to reduce injuries by providing better absorption when the iron strikes the mat.

Wrapping Up on the Best Golf Mats

The best golf mats on the market today offer portability with fantastic performance. For the large mats on our list, the surface area and marvelous padding provide an excellent foundation for golfers.

The smaller mats offer premium performance along with exceptional portability.

Our choice for the best mat, the Truedays Golf Mat is an outstanding mat that is incredibly durable and also highly versatile for indoor or outdoor use. The mat has several features that all the mats on our list share including the ability to withstand countless swings and a high-quality synthetic material that simulates grass.

Regardless of which you decide to choose from our best golf mats list, each provides a terrific platform to improve your game.

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Anyone else have trouble receiving any customer support at all from 5 Star Golf Mats?

Don’t get me started... it’s a complete joke. Luckily I ordered through PayPal, filed a case, and got a complete refund.

I ordered a mat and net. Ended up receiving 2 mats and no net. I left 10 voicemails in the customer service number along with 10+ emails... I received 1 email back in total on a Thursday saying she’s out of the office and will get back to me first thing Monday morning. Never heard anything back again

this was in early April... if you Google D W Quail Golf reviews you’ll see how bad of customer service they have
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5 Star GORILLA Golf Mat (Commercial Golf Mat)

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Why 5 Star Commercial Driving Range Golf Mats are Better:

  • 8 Year UV Protection Warranty - All Weather
  • 100% Nylon - Lead-Free! Made in the USA!
  • 5 Star Golf Driving Range Mats Will Not Stain Clubs
  • 30% Denser Turf For Long Life
  • Industrial Bonded, Heat Sealed Edges to Prevent Fraying
  • Absorbs Club Shock - Outstanding Feel - 1¼" Thick
  • Use on Grass or Any Firm Flat Surface - Totally Safe for Use on Concrete
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As a driving range operator, facing the loss of a large number of guests, the heart is very sad. The primary reason for this is the poor quality of golf practice equipment. Therefore, to solve the problem of customer churn, we must first solve the problem of equipment so that exercises Field customers reflow, is burned, a friend introduced the Green Swiss golf pad, their practice ground to buy Green Rui golf mat for 5 years, has been very new!

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