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Pro Tips (FAQ):

Know the local laws

We require all raw milk listings be legal and operating in the open. We refuse to knowingly list dairies that could be persecuted if identified by local party-poopers. We don't want those dairies to get shut down, we want them to continue providing good food to their communities.

Some states require dairies to provide their foods under contract (herdshares, membership orgs, etc). Other areas only permit raw milk for sale as pet food, or bath balm (yeah, really). Know the law ahead of time by viewing raw milk laws here.

Raw Milk in Canada?

The Canadian federal government has outright banned and outlawed raw milk sales nation-wide. Therefore we currently do not list Canadian raw milk farms, all of which would be operating underground and endangered if advertised.

Raw milk in your country?

We're ready to expand this project globally, but we need your help. If you're willing to take the initiative for your country, we want to hear from you. Submit New Listing

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Buying fresh, unpasteurized milk from a local farm is good for your family&#;s health, good for the farm and good for the environment. NOFA/Mass is working to make safe, healthy raw milk easily available in Massachusetts.

List of Raw Milk Dairies in Massachusetts

Map of Raw Milk Dairies in Massachusetts

Upcoming Legislation to Support the Distribution of Raw Milk in Massachusetts

know your cowNOFA/Mass believes that raw milk, when handled correctly, is a safe and highly nutritious food. Currently, raw milk is only allowed to be sold from a certified raw milk producer’s property. We support bill S, filed by Sen. Anne Gobi, which would allow for the delivery of raw milk directly to customers as long as the milk has been sold prior to delivery.

Right now, there are very few raw milk dairies in the densely-populated eastern part of the state. Customers who want raw milk from this area often have to drive for an hour or more to a raw milk dairy. By opening up the market through delivery, the raw milk market would serve more customers and increase the economic vitality of small dairies.

If you want to support the legalization of raw milk delivery, Find Your Legislators (both Rep. and Senator) and encourage them to support Raw Milk Delivery, S

More Information About Raw Milk

• Information about raw milk for consumers (including a list of raw milk dairies in Massachusetts)

• Information for producers of raw milk

• Resources and information about raw milk

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NOFA Raw Milk Brochure &#; Both Pages

What Is Raw Milk?

People around the world have milked animals (cows, sheep, goats, camels, etc.) for thousands of years-consuming the raw milk directly and preserving it in the form of dairy products.

Pasteurized milk (heated to over °F) is a relatively new product. Pasteurization came about less than a century ago, as a reaction to milk produced in urban dairies from cows kept in confinement and fed industrial waste-largely from distilleries. Contamination of such milk was controlled by heating it (&#;pasteurizing&#; it) to kill all bacteria, both the good and the bad.

Eventually the urban dairies disappeared, but pasteurization remained. Now a growing number of people are learning that fresh milk from nearby dairy farms-where cows still graze outside and are managed using organic and sustainable practices-does not need pasteurization. It tastes better, is more beneficial to human health and the health of the environment, and directly supports local farmers and communities. In Massachusetts there are more than 24 farms that pass rigorous inspections and are certified to sell raw milk from their farm stores. Visit one of these farms to learn more about this vital and healthy product.

Why is Raw Milk So Good?

Raw milk is the ultimate whole food. It contains many nutrients essential to human health, and comes complete with companion enzymes and amino acids necessary for the human body to make use of those nutrients.

Raw Milk Contains:

  • High levels of calcium and other minerals, and the enzymes necessary to metabolize these minerals. Those enzymes are destroyed in the pasteurization process.
  • An abundance of beneficial bacteria that can rebalance a digestive system unable to process many foods, and can restore the immune system. These good bacteria help produce and assimilate vitamins and minerals, fight off illnesses, and regulate bodily processes. Pasteurization destroys all bacteria in milk.
  • Water- and fat-soluble vitamins, two-thirds or more of which are destroyed during pasteurization. Vitamins B6 and B12 are almost entirely destroyed during pasteurization. More than 50% of milk&#;s Vitamin C value is lost to pasteurization as well. Milk from grass-fed cows is higher in Vitamins A and D and has more omega-3 fatty acids (&#;the good fats&#;) and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).
  • A level of fat necessary for the body to absorb milk&#;s calcium and protein. Pasteurized reduced-fat or skim milk is an ineffective source of calcium.
  • The enzymes phosphatase, essential for the absorption of calcium; lipase, which aids in the digestion of fats; and lactase, which helps with the digestion of lactose. Pasteurization, however, destroys all three of these enzymes.
  • Amino acids, essential to the body&#;s ability to repair tissue, metabolize protein and generate energy. Pasteurization renders these acids useless.

Economic Benefits of Raw Milk

In , Massachusetts had nearly 5, dairy farms. In , there are fewer than left. The main cause for this tragedy is economic. Rising fuel and feed costs in the Northeast mean local dairies cannot compete with large, industrialized confinement dairies operating in the Midwest and Canada. Fresh raw milk, however, sells at the farm for $6 to $10 per gallon-3 to 4 times what bottlers pay.

When consumers buy milk directly from the farmer they are helping to preserve their community by paying a fair price. That way the farmer can cover costs and afford to support a family.

Environmental Benefits of Raw Milk

Farms selling raw milk and receiving a retail price are more sustainable, meaning long-term preservation of open space and the use of management practices that are beneficial to the environment.

Cows are healthiest when they are able to be outdoors, grazing on pasture. In turn, they fertilize the soil and experience fewer animal health problems. When cows graze on pasture, less energy is needed to mow, bale, and move hay, reducing fossil fuel use and cutting the carbon impact of producing a valuable food.

Massachusetts has many small grass-based dairies that are able to foster long-term sustainable farming practices, protecting the environment and the preservation of the rural and agricultural character of Massachusetts.

How Dairy Cows are Regenerating the Landscape in Massachusetts (pdf)

Practical Benefits of Raw Milk

Raw milk is extremely versatile. The milk and cream can be separated and the cream can be used to make butter, buttermilk, cream, ice cream, and sour cream. The milk can be consumed directly or used to make kefir, yogurt and cheeses.

The freshness and purity of farm fresh milk leads to very little waste. Milk purchased fresh from the farm will keep up to two weeks when refrigerated. If it sours, the milk &#; unlike pasteurized milk, which goes bad &#; is still healthy and can be used for baking, biscuits, pancakes, etc.

The information above is from a NOFA/Mass brochure, Raw Milk in Massachusetts.

Support the Raw Milk Network

This network is supported by members of NOFA/Mass. Please become a member, today!

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Here&#;s Where You Can Buy Local Milk, Cheese and Butter in the Upstate

Running out of cheese, milk or butter? The Greenville, SC area is home to several local dairies and you can find their products at markets, country stores, and small grocers across the Upstate. Here&#;s a list of places where you can find delicious local dairy products.

Looking for more? Here&#;s where you can find local meat in the Upstate, local eggs near Greenville, and Upstate South Carolina&#;s local produce and farms. If you&#;re looking for local bread and bakeries near Greenville, we have that, too!

Greenville State Farmers Market

In addition to vendor space and farmer stalls full on the weekends, the Greenville State Farmers Market is open daily with local dairy, produce, specialty items, and farm fresh eggs.

Rutherford Road, Greenville

Southern Oaks Jerseys Farm & Creamery

Featuring Jersey dairy cows in to produce their items, the dairy they sell contains 20% more protein, 20% calcium, and more butterfat (flavor) than other kinds of milk. They offer their products at local markets, and through delivery service Market Wagon.

Highway 20, Abbeville

Happy Cow Creamery

Most people know Happy Cow Creamery as a great place to get milk, cheese and other dairy products. They also carry farm fresh eggs, in addition to some produce and local meats!

McKelvey Road, Pelzer

Hochstetler&#;s Country Store

Hockstetler&#;s Country Store in Seneca carries a variety of local dairy products in addition to meat and natural products.

S Walnut Street, Seneca

Olde Tyme Country Store

You&#;ll find dairy products from Happy Cow and Southern Oaks at Olde Tyme Country Store in Greer. They also have eggs for sale, as well as a selection of local meat, jams, jellies and specialty products.

Locust Hill Road, Greer

Oak Hill Cafe and Farm

Oak Hill Cafe and Farm is a combination of a farm, cafe and market. They carry a variety of local products including dairy and even homemade ice cream!

Poinsett Highway, Greenville

Skyland Farms

Skyland Farmshas dairy products from Southern Oaks Dairy including raw milk, pasteurized milk, amazing chocolate milk, butter and more. They also have farm-raised meat, produce, local mushrooms, and eggs.

North Hwy 14, Greer

Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery

Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery offers a wide variety of local products including dairy products from Southern Oaks, Milky Way and Happy Cow. You&#;ll also find goat milk and cheese from several local farms. Swamp Rabbit also carries local meats, local eggs and produce. You can order online and pick up outside Swamp Rabbit Cafe or enter the grocery store side and shop for yourself.

Cedar Lane Road, Greenville

Wilson&#;s Processing Co.

Wilson&#;s has fresh meat available as well as milk, eggs, produce, cheese, and fruit. They are a full service butcher shop and also offer delivery to schools, restaurants, and businesses.

Richland Road, Westminster

Winslett&#;s Market

Winslett&#;s Market sells local eggs, produce, milk and you&#;ll also find local meat. They also carry plants and gardening supplies.

Powdersville Road, Easley

Where do you buy local dairy products?

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