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Wyoming Road Conditions

Wyoming Road Conditions

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Wyoming Road Cameras

For the latest, most up to date, Wyoming road conditions from the Wyoming Department of Transportation, go to https://www.wyoroad.info.

To find the latest weather forecasts, and advisories from the National Weather Service Office in Cheyenne, Wyoming, go to https://www.weather.gov/cys.

Winter Weather Driving Tips from The National Weather Service:

On average, weather-related vehicle crashes kill 6, people nationwide and injure more than , people each year. Slow down to stay safe if you must travel during periods of snow or freezing rain. If the temperature outside is near freezing, it is safest to assume ice is present on roadways, and drive accordingly.

If there is ice on power lines or tree branches, the weight may cause them to snap and fall. Avoid driving during those conditions if possible. If you must go out, choose a route with the least number of trees and power lines. Never touch a downed power line, and call if you encounter one.

Here are some additional winter weather driving tips:

  • If you must travel out of town, and dangerous winter weather conditions are expected, be sure to tell your family or friends where you are going, your intended route, and time of arrival.
  • Make sure your gas tank is full. Carry a windshield scraper, jumper cables, a small shovel, flashlight, cell phone, blanket and additional warm clothing, drinking water, and high-calorie non-perishable food.
  • Don't panic if you become stranded. Call someone to let them know you are stranded. Do not try to walk to safety. Attach a cloth to your car antenna or mirror to indicate you need help. Use the dome light and flashers to make your vehicle more noticeable.
  • Be alert for snow plows, and allow plenty of room for them to pass. If you are going around a plow, only do so when you can see the road ahead of the plow.
  • Check road conditions before you depart.

WInter Weather Tips From th National Weather Service

Sours: https://kgab.com/roads-4/

Interstate connections from Denver to Colorado Springs and the Kansas and Nebraska borders reopened Monday following the weekend&#;s massive snowstorm, but traveling to Wyoming still was proving difficult thanks to ongoing highway closures.

The Colorado Department of Transportation&#;s website showed a shrinking list of road closures by late Monday afternoon. Interstate 25 from just north of Fort Collins to the Wyoming state line had been closed for more than 24 hours; U.S. 85 and U.S. remained closed to the Wyoming border as well.

But the stretch of I south of the metro area to Colorado Springs reopened by 9 a.m. Monday, and, later in the day, I to Kansas and I to Nebraska also reopened.

RELATED: Colorado blizzard is now Denver’s 4th largest storm on record

Here&#;s CDOT&#;s full list of largely weather-related closures as of about 4 p.m. Monday:

  • I westbound in DeBeque Canyon due to rolled semi/hazmat clean-up
  • I both directions from Wellington to the Colorado/Wyoming state line
  • U.S. 85 both directions from Nunn to Colorado/Wyoming state line
  • U.S. both directions from Ted&#;s Place to the Colorado/Wyoming state line
  • U.S. both directions from Julesburg to the Colorado/Nebraska state line
  • U.S. 36 both directions From Colo. 71 to the Colorado/Kansas state line
  • U.S. 36 both directions from Airpark Road to Last Chance
  • Colo. 14 both directions from Ault to Sterling
  • Colo. 14 both directions from Cameron Pass to Ted&#;s Place (avalanche)
  • Colo. both directions from Julesburg to the Colorado/Nebraska state line
  • Colo. 11 both directions from Julesburg to the Colorado/Nebraska state line
  • Colo. both directions from St. Louis Avenue to I
  • Colo. both directions from I to U.S.
  • Colo. 63 both directions from Anton to Akron
  • Colo. 65 in Grand Mesa (avalanche reduction operations)

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RTD bus services remained shut down Monday afternoon due to poor road conditions, but rail lines reopened after noon. The A line from Denver&#;s Union Station was running every 30 minutes and the B, G and N lines were running normally. The D, E, H, L and W lines were running every 60 minutes and the R line remained closed.

Denver residents can check out where the city&#;s plows are by going to this website. Denver has 70 big plows and 36 smaller, residential plows, the latter of which are meant to help create a path to main streets and keep ice ruts from forming.

Sours: https://www.denverpost.com//03/15/colorado-road-conditions-monday-highway-closures/
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List of state highways in Wyoming

Number Length (mi) Length (km) Southern&#;or western&#;terminus Northern&#;or eastern&#;terminus Formed Removed Notes WYO&#;10 Larimer CR at CO borderWYO in Woods Landing—— Jelm Mountain Road WYO&#;11 NFS Route in AlbanyWYO near Centennial—— Albany Road WYO&#;12 Albany CR 57 near WoodedgeWYO near Laramie—— Herrick Lane WYO&#;13 I at ArlingtonUS 30 and US in Rock River—— Arlington Road WYO&#;14 US 14 in CodyUS 14 in Burgess Junction[2]Replaced by US 14AWYO&#;14 Laramie Regional AirportWYO near Laramie Regional Airport—— Airport Road WYO&#;22 ID 33 near WilsonUS 26/US 89/US /US in Jacksoncurrent Teton Pass Highway WYO&#;24 US 14 at Devils Tower JunctionSD 34 near Aladdincurrent Bear Lodge Highway WYO&#;26 US 30/US near BoslerUS 87 in Wheatland[3]Replaced by WYO 34WYO&#;28 WYO near FarsonUS /WYO near Lander—— South Pass Highway WYO&#;30 US 14/US 16/US 20 near BurlingtonUS 16/US 20/WYO in Basin—— Otto Road WYO&#;31 US 16/US 20/WYO in MandersonBig Horn CR R49 at Hyattville—— Cold Springs Road WYO&#;32 US 14/US 16/US 20 near EmblemUS /US 14A/WYO near Lovell—— Emblem Highway WYO&#;33 BLM route near Forester GulchWYO 32 near Lovell—— Mileage marker starts at , coinciding with WYO 32 mileage at junction WYO&#;34 US 30/US south of BoslerI/US 87 south of Wheatland[3]current Laramie–Wheatland Road WYO&#;35 Big Horn CR R7 near CowleyUS /WYO in Cowley —— WYO&#;36 WYO 30 in BasinUS 16/US 20/WYO north of Basin —— WYO&#;37 US 14A near LovellBighorn Canyon NRA—— WYO&#;50 WYO at Pine Tree JunctionUS 14/US 16/WYO 59/I Bus. in Gillette—— Skyline Drive; 4 J Road WYO&#;51 I/US 14/US 16/I Bus. in GilletteUS 14/US 16/I Bus. in Moorcroft—— Rozet Road WYO&#;59 I/US 20/US 26/US 87/I Bus./US 20 Bus./US 26 Bus./US 87 Bus./WYO 94 in DouglasMT 59 near Gillettecurrent
WYO&#;59C WYO 59 in DouglasWYO 59 in Douglas —— WYO&#;65 US in Evanston
UT 30 near KemmererUT 16 near Bear River
ID 16 near Geneva, Idaho Replaced by WYO&#;89 over northern portion in (reduced route to mi), then over southern portion in WYO&#;70 WYO in BaggsWYO in Riverside—— Battle Highway WYO&#;71 Carbon CR near RawlinsWYO 78 in Rawlins—— Sage Creek Road WYO&#;72 Carbon CR in Elk MountainAdams Street in Hanna—— Hanna Road WYO&#;73 SweetwaterUS /WY in Lamont—— Bairoil Road WYO&#;74 WYO in SaratogaCarbon CR in Saratoga—— Unsigned; Bridge Street WYO&#;75 WYO near Medicine BowWYO near Alcove— Replaced by WYO&#;WYO&#;76 I/US 30/US /I Bus./US 30 Bus. in RawlinsI/US 30/US near Sinclair—— Old US&#;30/US&#; WYO&#;77 WYO north of Medicine BowWYO near Alcovecurrent Old Shirley Basin Road WYO&#;78 Wyoming State Penitentiary in RawlinsWYO 71 in Rawlins —— Higley Boulevard WYO&#;87 CO 13 near Baggs, WyomingUS 30 near Creston Replaced by WYO , now WYO&#;; Baggs Road WYO&#;89 I/US /WYO in Evanston
UT 30 near KemmererUT 16 near Bear River
ID 16 near Geneva, Idahocurrent route only covered northern portion , decommissioned (became WYO 91) , recommissioned over WYO 65 and WYO 91 WYO&#;90 Converse CR 17 southeast of GlenrockUS 20/US 26/US 87/I Bus. east of Glenrock —— Boxelder Road WYO&#;91 UT 30 near KemmererID 16 near Geneva, Idaho Replaced by WYO 89WYO&#;91 Converse CR 11/CR 24 southwest of DouglasWYO 94 in Douglas —— Cold Springs Road WYO&#;92 US 26/US 85 in TorringtonN near Huntley—— WYO&#;93 WYO 59 in DouglasConverse CR 32/CR 33 northwest of Douglas —— WYO&#;94 Converse CR 5 north of EsterbrookI Bus./US 20 Bus./US 26 Bus./US 87 Bus./WYO 59 in Douglas—— Esterbrook Road WYO&#;95 I/I Bus. south of Glenrock
US 20, US 26/US 87 in GlenrockUS 20/US 26/US 87/I Bus. in Glenrock
WYO 93 northeast of Glenrock —— Monkey Mountain Road; Glenrock-Ross Road WYO&#;96 I/US 20/US 26/US 87 near DouglasWYO 91 west of Douglas —— WYO&#; WYO 24 near Devils TowerDevils Tower NM—— Devils Tower Road, Entrance Road WYO&#; I and US 14 northeast of SundanceWYO 24 at Aladdin—— WYO&#; WYO 24 in HulettMontana state line south of Alzada, Montana—— WYO&#; US 14 north of MoorcroftPine Haven Road in Pine Haven—— Old Sundance Road WYO&#; US 14 Alt. at GarlandUS and WYO in Deaver—— Old Sundance Road WYO&#;—— —— —— Replaced by US (later US 14) WYO&#; WYO west of NewcastleUS 14 and I Bus. in Sundance—— WYO&#; US 20 and WYO in ThermopolisMontana state line north of Clark—— WYO&#; I, US 30, and US south of WalcottI Bus., US 30, and US in Laramie—— Snowy Range Road WYO&#; Sinks Canyon Road southwest of LanderUS in Lander —— Sinks Canyon Road WYO&#; US north of LanderUS 26 and WYO at Kinnear—— Ethete Road WYO&#; US 26 and WYO at KinnearPavillion Road in Pavillion—— Pavillion Road WYO&#; WYO south of PavillionUS 26 and WYO southwest of Shoshoni—— Missouri Valley Road WYO&#; US and WYO at Sweetwater StationWYO south of Riverton—— Sand Draw Road WYO&#; WYO south of RivertonCR 5 in the Gas Hills Uranium Mining District—— Gas Hills Road WYO&#; CR southwest of RivertonWYO south of Riverton—— Seventeen Mile Road. Returned to tribal control in WYO&#; WYO east of HudsonWYO at Saint Stephens—— Rendezvous Road. Returned to tribal control in WYO&#; WYO west of Sand DrawSand Draw —— Sand Draw Road WYO&#; UT at UT borderI/US /WYO 89 near Evanston—— Mirror Lake Scenic Byway WYO&#; US 85 west of LaGrangeN at NE border —— La Grange Road WYO&#; Goshen CR US 85/WYO east of Yoder—— WYO&#; WYO Goshen CR 33 —— Goodland Road WYO&#; WYO in YoderUS 85/WYO 92 south of Torrington—— Goodland Road WYO&#;—— —— —— Now part of WYO and WYO WYO&#; US 26/US 85 in LingleUS 85/WYO 92 in Torrington—— WYO&#; US 26 southeast of Fort LaramieWYO in Lingle—— WYO&#; WYO 92 southeast of HuntleyCR 63 at NE border —— WYO&#; US 26/US 85 in TorringtonGoshen CR 47 north of Torrington —— WYO&#; Goshen CR 53 west of Fort LaramieUS 26 in Fort Laramie —— WYO&#; US 85/WYO east of YoderWYO 92 in Huntley—— WYO&#; CR 15 at Hamilton DomeWYO northwest of Thermopolis—— Owl Creek Road (east–west); Hamilton Dome Road (north–south) WYO&#; CR 17 and CR 36 at Glass CreekWYO east of Glass Creek —— Grass Creek Road WYO&#; US 20 and WYO at LucerneCR 6 east of Lucerne —— Kirby Creek Road; Black Mountain Road WYO&#; US 20 and WYO south of ThermopolisCR 31 south of Thermopolis —— WYO&#; CR 1 south of Hamilton DomeWYO south of Hamilton Dome —— Red Creek Ranch Road WYO&#; US 20 and WYO west of KirbyWest Main Street in Kirby —— Kirby Road WYO&#;—— —— —— Now Owl Hill Creek Road. May have been part of the current WYO alignment WYO&#;—— US 20/US 26/US 87 in DouglasMT 59 near Gillette Replaced by WYO , now WYO 59WYO&#; CR 78 at BarnumWYO west of Kaycee—— Barnum Road WYO&#; CR and CR at MayoworthWYO and WYO in Kaycee—— Mayoworth Road WYO&#; WYO and WYO in KayceeWYO northeast of Edgerton—— WYO&#; I and US 87 near KearnyUS 87 at Banner—— WYO&#; Story Fish Hatchery west of StoryWYO east of Story —— WYO&#; I and US 87 south of KayceeI Bus. and US 87 Bus. in Buffalo—— Old US 87 WYO&#;—— —— —— Now County Road WYO&#; I/US 30 east of LaramieI/US 87 in Cheyenne—— Happy Jack Road WYO&#; WYO north of CheyenneI/US 87 and WYO /I Bus. in Chugwater—— Horse Creek Road; Iron Mountain Road WYO&#; I/US 87 near CheyenneWYO in Ranchettes—— College Drive; Four Mile Road WYO&#; I/US 30 and WYO south of BurnsUS 85 south of Meriden—— Burns Road WYO&#; Laramie CR in CarpenterI/US 30 and WYO south of Burns—— Carpenter Road WYO&#; I/US 30 in Pine BluffsWYO in Albin—— WYO&#; US 85 south of MeridenLaramie CR at NE border —— Albin Road WYO&#;—— —— —— Replaced by US WYO&#; Laramie CR northwest of CarpenterI/US 30 southwest of Hillsdale—[citation needed]WYO&#; Laramie CR south of Granite CanonI/US 30 in Granite Canon —[citation needed]Harriman Road WYO&#; I Bus./US 85 in CheyenneUS 85 north of Cheyenne —— Yellowstone Road WYO&#; US and WYO north of Muddy GapI, US 20, US 26, and US 87 in Casper—— Alcova Highway WYO&#; I Bus./US 85 in Fox Farm-CollegeWYO in Fox Farm-College —— Fox Farm Road WYO&#; WYO west of CheyenneWYO west of Cheyenne —— Fort Access Road WYO&#; I/US 87 southwest of CheyenneUS 85 south of Cheyenne —— Terry Ranch Road WYO&#; I/US 87 in CheyenneWYDOT Headquarters —— Wyoming Dept. of Transportation Headquarters Entrance WYO&#; I/US 30 east of Granite CanonI/US 30 west of Cheyenne—— Otto Road WYO&#;—— —— —— Replaced by WYO&#;WYO&#; WYO south of SaratogaI Bus./US 30/US in Laramie—— Rivers Road WYO&#; CR in CokevilleUS 30, WYO 89, and WYO in Cokeville —— Cokeville–Utah Road WYO&#; US 30, WYO 89, and WYO in CokevilleSmiths Fork Road north of Cokeville —— Smiths Fork Road WYO&#; US in KemmererCR north of Kemmerer —— Hams Fork Road WYO&#;—— Kemmerer Municipal Airport near FrontierWYO in Frontier —— Now County Route WYO&#; US in La BargeCR at Calpet—— WYO&#; CR and CR at FairveiwUS 89 south of Afton—— WYO&#; 1st Street at AuburnUS 89 at Grover—— WYO&#; US 89 in AftonUS 89 north of Auburn—— WYO&#; Idaho state line at FreedomUS 89 east of Freedom —— WYO&#; US 30 in OpalUS northeast of Kemmerer—— Opal Road WYO&#; US 89 north of SmootWYO south of Afton—— WYO&#;—— —— —— Former spur route that ran north from WYO WYO&#; CR at Casper MountainI Bus., US 20 Bus., US 26 Bus., and US 87 Bus. in Casper—— Casper Mountain Road; Walcott Road WYO&#; WYO south of CasperWYO in Casper —— Gothmore Park Spur; Garden Creek Road WYO&#; CR southeast of CasperUS 20, US 26, and US 87 in Evansville—— WYO&#; US 20 Bus. and US 26 Bus. in MillsI and US 87 at Hartrandt—— WYO&#; I Bus., US 20 Bus., US 26 Bus., and US 87 Bus. in CasperI, US 20, US 26, US 87, I Bus., and US 87 Bus. in Casper —— Center Street Casper WYO&#; US 20, US 26, US 87, and WYO in EvansvilleCR northeast of Evansville —— Cole Creek Road WYO&#; WYO south of Red ButteUS 20, US 26, US 20 Bus., and US 26 Bus. in Casper—— Casper West Belt Loop WYO&#; US 20 Bus. and US 26 Bus. in Casper, WyomingUS 20, US 26, and US 87 in Evansville—— Casper Beltline WYO&#; I and US 87 north of Antelope HillsWYO in Midwest—— WYO&#; US 26 east of GuernseyUS 18 and US 85 north of Lusk—— WYO&#; CR 23 at West Lance CreekWYO at Lance Creek—— Manning Road WYO&#; WYO east of Lance CreekCR 14 north of Lance Creek—— North Lance Creek Road WYO&#; US 18 and US 20 east of LuskNiobrara Country Club —— Country Club Road WYO&#;—— WYO in ManvilleUS 18/US 20 southeast of Manville —— Designated along old US 18/US 20 WYO&#;—— —— —— Replaced by US WYO&#; CR 4IX and CR 5XS near DumbellWYO in Meeteetse—— WYO&#; CR 6WX southwest of CodyUS 14, US 16, and US 20 in Cody —— Clarks Fork Canyon Road WYO&#;—— Morrison Jeep Trail west of ClarkWYO east of Clark —— Now County Road 1Ab WYO&#;—— WYO near Cody, WyomingYellowstone Regional Airport—— Now County Road 3CX WYO&#; US 14 Alt. near RalstonWYO near Clark—— WYO&#; WYO 32 southeast of PowellCR 1NG near Elk Basin—— WYO&#; US near Yellowstone NPWYO north of Cody—— Chief Joseph Highway WYO&#;—— WYO near ClarkCounty Road 1Ab northwest of Clark —— Now County Road 1Ab WYO&#; Reservoir Rd at Wheatland Reservoir #1I Bus., US 87 Bus., and WYO in Wheatland—— Oak Street Wheatland WYO&#; WYO in Westview CirclePlatte CR and CR 90 —— Hightower Road WYO&#; WYO 34 south of WheatlandI Bus., US 87 Bus., and WYO in Wheatland —— Preuit Road WYO&#; I Bus. and WYO in ChugwaterUS 85 south of Hawk Springs—— WYO&#; I/US 87 west of SlaterSlater Road east of WYO —— Slater Road WYO&#; WYO in SlaterBordeaux Road north of Slater —— Pioneer Road WYO&#; I Bus./US 87 Bus. in WheatlandDickinson Hill Road/Deer Creek Road —— WYO&#; US 26 west of GuernseyGuernsey State Park—— WYO&#;—— WYO in HartvilleSunrise—— WYO&#;—— I, US 26, and US 87 in GlendoWYO in Glendo —— Old Yellowstone Highway WYO&#;—— I, US 26, and US 87 south of GlendoUS 18 and US 20 east of Orin—— Spur of WYO WYO&#;—— —— —— Old Yellowstone Highway WYO&#;—— —— —— Old Yellowstone Highway WYO&#;—— —— —— Replaced by WWY&#;WYO&#; CO 13 near BaggsUS 30 near Creston Replaced by WYO WYO&#;—— CR 74 west of SheridanI Bus., US 14 Bus., US 87 Bus., and WYO in Sheridan —— Fifth Street Sheridan WYO&#;—— CR 53 at BecktonI Bus., US 14 Bus., and US 87 Bus. in Sheridan—— Big Goose Canyon Road WYO&#;—— US 87 and WYO south of SheridanI Bus., US 14 Bus., and US 87 Bus. in Sheridan —— Big Horn Avenue WYO&#;—— Sheridan County AirportWYO in Sheridan—— Airport Road WYO&#;—— WYO in SheridanI Bus., US 14 Bus., and US 87 Bus. in Sheridan —— WYO&#;—— CR 26 southwest of Big HornUS 87 and WYO south of Sheridan—— Brinton Road; Red Grade Road WYO&#;—— I Bus., US 14 Bus., US 87 Bus., and WYO in SheridanCR 42 at Wyarno—— Ulm Road WYO&#;—— Fort MacKenzie Road in SheridanI Bus., US 14 Bus., and US 87 Bus. in Sheridan —— Fort Road WYO&#;—— I, I Bus., US 14 Bus., and US 87 Bus. in SheridanMontana state line north of Sheridan —— Decker Road; Higby Road WYO&#;—— I, US 14, and US 87 north of SheridanWYO north of Sheridan —— Jensick Connector WYO&#;—— CR 2 west of StoryWYO at Story —— WYO&#;—— CR 38 and CR at ArvadaUS 14 and US 16 north of Arvada —— Arvada Spur WYO&#;—— US 87 south of SheridanI south of Sheridan —— Meade Road WYO&#;—— US 14 in DaytonWYO in Parkman—— WYO&#;—— —— —— Unsigned; Old US&#;87/US&#;87 WYO&#;—— Montana state line north of ParkmanI, US 14, and US 87 at Monarch—— WYO&#;—— —— —[4]— Unsigned; Old US&#;87 WYO&#;—— CR and CR west of Big PineyUS in Big Piney —— Middle Piney Road WYO&#;—— US north of MarbletonUS east of Marbleton —— WYO&#;—— US west of PinedaleBridger-Teton NF—— WYO&#;—— US at BoulderCR and CR near Big Sandy—— WYO&#;—— CR northwest of DanielUS and US north of Daniel —— Daniel–Merna Road WYO&#;—— I and US 30 east of Rock SpringsRock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport —— Baxter Road WYO&#;—— I and US 30 south of SuperiorUpper Superior Road in Superior —— Superior Road WYO&#;—— WYO west of James TownUS west of Fontenelle—— La Barge Road WYO&#;—— —— —
Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_state_highways_in_Wyoming
American Truck Simulator Wyoming - Scenic Route Timelapse - Logitech G29



Wyoming is the official road condition and traffic information app of the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).

- Provides pre-trip map-based road and traffic conditions (Map)
- Displays web camera images (Map)
- Displays weather station data (Map)
- Shows users their route and mile marker location, and includes latitude / longitude (Where Am I?)
- Speaks conditions so drivers know what they can expect on the road ahead (Hands-Free / Eyes-Free)
- Alerts drivers to traffic information, including crashes and other hazards within a user-specified radius (Hands-Free / Eyes-Free)
- Updates data from WYDOT’s servers every 15 minutes when a data connection is available
- Uses GPS to provide location-based reports


In this version, we updated roadway segment information

Ratings and Reviews

Sure hope they don’t track and sell location like the Weather Channel app

Downloading now. Hopeful.

So far WDOT’s twitter feed is the most useful thing.

WDOT’s webpage is really hard to use on an ipad or iPhone. Not sure about the computer but I need it to work on my phone. While I’m stopped at a rest stop with minimal cell data. Roads need better labels for casual non-professional drivers.

I’m really looking for a system to alert me of dangerous weather conditions on the road from Fort Collins to Laramie — that pass can turn nasty in an instant while road conditions everywhere else are fine. There must be a large number of kids and parents and shoppers traveling from Laramie to Colorado. Many are novice drivers.

We’ve used this for years- it’s a lifesaver

This app shows conditions on both local roads and highways. I wish there was a stated color legend, but it’s fairly obvious, and you can click on icons to see current alert and condition posts. Drill down to city streets is great. I notice that I have to reload this app if I have not used it in awhile— like most other apps. It works; an update in graphics would be good, but the actual detailed Hwy department data is indispensable.

The trucker who went astray on the high elevation Beartooth Hwy should have been using this.

Don’t trust this app

Just came from Buffalo to Tensleep. The app had notice of “Commercial Vehicle Testing Operations,” so we called Buffalo DOT Maintenance about expected delays and were assured we’d notice almost nothing. Nowhere on the app nor in our call was the minute wait for a flag car nor the chip and seal operation with loose gravel that went from the Sheep Mountain Lookout Road to the Washakie County line with 45 mph speed limit. Nowhere was the 5-minute wait for flag car along Tensleep Creek with a drop down to mud for a short distance between the end of the canyon and Tensleep. NO INFO. Don’t trust this app. It’s not updated as it should be.

The developer, Wyoming Department of Transportation, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


Wyoming Department of Transportation



Requires iOS or later.
Requires iPadOS or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS or later.
Requires macOS or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

Age Rating

© Wyoming Department of Transportation



  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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Sours: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wyoming/id

Report by road route wyo

Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Park Road Conditions

Traveling through Jackson Hole, Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks by car can present some challenges from the winter weather, summer road construction and our wildlife.  There are a number of resources on this page to help you find current travel and driving conditions so you can plan accordingly.

Grand Teton National Park Road Conditions & Construction Updates

See the following resources for current status of roads in Grand Teton National Park.

Yellowstone National Park Road Conditions & Construction Updates

See the following resources for current status of roads in Yellowstone National Park.

Wyoming Highway Web Cams

See what the weather is doing along your routes.

Jackson Hole & Grand Teton National Park Weather Forecast

Our high elevation and mountainous environments create dynamic and every changing weather conditions.  For current conditions see these links:


EcoTours Jackson Hole
Sours: http://www.jacksonholetraveler.com/map/
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