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***Over 2550 students trained since 2014***

To register for a course:

1- Find a class date you wish to attend                                                 
2- Find the range date and time you wish to do the range on             
3- Click "Register for Course" to open the course registration form.
4- Fill out the registration form.                                                              
5- Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.                       
Cancelation Policy

Prepared Carolinian has changed its Cancelation Policy due to over 600 "No Shows" since 2014.

Click here to review the policy before registering   

 NC Concealed Carry Class

28Mar 2020 (Saturday)    Canceled  

NC Concealed Carry Class

18 Apr 2020 (Saturday)    Canceled   

NC Concealed Carry Class23 May 2020 (Saturday)   Canceled    
NC Concealed Carry Class06 Jun 2020 (Saturday)    Canceled  
NC Concealed Carry Class27 Jun 2020 (Saturday)    Canceled   

As of 27 Jun, NC remains in Phase 2.  

With new cases on the rise, NC Governor elected to keep the state at Phase 2 until middle of July. The situatioin will be re-evaluated by the state in mid Jul to determine the next move.

Phase 2 does not allow social gatherings thus groups of over 10 are not allowed. 

All students MUSTdo the qualification prior to the class in order to leave the 8hr class with the certificate of training in hand. 
If you do not qualify on the range prior to the 8hr class your certificate of training will be held until the range is conducted.  The certificate will be issued at the range upon completion.

Upcoming Qualification dates


**Maximum class size: 90.  Register early to secure your seat.

**To register, click on the "Register for Course" link on the left. Don't forget to include the date and time you wish to meet for the qualification in the free text area on the registration form. Please pick a date from the available qualification dates listed above ensuring you pick a date before the class date you are registering for. Select a time you wish to meet from the available block time listed:

EG: Qualify 17 Feb 18 at 0900.  


Below are a list of dates and times I will be available to meet you at the range for the qualification. When registering, enter the date and specific time you wish to meet at the range in the free text area at the bottom of the registration form.  Range qualification should be conducted prior to the class date.  If a date is not available prior to the class date, I might be able to find an alternate date during the week to conduct the qualification. 

1- Crosse Creek Rifle and Pistol Club is a private range for members and their guess.
2- If you arrive at the range and the gate is open, enter the range and make an immediate left and follow signs to range 3.
3- If you arrive at the range and the gate is closed, pull up to the gate then pull off to the left and park so not to block the gate.  Give me a call and I will move up to the gate and let you in.  DO NOT CLIMB OVER OR WIGGLE YOUR WAY THROUGH THE GATE.  
4- The speed limit on the range is 5 mph.

5- When you arrive at Range 3, pull up to the wood fense and park.  Take the following actions depending on how you are transporting your firearm:

     - If your firearm is in a holster on your belt, simply secure the extra magazines and ammo and proceed to the covered benches behind the firing line. Do not take the firearm out of the holster,

     - If your firearm is in a bag, carry the bag to to the covered benches behind the firing line.  Do not take the firearm out or handle the firearm, just leave it secured in the bag.

     - If your firearm is not in a bag, holster or container.  Leave the firearm in the vehicle and move up to the covered benches.  We will wait until the range is hot before you remove the firearm from the vehicle and move it up to the range.

     ** When in doubt, leave it in the vehicle and come up and ask.


North Carolina Concealed Carry Class

As a firearms owner, one of your priorities is protecting yourself and your family from any threats you might face. Of course, these threats go beyond the walls of your home, which is why countless people throughout North Carolina want the freedom to take their firearm with them when they leave home. Perhaps the best way to gain that freedom is to receive your concealed carry permit from a competent, knowledgeable instructor.

At Blackstone Shooting Sports, we firmly believe in your right to conceal and carry your firearm legally and safely. That's why our experts provide professional concealed carry training from our Charlotte, NC, shooting range.

About Our Charlotte, NC, Concealed Handgun Classes

We know the decision to conceal carry is an important one — a choice that bears incredible responsibility. That's why we provide top-quality courses from our state-of-the-art facility designed to help you understand your role in keeping yourself and those around you safe. Each class is led by experts who are thoroughly trained in the world of firearms.

We offer CCW courses for residents in North Carolina. These classes provide the experienced shooter with the state-mandated information and qualifications to legally conceal and carry their firearm where allowed.

The course costs $149.99 and is available from our Charlotte, NC, location throughout the year. Each class lasts nine hours, which is divided into:

  • Eight hours of classroom instruction, which is composed of a review of self-defense laws and North Carolina concealed carry laws
  • A 30-minute lunch break
  • Live fire qualifications on the range, where you'll fire 50 rounds from 3, 5, 7 and 9 yards

We supply nearly all the equipment you'll need at the range, so you'll be fully prepared to take the class even if you don't yet have your own firearm or enough ammunition. Provided items include:

  • A firearm, although we encourage you to bring your own handgun and ammunition if possible, to ensure you are comfortable with the firearm you plan to carry
  • Eye and ear protection
  • A target
  • 9mm ammunition
  • Lunch — contact us at least 24 hours before the course to discuss any dietary restrictions or make sure to put dietary restrictions in the survey when you sign up

Enroll in One of Charlotte, NC's Premier CCW Classes

Ready to get started and learn all you need to learn? We're excited to help you enjoy the freedom to conceal carry your firearm. Book your spot in one of our CCH courses today by choosing your preferred date from our class list. To request more information, feel free to contact us online, call (704) 414-6020 or stop by our NC facility — conveniently located minutes from uptown Charlotte. One of our concealed carry course instructors will be happy to answer your questions about the course or help you enroll.

Upcoming Courses

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N.C. Concealed Carry Classes

The North Carolina Concealed Carry Course is the first step in attaining your permit. It is required that you complete an eight-hour course, written test, and range qualification.

(And yes, we also teach the Retired LEO CCHP HR218 as well!)

In this class you will learn:

  • Firearms safety and operation
  • North Carolina Laws on carrying concealed including recent changes in General Statutes
  • Laws concerning the use of deadly force

What is the shooting test?

The test is a zero assistance, pass fail test with no provision for failure to retake. It is a timed 40 round qualification that requires you make a 75% on a man sized target from both a low ready as well as from the draw or bench top, while taking verbal commands from the instructor. You are also expected to do all your own loading, unloading, showing clear, clearing malfunctions, and having zero safety violations. Yardages vary from 2-7 yards, and the test is generally administered to 8 students at a time. We do not allow 22lr pistols or use of laser sights. It is important to note, the state mandated curriculum for the NC Concealed Carry Class Is 100% classroom based, and in no way prepares you for the qualification shoot. If that sounds scary don’t worry, you just need to take the “Coach To Qualify” option.

Coach to qualify

Normally an hour with an instructor would run you $59, but for $40 the coach to qualify gets you

  • Use of the range without additional charge
  • The instructors time for 1hr
  • Unlimited free rentals
  • Free targets
  • Free Rental Eye And ear pro
  • 10% off ammunition

At the end of your session, the instructor will work with you one on one  while administering the shooting test. When taken in this setting, even a rank armature should have no problem passing the shooting portion of the test.

Upon completion of your NC Concealed Carry Class you will receive:


Free 1 month Ind membership

Free rentals during that 1 month 

$10 off a Basic Pistol 

$20 off Defensive Pistol 

$25 off one on one training.


In order to provide the safest environment for everyone in the store, members will be held accountable for the safe behavior of their guests. Any unsafe behavior could result in the revocation of membership privileges.


course without coach to qualify: $119

Course + Coach to Qualify: $159

Retired LEO hr218 cchp: $79

Sign Up Today

How To Get A Concealed Carry Permit In North Carolina (NC)

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(980) 275-4933, LOCATED IN CONCORD, NC 28027 (Just North of Charlotte, NC)

Our Training Advantages
Best Price
More Classes
More Convenient

Private Individual training available locally or group training at our location in Concord, NC or your location. Please contact us for minimum participant requirements and private training course costs. We teach and provide training in all counties of both North & South Carolina.

We don't cut corners!
Quality training, reasonably priced, on your time. We do not 'nickel & dime' you with additional fees for training materials, range fees, eye/ear protection rental fees, training target fees, etc. Everything is included in the price quoted. Nothing hidden. Just bring your own handgun and ammunition. If you have your own eye/ear protection great, if not you can use ours...

Can't do a full 8+ hours in one sitting ? We can break your training into 2 consecutive day or evening sessions at no additional cost. We have weekday evening training available..


Nc concealed carry classes

cch pic

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Course

Age: 21+

**Please Note: This is not a beginner course. If you have never shot a handgun before we recommend that you take a private lesson with one of our instructors or take a Beginner Handgun Course or the NC Concealed Carry Prep Course before you take this course.

This is the class required by North Carolina to obtain the Concealed Carry Handgun Permit. This class is comprised of eight hours of mandatory classroom training with additional time spent on the range for a shooting practical.

Making the decision to carry a concealed handgun is an important one, and getting the best education available is crucial. You and your family’s life may depend on the level of training you receive. When it comes to your family’s safety, a cut rate education will not suffice.

At Point Blank Range, we pride ourselves in offering a premium education, in a premier facility, taught by highly trained instructors. Complete with conditioned ranges, turning targets, state of the art filtration systems and NRA certified Range Safety Officers and Instructors always on staff, Point Blank Range is the only place to consider for your family’s firearms training and education.

Registration and prepayment is required. If you prefer to register in person, please visit the store and see a sales associate.

***When registering you must register with your name as it appears on your North Carolina Drivers License***

NOTE:There is a shooting evaluation in this course students must pass in order to receive their certificate, if you are a new shooter or maybe lacking in the skills to pass the qualification you may want to consider taking a One on One training session with one of our qualified instructors or taking the Beginner Handgun Fundamentals class.

NOTE:  No firearms or ammunition are supplied with the ($125.00 fee). You may upgrade for ($25.00 more) and will be provided with a 22LR pistol rental and 22LR ammunition for shooting qualification.

NOTE:  If you register for the 2-Night class, you must attend both nights for course completion

LADIES ONLY CONCEALED CLASSES Please click HERE to view ladies’ only course dates.

View our Cancellation Policy here.

Standard $125 – Required equipment to bring

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Handgun to qualify with
  • Minimum 30 rounds of ammo (brass cased only. No steel or aluminum cased ammo.)
  • Eye and ear protection (we can provide if you dont have any)

Enhanced $150 – Required Equipment to bring

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Eye and ear protection (we can provide if you dont have any)
  • For the Enhanced we provide a 22lr handgun to use and includes ammo


Jared Paulo- NRA & NCDOJ Certified Instructor

Greg Morris – NRA & NCDOJ Certified Instructor (See full bio)

Brad Smith– NRA & NCDOJ Certified Instructor


Aaren Upton – Director of Training /NRA & NCDOJ Certified Instructor(See full bio)

Greg Morris – NRA & NCDOJ Certified Instructor (See full bio)

Jeff Tutino – NRA & NCDOJ Certified Instructor(See full bio)

Online Concealed Carry Course for Free


Reese Firearms concealed carry classes are taught at 209 Century Blvd Unit F Kernersville, NC 27284 with our covered outdoor range less than 10 minutes away from the classroom. This convenient location means that you will be able to complete your North Carolina required training in one day! Reese Firearms is a veteran-owned and operated business that offers NC Concealed Carry Classes and other firearm related training.


Classes are held weekdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Also offering Women Only Concealed Carry Classes!

100% GUARANTEED you will pass the course! $75 Bring Your Own Gun and ammo and $100 using our gun and ammunition. Qualification rental gun is a Ruger SR-22 (22lr). We do not sell ammunition separately

Reese Firearms teaches a North Carolina State approved Concealed Carry Class NC which is available to the Piedmont Triad including Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, and all of North Carolina. Since this is a North Carolina state-approved class, once students complete the required 8 hours of instruction and range time they will then be able to apply for their permit in any county in North Carolina where they reside. Take the class today, apply for your concealed carry permit tomorrow!

$75 using your own gun and ammo or $100 using our gun and ammo!

We offer a large comfortable, professional classroom and the range is very controlled and covered outdoor range with tables and chairs. The classroom portion is taught at 209 Century Blvd Unit F Kernersville, NC 27284. Once the classroom portion is complete we head to the outdoor range located less than 10 minutes away in Kernersville, NC. The entire class, including the shooting portion, is completed in one day. You will be dismissed from the range. Please dress accordingly and plan to have FUN! 

Have your own gun and ammunition?Great! Only $75!  Everything else is included, you just need to bring your handgun and 30 rounds of ammunition. Range fees, eyes protection, ear protection, even pizza lunch and beverages are included! Just bring your gun and 30 rounds of ammunition!

No gun? No problem! Only $100 using our gun and ammunition!  This option which provides our students with EVERYTHING they need to earn their certificate. Students do not need to bring anything to the class or range. Everything is provided, the use of a handgun, ammunition, range fees, ear protection, and eye protection. Even a free pizza lunch with beverages! Literally, everything students need to complete the class and earn their certificate.

Class spots are limited so please contact us with any questions or sign up today!  Yes, there is actually a class that puts the students first! Schedule your class today!

Reese Firearms is a veteran-owned and operated business.


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