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Dallas, Houston, San Antonio. Shopping, rides, festivals, food. We are the one stop shop for family fun every weekend! Aquí encontrarás todos los ingredientes para pasar un fin de semana familiar muy divertido!

Prairie Screamer - Coming Fall

SCREAMING INTO TRADERS VILLAGE Grand Prairie FALL , PRAIRIE SCREAMER, a family-oriented roller coaster that will be popular with all ages!

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Facebook marketplace San Antonio

Here we can see &#;Facebook marketplace, San Antonio&#;

  1. Buy and Sell in San Antonio, Texas | Facebook Marketplace


Marketplace may be a convenient destination on Facebook to get, buy and sell items with people in your community.

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Log in to urge the complete Facebook Marketplace experience. &#; Honda Civic EX Coupe 2D in San Antonio, TX. $ Honda Civic EX Coupe 2D. San Antonio &#;

  1. San Antonio Online Marketplace | Facebook


$ · San Antonio, TX. I&#;m selling my Frigidaire fridge in great working condition with no issues. I even have it plugged up, and it&#;s cold for you to ascertain.

  1. Marketplace San Antonio Texas | Facebook


grupo de compra y venta San Antonio Texas. Buy and Sell Group.

  1. San Antonio Marketplace® | Facebook


Maria Cecilia Alvarez Durant &#; If you&#;re renovating or wanting to repair/paint existing walls, we supply all kinds of paint, materials, and labor. Free &#;

  1. Buy and Sell in Schertz, Texas | Facebook Marketplace 


Today&#;s Picks. Schertz · 40 mi. Baja warrior in San Antonio , TX. $ Baja warrior. San Antonio, TX. miles · EZ go txt in Bulverde, TX.

  1. Buy and Sell in Leon Valley, Texas | Facebook Marketplace 


San Antonio · 40 mi. UTA 4&#;8 in San Antonio , TX. $1. UTA 4&#;8. San Antonio, TX · Ford F 5 speed in Boerne, TX.

  1. San Antonio Online Marketplace | Facebook


San Antonio Online Marketplace has members. .. Buy and Sell Group.

  1. f a c e b o o k m a r k e t p l a c e s a 

https://search.zonealarm.com/?q=facebook marketplace San Antonio tx

https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/sanantonio. Marketplace may be a convenient destination on Facebook to get, buy and sell items with people in your &#;

  1. Facebook Marketplace &#; San Antonio &#; KSAT


San Antonio&#;s iconic Lulu&#;s Bakery and Cafe puts inventory up for auction amid closure · Those hoping for a return of Lulu&#;s Bakery and Cafe&#;s three-pound &#;

  1. Historic open-air market &#; City of San Antonio 


San Antonio is legendary for its authentic Mexican & Tex-Mex cuisine, &#; Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the newest happenings at an open-air market.

  1. Police: Woman stabbed to death during Facebook 


to death in Geistown, Pennsylvania, Tuesday was killed by a person she met on Facebook Marketplace to shop for a fridge for her boyfriend.

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Human teeth and a haunted chandelier: Bizarre items for sale on Facebook Marketplace in San Antonio

On ExpressNews.com:Best secret menu items and menu hacks from Whataburger, Bill Miller and other Texas fast food chains

Below are some of the stranger items we found for sale on Facebook Marketplace:

Antique haunted old chandelier: There’s a chandelier for sale that still gets visited by its original owner, according to the post. 

“Vintage chandelier turned candelabra,” the post says. “Beautiful, old and haunted. Not scary, it just comes with ‘attachments’ … probably the first owner loved it and visits.”

The person selling the item included a photo of the previous owner and said the chandelier had been blessed with holy water and oil. 

Find your true love: For just $19, you can buy what appears to be a stuffed dog that, according to the person selling it,” will cause someone to fall in love with you.” 

Human teeth: If you’re looking for some extra spending money from the tooth fairy, you should certainly inquire about these “used-like new” human teeth.

"Demonic haunted Native American figurine": For $, you can help this person “get this damn thing out of my house. Every time I leave the room it’s in a different spot. Tried holy water, tried baptizing it. I don’t know what to do. Please help.” Shipping is available.

Pot people: If you’re looking for a unique way to fill your home garden, you can try putting your yellow columbine flowers in "pot people." A San Antonio artist has several versions, but the recreation of Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray, the fictional character and main antagonist from the “Child’s Play” slasher film franchise, caught our eye. 

Space Jam wrapping paper: Who doesn’t get a tinge of nostalgia from the classic Looney Tunes and baseball-era Michael Jordan classic “Space Jam.” In San Antonio, you can pick up the original Space Jam-themed wrapping paper for $ 

Cast-iron Michelin man: This humanoid tire mascot is typically made of stacked white tires. But the one being sold in San Antonio this week is 21 inches tall and very heavy, according to the seller. 

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Sours: https://www.expressnews.com/news/local/article/weird-things-facebook-marketplace-san-antoniophp
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