48 inch long soaking tub

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Model Bathtub-13, 48 Bathtub | 1200 x 700 Bath | 48 Inch Soaking Tub

48 bathtub, 1200 x 700 bath, 48 inch soaking tub, bathtub-13


Length x Width x Height

1200 x 700 x 500 mm ( 48" x 28" x 20" )

1300 x 700 x 500 mm ( 51" x 28" x 20" )

1400 x 700 x 500 mm ( 55" x 28" x 20" )

1500 x 700 x 500 mm ( 59" x 28" x 20" )

1600 x 700 x 500 mm ( 63" x 28" x 20" )

1700 x 700 x 500 mm ( 67" x 28" x 20" )


The 48 bathtub is a white rectangular 3 wall alcove tub with reversible drain, this 48 inch soaking tub combines a space-saving design with an extra-deep basin for luxurious soaking. The 1200 x 700 bath is crafted of high quality, high gloss acrylic for durability and luster, the 48 inch bathtub is available in a pallette of acrylic colors to complement your decor perfectly. The 48 inch bath tub is designed for one person bathing. It allows drop in or three wall alcove installation, depends on your own special demands. The 48 inch alcove bathtub comes in six different sizes, is made in GreenGoods bath factory and will accommodate various types of installation: drop-in, undermount and alcove, with or without an apron. GreenGoods 1200 x 700 alcove bath tubs provide you with the versatility needed to complete all of your renovation or construction projects.

· Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement

· Cast - acrylic construction provides years of durability

· Comfortable inclined backrest and head support

· Pre-leveled tub bottom

· Alcove installation

· it is available with and without apron

· Optional integral tile flanges for alcove installation

· Available in 4 different deck profiles

· Optional removable acrylic skirt

· Dual molded-in armrests

· Reversible drain outlet

· 3 Side molded inegral flange tub standard

· Slip - resistant surface

· Waterproof pillow for added comfort

· Rectangle tub shape

· Outstanding protection – Ten Year Warranty

drop in tub pohots

48 bathtub, 1200 x 700 bath, 48 inch soaking tub

arrow 1. 48 bathtub, 1200 x 700 bath, 48 inch soaking tub

Sours: http://www.cngreengoods.com/bathtub/alcove-bathtub-13.html

Freestanding Bathtubs

Eidel Weiss Double Slipper Freestanding Tub

Large Selection of Freestanding Tubs

The rising popularity of a freestanding tub has changed thoughts on bathroom design. In the past the tub was surrounded by tile work to create a focal point (to take the attention away from the tub). A freestanding tub is meant to be the focal point, their beauty and presence commands it. Yet they provide all the comfort and functionality of a drop-in tub. Learn more about freestanding tubs →

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We carry quality bathtubs with strong warranties. Our tubs come to you factory direct and we pass those savings on to you, giving you high quality at reasonable prices. You don't have to wait for specials, search for a coupon, or cross your fingers and hope for a good deal. Our freestanding bathtubs are always on sale. We will ship our tubs anywhere in the contiguous US free of charge. Tubz.com has a large selection of freestanding bathtubs. For easier shopping choose size or style below. Click on the tub picture to find out more about sale prices.

42" - 58" (Inch) Small Freestanding Bathtub
Freestanding tubs are listed by size: first by length, then by width, then by height - smallest to largest

How to Choose a Freestanding Tub

There are things to consider before choosing a freestanding tub like size, style, faucets and drains. Is the tub made from acrylic, solid surface or is it a cast-iron bathtub? Is there room for two with a center-side drain? We have created a guide to help you: Choosing a Freestanding Tub →

Freestanding Soaking, Air, Whirlpool or Heated Bathtub?
Soaking & Air
All freestanding tubs are offered as soaking tubs. Most also offer an air system. As you shop out tub selection (by style or by size) in the tub's description you will see descriptions that list if the tub is only available as a soaker or both air & soaking:
• Soaking Bathtub
• Air Bathtub
Soaking tub offers no jets, tub only. The freestanding air tubs offer a vigorous skin massage. Warm air is blown into the bathtub

Freestanding Tubs with Heated Surface
Heat panels are integrated into the structure of the bath to warm the bath much like the heated seats in a car. Heated surface systems will not maintain the temperature like a heated soaking tub but they add luxury. When shopping through our freestanding tubs by size, you will see the tub systems listed in the description. Look for "Heated Surface"
Heated Surface Bathtub Listing

Heated Surface Tubs by Manufacturer:

Hydro Systems →
Hydro Blanket wraps you in a world of warmth and relaxation. Multi-zone heat allows you to pick from 2 - 5 heat zones on the sides or bottom of the bath. Turn on the thermostat and set the dial to a maximum setting of 110°
Neptune →
Heated back support specifically designed for total relaxation. Integrated into the tub, the electronic control allows you to choose between two heat settings 104° & 110°. This system takes about 90 seconds to warm the bath.
Radiance surface heating system provides an even distribution of warmth to eliminate the shock of a cold tub and increases relaxation during the bath. This system includes electronic heating grids for 2 zones. Tub surface can vary from 85 -100°.

Whirlpool & Heated
Heated Soaking tub has a recirculating pump & heater to maintain water temperature. A whirlpool offers a deep tissue massage with water jets. An in-line heater to maintain the water temperature is an option. See: Freestanding Whirlpools & Heated Soaking Tubs →

Corner Freestanding Soaking Bathtubs

  • Rectangle Freestanding Bath with Curving Sides
    Jane Corner
    59" x 34" x 25"
    Corner Freestanding Tub
    • Solid Surface
    • End Drain
    • White

    • Soaking Bathtub

Back-to-the-Wall Freestanding Bathtubs

  • Sensuality Back Against the Wall
    Sensuality Mini
    67" x 37" x 26"
    Double Ended Freestanding Tub
    • Solid Surface
    • Center Drain
    • White, Black & White

    • Soaking Bathtub
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We also know that buying such a large item on line can be scary. Rest assured we only carry tubs that we would feel comfortable putting in our own mother's house. And we have done just that! Our bathtubs are the best in the industry and we have years of experience with the manufacturers. Issues are very rare, and if they do arise, they are quickly resolved. We are here to answer questions and keep you informed on the creation and delivery of your bathtub. We will still be here for questions even after your new bathroom is finished.

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How to Choose a Freestanding Tub →

Tubz.com- Contact us, we are here to help
Sours: https://www.tubz.com/freestanding-air-soaking-tubs.htm
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We're remodeling a very small bathroom, it's about 4 feet by 7.5 feet. It's the only bathroom in the house. We're trying to make more room for a small vanity and want to do so by getting a smaller 4 ft tub/shower, and putting that against the 4 ft wall. Right now, we have a larger old tub/shower that takes up most of the room space.

The problem is that nobody seems to make tubs that small that could also work for showering. We would definitely skip the tub altogether but are about to have our first baby so I hear a tub is pretty helpful.

Could something like the claw foot tub from Signature Hardware work for showering?

Otherwise, this one from home depot is all I can find:

There's a Kohler Greek tub, but it seems too deep and not really meant for showering or bathing kids.

Any leads on small tub sources would be much appreciated!

Sours: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/3389004/help-finding-a-48-tub-shower-combo
Empava 48 in. Acrylic Freestanding Air Hydrotherapy Oval Japanese SPA Tub EMPV-JTX011 Bathtu Reviews

The 8 Best Small Bathtubs of 2021

What to Look for in a Small Tub


First, you’ll want to measure the space where your new bathtub will go. In addition to measuring the length and width of your designated space, be sure to get an idea of how deep you want your tub to be. These measurements will help you narrow down options to find the best small tub for your home.


You’ll also need to consider how your new tub will be installed. Do you have a built-in alcove where it will go and need a drop-in model, or do you have space for a standalone bathtub? The configuration and existing features of your bathroom will dictate what type of tub is best.

Special features

Even small bathtubs can come equipped with special features. Consider whether you want a tub with jets, or perhaps a walk-in tub that’s easier to get into and more accessible for older adults. Keep in mind that these features may drive up the price, though.

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/best-small-bath-tubs-4154526

Tub 48 soaking inch long

48” Long Soaking Tubs That Will Make The Most Of Your Bathroom

A 48” long (or smaller) soaking tub could be the perfect solution to get the most out of your small bathroom.

Believe me, we know all about working to make small spaces more functional!

We recently were faced with a predicament that involved not only tight space but also a tight budget. The client currently had a bathtub and shower combo that was standard size, and that meant that the space for the toilet was so small it was nearly impossible for an adult to get to it!

Now, this tub happened to be the only one in the house, and this family was not willing to give it up. They also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg reworking the entire plumbing layout of their bathroom and potentially losing vanity space in order to gain room for a 60” long tub.

Thank goodness for a more compact, 48 inch long soaking tub. This somewhat smaller version of a tub style they already loved completely saved the day.

Many people may not even realize there is a smaller version of a tub that could add all the same function to their limited bathroom space.

Thankfully, they do exist, and we want to share our favorite 48 inch long soaking tubs so that others can make their smaller bathroom work for them too!

Sours: https://trubuildconstruction.com/reviews/2020/1/1/48-inch-long-soaking-tubs-that-will-make-the-most-of-your-bathroom
What is the difference between a soaking tub and regular tub?

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