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Let's Talk About America's Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 5

Posted on by Mary Anne Butler


Join us tonight for our Lets Talk About America's Next Top Model, when cycle 24 episode 5 "Beauty Is Unconventional" airs at 5 p.m. (EST) on VH1.  On tonight's episode, beauty blogger Patrick Starrr (introduced adorably by judge Ashley Graham) tests the contestants on their ability to beautify on a budget using… unconventional methods.

Let's Talk About America's Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 5

Also, if you missed it last week, you can catch up on what happened here. Don't forget that VH1 has this cycle's episodes on their website, within a day or two of airing. And- watch the interview segment with judge Drew and the girl that went home in c24e4 here.

As a reminder, prizes for the winner of this cycle of America's Next Top Model include a cover and spread with Paper magazine, modeling contract with Next Management, and the new twist this year- an ANTM mobile game where the winner will be an avatar along with Tyra, and $100k from Pantene.

We're going to keep a running commentary of the highlights of the episode as it airs, so check back.

Things that happened:

  • The episode started with a short recap vid of last week's drama
  • Khrystyana got best photo, and it's shown in the house
  • The girls are still talking about Liz leaving (by choice)
  • Coura is concerned about her performance levels going down
  • Judge and supermodel Ashley Graham visits the house
  • She's there to talk to the girls about "unconventional beauty", and all the
    different kinds of body types, skin types and colors
  • Jeana talks about her baldness being unconventional
  • Ashley introduces the girls to beauty blog sensation Patrick Starr
  • Patrick looks FAB in a red frock and chic turban
  • The challenge is for the best unconventional beauty tutorial, and the winner will
    have her vid shown on Patrick's channel.
  • One group of three will be competing, the rest are groups of 2
  • hard boiled eggs, shaving cream, tape, and of COURSE the condoms.
  • the girls get 30 minutes to come up with a beauty hack
  • one group does a chicken cutlet blender
  • another group does mustard filled condoms as a blender
  • The girls only get ONE TAKE
  • Christina and Rio are using scotch tape to contour in their 'hack'
  • Christina….is sort of a mess
  • Rio seems to be better on camera, she's aware of her audience
  • Jeana and Kyla present their chicken cutlets for blending
  • Sandra and Shanice use a lotion filled lube-less condom
  • Liberty and Erin use a hard boiled egg for blending
  • Brendi, Coura and Khrystyana use a razor and shaving cream to exfoliate
  • Ashley and Patrick shout out to Shanice for her naaaasty self
  • Christina was told her energy brought Rio down
  • The winner is Sandra! She'll be featured on Patrick's channel, and she gets an
    advantage in the next challenge.
  • The rest of the girls are not so thrilled with the choice, but mostly Rio and
  • Rio talks a bit about how she had a brain tumor, and had to 'reinvent herself so
    many times'
  • the wine starts to flow, and Rio starts to talk about everything that bothers
  • Sandra does her best to defend herself from what she feels is an attack, and Rio
    doesn't help matters by constantly commenting back.
  • The next day, Drew Elliot shows up at the house
  • He calls the girls out to the pool, to give them their challenge
  • "Making a beauty sandwich in groups of three"
  • Sandra's advantage she won in the challenge is: Ashley appearing in the photo,
    and she gets to help direct the shoot for Sandra.
  • Ashley tells Sandra that beauty shoots aren't about "fierce" all the time, that
    sometimes they need to be soft
  • Rio, Coura, and Jeana are in the first beauty sandwich together
  • Coura struggles, being in the middle of the stack can't be easy for her
  • Khrystyana, Liberty, and Brendi are grouped together
  • Erin, Shanice, and Christina are next, Erin is in the middle.
  • "There's a lot of smooshin' of the faces" says Erin
  • Christina struggled with finding the right body position
  • Sandra, Kyla and Ashley are grouped together
  • Rio throws a bit of a fit during their shoot, albiet quietly
  • Tyra Mail #1 in the episode warns the girls that a "cut is coming, which one of
    you is going home."
  • Law Roach, Drew, Ashley and Tyra are back for panel, and she reminds the
    contestants of the prizes
  • Rio was told she did the best out of her group
  • "As we can see, the bottom is a magical position," Law says of the second group
  • Shanice gets told she did the best out of her group
  • Shanice straight up calls Christina lazy
  • Ashley says that Christina wasn't being a team player
  • Law says that Brendi and Khrystyana did the best out of their group
  • Sandra and Kyla did really well, Ashley said it helped that they got "girl time"
    along with their "model time"
  • First name called this week is Rio
  • It comes down to Coura and Christina
  • Coura going is home (I 100% disagree)
  • Christina's attitude is horrible, and she should NOT be kept because of it.

Thanks for joining folks, we'll see how the next two weeks go with the Olympics coverage, there may be a break in our ANTM chats, but they'll come back, I promise.

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You know, I realized something.

I’m terrible at winner picks.

Episode Synopsis

We begin with our contestants committing the most heinous crime: celebrating how quiet it is because Liz is gone. I am still emotionally distraught over this loss, and you girls rubbing it in isn’t helping. Nor is the show showing us a montage as scenes they didn’t have time to show in the previous episodes. It just brings back sad memories. Sandra and Kyla then discuss how shocking it was for Liz to go home, and more importantly, how someone else went home despite Liz’s quit. And yes, Sandra did say “someone” else. Even she forgot Rhiyan already.

Coura is nervous that she’s sliding back in the competition, being in the bottom two last week. She is scared she won’t succeed, but isn’t humble enough to not point out that she still knows she looks like a model.

Ashley Graham then randomly shows up to give us an important lesson about *picks slip of paper out of hat* unconventional beauty. About how important it is that the modeling agency is now embracing all different types of shapes and bodies and look I’m sorry I can’t pay attention because Ashley’s boobs are basically on full display.


Ashley is feeling this look, by the way. You can tell she knew exactly who the camera man in charge of capturing her was and told him explicitly to focus on her goods. Which, hey, good for her. Just saying, it’s a little distracting during this allegedly inspirational moment.

Anyway, we then get the girls talking about how they want to be inspirational in their own ways. Jeana, for example, feels she encompasses the beauty in baldness for all bald women. Meanwhile Coura talks about how she feels ugly because modeling agencies told her she was masculine (wait isn’t that Brendi K’s storyline?), and Rio talks about her being really lanky and awkward.

It’s all very sweet, until Sandra ruins it by saying she already feels blessed with her looks, and how she feels like she’s already naturally pretty. Which she is, but damn it, Sandra, Tyra is not going to keep you around if you admit you’re conventionally pretty!

We then get Christina admitting she feels like a new kind of model with her hair. Ashley says she looks younger, which is surprising, considering at her casting she looked and acted like a toddler. Christina says she doesn’t want to come across like she has a been-there, done-that attitude, but then admits she has the experience, directly contradicting herself. And then she calls herself professional, which all the girls visibly react to, including Rio calling her bougie and annoying.

I guess this means in this episode Miss Tina is in control, not Dr. Chris.

Ashley then tells us that they have a special guest, the famous YouTube beauty blogger (isn’t that an oxymoron?) Patrick Starrr.



Okay I have to be honest, I have only vaguely heard of this person. I’m aware he exists, but all I can think is people are going to ask why they are getting beauty advice from SpongeBob’s friend.

Anyway, he’s the center of the challenge, as the girls are going to create their own beauty blogs with Patrick Starrr. Again, modeling competition. The girls will be in teams, but there will only be one winner. I guess they only had Ashley for a set period of time.

Oh, and the girls will have to do the videos with unconventional items. And of course, Sandra gets the condoms.


So the teams are chosen.

Sandra and Shanice get condoms.

Rio and Christina get tape.

Jeane and Kyla get chicken cutlets.

Khrystyana, Coura, and Brendi K get shaving cream.

and Liberty and Erin (a match made in hell) get hard boiled eggs. And of fucking course Erin makes a comment about how she’s old and not into social media and is at a disadvantage and god damn it. Buck the fuck up, Erin, you don’t see Liberty complaining about how she’s never seen a computer in Idaho, do you?

Rio tells us she wants to win badly, as her sister is a huge Patrick Starrr fan. A statement she doesn’t mind informing us of twice within two minutes. Problem is, she’s paired with Christina. Who talks very slow and monotone. Rio is not having it and holy crap this is the most I’ve talked about Rio all cycle.

In any case, Rio, who we are told has had to deal with insecurities wants to win. So of course, the naturally beautiful Sandra wins. Way to sabotage your own message, Top Model.

Rio is pissed, and is not hiding it. She feels at a loss trying to compete with “Little Miss Pretty Princess,” how she reminds her of the naturally pretty girls in high school who didn’t have to try. And all I’m thinking is… when have people been pissed at Sandra? When has anyone said anything about Sandra? Sandra has been so quiet this season I thought she was a crew member who got caught on camera.

The girls are then treated by the show to a restaurant, where hopefully no drama will start.

Four seconds in, Shanice says Brendi K looks like a boy. And Brendi K, usually in control with her emotions, says she hates Shanice. Delightful.

Of course Erin then ruins the scene by saying that she can’t wait to get on “social media” and be friends with them. Like, girl, you have Facebook. Facebook moms exist. Stop trying to pretend like you’re eighty. Lean a little less into your dumb story line.

Rio, wanting even more screen time, proposes a toast to her graduating sister, who she deeply misses. Which was nice, until Rio talks about how today was really disappointing for her and that she totally blames Sandra without actually blaming Sandra. Sandra then points out that it’s not her fault she won, to which Rio goes off, comparing Sandra to those bullying girls in high school who never had to work a day in their lives. Sandra tries to defuse the scenario, pointing out that she is not here to fulfill Rio’s high school redemption.

And Rio isn’t having that.

All credit goes to Sandra here for keeping her cool and not raising her voice. Rio is bringing up a ton of weird implications with her speech about how easy Sandra has it, and yes, most do involve the fact that Sandra is Muslim. Sandra faces different kinds of prejudice every day (possibly from someone in the house), and for Rio to say she’s perfect makes Rio look a lot worse.

Never mind that so far, Sandra has been flopping in the photoshoots, constantly near the bottom. Both in competition and relating to the real world, Rio is completely at fault here.

Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the hell out of it.

After this comes the photo shoot, where the girls will be posing as part of a “beauty sandwich.” Show, these are models, do you think any of them eat sandwiches?


In any case, the girls will be in teams of three, and will pose with their hands one on top of another. But because Liz quit and ruined production scheduling, one team is down a member, meaning that they will be posing with… Ashley Graham!

Okay…. couple of things here.

First of all, I hate group photoshoots. The photo choice is always arbitrary, and it tends to favor one girl over the other in order to make a point. For example, Coura and Jeana are going to suffer because they are partnered with Rio, who is the dominant character this episode. They will choose Rio’s best photo first, before those two. It’s drastically unfair, and has lead to many unfair eliminations in the past.

Second, what kind of advantage is it having Ashley in your photo? She’s going to outshine you, and even in photos where she doesn’t, they aren’t going to choose those. Sandra and Kyla are screwed because they are at her mercy.

Alyssa, what do you think of this?



After the photo shoot comes panel. Despite her stank the rest of the episode, Rio shines in comparison to Coura and Jeana. Shanice dominates the picture in front of Christina and Erin. Khrystyana, Brendi K, and Liberty (AKA, the mayo on the side) got middling marks. And Sandra and Kyla did okay, but of course the true star has to be Ashley because she’s a judge and you saw this coming a mile away.

As well as the clearly ADR-ed line about how Ashley got best photo.

No, but for the real competition, Rio got the best photo. Christina and Coura get best photo, and despite not getting a single moment this episode outside of the opening, Coura goes home.

You know, I’m starting to think they are intentionally doing these girls dirty.

Tyra Watch

For this week’s Tyra Watch, I’ll just give you her exact quote for the Sandra, Kyla, and Ashley photo.

“So, this looks like a docu-drama, and it’s about this model family, and it’s called the Grahams… It really is the relaxation of the beach, but then the fierce-ation… (to production) y’all can spell that out.”

I could listen to Tyra ramble about nothing for hours. Hell, why do you think I watched her talk show?

Cast Ranking

10. Liberty: Literally was nowhere this episode. Like, I think we see her once at the start, being one of the girls in the room as Brendi K celebrates Liz being gone, and that’s about it.

Next week is the Pride episode, AKA the one where Liberty is more than likely going to call someone a slur. Can’t wait!

9. Erin: Hey, guys. I don’t know if you’re aware of this. But… Erin is forty-two.

Look, I’m fucking over this story line. Erin is becoming such a try hard with her own story line, telling us she doesn’t know what YouTube is, and doesn’t own social media, and it’s like…. you’re not eighty. If Erin leaned in anymore to the fact that she was old, she would be telling us about churning butter and how awesome Thomas Jefferson was.

Please, Erin, for the love of god, get a new personality trait.

8. Kyla: Kyla is establishing herself as a decent narrator, but not a necessarily fun one. She will give you the facts, and is surprisingly well-spoken for someone so young. But she won’t explode on your screen and say a particularly remembered, snarky line. She has her convictions, and will use them, but she isn’t as huge as she could be.

7. Jeana: Not a whole lot of Jeana, but I personally did love that she said that her going bald will help inspire bald men to be beautiful. Which… I can sorta see what she’s trying to do, but men don’t have nearly the same stigma for baldness as women do. A for effort, at least.

6. Khrystyana: As much as I like Rio this episode, Khrystyana should have had best photo.

Khrystyana still delivers fairly well, even in episodes where she’s nowhere near the focus. There’s an undeniable likability and charisma she brings to ever scene she’s in, every second she speaks. Hopefully we do get more of her next week, though.

5. Brendi K: Brendi K is slowly morphing back into her sob story, and I am not a fan. I want crazy Brendi K. With Liz no longer around to antagonize her, the only one willing to pick a fight with her is Christina, who she will always look better than because Christina acts like a toddler. I really hope these brief flashes of nice Brendi K are only temporary, and we get back to her being a sociopath.

4. Shanice: Shanice antagonizing Brendi K gives me life. I know they say that they fight like sisters, but this relationship is going to go south real soon and real fast. Shanice is going to say an innocent remark, Brendi K will jump down her throat, and all hell will break loose.

And also she’s totally right, Christina’s hair does look like lettuce.

3. Sandra: Rio dragged Sandra out of the shadows and into prominence, and it was super needed.

Being who I am, I loved how un-self aware her statement about never facing problems like the other girls is. Sandra, you’re on Top Model, eberyone is going to have a sob story, go manufacture your own. AND DON’T MAKE IT BEING A VIRGIN!

But of course, her big moment was during the Rio fight. All point to here there, too, because despite Rio laying everything she can, trying to make Sandra feel like shit, Sandra holds her ground, correctly pointing out that Rio is just projecting her problems onto her.

Of course, this isn’t who I thought Sandra would butt heads with, and episode 5 is really late for an introduction, but it worked nonetheless. Welcome to the show, Sandra!

2. Christina: Ms. Tina is back in full force!

I love how, at this point, everyone is fed up with Christina, but not in any weird, malicious way. She’s more an annoyance than anything else. Despite more than likely wanting to come in as this big character, either as a hero or villain, Christina is being treated like she’s like the annoying little sibling. Which is hilarious when you remember nearly everyone is younger than her.

Christina is clearly upset no one takes her seriously, but she can’t vocalize it in a way that’s mature. She comes off as petty and like she’s throwing a tantrum, even when her concerns are valid. It’s glorious. More of no one respecting Christina, please.

1. Rio: Holy crap, Rio, where was this the whole cycle? Seriously, Rio has come out of her shell and it is more than welcome.

Rio impressed me early on saying God wanted her to be a model, but she was rather quiet in every episode after. Not the case anymore, Rio soared high today. Her clear insecurities from her past, and how she’s projecting everything onto Sandra in such a high school, petty way is delicious storytelling. The show isn’t holding back, either, they want us to be annoyed with Rio not getting over her rough high school.

A good look for the real world? Hell no, But since when has Top Model resembled the real world? Rio dominated today, and it was a welcoming experience.

See Ya Later, Coura

Coura had the goods. She had the look. She is probably the most naturally model-looking model to ever be in the competition from the start. She should have had this in the bag. But then Coura got in the way of Coura.

Unlike most other times where they eliminated a clearly talented model early, I totally get why Coura was let go here: she just wasn’t flexible. One of the few actual truths that Top Model gets right is how the most successful models are the ones down for anything, who aren’t afraid to make fools of themselves and not take themselves seriously. Coura clearly refuses to do anything that would make her look a fool, and faces the consequences.

In a way, she’s similar to Ivana: someone who thought they had the show all figured out, but were dead wrong. Coura may do well off the show, she certainly does have the look. But when you don’t let yourself be a puppet for Tyra, there are consequences.

Final Thoughts

With Liz’s quit last week (NO I AM NOT OVER IT), things needed a massive shake-up in the formula for the show to be sustainable. A massive hole in the narrative needed filling, and the filler cast that had been coasting by the first four episodes needed to start showing up. And thankfully, they did.

Rio came out of *nowhere* to deliver some high quality television to us, and thankfully, was able to drag Sandra along with her. This was the put up or shut up moment, and Rio put up a lot.

I’m way more optimistic with the cycle moving forward than I have ever been before. The show finally feels like it’s losing a lot of the chaff they had early on, and now feels more streamlined and entertaining. Naturally, this can all go top-side come next week, but for now, the show has *finally* found its pace. Let’s just hope next episode can keep up with this consistency.

Next Time on America’s Next Top Model:

Liberty shows the others her white hood!

Erin tells us she’s 42!

Rio shoots Sandra in the hallway, then kills herself trying to shoot Emma Nelson!

All this, and more, next time!

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America's Next Top Model (season 24)

Season of television series

The twenty-fourth cycle of America's Next Top Model premiered on January 9, 2018 and was the second season to air on VH1. Continuing from cycle 23, this cycle featured an all-female cast. However, in a first for the series, the maximum age limit was removed, allowing contestants of all ages (lowest age limit still being 18) to enter the contest.[1] Although this cycle aired in 2018, it was filmed from May through June 2017.

Top Model franchise creator Tyra Banks returned as the show's host after being replaced for one cycle by singer Rita Ora. The judging panel, consisting of model Ashley Graham, Paper magazine chief creative officer Drew Elliott, and celebrity stylist Law Roach, remained otherwise unchanged.

The prizes for this cycle included a contract with Next Model Management, fashion spread in Paper magazine, a cash prize of US$100,000 from Pantene, and a featured avatar in the new America's Next Top Model Mobile Game.

The winner of the competition was 20 year-old Kyla Coleman from Lacey, Washington with Jeana Turner placing as the runner up. [2]


(Ages stated are at start of contest)[1][3]

Contestant Age Height Hometown Finish Place
Maggie Keating 20 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Surry, MaineEpisode 2 15
Ivana Thomas 23 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Durham, North CarolinaEpisode 3 14
Liz Woodbury 24 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) Greenville, MassachusettsEpisode 4 13 (quit)
Rhiyan Carreker 20 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) Orange County, California12
Coura Fall 24 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Eastvale, CaliforniaEpisode 5 11
Liberty Netuschil 20 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Lava Hot Springs, IdahoEpisode 6 10
Christina McDonald 34 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) Jenkintown, PennsylvaniaEpisode 7 9
Sandra Shehab 22 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) Cliffside Park, New JerseyEpisode 8 8
Brendi K Seiner 22 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Nashville, TennesseeEpisode 9 7 (quit)
Erin Green 42 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Riverside, CaliforniaEpisode 10 6
Rio Summers 23 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Detroit, MichiganEpisode 13 5
Shanice Carroll 25 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Murfreesboro, TennesseeEpisode 15 4
Khrystyana Kazakova32 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) New York, New York3
Jeana Turner 24 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in) Minneapolis, Minnesota2
Kyla Coleman 20 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Lacey, Washington1



Call-out order[edit]

Order Episodes
1 Brendi K.
CouraLibertyKhrystyanaRioKhrystyanaBrendi K.
2 RioJeanaJeanaKhrystyanaShaniceJeanaKhrystyanaKhrystyanaKylaKhrystyanaLiberty
3 ErinBrendi K.ChristinaShaniceJeanaShaniceErinJeanaShaniceShaniceShaniceKhrystyana
4 JeanaRioLibertySandraChristinaErinRioKylaRioRioJeanaShanice
5 KhrystyanaKylaBrendi K.KylaErinBrendi K.Jeana
6 ChristinaChristinaErinBrendi K.SandraRioErin
7 LizLizShaniceJeanaRioKhrystyanaBrendi K.
8 KylaCouraKylaErinBrendi K.ErinSandra
9 IvanaErinRioLibertyKylaChristina
10 RhiyanKhrystyanaSandraChristinaLiberty
11 LibertySandraCouraCoura
12 ShaniceRhiyanRhiyan
13 SandraShaniceLiz
14 Brendi K.Ivana
15 ErinMaggie
  The contestant won the challenge
  The contestant failed to return to the competition
  The contestant returned to the competition
  The contestant was part of a septuple first call-out
  The contestant was eliminated
  The contestant quit the competition
  The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom two
  The contestant was originally eliminated but was saved
  The contestant was eliminated outside of judging panel
  The contestant won the competition
  1. ^In episode 1, the pool of 26 girls was reduced to 14. However, immediately afterwards, Tyra announced that the fifteenth girl–Erin–would also be part of the cast.
  2. ^In episode 4, Liz quit the competition before that week's judging panel and elimination.
  3. ^In episode 7, Brendi K., Jeana, Khrystyana, Kyla, Rio, Sandra and Shanice were part of the first ever septuple first call-out.
  4. ^In episode 9, Brendi K. quit the competition during the judging panel. As a result, no one was eliminated, as Jeana and Kyla were part of a non-elimination bottom two.
  5. ^In episode 13, four previously eliminated contestants–Christina, Erin, Jeana and Liberty–were chosen for the possibility to return to the competition. After Rio’s elimination, Jeana was chosen to be brought back to the competition.
  6. ^In episode 14, Jeana was originally eliminated once again when she landed in the bottom two with Shanice, but was saved by guest judge Philipp Plein.
  7. ^In episode 15, Shanice was eliminated outside of judging panel after attending a fitting for Philipp Plein.

Average call-out order[edit]

Casting call-out order, comeback first call-out and final episode are not included.

Rank by
Place Model Call-out
Number of
77Brendi K.4986.12

Bottom two[edit]

Episode Contestants Eliminated
2 Maggie & Brendi K. Maggie
3 Ivana & Shanice Ivana
4 Rhiyan & Coura Rhiyan
5 Coura & Christina Coura
6 Liberty & Kyla Liberty
7 Christina & Erin Christina
8 Sandra & Khrystyana Sandra
9 Jeana & Kyla None
Brendi K.
10 Erin & Shanice Erin
12 Jeana & Rio Jeana
13 Rio & Shanice Rio
14 Jeana & Shanice Jeana
15 Khrystyana, Jeana & Kyla Khrystyana
Jeana & Kyla Jeana
  The contestant was eliminated after their first time in the bottom two
  The contestant was eliminated after their second time in the bottom two
  The contestant was originally eliminated but was saved.
  The contestant was eliminated in the final judging and placed third
  The contestant was eliminated in the final judging and placed second.
  The contestant was saved from elimination.
  The contestant quit the competition.

Photo shoot guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 photo shoot:Avant-garde couture in a garden (casting)
  • Episode 2 photo shoot:Bohemian maternity editorial
  • Episode 3 video shoot: Trademark style in a mirrored room
  • Episode 4 photo shoot:American Horror Story in a haunted mansion
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Stacked beauty shots in groups
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Princesses with former RuPaul's Drag Race contestants
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: Unretouched natural beauty in lingerie
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: Dripping in gold with plus-size male models
  • Episode 9 photo shoot: Parachute couture in the desert
  • Episode 10 photo shoot:Paper magazine covers
  • Episode 12 music video: Mansion madness with Maejor
  • Episode 13 photo shoot: Posing in pairs with Eva Marcille covered in tarantulas shot by Nigel Barker
  • Episode 14 photo shoot:Pantene campaigns
  • Episode 15 photo shoot:Paper magazine 60s-inspired classic looks


  • Ivana – Cut short
  • Liz – Long bubblegum pink extensions with bangs
  • Rhiyan – Super long blunt weave
  • Coura – No makeover
  • Liberty – Dyed orange red
  • Christina – Kylie Jenner inspired shoulder length lime green weave
  • Sandra – Kim Kardashian inspired shoulder length bob
  • Brendi K – Buzz cut and dyed black
  • Erin – Long and wavy black weave
  • Rio – Cut short and dyed platinum blonde with split eyebrow
  • Shanice – Originally, Serena Williams inspired curly weave; later, no makeover due to skin issues.
  • Khrystyana – Dyed platinum blonde
  • Jeana – Wig removed
  • Kyla – Straightened and dyed dark brown

Critical reception[edit]

The season received mixed reviews from critics, with several praising the return of Banks to her hosting position while describing the season overall as paling in comparison to earlier seasons. Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers, writing for Vulture, ranked the finale one star out of a possible five and remarked, "We had admittedly hopped off this show’s bandwagon years ago, only to be lured back in with the promise that Tyra’s return would set its course anew."[33] Yang and Rogers concluded, "This is not a good reality show. Its characterizations of the contestants jumped all over the place as it went, it lost more than one contestant who felt emotionally unsafe, its judges (save Ashley Graham) were cartoonishly self-aggrandizing, and you could strongly argue that the best contestant, on paper and in our hearts, lost for no good reason at all." Joey Guerra of compared the season finale to a "limp balloon,"[34] while Scaachi Koul of Buzzfeed News noted, "ANTM lives and dies by Tyra Banks’s energy," but remarked that "there’s clear callousness in the show’s attempt to become political."[35]


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ANTM Cycle 24 - First Callouts

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 Episode 5 – Beauty Sandwich Photoshoot

Now, this episode I absolutely loved! And let’s just get straight to the point – Coura may have been one of the strongest models in the house and she’s lagging behind this past few weeks so I’d say it’s hard, but it’s fair (ugh, as much as Liberty still irks me)

In this episode, we get to see the remaining 11 models work with YouTuber Patrick Starr (who’s coming to Manila soon) in a beauty vlog which Sandra surprisingly won. Haha! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

The shoot was a beauty shoot where the models faces were stacked on top of one another and it’s actually one of the best shoot this season if I may say (already I’ve already said the same thing last episode. LOL)

Brendi, Khrystyana and Liberty

Brendi K. killed this shot for me. The other two were like mere accessories.

Christina, Erin and Shanice

I’m not liking this one bit if I’m being honest. Christina and Erin looks like they just woke up. Shanice on the other hand was giving me Cycle 12 winner Teyona Anderson vibes.

Jeana, Coura and Rio

Well, Rio deserved her spot. Although I do think the other two deserved to stay longer.

Kyla, Ashley and Sandra

Well, look at this! They look equally stunning here. Glad that Ashley didn’t steal the show from these two!

Call Out Order
First Call Out – Rio
2. Khrystyana
3. Shanice
4. Sandra
5. Kyla
6. Brendi K.
7. Jeana
8. Erin
9. Liberty
10. Christina
Eliminated: Coura

Photos courtesy of Pottle Productions, Inc. and ANTM Facebok Page

Like this:



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Episode 5 cycle 24 antm

America’s Next Top Model Recap: Stacked Competition

In any reality-competition program of renown, it’s usually around the five-episode mark that a front-runner emerges. We begin to feel we know the contestants on an intimate level, by which we mean that each one of them has probably had that two-minute block of personal air time in which their baby picture has been featured. Well, Intoxibellas (that’s a Tyra deep-cut for you), we’ve reached that very juncture in this cycle of America’s Next Top Model, and as the opening credits play against the familiar “Na na na nas” we’ve heard and loved for two dozen cycles, we can firmly land on our favorite: Rio.

But then the rest of the episode happens and, come on, we can’t stan for Rio anymore. Is it bad if we say we like Liberty? Maybe politically she can be saved if we give her a copy of Gender Trouble by Judith Butler? Sigh. Guys, we don’t like Liberty. We’re just confused.

Hitting her stride as a distressed contestant by way of a stampeding Inner Saboteur (at the same time as Thorgy Thor over in RuPaul’s Drag Race–land), it seems that Rio is coming undone. Contestants with actual, real-life issues are now out of the picture, and we can turn our focus to the more frivolous conflicts that erupt between two beautiful girls when one of them thinks the other is even more beautiful or has had it easierin life, goddammit! With that, we’ve summed up the one-sided and petty conflict between Rio and Sandra. Rio loses the mini-challenge, which is to pair up and shoot a beauty vlog using unconventional materials with YouTube sensation Patrick Starrr, but wins an all-expense paid trip to Not a Good Lookville and cashes in immediately.

Social-media-savvy Sandra takes the win aided by a charm offensive from Shanice, who unleashes a “Sha-nasty” persona just in time. For those keeping track at home, Shanice claims to have several different personalities in a cute display of dissociative identity. There is a “Sha-nice” (pronounced like the word “nice”), a “Sha-mean,” and a “Sha-nasty.” How Sha-mean and Sha-nasty differ is a topic that will be pathologized in future episodes, we hope. After Sandra and Sha-nasty dab a saggy condom “blender” on their faces, Patrick is very pleased and rewards them by promising to upload the video of it onto the internet.

It’s also worth noting that Erin, who for some reason must constantly remind the viewer that she is much older than some of these girls, is like, “They’re all social-media-crazed! What’s that all about?” as if she doesn’t live in a world where Cher has disproven any correlation between youth and social media know-how. Erin does fine in the challenge, by the way, which is her other “thing” besides being older. Doing fine.

Post Sandra-victory, Rio is pressed. We’re gonna go ahead and assume that all of you watching this show are, like us, not models. So did it bother everyone as much as it did us that Rio has to stop everything and rain on the only non-frozen dinner Kyla has had in weeks, all because of her jealousy issues toward Sandra? We understand where it’s coming from, as even Sandra admits earlier in the episode that, being genetically gifted, she can’t necessarily relate to the roundtable discussion that Ashley Graham moderates on unconventional beauty during a drop-in at the house. Still, there’s something unnecessary about the whole fight that may or may not have to do with Rio repeatedly screaming about missing her sister’s graduation. Rio is a great model and we wish she’d continue being just that, because targeting someone in a group and projecting all of your insecurities on them without self-awareness is not #NextLevelFierce from a personality perspective. It feels more like browbeating with no clear endgame.

Luckily for her, Rio is memorable in both the beauty vlog challenge and the main challenge, a makeup-campaign-inspired shoot that asks the girls to stack their faces on top of another in groups of three and … look pretty. Drew barges into the house to tell everyone that this is known as a “beauty sandwich,” which only sounds credible coming from Drew and no one else. As nondescript as the challenge is, there are some easily understood victors. Beautiful boring twins Sandra and Kyla, who are not actually twins but are actually beautiful and boring, earn the opportunity and “big advantage” to take this photo alongside Ashley Graham because of Sandra’s mini-challenge win, and they combine their already-commercial looks with Graham’s coaching to bring home the praise during judging. Also succeeding is the alabaster trio of Brendi, Liberty, and Khrystyana, who does us a consistent favor by keeping the spirit of Liz alive throughout this episode. That is to say, her behavior is a little bigger and wilder than it should be, but we ain’t mad. It’s also a treat to hear Liberty constructively instructed to close her mouth. More of this, please. Partnered with Rio, Jeana and Coura receive opposite feedback; the former is praised, as is her custom, while the latter is judged harshly. Both of these critiques seem to be eye-based, since Rio and Jeana successfully smize while Coura shows just a little bit of teeth. It’s not enough teeth to be considered a full gaping smile, but it is more than enough to spell trouble ahead. Don’t these girls know that teeth and beauty do not mix?

Also in trouble is Christina, and not just because her makeover is whack. Seriously, this has not aged well in the two episodes since its sanctioning, especially if Shanice can work a zinger in front of the judges about how Christina’s hair looks like lettuce. We’ll go ahead and give Shanice the MVP award for the week for labeling her trio/sandwich as “the Baconator” and showing even more dimension in the process. This was a Sha-funny joke, her fourth personality …

Shanice does land in fourth place after Rio rakes in a well-earned win. Tyra calls over Coura and Christina and gives us her first detailed shakedown of the cycle (with her templatized “The two of you stand before me for two very different reasons” opener), because we’ve reached that five-episode mark, after all. Coura, whom Tyra calls a “newbie alien,” is eliminated while Christina gets thrown back in the crisping drawer with her lettuce hair. Five episodes deep and an early favorite leaves the competition, while we’re still left with no clear front-runner. But seriously, though, we can’t root for Rio in good conscience.

America’s Next Top Model Recap: Stacked CompetitionSours:
ANTM Cycle 14 Episode 5 Photoshoot

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