2000 ford f150 no heat

2000 ford f150 no heat DEFAULT
Blend door and the blend door actuator are located on the heater case (plenum).

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Test: no operation in all temperature settings:
Start engine and bring to normal operating temperature. Turn blower motor switch to LO position.

Turn mode selector switch to PANEL position (MAX A/C position, if A/C
equipped). Turn temperature control to full COOL position and check for cool air
discharge. Turn temperature control to full WARM position and check for warm air
discharge. Rotate temperature control from full WARM position to full COOL
position. If air temperature does not change, go to next step. If air temperature changes, system is operating properly at this time.

Turn ignition off. Remove fuse No. 5 (amp), located in Central Junction Box (CJB).
Check fuse condition. If fuse is okay, go to step 4. If fuse is blown, replace fuse and recheck system operation. If fuse blows again, go to next step.

Ensure ignition switch is off. Disconnect electronic blend door actuator 8-pin harness
connector C Disconnect temperature control switch (potentiometer) 4-pin harness
connector C Disconnect CJB pin harness connector C (located under left side of instrument panel). Measure resistance between ground and CJB connector C terminal

No. 15 (Light Blue/Pink wire). See Fig. 6. If resistance is more than 10 k/ohms, replace
CJB. If resistance is 10 k/ohms or less, repair short to ground in Light Blue/Pink wire
between CJB and electronic blend door actuator. See WIRING DIAGRAMS. Turn ignition off. Disconnect electronic blend door actuator 8-pin harness connector C
Turn ignition switch to RUN position. Measure voltage between ground and blend door
actuator connector C If more than 10 volts exist, go to next step. If 10 volts or less
exists, repair open in Light Blue/Pink wire between CJB and electronic blend door actuator.

Turn ignition off. Disconnect electronic blend door actuator control switch pin harness connector C Measure resistance of specified circuits between electronic blend door actuator harness connector C and blend door actuator control switch harness connector.

If resistance is less than 5 ohms for all wires, go to next step. If resistance
is 5 ohms or more on any wire, repair appropriate wire(s).

Measure resistance between temperature control switch terminals No. 2 (Yellow/Light
Green wire) and No. 3 (Red/Light Green wire). See Fig. 7. Temperature control switch resistance should be more than ohms in full WARM position and less than ohms in full COOL position. Resistance should change gradually as temperature control switch is turned from COOL to WARM and back. If switch resistance is as specified, go to next step.

If temperature control switch resistance is not as specified, replace temperature control switch. Measure resistance of Black wire between ground and electronic blend door actuator harness connector C terminal No. 8. See Fig. 7. If resistance is less than 5 ohms, replace temperature blend door actuator. If resistance is more than 5 ohms, repair Black wire between ground and blend door actuator.

Please let us know happens so it will help others.
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Thursday, April 15th, AT PM (Merged)

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Ford F Heater Not Working?

Question: Ford F Heater Not Working?

My Ford F blows barely warm air. I have flushed the fluid, changed the thermostat, and checked blend door operation, but no change. The upper heater hose is warm, but I still do not get heat regardless of the RPM of the engine, no heat. The A/C works perfectly.


February 13, found this helpful

I'm thinking there is air in the system like my Lincoln. I ran the front end up on ramps then loosened the reservoir cap. Then I squeezed the upper radiator hose and the air bubbled up into the reservoir. Refill the reservoir fluid to level. Tighten down the cap. Or, don't always trust the new thermostat. I have returned so called new ones because they were defective.

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Question: Ford Truck Heater Not Working?

I have a Ford truck. The heater barely gets warm air into the truck. I have had the heater core and radiator flushed. What else should we do?

By Dixie M.


Try changing the thermostat and double check the heater hoses to make sure they are not clogged. Also, there may be a vacuum operated valve in line with the heater hose that turns the heater off when the air conditioning is in use.

These sometimes stick partially closed and have to be changed. Good Luck and God Bless.
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Question: Ford F AC/Heater Fan Intermittent?

I have a Ford F The heater/AC fan is turning off and intermittently running. The AC goes off. If I turn the switch off and wait 5 - 10 minutes it works for a short time and then shuts off again.

Any ideas?


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August 16, found this helpful

A lot of times this could deal with the radiator in the truck, the cooling fan, or the fan belt. If you are having this issue check to make sure the fan belts are working correctly and there isn't a problem. Also, check the cooling system of the truck and make sure you have enough cooling fluid in the motor.

Then if this is still an issue you'll need to get a voltmeter and start to trace the wires under the dash of the truck. You could have a short in one of the wires or there is a major issue with the fan in the truck. If the truck is not cooling normally and running hot this can cause your problem.
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Question: No Heat in a '99 Ford F?

I have no heat in my truck. I have flushed the heater core and still no heat. I did change my thermostat and both hoses are hot going in and out of the core, but it is not blowing heat in the truck.

By Mike


I've got a F with the same issue. I am flushing the heater core this weekend as I believe I have a partially clogged core.

Also, I'm doing the air blend door actuator, sounds like the air blend door actuator may be your issue.

It's a $30 part you may pull yours off and check that. It's located behind that black panel, down where your air for your feet comes from. It's black and white, if you need I can send you a pic.
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Question: Ford Truck Heater and A/C Not Working?

My Ford F stop blowing a/c and heat. The blower still blows, but just air.


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October 4, found this helpful

Here are a few things that you should check:

  1. Check your heater core. See if you need to replace this. Make sure you it is getting warm.
  2. Check all your heater and AC hoses. Some might need to be replaced.
  3. Check the vent to the core. This vent needs to be opened to allow the hot air to blow into the cab of the truck.
  4. Check the cable on your inside adjustment for the AC and heater. It is behind the knob that you adjust. Make sure the cable is attached and not broken. This cable goes to the mixing value which goes to the heater core and allow the hot air to flow through.
  5. Check the white vacuum line underneath the hood on the passenger side. Make sure the hose isn't cracked or broken. This goes to the cylinder in the back firewall of the truck. Follow the hose back to the firewall and cut it off. Buy a new hose that is a 5/32 vacuum hose around 20". This will slide into the cylinder and the other end to what is left on the harness.
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Question: Ford Heater Not Working?

My Ford xl v6 heater was making a flapping sound for awhile and has stopped. It stopped blowing heat, but would work by tapping the heater now there is no heat. What is the problem?



December 2, found this helpful

Check your heater blend door motor.

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Question: F Lariat Heater Not Blowing Hot Air?

I have a Lariat F My blower is working fine, but my temp will only work at 90 degrees for the heater and the cold air is working fine. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?


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October 1, found this helpful

Some reasons the heater may not be working.

  • Low coolant level on a vehicle due to a coolant leak
  • Thermostat that is stuck open.
  • Plugged or leaking heater core.
  • Heater blower that is not functioning.
  • Blend doors that are not functioning
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Question: Ford F 4x4 Blowing Cold Air?

My Ford F 4x4 is blowing only cold air with the heater on. Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

By Karen


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December 25, found this helpful

Suggest you contact a Ford dealer, mechanic, Ford online customer service.

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My heater does not warm up. I have hot water on the inlet side hose but cold on outlet side. Where is the heater control valve located?
have the same problem?
Thursday, October 22nd, AT PM
This truck does not have a heater control valve here isa guide to help us see whats going on.


Please run down this guide and report back

Thursday, October 22nd, AT PM
On my truck is was the temperature blend door actuator I got a new one for $ All fixed.
Friday, October 23rd, AT PM
Where is the heater core valve located an how hard is it to change? Thanks.
Tuesday, April 20th, AT AM (Merged)
To the best of my knowledge, your vehicle doesn't have one. It has been replaced by a blend air door that is located near the heater core. As far as the valve, if one exist, it will be mounted on the supply side heater core hose.
Tuesday, April 20th, AT AM (Merged)
Sours: https://www.2carpros.com/questions/ford-fford-fheater-control-valve
How to Fix a Car with No Heat (Easy)

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Ford no heat f150 2000

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F 150 no heat, thermostat replacement

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