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The Ford Edge is one of the auto giant&#;s best-selling SUVs, offering space and versatility at an affordable price. But as one of America&#;s favorite family haulers, is the Ford Edge as reliable as it appears? Here are some of the most common problems Ford Edge owners are facing and how much it&#;s costing them. 

Electrical problems plague the Ford Edge

Out of all the complaints found on CarComplaints.com, most fall into the same category: electrical problems. In fact, &#;electrical problems&#; is Car Complaints&#; choice for the Ford Edge&#;s overall worst problem category.  According to Car Complaints, &#;the most common Edge electrical problems cost $ to fix and occur at 66, miles.&#; The worst model years for this problem category are , which receive an unimpressive , , and complaints about electrical issues, respectively.

Car Complaints&#; first- and second-worst-ranked overall problems for the Ford Edge also fall into the electrical category. The Ford Edge has a massive (out of total) complaints regarding the door-ajar light staying on, earning a severity rating of (out of 10) and earning a spot as the second-worst ranked problem. But the same electrical problem is responsible for the worst overall ranked problem as well.

The Ford Edge takes the top spot, with an astonishing complaints about the door-ajar light staying on. Out of total complaints for the model year, there are significantly more complaints in the &#;electrical problems&#; category than any other.

Though this light problem ranks as the top two worst problems across all model years, owners are experiencing plenty of other electrical problems as well. Other owners also have complaints of the battery going dead, computer software not working properly, the battery not holding a charge, and more. The cost of repairing these electrical issues is inexpensive when compared to other possibilities but also tends to indicate (and lead to) more problems throughout the car.

Transmission woes

There aren&#;t as many complaints with the Ford Edge&#;s transmission as with its electrical systems, but these transmission problems tend to be more severe for owners. In fact, Car Complaints ranks the Ford Edge&#;s transmission problem as its third-worst problem across all model years.

Nearly 20 owners have experienced transmission failure with their models, at an average mileage of around 80, miles. But its high average repair cost of nearly $3, earns it a severity rating of (out of 10). Though other model years receive some transmission complaints, most reside with the Ford Edge, which also receives complaints of the transmission slipping as well as transmission noise.

Do some Ford Edge model years perform better than others?

On Car Complaints&#; model year comparison of the Ford Edge, it&#;s clear that owners are having more problems with some model years than others. The model is ranked as Car Complaints&#; &#;Worst Model Year,&#; with the most overall complaints of an unimpressive

But while the Edge receives significantly more complaints than any other, there are quite a few model years that are close to catching up. The Ford Edge receives the second-most complaints at , while the model year receives

While some model years seem to be only excelling in its number of complaints, there are some model years which have proved more reliable for owners. Model years and , for example, only have 19 and 47 complaints, respectively. All other model years until have at least 50 complaints under their belts. Newer model years like the and are faring well, with 14 and 7 complaints from owners, respectively.

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Ford Edge

Ford has sharpened the Edge’s performance, improving acceleration and fuel economy. The automaker also has made key safety features standard across the model range—a move that we applaud. The Edge remains a pleasant, well-rounded vehicle that is distinguished by handling agility, steady ride, quiet interior, and an overall premium feel. Thanks to its driving experience, it feels like a more upscale vehicle.


There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Sours: https://www.consumerreports.org/cars/ford/edge//reliability/
The 2020 Ford Edge Isn’t Quite So \

The Ford Edge was introduced in and has consistently been one of Ford’s best-selling vehicles for the past 13 years. A crossover SUV, every model year from onward has been rated as a top safety pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. That’s not to say the Ford Edge is without its problems, though. With so many model years behind it, some definitely performed better overall than others. If you own a Ford Edge or are looking to buy one, here’s everything you need to know about Ford Edge problems, year by year.

Auto Repairs Are EXPENSIVE


Ford Edge Problems


The first year for any model is often a little rough as some unexpected bugs need to be worked out. The Ford Edge was riddled with drivetrain and transmission problems and there were a number of complaints relating to airbag problems. In fact, Ford had to recall over 2,, Edges because the inflator inside the airbag had the potential to rupture. In serious cases, that could dislodge pieces of metal through the airbag causing injury and death. The problem was incredibly wide-reaching as few companies have ever had to recall such a high number of vehicles in the past.


As we’ve covered before, airbag repair can be a costly fix so taking advantage of the recall when it was possible would have saved some money. Risking it today and an older model like this could definitely be a danger both in safety terms and financially.


The Ford Edge also had a recall related to issues with the fuel tank leaking as a result of corrosion. In addition, the foam seal between the windshield and the dash was bad on a number of these vehicles resulting in the need for the windshield to be removed, the seal replaced, and the windshield reinstalled.


This was the first year of several that Ford Edge’s suffered issues with fluid leaks around the axles as well stemming from the transmission or the power transfer unit. There was a serious problem with back-ordered power transfer units meaning that fixing this issue was a time-consuming one and some drivers had to wait months for the parts to come in.


Ford Edge Problems


The model year was exceptionally bad for the Ford Edge, and most experts will warn you away from this one. Transmission problems such as slipping with no warning were rampant and not an insignificant number of drivers complained that the engine would simply stop right in the middle of driving. Reported transmission failures were averaging around $2, to repair.


This model year was also subject to the same airbag recall as the previous year and the fuel tank corrosion issue.


Ford Edge Problems


In Ford had managed to get a handle on the engine and transmission problems that had plagued the Edge for its first two years. Few engine problems were reported for this year and though it was still under the airbag recall, there were few overall complaints lodged about this year’s model.


The most prominent issue in seemed to be a few brake problems. Brake pedals went too far to the floor, or the brakes felt unresponsive under normal foot pressure. This wasn’t a wide-spread problem though, and no recall was ordered.


Ford Edge Problems


The Ford Edge developed more issues than ’s model but was not as bad as and by a long shot. One of the most concerning problems was a faulty brake booster. Drivers complained of brakes making noise, not working at all, and the brake pedal being difficult to depress or having to push it all the way to the floor. The year was also under the airbag recall.


Ford Edge Problems


Electrical problems were a serious nuisance for many drivers of the Ford Edge. The “door ajar” light would not go out for any reason in some vehicles even when the door was securely closed. That meant that, even while driving, the lights would stay on as would a warning light and the warning chime that alerts you about the door being open. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration fielded literally hundreds of complaints about this issue.


More serious even if less common were the engine issues with the model. The car would lose power and that yellow wrench light would come on without warning.


By the airbag recall was no longer in effect but there were recalls issued for a body control module that could overheat and cause a fire.


Ford Edge Problems


For the second year in a row, the Ford Edge still had electrical problems leading to that door ajar warning and light staying on all the time. The brake problems also carried over into this year’s model, with most drivers noting the brakes didn't work unless extreme pressure was applied.


Recalls for the Ford Edge dealt with some new problems that had not come up before. Due to a retention circlip problem, the halfshaft could disengage from the linkshaft. That would result in no power going to the wheels anymore and an increased crash risk as well as the risk of rolling away when in park.


A leak in the fuel pulse damper that could result in a fire was the cause for a second recall affecting nearly 30, vehicles.


Ford Edge Problems


According to CarComplaints, was the absolute worst model year for the Ford Edge. The most annoying concern that numerous owners brought up was that same electrical issue from the two previous years which Ford had still not addressed. The “door ajar” light that is meant to tell you a door is open stays on no matter how securely closed the door is. Nearly owners registered that specific complaint on the website and hundreds more made it known to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Continued problems with the brakes and with the engine and transmission carried over to this year’s model. The “shift to park” warning light wouldn't go out either, resulting in a drained battery, useless key fobs, and an inability to adjust seats as a result. All of this points to serious electrical issues throughout the Edge. Of all the model years, this is the one you should avoid the most.

Ford Edge Problems


Finally, in , Ford had taken care of the majority of their electrical problems and finally put an end to the “door ajar” warning and light in most vehicles. Reports of it remaining a problem were far fewer. The number of problems overall for this model year were significantly less than previous years and, in fact, CarCompaints.com recommends the as a fairly reliable vehicle.


The problems with included radio cutting in and out unexpectedly and the rear window shattering for seemingly no reason. It’s worth noting these were not widespread though and, on the whole, fairly rare.


There were two recalls for the Ford Edge. The first was for improper plating on the fuel pump that could cause the pump to fail and in turn stall the engine. The second was for the same disengaged halfshaft that had been a problem since


Ford Edge Problems

Sadly, the good work Ford put into improving the model didn’t carry over into This marked the first year of the second generation of Ford Edge vehicles and as is typical of vehicle redesigns, this one had problems.


Engine issues were a big safety concern for the Ford Edge. Drivers reported the engine would stall out while driving. The throttle body required replacement in a number of these cases, and it usually happened at low mileage.


For some reason, glass was problematic in the model, much more than previous years. Not only did the rear windshield shatter unexpectedly, but a number of drivers experienced the roof glass cracking as well.


Other problems with the Ford Edge included water leaking into the interior, and electrical problems ranging from premature battery death to total electrical failure.


The major recall for the Ford Edge affecting over , vehicles related to a problem that could cause the steering gear motor to detach, leading to a loss of power steering.


Ford Edge Problems


Steering and engine issues were also present in the Ford Edge, just not to the level that they had been in The adaptive steering warning light engaging for no reason was not unheard of, and glass breaking unexpectedly continued to be a problem for owners.


The steering gear motor recall carried over into the model year but there was a new recall relating to front airbags that either would not inflate, or the cushion would detach. Both of these could present serious safety risks for drivers and passengers.


Ford Edge Problems


By Ford had addressed most of the problems with the vehicle and this year was relatively problem free. Minor issues still plagued some drivers relating to brakes and engine problems, but they were not nearly as pervasive as previous years and in line with what you should expect from any vehicle.


There were some recalls relating to the Ford Edge including the same airbag problem from and one to fix a potential problem with a torque converter weld. If the weld failed, the vehicle would become unsteerable, but this recall only affected around 6, vehicles.


Ford Edge Problems


By Ford had improved the Edge even further and the number of complaints for this year’s model are extremely low. As you might expect there are some drivers who had problems with engine and electrical systems but at a rate which would make them on par or even less than those of similar vehicles in its class.


Crash-test ratings for the Ford Edge from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety were high across the board with the only average ratings coming for driver-side structure and restraints.


Ford Edge Problems


There is one recall in place for the Ford Escape. The seatbelt webbing may detach from the anchor which would lead to the bet not working in the event of a crash. Problems aside from this recall are quite few and far between. A handful of drivers experienced clicking and other noises while driving relating to drivetrain problems. Problems relating to the glass leaking and breaking still popped up on random occasions as well, but not in great enough numbers to warn you off buying a model if you were interested in one.

Ford Edge Problems


The Ford Edge has received very few complaints mostly owing to the fact it’s so new that very few people even have one or have had one long enough to experience issues. Reviews for the Edge on Edmunds note that the inside of the cabin looks dated for such a new model and that the roof pillars are so thick that they compromise visibility with blind spots. In addition, the transmission seems a little slow to respond and that even over small bumps in the road the ride can get uncomfortable.


Is a Ford Edge Worth It?


As you can see there have been years in which the Ford Edge has been a very reliable automobile. It has consistently scored very high grades for crash testing in every single year, even when other problems plagued the vehicle. The most recent years have all been exemplary. If you are interested in a Ford Edge, you’re going to want to make sure to avoid those early years as and were problematic even when they were new and likely have not improved with age. Also, the , , and model years were so riddled with problems you’ll want to steer as clear as you can from all three. Only the model year really stands out as one more than five years old worth even considering if you're in the market for an older model Ford Edge.


There are a lot of Benefits to the Edge and it’s definitely worth considering if you’re shopping for an SUV, just be sure you’re aware of which years had those incredibly important recalls and which years are best avoided entirely.


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Ford edge problems 2020

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