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From the practitioner: About My Practice

Richmond Integrative and Functional Medicine is a full-spectrum medical practice that focuses on the implementation and integration of personalized health care. Dr. Hartman is board certified in Family Medicine, Integrative and Holistic Medicine and Certified in Functional Medicine. Dr. Hartman is also the founder and medical director of Virginia Research Center; a clinical research company, and Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at the Medical College of Virginia.

At our practice Dr. Hartman integrates all his training and expertise in his care of his patients, creating a truly evidence based patient centered health care experience. For more info and details visit us at

From the practitioner: What Patients Can Expect

For more information about our clinic and what to expect, please visit us at

Graduate School Education

Medical College of Virginia

Professional Associations

American Board of Physician Specialists, American Board of Family Medicine, Institute for Functional Medicine, Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

IFM Coursework

  • Advanced Clinical Training: Reversing Cognitive Decline
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
  • Bioenergetics (formerly Energy) Advanced Practice Module
  • Cardiometabolic Advanced Practice Module
  • Environmental Health (formerly Detox) Advanced Practice Module
  • GI Advanced Practice Module
  • Hormone Advanced Practice Module
  • Immune Advanced Practice Module

Not satisfied with the results you’re getting from conventional medicine practices?


Integrative and Functional Medicine Treats the Whole Person

Since our founding in , our Richmond, Virginia practice takes a cutting-edge Functional Medicine approach to health, grounding our work in the body’s innate wisdom to heal and a warm patient-practitioner relationship. We develop a plan of treatment as unique as you and work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

InHealthRVA is proud to serve the Richmond, Short Pump, Henrico, and surrounding areas. We look forward to supporting your health and wellness!

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A Holistic, Scientific, Analytical, Lifestyle Medicine, Mind-Body Approach to Wellness

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Don’t let treatable conditions steal your potential. Live life fully and freely.

We practice a whole-person approach to health and wellness. Our treatment approach is both research-drivenandindividually-tailored to fit you and your unique life circumstances and needs.

We can help you  boost your overall health and wellness by:

  • Treating root causes, not just symptoms

  • Promoting healthy longevity

  • Improving your energy and vitality

  • Lowering your stress and increasing resilience

  • Preventing future illness and disease


Step 1:  We Take Time To Understand You

Your first visit is an in-depth medical history analysis. We develop a plan for initial lab and therapeutic interventions.

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Step 2: Personalized Approach

Your lab results, personal history, and goals  guide our next steps. We leverage the most up-to-date medical knowledge and a whole-person approach to personalize your health journey.


Step 3: Coaching and Caring!

We are here for you throughout your health journey to help you understand, optimize and achieve your goals.


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Mary Frazier Colfer, MD - WellcomeMD Richmond, VA

"Over the last 15 years, I have developed an awareness of both the strengths and weaknesses of the traditional clinical practice of Western medicine. To gain greater insight and better serve my patients, I began studying functional medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, biofeedback, and meditation.

I believe that true healing is best facilitated using Western modalities in conjunction with other healing philosophies. My practice is devoted to evidence-based, functional medicine. I work with members to develop safe, individualized treatment plans based on the latest scientific breakthroughs." - Mary Frazier Colfer, M.D.


Mary Colfer, MD is proficient in all aspects in primary care. She is double board-certified, including by the American Board of Anti-Aging / Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM), with expertise in functional medicine, nutrition, hormone balancing, and meditation.

Dr. Colfer was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She graduated magna cum laude from Virginia Tech (B.S.) and attended medical school at the Medical College of Virginia at VCU (M.D.). Dr. Colfer completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Virginia and she practiced emergency medicine for 14 years. She also served as the medical director for the Fan Free Clinic for two years. She completed a Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine (FMNM) offered in partnership with The George Washington University and the University of South Florida.

Dr. Colfer believes that real healing is best facilitated using Western modalities in conjunction with other healing philosophies. Her practice is devoted to evidence-based, functional medicine. She works with her patients to develop safe, individualized treatment plans based on the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Dr. Colfer is board certified in emergency medicine and sees men and women. She is an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and has training and experience in trans-health.

Dr. Mordy Levy on Integrative vs. Functional Medicine

Take charge of your health

Real answers to your health problems + detailed solutions because you deserve to feel your very best

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Find answers

Discover a health care team that provides real answers to your health problems and detailed solutions.

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Get an action plan

Receive a personalized nutrition and lifestyle roadmap to put you on the path to improved health and wellness.

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Feel empowered

Become a woman who successfully nourishes her body, mind and spirit.

Don’t settle for impersonal medical care

Many women are frustrated conventional medicine hasn’t given them effective solutions to their health problems. At Nourish Health and Wellness, our approach is different. We help you uncover the root cause of your symptoms using an integrative functional medicine approach and empower you to heal.

"Before I discovered Nourish Health & Wellness, I had been on many different combinations of medications for my depression and anxiety for over 10 years. The medications would work for awhile and th

"Before I discovered Nourish Health & Wellness, I had been on many different combinations of medications for my depression and anxiety for over 10 years. The medications would work for awhile and then my symptoms would come back. I was frustrated that I wasn’t feeling better and tired of taking multiple medications every day. Ashley and Courtney spent a lot of time looking at the whole picture of my health and did testing to help me figure out what the underlying causes of my depression and anxiety were. Through their help and support, I was able to make significant lifestyle changes that improved my health. Eventually, I was able to discontinue my depression and anxiety medications. After doing their program I have more energy, better sleep, and enjoy doing things again"

Read More

"I have struggled with OCD and insomnia for most of my life, and was at one of my lowest points when I found Nourish Health & Wellness, ironically while awake in the middle of the night on social medi

"I have struggled with OCD and insomnia for most of my life, and was at one of my lowest points when I found Nourish Health & Wellness, ironically while awake in the middle of the night on social media! I was immediately impressed by how up front they were about the type of care they provided, their treatment philosophy and kindness. Each person at the office is respectful, well-informed, understanding and also direct in what needed to be done for me to feel my best. Courtney, Ashley & Yana were instrumental in helping me put pieces together that years of traditional psychiatry did not. I am so thankful for my experience with them, the tools I have taken away are invaluable."

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"I’ve been working with Nourish Health & Wellness for almost a year now. It’s wild to look back to one year ago and see how far I’ve come and to feel good again when I wasn’t sure that I could

"I’ve been working with Nourish Health & Wellness for almost a year now. It’s wild to look back to one year ago and see how far I’ve come and to feel good again when I wasn’t sure that I could. When I started the program, I was constantly bloated, tired, and having to run to the bathroom and couldn’t figure out the cause. I had been put on many diets in the past and was confused about which foods I should eat and which ones to keep out. The Nourish team helped me figure out what foods worked for my body, and ordered labs that identified the causes of my symptoms. I now feel so much more confident around food and choosing what’s right for me instead of trying to chase the latest trends. My digestion is healthy and I actually have the energy to run around with my kids!"

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Va richmond functional medicine

“A Randomized, Double-blind, Double-dummy, Placebo-controlled, Active-controlled, Parallel-group, Multicenter Trial of Oxycodone/Naloxone Controlled-release Tablets (OXN) to Assess the Analgesic Efficacy (Compared to Placebo) and the Management of Opioid-induced Constipation (Compared to Oxycodone Controlled-release Tablets (OXY)) in Opioid-experienced Subjects with Moderate to Severe Chronic Low Back Pain and a History of Opioid-induced Constipation who Require Around-the-clock Opioid Therapy”

“A Long-Term Extension Study of Lesinurad in Combination with Allopurinol for Subjects Completing an Efficacy and Safety Study of Lesinurad and Allopurinol”

“A Placebo-Controlled, Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Dose-Finding Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of TBS-2 Intranasal Testosterone Gel in Women With Acquired Female Orgasmic Disorder”

“A trial comparing cardiovascular safety of insulin degludec versus insulin glargine in subjects with type 2 diabetes at high risk of cardiovascular events”

“Efficacy and Safety of FIAsp Compared to Insulin Aspart in Combination with Insulin Glargine and Metformin in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes”

“Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-controlled, Parallel-group, Phase IV Study to Evaluate the Effect of Aclidinium Bromide on Long-term Cardiovascular Safety and COPD Exacerbations in Patients with Moderate to Very Severe COPD (ASCENT COPD)”

“A Randomized Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Parallel-group, Multicenter, Phase 3 Study to Evaluate the Long-term Safety of Naldemedine for the Treatment of Opioid-induced Constipation in Subjects with Nonmalignant Chronic Pain Receiving Opioid Therapy”

“A Phase 2, Randomized, Double-Blind, Multicenter, Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of RDEA Monotherapy in Subjects With Gout”

“A Randomized, Double-Blind, Multiple-Site, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel Design Study Comparing Clindamycin 1%/ Benzoyl Peroxide 5%Topical Gel (Taro Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) to Benzaclin ® Topical Gel Clindamycin1%/ Benzoyl Peroxide 5% (Sanofi Aventis) in the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris”
“A multi-center, randomized, double-blind, double-dummy, parallel-group dose-finding study to evaluate the change in HbA1c after 12 weeks monotherapy with seven doses of LIK compared with placebo or sitagliptin in patients with type 2 diabetes”

“A Week, Multi-Center, Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Active-Controlled Safety Extension Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of PT, PT, and PT in Subjects With Moderate to Very Severe COPD, With Spiriva® Handihaler® as an Active Control”

“A Randomized, Double-Blind (Test Products and Placebo), Chronic Dosing (24 Weeks), Placebo-Controlled, Parallel Group, Multi-Center Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of PT, PT, and PT in Subjects With Moderate to Very Severe COPD, Compared With Placebo”

“A Randomized, Double-Blind, Multiple-Site, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel Design Study Comparing Diclofenac Sodium Gel 3% (Actavis) to Solaraze ® (diclofenac sodium) Gel 3% (Fougera Pharms) in the Treatment of Actinic Keratosis”

“A Phase III Randomized Double-Blind Placebo Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Nitazoxanide and Nitazoxanide plus Oseltamivir in the Treatment of Acute Uncomplicated Influenza”

Dr. Mordy Levy on Integrative vs. Functional Medicine

All Together Now

Complementary or Alternative Health Care: Use of non-mainstream practices in place of traditional Western medicine is considered alternative medicine, according to the National Center for Integrative and Complementary Health. Use of non-mainstream practices together with conventional medicine is called complementary health care.

Monica Batica has dealt with persistent, troubling health issues throughout her adult life. A diagnosis of a thyroid disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, in brought her answers, but little relief. “I got treatment with conventional medicine, but I didn’t notice much improvement,” she says. Frustration led Batica to do her own research and join online communities for people with the disorder. There, she became interested in alternative and complementary treatments that others with her condition have used to find relief.

Her research led her to Aaron Hartman, a Richmond-based family physician who is one of a growing number of conventionally trained practitioners in the Richmond area incorporating non-mainstream modalities into their practices. In addition to practicing with Family Practice Associates, Hartman sees patients through Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine, which he launched in early  

Right away, Batica felt like she and Hartman were “speaking the same language,” she says. Hartman manages her disorder with prescription thyroid medication, as well as less conventional interventions including a major diet overhaul, intravenous vitamin C and other supplements. After years of disappointment, Batica says the treatment combination has her starting to feel better.

Batica is hardly alone in seeking treatment outside of strictly conventional medical models. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, a division of the National Institutes of Health, 38 percent of adults in the United States are using some form of complementary or alternative health care. 

It’s a topic in coursework at medical schools across the nation, including Virginia Commonwealth University, and its practices and products can be found in use by professionals ranging from physicians and physical therapists to chiropractors and medical acupuncturists.

Hartman and many other practitioners in Richmond are bridging the gap between conventional and complementary therapies.

Opening Eyes

Students in Dr. Mary Snyder Shall’s lectures at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine may be asked to do a bit of yoga, such as a forward bend or to stand on one leg. 

“I actually have them stand up and do a bit of sun salutations,” says Shall, the integrative medicine division director for the course “The Patient, Physician and Society” at the school. 

The course covers a number of topics, from physician-patient relationships to health disparities and physician bias; Shall’s portion focuses on complementary/integrative health care. 

Across the country there is rising interest in complementary and integrative health care. The National Institutes of Health has a center on it: The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. (They define a complementary approach as one in which non-mainstream practices are used in addition to conventional medicine, and they use the term “integrative medicine” for care that brings together complementary and conventional approaches in a coordinated way.) Duke Health opened an integrative medicine facility in The Cleveland Clinic also has such a center. George Washington University offers a program in integrative medicine, as do the University of Arizona and Yale. At VCU, integrative medicine has been part of the curriculum for four years. 

Shall introduces her students to a range of therapies as well as research on the safety and efficacy of each. “We talk about Chinese medicine, acupuncture, some of the herbal treatments,” she says. Her students also learn about other techniques and practices, including energy work, yoga and meditation. 

But it’s not a class on alternative medicine, Shall emphasizes. “I’m not talking about alternative therapy, but things you would do in complement to Western medicine.” 

“You might be seeing [a patient] for back pain, and they will ask you, ‘Well, would yoga help?’ or, ‘Should I be taking supplements or doing mind-body exercises?’ ” she says. “Even if you don’t believe in it entirely, it’s better to know something about it.”

Walking the Walk 

The third Saturday of every month, doctors and health experts from VCU Women’s Health Center at Stony Point and Massey Cancer Center gather with patients at Stony Point Fashion Park for a morning walk and talk called the RAMble.

“The idea is basically to get moving, to join the community of people who are trying to get out and exercise,” says Masey Ross, an oncologist at Massey specializing in breast cancer. Since August , Ross has also served as the director of integrative health care services for the center.

While Massey has been offering integrative services like nutritional counseling and a dog therapy program, Dogs on Call, for years, they began the process of formalizing their programs in

“Depending on what study you look at, it’s estimated that 40 to 80 percent of cancer patients have used some sort of integrative therapy before, whether its yoga, herbs, vitamins, special diets, acupuncture,” Ross says. 

Programs at locations throughout the Petersburg and Richmond areas include weekly yoga and tai chi, music and art therapy, meditation, massage, integrative health mini-fairs, and several support groups. Each Thursday, Tricycle Gardens sets up a farm stand outside the clinic in downtown Richmond.

Ross says it’s about taking a holistic view of wellness that encompasses prevention, treatment and survivorship. “We really want to place emphasis on conventional care — chemo, radiation, surgery — but then use adjuncts to help patients in whatever they’re dealing with.” She says often patients are interested in integrative therapies for relief from physical symptoms, but they can be looking to enhance emotional well-being, too.

“As humans, we are complex,” Ross says. “We have a spiritual side, an emotional side, and providing supportive care for those sides can be really helpful.”

Straddling Two Worlds

Dr. David Groopman was working as an emergency room doctor in Richmond when he visited a friend running an in-patient substance abuse treatment clinic. 

“One of the things he was using was auricular or ear acupuncture as a means of enhancing detox and calming people down while they were withdrawing,” explains Groopman, who received his medical degree in internal medicine from New York University. “If you’ve ever seen a population who’s in that state, they’re pretty fractious. I watched him put five needles in each of their ears, and within about 10 minutes; they all kind of calmed down.”

It was the late s, and research on acupuncture was thin. Watching his friend’s patients was more than a little intriguing, says Groopman. “I had absolutely no clue why this should be effective. There was nothing in my training that allowed me to sort of say, ‘Well, yeah, that makes sense.’”

He enrolled in a program at UCLA School of Medicine to train physicians in acupuncture and earned certification, though he continued to practice emergency medicine, too. In , he went full-time, becoming a fully specialized medical acupuncturist. (Medical acupuncture refers specifically to acupuncture practiced by physicians.)

Groopman says he’s often “the court of last resort” for patients who’ve exhausted conventional treatments for their conditions and still haven’t found symptom relief. Some of these patients use his services as stand-alone treatment for their conditions, while others use it in addition to other conventional and nonconventional therapies. 

“One of the adjunctive functions of this type of practice is that I can help [patients] understand what others are telling them,” he says.

“Some problems are better understood with the metaphors of Chinese medicine,” Groopman adds. “Other times, problems are better managed by seeing them strictly neurologically, for example. All day, every day, I’m straddling these two worlds.”

Seeing the Patient, Not the Diagnosis

The average amount of face time American doctors spent with their patients in was 13 to 16 minutes. For Ashley Mannell, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, and Richmond physician Aaron Hartman, that wasn’t enough.

“When you’re taking insurance, your hands are really tied. … It just adds this huge stress to the practice,” Mannell says. “I left to get free from that and be more autonomous and work with patients in the way I knew I wanted to work with them.”

In addition to their conventional training, Mannell, who started Richmond Integrative Psychiatric & Nutrition Services, and Hartman, who runs Richmond Integrative & Functional Medicine, are certified through the Institute of Functional Medicine. As an approach to health care, functional medicine considers the body a system and attempts to find root causes for patients’ conditions.  

“It’s a way of looking at health through a systems biology approach or a network approach,” Hartman says. “So instead of looking at things from just a diagnostic or disease [perspective] … I look at how … everything interact[s] with everything else.”

The cornerstone of functional medicine is sound nutrition — healing the gut to heal overall health.

“If, according to the Harvard school of public health, 80 percent of heart disease can be [attributed] to diet and lifestyle,” Hartman says, “then I think that should be 80 percent of what we do, not 5.”

Working with either practice begins with a lot of digging — family histories, lab testing, genetics — all toward getting a more complete picture of the patient, not just his or her diagnosis.

“I’m doing what I think is ideal primary care,” says Hartman. “Though I hate calling it that, because we belittle it so much these days.”

Both practitioners emphasize spending time to educate their patients. “There has to be buy-in,” Mannell says. “We’re really talking about lifestyle medicine. It’s not just, ‘Here’s a prescription or here’s a supplement.’ ”

Neither Mannell nor Hartman is anti-medication, they say. “As a medical doctor, I have to at least do the standard of care,” Hartman explains. “But as an integrative guy, I’m not limited to the standard of care.”

Mannell says medical care doesn’t have to be an either-or approach. “There needs to be more providers who are trained in conventional medicine but who are looking for other tools to help our patients get better,” she says. “You don’t have to be all the way at one end of the spectrum [or the other].” 

Do Your Homework 

Before incorporating a new treatment into your health care, always consider the proven benefits and safety risks, says oncologist Masey Ross. “Sometimes there is a misconception that because something is natural, it is safe,” she notes. “It can be difficult to sort through.” Certain herbal supplements, for example, can interact with prescription drugs, and because they are not regulated by the FDA, there’s no guarantee that what’s on the label is true. Ross recommends talking with your doctor first and making sure your providers are aware of any treatments you are using.   


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Our mission is to improve lives within the Richmond community using a holistic, evidenced-based model that provides comprehensive, individualized medicine through education, collaboration, transparency, integrity, and prevention.

Our Approach

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We focus on a whole body, preventive approach to your health, while communicating and integrating seamlessly with your primary care doctors, specialists, pediatricians, or other integrative health practitioners. 

Longer Appointment Times

Our initial appointments are 2 hours in length, with follow up’s lasting from thirty to sixty minutes. This allows us plenty of time to get to know you, your health history, and your primary goals. 

Research Based Medicine

Our licensed naturopathic doctors are informed and educated on the latest research in both conventional medicine, and alternative and holistic treatments. We are able to combine multiple modalities of treatment safely, and effectively. 

Compassionate, supportive, and relaxing environment

Our office is designed with your comfort and sensitivities in mind. Quiet, peaceful and fragrance free, we want you to feel at ease the moment you walk through the door. 

A Team Approach

Our team of skilled naturopathic doctors work together to provide specialized insight into your case. On a daily basis, we are here to support each other through positive team work, collaborative learning, and elevating our professional, core values, even on the hardest days. 


Hear From RNM's Practitioners About What Makes Our Approach Unique With Patients

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Read Our Reviews

At Richmond Natural Medicine, we take pride in providing the best possible patient experience. We understand that part of making your decision about whether we are a good fit for providing care for you and your family depends on the experience of others. We are always seeking feedback from our patients about their experience as we strive to improve our service every day. Read below some highlights from our reviews and continue to our collection of online reviews.


Yesterday I just had another supportive and helpful visit with Dr. Hollon. I continued to be amazed by the time and care I received at every appointment. We are truly fortunate to have this high level of natural medicine care in Richmond.



It is worth every minute and penny to go to Richmond Natural Medicine, they give you the resources and education to heal your body. And they work with traditional medicine with supporting it with eastern and natural medical knowledge.



Lindsay Kluge was wonderful to work with. She listened to everything I had to stay and I didn&#;t feel rushed like a ``typical`` doctor visit. Lindsay took the time to explain in detail how my body could be reacting to intolerances and I learned things I never knew. I also really liked how alternative food options were provided (and websites). I would definitely recommend Richmond Natural Medicine to others!



I had the best doctor appointment I have ever had! I walked in thinking I was crazy and that all my physical problems were in my head! For years, doctors have put me on medication after medication without ever taking the time to figure out what the problem is! Dr. Reckers spent time with me and truly cared about me and my situation! In my first appointment we have two tests underway! In just five weeks, we have at least an idea of where to start treatment! Walking out of my appointment, I had a smile on my face and felt the world had been taken off my shoulders! I highly recommend RNM, to everyone!



My appointment with Dr Leah was very thorough and educational. I felt encouraged and supported in my current health as well as inspired about my future health goals. Left feeling overwhelmed with exciting new knowledge and excited and looking forward to an ongoing journey with a holistic approach to my well-being!



My experience with Dr. Casey as a new patient was incredible! She took her time going through my health history, asked the right questions, and explained body systems and treatment plan in a way that left me feeling confident with the choice to put my care in the hands of Richmond Natural Medicine. Not once did I feel rushed or unheard during our appointmentSo joyful to have found RNM!


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We are a dynamic group of individuals that has found one another due to common values, goals and lifestyle. We believe in empowering those around us to live vital lives and feel fortunate to be working with one another at RNM. Our collaborative work with one another and those within our community provide us with a wealth of knowledge and insight to assist various individuals regardless of gender, age, race or creed. We value our other colleagues within the natural medicine arena as well as our colleagues within the modern medicine field and believe that together we best serve the needs of Central Virginia and our direct community within Richmond.

Naomi Gerep, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Naomi Gerep, ND Naturopathic Doctor Areas of Concentration Women’s Health | Gastrointestinal Disorders | Endocrinology Naomi Gerep, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor at Richmond Natural Medicine. Her areas of interest include general wellness, gastrointestinal health, endocrinology, and women&#;s health. She completed

Shruti Paskar, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Shruti Paskar, ND Naturopathic Doctor Areas of Concentration Gastroenterology | Autoimmune Issues | Hormones | Women’s Health | Homeopathy Dr. Shruti Paskar is a naturopathic doctor completing her first-year residency at Richmond Natural Medicine under the mentorship of Leah Hollon, ND,

Leah Hollon, ND, MPH

CEO, Founder, & Chief Naturopathic Doctor

Areas of concentration: Autoimmune, Neurology, Naturopathic Cancer Support

Viktoriya Beliy, ND, MScN

Naturopathic Doctor

Areas of concentration: Dermatology, Nutrition, Women’s Health, General Wellness

Vanessa Ferreira, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Areas of Concentration: General Wellness, Anti-aging, Lifestyle and Stress management, Dermatology, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Homeopathy, and Hormone Optimization.


Do You Accept Insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance for payment of our services. naturopathic medicine is not covered by health insurance in Virginia at this time. The current medical model does not fully recognize the strengths of preventative holistic medicine. Steps are currently being taken here in Virginia and across the country to give more recognition to naturopathic medicine. You may check with your insurance company to see if they offer out-of-network coverage for alternative or complementary care. Fortunately, those individuals with a HSA (health savings account) or FSA (flexible spending accounts) are often able to use these plans toward naturopathic care. In these cases, we can provide you with necessary paperwork and itemized receipts. You should check with your HSA or FSA Provider for more information and specific rules.Some insurers in Virginia will cover acupuncture, and in these cases will will again provide necessary paperwork for reimbursement. Contact your provider for more information.

What Are Your Success Rates?

It depends on each client and their specific condition. We cannot offer specific numbers due to the fact that each individual responds differently to treatment. We have seen varying results based on how closely patients follow the care plan set up for them by their practitioner. Each patient will see varying degrees of results based on their individual needs and commitment to achieving good health.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. You must give notice hours prior to your appointment that you would like to cancel or reschedule. You can reach us via voicemail, email, or by speaking to a representative in the office.In the event that hours notice is not given to cancel or reschedule a follow up visit, we charge a $75 insufficient notice fee. Should you need to reschedule your initial appointment and you aren’t able to provide a 24 hour notice then you will forfeit your $ deposit and will need to make a new deposit if you would like to book again in the future.

Why Are Initial Appointments So Long?

Your initial appointment will be an in-depth review of your past and present medical history. Over the course of two hours, your practitioner will aim to obtain a full overview of who you are and what your needs are during this time. You can expect a discussion that looks beyond your presenting symptoms to the overall picture of your health, in order to best determine the best possible treatment for you. Your practitioner will inquire about your long-term expectations while working with our clinic, as well as considering your current lifestyle choices and habits. The lengthy appointments are just the nature of comprehensive holistic medicine.


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