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The Best Unofficial PVP Ark Servers

With the recent release of Studio Wildcard’s latest ARK map, Crystal Isles, and the latest announcement of the upcoming Ark Genesis Part 2 DLC, you may be wondering which Ark server to invest your time into.

After sinking in thousands of hours into Ark (now my top-played game in my Steam library), I’ve experienced my fair share of unofficial Ark servers. Whilst I enjoy the grind of official Ark server rates, I desperately wanted them to implement S+ (Structures Plus) because it makes the game so much more enjoyable.

Best Unofficial PVP Ark Servers for PC:

  • Chilled Ark
  • Astral Ark
  • The Kaos Island
  • Ethereal Dominion
  • Ark Speed
  • MTS

This is what made me explore the unofficial options, taking me on a journey of some pretty awesome servers that weren’t too far off official rates. I still got the satisfaction from building a base and putting time into the game, without the annoying parts of official servers.

Here’s a list of my favourite unofficial Ark servers for you to enjoy! I hope to see you on the Ark.

1. Chilled Ark (PvP) Steam Only

Chilled Ark PVP server

Chilled Ark has been around since the start of Ark Survival Evolved’s initial release and much of the community had known each other from other games even before that.

With 6 clustered servers to choose from (at the time of writing) and cross chat enabled among other amazing features there are tons of reasons to try out Chilled Ark.

The current servers are:

Click the links below to join the servers or take a look at their website to find out more or join Discord.

  • Genesis Part 2 –
  • Extinction –
  • Abberation –
  • The Island –
  • Ragnarok –

As the community’s name suggests, the servers are chilled friendly, and very community orientated, not allowing swearing to ensure that the server is also mature but friendly for all ages.

The admins do a great job of making sure there is no toxicity on the servers and encourage players to take a friendly approach to PVP making the game much more appealing to mature players.


  • XP x 3
  • harvest X 3
  • Mating speed X 3
  • Taming speed X 3
  • Baby mature speed X 3

2. Astral Ark (PvP) Steam Only

Astral Ark Servers

The first Astral Ark server was launched in July 2015, part of Astral Imperium which was founded in 2014.

Astral now host 9 (soon to be 10 when Genesis Part 2 is released) Ark Survival Evolved servers. If you head on over to their website, you’ll see the list of servers they host and links to each of them.

  • The Island
  • The Center
  • Ragnarok
  • Valguero
  • Crystal Isles
  • Scorched Earth
  • Aberration
  • Extinction
  • Genesis 1
  • Genesis 2

Astral Ark Server Rates

Astral is my all-time favourite unofficial Ark server because their rates are so similar to official rates, which I enjoy, with the added benefit of some useful mods.

On top of this, the community is absolutely fab and their admins are more than happy to answer any questions in-game or via Discord.

  • Experience: 1x
  • Resources: 2x
  • Taming: 2x
  • Hatching: 4x
  • Maturation: 4x


You can earn various rewards through Astral’s voting system, resulting in Metal Ingots, Element, shop points, and even a chance of getting a saddle blueprint or Chibi’s.

Items are delivered to players in-game, instantly. It’s easy to vote by clicking on the Vote Resources button or Vote BP/Chibis button on Astral’s website.


Astral’s shop allows you to buy starter kits, resources, and dinos from their shop, using in-game points which you can earn from voting.

Points are awarded for a daily vote, meaning you can gradually earn enough points to spend at the shop. Whilst some players may be put off by the fact you can buy dinos like Fire Wyverns, points do take a long time to accumulate.

3. The Kaos Island (PvP) Steam Only

The Kaos Island is an English and Spanish speaking server cluster with x10 unofficial server rates. Each server has a maximum capacity of 70 players across the following maps:

The Kaos Island Features

The Kaos Island servers have an admin team around the clock 24/7 to address any issues or questions their players may have. All of their servers are updated at 06:00 AM GMT to ensure servers are updated to the latest version.

For every 15 minutes a player is active on The Kaos Island servers, they will earn 1 point to spend at the shop. Players can also vote daily to receive rewards, as well as getting involved in regular events to win prizes like dino eggs.

Upon entering the server for the first time, a tribe can have up to 3 days of protection against their structures being attacked. During this time, protected players cannot attack other structures either.

4. Ethereal Dominion (PvE) Steam Only

Ethereal Dominion Servers

Ethereal Dominion is a modded PvE server with an in-game shop and events across the following servers:

Ethereal Dominion Server Rates

  • 1.5x XP
  • 5.0x Taming
  • 3.0x Harvest Amount
  • 16.0x Egg Hatch Rate
  • 10.0x Maturation Rate
  • 0.25x BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier
  • 0.5x Egg Lay Interval
  • 0.05x MatingIntervalMultiplier
  • 1.30x Fishing Loot Quality
  • 0.7x Day Speed / 1.3x Night Speed

In-game Shop

Players can access the in-game shop by learning and crafting the Exchanger. Once the Exchanger has been placed in a player’s base they can access the shop and spend their Gold Coins.

Gold Coins can be earned by voting daily for their Ragnarok, Valguero, and Crystal Isles servers, as well as attending server events.

5. Ark Speed (PvPvE) Steam Only

Ark Speed Server

Ark Speed is a great server if you’ve already invested a lot of time into Ark and simply want to build an awesome base without the grind of lower rates. With a whopping x100 rates, here are Ark Speed’s servers:

Ark Speed Server Rates

Whilst I would naturally choose an unofficial Ark server with lower rates, sometimes you’ve got to let loose and have some fun. Ark servers with higher rates can be a great way to build epic bases and access end game content that you may otherwise not be able to experience.

  • Harvesting x25
  • Mating x100
  • Breeding x100
  • Crosshair ON
  • Hardcore OFF
  • 3rd Person ON
  • ~50 Minutes Day, ~10 Minutes Night
  • Dinos: max Wild Level 180 + 100 level instant + 150 level by leveling = + 250 level
  • Player: Instant Level 300

6. MTS (PVP) Steam Only

MTS Ark Server

MTS servers provide a competitive Ark experience across a huge cluster which wipes on average every 3+ months. MTS’ main cluster includes:

MTS Server Rates

If you’re looking for a more balanced unofficial Ark server experience, MTS offers rates that are much more in-line with official rates, without that added grindy feeling.

  • Experience = 2.5
  • Harvesting = 2.5
  • Taming = 2.5
  • Breeding = 5.0
  • Mating Interval = 0.5
  • Baby Imprint Interval = 0.5
  • Imprint Amount Scale = 1.5
  • Crop Growth = 3.0
  • Cave Damage = 6.0
  • Player Food/Water Consumption = 0.5
  • Loot Quality = 1.0
  • Fishing Loot Quality = 1.2
  • PlayerFortitudePerLevelStatsMultiplier = 5.0
  • PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier = 0.5
  • Day Time Speed = 1.0
  • Night Time Speed = 1.0
  • Saddle Armour Clamp = 124%/99.2%
  • Weapon Damage Clamp = 298%
  • Flak Armour Clamp = 496
  • Max Durability Clamp = 1250

MTS Server Mods

When I’m looking for an unofficial modded Ark server, I like to find one like MTS, where the mods are balanced and useful, without going too over the top.

  • Structures Plus+
  • MTS Stacking Mod 500-50
  • Bitou2k’s Binocular
  • Pickup Gun (with Anti-Dupe)
  • Community Mod
  • Auto Engrams!
  • WShopUI

MTS Features

MTS have made a really big effort to make their server unique, offering other in-game features like a shop where you can redeem kits and buy/sell items.

You can also gamble your in-game points in MTS’s lottery, rolling a number between 1-1000 where the highest roll wins the entry pot.

If you don’t fancy talking in global, but want to message someone that isn’t in your tribe or ally group, you can private message other players on your map on MTS’s servers.

Check out our latest guide on the best PVE Ark servers this year.


Ark: Survival Evolved - A Guide To The Different Servers

One aspect of Ark: Survival Evolved that often leaves players scratching their heads is what server they should join. There is really no explanation in-game as to what they mean or which ones are made for beginners or more advanced players. Unfortunately, this can be a game-ruiner if you constantly find yourself in servers where you are killed by anything and everything without a second thought.

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There are both servers and modes which can change how the game is played, and it is geared to allow players to decide what they want their experience to be. You should understand them all before making a decision in order to have the best possible time playing Ark: Survival Evolved!

Types Of Servers

When you first begin playing Ark: Survival Evolved, it can be hard to pick how to play. Do you want to make your own server or join one that is already pre-made?

There are several types of servers and they are as follows:

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Non-Dedicated Servers
  • Singleplayer
  • Official Servers
  • Unofficial Servers

You should keep in mind that that you cannot transfer your character data between certain servers, such as official and unofficial servers. The character you create can also only be on one server at a time, so make sure to upload them to an obelisk before quitting if you don't plan on returning.

Dedicated Servers

A Dedicated Server is hosted by a player, but it does require quite a bit of ram and memory, especially as more players join the lobby. However, if one system is being used as the server, you cannot use this same system to play the game. This means that you would need two PCs, or a PC and an Xbox, in order to play and host a server at the same time. The one perk to this server is that you can adjust the settings to your liking.

Non-Dedicated Servers

A non-dedicated server is the best server for playing with a couple of friends. You will be able to play the game and host at the same time with your own settings, but the only downfall is that any players who join cannot move further than 500 meters away from the host.

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It also means that any randoms who spawn in will appear next to you, so it makes it easy for you to kill them off and protect your tamed creatures from harm. If you want to explore the world and build an ultimate base with friends without fear of being attacked then you should make this type of server.


Singleplayer is pretty self-explanatory as it puts you in an Ark: Survival Evolved map by yourself without the chance of other randoms joining in on the fun. You can explore, create, tame several creatures, and adjust the settings to be whatever you want them to be.

If you don't feel like being attacked by random players or want to focus your attention on taming creatures without any negative physical side effects then this server is for you. You can even apply several cheat codes to truly customize your experience.

Official Servers

An official server is one that has been created and ran by Studio Wildcard, although there is a catch as these are meant to be great for beginners. They are routinely wiped every so often to give beginners to the franchise a chance to succeed, so if you want to build an epic base that will last for eternity then you should consider trying to make your own server so that way you make the rules as to its existence.

Unofficial Servers

This type of server is one that is rented from a third-party, but it still allows you to adjust the settings to your liking. While it will cost money to rent these, the nice thing about them is that they will automatically save and have backups in case anything happens to go wrong. The server will never close, unlike dedicated and non-dedicated servers who rely on you as the host to be on all the time.

Game Modes

There are so many game modes that are exclusive to specific platforms, but these are all of the game modes that you can play across the board. They suit different playstyles and allow for more exciting servers as they add a bit of their own flair and customize it to your liking.

The game modes in Ark: Survival Evolved include:

  • PvP (Player Versus Player)
  • PvE (Player Versus Environment)
  • Primitive
  • Hardcore

However, it is not possible to transfer your character between different modes, such as a PVP character cannot be added to a PvE server. It makes it fair so you can't join a PVE server and randomly jump into a PvP server with a fully leveled-up character.


This is the bread and butter of Ark: Survival Evolved as it pits players against one another. It allows for things like Tribe Wars and competition for resources and supplies as you not only contend with dinosaurs, like the Magmasaur, but also the humans who roam the map as well.

However, it is not recommended you start in a PvP server until you understand the basic mechanics of the gameplay. This is because there is so much to learn and it is already hard enough in singleplayer without every player you come across trying to kill you.


If fighting isn't really your thing, but you still want to join a map with other humans, then you should join this server. It prevents you from damaging other players, as well as any tames or structures that are not yours which is something everyone should know about. This allows for a peaceful environment where building and upgrading is your main focus, rather than becoming the most formidable tribe on the map.


You start out living a fairly primitive lifestyle, and this game mode keeps it that way. It takes away several Engrams that would allow you to upgrade and become more technologically advanced.

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If you come to love this mode there is a DLC called Primitive Plus that adds Engrams to make up for the loss of these other items.


This game mode impacts your levels, as once you die, all of your levels are gone and you have to start all over. It adds a sense of suspense to the gameplay as you are constantly worried that something will kill you.

This mode might seem like something you would never want to play, but many players really enjoy it due to the strategy involved. It really makes it feel like a survival game as you are constantly trying not to die as starting over is a game-changer.

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What is an Unofficial Server?[]

Unofficial Servers are privately owned servers generally available for public use. These servers are hosted and physically located in different locations by a third party company whom are paid for their services by Server Owners or "Admins". This gives players a chance to make a server in their vision and control it the way they see fit.

Getting your own Unofficial Server[]

Choosing a host[]

The first step is choosing a hosting service. There are hundreds of companies to choose from, each with their own prices, features, and specifications. Pricing for Ark Servers is usually based on price per slot. Slots are the amount of players who can be on your server at one time so logically the more slots you use, the more resources your server needs, the more money you must pay for said server. Another factor to keep in mind is server location. Most companies allow you to choose your server's location. Choosing a good location will mean less server ping/lag for you and your players.

Creating and launching your Server[]

Each hosting service has its own process for the initial set-up so be sure to read thoroughly as you follow each step to assure your server works correctly and launches smoothly. In most cases, installation of any program is not needed as the software is provided by the hosting service. Be sure to explore your control panel and get acquainted with all your options.

Accessing your Server Files[]

This is where things are going to get a little tricky. It is recommended you have basic knowledge of computer navigation and file editing before starting this step as you can corrupt your server files if done improperly. In this example we are going to be using Filezilla as our FTP program on a Windows operating system.

Download Filezilla[]

Filezilla is a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program that we will be using to edit the settings of your server. Unlike local servers where the files are all located on your machine, your server's files are not. In this case we will have to edit them remotely. It is a very simple process if done correctly. Your first step will be download Filezilla. You can access it through their main website at Follow the on screen instructions to install the program.

Connecting to your Server through Filezilla[]

After installing Filezilla, you will need to collect your Server's information from the Hosting Service's website. It should be displayed in your control panel.

Host:Your server's IP address. It will look similar to
Username:The username you use to access your Hosting Service's account.
Password:The password you use to access your Hosting Service's account.
Port:Will be displayed on your control panel as "Port".

Once you have the needed information, open Filezilla and enter the correct info into the fields pictured below and click Quickconnect.


Customizing your Server (INI File)[]

Finding your .ini File[]

Inside Firezilla, go to the directory ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer and look for the Gameserversettings.ini file. Your screen should look similar to below.


Adding your Customized Settings[]

Once you have found your gameserversettings.ini file, right click the file name and select view/edit. This will open an editable text document on your screen. You will already see some settings inside this file, leave them. Enter your new Server Settings and once finished go to File and hit Save. Select Yes when prompted.

Restart your Server[]

In order for these changes to take effect, make sure you have properly saved and then restart your server.

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