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Orbit Portable 1/4\" Outdoor Mist Cooling System

Product Description

Easy to use, portable mist cooling kit comes pre-assembled, ready to use right out of the box. Use the alligator clips to hang the system from an awning, patio umbrella, fence, etc and connect to the garden hose, "Voila!" instant cooling. 


  • Easy installation, less than 10 minutes
  • 3/4" FHT (female hose thread) connection
  • Provides 10' of pre-assembled mist tubing
  • Includes six GPH misting nozzles
  • For outdoor use with cold water only


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You&#;ve got a full setup for an outdoor gathering. The food is ready and everything is in its place. There&#;s just one problem: it&#;s incredibly, swelteringly hot. But that&#;s one factor you can&#;t do anything about, right? Well, not quite. If you&#;re looking to enjoy any open-air festivities without getting overheated, try using a patio misting system.

These compact machines attach to a standard water hose and turn your normal flow of H20 into a fine mist that can reduce the ambient temperature of your patio, deck or other outdoor space by as much as 30 degrees. This means even parties held on the most stifling of days become noticeably more bearable and the same can be said of simply lounging as you watch the sunset on a particularly warm day.

Get the most out of your outdoor space and don&#;t stress about the heat again. Here, we&#;ve rounded up our four favorite misting systems available on Amazon to keep you refreshed.

1. Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

When you&#;re looking to host an outdoor gathering, the weather is always a critical factor. While most of us keep our fingers crossed for clear skies, we also know that means we could bake in the sun as we go about our festivities. If that&#;s a concern, this compact machine is capable of cooling the ambient temperature in a given area by as much as 25 degrees. It has three speeds so you can keep things refreshed at an appropriate rate and even has a swiveling head with 90 degrees of motion to direct the output as you see fit.

Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

Courtesy of Amazon

Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan: $

2. MistyMate Cool Patio Outdoor Misting Kit

Unlike our top pick, this model has a different configuration that could prove especially useful depending on the situation. It opts for a hose-like structure rather than a centralized unit, which allows it to evenly disperse mist over large areas. Its slender profile is made from UV-resistant material so it can withstand regular use under the strong sun without issue. The other advantage of its snake-like silhouette is that, as opposed to units with a rigid housing, it can be suspended from above, which makes it great for installing in a greenhouse or hanging from a pergola over a grand patio setup.

MistyMate Cool Patio Outdoor Misting Kit

Courtesy of Amazon

MistyMate Cool Patio Outdoor Misting Kit: $

3. HOMENOTE Misting Cooling System

Like our pick right above, this model has a hose-like design that&#;s flexible both in terms of structure and in terms of use. Measuring a full feet long, it is fitted with brass nozzles and adapters to disperse its fine mist across your deck, garden or lawn. Not only does it immediately lower the temperature of the surrounding area, but it can also create an impromptu water park of sorts for children and families. Its tubing is UV-resistant to prevent undue deterioration caused by the sun&#;s rays. Hang yours over your deck so you can enjoy a temperate oasis as you relax by the pool.

HOMENOTE Misting Cooling System

Courtesy of Amazon

HOMENOTE Misting Cooling System: $

4. Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor Misting Fan

Geek Aire’s powerful misting fan runs on rechargeable batteries that offer up to 24 hours per charge. This means you can create a cool environment wherever you please, and you don’t have to worry about pesky power cords. The portable design, which weighs just 7 pounds, features three blades and three nozzles that together can spray a refreshing, cool mist up to feet. You can also pivot the fan up and down to get the ideal coverage. Best of all, you can charge your mobile devices via the fan, which makes it a great companion on summer camping trips.

Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor Misting Fan


Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor Misting Fan: $

Sours: https://robbreport.com/lifestyle/product-recommendations/best-patio-misting-system-amazon/
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Commercial misting fans are a popular addition for many events, agricultural and industrial spaces but how do they do in a patio type setting? Here I have covered all the different aspects from their water usage and usable range to climate suitability and how ‘wet’ you might get.

Misting fans can be very effective; the combination of cooling the air along with the benefits of a fan circulating it around. In ideal situations, it can drop the temperature by several degrees (more than 20F!) without getting you wet. The best models use the ‘Flash evaporation’ of tiny water droplets, which relies on the droplets being very very small!

Disclosure: There are affiliate links within this article, and at no extra cost, I earn a commission if you buy.

The best misting fans (like those at big sporting events, theme parks, etc) will produce a very fine (10 micron or smaller) droplet of water.

What they don’t say is that most residential systems will produce ‘some‘ very fine droplets but will also produce a lot of larger droplets!

These larger droplets do not ‘flash evaporate’ and can, therefore, end up just getting things wet. In many scenarios, this may still be OK (working outdoors, relaxing by the pool) and can even be a benefit (see below Forgotten Benefits to Misting Fans) but it can be very disappointing if you are planning to directly cool an Al Fresco patio dinner!

How Does A Misting Fan Work?

These systems combine a regular blowing fan with a water supply and a water pump. Water is pumped out of special misting nozzles, producing a fine spray, that goes into the air that is being blown by the fan.

You are then able to benefit from three forms of cooling:

  1. Conduction from your body to the cooler air. (Slight Benefit)
  2. Convection breeze from the fan (Moderate Benefit)
  3. Evaporation of the water making the air cooler (Major Benefit)

Of these, it is the evaporation of the water into the air that makes the largest difference. The process of water evaporating actually requires energy and it takes the heat energy out of the air to do it.

Evaporating1 Gallon of water takes BTU’s of heat energy out of the air. That is the same as recommended for an A/C unit to cool a sq foot room!

The key point is that the smaller the water droplets the faster they evaporate, the greater the cooling.

In an ideal system, the water droplets that create the mist are so small (10 microns or less) that they instantly flash-evaporate. That is to say, they evaporate instantly in the air before they fall to the ground. This both cools the air and ensures there is no water left to get you wet and without wetting the area to be cooled.

Its all about the water pressure!

All nozzles will give a range of sizes of water droplets, however, the finest mist ranges come from the smallest nozzle sizes.

The more expensive misting systems will have water pumps to increase the pressure of the water being pushed through the nozzles. It is this increased pressure that is required to push the water through the tiny holes required to make the fine water droplets.

Low Pressure20 – psi
1 – 8 bar
Mains Water Pressure
e.g Garden Hose / Tap connections
Normally built with PVC or poly plastic tubing
Fine Spray
Finer than a sprinkler but will still get you wet.
Medium Pressure – psi
7 – 17 bar
Basic Pump
Mist Spray
Mixed size of droplets
High Pressure psi
55 – 83 bar
Specialist High Pressure PumpVery Fine / Fog spray
‘Flash Evaporation’

The higher the pressure, the smaller the water drops, the better it is at cooling. But that isn’t the whole answer.

In most residential conditions a medium pressure system (see product suggestions below) will do a good job. It will have a pump to boost pressure from the tap or from a tank/reservoir. Ideally also having some control over water flow can help you tune the volume of water that collects before it evaporates.

It will not be a perfectly ‘dry‘ instantly evaporating mist/fog but it will cool the air that is blown.

To avoid getting wet at all is where the more expensive models really are required. To get the higher pressure (see product suggestion below) you need to use specialist materials (hose/pipes, nozzles, pump, etc) and you will need to filter the water. The nozzles are so small that any debris in the supply water will block them, causing at best frustration! Most nozzles clog because hard water deposits accumulate in the nozzle (like the white residue left on a shower door).

How Much Water do Misting Fans Use?

A standard portable patio Misting Fan will use between Gallons an hour at full water flow.

To get the greatest amount of cooling you would ideally fill all the hot air with very fine water droplets that absorb lots of heat as they ‘flash evaporate’. In very hot and dry conditions (See below: Do Misting fans work in high humidity?) even the biggest commercial units can work at full water flow and still not get anything ‘wet’. They have special sensors to detect the temperature and humidity and adjust the water flow accordingly.

With the standard residential units, however, your decision is less likely to be affected by these factors. You will most likely have to adjust your water flow to a level at which you are satisfied with the amount of water build-up in front of the fan. Too much and you will end up having puddles, too little and you don’t get the full benefit.

So what About the Larger Water Drops?

Well, even the larger drops will still evaporate, they will just take longer to do so.

This is where you might end up getting wet and is where most residential misting fans sit in there capability. They spray some very fine droplets but also some larger droplets. Different manufacturers have different nozzle sizes, fan speeds, and water flow which gives them each a different result.

However, that doesn’t mean they are no good! Even with slightly larger droplets, that take a little bit longer to evaporate, it doesn’t mean you will get wet. It depends on how much control you have of the waterflow/pressure, fan speed, and how close you are.

If you have been sprayed briefly, even with slightly larger drops, you will feel the benefit as they evaporate. It is the same as when you rinse your face on a hot day and then feel the coolness as the water evaporates.

If, however, you remain next to a misting unit within range of the largest drops, then before the first drops can evaporate you will be getting soaked by the next!

Is Misting Fan Speed/Size important?

With a mist that doesn’t immediately ‘flash evaporate’ the smaller droplets have the potential to travel farther and will, therefore, have longer to evaporate. In other words, heavier water droplets will fall victim to gravity more quickly. This is another example of why a better quality fan with a higher percentage of very fine droplets is better.

The effective area that can be covered by any fan is a combination of fan blade size/pitch and its speed. A bigger fan can move slower and move the same amount of air.

It may seem obvious that, within reason, the faster the fan is running, the further away the effects of the cooled air can be blown. However, the fan will also be a lot noisier the faster it is running! This combination of factors may affect your choice of unit. A larger fan that can operate slower, maybe more suitable than a smaller unit running at full speed.

Most owners suggest that their fan at full speed is too noisy. Unless being used for cooling larger areas or sporting events, where the noise is less of a problem. In many cases having the fan a little further away to allow for a little water on the floor is less of a problem.

So How far Away is reasonable?

Even the best fans will still get you wet if you are within 4 – 6 feet or so of the nozzle, as the water droplets will not have been exposed to enough air to evaporate.

Otherwise, it seems from the reviews that if you are within ft you may well get wet with many of the residential models.

Why Choose a Misting fan not just Misting?

The benefit of the fan for cooling makes a difference for two reasons:

Wind-chill effect

The standard benefit of any fan is the ‘wind-chill effect‘. It is the same effect that helps when you blow on hot food to cool it down. The movement of the air increases the loss of heat by convection. However, unless you are there to experience the wind chill then a fan is of no real benefit. All it does is circulate the hot air, it doesn’t actually cool it.

Tip: Most systems will let you use the fan on its own so you can choose how much cooling you want.

Tip: Turn off fans when you leave a room; fans cool people, not rooms, by creating a wind-chill effect.

Air Circulation when Misting

A much bigger benefit is the use of the fan when misting. The fan still circulates the air but now it is blowing the cooler air (created by the misting) away to be enjoyed.

It is also drawing in new hot air that is less humid. This means that the evaporation process can occur easily as the new air is not saturated (high humidity).

Tip: Unlike just using a fan, when using a misting fan, leaving it on even when you are not there, will significantly cool the surrounding environment.

Do misting fans work in high humidity?

Yes, they can but you can only use a smaller amount of mist before the air is saturated. Only using a small amount of mist also means you only get a smaller reduction in temperature. But you can still get some cooling.

You, therefore, need to ensure that the water droplets are as small as possible to get the most efficient cooling of the air being blown. This requires the higher water pressure systems.

> 80% HumidityMax ~ 10 degrees F of cooling
% HumidityUp to 20 degrees F of cooling
< 40% HumidityOver 30 degrees F of cooling

Cooling of air by evaporation can only occur if the air is unsaturated. i.e the humidity of the air is less than %. As the humidity level drops it means there is more space in the air for water to evaporate. The more water that evaporates the cooler the air will be.

It follows that areas with lower relative humidity (think the dry, hot climates such as the west coast of the USA) can add more water to each volume of air before it is saturated. These areas can, therefore, experience a greater cooling effect than areas with high humidity.

Indications for evaporative cooling use around the world (from coolmax)

This map was elaborated in great scale and it does not reflect the local microclimates.

Forgotten benefits to using Misting Fans

  • Cleaner Air: In many commercial settings (mines, building sites etc) mist cannons are used to help suppress dust and other contaminants, even air pollution and Smog! Those fine water droplets that do not instantly evaporate will collide with particles in the air and fall to the floor with them.
  • Cooler Environment:Misting fans cool the air and therefore can help cool the surrounding environment even when you are not there! Unlike a fan, turning it on in preparation for your arrival can make the area more comfortable before you arrive.
  • Bugs; As much as the mist keeps down pollution it is also keeping the flying insects away!
  • Cost; So maybe not a forgotten benefit but certainly worth remembering as the cost to run is very efficient

Disclosure: There are affiliate links within this article, and at no extra cost, I earn a commission if you buy.

Product Suggestions:

Low / Medium Pressure Models

High-Pressure Fan Misting Systems PSI

HydroMist R-SB 18″ One Misting Fan Package, psi, Black

This professional-level system can be expanded to include other fans or even to add further nozzles to create a patio style misting system.

These high-pressure systems will create the finest mist that will give the greatest amount of cooling without getting you wet.

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Ryobi 12 ft × 3/8 in. Expandable misting kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best misting fan for home use?

RYOBI Misting Kits and Accessories are the easiest and most efficient way to provide the cool, comfortable surroundings you want. RYOBI introduces the 18V ONE+ Bucket Top Misting Fan. The RYOBI 18V ONE+ Bucket Top Misting Fan provides a portable cooling solution for the job site or any recreational activity.

How does a misting fan work and how does it work?

It uses a standard water supply, which could be provided through an outdoor garden hose or an onsite water tank. Both indoor and outdoor misting fans are equipped with nozzle openings, which squirt out water in the form of mist. The fan blades then circulate the mist in your space, and mix it with the warm air.

Is the Ryobi 18V one + bucket top misting fan portable?

The RYOBI 18V ONE+ Bucket Top Misting Fan provides a portable cooling solution for the job site or any recreational activity. This product can be run as just a fan, or you can turn on the water function to allow the 2 brass nozzles to release mist for more powerful cooling.

Is there an XPower misting fan for curbside pickup?

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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Patio Misting System

Installing a patio misting system is simple in theory, but not always so easy to do in practice. We've seen and helped out with thousands of misting installations over the years and let us tell you, if you're struggling or worried about getting confused, you're not alone. Misting requires many pieces to be fit together in one continuous water-tight system, which means there are plenty of opportunities to make mistakes along the way. Fortunately, these mistakes are usually easy to spot and fix. And with the help of today's reel of common misting installation bloopers and solutions, you can avoid all of the most common mistakes before even getting started.

1) Loose Connections

By far the most common misting mistake is forgetting to tighten your joints. Because a misting system involves a fair number of nozzles, joints, and elbows, this can be a lot of individual pieces to tighten and it's incredibly easy to forget just one or two along the way. Some misting installers, in fact, forget that water will be running through the system and don't take the time to tighten anything at all. And you can imagine what happens when the pressurized water does start to fly. The best way to make sure you don't miss anything is to make tightening an automatic part of your installation process. Every time you connect a piece, tighten it completely. And double-check when you're securing the misting system in place, twisting each piece tightly together as you go. If you have any skills in plumbing, use your knowledge to secure the joints. The good news is that if you do miss one or two joints, it will be easy to identify because of the spray or steady drip of escaping water when the system runs.

2) Buying a Pump that's Too Small

The size of your pump also matters a great deal. Misting relies on high-pressure water running through the piping which forces water out at some velocity through the tiny holes in the nozzles. This creates a fine wide-spread mist that will be a delight to you and your guests. But to do this, you need to create the proper amount of PSI. While most misting kits will come with a pump that is guaranteed to do the job with the misting pieces you have, not all kits come with parts. And many misting owners choose to customize in ways that increase demand on their pump, without actually upgrading the pump itself. So whether you're building a custom misting setup or your kit simply does not come with the right pump included, you'll need to choose your pump size and power carefully. As a rule of thumb, great misting happens between about and PSI. Any lower than  PSI and your nozzles will start to form larger droplets which feel wet instead of misty. If you are troubleshooting oversized misting droplets or puddles forming under your nozzles, low water pressure from an underpowered pump is the most likely culprit.

3) Excluding Anchor Points

The anchor points for your misting system are what connects them to the structure above the patio. This might be the overhang of your roof, a covered patio awning, or even a decorative wooden arbor. Your anchor points are usually going to be screw-in half-circles of plastic or metal that wrap around the piping and screw into the above structure. It's easy to think that perhaps you don't need all those tiny anchor points and the effort of screwing them in. After all, the piping and nozzles together are incredibly light, so you should be fine. The oversight here is that high-pressure water flowing through that piping and jetting out the nozzles will make your misting system much heavier when running than it is empty. The last thing you want is for your fantastic new misting system to fail and need to be re-installed because the full pipe could not be held up by a meager number of anchor points. If the instructions on the package say to use all the anchor points and to space them at measured intervals, do. That said, it's also okay to improvise a bit if your patio structure makes it hard to % match the placement of anchor points. As long as the points are all used, are reasonably spaced, and are anchored well to the overhanging structure.

4) Adding Too Many Extra Nozzles

Every patio is unique, which naturally leads to misting customers getting creative with how they set up their patio misting. Your roof might not provide ample coverage, an inward corner that borders the patio. You might have an awning, an arbor, or even a tent cabana set up ready to be misted. So it comes as no surprise that most misting customers wind up straying at least a bit from the model in the instructions. But the moment you start adding new nozzles or lengths of pipe, the entire math equation changes. A misting pump included with your kit is calibrated to provide exactly the right amount of pressure for high-quality misting with the pieces you have. An extra nozzle uses up some of that necessary PSI, and multiple extra nozzles put you at serious risk of falling below PSI. And as we mentioned earlier, low PSI will cause larger droplets and dripping from the nozzles. If you do want to expand your misting system, make sure to upgrade your pump accordingly. patio with chairs and fireplace

5) Misting Too Heavily

Another common issue with a new misting system is spacing and distribution. Your misting kit likely has the nozzles spaced at intervals between pieces of piping. However, if your patio is smaller than the system assumes, avoid bringing the nozzles closer together. This can result in an unfortunate case of 'over-misting' or misting too heavily. When your nozzles are too close together, the droplets will hit each other in mid-air, become larger, and begin to simulate something more like light rain than a gentle mist. If your goal is to lightly chill the skin and ease the heat of the summer sun, then concentrated misting will be much too damp. You may also experience over-misting if your PSI is lower than , creating larger droplets moving at a slower velocity. Be careful not to mist too heavily to enjoy your patio. However, there are some situations where heavy misting is your goal. You may be looking to water plants with your misting or provide something more like a waterpark cool-down station instead of misting more appropriate for summer outdoor dining. In this case, we do recommend placing nozzles closer together rather than lowering the PSI.

6) Awkwardly-Placed Misting

Not all patio misting is placed overhead. Depending on your patio and ideas for mounting your misting system, you might want to shoot mist up from the ground (less efficient, but very pretty and good for plants) or at waist-level instead. However, be very careful about where you aim your misting nozzles if you choose to bring them down to eye-level or below. Misting right at eye-level can catch people in the face. Which is pleasant and cooling at a distance but not so great at high-velocity right next to the nozzle. But the worst/funniest misting bloopers of all occur when someone thinks they're being clever by pointing their mist up from the paved edge of the patio or garden walk. If your mist is light enough, or if all your guests are clad in bathing suits, this can work well. But if anyone is wearing pants that show water droplets or a skirt that can be caught in the spray, you're going to have some very surprised and awkwardly uncomfortable guests.

7) Not Accounting for Hard Water

Do your taps run hard water? Hard water contains an excess of harmless chalky minerals like calcium and magnesium. Homes and businesses with hard water tend to deal with water spots on dishes and water deposit residue, known as scale, which has to be scrubbed off of sinks and tubs on a regular basis. Hard water tends to be regional and if your taps run hard water, this is bad news for misting. Misting nozzle holes are incredibly tiny in order to create that delightfully fine mist that hangs in the air. The scale buildup from hard water can clog these tiny holes very quickly. Scale buildup first reduces the function of your misting system and, over time, can permanently damage the nozzles. it can also build up inside and even clog the pipes themselves. This is why most misting systems include a three-chamber filtration system between the tap and the pump. This filter removes calcium, magnesium, and other small particles in the water that might clog or damage your misting system. Skipping the filter is a bad idea for any system because no tap water is perfect. But it's especially dangerous to your misting system if your taps run hard water.

8) Creating a Slippery Environment

Finally, we come to the slipperiness. This may seem like a trivial concern but you want to be very aware of whether misting can cause your patio to become slippery when lightly damp. Remember the kind of tile or pavement that your patio is made of when planning your misting installation. Misting doesn't put a lot of water on the ground, because many of those tiny droplets evaporate rather than forming puddles over time. But it does get your pavement a little moist and the less porous that pavement is, the more of a slipping hazard misting can create. Misting can work for any kind of patio from concrete to mosaic paving stones. But you do want to be aware of just how slippery your patio can get. If your patio pavement is prone to high amounts of slipperiness in the rain or after a spill, be very careful about how heavily you mist. The best way to test this is simply to pour a little water on the ground and slide your foot over the pavement. If you've still got traction in a puddle, everything is fine. If your pavement becomes highly slippery, make sure to mist lightly and/or increase the traction of walkways along your patio for guest safety. Every misting installation is a unique experience shaped by your patio, the misting kit you chose to start with, and how you decide to place your nozzles. Hopefully, knowing about these common mistakes and how to avoid or solve them will help you perfect your own misting installation experience the first time around. For more great insights on misting or to discover the right misting solutions for your patio space, contact ustoday!
Sours: https://www.cool-off.com/blog/8-mistakes-to-avoid-when-installing-your-patio-misting-system
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