Summer quilts queen size

Summer quilts queen size DEFAULT

As the temperatures rise, your big fluffy comforter loses its appeal real quick. Instead of cranking up your AC or (*gasp*) sleeping with nothing but a top sheet, invest in breathable, lightweight bedding that will keep you cool without feeling exposed. Summer weight duvet inserts and covers, quilts, and coverlets can keep you from overheating through the night.

Turning to lightweight summer bedding made from breathable textiles like linen, cotton, bamboo, and eucalyptus allows you to enjoy the weight of a proper bed cover without the heat of a down comforter. Shop eight of the best options below.

Breathable lightweight summer bedding

Brooklinen Lightweight Quilt Set — $238 to $255

Brooklinen’s Lightweight Quilt Set includes one quilt and two matching pillow shams. The set is made of 100 percent cotton that was hand-stitched by artisans—one quilt takes six days to make. The set typically starts at $279 but it’s currently 15 percent off. Get it in queen ($238) or king ($255). It comes in navy (pictured) and two white-and-black options.

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lightweight summer bedding

Coyuchi Mojave Organic Linen Blanket — $248 to $498

Kiss the puff of a comforter goodbye with this organic linen blanket. It’s heavy enough that you don’t feel like you’re using a second sheet but also light and breathable to keep you cool. It’s available in indigo (pictured) and gray in a throw size ($248) as well as full/queen ($448) and king ($498).

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The Company Store Putnam Cotton Matelassé Bedspread — $126 to $211

This bedspread from The Company Store is crafted in Portugal from 100 percent cotton following the matelassé method of stitching that originated in France. It typically starts at $149 but it’s currently on sale. Snag the twin ($126), full ($152), queen ($186), or king ($211). It comes in 18 different colors ranging from coral (pictured) and lilac to ivory and navy. Now through Memorial Day Weekend, you can save an additional 15 percent with the code MDWKD21.

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lightweight summer bedding

Cultiver Quilted Bedcover — $450.00

Enjoy the lightweight feeling of linen with a bit more structure with this quilted bedcover from Cultiver. It’s made from 100 percent European flax linen and filled with a lightweight polyester filling. Designed to be oversized, it comes in one size. It will drape to the floor on an average-height queen bed. It comes in dusk (pictured), indigo stripe, and black-and-white pinstripe.

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The Buffy Breeze —$179 to $259

If you can’t shake your love of fluff, consider The Buffy Breeze duvet insert. It’s made entirely of eucalyptus fiber that naturally resistant to dust, mites, and mold while also regulating temperature. It has the weight to warm you up when you get into bed but breathes throughout the night to prevent overheating. This duvet insert comes in twin/twin XL ($179), full/queen ($219), and king/cal king ($259).

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Bed Threads 100% Flax Linen Duvet Cover — $140 to $230

Let your Buffy insert breathe and pair it by pairing it with this 100 percent flax linen duvet cover from Bed Threads. Bed Threads makes pre-washed linen duvet covers, sheets, and bed skirts to give your space a relaxed feeling. It comes in 20 solid colors including turmeric (pictured), sage, and charcoal; and two balc-and-white stripe options. It’s available in twin ($140), twin XL ($150), full ($150), queen ($170), king ($200), and cali king ($230).

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Parachute Metalassé Coverlet — $209 to $229

This is Parachute’s minimalist take on the French metalassé weaving technique. Designed to use in tandem with another bed cover, this is perfect for someone who could happily sleep under the weight of a throw. Keeping it neutral, this coverlet comes in white, dune, and pebble gray (pictured). It’s available in full/queen ($209) and king/cal king ($229).

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lightweight summer bedding

Ettitude Signature Sateen Duvet Cover — $104 to $134

If you love diving into silky bedding, opt for this sateen duvet cover from Ettitude. It’s made from 100 percent organic bamboo, allowing it to be breathable to cool and adjust for temperature. It comes in seven solid colors including sand (pictured) and starlight blue; and two striped options in slate/white and starlight blue/white. The cover is available in twin ($104), full/queen ($124), and king/cal king ($134).

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The 7 Best Quilts of 2021

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the stylish and versatile Company Cotton Voile Quilt (view at The Company Store), which is lightweight, reliable, and comes in a whopping 17 colors. For something more budget-friendly, we recommend the Southshore Fine Living Vilano Springs Quilt Set (view at Amazon), a polyester option that comes in a variety of colors and includes a sham set.


When buying a quilt, make sure to look at what material it’s made from, as this plays a key role in its performance. Wool quilts, even when they're lightweight, are warmer, while cotton quilts tend to be lighter and more breathable. Polyester quilts are much more budget-friendly, but they tend to trap heat, making them less suitable for hot sleepers. The material will also dictate how easy it is to wash the quilt, but always be sure to check your individual quilt's care instructions.


Quilts are often described as light-, medium-, or heavy-weight. This denotes a quilt’s warmth, as well as the seasons and climates in which it works best. Heavy-weight quilts are often interchangeable with comforters, and are ideal for cold winter nights; lightweight quilts, on the other hand, are a go-to for summertime. Some quilts will list GSM, or grams per square meter, which refers to a quilt's density. Lightweight quilts and blankets will typically have a GSM between 150 to 350, while heavier quilts and comforters start around 500 GSM.


One of the great things about quilts is that they come in a wide variety of colors and designs. There are plain quilts made from just one fabric, and there are patchwork quilts that feature intricate designs. When you’re shopping, consider your home’s decor and find an option that complements it. Another important consideration? The quilt's use. Do you want something that will just be folded at the end of your bed for aesthetics, or do you intend to actually use your quilt? Will you use it all year long, or just seasonally? All of these factors will contribute to the design you want.


  • Quilts, blankets, and comforters are not the same thing. “A blanket is only made of one layer,” Chaumien says. A comforter is made of three: a duvet insert and a duvet cover (which lines both sides of the insert). A quilt is also made of three: two blanket layers—plus one layer of filling on the inside. 

    Because quilts are lined with stitches, the filling is typically held in place in small pockets. Comforters are not usually lined with stitches, so there’s typically more separation between the outer layer and the inner layer, giving them that fluffy appearance.

  • There’s no hard-and-fast rule for how often you should clean your quilt, so a good rule of thumb is to wash it as often as you’d clean a duvet cover or comforter. For many people, this means washing it every 2–4 weeks. Of course, this also depends on how often you use it—if you only have it draped on the end of your bed, you can get away with washing a few times a year.

  • Quilts can vary a lot in terms of care needs, depending on the materials they’re made from and filled with. This is why it’s extremely important to read and follow the care instructions for your specific quilt. Some quilts are machine-washable and dryer-friendly, while others are dry clean-only. And following the care instructions for your specific quilt can help you keep your quilt in tip-top shape.

Lindsey Lanquist has spent years covering home and lifestyle products for a range of publications. For this article, she prioritized quilts that were crafted from high-quality materials, genuinely well-reviewed by those who’d tried them, and available in a range of colors and sizes. To increase the likelihood that you’d find a quilt that works for you, she also included quilts that ranged in terms of design, weight, and price point.

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13 best summer quilts and bedding for better sleep

Everything heats up in summer, from your sun-soaked back patio to the temperature in your bedroom.

While you may be wishing the air conditioning would make things a bit cooler while you sleep, another option for sweat-free slumbers is a summer-friendly quilt or lightweight bedding that's made of breathable cotton or microfiber and is not stuffed with down or other insulation. And the styles are endless, from beach-themed coverlets to solid quilts with intricate stitching.

Rebecca Hay, an interior designer based in Canada, says lightweight summer bedding is all about keeping it cool.

“Summer quilts are a great way to add a little character to your space as you can find many with interesting prints and patterns," Hay told Shop TODAY. "I love a good vintage or handmade quilt that tells a story — it's nostalgic and practical."

Hay says either way, you can't go wrong with a lightweight cooling quilt or blanket as part of your summer bedtime routine, and not just for the breathable fabric.

"They add visual interest to your bed," she said. "And they're a great weight for layering on a cool summer night, but not as hot as a down duvet."

If you aren't able to score a vintage or handmade bed throw, we've rounded up 13 of the most stunning summer-friendly bedding options available online.

1. Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet Set

This soft and durable quilted coverlet is available in lots of colors and patterns and comes with two matching pillow shams. It's also made in sizes ranging from twin to king, making it perfect for any size bed.

2. Farm to Home Organic Cotton Petal Print Comfy-let

A coverlet, but make it cozier. This quilt set comes with two shams and is available in several floral patterns that reverse to be a solid color. Lightweight and beautiful, it's a perfect set for summer decor.

3. Crane and Canopy Chevron Quilt and Sham

This vibrant quilt set from Crane and Canopy is soft and breathable, and is perfect as a stand-alone quilt in the summer months or for layering with additional bedding during the winter chill.

4. The Company Store 100% Cotton Voile Quilt

The color options are endless with this simple lightweight quilt. Choose between colors like aqua blue and lilac for the perfect bedding to match your room decor.

5. Shabby Chic Pink Rose Quilt Set

This baby pink quilt is stitched with a dainty rose design and is made of lightweight soft washed microfiber.

6. Drew Barrymore Flower Home Vintage Palm Quilt Set

With its vintage palm leaf print and subtle hint of green color, this quilt from Drew Barrymore Flower Home will turn any room into a tropical oasis for summer.

7. American Blossom Linens Organic Cotton Herringbone Weave Blanket

There's lots to love about this organic cotton blanket, from the soft fabric to the stunning blue or tan herringbone weave pattern. It's also made in the U.S. at a family-owned mill in Maine that's been making blankets since 1850.

8. Kelty Biggie Blanket

A larger version of Kelty's fan-favorite Bestie Blanket, this oversized quilted blanket is stuffed with a thin layer of ultra-soft but breathable insulation and comes with a storage sack to tuck it away once summer ends.

9. Simply Organic Bamboo Quilt

Perfect for warm months, this soft and beautifully stitched bamboo quilt is breathable and designed to be used alone as a quilt or layered with other bedding. It's also made of organic bamboo, which naturally repels dust mites, mold and mildew.

10. Brooklinen Lightweight Summer Quilt

We love the simplicity of this stunning Brooklinen quilt. It's also available in navy, black and white patterns and is hand-stitched by artisans. Recommended for summer bedding or snuggling on the couch, the quilts take six days to make and come with a one-year warranty.

11. The Company Store Starfish Embroidered Cotton Quilt

Add some beach vibes to your bedroom this summer with this starfish print quilt from The Company Store. This quilt also reverses to a solid white quilt if you choose to layer it with warmer blankets in the winter months.

12. Ampersand for Makers Collective Modshapes Quilt Set

Colorful and elegant, this quilt set comes with two shams and is made of soft patterned cotton.

13. Laura Ashley Home Brompton Collection Quilt Set

This reversible quilt is perfect for summer nights and is made of pre-washed cotton for extra softness.

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