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There is nothing like the beloved recliner. It’s your own. It fits you and you don’t have to share it with anyone (well, except maybe your pet). Once you find a recliner that has that perfect cushion and just the laid back angle to recline, it’s a feel you won’t want to trade. You love that recliner. You want to protect it and keep it forever. SureFit can help. Our Recliner Furniture Covers are the best way to protect your investment or, alternatively, cover up an aging relic.

Whatever your style or need, SureFit has a vast Recliner Furniture Cover Collection. For a comfy country look, our Heirloom Quilted Furniture Cover has the look and % Cotton feel of a homemade quilt.  With a scalloped front panel and covers for the arm-rests this cover gives a sweet, clean look with great protection. Available in White, Bluebell Floral, Cottage Patchwork, English Rose Pink and English Rose Blue.

If you prefer a super luxurious feel, our Deluxe Comfort and Deep Pile Velvet recliner covers are a great option. Available in armless or with arms for extra protection (for the pet that likes to lounge on the arm rests) you can be sure you’re covered.

Our Quilted Cable Sherpa Recliner Furniture Cover looks like a cable knit throw but is a super protective plush polyester and is reversible to sherpa for extra cozy warmth.

All of our Recliner Furniture Covers have stitching and lining for waterproof protection as well as non-slip backing in either a microfiber or paw print silicone. Whether you choose armless or with arms, the design is measured to fit most recliner shapes. Some arm styles come with pockets for remotes or other needed near-by items. Stop worrying about the life of your favorite recliner. With our Recliner Furniture Covers you’re protected.

All of our furniture covers are machine washable and are created to fit most furniture sizes. Please check out our Measuring Guide to be sure the product you like matches your needs. Tuck Tight tools are available separately to ensure a great fit.


Recliner Slipcovers

Recliner Slipcovers

While your recliner might be everyone’s favorite seat in the house, that might also be the reason why they get so dirty over time. Fortunately, recliner covers can get your beloved furniture piece a little TLC to protect them from further wear and tear. They also make your recliner easier to keep clean. However, why covers for recliners chair are the best, all-around solution for your old recliner at home: they can return them close to their original appearance or give them a whole new look and feel. Best of all, you don’t have to buy a whole new recliner. Of course, this would only be possible with the wide variety of colors, materials, and styles recliner slipcovers from the industry leader in home textiles—SureFit!

Our recliner covers can give your recliner a makeover in minutes since they’ve been designed to be easy to install. While our covers are also very easy to maintain (they’re machine washable), it isn’t out of the question to update your cover once in a while or whenever the whim strikes you. They’re also very affordable. When choosing the recliner slipcovers for you, you should consider the following options. First, the color will make a lot of difference in how your entire room will appear. You can pick from bold splashes of color to more subdued hues to fit the look you want to set. Next, choose the material that will work for you. SureFit carries everything from luxe suede to ultra-soft pique to heavy-weight corduroy to fit the feel you want to achieve.

Have we convinced you that SureFit recliner covers are a smart buy for your worn-out recliner? Our ready-made recliner can give it the fresh new look you’ve been wishing for. While you can spring for expensive professional reupholstery or restoration, covers for recliner chairs are a much more affordable choice. You won’t even be without your prized seat for long since our makeover solution for your recliner takes as little as ten minutes. Moreover, our covers will safeguard your recliner from further damage including stains, dirt, and other messes, especially those made by pets and kids. SureFit covers are fully machine-washable so they’re easy to take care of.

As the trendsetter in the home textile marketplace for over years, SureFit’s recliner covers are a budget-friendly, fashion-forward solution to makeover your recliner and your home décor. They’re also the smart choice for protecting your recliner upholstery from wear and tear. This is certain to prolong their life and give the best from your investment.

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Recline in style with SureFit recliner covers.

Recliner Covers

Do you have an ancient recliner at home you’re not ready to part with yet despite the wear and tear (and stains) on it? As with your other furniture, if you still truly care about it, you will want to preserve your beloved recliner. As the top home textile designer and manufacturer in the marketplace for over years, SureFit has its signature solution to save your recliner. Recliner slipcovers are the best way to revive tired old furniture while also protect them from future abuse. We offer the largest assortment of covers for recliner chairs such as colors, styles, and materials. Shop SureFit for recliner slipcovers that will not only bring a new look to your recliner but a new feel and new functionality.

There’s nothing like relaxing in a cozy recliner after a long, hard day of work. That’s why recliners are literally the favorite seat in your house. Unfortunately, that means it is used and abused. However, just like you put a lot of thought choosing your recliner for its features and aesthetic appeal, you should put some time and thought into picking out your perfect recliner covers as well. SureFit offers everything from waterproof to machine washable and one-piece and two-piece covers for recliner chairs options as well. Grab the opportunity now to protect your favorite chair from spills, moisture, and other messes.

Never worry about everyday messes especially from your kids and pets on your recliners again. Our recliner covers are easy to remove and machine wash. Worried your slipcover will be too loose to comfortably sit on? Thanks to non-slip backing, you don’t need to sacrifice having a fashionable chair again for the ultimate comfort. Some cover material is even built to stay dry while bringing back some much-needed comfort with additional fiber filling. Other SureFit slipcovers even have the luxe look and feel of real vintage leather for the topmost upgrade your well-loved recliner deserves. You can add a new sophisticated depth and texture to your room in minutes and affordably.

Recliner slipcovers are a great idea whether you want to give your cherished recliner a new look or lengthen its life by protecting it from spills, stains, and further damage. Rest assured. we’ve thoughtfully designed and manufactured our recliner covers to do both jobs. Whatever style you envision for your home, only SureFit has the variety to make it a reality at a price always within reach.

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