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The ZLINE range is what you need if you want a luxury product that is cost-efficient.  It will help maximize the space you have for a range and will improve the aesthetics of your kitchen.  The company offers a variety of products, styles, and features.  The ZLINE range is great for all your cooking needs.  Read on to learn all about the ZLINE range and why it is a great choice for your kitchen.

What is ZLINE

This is a USA based company that was founded by Andy Zuro.  All of their products are designed and shipped from the United States.  This company has headquarters in Tennessee, Ohio, and Nevada.  They are not only a leader in designer kitchens but also in bath appliances.  The ZLINE range will help to enhance the real estate value of your home, provide stylish space, and help to improve your experience at home.  

Types of ZLINE Ranges

Dual fuel ranges:  This is the best range on the market.  It uses an electric oven and a gas cooktop so you can take advantage of both electric and gas fuel.  The gas cooktop is better than an electric one because they provide more temperature control and immediate heat.  With an electric oven, they are better because they distribute heat more evenly.

With the ZLINE range, you can have this great combination in one range.  Choosing this range will allow you to cook food evenly and efficiently.  

Rangetops:  This is not your standard range but instead is a stand-alone range cooktop.  It is designed to go on top of cabinets or countertops.  They do differently from a stand-along stovetop.  On the rangetop, the controls are on the front instead of on the top.  You will need to cut out a section of the counter or cabinet in order to install a rangetop.

This is the ideal product you should purchase if you are tight on kitchen space.  They will allow you to maximize your cabinet space.  The rangetop also offers additional features like a built-in grill or griddle. The rangetops are equipped with four to seven gas burners, letting you cook food quickly, efficiently, and precisely.

Gas on gas ranges:  As this range name indicates, it is totally powered by gas; oven, and cooktop.  This is the right range for you if you are concerned about the speediness of the cooking.  The reason that some prefer gas is that it provides immediate heat.  This will make the food cooked in the oven and on the cooktop to cook quicker than if they were being cooked by electricity.

ZLINE Range Hoods

Although this is technically not a ZLINE range, it is part of their range line.  This is a canopy that sits over the range to capture pollution and smoke that is caused by cooking.  It also blows air beneath it to improve the air quality in the kitchen while cooking.  It is a great addition when you purchase a Zline range.  

The range hood will help to absorb all the grease so it will not build up on your range or rangetop.  They come with baffle filters, which is a curved grill casing that is used to trap grease and oils.  They are constructed using a stainless steel or aluminum material.  With the gap in the filters, it is easier for the air to flow through and helps to contain the grease and oily particulates.

They are sold separately to give you the option to have one or not but they are designed to match your ZLINE range.  They come in various finishes of stainless steel; silver, black, outdoor, DuraSnow.  They also come in wood.  There are also different amounts; island, insert, wall, and under-cabinet.

Their range hoods offer many different features such as baffle filters that are dishwasher safe, built-in LED lighting, and a powerful motor that runs quietly.  You can pair them so they complement each other or make the ZLINE range stand out as a major part of your kitchen.

ZLINE GL1i-30 Island Mount:  This is an island range hood mount made of 430 Grade stainless steel with a built-in 4-speed motor.  It will efficiently pump out the hot air and fumes, keeping your kitchen well ventilated.  It has an accessible push-button control for the fan speed and LED light.  It has a brushed steel finish.

ZLIN KB-36:  This is one of the best ductless range hoods and is wall mounted.  It can also be converted to a ductless exhaust system; just add the activated charcoal filters.  It is a durable range hood that can last many years and also has stainless steel baffle filters.  It has an automatic shut-off system.  You can get them in 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches.  At the back of the hood, there are two directional lights.

Even at low speed, it still has good suction power.  One of the drawbacks of this range hood, there are just two bolts that hold it into place, which is not sufficient enough to hold it firm.  When it is on, it may vibrate.  

ZLINE KB-30:  This is also a wall-mounted range hood that will give your kitchen an industrial look with its shape and color.  This one comes with two LED lights and three metal grates on the underside.  The fan has four speeds with a timer that you can set to turn them off.  It uses both functions as ductless and duct range hood by using filters.  It can fit ceiling heights of eight to nine feet.


What exact features the ZLINE range will offer depends on the model you choose.  Some of the features you can find on these ranges include:

  • Cast iron grills—these will distribute heat longer than other types of grills.  They are also very durable and give you a simple one-lift cleanup.
  • Ball-bearing racks—these types of racks maximize accessibility up to 50% and help to prevent any sudden jolting or jerking when you pull the racks out of the oven.
  • Triple layer glass—this glass will help conserve up to 35% more heat and give you crystal clear visibility.
  • Stainless steel knobs—these offer smooth temperature control with ease and will give you precise flames.
  • Italian burners—these burners are imported from Italy and are handcrafted utilizing premium alloy.  Each time you use them, they will deliver clean-burning flames.
  • Reversible griddle—this feature is provided with all of their 48-inch ZLINE range tops.
  • Stay-put hinges—these Italian stay-put hinges give you a safe, stable baking environment as they hold the door in place at any angle.
  • Panel-ready colored doors—when choosing your ZLINE range, you can blend in or stand out with your choice of ZLINE designer door in multiple finishes.
  • Porcelain cooktop—the cooktop has a high-gloss black porcelain finish.  Over time, it will not build up residue or tarnish and give you an easy surface to clean.

Parts of the ZLINE Range

Cooktop:  The cooktop is made with single-piece porcelain, which is ideal because it is highly resistant to damage and scratches, hygienic, and easy to clean. It allows you to clean up any splashes or spills without fear of damage or stains. 

There are also four to eight brass burners to provide superior heat.  They also distribute heat more evenly.  This lets the burners to work stronger, have better performance, and to work faster.  These types of burners are more resistant to burnt-on grime and stains.  This will help to ensure the attractiveness of the burners and longevity.

The burners are crafted in Italy and specifically designed so that when you clean them, they can be easily detached.  With the ease of cleaning them, it will give them longevity.

Materials:  As mentioned, all are made of stainless steel.  This is one of the best materials for a ZLINE range.  It makes them durable, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Oven:  The oven door has stay-put hinges that are designed to support the weight of the entire door.  It will let you crack open the oven door to any place you want without worrying that it will fall all the way open.The oven door also has a triple layer of glass so you can easily look at what you are baking or cooking to make sure it is cooking properly.

With the triple glass, the kitchen is kept cool while the food is being baked or cooked.  In the oven, you will find ball-bearing racks that will let you slide the baking racks in and out easily.  The oven has a convection fan system.  This fan distributes heat throughout the oven to make sure that the food is cooked evenly and properly.  

Color and sizes:  The ZLINE ranges come in multiple sizes and colors.  Most are made from silver or black stainless steel but there are some models that have colored door options.  They range in size from 30 inches to 48 inches.

Top Zline Range Models

48-inch Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Range:  This is their top-of-the-line range because of the size.  It comes with an electric oven and gas stovetop.  It has a 6.0 cubic feet electric convection oven with a triple glass window and dual lighting.  It features two ovens; 1.8 cubic feet and 4.2 cubic feet.

There are seven burners with electronic spark ignition; two dual work burners, rapid burner, grill burner, auxiliary burner, and semi-rapid burner.  It has a price tag of over $4,500.  It measures 48 x 29 x 36 inches and weighs 270 pounds.  On the porcelain cooktop, there are no crevices that are able to hold residue.

The larger over measures 23.5 inches wide, 11 inches high, and 15 inches deep.  The small oven measures 9.5 inches wide, 11 inches high, and 15 inches deep.

36-inch Stainless Steel Gas Range:  Of all the ZLINE ranges, this is one of the best.  It comes with a 4.6 cubic feet deep convection oven with a triple glass window, and dual lighting. It also has a self-cleaning feature.  The oven will fit most dishes you want to bake or cook.  This range measures 28 x 36 x 36 inches.

It features six burners, also with electronic spark ignition.  It includes two rapid burners, a dual wok, an auxiliary burner, and two semi-rapid burners.  It has a price tag of approximately $2,500.

36-inch Professional Black Stainless Steel Dual Fuel Range:  This range uses both gas and electric fuel.  The electric convection oven has 4.6 cubic feet, a triple glass window, and dual lighting.  There are six burners; two rapid burners, an auxiliary burner, a dual wok, and two semi-rapid burners.  As with all of them, it is an electronic spark ignition.  It has a price tag of approximately $3,000.

48-inch Professional DuraSnow Stainless Steel Gas Rangetop:  This is one of the biggest range tops on the market.  It has a price of approximately $2,000.  It comes with seven burners; two dual woks, a rapid burner, auxiliary burner, griddle burner, and two semi-rapid burners all with electronic spark ignition.

It has a no-scratch ceramic design that can handle every cooking environment.  The solid piece cast iron grill is heavy duty and is built to last.  It weighs 109 pounds.

30-inch Black Stainless Steel Gas Range:  Although this is one of ZLINE’s smaller ranges, it does not skimp on features or quality.  It will serve all your kitchen needs in the smallest of kitchens.  The convection over is 4.0 cubic feet with a triple glass window and dual lighting.  

There are four burners; rapid burner, dual wok, auxiliary burner, and semi-rapid burner all with electronic spark ignition.  It has a price of approximately $2,500.  This range measures 28 x 30 x 36 inches and weighs 230 pounds.

Gas Range or Dual Fuel Range

Gas range:  This is the range you want if you are worried about the quality of cooking.  They also provide immediate heat so you can cook food faster and more precisely.

Dual fuel range:  This is the one that you should choose if you want to cook food evenly in the oven and quickly on the cooktop.  If you are worried about efficiency, a gas range is what you need.  


The cost of the ZLINE range starts at around $2,000 and then increases according to the model selected and features.  It is an affordable price when you look at all the features including Italian burners, porcelain cooktops, and your choice of gas and electric or just gas.  According to ZLINE, their products are 50% to 60% less expensive than other luxury ranges on the market today.  ,

When you purchase a ZLINE range, you will get impeccable style and unmatched quality.  With the range hood, you will dependable integrity with a life-time warranty on the motor.  Their range hoods are some of the easiest ones on the market to install.  The range hoods may look expensive but have a decent price tag and worth the price.

These ranges are their most popular products that you will find on the market today.  They are heavy duty ranges that are very durable and easy to clean.  When you buy a ZLINE range you will be investing in a product that will weather the years to come.  Although you may consider them expensive when compared to other ranges on the market, the extra money is well worth it.  

With their range hoods, you get an expensive look without the expensive price.  For the power output, their motors are generally quiet.  Most have directional lighting and auto-shutoff features.  When you pair ZLINE ranges and range hoods, you will have a kitchen that will be the talk of your friends and family when they visit.  Visit their site and see for yourself whatever one is talking about and why you should purchase both of these for your new kitchen or renovation.

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Anyone have a ZLINE range?

Our Zline 30" range was delivered last year May. We had numerous problems with it. The oven temp was 100 degrees off. Also, the smallest burner was too high even on the lowest setting. Zline sent out someone to fix it. The company they contracted to do the work sucked. Sorry, there's no other way to put it. They did not fix the problems. In October I called Zline and told them that the range was still 100 degrees too hot. They sent out a whole new unit, and honestly, now I LOVE my Zline range. They had changed the design of the range a bit. The burners worked better, the oven heated to the correct temperature. For those who don't know, ovens do not heat up to one temperature and stay at that temp. They fluctuate during the baking process. A 25 variation is considered accurate. Like others said, things at the back of the oven do cook faster when on high oven setting, but on convection that is not a problem. Now I'm happy with it. I won't, however, spec it to my clients because Zline does not have contractors in Michigan to fix it if there is an issue, and general appliance repair companies won't work on it.

Sours: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/4967444/anyone-have-a-zline-range
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ZLine Range Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2021

zline range reviews

One of the best ways to upgrade your kitchen is with a new range. Zline ranges are attractive appliances that make your kitchen look modern and updated. You’ll find that our Zline range reviews point out why they’re among the best brands on the market today. They’re ideal for all kinds of cooking styles and they’re affordably priced. We offer the top 8 models in review along with a buying guide to help you find the right range for your situation.


8 Best ZLine Range Reviews and Features

1. ZLINE 36 in. Professional 4.6 cu. ft. 6 Gas Burner/Electric Oven Range

The ZLine 36-inch Professional is a 6 burner hybrid range that features gas burners with an electric oven range. It delivers the even and clean cooking of gas heat with the convenience of electric heat in the oven. You can watch the progress of baked goods through the clear glass oven door panel. Dual oven lighting allows you a perfect view. Three layers of glass with a mesh and aluminum seal keep the heat contained for even cooking without disruption. The burners are hand-crafted of Italian alloys for strength and durability. The sealed burners are easy to detach and clean. This makes it easier to keep your range looking like it did when it was brand new. The stovetop is made of heavy-duty one-piece porcelain that is scratch-proof.


  • Exceptional value for the cost
  • The burners and oven work perfectly
  • Strong and well-made range holds up nicely over time
  • Even cooking
  • Easy to use


2. ZLINE 30 in. Professional 4.0 cu. ft. Gas Burner/Electric Oven Range (RA30)

The ZLine 30 in Professional is a smaller range that is ideal for tiny kitchen spaces. It is an attractive unit that updates the aesthetics of any kitchen area with a modern vibe. It features a three-layer glass panel to let you watch the progress of baked foods. A dual oven light provides bright illumination of the oven inside. The burners are made of heavy-duty materials and are hand-crafted. This makes them cook foods cleanly and evenly with an even heat distribution. The burners detach for easy cleaning. The porcelain cooktop resists scratching and it’s made of 1 piece for easy cleaning with no nooks or crannies. Twist legs adjust the height of the range between 36 to 38.5 inches. The adjustable legs are a premium feature that adds convenience to your life when there are cooks of different heights in the house.


  • Simple to use range with no complicated digital controls
  • The food cooks evenly every time. Very dependable temperature
  • The range is easy to install and setup
  • Attractive range that makes the kitchen look more modern
  • Well-made range with strong materials that maintain a like-new look


  • Some issues with the simmer function on one burner
  • Customer service is poor

3. ZLine 48 in. 6.0 cu. ft. 7 Gas Burner/Electric Oven Range (RA48)

This model is ideal for busy cooks or chefs who like to cook large meals. It’s a heavy-duty range with high-quality Italian burners. They’re made for efficiency with gas power and clean-burning flames for even distribution. The burners detach for easy cleaning. The cook-top is porcelain in one piece. It’s scratch-resistant for durability. The grill is solid cast iron that holds up under high heat. Three layers of glass and dual lighting let you see the progress of your baked goods.​​​​​ The 7 burners are perfect for cooking up to seven-course meals at the same time. If you’re a gourmet chef, or if you just enjoy preparing large diverse meals for your family, this is an ideal choice for a professional or hobbyist baker’s kitchen.


  • Beautiful range that improves the look of the kitchen area
  • Racks glide in and out easily
  • Great stove for multi-tasking. It’s more powerful and capable than most
  • Convenient design with multiple burners
  • Great value for the cost when compared with other brands


  • Customer service is not helpful
  • No self-cleaning feature

4. ZLINE 36 in. Professional 4.6 cu. ft. 6 Burner Gas on Gas Range (RG36)

The ZLine Professional is a 6 burner gas range with a large capacity for cooking large meals. The burners are handcrafted with Italian craftsmanship for strength and durability. This range is heavy duty and delivers exceptional and powerful cooking performance. It comes equipped with a convenient self-cleaning feature. A built-in timer signals when food is done. The exterior is made of dent-resistant stainless steel in a premium alloy that is strong and durable. The top is made of non-scratch porcelain in a single piece. The grill is cast iron that holds up well under intense heat. These tough grills are highly resistant to cracking and breakage. This is a strong and sturdy range that is made to last for years.


  • 6-burner capacity lets you cook large amounts of food at once
  • High-quality build for long life
  • Even cooking on the burners
  • Clean burning natural gas power is energy efficient
  • The racks slide in and out smoothly


  • The manufacturer sends warranty and service to a third party

5. ZLine 30 in. Professional 4.0 cu. ft. 4 Burner Gas on Gas Range (RG30)

The ZLine 30-in Professional is a smaller more traditional 4 burner gas range. It features an attractive stainless steel cabinet that is dent and scratch-resistant. The burners are hand-crafted by Italian artisans for strength and durability. This oven is equipped with a self-clean feature for fast and easy cleaning. A built-in timer tells you when food is done cooking. the stainless steel cabinet is made of a premium alloy that is resistant to denting. The porcelain top also resists scratching for a durable range that stays looking like new for years. It is built for smaller homes and apartments with its compact size.


  • Accurate and powerful burner heat
  • Even heat distribution for precision cooking
  • Beautiful design that compliments any kitchen decor
  • Simple and easy to clean with the self-cleaning option
  • Very easy to use. There is nothing complicated about the operation


  • Customer service is not responsive for simple issues

6. ZLine 36 in. Professional Gas on Gas Range (RG-SN-36)

The ZLine 36-inch Professional Gas on Gas Range offers clean and affordable energy. This is a basic model that is affordably priced without skimping on quality. The burners are made of strong alloys by Italian craftsmen. The units are designed to provide even and powerful distribution of heat. The Smooth Slide ball bearing oven racks slide in and out effortlessly. This cuts down on the amount of hassle and frustration from sticky racks that are difficult to move. Free moving racks are also a safety feature that lessens the chance of accidental burns. A built-in timer sounds the alarm when food is done cooking. This is a modern range that provides you with all of the possible conveniences in one attractive appliance.


  • Beautiful range in an attractive stainless steel case
  • The sealed burners make this stovetop easy to clean
  • Burners cook the food evenly and quickly
  • Well-build range that still looks good after years of use
  • High-quality product that is worth the price


  • No issues reported for this model

7. ZLINE 30″ Black Stainless 4.0 cu.ft. 4 Gas Burner/Electric Oven Range (RAB-30)

The line 30″ Black Stainless range is a smaller unit that is ideal for smaller kitchens or apartments. It’s made of strong and durable materials with a stainless steel frame and shell. The black color is sophisticated and attractive. The oven is well-insulated with three layers of glass and a mesh seal. You can look through the glass to check the progress of your baked goods. Dual oven lighting illuminates the interior with crystal clear visibility. The front control knobs give you five functions for burner adjustment. The burners are made of strong Italian alloys that hold up under intense temperatures. Sealed burners are easy to clean.


  • The compact size is perfect for smaller kitchen spaces
  • Burners cook evenly
  • Gas heat is more energy efficient
  • This range is simple to use
  • The exterior is attractive and is the focal point of the kitchen


  • There are no complaints or concerns associated with this model

8. ZLINE 48 in. Professional Dual Fuel Range (RA-BLM-48)

The ZLine 48-inch Professional Dual Fuel Range offers the luxury aesthetic of a Black matte door to make your kitchen the focal point of the home. This range features strong and durable construction that holds up over time. The burners are made of premium alloy material. They are hand-crafted by skilled Italian artisans for even and clean burning. Proprietary hinges give the oven door exceptional strength. You can watch your food cooking through the triple-layer glass window pane. Dual oven lighting gives you plenty of light to monitor the progress of baked foods. Six burners are conveniently placed to allow you ample space on the cooking surface. This is the ideal range for preparing large meals with several different courses.


  • Six burners are ideal for large families
  • The food always cooks evenly with reliable temperatures
  • The range is straightforward with simple controls
  • Cleaning is easy because the burners detach with little effort
  • Solid built with heavy-duty construction. The grill is made of strong cast iron that takes extreme temperatures well


  • There are no complaints or concerns associated with this unit

Buying Guide for ZLine Ranges

With our reviews of the Zline Ranges, you may still have some questions about which range is the best option. The best range is the one that best suits your situation and meets your cooking needs. We offer some helpful tips that will help you choose the right model for the best solution for your kitchen

The first consideration to make is the amount of room that you have in your kitchen for a range. It’s wise to measure the area where the unit will sit. Determine how wide, long, and high the area is that you have available to place the range. This will help you choose the most appropriate size that will fit into your kitchen.

The size of your family will help you to decide how large the range needs to be. If there are just one to three people in the house you might not need to have a full-size range unless you do a lot of cooking. The smaller 4 burner units might be the best choice. If there are few household members who love preparing large multi-course meals, however, you might need more burners at your disposal.

Your cooking style will also help you to choose the right model. If you are a gourmet chef, you may need a more complex range. If you have several saucepans and other pots on the stove at one time, you may need the 7 burner range for preparing several courses at one time. Your unique cooking style and preferences for the number of burners you have available to use is a big consideration.

As shown in our ZLine Range reviews, there are several different models to choose from. Each comes with its own unique set of features. Some ZLine ranges are equipped with self-cleaning options. If this is a convenience that would make your life easier, it’s something to think about when making your final choice. One of the ranges in our review has twistable legs that adjust the height of the stove. This may also be a useful and practical feature to make the stove work for people of different heights. Another feature worth considering is a built-in timer. This tells you when your food is done cooking. It alerts you that the appropriate time has passed and makes cooking more precise by taking the guesswork out of the timing.

Another consideration to make when deciding which ZLine range to buy is the budget that you have set aside. The most expensive isn’t necessarily the best, nor is the least expensive. Find a model that provides you with the most useful features in the right size and style to meet your cooking needs, for a price that is within your set budget. ZLine ranges are built to last for years and they represent a good investment with reasonable pricing when stacked up against comparable brands and range models.

Consider the decor that you currently have in your kitchen. It’s a good idea to choose the style of a range that will fit in with the interior decorating scheme that you have going on in this room. The Z Line range reviews we provide offer a good selection of different models that offer a variety of styles. Some are available in black color but most are stainless steel. This is a tone that goes with almost any kind of decor. Consider how well it will fit in with your other appliances and choose the one that will look the best.

Frequently Asked Question FAQs:

Question: What does the electrical phase of the stove operate on?

Answer: Many ZLine ranges are dual fuel, which means they operate on natural gas and electricity. This means that you need to have electrical outlets for 220 available for the electric power. This is the same voltage that you use for a washer or dryer. You must also have an available natural gas line piped to the area where the range will set for the hookup.

Question: How are the ranges delivered?

Answer: ZLine ranges are delivered to the inside of your property. They are not left on the curb. It is up to the purchaser to make arrangements to have it moved inside of the home and properly installed.

Question: How many BTUs?

Answer: A Z Line kitchen range with 6 burners operates at a range of 108,00 BTU maximum. The ideal cooking range for a natural gas-powered stove is between 4,200 to 18,000 BTUs. There is ample power for cooking at the required temperature.

Question: Does the range come with a clock or timer?

Answer: Some Z Line kitchen ranges come with built-in exterior timers, but not all of them do. It’s important to check the specifications of the range you’re considering before making your purchase.


Choosing the perfect range for your kitchen can be much easier when you know what to look for. Our buyers’ guide gives you some tips about what to look for to best suit your situation. It’s important to choose the right size, style, and model so you will be happy with your purchase for years to come. Browse through our reviews of the best ZLine ranges to find the model that has the most useful features with the best value for the price with your budget. ZLine is a brand that offers the ultimate in luxury features by keeping them practical, attractive, and simple to use. We hope that you find this guide and review useful in choosing a range that will brighten and enhance your kitchen and your life.

Best Deals Zline Range For This Week

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