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808 Vol. 1 is a fresh collection of dope 808 Bass Samples ready to give you the edge in your next Hip Hop production.

Inspired by Travis Scott, Post Malone, Lil Nas X, J. Cole, Kodak Black & Offset. 808 Vol. 1 was built upon quality research of the 808s they use in their chart topping hits.

We here at Surge Sounds make it our top priority to provide you with the illest 808 Bass Samples that will push your Hip Hop beats to the next level. 100% Royalty-Free

808 Vol. 1 comes loaded with 100 phat key-labeled 808 Bass Samples in keys C, C#, D, D#, E, F, G, A & B all geared to draw out fresh and wicked ideas.

You’ll get this all forFREE!

Whether you’re a seasoned Hip Hop producer or you’re looking to dive into this trending genre, 808 Vol. 1 is guaranteed to boost the bass in your low end!

A taste of the high quality 808 Bass Samples inside

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J. Cole- 4 Your Eyez Only + False Prophets + Everybody Dies; Drums How?

How does Cole Layer his drums, specifically his kicks in these tracks? It doesnt seem like he used 808s IDK if hes using analog drums for layering or what

For these tracks, J.Cole takes drum loops from old records (I think Everybody Dies is the Dexter Wansel - 'Theme from the planets' drum loop, which he also uses on Lights Please, Lost Ones, and maybe other tracks of his), and layers them with good quality samples. Of course you'll have to experiment and play around to get the sound and make your own touch to it, but try this out generally for that kind of sound:

1) Time-stretch the loop to match the bpm you want. Manually chop and move pieces of it to fit the grid how you'd like.
2) EQ the drum loop to make it sound 'cleaner', whether it's taking out high end hiss or bottom end.
3) Put a transient designer / enveloper plugin on it. Make the attack sharper/faster and decrease the sustain so it 'snaps'. This is very pronounced in 'Everybody Dies'
4) Layer the kicks and snares with other kick and snare sounds that you want. Match them to the way you did #1 . The key here is to get good quality samples, and ones that work well. Adjust the volume for each and EQ them to be musical and 'fit' with the original loop as well.
5) Add more layers to make the stereo field a little wider, like panned snare rolls and hi hats to compliment the drum track
6) For the kick specifically, try generating a low-end signal like a sine wave and gating it to the kick to get that extra 'thump' you're probably talking about. Google this method, it's too long to describe here. "Gating kick to sine wave".
7) Send all these to a drum bus and experiment with parallel compression and other processing.

Have fun.

Sours: https://gearspace.com/board/
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#SampleSaturdays – The Sounds of J. Cole

Get ready to step up your game with some soulful musical sounds inspired by RocNation’s artist and producer, J Cole. You will receive three construction kits that includes J.Cole sample drums, vintage percussion, synth leads, thick bass line and J. Coles iconic flute melodies.

What’s included:

  • 3 Construction Kits
  • All tracks separated for mixing
  • Tempo labeled
  • Sounds inspired by J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Hit Boy, Drake, ASAP Rocky, Kanye West, Boi-1da, Chance The Rapper and many more.

The Sounds of J.Cole

Sours: https://blog.imamusicmogul.com/2015/11/samplesaturdays-the-sounds-of-j-cole/
J.Cole Lights Please

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#SampleSaturdays - The Sounds of J. Cole (MIDI + Loops + Drum Kit)

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