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Best Ice Cream Parlors in the New Haven Area

3697 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, 203-281-7229

Libby's Cookies - North Haven
As the name denotes, this amazing place doesn't just sell ice cream, but, the ice cream and Italian gelato are out of this world! Family owned and operated since 1922. This is the sister store to the original Libby's Italian Pastry Shop on Wooster Street.

323 Washington Avenue, North Haven, 203-234-2530

Bill's Carousel Ice Cream and Soft Serve - New Haven
Bill's is a little drive up ice cream business located in New Haven.  They have 24 soft serve flavors to choose from and a little eat out area for enjoy your treats.

1185 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, 203-891-7302

Arethusa Dairy Ice Cream - New Haven
This ice cream comes from Arethusa Dairy and Farm in amazing flavors like Old Fashioned Vanilla, Old Fashioned Strawberry, and Old Fashioned Sweet Cream Chocolate. Get your favorite flavor in a huge waffle cone. You can also grab some of their milk, yogurt and cheese on site.

1020 Chapel Street, New Haven, 203-390-5114

Originally published 7/24/13.

Cover Image courtesy of food.and.nature via Instagram

Click the map to go to an interactive google map listing fab ice cream scoop shops throughout the New Haven area - see below for descriptions and nearby and notable things to do.

[[ Note the 2019 Updates through this list for accuracy ]]

This insanely delicious ice cream trail will take you from ocean front creameries along the CT shoreline - to city scoop shops near amazing restaurants and free world-class museums - out to grassy tree studded homemade ice cream shops in quiet surrounding towns. Taste your way through old-school roadside stands and shops bursting with ice cream innovation alike.

Need something to do between ice cream eating stops?  
Check the Nearby & Notable suggestions to make a day, a week or a season out of your ice cream adventuring!

Scroll to the bottom for Tagan's Favorite Picks - And, please comment below with your favorite flavors and spots! 

In New Haven

Ashley's Ice Cream  - 280 York St, New Haven, CT - (203) 776-7744
A New Haven favorite with excellent super premium ice cream. Most people don't realize this creamy Philly style ice cream contains no eggs and is all natural. Also, their fresh whipped cream (not a spray can), and hot fudge are by far the best around. Old school signature flavors like sweet cream and bittersweet chocolate are always popular, and new hits like Nutella chip, lemon pie and Grapenut have gained a cult following. Non-dairy sorbet offering daily. Fruit from Bishops Orchards are used to produce seasonal flavors. Excellent assortment of toppings. Frozen yogurt, soft serve and Ice cream cakes available as well.  Outposts in Branford, Hamden, Guilford, and Madison...some even sport the frisbees on the wall for the flying disc catching dog "Ashley" the shop was named for in 1973! 
2019 Update: Ashley’s now has non-dairy coconut milk based ice cream options available
Nearby & Notable: Sit by the "Women's Table" Fountain in honor of the first women at Yale and grassy lawn by Sterling Memorial Library, or turn the corner by Toad's Place into a grassy and tree filled courtyard, perfect for a quiet sit or stroll Broadway for lots of shopping.  Thali Too has amazing vegetarian Indian food (try the dosa's) and there's tons of fresh and quick eats nearby: Junzi Kitchen, Yorkside Pizza, Fresh Tacos, Blue State and Mason Mathis for excellent coffee and more.  

Arethusa - New Haven Location   1020 Chapel St, New Haven, CT-  (203) 390-5114
This slick white tiled outpost of the Litchfield farm-based ice cream business opened in downtown New Haven and their fresh waffle cones with enormous servings of super premium "ice cream like it used to taste" have gained great popularity (and long, but fast moving lines). The coffee ice cream and mint chip are particularly popular. Smaller wafer cones are available if the fresh waffle cones are too big for you. Hard scoop only and no artificial ingredients, colors or stabilizers, great classic flavors and a seasonal specials like sour cherry chocolate chunk. Along with the hand made from the farm ice cream, you'll also find cheese, milk, yogurt pints in their shop. No non-dairy option. Additional location in Bantam, CT.
Nearby & Notable:  Atticus bookstore and cafe, Yale Art Gallery & British Art Museum, Candytopia, tons of great downtown restaurants including Claire's Cornercopia (vegetarian), The Ordinary or Anchor Spa for cocktails and snacks, go one more block for great Ethiopian food at Lalibela's on Temple St. 


Chip in a Bottle 837 Whalley Ave, New Haven, CT  - (203) 460-0665
2019 Update: This location has closed and will be reopening further down Whalley Avenue in late summer. Details to come soon.
This newly opened chocolate and gelato shop is located in the heart of Westville Village and run by the talented Darrell Nurse. Gelato and Sorbets are frozen on site, and many are made from scratch. The plum sorbet is to die for, and neighbors love the Caramel Shorty (caramel custard with fleur de sel and chocolate covered shortbread pieces), Spring Fling incorporates of bits of fresh made french macaron cookies (also available for sale), lavender, Nutella and Guinness Caramel are among the many fun flavors here. The shop also sells house made chocolates, espresso, and makes custom ice creams and sweets for events. Darrell is a passionate and talented chef and has the only black owned ice cream shop in the New Haven area. Street parking and a free lot with an entrance just past the shop. 
Nearby & Notable: Edgewood Park free tennis courts and skate park, West Rock Ridge park, Common Ground School and Urban Farm (free open farm days Saturday mornings), great brunch and lunch at Manjares, Bellas & Lena's, Kehler Leddell and DaSilva Galleries and many other great shops on the street. 

Bill’s Carousel 1185 Whalley Ave, New Haven, CT- (203) 891-7302
An old school roadside spot on busy Whalley Avenue. Large selection of hard scoop and flavor burst soft serves available, as well as ice cream truck variety popsicles. A drive thru option, seating at a few picnic tables and off street parking make this a favorite of neighborhood folks and people passing through alike. They also serve up hot dogs, burgers and fries. 
Nearby & Notable: Drive or hike to the top of West Rock for an amaizing view of the city Peak. Drive a little farther to a beautiful walk around Lake Wintergreen, or stop off in Westville Village and check out Kheler Liddell and other art galleries and shops. , House of Chow for great Chinese Food, Manjares for fabulous breakfast and lunch.  Dayton St Pizza and Cilantro Mexican restaurants are right across the street, and Katz’s Deli, House of Chow and Manjares are some other great eateries a short drive away.

Cositas Deliciosas - 271 Grand Avenue New Haven, CT - 203 782 4757
A bright and inviting fruit, smoothie and ice cream shop featuring Latin American flavors and special items in the heart of the vibrant  community on Grand Ave in the fair haven neighborhood of New Haven. The double case of gorgeous fresh fruits might just deter you from eating ice cream at all, but it's worth trying out some of their special Mexican frozen treats to wow your tastebuds. Mangonada (pictured above) has fresh slices of mango topped with mango sorbet, chamoy sour plum sauce, hot sauce and Tajin a sprinkle of chili lime salt - sweet & sour with a touch of heat and salt, it's wonderful. Or try the Chamoyada, which is the same dessert but with shaved ice instead of mango sorbet. a Diablito is a Tamarind or Mango Mexican snow cone (also with sour and spicy toppings), and if you are feeling adventurous, but are looking for straight up sweet, try the Cholado Colombiano with crushed ice, fresh fruit, fruit syrup and sweet and creamy condensed milk. They also serve up a selection of Hershey's ice creams and sherbets in cups or cones. A full selection of fruit salads, smoothies as well as great savory food is on the menu as well like raostedthe pepinos locos - crazy cucumbers are refreshing and delicious). Don't be scared off by the busy street, it's great for walking and there is always parking curbside close by.
Nearby & Notable: La Tapatia is a fabulous latinx bakery, jam packed with treats (you grab tongs and pick your own), and there are numerous lunch and dinner spots with stewed and roasted meats, rice, beans, plantain, empanadas and more: some favorites are J&J Spanish Restaurant (Dominican),  Salsa Authentic Mexican and la Molienda (Peruvian). Two fabulous grocery stores are located on either end of Grand Ave, C-Town only a few blocks away, and Ferraro's Italian Meat Market back towards downtown. Before you leave, head down Grand Ave till you hit the Quinnipiac river's beautiful, and a nice place to stroll or sit and eat your treats. 

Catch the Flava Carts  Grand Ave & Ferry St New Haven, CT and many other locations
This team of family owned Caribbean flavored Ices carts can be found around town, and on every corner of one section of Grand Ave in Fair Haven. Inexpensive and refreshing ices are scooped high into paper cups and flavors typically include: mango, passion fruit, rainbow, tamarind, coconut, cherry and vanilla. Regular spots: Grand Ave at the corners of Ferry, Poplar and Blatchley streets, and in The Hill at Kimberly Ave near Howard Ave. You’ll often find them near sports fields when games are happening. Try Criscuolo Park on Chapel & James and the fields on Ella T Grasso Blvd near route 1.
Check the Nearby & Noteable comments by Cositas Deliciosas above
Photo credits: thanks to Melissa Bailey of the New Haven Independent and

Froyo  46 High St, New Haven, CT - (203) 777-4040
Ok, frozen yogurt is not ice cream (and this one is a chain), but the serve yourself nature of froyo spots make them fun, and the tart flavors add some variation to the sea of chocolate and caramel that dominates the ice cream landscape, so this place deserves a mention. This shop is bright, modern and located on High St downtown, just below the Yale British Art Museum. They typically offer an assortment of 8 flavors, and always have the tart original, vanilla and chocolate. A huge variety of toppings dry and wet toppings including fresh fruit, popping bobas, mochi, cereals and the usual candies and sauces. Just remember these are sold by weight, and you can ask at the counter for a tiny sample cup to try flavors before making a commitment. Note: Summer of 2017, they set up some nitro ice cream mixers on the front counter (much like Milkcraft in Fairfield mentioned at the end of this list), and a poster for bubble waffles (although the machine is always broken... so not sure if it's good or not) If you try it here, please post below to let readers know how it is! 
Nearby & Notable: Froyo is located  just below the Yale British Art Center and around the corner from the Yale Art Gallery, both of which have free admission for everyone. Two blocks away shops not every town has: Group W Bench a New Haven classic hippiesque gift store packed to the rafters with jewlery, statues, mugs, clothes, bumperstickers and so much more ...and on the next corner Alternate Universe comic book and game card store. If you need some food before your sweets, check Atticus Bookstore for great salads, soups and sandwiches, or the many other great downtown offerings, just around the corner.  

Libby's Italian Pastry Shop  139 Wooster St, New Haven, CT  -  (203)772-0380
This Italian American shop scoops up classic Italian Ices just like they have since 1922. Their location on historic Wooster St, down the block from Pepe's and Sally's famed pizza shops, makes this a popular stop for many visitors and natives to the Elm City. The decor is a throwback to 60's ice cream parlor kitch, and you can grab espresso, cannolis and rum cakes as well as the standard selection of Ices flavors. Sit inside or out on the sidewalk and enjoy the company. 
Nearby & Notable: Pizza of course...if you have managed to go through life with out eating at either Pepe's or Sally's Apizza please remedy that situation immediately - for a little extra fun, order a pie from each spot to go and eat them in the playground in the middle of the block...then walk over to Libby's for dessert, oh, and don't forget to grab some local Foxon Park Birch Beer soda (made with real sugar). Saturday mornings (9am-1pm) check out the award winning CitySeed Wooster Sq farmers' market (grab veggies, shell fish, bread, pastry, cheese and meats), or head over to long wharf for a peak at the ocean, a stop at any of the numerous taco trucks and Jordan's Furniture & IT (indoor ropes course). 
Photo credits: thank you wonderful Yelp users

The Mochi Ice Cream Store (inside Jake’s Diggity Dogs) 216 Crown St, New Haven, CT  -  (203)782-1111
2019 Update: This location has closed. Asian mochi ice cream is available at all of the asian markets in town. Million Asian Market at 15 Orange St has a good selection.
Once upon a time this store only served their fabulous Bubbie’s Hawaiian style mochi ice cream (yes, the same ones now sold in bulk at Whole Foods), now you’ll find the ice cream wedged into the popular Jake’s Diggity Dogs shop in downtown New Haven. Mochi ice cream is a scoop of ice cream wrapped in delicious thin chewy mochi (a sweet rice dough). Mochi originated in Japan, but these flavors come by way of immigration and cultural fusion in Hawaii. You’ll find more than the average, strawberry and matcha here. Check out the coconut with chocolate mochi, passion fruit and the Li Hing Mango among many others.  
Nearby & Notable: Bar serves of thin charred crust New Haven Pizza, great beer and a super salad just up the street. Jeera Thai is a good tiny restaurant right next door, and across the street is Mecha Noodle with exceptional Ramen & Pho, excellent snacks and great drinks. Tons of other outstanding restaurants (at all price points) and the Criterion Movie Theater is just around the corner (as are multiple other ice cream spots and vivi bubble tea). 

Katalina’s Bakery  74 Whitney Ave, New Haven, CT  -  (203) 891-7998
You’ll find more than just fabulous cupcakes at this independent bakery coincidentally located in the old Clark’s Dairy spot on Whitney Ave in the Audubon Arts district of New Haven. Owner Kathy Reigelman bakes fresh cookies and packs them with handmade ice cream for a nice selection of cookie sandwiches and she serves up an assortment of fabulous all-natural popsicles. Rotating ice cream sandwich flavors can include chocolate cookies with mint chocolate chip ice cream, cherry vanilla in sugar cookies, matcha green tea and more. Popsicles are an inspiration and studded with fresh fruit and fun flavors. Grab some fabulous fresh cupcakes or baked goods to take home. A modern space with nice tables and chairs and a huge window for people watching. 
Nearby & Notable: The Audubon Arts district is half a block away: sit in the courtyard behind Neighborhood Music School or check out the front gallery at Creative Arts Workshop. A long row of quick food spots dot the street including the excellent Hong Kong market and Great Wall restaurant across the street (the one real dim sum spot in town) as well as Caseus famous cheese shop and restaurant on the corner, 0 Degree Thai rolled ice cream and don't forget vintage clothes shopping at Fashonista. If you're feeling brave check out Escape New Haven and adventure space where you "escape a room by solving a series of puzzles that will challenge your mind and confound your senses".

0 Degree Thai Ice Cream - 48 Whitney Ave New Haven, CT -  (203) 535-1413
Thai rolled ice cream has sprung to popularity in the past few years, and this modern shop is the first to pop up in the city of New Haven, right in the Audubon Arts district (and down the block from Katalina's Bakery - see above).  Custard is poured onto round freezer plates and ingredients (like fruit, chocolate or red bean) are chopped in by hand, spread, mixed and spread again in a thin layer, then, a metal spatula is used to curl the frozen treat into three inch wide rolls and they are placed upright in a cup....Then over to the toppings counter where you get to pick as many treats as you like. In addition to the usual candies and sauces, they have fresh fruit, mochi, pocky matcha and chocolate sticks, and more. Flavors include American favorites like vanilla, chocolate and key lime, and thai flavors like matcha (green tea) and red bean, and thai ice tea with condensed milk. This treat leans more towards ice milk than rich premium ice creams. The shop also has bubble tea made with real milk, rather than non-dairy creamer like most places. 
Nearby & Notable: The Audubon Arts district is directly across the street, grab an espresso from Koffee, sit in the courtyard behind Neighborhood Music School or check out the front gallery at Creative Arts Workshop. A long row of quick food spots dot the street including Caseus famous cheese shop and restaurant a block away, and don't forget vintage clothes shopping at Fashonista. 

Nica's Gourmet Market
Located on Orange street in the heart of the East Rock neighborhood, this Italian gourmet market serves up 16 flavors of gelato including Blood Orange and Hazelnut Biscotti. Get yours in cute and colorful striped cups and enjoy it out on the patio at one of the many tables with umbrellas. You might even pick up some special ingredients for dinner, or grab lunch at their very popular deli counter with excellent prepared foods and hot and cold sandwiches.
Nearby & Notable: stroll along Orange street to any of the great markets and coffee shops. Beyond the numerous good Italian spots be sure not to miss the Bi Bim Bop and Japche noodles at Ms. Kim's Oriental Pantry (near Bradley St). East Rock park is a short walk and you can venture by foot or by car up to the summit to get a view of the whole city. If you're feeling brave check out Escape New Haven an adventure space where you "escape a room by solving a series of puzzles that will challenge your mind and confound your senses".

What is Real Various spots in New Haven
A new seasonal ice cream cart with all-natural carefully crafted flavors, lovingly scooped out by artisan (and musician) Netta Hadari. Favorite flavors include Sun-Kissed Strawberry, Bombay Butter Pecan (with a hint of curry), Dulce de Leche, Banana Cabana and Coffeelicious. Follow on facebook at Whatisreal_icecream to find his scooping location around New Haven through the end of summer. Listen to my interview with Netta about this new business! 

Greater New Haven Area

Jennifer's - East Haven, 388 Main St  -  (203) 468-1573
Classic, family owned New England ice cream shop with plenty of sprinkles and candy toppings. Friendly staff, low prices and simple indoor seating make it a neighborhood favorite.   “Flying saucer” ice cream sandwiches (individual or in packs) and ice cream cakes available in their freezers.  You'll find the usual selection of hard scoop flavors and soft serve, and friendly staff. 
Nearby & Notable: East Haven beach with shaded benches and a splash pad for kids in the park next door. A few miles away is the Trolley Museum where you can ride an old train through beautiful marsh land. 
Photo credits: Thank you yelp users and Jennifer's website

Gutiz Bakery - East Haven - 545 Main St-  (203) 745-0977 Pics coming soon!
While this is not a scoop shop, if you are in the mood for a great assortment of Paletas (popsicles) in latin American/ Caribbean flavors, pull over to this Latin American bakery and lunch spot and snag one from their packed freezer! Paleta flavors include mango, strawberry& cream,  coconut, tamarind, passion fruit, soursop, peanut and more. Grab some snacks: cassava bread, empanadas, guava pastries or lunch: arroz con frijoles and sopa de pollo (rice, beans and chicken stew) while you’re there too….
Nearby & Notable: Head over to lighthouse beach (free if your car is registered in New Haven) or over to the beach in East Haven. Circle Lanes Bowling Alley is just down the road and the Trolley Museum is only a five minute drive away. 

Sandpiper - East Haven, 161 Cosey Beach Ave  -  (203) 469-7544
This take-out ice cream parlor connected to a fish and chips restaurant, sits right across from the beach in East Haven and has an ice cream and seafood take out area as well as a sit down restaurant (inside and outside seating). Order your ice cream and enjoy a classic selection of hard scoop and soft serve ice cream, as well as Italian ices.
Nearby & Notable: The beach with shaded benches across the street and a splash pad for kids in the park next door. A few miles away is the Trolley Museum where you can ride an old train through beautiful marsh land. 
Photo credit: Sandpiper facebook page

Wentworth’s - Hamden, 3697 Whitney Ave - (203) 281-7429
A wonderful local favorite - small batch ice cream spot with nearly 30 flavors, many changing daily. Ice cream is rich and creamy with some unusual favorites like Lemon Custard, Root Beer Float, Pot Hole (oreo and nutella swirl) and the amazing Graham Slam (brown sugar graham ice cream with chocolate covered honeycomb crunch). They love to get creative here, so flavors change regularly.  Choose from sizes starting with teeny (a whopping 4oz!), to kid to single, double or triple scoops to get just what you like. Enjoy your treats inside at one of the cozy tables or out huge grassy area with a gazebo and lawn swing. Some fruit ice creams like strawberry, use berries from local farms. Non-dairy sorbet available. 
Nearby & Notable: Hang out on the lawn or... head over to Brookvale Park with animals, a swing set and fields, the Farmington River Canal Bike Trail (ride this old rail line from New Haven to Northampton, MA!), and Sleeping Giant State Park.

Cherry on Top - Hamden, 1654 Whitney Ave - (203) 230-8772
2019 Update: This location has closed. (Scoop Girl opened near by at 1242 Whitney Ave, back towards New Haven in the same location as The Soup Girl)
This little neighborhood spot sells more than a dozen flavors of Bucks ice cream, made in Milford, CT. Their special draw, fresh Belgian waffles, made to order...get them in a sundae, or in a warm ice cream sandwich. Feeling crazy? Go for the fluffernutter sundae. One non-dairy sorbet available daily, as well as one sugar-free offering. A few tables and chairs inside, and outside on the large shaded sidewalk. 
Nearby & Notable: There are a few restaurants and delis next door or across the street, Rascals Gym - indoor play for little people, and Best Video Film & Cultural Center (and coffee shop) is not far down the road. Sleeping Giant State Park and the Eli Whitney Museum (where kids and build and play on water tables by the falls) are both a short drive away.  

Kelly’s Cone Connection - Hamden, 2538 Whitney Ave  -  (203) 287-0872
This pay by weight ice cream shop run for 30 years by Kelly Ciccione is connected to her father’s fish & chips restaurant. Ice Cream is flavored and frozen on the premises, with cookies and chips mixed in by hand.  Some seasonal flavors including blueberry, strawberry and peach made with fruit from near-by orchards. You’ll find the classic selection of New England flavors here as well as a few new coconut milk based non-dairy ice creams and brightly colored sorbets for non-dairy treats. Seating inside, and easy walk through into the restaurant if you want lunch or dinner to go with your cone. 
Nearby & Notable: Sleeping Giant State Park and Dixwell Ave shopping centers. Many restaurants line this strip of Whitney Ave, including Midori Korean and Japanese Restaurant (with the best Korean hot sauce around), and check out the other independent businesses next door: The Fat Robin Wild Bird & Nature Shop next door, or CT Prints, a Black owned business that still prints good quality photos (ask the owner how much he likes P-Funk). 

Walnut Beach Creamery - Milford, 17-19 Broadway  -  (203) 878-7738
This special handcrafted small-batch premium ice cream shop is tucked into a spot only a block from the ocean. Walk to the beach or sit in their cozy garden. Creamy classics are always in stock and inventive and delicious flavors change regularly and include: Banana Foster, Butter Beer (Harry Potter’s Butterscotch), D-Cup (light chocolate cake batter with cupcakes), Cantaloupe & Cucumber and Lavender Fig, among so many more… Sorbets and vegan flavors vary and are always available. Open late April with the last day of the season on Halloween (free ice cream if you come in costume)!    
Nearby & Notable: The fab ice cream and Walnut Beach are the main draw here. The Lazy Lobster take-out joint is across the street, and many restaurants on the Milford green & Boston Post Rd. 
Photo credits: and Yelp users

Scoopy Doos - Milford, 37 Helwig St  -  (203) 882-8009
This small stand right on the Milford Marina serves up a large selection of Buck’s French ice creams (made in Milford since 1950). Dozens of different flavors of ice cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbet, and yogurts, as well as soft serve vanilla, chocolate. Dairy free ice creams (Tofutti) also available. Outside seating only (great water/boat views), cash only.   
Nearby & Notable: Walk along the Milford Green for small shops and eateries, or head down River St to the fav breakfast spot The Corner, or a little farther on to Scratch Baking Co. Silversands Beach (free year round, with a great boardwalk and huge natural sandbar for low-tide walk towards an island)  and Walnut Beach are great spots for walking or hanging out any time of year and only a short drive away. 
Photo credits: Yelp users

Sundae House - Milford, 499 New Haven Ave  -  (203) 878-0143
A long time Milford seasonal ice cream stand serves up Buck’s ice cream (made in milford since 1950), hard scoop and soft serve with your usual sweet treat toppings. Beyond the parking lot is marsh and then ocean...
Nearby& Notable: Not far from the quaint Milford Green, shops, restaurants, and Silversands (free year round, with a great boardwalk and huge natural sandbar for low-tide walk towards an island) or Walnut Beaches. 
Photo credits: Yelp Users

Cone Zone - Milford, CT 408 Boston Post Rd  -  (203) 783-3971
A purple ice cream shack covered in cows is easily visible on the side of the busy Boston Post Rd in Milford. They serve Giffords brand ice cream and flavor burst soft serve with your standard assortment of toppings. Free parking and some benches for outdoor seating.
Nearby & Notable: Silver Sands State Park beach (free year round, with a great boardwalk and huge natural sandbar for low-tide walk towards an island) and Walnut Beach are a short drive down the road. Check out the Dumpling House for a great assortment of Chinese dumplings (meat, fish and vegetarian), and be sure to ask for the vinegar and spicy sauces.
Photo credits: Yelp users

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A bold choice for a title, I know.

But I have done exhaustive research. And by that, I mean I asked Facebook what everybody’s favorite New Haven ice creams were, and only one person made a disgusting comment about a family member. Which by internet standards, is actually pretty good.

“But Josh, how can we trust your friends don’t have horrible taste?”

Great question. When you meet someone without horrible taste, you let me know, cause they’ll be the first.

So without further adieu, here is my extremely scientific results, with a P of 0.02.

(I don’t know that that means, I just know it needs to be official.)

5. Libby’s Gelato/Italian Ice (6 pts) – 139 Wooster St, New Haven, CT 06511

Why not start this Best Ice Cream in New Haven list with a Pastry Shop which doesn’t technically sell ice cream. Curveball!

In truth, I asked for Best Ice Cream but people loved Libby’s Gelato and Italian Ice so much it was mentioned several times despite not technically being ice cream. One friend strongly recommended the frozen Cappuccino, which is made with gelato.

Libby's Italian Ice

There are few better reliefs on a hot summer day in New Haven’s Little Italy than their selection of Italian ice and gelato. The nice thing here is you can go get one of the greatest pizzas in the entire world, and then follow it with some awesome frozen treat.

You’ll get in shape next year.

4. Milkcraft (9 pts) – 80 Crown St suite 100, New Haven, CT 06511

The new kid in town, hailing originally from Fairfield, Milkcraft is the ice cream which Does It For the ‘Gram. Does it taste good? Who cares. The most precious resource of all is Likes.

If you’ve ever said to yourself hey, this waffle cone is pretty cool, but couldn’t it be even better if it was a comically oversized bubble cone? No? Well, someone did.

Milkcraft Cereal

Milkcraft, which opened its third location in New Haven, uses liquid nitrogen-infused ice cream to make a bunch of insane flavors such as Blue Cookie Butter, Milk and Cereal, and S’mores.

Plus it’s only like 30 dollars or whatever.

(7.95 for one scoop)

3. Bill’s Carousel (12 pts) – 1185 Whalley Ave, New Haven, CT 06515

It’s 11:30pm and all the ice cream spots are closed. You gently sob to yourself, knowing your future is a pint of some ice cream at Walgreens. Which means you have to go to Walgreens. It’ll probably be full of those Explo kids. Why even live, really.

But the you remember, isn’t Bill’s Carousel in Westville open until like…. whenever?

I once asked the guy working there, as it was around 1 am, when they closed. He was like

“Oh you know… it depends.”
“On what?”
“If there’s people hanging out and eating ice cream, we’ll just stay open.”
“Until when?”

He just shrugged at me.

That’s the kind of service you get on Whalley Avenue. And the only place with an ice cream drive through. Really, who’s trying to get exercise on their ice cream trips? Nobody.

Bills Drive Thru

Go through, get that chocolate/vanilla swirl with the hard chocolate casing. For a few brief moments, you’ll forget all about those the insane world you live in.

2. Ashley’s Ice Cream (20 pts) – 280 York St, New Haven, CT 06511

It’s a two horse race and as much as it breaks my heart, Ashley’s came in second.

Named after famous adorable dog Ashley Whippet, Ashley’s has been a staple in Connecticut for over 30 years, often winning Best Ice Cream in the Best of New Haven Poll. Which is absolutely a fair rating and not at all a popularity contest where any blog even if they aren’t really related to New Haven at all can win Best Blog cause they have a ton of readers who eat that Clean Eating shit up.

Ashley’s, which has ice cream for dogs (as well as humans I guess), has that kind of old-timey feel you expect from an ice cream parlor. As well as pictures of dogs. So many dogs.

Dog eating ice cream

Their hot fudge and peanut butter sauce are the Truth, no offense to Paul Pierce.

It’s my own personal favorite, but ultimately, who am I to stand in the way of science.

1. Arethusa Dairy Farm (29 pts) – 1020 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510

While it may have been a two-horse race, it was Arethusa who pulled away, easily. Time after time, person after person, probably half my friends who can’t read that I actually wanted THREE answers kept just giving me one word: Arethusa.

People love it for the high quality, generous portions, and insanely cheap price.

It doesn’t hurt that they literally have no idea what one scoop is.

I was like hey can I get two scoops he’s like are you sure you don’t want one scoop it’s a lot and I was like okay and then he proceeded to give me two giant scoops which begs the question what even is a scoop anymore.

Arethusa Ice Cream Cones

Still, you can’t argue with the price, and the ice cream is absolutely delicious, which explains why there’s often a line out the door.

Arethusa is co-owned by George Malkemus and Anthony Yurgaitis, who co-own designer shoe company Manolo Blahnik.

That’s right. Once they conquered the world of high-class stilettos made famous by Sex and the City, they knew they needed a greater challenge. But what? What is next for us, the Kings of Heels?

A dairy barn in northwest Connecticut. Of course.

Arethusa Ice Cream and Cows

Inevitably, that led us to the New Haven Ice Cream Scene. A summit they have now ascended.

Dare I say this is their biggest accomplishment yet. Well done, Mr. Malkemus and Yurgaitis. You are the true New Haven Ice Cream Heroes you always envision. When you first made that fancy shoe.

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Josh Levinson is a writer, comic, software developer, and guy on bicycle in New Haven, Connecticut. He owns a home in Edgewood which he is currently not doing a very good job fixing up.

ON THE MENU: Ashley's Ice Cream in New Haven

Most Visited Ice Cream Shops in Downtown, New Haven


Arethusa Farm Dairy


Address:1020 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510




Ben & Jerry’s

Values-led, Vermont-based ice cream company with locally owned and operated Scoop Shops, known for its euphoric flavors and commitment to using high-quality, responsibly sourced ingredients.

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Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a modern day “roadside” burger stand known for its delicious burgers, chicken, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, crinkle-cut fries, and more.


Address:986 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510



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NEW HAVEN Connecticut Downtown \u0026 Neighborhood Tour - Birthplace of President George W Bush

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