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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Guide – How to Beat All Bosses

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales may not have as many bosses as its predecessor but there are some really cool fights to be had. Most bosses are encountered during the story so you won’t have to go out of your way to find (with the exception of one). Here are all the bosses in the game, though be warned of spoilers.

  1. Rhino (First Fight)
  2. “Vulture”
  3. Rhino (Second Fight)
  4. Prowler
  5. The Tinkerer

Check out how to beat all of these bosses in the videos below courtesy of Boss Fight Database (spoilers, again). For more information on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, check out our review here.

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Spider-Man PS4 Wiki Guide

Once you get him stunned on the tower, zip to him and smack him down to the roof below, and the fight will cycle back to the start. Repeat the process of web shotting to slow him down so you can attack him up close.

When he starts hurling objects at you, hurl them back or keep hitting him after dodging, then finally swing around the tower away from the floor to get back to that final blow.

After the next sequence, things will get pretty intense, culminating on a sideways battle on the building. Your gadgets will all be busted, so focus entirely on dodging his strikes, and countering with some punches of your own.

The rest of this battle comes down to that: beating down Otto with everything you have, and watching for incoming tentacles to dodge before continuing the assault.

Do this, and you’ll finally beat him back to trigger the dramatic finish to this clash - and you’ll be able to view the resulting conclusion of the story.

Congratulations, Spider-Man, you’ve saved the city! You'll now be able to return to Manhattan, and any Side-Missions, Bases, and other activities will still be available (and crime never truly goes away).

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Spider-Man - The Main Event Fisk bossfight and how to beat Kingpin in Spider-Man PS4

The Main Event, and its climactic Fisk bossfight with the Kingpin, is an exciting early mission in Spider-Man PS4 that gives you a great introduction to some basic mechanics.

Here on this page, we'll take you through the mission as well as how to beat Fisk in Spider-Man PS4, but for more guides like this, plus plenty of tips too, you can cycle back to our main Spider-Man walkthrough and guide hub.

Spider-Man - The Main Event mission

The Main Event is your first proper mission in Spider-Man PS4, and it's a pretty good one, taking you through various elements of Spidey's combat and traversal.

Your first task is to go and give the police a hand outside Fisk tower - tackle the enemies there, and then follow the waypoint into the building.

Clear the atrium

Once inside, you've more enemies to take out. Clear the room of bad guys by any means you fancy, and remember to say mobile - in the early game, moving around is the way to keep yourself safe in combat.

Clear the balcony

You'll now be prompted to use a Zip To Point move - pressing L2 and R2 together - up to the balcony where three more enemies wait. This is a mainstay of your movement in Spider-Man so it's worth taking the time to get used to, as you'll use it a lot!


Infiltrate the building

After the balcony's clear and the cutscene's over, you need to climb up the lift shaft. It's simple enough, just push L towards the wall to start climbing, and hold R2 to run up it a lot faster.

Climb into the vent at the top, crawl through it, and eventually you'll reach a grate with a Triangle button prompt for you to drop through.

Clear the area of Fisk's men

You'll find yourself in a big room with several levels - your job is to defeat all the men on the various levels, so use that Zip To Point move to work your way up one floor at a time.

Enter the server room

With the enemies down you'll need to hop up into the vent above the Server Room entrance (where the waypoint leads you). Go through the vents again, perform the Vent Takedown with Square when prompted, and then hop out into the server room.

Stop the countdown

There's a timer on the screen behind the enemies - you need to take them out before it hits zero. Remember to use the debris to throw at enemies (with L1 and R1) to knock them down and give yourself space!


Take care of the guards

More enemies burst in after you stop the countdown - take them out!

Help the civilians

When you exit the server room a bomb will go off, and after a short cutscene you're prompted to climb higher to help the trapped civilians. Follow the waypoint, and be prepared for some QTEs (quick time events) involving some button mashing as you work through the debris.

After that's done use the vent to progress when prompted, to the next area.

Help the bomb squad

They've got rockets! Dodge incoming RPGs from enemies in the same way you'd dodge gunfire, only with a little more timing. Wait for them to just start to fire the rocket then instantly press Circle to dodge it.

Take down the rest of the enemies in this final area, and then follow the waypoint to the doors on the top level.

Find the bomb squad

Pull open the doors when prompted, take out the enemies, and then prepare for a fight.

Defeat the dirty cops

That's right, it was a trap! You now have to fight some well-armed cops. Deal with the shield enemy with a specific combo: Square + Circle. This will punch their shield then see you slide beneath their legs for a free hit at their back, where you can then mash Square for a full combo to take them out.


Prioritise enemies with guns as always, and you should be fine.

After they're done, head through the next set of doors for your first bossfight.

Looking for more Spider-Man guides like this? Our main Spider-Man PS4 walkthrough and guide is where you'll find a hub of all our pages, or you can go straight to our guides to Resources, like Backpack Tokens, Base Tokens, Challenge Tokens, Crime Tokens, Research Tokens and Landmark and Secret Photo Tokens, our big list of all Spider-Man suits and how to unlock them, all Black Cat Stakeout locations and solutions, all Secret Photo Ops locations or, finally, our list of Spider-Man Circuit Puzzle and Pattern Puzzle solutions, including Octavius Projects, too.

Fisk boss fight - how to defeat Kingpin

That's right, you've got a Kingpin bossfight this early in the game! First, his turrets.

To take down the turrets, look towards one (they're built into the pillars in the room), and mash R1 five or six times. This shoots some rapid-fire webbing at it and tangles it up.

Keep dodging the other one, and when you have a free second, press both L1 and R1 to grab the webbed turret, like you would a piece of debris, and throw it. Repeat for the other one.


How to beat Fisk, otherwise known as Kingpin

Now, it's time for some hand to hand combat with the big man. He'll counter your standard attacks, so you need to web him up first, like you just did with those turrets, by msahing R1 repeatedly.

When he's properly webbed you can then get a full combo off, by pressing Triangle to yank yourself over towards him whe prompted - but then back away before overdoing it, as he'll counter you once more.


He'll call in some men, and you'll have a fairly large number of enemies to work through. We recommend you keep mobile - you can actually web sling around the room by jumping and pressing R2 if you really need to get some space fast - and focus on the guys with guns first.

Once the most well-armed enemies are down, turn to Fisk by webbing him and then attacking, and repeating.

Keep an eye on your Spidey-senses and prepare to dodge often, use throwabale objects, repeat the combos on Fisk, and use the Triangle + Circle prompt as a 'finisher' on him too when the button prompts appear.

When he gets critically low he'll grab you for a mini cutscene - be prepared for more QTEs! The button order is:

  • Circle
  • L2 + R2
  • Triangle
  • Hit Square repeatedly

Time those right - remember to press the buttons as the outer circle closes down and hits the smaller inner circle of the prompts - and he'll go down.

Congrats! You've taken down your first boss in Spider-Man PS4.

Cycle back to our main Spider-Man walkthrough and guide hub for more pages like this to help you along the way.

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Spider-Man Miles Morales - All Bosses \u0026 Ending (PS4 \u0026 PS5)

Marvel's Spider-Man: Finding and Beating All the Bosses

Marvel's Spider-Man encapsulates the feeling of playing as the culturally iconic superhero like no game before it. Boasting a responsive combat engine and a perfect web-swinging mechanic, Spidey fans were met with the ultimate web-swinging action-adventure in this title. On top of the technical achievements, the game features a pseudo-photo recreation of Manhattan island for players to explore and do battle within.

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Marvel's Spider-Man provides a cast of memorable villains from the web slinger's rogue gallery. Facing off against the many villains from Spider-man's comic history may prove more challenging than Peter Parker makes it look. This guide will provide some general tips on how to overcome the dastardly villains plaguing New York City.

Fighting Kingpin in Marvel's Spider-Man

The first boss of the campaign, Kingpin serves as the diplomat for the heavy enemy type that will be fought throughout the game. Thankfully, he is a relatively simple boss to defeat. Facing Kingpin serves as an excellent introduction to some of the combat mechanics of the game and can be defeated easily with some guidance.

When fighting Kingpin, be sure to dispatch of any minions he summons as quickly as possible. These enemies will harass you during the course of the fight and can be a major headache if not dealt with. Fighting Kingpin requires players to stun him by launching items or returning thrown items at Kingpin. This will cause him to stagger and allow Spider-Man to do major damage to the crime boss.

Repeat this process until a cut scene begins to play, during this cut scene players will need to perform a variety of quick-time events. After doing so the Kingpin will be taken into custody.

Fighting Shocker in Marvel's Spider-Man

This fight comes in two different versions. The first, a chase through New York City. The second, a head-to-head fistfight.

The chase sequence is pretty easy to complete. Dodge Shocker's energy blasts and don't lose sight of the plaid covered villain. If Shocker escapes too far than the mission will be failed and need to be redone.

When fighting Shocker, the same philosophy is present from the chase sequence. Be sure to avoid his energy blasts at all costs. These attacks cause major damage to Spidey but can be dodged. Launch throwable items at Shocker and shoot him with your web-shooters. This will tie Shocker up and allow players to attack him freely.

Repeat these steps until the villain is captured for good.

Fighting Tombstone in Marvel's Spider-Man

An optional boss, the invincible Tombstone requires players to utilize web-shooters, impact webbing, and web-bombs in order to slow down the crime boss. Webbing up Tombstone and throwing items at him will allow Spider-Man an opening to land some big combos on the villain. Once enough damage is done to Tombstone players can begin applying the cure on him, making his durability less oppressive.

As the fight progresses, watch out for Tombstone's fire chain attacks, their long-range and damaging blows could spell trouble for the web-slinger. Continue webbing and attacking the biker gang leader until a cut scene plays illustrating his surrender.

Fighting Taskmaster in Marvel's Spider-Man

Another optional boss, Taskmaster's combat engagements can be unlocked through completing his challenge missions. When you have completed half of Taskmaster's challenges he will attack you on a rooftop beside one of his terminals. Use available throwable items and gadgets to stun him, then close the distance and attack him.

Once he loses the first engagement, Taskmaster will flee and require you to complete his challenges in order to face him again. The second fight requires players to perform perfect dodges and using gadgets to stun the terrorist villain. After a few stuns and combos the Taskmaster will be defeated.

Fighting Electro and Vulture in Marvel's Spider-Man

Fighting the dastardly duo requires Spider-Man to be mobile in order to catch the two flying villains. The best order to defeat them is to finish Electro first then deal with Vulture last. In order to beat Electro, wait until he is hovering and recharging over generators. Web up the electrically charged criminal then deliver a powerful combo attack. Repeat this a few times and dispatch of him quickly.

Fighting Vulture is significantly easier without the help of Electro. Simply chase the villain and counter his occasional swooping attacks with web shots and combination attacks. A relatively easy boss without the assistance of Electro, Vulture shouldn't be too challenging.

Fighting Rhino and Scorpion in Marvel's Spider-Man

The second villainous pairing battle, Scorpion and Rhino are both difficult bosses to overcome alone, together they are a powerful challenge to face. Due to his ranged capabilities, the first enemy to defeat would be Scorpion. His fast poison shots can spell trouble if not dealt with, especially on top of having to dodge the brute force of Rhino. To defeat Scorpion use your web-shooters to subdue the villain and deal some powerful combos. Impact grenades are especially useful when dealing with the arachnid villain.

After taking care of Scorpion, Rhino requires a bit more strategy to defeat. Be sure to lure him to the various traps throughout the arena, cranes, shipping containers, etc. and drop them on top of the armored bad guy. After stunning him with these traps, close the distance and land some big combos on him. With some patience, the armored villain will serve no trouble for the player.

Fighting Mr. Negative in Marvel's Spider-Man

The main villain of Marvel's Spider-Man, Mr. Negative controls powerful energy which can dish out massive danger on the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. When facing him in his "supercharged" version, utilize your web slingers to damage the behemoth. Then take care of the minions he spawns.

After some time Mr. Negative will return to his normal size when he does so be sure to end the fight as quickly as possible. Through the use of throwable items and gadgets, stun Mr. Negative and unleash a barrage of powerful attacks to defeat the boss.

Fighting Doctor Octopus in Marvel's Spider-Man

The final boss of the game Doc Ock is a powerful and difficult boss to defeat. Be sure to avoid up-close combat, given his advantage in close-quarter combat. His attacks will deal massive damage if not taken with caution. His mechanical tentacles on top of his rapid speed and high damage can make defeating this enemy quite the endeavor.

Be patient and dodge his attacks, players will note small gaps in between his attacks, use these moments to web him up or throw items at the mechanical scientist. Once captured deal big damage through your combinations. Doc Ock will occasionally throw items at the player which can be returned back to him and provide the opportunity to web the villain up and deal big damage.

After he receives enough damage, Doc Ock will electrify the arena requiring players to swing away from his barrage of items. Launch his artillery back at him and eventually, the final cut scene will play out. Signaling the end of your boss filled journey through Marvel's Spider-Man.

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Marvel's Spider-Man is available now on PS4.


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Ps4 spider fight man boss

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4: Ranking the boss fights

Marvel’s Spider-Man featured many iconic villains from the hero’s rogues gallery. In this list, we’ll be ranking the boss fights from worst to best. Spoilers ahead.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is undeniably an incredible and memorable experience. Insomniac truly managed to capture the essence of the web-slinger in every aspect of the game. From the great feeling you get when you swing from building to building, to the thrilling and exhilarating combat. Everything in here is simply awesome. So it doesn’t come up as a surprise that the boss fights are pretty good, too.

There are a lot of bad guys to fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man. And that means some battles are, naturally, better than others. So that’s why we’re here today. We’ll be ranking ten boss fights in the game from worst to best.

#10 Screwball

The internet sensation and villainous Screwball makes a short appearance in the game. In one of the secondary missions, she tasks Spider-Man with going from one place to another to solve challenges and fight criminals. All of this while she records our hero in order to get more views on her social media. (Man, don’t you hate it when people just crave for internet-popularity? Anyways, remember to share this totally cool post with everyone you know as soon as you can! *Bad joke alert*).

At the end of the mission, Spidey finally comes face to face with Screwball. But if you expected a memorable and engaging boss fight, well… let’s just say more of the same criminals you’ve been fighting since the beginning of the game appear and, that’s kind of it. You fight them, and then the police arrive to arrest everyone and capture Screwball. She later claims to have done nothing wrong, and that the police can’t charge her with any crime. Then the mission ends.

Of course, this is just a side mission and, usually, the awesome fights are left for the main campaign (with some exceptions, as we’ll see later). But considering there’s nothing slightly different from this boss fight to a regular one, Screwball takes the spot #10 in this list.

#9 Mister Negative (first encounter)

Photo Credit: Spider-Man/Playstation in association with Sony, Marvel and Insomniac Games Image Acquired from PlayStation Press Center

Since the very beginning of the game, Martin Lee is presented as a major character. In fact, for the first two-thirds of the game, he acts as the main villain for the story. So the player spends a lot of time getting to know him, watch him develop as a villain and even seeing how he and Peter share some tension between them. And after building-up their confrontation for so long, you are treated with a rather underwhelming fight.

There are two main problems with this action sequence:

  • You expect the first battle between Spidey and Mister Negative to be something truly epic.
  • After developing your powers, abilities, and gadgets for many, many hours, this fight slows you down.

And I think both of these things would’ve been solved if this boss fight had taken place earlier in the game. That way, it would’ve been a great way for the player to learn how the combat mechanics work on a very basic level. Not only that, but it would have set the tone for the rivalry between Spider-Man and Martin Lee.

Instead, the battle felt kind of out of place in the final version of the game. It wasn’t bad by any means. However, it was underwhelming. And for that reason, it takes the #9 spot on the list.

Next: Shocker, Tombstone and Kingpin

Photo Credit: Spider-Man/Playstation in association with Sony, Marvel and Insomniac Games Image Acquired from PlayStation Press Center

#8 Shocker

There are two times in the game that you come across Shocker. The first one plays as an incredibly good chase scene where you follow him around the city and try to stop him from escaping. But the second one is where things get a little bit more punchy.

Spider-Man and Shocker battle inside a bank and they really tear the place apart. Although the fight is pretty simple: you dodge, wait for him to get tired, and then you attack. This process is repeated through the whole sequence until Shocker is defeated. It’s basic, but effective nonetheless. Let’s remember that this boss takes place really early in the game, and it serves as a starting point for all the other confrontations. It didn’t need to be complicated, and it wasn’t. But considering there were even better battles later on, Shocker didn’t manage to shock us that much with his fight (let the bad puns keep rolling).

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#7 Tombstone

Another side mission in the game has Spider-Man come face to face with Tombstone. The two of them battle on an old warehouse that eventually catches fire all around you. And if that wasn’t enough, you still have to keep going. All while he tries to hit you with a really long chain that’s on literally on fire.

This one actually surprised me considering it wasn’t part of the main story. It was fun, and the environment really helped the fight feel even more epic. Tombstone and his men could really oppose a threat against Spider-Man considering how many they were. Fortunately, the wall-crawler manages to come out victorious. And at the end, Tombstone really respects that. He tells Spider-Man that he can’t wait for the rematch and that he even likes him. The humanity and personality that Tombstone had really set him apart as a villain.  And he would be the best side-mission boss fight if it wasn’t for another formidable foe that set the bar really high.

#6 Kingpin

Photo Credit: Spider-Man/Playstation in association with Sony, Marvel and Insomniac Games Image Acquired from PlayStation Press Center

The Kingpin’s and Tombstone’s boss battles are pretty much the same. You fight a big guy that’s pretty strong and uses a lot of his henchmen to attack you at the same time. However, there’s one little difference: the scope.

Kingpin’s fight felt bigger (and even more epic) than Tombstone’s and it really opened up the game with a great challenge. It doesn’t come as a surprise if the player dies a lot of times trying to stop Wilson Fisk from escaping the police. But when you do beat him, it feels awesome.

This fight had the difficult task of making the player feel like this is the culmination of 8 years of confrontation between Spider-Man and the Kingpin. Fortunately, it does just that, and it makes the game start with a bang.

Next: Sinister Six, Taskmaster and more

Photo Credit: Spider-Man/Playstation in association with Sony, Marvel and Insomniac Games Image Acquired from PlayStation Press Center

#5 Taskmaster

This is where the fights start to get really, really good. So let’s start with a villain that does not appear on the main story, but rather on a side quest. Yes, we’re talking about Taskmaster. And if you don’t know him, he’s a guy that has the ability to watch someone fight, and then copy his exact same fighting style.

The player actually has to confront him twice, and both times are really awesome. That’s because he practically fights like Spider-man. He even makes the same finishers Spidey does, only this time he’ll apply them to you. The player needs to be fast, try to think differently and above all, has to be really good at dodging attacks. Taskmaster is a really great foe, and his boss fight is guaranteed to be a highlight of the game and its action sequences. (Besides, he talks about The Avengers in one of his battles, so extra points for that!).

#4 Rhino and Scorpion

Photo Credit: Spider-Man/Playstation in association with Sony, Marvel and Insomniac Games Image Acquired from PlayStation Press Center

In the number four spot comes Rhino and Scorpion, the most volatile pair of villains ever. They spend as much time trying to fight Spider-Man as arguing between them (which makes for a fun fight).

My main takeaway from this battle is Scorpion. Either he feels useless, or like a real annoyance. Whether you beat him really easily (as the only thing you have to do is web him up and punch him) or he makes your fight with Rhino a living hell. That’s mostly because he likes to get on a corner and shoot poison from there. So if you are fighting the big guy, he will be shooting you all the time and making the confrontation with Rhino more stressful. Not only that, but he’ll eventually jump into the battlefield to hit Spider-Man once and he’ll jump out again. But, then again, that’s all that he does. You can take him out very fast and very early to make things less complicated.

And that leaves us with the most fun part of the fight. Unlike most other villains, you have to fight Rhino in a non-traditional way. Normal hits won’t work, and trying to web him up is useless. This is a nice change, and it makes things more entertaining. Sure, the mechanic to beat him is still pretty simple, but it’s different. And that’s what sets this boss fight apart from the rest.

#3 Electro and Vulture

Photo Credit: Spider-Man/Playstation in association with Sony, Marvel and Insomniac Games Image Acquired from PlayStation Press Center

There is one thing that every boss fight so far has in common, and that’s that they all take place on the ground. So to change things up a bit, let’s talk about Electro and Vulture. Both of the villains make for great foes on their own, and their team up is something of pure genius. This fight combines the two of the best aspects of the game in one: the web-slinging, and the combat. And that’s basically how you manage to get the spot number three in this list.

The environment is the best for this occasion, as Spider-Man’s web can attach to many points. This helps the battle to stay in the air at all times, and it makes for a very cinematic confrontation. There are also some quick time events here, but not in a bad way at all. The player really needs to react fast at all times, and this only makes it even more satisfying when you manage to put them both down.

Next: Martin Lee (again) and the final boss.

Photo Credit: Spider-Man/Playstation in association with Sony, Marvel and Insomniac Games Image Acquired from PlayStation Press Center

#2 Mister Negative (second encounter)

If the first fight against Martin Lee was underwhelming, the second one will set things more than right. Not only does Spider-Man have to fight Martin and some of his supernatural henchmen, but also the true demon within him (and he’s huge).

The whole game has been leading up to that point and it really delivers. Very few other moments compare to this fight, and with good reason. Mister Negative opposes a great threat for Spider-Man and the player, so be prepared to take in a few good punches when you face him.

#1 Doctor Octopus (the final boss)

And we’ve come to the very best action scene of the game. Not only this battle takes place on the ground and on air, but it goes all the way to fighting on the side of a building. This is the most cinematic and awesome you can get on a Spider-Man game. Every animation, dialog, and mechanic is flawless. It also helps that the top of the Oscorp tower is a perfect place for a climactic battle and that Spider-Man’s suit for the occasion looks really cool.

For this sequence, the player needs to put into practice everything that he or she has learned up until that very moment. Every gadget can and should be used. Otto Octavius is relentless and he will fight you to death. In order to beat him, you need to be the very best Spider-Man you have been in all of the game.

But I think one of the greatest aspects of this battle is that at one point it isn’t about Spider-Man fighting Doc Ock anymore. Otto breaks your mask around the middle of the fight and then Peter and he talk about how much this whole confrontation means to each one of them. And it’s right there where it becomes about Peter fighting his mentor in order to save Aunt May (not Spider-Man trying to fight an ordinary bad guy to rescue the city). This is truly the most personal you can get on any Spider-Man story. It really makes both of Peter’s worlds collide and it delivers a huge, emotional and epic final boss (that’s my personal favorite out of any video game).

With indications that both Venom and the Green Goblin could appear on a sequel, there are only bright things ahead for Insomniac’s Spider-Man. The only bad thing? The waiting for at least two years for that to happen. In the meanwhile, be sure to stick around with Whatever A Spider Can for everything Spider-Man related.

So what do you think about our boss fights’ rank? Do you have another opinion on how should they be placed on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

Sours: https://bamsmackpow.com/2018/09/29/marvel-spider-man-ps4-ranking-boss-fights/
Spider-Man PS4: Doctor Octopus Final Boss Fight and Ending

Spider-Man PS4

Boss Fight Guide & Tips

Stuck on a boss? This guide includes walkthroughs and tips to help you beat Kingpin, Shocker, Electro, Vulture, Scorpion, Rhino, Mr. Negative, & Doctor Octopus.

Featured Articles

Check Out the Combat Tips & Tricks

Table of Contents

How to Beat Kingpin

Boss FightAct 1: The Main Event
Check Out Kingpin Boss Fight Guide!

Defeat the Henchmen First

Bring the fight to a one-on-one between you and Kingpin by taking out the henchmen first. This will let you focus on Kingpin without having to worry about the henchmen taking potshots at you.

Use Air Combat to Prevent Being Ganged Up On

Hold the "☐" button to throw the henchmen in the air and attack them there. This is also a good way to avoid Kingpin's attacks and you take out henchmen in the process!

Use Your Web Shooters to Stop Kingpin's Movements

Immobilize Kingpin with your web shooters to keep him from attacking you. From a bit of distance, rapidly press your "R1" button then zip and attack him by tapping "△".

How to Beat Shocker

Boss FightAct 1: A Shocking Comeback
Act 1: Financial Shock

First Battle with Shocker

Use X while Swinging to Accelerate

Move faster by pressing the "X" button at the height of your swing during the chase. You will catch up to shocker faster using this!

Press ◯ to Smoothly Round Building Corners

Rounding buildings can be awkward and maybe even cost you some time during the chase sequence. Smoothly go around building corners by holding the "◯" button while turning.

Check Out Shocker (Part 1) Boss Fight Guide!

Second Battle with Shocker

Focus on Avoiding Shocker's Attacks while the Barrier is Up

Don't bother doing attacks while Shocker's barrier is active because it won't work. Focus your time on surviving through his attacks until there's opening for you to attack him.

Throw Items to Shocker to Damage Him

The barrier will eventually disappear for a while, giving you an opportunity to attack Shocker. Throw items at him or attack him with the "☐" whenever his barrier is down.

Check Out Shocker (Part 2) Boss Fight Guide!

How to Beat Electro & Vulture

Boss FightAct 3: Picking Up the Trail

Focus on Electro First to Make the Battle Easier

Electro will keep throwing electric attacks and will become meddlesome throughout the fight. Deal with him first by attacking the electric web until the transducer in the building gives out.

Throw Vulture's Wing Chips Back at Him

Vulture is easier to manage since you will get a prompt whenever he approaches. Turn his attacks against him by throwing back at him his Wing Chips!

Check Out Electro & Vulture Boss Guide!

How to Beat Scorpion & Rhino

Boss FightAct 3: Heavy Hitter

Use your Web Shooter to Get to Scorpion

Scorpion will move away whenever you try to approach him. Use your web shooters to stop him from escaping then attack!

Throw Items at Rhino to Defeat Him

Rhino cannot be stopped with your web shooters. Defeat him by throwing items and obstacles at him, while also avoiding his rush attacks.

Check Out Rhino & Scorpion Boss Guide!

How to Beat Mr. Negative

Boss FightAct 3: The Heart of the Matter

Mr. Negative First Boss Fight

Shockwaves are Based on Mr. Negative's Hands

Know how to dodge the shockwaves based on how Mr. Negative throws them. Swinging with his right hand would mean a vertical shockwave, while both his hands would mean a horizontal shockwave.

Check Out Mr. Negative (Part 1) Boss Guide!

Mr. Negative Second Boss Fight

Throw an Obstacle Against the Demon Projection

Bring Mr. Negative's Demon Projection down by throwing different items and obstacles at it. There's a lot you can throw in that area so don't worry about running out.

Avoid the Arm Sweep by Going Up in the Air

The demon projection's arm sweep will get you if you try to escape it on the floor. Jump up and get into the air to save yourself from the attack!

Don't Waste Finisher Moves on Henchmen

The henchmen can easily be taken care without having to use the Finisher Move. Instead, save up your focus on healing in case you get hit by the demon projection's attacks.

Check Out Mr. Negative (Part 2) Boss Guide!

How to Beat Doc Ock

Boss FightAct 3: The Heart of the Matter

Shoot Web while Avoiding the Arms

Create a rhythm between avoiding Doc Ock's arms and shooting him with your web. Recklessly attacking him could easily get you beaten.

Fight in the Air once Otto Climbs the Building

Take the fight into the air by using the pillar on the outer wall of the building. You must also throw objects at Otto to defeat him for this stage.

Avoid his Arms and Counter Attack

Your gadgets will be locked out of this stage so you can't use them. Avoid attacks when your spider sense shows up and attack Otto. Repeat this and you will win the fight!

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How to Beat Tombstone

Boss FightSide Mission: "Tombstone: Let's Get Ready To"

Use Web-shooter to Stall Tombstone While Fighting Henchmen

During your first phase, you will need to take down his henchmen before taking on his second phase. Be warned, these henchmen can turn temporarily semi-invulnerable.

Beware of Tombstone's Flaming Chains

In the second phase of his fight, Tombstone will start using flaming chain as his weapon. This will vastly increase his reach and will attack twice in succession.

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How to Beat Taskmaster

Boss Fight1st Encounter: Ambushed after completing 5 different Challenges
2nd Encounter: Ambushed after completing all 16 Challenges

Perfect Dodge & Throw Object to Break His Guard

Taskmaster will be able to repel most of your attacks including Web-shooters and Gadgets. Web-throw objects or Perfect Dodge into counters to break his guard.

Beware of Taskmaster's Finisher

Taskmaster will be able to mimic your every move, including your Finishers. Be warned, these finishers are unblockable and will deal heavy damage.

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After hitting him through two such combo sessions, Scorpion will team up with Rhino to take him down. Thankfully your nightmare session was good for something, and you’ll already know how to defeat him.

Dodge his venom projectiles and lunges, and hit him with your Web Shooter to send him tumbling down so you can perform a zip attack and get a combo or Instant Takedown off on him.

As the two alternate attacks, you’ll need to constantly be ready to dodge when you get charged or shot at with venom - and you can give yourself some breathing room by quickly swinging to the other side of the shipping yard so that Rhino has to run around objects while Scorpion leaps around to catch up.

It doesn’t matter who you beat up first - just be mindful of your surroundings to bring down objects on Rhino’s head, or web up Scorpion when you have line of sight and follow him when he falls down to capitalize on his immobility. It's also important to note that friendly fire is a big thing for these guys - you can get Scorpion to blast Rhino accidentally, or let Rhino charge headlong into Scorpion when he comes down to deal some massive damage.

When both of the big guys go down, Spidey will trick them into a shipping container and shut the pair down, nailing two more of the Sinister Six, leaving just two more left to deal with.

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