Web to lead salesforce trailhead

Web to lead salesforce trailhead DEFAULT

I decided to write this article because of lots of comments received from the newbies in Salesforce community. We know that the Lead is the pillar object in CRM from where everything is started. And every CRM related software tries their best to offer best and reusable feature to work with lead and same thing is with Salesforce also. In Salesforce you can create a lead by traditional way like logging into application and then performing other steps.

Web-to-Lead in Salesforce

Salesforce also have lots of cool feature to make the life of marketing user easy and one of them is &#;Web to Lead&#;. It is possible for any organization that the lead (Potential customer) is coming from the site hosted for some product. So in that case we can host a web form (Simple HTML) on that website and whenever the form is filled its record automatically gets created in Salesforce.

So let&#;s start walkthrough for creation of &#;Web to Lead&#; form.
Navigate to &#;Settings | App Setup | Customize | Leads | Web-to-Lead&#;.
Now enable &#;Web to Lead&#; setting and assign &#;Default Lead Creator&#;, This user will be used to create the lead from Web to lead form.
We can also set the &#;Default Response Template&#;, in case we want to auto reply the submitter that his application is submitted successfully.

Web to lead Setting in Salesforce

Then click on button &#;Create Web-to-Lead Form&#;.

Generate Web-to-Lead Wizard

After click on button, above wizard will open.
Here we can decide that which fields should be present in the form and in which sequence.
We can select the return URL (In most of the cases it would be the URL of site from which the form is invoked) also.
Now click on &#;Generate&#; button. The HTML code will be generated as per below image.

Web-to-Lead generated code

Copy and Paste the above code in HTML file and place the file as per requirement.
In the generated code, you can edit the CSS as per requirement so that it should look as per the theme of the parent side.

However, do not change the following component in code.

  • &#;action&#; url in form tag.
  • &#;method=post&#; in form tag.
  • Hidden field value of component name &#;oid&#; (This contains the Organization ID and from this only Salesforce comes to know that in which organization the Lead should be created).
Sours: https://www.jitendrazaa.com/blog/salesforce/create-web-to-lead-form-in-salesforce/

Salesforce Web to Lead

Salesforce Web-to-Lead

This post gives you information about web to lead functionality in salesforce.

What is web to lead in salesforce?

Salesforce web to lead is to directly collect capture the leads form your website and loaded into Salesforce. This is built in functionality in Salesforce. Nothing you need to download or install.

How can I set up web to lead in Salesforce?

  1. Login into Sales force.

2. Go to “set up” -> Customize -> Leads -> click on web-to-Lead

web to lead

Then you will navigate to following screen.

Web to lead

Here we can see web to lead set enabled checkbox is checked. By default web to lead is enabled in sales force. And default lead creator is owner of the lead creator in Salesforce. By default it will display System Administrator who created Salesforce organization.

You can edit the owner of the default web to lead creator and also you can select default Response template by click on the “EDIT” button.

3. Click on “Create Web-to-Lead Form” button then you will navigate to following screen.

Salesforce web to lead

Here you can see the familiar list of fields to display on the web to lead form including custom fields from Lead object. You can add or remove fields by using “add” and “remove” buttons. And also you can reorder fields by using “up” and “down” buttons.

And in the above screen Return URL and Language are mandatory fields you need to mention.

Basically “Return URL” is after the lead form is submitted this is the URL that user will be direct to. It’s good idea to set up thank you page and best offers provided by your company to customers.

4.  Next click on Generate button then you will navigate to following screen.

Salesforce web to lead

Salesforce creates HTML code you can insert directly into your website.

Take that code and do customization to that code according to your requirements. You can add your company logo and you can do additional customization to that HTML code.

Once you have done with customization to this code you can place this code in your website.

You can see list leads that you got from Salesforce web to lead by clicking on the leads TAB in Salesforce.

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Sours: https://www.salesforcetutorial.com/salesforce-web-to-lead/
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Attracting visitors to your website is a critical part of digital marketing. Once they’re on your site, don’t just let them visit once and leave. You can make the most of your web traffic by turning visitors into new leads for your marketing and sales teams to work. That’s where forms come into play.

Directing visitors to a form on your website where they enter information about themselves and their interest in your offerings is an easy and powerful way to turn them into leads. A well-designed form can capture key information about visitors, including demographics and specifics about their interest in your products and services. This marketing and sales technique is called web-to-lead.

Web-to-lead: The process of using a website form to capture visitor information and store that information as a new lead in Salesforce.

Salesforce lets you can easily create web-to-lead forms that capture information about visitors to your website. The information is automatically stored in new lead records in your Salesforce install, and the lead can then be scored, qualified, and routed to sales reps. From there, you can redirect visitors to other pages on your site, send automated email follow-ups, and start them on customer journeys.

We’ve gathered up some great resources so you can learn more about web-to-lead in Salesforce. Some of these resources also touch upon important related topics, including data management and handling email from within Salesforce.

Sours: https://www.salesforce.com/products/guide/lead-gen/web-to-lead/
Generate Salesforce Web-To-Lead

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Trailhead lead web to salesforce

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Create a Leads report - Salesforce Trailhead Solution

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