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Safari Removable Wallpaper 25 | Wall2Stick

This sweet tone of our safari removable wallpaper is perfect for your little one’s nursery or bedroom, featuring illustrated animals from all over the world in a cute and educational style. This safari wallpaper will make your child’s space more playful with little animal friends of this gorgeous wallpaper.

How much of this wallpaper do you need?

Before you place order for your removable wallpaper, take two measurements of your wall: width and height in inches (1 inch = 2,54cm) and put them in fields above to purchase your custom size meadow wallpaper. Your wallpaper will be print with extra 1 inch added to each dimension (height and width). If your wall has specific shape or your project is complicated, just contact with us!

How we made this wallpaper?

Choose one of three types of our premium materials:

➤ Classic non-woven vlies removable wallpaper

High durability, paper feel material with deep matt finish. To install this wallpaper you need to use glue that you will receive with your order. Perfect for all kinds of rooms and in particular to kids room. Non-woven wallpaper can be also installed on surfaces like small textured walls, or painted with latex/acrylic paint, plasterboard etc. This is also removable wallpaper that you can easily remove peeling off without tearing. Designed for beginners and those with experience with classic wallpapers.

➤ Self-adhesive micro canvas removable wallpaper

Self-adhesive micro canvas remobable wallpaper has a matt finish and contain a layer of acrylic glue. Special strength of this glue make it easy to install and repositioning. Microfibre structure of your wallpaper allow your wall to breathe. Requires special preparation of the surface, which must be clean, dust-free and smooth. It can also be installed on surfaces such as glass, smooth MDF or fridges. Do not install on old wallpaper, latex painted walls or in high humidity rooms.

➤ Self-adhesive Vinyl wallpaper

Self-adhesive wallpaper with matt finish with strong acrylic glue. That kind of wallpaper is dedicated to all hard surfaces like, latex painted walls, egshell finish painted walls or for such places like bathrooms, kitchen or high humadity rooms. High opacity structure hides any imperfections on the wall such as dark paint, plaster, etc. If you want to install this wallpaper in places where it may be exposed to abrasions (public places, kids room etc.) or splashes (kitchen, bathroom etc.) please left note to your order and we will laminate it for you to protect print.

You may also order wallpaper sample to see quality of this print – just click button Order Sample and proceed to checkout. Size of sample will be 8” by 8” (20cm x 20cm).

Process of printing

When you place your order, our graphic designer will contact with you and send you project of this wallpaper in real size – this will be time to customize it. When you accept final project, we will print it on selected by you material using Eco-friendly ink that is non-toxic, safe for kids and allergy sufferers.

Then, when it dry, we start cutting. Wallpaper will be cutted into numbered strips which makes installation as easy as falling off a log!

You can customize your wallpaper!

Because every wallpaper in printed to order we can customize it for you for free. During customisation, you can choose size of print scaling pattern up and down or even change colors of some elements. It makes your wallpaper one of a kind!

And the most importantly! You can type size of your wall and we'll print exact size you need to reduce waste of material, save money and save our planet!

We ship your Safari Removable Wallpaper with:

  • ▶ Your Safari Wallpaper
  • ▶ Installation guide of your removable wallpaper
  • ▶ Glue for your non-woven wallpaper or Sample to test your wall before you install self-adhesive wallpaper
  • ▶ Everything is packed in a safe recyclable tube

*The pictures are only demonstrative. Colors may vary depending on the monitor you are using.


Wallpaper Safari and Wild Animals

MagicStick: The wall should be dry, smooth, clean and free of dust- even a minimal texture can cause the wall mural to fall. We do not recommend installing wallpaper on a freshly painted wall. After painting, wait at least 3 weeks before sticking the wallpaper. Note! Condition of the paint on the wall should be good enough to avoid the risk of the sticker peeling off together with the paint. The material won't adhere to textured or painted with latex/acrylic paint wall. Please make sure your wall is prepared correctly as the stickers may rip on old or badly prepared coatings during re-application. Material can be used on any flat surface without creating annoying air bubbles - if this happens, they can be easily removed with a rubber squeegee. Peel and stick material can be hanged and reaplied multiple times therefore keep the transport foil on which the wall mural was attached.The material does not contain paper so it can be cleaned with a wet cloth without using detergents-however, it can not be exposed to direct watering.

Traditional Non-woven: The wall should be dry and clean. The wallpaper must be glued to the wall with wallpaper glue, which can be found in any DIY store. Wallpaper cannot be removed without damaging the surface. The material is made of 100% paper, which means that it cannot be exposed to moisture. The material can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

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Peel and Stick Brick Wallpaper from Wayfair

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Self-adhesive Peel & stick wallpaper are Eco-friendly vinyl material that is sticky on one side, No adhesive required!, easy to apply and can be removed without any sticky residue. these self adhesive wallpaper can be stuck anywhere to brighten up any room, walls, doors, tiles, cupboards, and more. It features eco-friendly, repositionable, removable and water-proof. Newly painted walls should be left at least 3 weeks to completely dry. It can be washed with gentle pressure and a soft damp cloth Strippable. This wallpaper is a perfect gift for friend or family who enjoy decorating their homes.To remove or reposition, slowly peel off the wall and re-apply in the new position. All borders/window films have repeat image pattern. The lengths of image patterns are vary. Not recommended for textured or rough surfaces. Images and colours are for display/example purposes only and may not reflect the actual size and/or color of the item.


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