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Jim D

PM | 01/25/05

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NM - hi, I have one of those remote-controlled ceiling fan/light fixtures in my home. It replaced another ceiling fan. When the installer put it in, he advised us not to turn off the fan/light by using the existing wall switch that controlled the previous fixture. He said doing so would eventually ruin the remote sensor that communicates with the fixture. We control it strictly via the remote control unit.

My wife bought the fan at H_ome D_epot so you should be able to get the customer service number and/or website info by asking the folks in the store working in that area. As far as getting the model/serial number off your unit, it's most likely on the base area where it attaches to the ceiling - meaning you'll have to pull the fixture down temporarily to get at the info. I'm certain you won't get any troubleshooting help from the manufacturer without the info.

I hope this gives you a little help - good luck! Jim D/West Point, VA


AM | 02/08/05

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I was able to track down some phone numbers as I'm having the same problem.

Hampton Bay Customer Service :

for motor problems.

General Home Products :

For remote operation problems.


AM | 10/03/15

turn off power and within 30 seconds of turning it on hold down the fan off button for 10 seconds and it resets it


AM | 04/16/17

I suffered for months and in two seconds, you just solved my remote problem! Thanks for taking the time to post that solution!


PM | 04/22/17

Our remote does not have an off button


AM | 04/29/17

That didn't work for me, any other suggestions? My fan and light work if I turn them on by the switch but I can't control anything, the light is on and the fan is on high.


PM | 05/15/17

I have been fighting with this fan remote forever, 10 seconds holding down the fan off button worked! Thank you!


PM | 06/04/17

Thanks for the post. I have a wall mounted remote (uses a 9V battery) which stopped working. I replaced the battery in the wall mount but nothing. Then I followed this post (breaker off then on, then within 30 seconds held the off button down on the wall control for 10 + seconds)and it works again.



PM | 06/08/17

On my remote the fan controls work but not the light. Anyone know the fix for it?


AM | 06/12/17

No matter what i try, power on/off, hold down off switch, etc, remote will not turn fan on. The only click i hear on the fan is when i hit the "reverse" button on remote, but it still doesnt turn on


PM | 06/16/17

Everything works on mine except the low speed on the fan.I tried the power-off/fan-off reset technique but it didn't help.

(I turned power off at the wall switch - is it supposed to be that or the circuit-breaker? which is two floors away! In my mid 70's, can I make it up two flights in 30 sec? Hmmm )


PM | 07/31/17

After reading the posts I tried the power off/on and pressing the off switch it didn't work but when I told my wife that the remote had to be synced to the sensor in the fan she opened the remote where she had replaced the battery and realized she had moved one of the code settings. She moved it back down and tried the fan and it now works.


PM | 12/10/17

I could not get my fan remote to work for a whileit had been finicky and stopped responding to the buttons. I tried replacing the battery because the red light seemed to look like it was dying, but that didn't work. I played with the little dip switch things on the back of the remote next to the batterybut put them back in the original position when I found out those didn't do anything. Once the dip switches were in the right position, I turned the light switch off, then held the OFF button for 10 seconds. Then I turned on the light switch and the remote started working again! Thank you!!!


PM | 12/12/17

The tip posted about turning off power and back on by holding the fan button worked for me. Thanks for posting!


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PM | 03/03/18

My Hampton Bay fan also stopped responding to the remote. I did exactly what you said with the stop button and it worked!!! Thank you!!!! The internet is really great sometimes! - Jess in NYC


AM | 03/12/18

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Our fan remote works to operate the fan but not the light. For a while we could get it to work by pressing another button at the same time as the light button, but that no longer works. I got a new remote, exactly the same as the old one. I didn't install the new receiver that came with it, but the new remote operates the the same as the old one: it operates the fan but not the light. I tried the reset trick given here but it didn't work. Help?


PM | 03/13/18

I tried the trick of holding the "Fan Off" button for 10 seconds and it fixed it!!!! Unbelievable! We've suffered for 6 months over this!!! Thank you!


PM | 03/16/18

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I have same issue as fishppp. Fan works but not lights. Anyone have a solution?


PM | 04/28/18

I Googled how to fix. Turned off breaker for approx 30 seconds. Pushed on off for 10 seconds, nothing. Pulled ceiling fan cord, and now it all works except the light button. I'm just really glad to have fan back! Thank you!!


PM | 04/28/18

It worked like a charm thank-you! I wonder how many people replace parts or the whole fan, because they didn’t know this reset?


PM | 05/03/18

I have a Hampton Bay fan/light unit. It has quit working. I've tried turning the circuit breaker off for a minute, then back on, then holding the light or fan button down for 10 seconds. Nothing happens. Any suggestions? John


PM | 05/03/18

Ive tried EVERYTHING and am at my wits end with this sensor and remote. The off button for 10 seconds after flipping breaker back on didnt work. In the new sensor instructions it says make sure to manually have fan on highest setting via the pull cord-- how can I tell if its on high if the fan wont turn on without the remote?? ( its not hooked up to any switch at all, just uses remote) Any help is appreciated ! Thanks!


PM | 05/03/18

Ive tried EVERYTHING and am at my wits end with this sensor and remote. The off button for 10 seconds after flipping breaker back on didnt work. In the new sensor instructions it says make sure to manually have fan on highest setting via the pull cord-- how can I tell if its on high if the fan wont turn on without the remote?? ( its not hooked up to any switch at all, just uses remote) Any help is appreciated ! Thanks!


AM | 05/17/18

I tried turning off the breaker, holding the fan off button for 10 seconds turned the breaker back on and nothingthe light works but not the fan


PM | 05/17/18

Wow! I went all last summer without my fan! I can’t believe holding the off button for ten seconds worked. Thanks guys!!!


PM | 05/17/18

No need to turn of food the breaker buddy. Just point the remote to the fan and hold “fan off” for ten seconds


PM | 05/28/18

Thank you for the post! I don't have an on off for the fan, it's just a button to cycle through the fan speeds. I tried holding the button down for 10 seconds after turning it on and it worked, but at low speed, so I set the remote so that the next push was high speed, tried turning it off and on and holding the button for 10 seconds and it worked great!!! Good info!


PM | 06/02/18

The wall switch has an off button. This fixed my issue! Thank you for the information!!!!


AM | 06/05/18

This thread got my remote back in action as well, AND from the time I googled "Hamilton bay ceiling fan remote problems" to the time I now write this comment it has been less than 10 minutes!

Wunderbar alles! Arbeit macht Frei!


PM | 06/05/18

I googled the model number and found this post. Follwed the directions and bam!!! It worked!!! Thank you so much for your help!!


AM | 06/08/18

I'm a handyman and have tackled many a fan problem. Here's a super easy fix that nobody seems to mention here (believe me, I see this quite often):

Symptoms: fan works but light doesn't, or vice-versa, or fan doesn't work on low speed only, or nothing works at all.
Possible cause: Somebody who doesn't know any better pulled one or both the pull-chains.
Reason: Fans that have manual pull-chain switches (most common) are wired such that the pull-chain switch is in series with the remote receiver unit. This means that if the pull-chain switch is in the (OFF) position, the remote control will be unable to get power to the fan motor or light.
Fix: On the remote, press fan(HIGH) and then press light(ON). Then pull the chains until the light comes on and the fan runs on high.
If there is no response from the fan when you do this, you have a different problem.


PM | 06/10/18

Turned off breaker 30 sec. Held light off for 12 sec. Remote started working


PM | 06/16/18

FYI -- there is a manufacturers installation video for the Hampton Bay "Home Designs" Altura 56" and 68" fan that might be of some use.


The remote reset instructions begin at the mark.

While this didn't solve my problem (I believe a power surge shorted out my remote receiver) it does show the exact process. I don't think you need to deal with anything at the breaker panel personally and I worked as an electrician for about 6 years. Turning the power supply off at the wall switch should do the job unless for some reason you used a dimmer type switch - (which you should not use with this fan at all). Anyway-- hope you find this additional information helpful.

PS- changing the dipswitch settings in your remote is not necessary. The process will learn if your remote receiver is functioning properly.


PM | 07/13/18

The reset method worked for me, but only after I purchased the strongest 9v battery I could find. Glad I got it fixed. Thank you!


AM | 07/24/18

My remote stoped working after only 3 weeks of use and this method worked for me. Thanks!


PM | 07/25/18

The fan is on (full speed) and the light is off. I can't turn the fan off or the lights on. Been running on hi speed for 3 days. Just bought remodeled unit and there isn't a wall switch. Can't locate breaker to turn fan off. Any suggestions?


PM | 07/27/18

Tried all the above, nothing works. I have two fans separate wall switches with remotes. Both went out at same time. I left house with fans on =, when I returned neither fan or lights worked.


AM | 08/12/18

That’s not working for me. However, I do know why people are having this issue.

You leave the house knowing the fans work and come back and they are not. Reason? Your house lost power for whatever reason and reset everything. I happened to be around this time when it happened.

Unfortunately none of these steps are making my fan work. I’ll keel trying.


PM | 08/16/18

Someone posted this earlier:

"PS- changing the dipswitch settings in your remote is not necessary. The process will learn if your remote receiver is functioning properly."

For my model this was definitely necessary. I tried the reset method using the off button with no luck. When I opened the fan to look at the receiver it had dip switches with settings that were different than the dip switches within the battery compartment on the remote. Once I changed the remote settings to match the receiver it worked fine.

My model on the remote is UCT.


PM | 08/17/18

The post about the sync bottoms inside the remote worked for me. Thank you so much. I bought a new fan, but before that was installed thought maybe it's just the remote. So I bought a replacement. Then I see all the installation process and might as well do the new fan. Got on this site, and fixed it. Thanks so much.


PM | 08/21/18

Thanks for all the suggestions! Here's what finally fixed it for me: The fan speed worked with remote, but the light wouldn't turn on. I tried most everything, including pulling the chain then pressing the remote light button. What finally fixed it was holding down the light button on the remote while pulling the light chain a few times. Holding it down was the key. Hooray!


PM | 08/30/18

I had tried the power/off button reset process a few months ago and it worked great. The remote stopped working again this week and I tried it several times on three different days with no results until tonight. This time it started working again but it left me with a new problem. When I turned off the wall switch then held the off button for 10 seconds the fan controls started working and the light would turn on again, but the light won't turn off. I had to go through the whole process again, repeating it twice, to get the light off. The last time I just didn't turn it on. Any ideas what might fix this?


AM | 09/01/18

If the reset doesn’t work try changing the code (dip switches) in the remote and receiver - that’s what worked for me.


AM | 09/06/18

Thank you!!! This worked for me too!


PM | 09/11/18

My medium speed button is actually my high & high button is meduim any ideas to try?


AM | 09/13/18

How do you know what the correct code for the dip switch is?


PM | 09/22/18

BV Your suggestion worked. I opened the remote again and looked at the switches and realized that I had hit one of them when changing the battery. Moved it back down and everything is back to normal. Thanks!


PM | 09/24/18

The 'hold OFF button down for 10 seconds' worked like a charm. It helps to warn your wife that you are about to cut the power. It also helps to warn the cat that you are about to run up 2 flights of stairs in 1/2 dark at top speed.


PM | 09/25/18


PM | 10/03/18

I don't see my paricular problrm. The light keeps turning on by itself. I find no instructions on the use of the light timer button or the light delsy button. The fan installed approx 3-years ago. This issue started within the lsst month. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated,


PM | 10/06/18

BV Oct 3 | am
turn off power and within 30 seconds of turning it on hold down the fan off button for 10 seconds and it resets it

This worked!!!! We haven’t had a working fan for over a year thank you!!!!


PM | 10/10/18

I don't have any chains or a switch that goes to my ceiling fan.. my light has been stuck on and my remote will not turn it off. I have to unscrew the bulbs.. my fan works in all three modes. Any suggestions?? UVWRF-2


PM | 10/25/18

Please check your toggle switches on the remote! I accidentally moved once up and left the other down while replacing the battery. Once I realized one toggle switch was not set correctly I moved the second toggle to it correct position and now everything works again. Thank you all for posting what worked and what did not work for each of you. I was able to figure it out based on your recommendations! Thanks again


PM | 10/26/18

Thank you BV for your instant fix for my 2 dead remotes. It came about when I took down 2 perfect running HB fans for a ceiling restoration job. After reinstalling them , the remotes both were dead (batteries OK). Found your old post on line and got immediate salvation for my fans.


PM | 10/30/18

My fan was not responding to the remote. I went to the breaker box everything looked fine. I turned off the switch to that room anyways and flipped it back on and the fan turned on by itself and now responds to the remote! Thanks for the tip


PM | 11/03/18

My fan works at all three speeds and can switched on and off with remote. However, my light no longer responds to the remote on off switch. I have tried the suggestions of flipping the breaker off then on and then holding the remote fan off button for 30 seconds and still no response when using the button for the light other than using the wall switch. I have changed the battery and checked the toggle codes inside the remote. This problem started when our power had flickered during a storm and then in the middle of the night, the light came on unexpectedly. Since then the remote light button no longer seems to work. Any ideas?


PM | 11/14/18

This also worked on my Hunter fan Thanks so much!


PM | 11/19/18

My daughter had the problem with both the light and fan stopped working. Removing the battery cover on the remote, it was apparent that the battery can actually move forward and backward with a slight bump. On a hunch, I noticed that the four dip switches were all in the forward position, which is where they would all be if the battery had slammed into them. So I just repositioned the one on the right, nearest to the battery, into the back position. Both the light and the fan now work.


AM | 11/22/18

Great thank you so much for the tip, I’ve been trying to do so many things to get it fixed and thought of calling an electrician. However I gave a last try on Google, and found this post. Very helpful, thanks again


AM | 12/12/18


PM | 12/12/18

Where can I get a new remote for my Hampton Bays ceiling fan? The dog chewed ours and the fan won't turn off.


PM | 12/19/18

Fan remote works and has the batteries replaced. The fan is spinning and the light works. No response from the remote and both seem to be working.


PM | 12/19/18

The fan is a Hampton bay and is probably 10 years old. I don’t see any “on off” button on the remote


PM | 12/25/18

The handyman’s trick from June 8 solved my problem!! The remote reset did not.


PM | 01/14/19

I had to do it 3 times but it worked for me turning off circuit breaker for 30 sec then pressed the off button for 30 sec. Thank you.


AM | 02/01/19

Does anyone know if there is a sensor inside the ceiling fan that could get removed or damaged? We had a kitchen restoration done and the fan and remote worked fine before, but after electricians re-installed the remote wouldn't work. They just came to try and fix and told us it looks like sensor isn't in fan. Not sure they know anything, and I tried all the reset solutions posted here but they didn't work


PM | 02/04/19

I've had my Hampton Bay remote/receiver for about 15 years and love it. It stopped working the other day. i've tried all of these power off/reset sequences many times and believe mine has just died. Great news - I can buy the same unit for $20 on amazon. There are install videos out there.. and for the post above on locating a 'sensor', it seems from the videos that the receiver is placed in the hub by the ceiling, so should be an easy, and inexpensive, remedy. Maybe yours came out and was lost in the remodel?


PM | 02/07/19

Moved into a new house and the remote stopped working for us. Tried all the fixes suggested here but nothing is working. Since I didn't assemble it, I don't know what the receiver's code would be. My remote has the first three switches up, and the fourth down. How can I know that this isn't an issue of having inadvertently bumped the remote's code? I don't see a way to check the receiver's code without somehow disassembling the fan

At which point I'd rather throw this thing into the garbage.


PM | 02/17/19

I tried this suggestion of powering the fan off and then turning on and holing down the fan off button on the remote and it worked. Thanks for the helpful tip!


PM | 02/24/19

Wow, I was just getting ready to go online & order another receiver for the fan when I tried the "power off & then back on & hold the stop button for seconds. IT WORKED!!!! I'M SHOUTING THANK YOU!!!!


PM | 03/02/19

I was about to order replacement on Amazon and found one that said after power off and back on hold remote close to fan while holding power off button. IT WORKED, saved me 45 dollars for replacement.


AM | 03/04/19

My husband gave my son the chore of dusting the ceiling fan. Afterwards, for some reason it never worked again even after replacing the battery in the remote control (which is mounted on the wall and the only way to operate the fan and light). We lived with this issue for at least a year and today I decided to check online. THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this solution. I FIRST reset the remote control by holding down the fan button, then holding the off button for 10 seconds. Actually, I did it a couple of times (testing several batteries). Finally, I went and flipped the breaker switch, and returned upstairsmuch to my surprise and delight the fan was working perfectly!!!

You can't know what a relief this is to me. We are due for a home inspection and this is one more thing I can wipe off my list.

Now, any ideas about how to replace split rail fence rails (i.e. cutting the ends to size?)

Thanks again!


PM | 03/06/19

Fan works, no switches, no chain, remote only. Light won’t turn off. All these tricks I’ve tried dozens of times, and no dice. Any suggestions, I’m sick to throw something away that works fine otherwise and waste hundreds of dollars.


PM | 03/07/19

I put brand new remote battery n flipped the First dip switch on the left to pointing Down (all four were Up) in the remote and woohoo the lights went on! and fan started working! All is good! Yay


PM | 03/11/19

My problem was the dip switch. Two were up and three were down. Once I changed the three to the left to down and the one on the right to up or (off) it works again after years of not using the remote!


PM | 03/11/19


PM | 04/09/19

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Ok, so after trying repeatedly to fix the problem. I decided to remove the battery out of the old remote and check the positioning of the little white dip switches. To my surprise, my new remote dip switches were all position to "ON", which I thought was correct, however, it wasn't because in order for the new remote to work I had to position the dip switches to the same position as the old remote which was down, up, down, upI reposition the dip switches in the new remote, cut the fan off and then on and within the 30 seconds of it being on, I held the "Fan Off" button for 10 seconds as noted in the previous post and to my surprise my fan is FULLY Functioning. So, be sure that your dip switches are in the correct position because this is what programs your fan. Hope this helps. Good Luck!


PM | 04/09/19

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Her is a picture of my "dip switch" remote code>


PM | 04/13/19

The manual chain was pulled to OFF. I pulled it to run HIGH (the fan motor was working OK). Then, after doing the 30 second reset above, the remote works perfectly. Thanks, all.


PM | 04/17/19

Breaker off one minuteonhold off 10 secondspresto it works.


AM | 04/23/19

The reset didn’t work for our fan. We read in the manual that the radio transmitter and radio receiver both have to have the same code. In the process of uncovering the electrical wiring cover and checking the connection of all the cables, we feel it was one of the cables loose. All back together and now the fan is working fine.


PM | 04/25/19

I have the same problem as BV Fan works and light is on. Remote will turn off and on the fan but won't work on the light.


AM | 04/26/19

Cannot thank all of you enough! We bought a house a few months ago with theses remote controlled fans and couldn’t figure it out. We used several of the tips posted and got them working. Saved us from replacing the fans.


PM | 04/27/19

WOW!!! YOU ROCK -- just solved my issue in 40 seconds. I almost thought i had to throw the fan away.


PM | 04/29/19

Have two of these fans and the remotes will control eveything but the auto control to adjust the fan speed as the temp warms up or cools off.Has anyone had that problem?


AM | 05/02/19

I, like BV, don't have an OFF s button remote. His instructions worked great. Turned off pwr to wall switch, waited about 12 secs while holding down the fan button with indicator bar showing speed. Turned on light switch. Walked over to fan while still holding down button, and moved it around close to the fan. I then pulled on the chain and my light came on, although my fan did not. While still holding down the fan button down I flipped the switch to change the fan direction and then pulled the fan's chain again, voila! The magic happened. Takes calm n patience. Tks BV


PM | 05/08/19

I have three of these fans. Two of the three stopped working within a couple months of each other. I tried the tricks suggested and nothing worked. I ended up getting two new receivers. Now the problem is that both fans ( one in the family room and the other in the bedroom ) both respond to one remote. How do I ge them to respond to separate remotes?


PM | 05/12/19

Turning the power off and then turning on the power and pushing the fan off button on the remote for 10 seconds worked for me!!!!


AM | 05/19/19



AM | 05/24/19

The dip switch trick worked for me. I must have jogged it whenever it got dropped.


PM | 05/24/19

this was no help i needs to do me work now


PM | 05/28/19

The remote control to my fan started flashing and became inoperable I put in new batteries and have the same issue has anyone else had this problem?


PM | 06/02/19

I moved the 2nd dip switch down (left all the others up) and it finally worked! Didn’t need to turn any power on off or hold down buttons for 10 seconds. I already tried that and none of them worked. 2nd dip switch down worked like a charm!!


PM | 06/02/19

Thank you!!! The reset worked!!


PM | 06/06/19

Thank you, it was the little code buttons inside my battery casing that fixed mine!


PM | 06/19/19

OK I see the questions but I don’t see the answers the thermostatic remote you can’t get to the DIP switch which is accidentally there is no fan off button somebody tell me how to reset this it is controlling my fan perfectly not doing crap for the light


PM | 06/23/19

Nothing works,
My son gave me this fan his wife wanted new one. all dip pins are down. Now here is what I did. I took off the lights. Do the 2 light wires the blue and white need to be hooked together?


PM | 06/25/19

BV Your suggestion to reset worked great! Thank you!


PM | 06/29/19

How do you know what your original remote code was?


PM | 07/11/19

Held down the off button at powering on. Lights flashed once and now everything works properly!! Thanks for the help!


PM | 07/15/19

I have a light switch on wall and fall with no cords just a remote that says Hampton bay. My room and daughters room have the same dip code and are controlling both (super annoying). I tried everything I’ve read in the post but doesn’t seem to work. Anyone able to help fix? How can I set a different dip. Does the fan have a dip code somewhere inside that I need to disassemble to find?


PM | 07/23/19

My ceiling fan remote has been very erratic for over a week driving me crazy trying to get the fan and light on and off. Tried the reset tip of turning the breaker switch off and back on then holding the remote off button down for 10 seconds within 30 seconds of turning the breaker back on. To my utter amazement remote now works fine and my frustration is over. Thank you for this wonderful tip. Bob in Florida.


PM | 07/27/19

The reset worked. Thank you!


PM | 08/02/19

You’re the bestRESET worked!!


AM | 08/04/19

OK I have a weird one. My remote works..it turns,on 3 speeds but the first two speeds cause the fan to make a moaning sound, high speed is fine, no noise. And this week reverse stopped working..it just goes into higher speed unless I'm already in high speed. I tried the turn off trick and it didn't do anything. I don't think it's one of the little switches because it fuctions. It just doesn't go in reverse and makes noise on first two speeds. This is a recent development. I also put in new battery. What is going on?


AM | 08/06/19

Nothing is working at all for me. Any other suggestions?!?!


PM | 08/06/19

8 month old unit. Tried the breaker switch off and light switch off button options with holding down the off button pre and post powering the breaker back on. Also tried just post power hold button option as well in the 30 second time window.

Same issues. Called support and no receipt means SOL for free under warranty replacement parts. Funny thing is I just installed a new Hampton bay yesterday in a spare room which I suspect caused the issues. Panel was poorly labelled and flipping 15 amp breakers on and off finally allowed me to find the specific room I needed However I turned on and off the breaker for the room in which I am having fan issues in. Not a coincidence I suspect. How can these be so finicky over a simple light switch going on or off or at the breaker level!


AM | 08/09/19

I turn it off the wall switch for 30 second and then turn it on and start working my fan/light control remote thank you very much for this recomendation IT IS WORKING AGAIN!!!!


PM | 08/14/19

We just installed one that we'd purchased quite some time ago and couldn't get the remote to work properly. Finally discovered that the reverse switch was broken and it actually just fell apart when we took the slide that covered it off. Replacement switches are inexpensive thru both ebay and amazon. ZE part number.


AM | 08/17/19

Thanks for the info. House sitting for my elderly parents and the remote stopped working on their fan. The advise I found here about the dip switches by the battery in the remote saved the day!


PM | 08/19/19

The fan is not readily accessible as it is 16 feet from the floor. I have the code in the remote but do not know how to set number


PM | 08/19/19

Fan is 16 feet from the floor so not accessible. How do you set the remote to ?


PM | 08/19/19

Best 10 second I ever spent! Thanks for the tip! Worked like a charm!


PM | 09/04/19

So I tried umpteen different permutations and, in doing so, managed to break one of the DIP switches. Not sure if it broke in the original or changed position. HOWEVER, I went through these steps (after breaking the switch):
(0) Put in a new 9V battery (I'd already done that).
(1) Turned off power to then fan at the wall switch.
(2) Waited about 30 secs while holding down the FAN OFF button.
(3) Turned on light switch while holding the FAN OFF button.
(4) Walked over to fan while still holding down the button and moved the remote close to the fan.
(5) Pulled on the light chain and the light came on but the fan did not.
(6) Still pressing the FAN OFF button I pulled the fan's chain and the fan started.

It worked! It's still working!
Thanks to all and, to all, a good night.


PM | 09/26/19

Using the power off solution worked sort of. The remote beeped that it was synced. I used it to turn the fan and light off once. Then no more communication. Tried three times, same results


AM | 10/01/19

This trick worked! Holding down Fan Off button on remote for 10 seconds. And boom! It started working again. Thanks for the post. Really really helpful.


AM | 10/02/19

I've tried the power off and hold down for 10 seconds solution and it worked for a while. It would go out every so often. Now it's completely dead and time for a replacement.

Amazon sells a replacement for the "FAN 9T" remote that's made by Hampton Bay, a flush mount ceiling fan. Search for: "Eogifee Ceiling Fan Remote Control of Replacement of Hampton Bay FAN9T".

Please make sure your original remote control this marked on the back FCCID: L3HFAN9T, if the original remote control is inconsistent, don't get it.

I hope this helps others out there.




PM | 10/06/19

Bvthank you so much. It worked


PM | 10/07/19

Don’t know if this will help anyone but I was having the same issue. My fan would work but the light would not turn on. I just discovered after several months of not having a light in my bedroom that that the ceiling fan does not like to have LED lights in it. I can have one led build but the other one has to be incandescent.
Why this happens I have no clue but thought I would share in case it helps someone else out


PM | 10/15/19

I am trying to figure out why my light is stuck on I changed the batteries & the fan works just fine. It’s a thermostat remote no fan chain no light switch. Can someone please help?


AM | 10/16/19

I have 2 fans which both stopped working. One started working when I turned the switch off and held down the power button. The other didn't, so I flipped the breaker off and back on and that got the second one working. Thank you!!


AM | 11/07/19

wow! after 2 years of no light over my dining room table and a fan that only runs on high! Thank you people!


AM | 11/21/19

It's a huge thread but I wanted to add my 2 cents. I have the Hampton Bay TRA fan remote - a universal fan remote that Home Depot used to sell. All I had to do was reset my circuit breaker and I was back in business. I have no wall switches. I didn't have to hold down any buttons on the remote.


AM | 11/24/19

I cut the power and held power button for 30 seconds. Turned power back on. Fan came back on with power but now remote works again. Thanks for the help


PM | 11/24/19

None of these tips worked for me when the remote stopped working, notwithstanding good batteries and no change in dip switches.. It was either both light and fan running, or both off, from the wall switch. Fan makes it cold in winter. However, I can reach the pull chains, so its the old fashion way from now on.


AM | 12/07/19

Turned power off then on. Held down off button ten seconds. Worked. Also turned all other fan wall switches to OFF. Thank you.


PM | 12/16/19

Ok I’ve tried everything. I located my dip switches. They match. Tried the 10 second reset. No go. I changed bulb and battery. Remote works because I have a second fan and it works on that. So remote is good. Dip switches match. 10 second off button didn’t work. Now what ?? Do I need 2 new fans because I have identical fans in one room.


AM | 12/20/19

Model ATR, just the fan, controlled by a wall switch (no dimmer). Has the older white remote, and has been stuck on MED setting for 4 years, now. Family gave up on it a long time ago, but now that I've moved back, thought I'd give it a try. Good lord, the rabbit hole I've gone down. It's pathetic they didn't do a recall on this. Tried every method here, doesn't work. Going to call Home Depot tomorrow.


PM | 12/28/19

Turning the breaker off and then back on and then holding remote power button fixed my fan/remote. Thank you.


AM | 01/01/20

I’ve lived in my home for almost 5 yrs my ceiling fan light comes on by itself and I’m not understanding what could cause that? I’ve not had a problem till today? What are some reasons this could be happening?


PM | 01/05/20

Thank you so much. We suffered. Thought we needed a new switch. You saved the day!!!


AM | 01/11/20

I took the remote apart and cleaned the circuit board by wiping it with a cloth. Whalah
Working % now (quite relieved)


AM | 01/11/20

I took the remote apart and cleaned the circuit board by wiping it with a cloth. Whalah
Working % now (quite relieved)


AM | 02/08/20

Help! Hampton Bay ceiling fan with remote TRA. Can’t find how to REVERSE for winter/summer. Tried everything from you tube to cracking open remote.
No switch on fan! Anyone know?


PM | 02/08/20

Ok so this is exactly what worked for me.

1. I turned off power to the unit (at the breaker).
2. After 5 seconds I turned power pack on at the breaker
3. After 5 seconds I held down the Fan OFF button for 12 seconds
4. After 5 seconds I THEN held down both the Fan OFF and Fan HIGH buttons for 4 seconds.

At this point the light turned on and the fan started in low WHILE i was pressing the buttons.

I let go of the buttons and the remote was working perfectly.

Apparently you must first unpair it (step 3) before you can pair it (step 4).

YMMV good luck


PM | 02/20/20

Customer service, which is Home Depot- who owns Hampton Bay, is an absolute joke. I had a completely rude lady the first time who hung up on me. Then I call back to make a complaint and request a manager. That lady immediately puts me on hold, comes back on the line states something and then immediately puts me on hold and didn’t give me a chance to say anything. So when she came back I mentioned that it would be good to give one the opportunity to say something before putting them back on hold for another 15 FREAK’N minutes. She cops attitude and then says nothing, just stays on the phone in silence. I’m calling corporate office and they screwed with the wrong person, as if they don’t make this right I will never use Home Depot again the rest of my life.


PM | 02/23/20

My fan light didn't work at all either. However, the fan was working most of the time with the remote. I thought it was an issue with the receiver/remote so I replaced both the receiver and the remote. Now, the fan was working all the time with the remote. However, the fan light was still not working with the remote. I checked the cables but everything looked fine. At that point, I started googling and found a video on youtube from Ryan Hinz that saved my day/ (i.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lkns_ls1Tk0). Thank you Ryan!.
The issue in a nutshell was a blown fuse inside the light assembly that prevented the light from turning on/off. I replaced the fuse and everything is working great now. Issue solved!!


PM | 03/10/20

For me I had the problem of fan light on and would not turn off with the remote. Also could not control the 3 fan speeds with the remote. They just would not come on and could not turn the light off. Ended up turning wall switch off then back on, held down low speed button on it started working. All 3 speeds on fan work, so turned off light with remote and turned it back on again with the remote. Turned everything off with the remote and tested remote controls again Everything works


PM | 03/21/20

I have the HB Altura 68" no light, remote is modelKUJCE I have tried many if not all of the tips on this feed without success. Any tips or should I consider a new reciever model MR77a.


PM | 03/21/20

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PM | 03/26/20

After changing the light bulbs in my fan, they no longer turn off/on with the remote. I had put in LEDs so we got new ones that are not LED in case this was the problem. No luck. The fan doesn’t have pull chains. The fan still works great with the remote. It’s just the lights that don’t work with the remote. The fan does not have any pull chains for the fan or the lights, so I can’t do the “pull chain” trick. Any suggestions would be welcome.


PM | 03/26/20

I’ve tried the reset remote suggestions in multiple permutations. Since the fan still works with the remote, I know the dipsticks are in the right places.


PM | 04/01/20

Holy Cow! it worked. However my fan won't go higher than low speed.


PM | 04/09/20

Just installed Hampton Bay 52" Southwind fan, wired as per instructions.I can hear the receiver clicking with the remote inputs but no fan and no lights.Dip switches are paired correctly. Tried the 10 second fan off button reset fix many times and still no joy.Any help would be appreciated.


PM | 05/14/20

My 54" Windward II did not work for some time with the remote. Opened the remote and checked the batteries. 2 good and 2 low. Put in new batteries and noticed that one old battery had leaked. Clean that up. Noticed that all 4 code switches were in the up position.I moved the #1 switch down. The fans came on! The timers work but not the light. The light flickers and if the fan is on it stops the fan. I tried the turning off the c/breaker idea, and it came on with no flicker once but then it went back to the flicker??? Think I will try the fuse in the light assembly next. A beer first!!


PM | 06/07/20

I wanted to add that I replaced the fuse as per the comment on February 23 and following the suggested video. Obviously none of the other suggestions were ever going to work if the fuse was blown, so thank you all after 8 months with no working light - check that fuse if your fan has one


PM | 06/22/20

I just toggled a dip switch in the remote and the dead remote ( with new batteries) is now functioning. :)


PM | 06/23/20

Can anybody share the 'correct positions' of the dipsticks -- I know it shouldn't matter, but sb mentioned for model T it mattered. And since I've tried all the voodoos everybody had posted and still cannot reset the fan, I just want to give that a try.. (we bought the house recently and didn't know if the dipsticks were toggled before we moved in.) The fan and lights are ON. but the remote doesn't work.


PM | 06/29/20

I lost my remote. I found one on ebay thats
looks identacle. Can it work ?


PM | 06/29/20

I lost my remote. I found one on ebay thats
looks identacle. Can it work ?


AM | 07/08/20

My fan keeps switching speed and turning the light on by itself! Do you have any suggestions?!


AM | 07/16/20

Omg everyone!!! My down light button wasn’t working either and by reading all these replies I tried a few combos and here’s what worked!!! After turning off switch for 30 seconds, turn switch back on and immediately hold fan off and down light button simultaneously. You’ll see the light begin to shut down. Once it’s completely off you can turn on your fan!!!! I’m so happy I read this page!


PM | 07/25/20

I have Hampton Bay ceiling fan in my kitchen . Since months it’s stop working ? No remote sensing we change battery So lights come up on remote but fan and fan light not responding ? What’s the position of small switches inside remote Or anything can work?


AM | 07/30/20

Just installed a 68” Altura from HD
The fan stops on its own and also will change directions.
Any ideas?


AM | 08/06/20

I have a similar problem where the remote won't work, but if I turn the light switch off for a few seconds after i turn it on the remote will work briefly. I've tried turning off the switch for a minute then holding the fan off button for 10 seconds and that only worked briefly also.


PM | 08/13/20

BV suggestion was spot on. Amazing that such an obvious thing did not come to me even though i wired the thing and knew that everything needed to be in the manual on position. Thank you BV!


PM | 09/17/20

Only the light is not working


AM | 09/18/20

I'm impressed. This solution solved my fan/remote control issue. Thanks!


AM | 10/28/20

Thank you! The breaker reset and 10 second hold on the fan off button worked for me as well. I truly appreciate the tip.


PM | 11/03/20

I changed my burnt out bulb in a Hudson Bay ceiling fan, trying two separate types (brands) of Halogen w/v bulbs, but the light given off is considerably dimmer. I don’t have a dimmer, and the light is akin to fine dining in the city. It’s nearly dark, completely different to the light given when we moved in. Is the bulb the issue or did I hit some setting I shouldn’t have while changing the bulb?


PM | 11/05/20

There’s four little switches near the battery on the back of the remote , i switched all of them down and it worked again , it might be different for other people , just play with them .


AM | 11/25/20

Perfect! We paid an electrician to install and about a month later had a power outage due to storm. After that it was never bright again. Was not looking forward to oaying electrician to come out again so started research. Found this solution and voila, working again! Thank you


PM | 12/19/20

It works now Thank you so much!!! I was going to try to rewrite the 3way switches. Not a fun job, and next I would have to call the electrician, that’s no fun either!!!


PM | 03/22/21

I do the turn off at the light switch, turn on at the light switch (the light comes on) hold down the "0" button on the fan and the light blinks after a few seconds (which supposedly shows the fan/light receiver acknowledges the remote).

The remote still doesn't control the lights or fan.

Any other suggestions?


PM | 06/20/21

What would you say of a remote that will turn the fan on, then I can select the speed I wan the fan to run at, and then whether I try to turn if off, change the speed or put in reverse, nothing. Remote won't work anymore. Did the old battery switch, fan is brand new I am testing it as I am installing it. New fan/new house.

Actually bought 2 fans, installed the first one and works like a charm, second one not so much. I'm faulty receiver? thanks for your opinions.


PM | 07/10/21

WowThank You for posting the answer of "power off and then on.
Within 30 seconds, hold fan off switch for 10 seconds". Bingofan works like new!!!


PM | 09/29/21

It happened to mine to well tysm

Sours: https://www.bobvila.com/posts/fan-remote-not-working-hampton-bay-fan-ligthing-co

Operating Your Fan and Wall Control

Wall Control - Your fan is equipped with a wall control to operate the

speed of your new ceiling fan. For more information on how to install

the wall control, see the wall control instructions packaged with the

wall control components.

The appropriate speed setting for warm or cool weather depends on

factors such as the room size, ceiling height, and number of fans.

The fan is shipped from the factory with the reversing switch

positioned to circulate air downward. If airow is desired in the

opposite direction, turn your fan off, and wait for the blades to stop

turning, then slide the reversing switch (located in the switch cup) to

the opposite position, and turn the fan on again. The fan blades will

turn in the opposite direction and reverse airow.

NOTE: Wait for the fan to stop before reversing the direction of blade


Warm weather - (Forward) A downward airflow creates a cooling effect.

This allows you to set your air conditioner on a higher setting without

affecting your comfort.

Cool weather - (Reverse) An upward airflow moves warm air off of the

ceiling. This allows you to set your heating unit on a lower setting

without affecting your comfort.


Wall control installation

WARNING: To avoid possible electrical shock, be sure

electricity is turned off at the main fuse or circuit

breaker box before wiring. Turning off the wall

switch is not sufcient to prevent shock. All wiring

must be in accordance with National and Local

codes, and the ceiling fan must be properly grounded

as a precaution against possible electrical shock.

Disconnect the main fuse or circuit breaker box.

Remove the faceplate and screws from the existing wall

switch, and pull the switch out from the wall outlet box.

Disconnect the wires from the existing fan wall switch.

Slide the wall control (I) to the off (0) position.

Connect the "black wire (KK) (AC IN)" from the wall

control (I) to the V AC wire (KK) with a wire connector


Connect the green/yellow wire (II) from the wall control

(I) to the green wire (II) from the fan with a wire

connector provided.

Connect the "black wire (KK) (TO MOTOR)" from the wall

control (I) to the black wire (KK) that feeds the fan/motor

with a wire connector provided.

Attach the wall control (I) to the wall outlet box with two

screws provided.

Position the faceplate onto the wall control (I) by clicking

the faceplate.

Restore power at the main fuse box or circuit breaker


NOTE: This control is designed to operate only one

ceiling fan.

Operating the fan

Fan slide switch

0 = Power off

1 = High speed

2 = Medium speed

3 = Low speed













Sours: https://www.manualslib.com/manual//Hampton-Bayhtml?page=12
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Category Number 1. How to Set the Dip Switch on a Ceiling Fan. Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Replacement Switch Cap/cover Polished Brass. 44'' Ceiling Fan. Dual Head Ceiling Fan Awesome Hampton Bay Wall Switch 10 8 – Wiring Gallery Hampton Bay 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram For Fresh Building circuitry layouts show the approximate areas as well as affiliations of receptacles, illumination, and permanent electrical services in a building. Compare prices & save money on Ceiling Fans. Hampton Bay ceiling fans can be a great asset in your home. images of hampton bay wiring diagram diagrams with hampton bay white ceiling fan x, image source: bigdeanscafe.com. Some of the parts that we sell would be the blade arm, remote control, remote control receiver, P.C. 3-speed 4-hole Ceiling Fan Switch with black wire in terminal “L” and labeled L (Counterclockwise) Zing Ear ZEs1 (Rating: 6A VAC / 3A VAC) Recently the remote has stopped working. It can, therefore, be a nuisance when they stop working. Hampton Lighting Advice is compensated for referring traffic to these companies. On some Hampton Bay models, it’s possible that you can reattach the chain. ($ - $) Find great deals on the latest styles of Hampton bay switch. Hawkins fan pdf manual download. hampton bay 3 speed ceiling fan switch wiring diagram – You’ll need a comprehensive, expert, and easy to comprehend Wiring Diagram. out of 5 stars (24) Total Ratings 24, $ New. However, that’s not the case with every fan. But all that’s required in this situation is to simply reset the code. The electrician installed a dumb stack switch on wall to control. Hampton Lighting Advice is an independent site with no connections to Hampton Bay and is operated entirely by independent volunteers and writers to provide information and advice on Home Decor products including brands such as Hampton Bay & Harbour Breeze and more. Each component ought to be set and linked to different parts in specific manner. Original Hampton Bay fan switch is all black and wired L purple (from reverse switch), 1 gray, 2 brown, 3 black (from fan) 1 and 2 come from capacitors. Its 10 years old and fan works perfectly. $ Used. 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram – Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan. Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Wall Control Device. They circulate air around a room, enabling you to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home while making it more comfortable. Changing the direction of a remotely controlled Hampton Bay fan is a simple procedure that takes just seconds to accomplish. With this kind of an illustrative guide, you will have the ability to troubleshoot, stop, and full your tasks without difficulty. Step 1 Turn the fan on by pressing the "auto" button or the "lo," "med" or "hi" buttons on the remote control, depending on the type of unit. Phone contents © gulffans ceiling fan parts The bottom toggle controls the lights on/off, the remote light button is disabled, since the wall switch & fan is wired to have only wall switch control the Light. It's a close-mounted, ceiling hugger model. Otherwise, the structure will not work as … I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with light kit. It was in the house when I bought it. A few of the components that many find needing replacing as a result of wear, incidents or redesigning tend to be glass shades, switches, fan blades as … hampton bay ceiling fan switch replacement 2 hampton bay 3 speed of ceiling fan reverse switch wiring diagram, image source: www.funnycleanjokes.info. Top toggle controls fan (on/off only), the remote controls fan speed. MW Ceiling Fan Wall Control Switch For Hunter Harbor Breeze Hampton Bay. One switch is for the light, the other may be a fan speed control dimmer — after having lived with it for a few months, I’m considering removing … Hampton Bay Replacement Parts Ceiling Fan; Hampton Bay Replacement Parts For Patio Furniture; Hampton Bay Blinds Replacement Parts. Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram Lovely Hampton Bay. Here at ceilingfanparts.net, we sell replacement ceiling fan parts for most brands: Hunter, Hampton Bay, Harbor Breeze, Casablanca, Emerson and many others. I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan/light combination. Click on the image to enlarge, and then save it to your computer by right clicking on the image. Assortment of hampton bay ceiling fan switch wiring diagram. Free shipping . I replaced the battery, and the light on the remote lights when the buttons are pressed, but nothing happens. Have it on a switch for power and never really use … $ + shipping . $ Shop ceiling fan switches and a variety of lighting & ceiling fans products online at Lowes.com. Turned off power to fan and replaced swi … read more Decor Wiring Diagram Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Switch Fresh Great At Hampton Bay Fan Switch Wiring Diagram With Capacitor Trusted The conversion outlined will require 2 switches and 3 wires (black, red, white … + ground) going to your ceiling fan. With most ceiling fans that have pull chain switches, you’ll need to replace the switch. On some Hampton Bay models, it’s possible that you can reattach the chain. I have a Hampton bay fan with remote control. It has a dimmer and fan switch remote that I use to turn the light on and off. If the problem is the fan switch, it can be fixed without too much trouble. A wiring diagram is a type of schematic which uses abstract photographic signs to reveal all the interconnections of parts in a system. Hampton Bay H Ceiling Fan Wall Switch. Hampton Bay 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram – hampton bay 3 speed ceiling fan switch wiring diagram, Every electrical structure is made up of various different parts. Believe it or not, you can accidentally reset this code, causing your remote to cease all communication with your fan. Alternatively, you can save time and delivery charges by buying a generic replacement part from your nearest electrical or home improvement outlet. Gallery Of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram Sample - Collections Of Decor Wiring Diagram Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Switch Fresh Great at. Fan … The universal design is compatible with most major ceiling fan brands including Hampton Bay, Home Decorators Collection, Hunter, and many more. Fans that shut off … Fan switch broke p/n E Clicking on the ceiling fan remote repeatedly is not the proper way to troubleshoot an operations problem. With most ceiling fans that have pull chain switches, you’ll need to replace the switch. Hampton Bay White Linear Track Live End Power Feed With Cord/switch … Went to home depot and purchased 3 or 4 wire 3 speed fan switch. $ + $ shipping . Also for: Variety of hampton bay ceiling fan switch wiring diagram. I have a Hampton Bay model ceiling fan (Multi color blades). The Hampton Bay Universal Premier ceiling fan remote control adds exceptional functionality to your ceiling fan. matches. If the pull-chain toggle switch on your Hampton Bay ceiling fan burns out or someone inadvertently yanks the chain out, you can order a genuine Hampton Bay replacement part over the Internet. There are three standard bulb base sizes in a Hampton Bay ceiling fan light, as outlined in the following table: Free Shipping On Orders $45+. Ceiling Fan Parts for Casablanca, Hunter, Homestead, Hampton Bay, all Ceiling Fans. Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram Fresh Replacing A. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $ New. Click on the image to enlarge, and then save it to your computer by right clicking on the image. Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Wall Switch. It has a Hampton Bay sticker on the switch housing and a Date Code JJF-4 sticker on the inside of the housing. Hampton Bay 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Switch Wiring Diagram– wiring diagram is a simplified pleasing pictorial representation of an electrical circuit.It shows the components of the circuit as simplified shapes, and the skill and signal associates in the midst of the devices. i put a new 3 speed fan switch in it and there was no change. I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan that is mounted very high and runs via a remote. i bought a used hampton bay ceiling fan. Typically a Hampton Bay ceiling fan light has a forty or sixty-watt maximum output, so taking care to select a bulb that does not exceed these measurements is important if you want to avoid shattering and potential injury. All Hampton Bay remote controls come with preset codes that allow the remote to communicate with the ceiling fan. Decor Wiring Diagram Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Switch New Within Just What’s Wiring Diagram? Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Control FANT works with UCFMRX / L3HFAN51T. it worked great for a few weeks but now it only runs on high speed. Find ceiling fan switches at Lowe's today. However, that’s not the case with every fan. I don't know the UPC or model number. View and Download HAMPTON BAY Hawkins owner's manual online. 1 product rating - Hampton Bay Windward IV 52" Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Replacement PARTS

Sours: https://darafia.com/vo4hox/d5-hampton-bay-ceiling-fan-switch
Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Control Removal

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

If you are like me and have had a few problems with your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote not working then this is the article for you. I don&#;t claim to be an expert but after researching many articles, I have put together a comprehensive list for troubleshooting your remote control. These suggestions work perfectly well for any make, model or brand of remote control. Here are a few basic reasons after which we go into detail with full explanations, and more so please read on.

  1. Check Power off/on Button
  2. Check and Replace Batteries
  3. Change Dip Switch Settings
  4. Try a Universal Remote Replacement
  5. How to Contact the Manufacturer

Also in this article, we will cover:

First, the transmitter, (can be handheld or in the wall), sends a signal to the receiver module, (located in the fan).

The first thing you need to do is to determine if the transmitter is receiving the signal, so check that your batteries are not dead. Replace them with new ones if necessary and then try the remote control again. You will need to know where the receiver location is to switch off the fan.

Where  Is The Hampton Bay Fan Remote Receiver Location?

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Receiver Location: If your transmitter has a reverse button, then the receiver will often usually be in the Switch Housing (located between the blades and the light kit).

Sometimes you will find it around the top of the motor, on the side of the motor, or in the canopy, at the ceiling. If your transmitter does not have a reverse button, the receiver will usually be in the canopy, at the ceiling.

Both the receiver and the transmitter must have power. So you will need to change the battery in the transmitter and make sure that the wall switch is turned on before testing. Remember to always turn off the power before working on the fan.

Hampton Bay Fan Remote

Ceiling Fan Stopped Working Suddenly &#; Reset and Sync!

Most problems can be sorted by resetting the remote and syncing it with the ceiling fan.

This is what is called a Remote Reset.

How is this achieved?

First, turn off the power then switch it back on again and within 30 seconds of turning it on you will need to hold down the fan off button for 10 seconds.

Doing this will reset it. However, if that didn&#;t work then you may need to sync the sensor in the fan with the remote control.

To do this most of the remote controls will use Dip Switches (see the drawing in this article Dip Switch Settings and check the picture further below) to set the channel on the receiver and transmitter.

If you have more than one fan with a remote control, then the switch settings, on one transmitter along with the corresponding receiver, can be changed so that this transmitter will only operate the ceiling fan with the corresponding setting.

Or if you had 2 or more ceiling fans in the same room and wanted them to operate together, you can set the receivers to the same setting and then any transmitter that is also set to that same setting will then operate the fans.

Note that a receiver will only accept a signal from a transmitter that has the same dip switch setting.

Nothing works on my Hampton Bay Remote and the small red light on the transmitter works with all of the buttons!

You will need to Check the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Dip Switch settings.

Before you begin opening the fan, to expose the receiver, try these settings;

If you have 4 dip switches, try ALL ON, try #1 OFF and #2,3,4 ON, try #1,2,3 ON and #4 OFF. If you have 5 dip switches; try #1,2,3,4 ON and #5 OFF, try ALL ON, try #1 OFF #2,3,4 ON and #5 OFF.

If these settings will not work, then click here to see all the possible dip switch settings. Try each and every one of the different settings. If none of these settings will work, then either the transmitter or the receiver is probably bad.

Nothing works on my Fan Remote and the small red light on the transmitter does not light up!

If this happens then the transmitter is most likely bad, but before you buy the part, you can send for FREE TESTING. See below on how to avail yourself of the free testing for the transmitter.

The fan works but the light does not. The red light on the transmitter works!

The receiver is most likely bad, but before you buy the part, you can send for FREE TESTING. See &#; Free Testing &#; below.

FREE TESTING: Please note this is not our service but someone we recommend. Electronic parts that you purchase, are NOT RETURNABLE, So before you buy something, you can send us your old transmitter or receiver or both, for free testing. Send to: Gulf Coast Fan Parr CT. Damon, TX &#; Please include a note with your name and phone number.

dip switches both

What Are Dip Switches For My Ceiling Fan Remote Control?

If you are like me, you may be wondering what a DIP switch is. It is actually a set of small switches in a dual in-line package or DIP for short, that is used to alter the operating mode of the ceiling fan.  DIP switches are becoming less common because most ceiling fans have technology that no longer requires any manual configuration.

Can I add or change an IN-WALL remote control wall switch?

In most cases, YES. If your fan has a handheld remote control, there is a wall switch that would replace your standard wall switch.

You could then control the fan functions from the wall or the handheld remote control. Check our post on Hampton Bay Remotes for more information.

Troubleshoot Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remotes

When using the Remote Control the Fan Works But Light Doesn&#;t or Light Works But Fan Doesn&#;t

This is also a common problem and can also include nothing working at all, or perhaps the fan just works on low speed only.

The reason could be that someone has pulled either one or both the pull chains. The reason why the remote won&#;t work if this is the case is that the pull chain switches are in sync with the remote control receiver unit.

So if the pull chain is in the off position the remote control will not be able to get any power to the ceiling fan light or fan.

The solution is to press the fan high button and then light on, on the remote control unit, and then pull the pull chains until the light comes on and the fan runs on high.

If this doesn&#;t work then your problem is something different.

Another thing you might try if the fan works but the light won&#;t turn on is holding down the light button on the remote while pulling the light chain a few times. Remember that holding it down is the key.

If you have a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan then you might like to also check out our article specifically for Harbor Breeze: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote

Universal Remote Replacement

You can also get a good universal remote to operate your ceiling fan if you lose the original.

It is easy to find a replacement on Amazon. Just search for Hampton Bay Universal Remote (Affiliate Link to Amazon) and a number of recommended remotes will show.

However, if you can, it is always best to get an original Hampton Bay Remote Control, Just check here, as it will have more setting available. Universal remotes typically will have limited settings.

Lastly, you may want to contact the manufacturer or the place you bought the ceiling fan from.

This may be one of the Home Depot stores as you cannot contact Hampton Bay directly.

We cover how to get Hampton Bay Replacement Parts in this post here. If you are wanting to get a replacement then you really need to check out this post by clicking here.

These universal remotes will also work well for the model fan-9t.

How To Change The Frequency On A Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Frequencies

If you have found your Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote control or your wall fan control unit has all of a sudden stopped working, more than likely it will be related to the fan and remote frequency settings.

First thing you need to do is to follow the remote button reset instructions in the manual that came with your remote control.

Check below for a link to available manuals online. Also please check above for quick reset instructions.

If the quick button reset method doesn’t work, then disassemble the ceiling fan canopy and check all of the dip switch settings.

Ensure the numbers inside the remote unit align with the numbers on the base of the fan.

Lastly, tighten any wires that may have worked themselves loose and ensure all wire connections are secured properly in position.

If you find that none of these suggestions solves the issues that you are experiencing, then the receiver or the fan switch might have failed.

You will need to contact the manufacturer for a replacement or for the warranty information. Please check our article Hampton Bay Replacement Parts for help with this.

Tip: As mentioned above in this article before you go ahead and dismantle the canopy at the base of the ceiling fan, double-check that the batteries within the remote control are working.

What Is A Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Kit?

If you are looking for a remote kit then this is just another name for a Universal remote.

You may also get a wall bracket with the kit, but essentially it is just a remote, and the batteries are not included. Again check on Amazon for these remote kits.

What Is A Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote APP?

This is an app you can download, usually for free that enables you to use your mobile phone or tablet to act as a remote for your ceiling fan.

Not all apps work for all ceiling fans so its best to try a few until you find one that will sync or interface with your fan. Just go to Google Play Store and do a search for &#;Universal Remote&#; or &#;Ceiling Fan Remote&#; and download and try the app.

If you have an app that you like and use for your Hampton Bay Fan then please share it with us so we can recommend it for others.

If you use an Apple device then going to Apples&#; store and typing the search term above will show a number of apps you can also try.

How To Install A Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

In this section, we will take a look at how you can install the ceiling fan remote along with any issues you may encounter.

Basically you may have followed all the instructions but still the remote may not work.

You may have connected correctly the remote receiver input (wires coloured red/black and white) from the outlet and output (wires coloured blue, white, black) to the fan.

You may also have set the same dip switch () to both the receiver and transmitter but when you press the remote button nothing happens.

You may also have tried changing the dip switch to a different setting such as on both the transmitter and the receiver. Still the same thing, nothing happens.

In these cases could the transmitter or receiver be defective? Could the battery be dead?

Before starting turn the circuit breaker off. Make sure to test all the components with a voltage detector before you touch any wiring.

Below is the Hampton bay fan remote receiver wiring diagram, this is how the fan is wired.

Hampton Bay Fan Remote Wiring Diagram

The next possible reason why the fan is not working is to consider the remote.

When a button is pushed on the remote, a red LED light should light up. This tells you that the fan remote control is sending a signal to the fan receiver.

If this is happening then the battery is ok, and the ceiling fan remote is functioning in a proper way.

In this case, if the fan is new or still under warranty you can go back to The Home Depot store you bought the fan from, with the receipt and get a replacement receiver.

If after doing all of the above steps the fan still doesn&#;t work then you will need to get a multimeter and start testing the voltage between the white and black (or red) wires.

Five of the Best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Universal Remotes Available

So we checked what Universal Remotes are available and came up with a definitive list of six that we consider being the best. Some are Wink enabled, others are Basic and some are LCD with thermostatic control.

1. Hampton Bay Premier Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Hampton Bay Premier Universal Remote Control

Our first choice is the Hampton Bay Premier Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

This remote control is good with most styles of ceiling fans, including Hampton Bay and Hunter. It will control the fan&#;s light with dimming and speed.

It is wireless and the receiver is included in the $ price. Its a sleek design and looks good and functions very well.

The delay-off is a really helpful feature enabling you to turn off the light from the bed and the delay means that the light will wait a short while to turn off so you are able to exit the bedroom in light.

we found as most have that the installation is very easy with no problems. We give it stars out of 5 stars.

You can&#;t go wrong with this remote control as 89% of customers would recommend it. You can check it out here.

2. 3-Speed Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

3 Speed Universal Remote Control

Again we recommend this remote as it also has a dimming feature and is suitable for most ceiling fans.

We found it easy to install and very compatible with LED, Incandescent and CFL light bulbs.

The dimmable lights, we use LED&#;s, work well. When using the universal remote control only, the fan/lights come on pretty instantly.

Wiring is easy enough. No issues or hassles there. At $ seems a little bit pricy with only a few features but because it just works so well we gave it a stars out of 5 stars.

A total of 79% of buying customers would recommend this Remote here.

3. Thermostatic Remote Control with LCD Display

Our third choice is the Thermostatic LCD Universal Remote.

The nice thermostatic feature included in this remote control will turn the fan on/off at a temperature that you set.

This is an energy saver as it will reduce the speed of the fan if the room reaches the desired temperature.

However, you will pay a bit more for this feature. The cost of the remote control is reasonable, and being a Universal Remote its going to be good for the Hampton Bay models.

Sometimes the fan will turn on on its own and not when at the set temperature, other than that it works well at self-regulating the speed with a nice easy display.

Another feature it does not have is the reverse blades button, which is semi-important to me during the winter months.

If this is not an issue for you then this is a good replacement remote control.

This ceiling fan remote has stars out of 5 stars.

4. Wink Enabled Universal Ceiling Fan Premier Remote Control

Wink Enabled Universal Smart Ceiling Fan Remote Control

This Wink Enabled Hampton Bay 4-speed Universal remote control comes compatible with the WINK automation system to enable you to control your ceiling fan by means of your smartphone or Tablet.

It features a light/fan timer as well as what they call a Comfort Breeze setting. This setting will randomly change the ceiling fan&#;s speed to create a &#;breeze&#; effect in your room.

You pay for all these extra features at $!

However, if your ceiling fan isn&#;t on a switch you are going to have a not so easy time pairing it with Wink.

The process of pairing requires the power to be turned off from the ceiling fan.

I had the unfortunate lesson in this after installing the remote and calling the customer help number and spending an hour on the telephone.

I had to go through a process of connecting a temporary switch between the ceiling fan and power line in so that I could pair with wink.

Then I had to disconnect the switch and then reassemble the ceiling fan.

After cutting a slot in the canopy and then mounting the antenna outside as far as I could, it now holds a nice steady connection and is online.

If I had of known all this up front I would have given it a higher rating.

However, to be fair, for most people installation will be a lot easier than it was for me.

We give it a total of stars out of 5 stars and a total of 74% of buying customers would recommend this remote control.

5. Universal Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Thermostatic Remote

Universal Thermostatic Remote Control

The final Hampton Bay Remote Control that we recommend is this stylish Thermostatic Remote.

The design is universal making it compatible with pretty much most ceiling fan brands. This includes Hampton Bay, Hunter and more.

Overall, we found that this ceiling fan remote kit is a great item.

The kit is very easy to install, even to those that may be a novice with electricity. If you are able to match colours, then you are able to install the receiver.

The remote control buttons are very intuitive, however, those of you that are not so experienced with wiring will need to read the directions thoroughly, and not carry out the installation if they are not comfortable or not skilled with the wiring.

We gave this remote control a total of stars out of 5 stars and 90% of customers said they would recommend it here.

Hampton Bay Remote Ceiling Fan Manual

If all else fails then reading the Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote Manual may be of some help so we have included it as an option here.

Since we have many manuals and are adding to them each day you may want to check if your ceiling fan model is included in our list.

To check out our Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Manuals please click here,

You will need to make sure you know the Model Name of your ceiling fan.

Please link back to this article and like and share it if you found it helpful. In this way, others will be able to find the article and also benefit from it.

Sours: https://hamptonlightingadvice.com/troubleshooting-remote-controls/

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