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Welcome! In this game there are removed sections from Tower of Hell selected in round system. You can also play them directly in the training mode. &#; Update log 10/23/21 &#; - &#; Added last halo to halloween event &#; - &#; Added four new squid game halos! One is for free, two requires a badge and one is a gamepass &#; - &#; Squid game secret stage! You can get one of halos on it! &#; Follow the game to be notified when the new update comes out! Group link:!/about Credits: Netflix - Squid game origin tags(helps players find this game): tower of hell tower of heck toh platformer obby jump removed stages deleted stages old stages parkour effortless very easy medium hard difficult challenging intense insane extreme TOH stages rage obby obby obby obstacles difficult remorseless parkour obby halos free challenge squid game front man fish game red light green light
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Welcome to the Tower of Hell Wiki! We are a community with articles and a total of 65, edits. Before editing pages, please make an account and read the rules and editing guidelines.

Tower of Hell is a Roblox game created by uwuPyxl and ObrenTune where players must reach the top of a 6-section tower in 8 minutes. The timer's speed is doubled for every player who makes it to the top. There are no checkpoints; players must make it to the top before the time is up.

By beating towers, players earn coins, a currency that can be spent on temporary gears and mutators in the shop. They will also gain levels which can be used to upgrade their gears in the skill tree.

Private server owners can use commands such as /setlength, /skip and /sban.

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This is a comprehensive list of most of the Game Sections you will find in Tower of Hell.

There are currently sections in the game, 35 removed sections, 22 secret sections, and 51 modded sections, giving the game a total of sections that have ever existed.

Note: Some sections may have misleading/incorrect information on their pages, you can help improve the wiki by removing or correcting this information!

To see the list of sections on the table, click on the "[Expand]" button on the far right of the table next to "Length".

Name Picture Creator Date Added Difficulty Length
AbstractAbstractpnguwuSeren September 2, Easy Medium
AecticAectic.PNGSulakeGames September 1, Medium Medium
Alien JumpsAlienjumps1.PNGFlre_Ball December 6, Easy Short
All AroundAllAround.pngprimord_ial June 18, Hard Long
Amazon BridgesAmazonBridges.pngjiravich September 23, Easy Medium
Angry AnglesAngry Angles.pngFlre_Ball September 2, Medium Medium
AnimousAnimous.pngSulakeGames September 3, Hard Long
Apple SuaceApple Suace.pngKnuIIify September 2, Medium Medium
AquaAqua.pngDerHausaufgabe December 7, Hard Medium
AuraAurapngalphexi September 23, Medium Medium
BacktrackBacktrack2.pngFlre_Ball March 1, Medium Medium
BalanceBalance.pngObrenTune June 18, Easy Long
BallsBalls2.pngObrenTune June 18, Easy Short
Barrier BreachBarrierBreach.pngFlre_Ball August 4, Medium Long
BladesBlades.pngprimord_ial June 18, Medium Short
BlenderBlender.pnguwuPyxl April 23, Insane Short
Boardway BreakawayBoardwayBreakaway.pngFlre_Ball July 20, Hard Long
Branching OutBranching Out.pnguwuSeren August 28, Easy Medium
BreachBreachpngDerHausaufgabe December 8, Medium Medium
BrickadeBrickade1.pngDerHausaufgabe December 15, Easy Short
Bridge CrossingBridgeCrossing1.PNGKnuIIify March 1, Medium Medium
BridgesBridgespngScripterAsh August 16, Medium Short
BubblegumBubblegum.PNGKnuIIify March 1, Medium Medium
BullseyeBullseye.pngPrecession November 18, Medium Medium
Cant StopCant Stop .pnguwuPyxl Unknown Medium Short
Careful ClimbingCareful Climbing.pnguwuPyxl Unknown Hard Medium
Catch ZoneCatchZone.pngObrenTune Unknown Easy Short
CheckerboardsCheckerboards.pngPrecession November 18, Medium Long
CheckeredCheckered1.pngRandomPlayerONthis Unknown Hard Medium
CherryCherrySection.pngDerHausaufgabe December 12, Medium Short
Chevron JumpsChevron Jumps.pngSourC_Andy Unknown Easy Medium
ChoicesChoices.pnguwuSeren August 28, Easy Medium
Circle ClimbCircle CIimb.pngFlre_Ball November 18, Medium Medium
ClappedClapped.pngDerHausaufgabe December 25, Easy Short
ClawsClawspngDerHausaufgabe December 16, Medium Short
Cliffs EdgeCliffs Edge.pngFlre_Ball September 2, Medium Medium
ClimbClimb.pngScripterAsh Unknown Medium Medium
Close ShaveClose Shave.pngFlre_Ball April 23, Hard Medium
CodeCode.pngDerHausaufgabe December 10, Easy Short
CombinedCombined1.pngazvrria December 24, Medium Long
ConfusionConfusion.PNGDerHausaufgabe March 1, Medium Medium
ConnectingConnecting.pngDerHausaufgabe December 11, Easy Short
ConstantConstant2.pngDerHausaufgabe December 25, Easy Short
ContrastContrast.PNGArchimetropolis December 24, Hard Long
ConveyingConveying.pnguwuPyxl April 23, Easy Short
Conveyor WalkConveyor Walk.pngDerHausaufgabe December 23, Easy Short
Corner Catch ZoneCornerCatchZone.pngArchimetropolis December 24, Easy Short
CragCrag1.pngArchimetropolis December 3, Easy Short
Crimson DiveCrimson dive.pngOrdinary_Fiesta September 13, Medium Medium
Criss CrossCriss Cross.pngObrenTune August 11, Medium Medium
Crossing StairsCrossingstairs.pngObrenTune June 18, Easy Long
CrushedCrushed.pngDerHausaufgabe December 4, Easy Medium
Cube RootCube Root.PNGKnuIIify March 1, Medium Medium
Curved WayCurvedWay.pngFlre_Ball December 5, Easy Medium
Cylinder ChaosCylinder Chaos.pngprimord_ial June 18, Hard Medium
DangerzoneDangerzone.pngFlre_Ball March 1, Medium Medium
DashingDashing.pngDerHausaufgabe December 25, Easy Short
Deadly SnakeZe Deadly Snake.pngDerHausaufgabe December 25, Easy Medium
Death JumpDeathJump.pngDerHausaufgabe December 22, Hard Medium
Death TowerDeathTower?.pngArchimetropolis September 2, Hard Long
DeathspeedDeathspeed.pngDerHausaufgabe December 20, Medium Short
DicesDices.pngDerHausaufgabe December 17, Easy Short
Directional GridDirectional Grid.pngArchimetropolis December 18, Hard Medium
DiscoDiscopngArchimetropolis December 24, Hard Short
Diverse SightDiverse Sight.PNGDerHausaufgabe March 1, Easy Medium
Dizzying PathsDizzyingpaths1.PNGXxSWxX December 24, Hard Long
Dont JumpDont Jump.pngArchimetropolis November 18, Medium Medium
Doom BallsDoomBalls.pngprimord_ial June 18, Medium Short
Dotted LineDotted LinepngArchimetropolis June 18, Easy Medium
Double CrossDoubleCross.pngFlre_Ball December 21, Medium Medium
Double CrossedDouble CrossedpnguwuSeren December 31, Medium Medium
Double SpinnerDoubleSpinner.pngdoublec_squared June 18, Hard Medium
Down StreamDownstream2.PNGFlre_Ball December 1, Medium Short
DownfallDownfall5.pngDerHausaufgabe December 2, Medium Medium
Dragons WalkDragons Walk.pngObrenTune June 18, Medium Long
DropDrop.pngXxSWxX December 24, Medium Long
DroppingDropping2.pngDerHausaufgabe December 24, Medium Medium
Dyson SphereDyson Sphere.pngDerHausaufgabe April 1, Medium Medium
Ease YEase Y.pngCirca December 31, Easy Short
Egyptians WalkEgyptians Walk.pngFlre_Ball September 2, Medium Medium
ElectricityElectricity Main.pngDerHausaufgabe December 25, Medium Medium
EternityEternity.pngjiravich September 24, Medium Medium
ElevationElevation.pngArchimetropolis October 1, Hard Long
Event HorizonEvent Horizon.pngKnuIIify September 2, Hard Medium
Expert NavigationExpert Navigation.pngFlre_Ball October 1, Hard Long
FadeFade.pngFlre_Ball September 2, Easy Short
Faster MovementFaster Movement.pngDerHausaufgabe March 4, Medium Medium
Figure ZeroFigure Zero.pngFlre_Ball April 1, Medium Medium
FlamesFlames.pngKnuIIify December 24, Easy Short
FluentlyFluently.PNGDerHausaufgabe April 1, Hard Medium
Focal PointFocal Point.pngFlre_Ball October 1, Medium Medium
Forced HellForced Hell.pngCirca April 23, Medium Short
FragmentedFragmented.PNGFlre_Ball December 25, Easy Short
Full Three SixtyFull Three Sixty.pngFlre_Ball October 1, Medium Long
Funky ForestFunky Forest.pngFlre_Ball September 2, Medium Medium
GatewayGateway.pngFlre_Ball October 1, Medium Long
Golden GatesGolden Gates.pngObrenTune June 18, Medium Long
GoofyGoofy.pngDerHausaufgabe February 24, Easy Short
GravitronGravitronpnguwuPyxl January 25, Hard Long
Gravity TreckGravityTreck.PNGFlre_Ball December 31, Easy Short
Green Means GoGreen Means Go.pnguwuTaps October 1, Medium Short
HalfHalf.jpgDerHausaufgabe December 31, Medium Long
Half and HalfHalf And Half.pngCirca October 20, Hard Medium
Hallow OrbitHallow Orbit.pngDerHausaufgabe December 31, Easy Medium
Hanging BridgesHanging Bridges.pngScripterAsh Unknown Hard Medium
Hard BoiHard Boi.pngjake Unknown Medium Medium
Heartbeat HorrorHeartbeat Horror.pngFlre_Ball December 25, Hard Long
HexHex.pngScripterAsh August 16, Medium Short
Hexagon HavocHexagon Havoc.pngdamarioguy August 20, Hard Medium
Hole in OneHoIe In One.pngCirca June 18, Medium Medium
Hole in the WallHole In The Wall.pngArchimetropolis June 18, Hard Medium
Hold OnHoldOn.pngDerHausaufgabe December 31, Medium Medium
HookHookSection2.pngDerHausaufgabe December 31, Easy Short
Hurdle HurtleHurdle HurtlepngArchimetropolis December 31, Hard Long
Im BlueIm Blue.pngOrdinary_Fiesta September 9, Easy Short
In and OutLn and Out.pngprimord_ial December 24, Medium Medium
Intercepting DeathInterceptingDeath.PNGDerHausaufgabe April 1, Medium Medium
InversionInversion.pngArchimetropolis June 18, Hard Medium
InvertInvertpngCirca June 18, Medium Medium
JoyrideJoyride2.pngFlre_Ball December 31, Hard Medium
JumpJump.pnguwuPyxl April 23, Easy Short
Jurassic ForestJurassic Forest.pngFlre_Ball December 24, Hard Long
KarmaKarma.pngalphexi September 22, Medium Short
Killbrick MayhemKillbrick Mayhem.pngArchimetropolis December 31, Hard Long
KunstKunst1.pngDerHausaufgabe December 31, Medium Short
Laser CrossoverLaserCrossover.pngFlre_Ball December 31, Medium Medium
Laser GridLaser Grid.pngDerHausaufgabe December 31, Medium Medium
LauncherLauncher Aerial.pngDerHausaufgabe February 1, Medium Medium
Left RightCurrent LeftRight.pngCirca April 23, Easy Short
Legos Struction SiteLegos Struction Site.pngDerHausaufgabe April 1, Medium Medium
Life on the EdgeLife On The Edge.pngdoublec_squared June 18, Medium Medium
Lights OutLights Out.pngSourC_Andy February 1, Medium Long
LilypadsLilypads.PNGKet_Overkill August 31, Medium Short
Look AheadLook Ahead.pngKnullify October 1, Easy Long
Loop JumpLoop Jump.pngalphexi November 17, Medium Short
Loose BricksLoose BrickspnguwuPyxl August 26, Medium Short
Loose EscalatorLoose Escalator.pnguwuPyxl June 18, Hard Short
LostLostpnguwuPyxl April 23, Medium Long

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