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Shinsou Hitoshi isn’t supposed to, but he wakes too early in the past, suddenly eleven-almost-twelve, with a tragedy haunting his steps, the echo of someone screaming (begging, grieving) ringing in his ears. Unable to sit back and “maintain the timeline” with his knowledge of the future, Hitoshi decides, for once, to be selfish. This, of course, brings consequences, one of them a persistent shadow calling him “purple problem child” when they meet under the cover of the night, the other a young teen more scared of his power than being the successor to a ghost story.

Aizawa Shouta isn’t supposed to, but he travels to the past three months after the brutal murder of his protégé, suddenly twenty-five-nearly-twenty-six, the ghost of Yaoyorozu’s hands on his skin as she pushes him through the portal, the haunting memory of empty purple eyes reflected in her gaze. His return has consequences, of course, one of them a cat-themed vigilante named Cheshire (though Shouta has no idea who Hitoshi thinks he’s fooling), the other a scarily intuitive principal always ready to burn the world for his employees without question.

(Things would be easier if they knew the other also time travelled to the past.)



Erasermic, or Aizawa Shouta/Yamada Hizashi or Eraserhead/Present Mic, is a slash ship in the fandom Boku no Hero Academia. It has similarities to the Harry Potter ship of Remus/Sirius: high-school friends who are devoted to each other; their ship is so accepted as fanon that they are often a background pairing in other stories.


Yamada Hizashi and Aizawa Shota were in the same class while attending U.A. high school and it was Yamada who came up with Aizawa's hero name. Their younger years are expanded upon more in the spinoff side story Vigilantes.

Yamada is a daytime hero going by Present Mic, he also has his own radio show, and Aizawa is an underground hero, going by Eraser Head. Despite their wildly different personalities, they work together at U.A. High as colleagues and have remained close friends.

Yamada is shown to enjoy picking on Shota as he calls him a terrible teacher, in a joking way. Aizawa appears tired almost constantly and comes across very grouchy and stern with the students, while Yamada is extremely upbeat and energetic.

Aizawa currently the homeroom teacher for Class 1-A and Yamada teaches English.


Common Tropes & Fanon

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The Aizawa Shota/Yamada Hizashi tag on AO3 currently has works. This makes it the most popular pairing for both characters. Probably the most common portrayal of the couple after their general relationship tag are their parental tags. The Dadzawa/Parental Aizawa Shota tag has works and the Dadzashi/Parental Yamada Hizashi tag has works currently. While the parental tags do not necessarily always also have this pairing as a couple, that is often the case, and this goes to show that them acting parental together is a large trope in the fandom.


It is a common headcanon in Erasermic pairings that Yamada is deaf. His Quirk allows him to raise his voice to a decibel level that can demolish buildings and incapacitate villains so it is often believed that it would have damaged his hearing as well. Many also headcanon that Yamada was born with his quirk, thus his parents are now deaf as well from the intensity of his cries as a baby. This headcanon often highlights how good of a match Aizawa is for Yamada, as he is able to use his Quirk, Erasure, to turn off Yamada's at will.

There are also a number of fanworks that deal with the aftermath of the USJ attack and the effect it has on Aizawa's quirk, whether that is limiting the time he can use it or permanently ruining his arm. Yamada is often seen as the person who helps ground Aizawa in these cases and helps him to realize what an amazing hero he was for protecting his students and will continue to be in the future.

Dadzawa & Dadzashi/Dadmic

While the Dadzawa headcanon is extremely popular on its own, the Dadzawa/Dadzashi headcanon is also popular. This fan trope takes the idea that Aizawa feels extremely parental towards Class 1-A and adds his relationship with Yamada. Thus, if Aizawa is going to basically adopt these children then so will his partner. Often in fanworks that use this trope, the couple is adopting or are the parents of Shinsou Hitoshi, but it is also often used with Midoryia Izuku.

Can't Survive Alone

Another common trope for this pairing is that Aizawa is the type who, while being an excellent underground hero, cannot be trusted to take care of himself. In fanworks that use this story idea, it is often paired with Aizawa getting injured and refusing to seek medical care/listen to medical expertise, such as returning to school after the USJ attack while still in full-body bandages. In this scenario, Yamada is portrayed as the more sensible one in the relationship, he may come across over the top he makes sure Aizawa eats more than just jelly packets and tries to make him sleep reasonable hours between underground hero work and teaching.



Fanart & Fancomics

  • Nar has drawn fancomics for many AU's like Mafia AU, College AU, Superhero AU
  • Nana has an ongoing Hanahaki AU


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Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic works on AO3


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Status of Relationship

Best Friends/Co-Workers/Former Classmates

Also Known As

Yamazawa, Maizawa

EraserMic is the slash ship between Shota Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Aizawa and Hizashi attended U.A. High school together and shared a homeroom, they became quick friends because of Hizashi's outspoken personality paired with Aizawa's quiet, moody one. Hizashi will often enthusiastically tell Aizawa something only for the other man to respond in a deadpan tone, but despite their contrast in personality, Aizawa clearly cares about Hizashi and listens when the latter speaks.

At some point during his time at UA, Hizashi gave Aizawa his hero name "Eraser Head" and although Aizawa said at some point in the series that it was a bad name, he never changed it or seemed to care what name Hizashi picked for him. After Oboro Shirakumo's death, Aizawa stopped socializing with his classmates less than he already did and spent most of his time training. Hizashi was the only one to stay by his side and try to help him through the pain.

They do not have many canon interactions outside of being co-workers and fellow heroes, but interact seemingly the most out of all the staff. Even though Aizawa likes quiet and prefers to sleep over anything (except cats), He pays no mind to Hizashi’s extreme volume and flamboyance. Although he appears annoyed at times by this, he never truly angers.

Notably, they were also the commenters for the U.A Sports Festival. During Uraraka and Bakugou’s fight, Hizashi heavily sided with Uraraka, going as far as to say negative things about Bakugou. Aizawa disagreed with this, and spoke out against him. This was the only time Aizawa has been genuinely upset by Hizashi.

When the meeting about the Joint Training Battle ended, Aizawa and Hizashi calmly walked through the corridors of the U.A. and Hizashi notices the similarities between Hitoshi Shinso and Aizawa in his youth, and asks if he has taken him as a pupil for that reason, although he also asks if he does it for Shirakumo. Aizawa requests that if he wants to say something he should keep it short, as Aizawa has somewhere to be. Hizashi evades the question saying that he was just reminiscing.

Chapter reveals dark knowledge to the both of them. They head to Tartarus, only to learn that their good friend who Aizawa had mourned for for so long, was in fact not dead, at least in the way they thought, but instead had been tranformed into a Nomu. To make matters worse, this specific Nomu was Kurogiri of the LoV. Before the reveal, Aizawa is notably tense and irritated. In an attempt to ground him, Hizashi touches his shoulder, and says his name softly. He succeeds, bringing Aizawa’s composure back. The two are then tasked by the police force to attempt to awaken Shirakumo from where he’s buried deep within Kurogiri's consciousness.

Hazashi also defends Aizawa against people who naysay against his admittedly rash decisions to have expelled so many past students in the past. Some time before the operation against the Paranormal Liberation Front, Aizawa spoke with Hizashi and told him that if he goes he will follow him.

During the Paranormal Liberation War, Aizawa and Hizashi participated in the attack on the hospital and Aizawa told Hizashi that he was counting on him to catch Doctor Garaki. Later, Hizashi meets Doctor Garaki again, and when the opportunity presents itself, he uses DJ Punch on Garaki as revenge for what he did to Oboro and make his friend cry, referring to Aizawa. The two do not interact again until the war ends and Hizashi can be seen accompanying Aizawa in the hospital, Hizashi is still mourning the death of Kayama but Aizawa silences him and asks how his students are.


The ship is very well-received in the fandom and it is supported by many fans. Mainly, people ship them for their longtime friendship and their contrasting personalities.

They are jokingly referred to as the dads of Class 1-A and Shinso, because of their apparent closeness and supportive teacher roles. Many seeing them as husbands who are already married in the canonverse since they bicker like an "old married couple", with Aizawa blatantly ignoring Hizashi's shenanigans and Hizashi's constant bothering of Aizawa. A very popular headcanon/concept is that they adopt and raise Eri and Shinsou together as their own children.

It is the most popular ship for both characters as well as the fourth most written ship on AO3 for the BNHA tag, which is quite impressive due to them being teachers, rather than students.



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  • Hizashi was the one to come up with Aizawa's hero name, Eraserhead.
  • The ship name is derived from Aizawa and Hizashi's hero names: Eraserhead and Present Mic.
  • They own the archetype of a popular trope amongst MHA shippers, the “loud blonde x dark-haired grump”. Common ships that fit into this are KamiShin, KamiJirou, & KiriBaku, despite Kirishima’s rather bright hair.
  • Christopher Wehkamp, who is the English voice of Shota Aizawa, says such words about EraserMic family: "As far as EraserMic goes, I love it. And I love the fact that our sensei seems to have a little makeshift familyI hope it last forever. And ever"
  • In one of the light novels, while Aizawa, Yamada and Toshinori are having dinner, Yagi asks Hizashi how much he goes drinking with Shota: "Sometimes! I invite this guy out plenty enough, but he's a tough nut to crack!"Then All Might wonders how did them, opposite to each other people, become friends. "Well, my friend here never seemed to have much to say, so I figured out it was my job to chat him up and loosen his nerves!" - says Mic, while his best friend denies it. Also, Yamada mentions that Aizawa was doing everything on minimum when he was a student, so that's why everyone in class were calling him 'Power-Saver Sho'. But, actually, Mic was the first who gave him such a nicknameAnd the others like 'Prince of Slumberland' a.k.a. 'P.O.S.', 'Snooze Master'The list would be longer if Shota didn't shut him up: "Not another word".


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Aizawa Family refers to the family ship between Shota Aizawa, Hizashi Yamada, Hitoshi Shinso and Eri
EraserCloudMic refers to the ship between Shota Aizawa, Oboro Shirakumo and Hizashi Yamada
Rooftop Squad refers to the friendship between Hizashi Yamada, Shota Aizawa, Nemuri Kayama, and Oboro Shirakumo


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