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the russian north is an endless snow-white napkin, crumpled with hills of khibiny mountains and giant snowdrifts. the treeless landscape here makes everything flat and all human manifestations seem to strive to overcome this flatness: striped pipes of factories soaring up into the sky, soviet «copy-paste» apartment blocks and power line towers stick out of the ground, as if the rest of the map is still rendering. some ghostly powers rework the scenery behind your back. some giant mashed a car with its mighty fist and stuck on a pole at the entrance to a secret military base, perhaps as a warning to the soldiers. a herd of car tires migrating south along the snowy slopes freezes at you glance. somewhere in the distance there is the world&#;s northernmost mcdonald&#;s. mind your step as you wade to it.

nikel, monchegorsk, kirovsk &#; northern cities which are rarely an object to the touristic admiration. not only the severe nature makes these cities similar to each other, but also the fact of rapidly declining population size. these cities are turning into abandoned spots in the endless northern landscapes. with the polar days and nights, you start to mess up the cycles and every day seems to last forever. snowstorms in may make you not forget you came to the north and the mountains look like reliable guards for those who have not left the towns yet.

the locals are involved in their normal routines while being caught playing billiards, visiting a patriotic holiday, or just quietly walking along the embankment. they seem to be proud of living in the north but experiencing melancholy at the same time. &#;i don&#;t have summer clothes at all, i used to have but for now i just don&#;t need it,&#; says the saleswoman at the street kiosk. &#;people here do not go out so often, we only have one café around the corner&#;, and not to forget the northernmost macdonald&#;s in the world in the russian capital of arctics – murmansk. the street kiosk, billiard table and all this snow-white mountain range were just kilometers aways from there.

anastasia adasheva () in a russian photographer who explores the reality of the post-soviet russian landscapes filled with surreal images and a hybrid blend of mysticism and post-spirituality.

Sours: https://divhubinter.polri.go.id/exemplary6ac0/afaabhtm

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Ssh39 luftschutz helmet

Captured / Reissued Early Ssh39 lLuftschutz

Captured soviet helmet by the Germans and re-issued for German air defence for the Luftschutz. Helmet was probably captured by an American soldier, barely visible stamp. US ARMY Helmet was found in Hamburg.

The outside of the helmet has been painted the dark blue colour and the Luftschutz decal applied. Rant helmet was painted on white color to be more visible and easily recognizable at night. Helmet with very rare yellow liner.

number 2



ssh40 helmet

Austrian m17 WW1 Camo Helmet

Helmet all in original in very good condition. Original Leather liner and chinstrap. Austrian helmet in this condition alone is significantly harder to find compared to German WWI helmets.This helmet alone is a very hard to find piece, with bright colors, and an unusual camo scheme.




Ssh40 soviet wwII helmet

French M15 Adrian WW1 Infantry Helmet

Helmet In very good condition, all in original. State badge used by infantry.
Blue horizon color,leather in good condition.
Over the front peak there is riveted wrought brass plate: SOLDAT DE LA GRANDE GUERRE The plaque was issued to veterans during the victory parade in



Sours: http://soviet-helmets.com/Marketplace.html
Soviet Cold War Tanker vs Russian Modern Tanker loadout (T-72 Version)

Red Army steel helmets

  • WW2 simplified helmet for air defense units, produced during the GPW

    WW2 simplified helmet for air defense units, producedWW2 simplified helmet for air defense units, produced during the GPW

    A simplified helmet for air defense units, produced during the Great Patriotic War, WW2.  Excellent condition. The paint has tarnished, most likely due to moisture. Minor rust stains

  • Soviet Russian Steel Helmet -Ssch 40, wartime issue

    Soviet Russian Steel Helmet -Ssch 40, wartime issueSoviet Russian Steel Helmet -Ssch 40, wartime issue

    Soviet Russian Steel Helmet -Ssch 40, wartime issue. Similar blue calico liners and leather chin straps were seen on helmets. Depot repainted helmet. Excellent condition. Markings are not readable due to the fact that they are painted over

  • Winter cover for Sch, Sch steel helmets

    Winter cover for Sch, Sch steel helmetsWinter cover for Sch, Sch steel helmets

    Winter cover for Sch, Sch steel helmets. Made of white cotton calico. Slightly worn condition. 1st size. One from the bunch found at the old military stock and shown in the famous  reference book of Ivan Karabanov - "History of the Russian steel helmet".

  • Rare blockade made Soviet MK I like, steel helmet

    Rare blockade made Soviet MK I like, steel helmetRare blockade made Soviet MK I like, steel helmet

    Very rare blockade made Soviet MK I like, steel helmet, completed in worn condition

  • Pre WW2 Soviet Russian experimental M36 steel helmet

    Pre WW2 Soviet Russian experimental M36 steel helmetPre WW2 Soviet Russian experimental M36 steel helmet

    This is a extremely rare experimental Russian helmet. Pre WW2 Soviet Russian experimental M36 steel helmet designed for heavy howitzer artillery, made by Izhora factory "Izhorskiy zavod" in Leningrad, the factory name is "Izd /35". The helmets were produced, then approved by Russian army, and were not accepted. After that all helmets came back to the factory stock. In the Fi


  • Early postwar helmet M40 helmet, second model

    Early postwar helmet M40 helmet, second modelEarly postwar helmet M40 helmet, second model

    Early postwar helmet M40 helmet, second model, beginning of 50s. Absolutely the same model and materials as on ww2 made helmets. Mint condition!   We have few helmets in same condition.  All dated, beginning of 50's (). Medium size - size 2. Has makers ink stamps. The helmet has storage wear only and some minor surface rust. The liner has removable paddi


  • Sours: https://www.aboutww2militaria.com/

    Russian helmet sale ww2 for

    Soviet helmets of the World War 2

    Soviet helmet SSh40 was the main USSR helmet during the Second World War. We will tell you about this helmet and its previous versions (SSh36, SSh39) in this article.

     Soviet helmet SSh36

    In s the Red Army used Adrian helmet purchased in France. It’s not known why the Army leadership of the USSR didn’t like that model, but in they started producing their own helmet. As a result, in new model SSh was accepted for service.

    Soviet helmet SSh36

    Soviet helmet SSh36

    A new SSh got an original semi-spherical shape with a cap pushing out and side pent slopes. On the upper part of the helmet there was a comb which served as a firm rib and covered an air hole (this element was obviously borrowed from an Adrian helmet). SSh 36 was painted in a dark-green or khaki color. On a forehead part there was a five-pointed star contour painted in red color.  This first own-produced Soviet helmet served for the Red Army soldiers in many military conflicts, in particular:

    • Spanish Civil War ();
    • Battle of Lake Khasan ();
    • Battles of Khalkhin Gol ();
    • Winter War ().

    During these military operations a number of helmet deficiencies were revealed -

    • Wide helmet pents made a sail effect and hindered solders’ freedom of movement;
    • A large cap obstructed the view;
    • Low protection properties.

    However, despite of this fact, these flaws, the first years of the World War II a big part of Soviet troops was equipped with these helmets. This, by the way, is proved by diggings in the district of Stalingrad. Our team found several SSh on defense positions near Kalach-on-Don.

    This SSh was found by the StalingradFront team in the neighborhood of Kalach-on-Don

    This SSh was found by the StalingradFront team in the neighborhood of Kalach-on-Don

    Soviet helmet SSh40 and SSh39

    In Army’s requirements for a more accomplished helmet for a maneuverable warfare were taken into account and an model SSh39 was designed and put into production. This helmet became a prototype of a famous Soviet SSh40, which was produced since SSh40, unlike a model, had a firmer and simpler liner. Due to this fact, these two helmets were different from one another in a liner attachment, specifically in the number of clenches attaching the liner to the helmet. Model 39 had three of them, which wasn’t enough for a reliable liner attachment. In SSh40 these deficiencies were rectified, and now the liner was attached with 6 clenches, which was safer.

    SSh39 was found near Vertyachiy village (Stalingrad region)

    SSh39 was found near Vertyachiy village (Stalingrad region)

    Russian SSh was made of alloy armor steel 1,2 mm thick. It’s worth noticing that due to the use man-made materials, a liner tickled the skin and grazed soldier’s head in case of long wearing (a German steel helmet liner was made of leather, that’s why German soldiers never faced such problems).

    SSh 40

    SSh 40

    In a liner construction was updated. Now the liner consisted of three tongue parts. It was made so that the soldiers could wear a helmet with other headwear (for example, a fur cap). In the upper part the tongues was tied with laces to adjust the size. In the inner part of each toongue there was a cotton damping pad. A duffel chin strap consists of two halves sticked to rings on the side faces of the helmet.

    SSh40 was produced in only three sizes, the weight of the biggest one (without including liner weight) was grams. SSh was painted in olive of khaki color, sometimes there was a five-pointed star painted at the front. In the inner side of the helmet, in the back of the head near lower lip there was a stamp of the manufacturing plant, the year of manufacture and a size stamp.

    Big collection of Soviet helmets of the WW2 period on sale

    Big collection of Soviet helmets of the WW2 period on sale

    Soldiers marched up to Berlin in this helmet. That is why it is not surprising that this model of a Soviet SSh 40 can be found at all battle places of the Soviet troops. Our native Volgograd (Stalingrad until ) city is not an exception. Our team often finds SSh40 during diggings near the city. If you want to connect with the history of the Soviet Army, you can buy a found near Stalingrad Soviet SSh in our store. Click the link - Soviet helmets of World War 2, and you will see a wide choice of SSh40 helmets for sale.

    Sours: https://stalingradfront.com/articles/articles-about-ww2/soviet-helmet-ww2/
    Where to buy your Militaria - Part Two: Soviet

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