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In today’s modern world, everyone wants to have their own unique customized theme on their smartphone. NOVA launcher is becoming quite popular among Android users. Best Nova Launcher Themes allows you to customize your smartphone theme significantly, which is not allowed in the original settings.

 This application has no theme options, but users can give their own touch to the NOVA launcher by adding their own icon packs. We have gathered for you the best NOVALauncher themes app for Android 2021, which will help you customize your screen.

Candycons Nova Launcher Theme

Many Android users recommend CandyCons because it provides excellent detailing and a slight texture of every single icon. The icon pack for this app follows Google’s Material Design color palette, which exactly matches the Android user interface.

It is equipped with 1,127 high-quality icons and 20 HD wallpapers. This app has given a lot of attention to various Google apps such as chrome or google photos.

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Glim is equipped with a vibrant and colorful icon package for Nova Launcher and includes many unique themed HQ icons. It can support a dock and also consist of numerous icons sections. The topic also has an intelligent symbol request tool and many other features. This app has frequently been located on the list of having one of the best Nova Launcher icon packs.


Unlike other mainstream themes and icon packages, Lines is an entirely unique application because it doesn’t conform to Google’s material design. This app can create hollow outlined icons for your application. 

 The icons here are combined with over 200 carefully selected matching wallpapers and have about 2100 icons organized into similar analog clock widgets, each of which blends perfectly with the theme.


Another popular free theme application is Moonrise which also has a pretty unique icon collection that will help you to customize your home screen. This application can turn your home screen into a controlled and personalization screen. It also helps you change icons, layouts, animations, and much more.

 This theme app for Android has a unique icon pack that always mimics the true colors of moonlight or the essence of dawn.

The icons here are combined with over 60 carefully selected wallpapers and over 1050 icons.


With over 10,000 downloads, this app is still one of the best Nova launcher themes. It has a collection of over 2,000 icons to choose from and supports over 20 launchers. It is an excellent App for those who like minimalistic icons without any high contrast colors.

 This app is equipped with brightly shaded pastel-colored icons combined with some in-house wallpapers to make your Android device look beautiful.


One of the main reasons for the increase in Android users is android customization. These changes can range from changing the wallpapers to modifying the entire operating system using custom ROMs. 

In particular, among all the customizable things, people love to try out fresh and colorful themes. Whatever be the reason, Android icon packs and theme applications are thriving in the GooglePlay Store.



Best Nova Launcher Themes For Homescreen Setup in 2021

Android is the mother lode of customization for handheld devices. Unlike iOS, you can manipulate the looks and accessibility of an Android device by using numerous customization applications available. Let’s face it, no one buys a new smartphone every three months and is bound to get bored by the themes and home screen. So, the next best option is using home screen launchers like Nova launchers to create personalized customization home screen setups that match your vibe. Best or not it would be a completely different experience for you, as you will have full control over every tiny detail of your home screen.

Nova launcher has been there for over a decade and its popularity has created a new hobby of users creating unique, appealing, and best Nova launcher themes using a few elements like icon packs, wallpaper apps, and KWGT widget. And that’s exactly why we have compiled this list of the best Nova launcher themes that will revamp your bland and unattractive home screen setup into an eye-catchy design.

Excited? So, Let’s Get Started.

How to Customize Android Like a PRO!

One of the main reasons for going with an Android smartphone for your daily driver is that you’ve got an almost limitless number of ways to customize it and here I am going to showcase 4 easiest ways to level up your home screen setup game:

Revamp your Interface with Launcher:

So, the very first thing that I do in order to customize my Android smartphone is Install a Custom launcher. This is the most obvious way to customize your Android, and it’s the place you should start.

A custom launcher can take charge of your home screen and using which you can easily change icon pack, font size, drawer sets, and more. They basically enable any Android smartphone with the ability to revamp the home screen completely with a whole host of new customization options to play around with.

Add functionality with widgets:

Nowadays, you might have noticed that widgets are becoming quite popular and the home screen customization enthusiasts used them to create beautiful-looking nova launcher themes. As widgets allow you to access all your important apps in one glance which saves time and also provides a certain aesthetics to your home screen.

Add style with icon packs:

The look of your Android smartphone goes way beyond widgets, or even your launcher. In fact, unless you’re some sort of home-screen swiping minimalist, app icons cover the bulk of your display. If you find the app icons on your phone outdated or boring? Then you have the option to change them using a custom launcher! It’s not difficult or time-consuming.

Paint your home screen with wallpapers:

Wallpapers are like the colors your house wears from the outside. If they aren’t splendid, you can do nothing no matter how lavish the insides are. Similarly, you can invest as much money ($) as you want in your smartphone, if it has those old 90s wallpapers with ugly patterns, you’re not beating the bones out of it.

And that’s where wallpaper apps come in, it’s such a basic thing believe me it can make a huge difference to the overall look of your smartphone.

Nova Launcher Themes 2021

Tennis 12 – Best Nova Launcher Themes

Tennis 12 by Dennis Wilson is a gorgeous tennis-based home screen setup. It features a ton of widgets on a green, tennis ball-colored background and with befitting icons that amplify the overall sports theme. Tennis 12 is purely aimed at users that love every possible functional widget on their home screen.

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Best Nova Launcher Themes For Homescreen Setup in 2021


This home screen uses a wallpaper titled ‘Tennis Ball’ that is sourced from the Wallipop wallpaper application. It contains a light green hue with bold white lines that mimic the tennis ball. The wallpaper suits the home screen because it is adequately bright and doesn’t canvass the widgets or icons text.

Icon Pack

Tennis 12 uses the Aline Black icon pack that uses bold black lines to draw icons. Due to its bold and striking design, it looks best on light-colored wallpapers. Also, the icons are 50 percent transparent which makes them blend perfectly with the light-colored wallpaper used in this home screen setup.


This home screen uses the Snow cone KWGT widget that uses a beautiful circular clock with bold dials. There are four more rounded widgets that display and provide direct access to network connections, calendar, weather information, and battery status. The setup also uses a large music widget to manage music playback.

Purple Serenity – Best Nova Launcher Themes

Purple Serenity by Kayla NK is a super minimal and non-intrusive home screen setup by Kayla NK. This setup uses a purple-toned wallpaper with minimal usage of icons and widgets. It is designed for users that crave simplicity above other things in their home screen setup.

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Best Nova Launcher Themes For Homescreen Setup in 2021


The home screen setup uses a minimalistic wallpaper from the Prism wallpaper application. It is certainly not the brightest wallpaper out there and will look better on Amoled displays with high resolution. The wallpaper is a blend of different purple hues that depict the mountain view of a sunset.

Icon Pack

This home screen setup uses a Reev Pro icon pack with a ten icon layout on the home screen. The icons are super tiny and minimalistic and use white color and transparent background to depict different icons. Reev Pro also has a dark-themed icon pack that looks best on bright wallpapers.


Purple Serenity uses the vanilla KWGT widget and makes use of a bold date widget on top of the display area. The button half uses a widget that displays time and time and weather along with a search bar, all of which are centered to suit the minimalistic theme.

Scary House – Best Nova Launcher Themes

Scary House by Somraj Jadhav is one the most quirky-looking home screen setup that is dark and grim but in a cartoonish manner. This home screen setup isn’t filled with too many widgets and aligns everything vertically.

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Best Nova Launcher Themes For Homescreen Setup in 2021


This home screen setup uses dark wallpaper from the Prism wallpaper application. The wallpaper uses black and blue as the two primary colors with accents of yellow and white. The bottom part of the wallpaper is stark black and doesn’t overshadow the icons or the widgets. It will look equally good on both high-resolution LCD displays and AMOLED displays as well.

Icon Pack

This home screen setup uses the Aline Green icon pack which is a modified version of the black one. The icons use blue color as the outline with a transparent background which makes them pop out on the black background. Scary House uses only four icons that are arranged vertically but are equally accessible due to their location in the bottom half of the display.


Scary House uses the flamingo KWGT widget that displays date, time, weather, and location in an unconventional design that looks stunning. The time is displayed in the two-part vertical block that appears to be partially hidden. It is a single widget but is super elaborate and doesn’t cover the primary part of the wallpaper.

Night – Best Nova Launcher Themes

Night by Vinit Tamboli is an extremely dark yet calm home screen setup. The home screen setup is not entirely minimalistic but is super descriptive and packs a lot of widgets and icons to increase your accessibility.

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Best Nova Launcher Themes For Homescreen Setup in 2021


This home screen setup uses the Night wallpaper from the Ripple Wallpapers application. The wallpaper isn’t fancy and has a bright, one-third moon with a few clouds. These white elements on a blue background result in a serene wallpaper.

Icon Pack

Night uses the Reev Pro icon pack that brings a simple white outline icon set to the home screen. There aren’t many icons on this home screen which allows it has a lot of widgets placed in the lower half of the home screen.


Thus home screen setup uses the Sheer KWGT widget that is translucent and fits perfectly with the blue wallpaper. The widgets begin with a greeting according to the time of the day and have day and month stacked below one another while the time is aligned to the right. Following it are the four different widgets with rounded edges that display calendar, battery status, memory status, and weather. The home screen setup doesn’t showcase the current date, which can be a little confusing.

Material Coffee – Best Nova Launcher Themes

Material Coffee home screen setup by Dennis Wilson uses a mellow color scheme that soothes your eyes. It has a perfect widget placement and comes with a pastel-colored background that looks vibrant but not too flashy.

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Best Nova Launcher Themes For Homescreen Setup in 2021


This home screen setup uses the Bourbon wallpaper by the Fluid Walls wallpaper app. From the looks of it, it isn’t anything definitive but a combination of a different set of pastel colors with an abstract theme. The primary color looks good with the widgets and the base of slightly brown that makes the icon pack more pronounced.

Icon Pack

The home screen setup by Dennis Wilson uses the Bebocan Icons pack. The icons are big and have rounded edges with funky artwork and simple colors. The home screen uses five basic icons on the bottom that are super large in size.


This home screen setup uses the Snowcone KWGT widget that lends a simple yet informative weather widget along with a date and weather widget for three days. It also has a tiny widget to display your profile picture with a date widget next to it. The widget usage is a little excessive here for my taste but still looks compelling to the eyes.

Study Leaves – Best Nova Launcher Themes

Study leaves by Raghav Khurana is a simplistic, saturated and clean home screen setup purely aimed at users who love a non-messy home screen and it is one of the best nova launcher themes that you can try. It comprises well-spaced and clean icons along with a centered wallpaper and a simple widget for the date.

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Best Nova Launcher Themes For Homescreen Setup in 2021


This neat setup uses a minimalistic wallpaper sourced from the BuffyWallsPro application, the minimal 07, to be exact. It has a pristine white background wallpaper with a simple study desk and plant sketch. It uses hits of green and black as the only two-color options that would look best on any kind of display, be it LCD or AMOLED.

Icon Pack

This minimalistic desk setup uses the Reev Dark icon pack that supplies more than 1600 hundred personalized icons. The icons do not have a huge footprint and use a tiny yet relatable symbol to convey the type of application. It blends in perfectly with the wallpaper used in the setup and produces a stark contrast to the otherwise white and bland home screen setup.


The home screen uses widget no 27 from the floral KWGT widget pack and is used to display the date and time in the most subtle yet eye-catching manner. The year is omitted from the widget to reduce the textual presence on the home screen.

Quill – Best Nova Launcher Themes

Our next nova launcher themes setup is called Quill by Jitendra, it is a tranquil and pacifying home screen setup that relies heavily on widgets and icons and uses a plain dual-color background wallpaper.

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Best Nova Launcher Themes For Homescreen Setup in 2021


Quill uses one of the minimal dual-tone colors wallpapers from the Prism wallpaper application. The wallpaper acts as a translucent layer of background and doesn’t overpower the widgets and icon packs used in this home screen setup.


All the widgets used in this home screen setup are from the Fiction KWGT widget that covers the entire area of the display. The topmost space displays the temperature and weather followed by a three-day weather forecast arranged in separate grids. Then there is a date and time display area followed by a Google search bar that is halved to look more pleasant. The end part of the widget uses two icons for messages and calls while the rest applications can be accessed by the app drawer icon.

Apple Inc – Best Nova Launcher Themes

The next setup is called Apple Inc and it is designed by Aham. This home screen setup is heavily inspired by the iOS design and transforms your Android home screen setup to match and even look better than an Apple home screen in a few aspects.

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Best Nova Launcher Themes For Homescreen Setup in 2021


This best nova launcher themes setup uses an abstract wallpaper from the Prism wallpaper app. It is a concoction of multiple bright colors that spruce up the screen and act as a perfect base for the widgets and icons.

Icon Pack

The icons used in this setup are from the iOS 15 icon pack that brings in identical icons present in the iOS 15 devices. You have access to a wide variety of icons that are both new and belong to iOS and iPhone 12 Pro.


It uses the Apple for KWGT widget to present the sophisticated home screen setup customization. The widget app has over 60 different widget options among which this home screen setup uses the Date and time and the weather widget that pictorially represents the weather for the next three days. The top section of the setup gives access to the app drawer and displays the user’s name and profile photo in the top right corner.

Toucan – Best Nova Launcher Themes

Toucan’s nova launcher themes setup is all about that jovial vibe with striking pastel colors and shapes that makes it stand apart from the rest of the home screen setups mentioned so far.

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Best Nova Launcher Themes For Homescreen Setup in 2021


Toucan uses a wallpaper that constitutes the toucan bird drawn in a geometric theme with vibrant colors. The picture takes up a major portion of the display and will look good on most high-resolution displays.

Icon Pack

Toucan uses the crayon icon pack that gives a retro vibe while retaining coherence. It has over 5200 plus icons and includes all the major apps and games icons. The toucan home screen setup uses only four of those that are arranged horizontally.


Blended KWGT widget is used in the toucan home screen setup which presents the top and bottom bar in an askew fashion. The top area displays all the phone status icons and network connections while the bottom bar displays the date and time in a cartoonish font that is bold and easily visible.

Minimal Leap – Best Nova Launcher Themes

Minimal Leap is a pristine setup that uses the least amount of widgets and a complementing icon pack that makes it a deserving candidate for the least effort nova launcher themes setup.

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Best Nova Launcher Themes For Homescreen Setup in 2021


Minimal Leap features a simple, center subject wallpaper from Unusual Wallpapers, the number 875 to be exact. The wallpaper itself is non-flashy with simple colors that make the icons and widget stand out. The color used is a blend of blue, purple, and white, all of which look good on most smartphone displays.

Icon Pack

Minimal Leap uses the Reev Pro icon pack, which is a paid affair that comes with over 1600 icons in the base pack. The icons are super minimalistic and carved out in white color so that it pops up with every dark color wallpaper that you use. Reev Pro offers a quirky set of icons that adds to the minimalistic nova launcher themes home screen setup.


It uses the Minime KWGT number 36 widget that displays the day and months in the text while displaying the time in digits. The time is cornered to the right to make the home screen setup more spick and span.

Final Words

So guys these were some of the best Nova launcher themes that you can try right now. Also, we update this list every month so if you have any home screen setup/ nova launcher themes that you want us to feature in this list then do let us know that in the comments down below.

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Nova Launcher themes would be a great option to enhance your smartphone’s overall look. Check out these best free nova launcher themes of 2021.

What Is Nova Launcher?

Nova Launcher or Nova Launcher Prime is one of the most popular Android applications available in the market for customizing your Android smartphone. The versatile nature of Android operating systems has been overwhelming for people who love to play around with their smartphones. Thus, Nova Launcher themes would be a great option to look forward to.

Nova Launcher

With the popularity of Nova Launcher, the demand for themes is ever-growing. However, the application lacks the option for ‘Themes.’ It disappoints me as almost every other Launcher out there has the themes feature. Well, you need not worry about it. We’ve got your pack!

This little piece of information will take to you through 25 Best Nova Launcher Themes to use in 2021.

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25 Best Nova Launcher Themes to use in 2021:

Best Nova Launcher Themes

Before we proceed, make sure you have the Prime Apk of Nova Launcher for some of the themes listed below. This is because certain themes use features exclusively available for Nova Launcher Prime apk.

#1 Material Design

Phones loaded with Stock Android come with material design pre-installed. The theme looks elegant, classy, and materialized at the same time. If you’ve ever used stock Android and missing the material design thematics, check out this Nova Launcher theme. It is not a copy but looks better than the original.

Material Design Nova Launcher Theme

We used a material design wallpaper with a Pixel icon pack, minimal clock and weather widgets, and a few tweaks in the settings. Their combination made a beautiful material design theme for Nova Launcher.

Wallpaper used: Tapet

Icon Pack: Pixel Pie

Widgets used: Simple Clock & Weather Widget

Nova Tweaks:

  • Change the Desktop Grid to 5×6.
  • Turn on the persistent search bar.
  • Increase the icon size desktop dock to 120%
  • Choose the Search Bar style 1 and Logo Style 1

#2. Dark

Who doesn’t like dark themes? Well, the majority of us do. That’s why smartphone manufacturers and software developers have been switching to dark themes for various applications lately. Similarly, we have a dark theme for you that is darker than your future, lol.

Dark Nova Launcher Theme

The Dark theme has a lot more to offer you than just the night mode of Nova Launcher. The home screen, app drawer, icons, etc., everything is dark. The theme pack consists of AMOLED Wallpapers, Silhouette Icon pack, and minimal widgets, and a few tweaks in Nova settings.

Wallpaper used: AMOLED Dark Wallpapers

Icon Pack: Silhouette

Widgets used: UCCW, Shuttle, and Simple Clock & Weather.

Nova Tweaks:

  • Turn the persistent search bar on
  • Choose Logo Style 4 and Search Bar Style 3
  • Switch the Night Mode of Nova to Always On

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#3. Android Pie

Android P brought along amazing changes to the user interface that made it minimal and elegant. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers have failed to provide regular Android updates on time. However, this Nova Launcher theme will be perfect for you to taste Android P on your Android smartphone.

Android Pie Nova Launcher Theme

We’ve used the Android P official wallpapers offered by Google and the Pixel Icon pack to make a similar look and feel. The additional widgets and a few Nova tweaks make it look almost similar.

Wallpaper used: Android P Official Wallpapers by Google

Icon Pack: Pixel

Widgets used: Another Widget on Play Store.

Nova Tweaks:

  • Increase the size of icons and docks to 130%
  • Turn on the simple scroll effect.
  • Turn off the wallpaper scrolling.
  • Use the Grid Folder preview.
  • Use Folder Background from Android Nougat.
  • Turn on persistent search bar with Logo Style 1 and Bar Style 1

#4. Abstract

Abstract Nova Launcher Theme

If you’re looking to make the interface look abstract, try out the Linebit icon pack. The linear gradient-based designs and colors will make the looks abstract. For wallpapers, you can try out the unexplored wallpaper app viz., Resplash. To make the icon pack look compatible on the screen, explore the Neon wallpapers. Throw in some widgets and Nova tweaks, and you’ll be good to go.

Wallpaper used: Resplash on Play Store

Icon Pack: Linebit

Widgets used: Stock Analogue Clock.

Nova Tweaks:

  • Move the search bar above the icons.
  • Place the search bar with Google Assistant.
  • Decrease the background transparency to 0%

#5. Vibrant

As the name suggests, the Vibrant theme has some vibrant colors and icons combination that looks remarkable. A simple clock widget with a weather widget to add some cherry on the top. With the help of one of the best outstanding features of Nova Launcher, i.e., creating a three icon grid, we came up with a vibrant theme.

Vibrant Nova Launcher Theme

With the help of some colorful wallpapers and an Aivy icon pack, the Vibrant theme looks perfect to the eyes.

Wallpaper used: Walli

Icon Pack: Aivy

Widgets used: Simple Weather

Nova Tweaks:

  • Disable the search bar.
  • Change the desktop grid to 3×3.
  • Enable the opening of the app drawer using the swipe up gesture.

#6. Modern

If you don’t want a vibrant look, Modern looking theme will excite you. The modern theme has a minimal touch with contemporary elements to make it look elegant and classy. Along with that, a sleek widget puts a cherry on the top. Here, we have used a minimal icon pack and modernized wallpapers app, i.e., Walli, to make it remarkable.

Wallpaper used: Walli

Icon Pack: Minma

Widgets used: Minimalistic Text

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make the widgets transparent.
  • Move the dark search bar above the icons.
  • Increase the icon size to 135%

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#7. Minimal

Well, vibrant and modern themes are good but nothing as compared to the minimal because Minimal is the new sexy, baby! The Minimal theme is for people who like to keep things simple, clean, and elegant. Hence, the theme brings along a minimal icon pack, minimal wallpapers, and minimal widget style. The combination of all of them looks stunning. No doubts, Minimal is one of the most famous nova launcher themes in 2021.

Wallpaper used: Minima Live Wallpapers.

Icon pack: Delta

Widgets used: One Weather, Stock Digital Clock, and Month Calendar.

Nova Tweaks: Move the search bar below the dock.

#8. Nature Thematics

Well, we have talked about modern terms, but nature is always close to our hearts. We love to watch nature do wonders. Hence, bringing some of nature to your phone would be awesome. The scenic beauty, peaceful icons, and simple widgets to make it look perfect for nature lovers are what we have curated so far. The Nature thematics will calm you down for sure.

Wallpaper used: Backgrounds HD

Icon pack: Elun (Paid)

Widgets used: Stock Clock

Nova Tweaks: Turn the App Drawer Background to transparent and also hide the notification panel.

#9. Light Thematics

After vibrant colors and nature, let us explore something Light hearted for our smartphones. Also, as we have mentioned, a theme for dark theme lovers. People love light themes, as well. This is for everyone who loves light colors and thematics. Here, we’ve used a light-colored wallpaper, the calendar widget, and some cool Nova tweaks. The interface looks flat that feels elegant and classy.

Wallpaper used: Wallhub

Icon pack: Enix

Widgets used: The Calendar Widget and Google at a glance widget.

Nova Tweaks:

  • Place the search bar below the dock.
  • Use a flat search bar.
  • Place the Google Assistant below the search bar.
  • Make the background transparency to 0%
  • Disable the dark icons that are turned on by default.

#10. Far Out

This theme has been named after the wallpaper used to create it – Far Out. Have you ever seen those groovy wallpapers that have various wide curves in different colors? Well, such groovy wallpaper makes the theme stand out from others on the list of 25 Nova Launcher Themes to use in 2021.

For groovy wallpapers, you can try out a lot of wallpaper applications available on the Google Play Store. We have used the Backdrops wallpaper app along with the After Glow icon pack. When this combination is used with an analog clock, and a few Nova tweaks give the feel of a luminous interface.

Wallpaper used: Backdrops

Icon pack: After Glow

Widgets used: After Glow Analogue Clock.

Nova Tweaks:

  • Place the search bar below the dock.
  • Use adaptive icons squirrel.
  • Turn on the persistent search bar.
  • Make the notification bar transparent.

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#11. Dark Theme Pt. 2

Well, the love for dark themes can never fade away. Thus, we have got another Dark Theme on the list on 25 Nova Launcher Themes. The wallpaper used in this theme is a featured wallpaper along with the Gladient icon pack. The icons look subtle and minimal on the home screen. If you have ever used iOS devices, the thematics will look similar to you.

Wallpaper used: Walpy

Icon Pack: Gladient Icons

Widgets used: Spotify Widget

Nova Tweaks:

  • Activate the night mode, if not done already.
  • Switch the app drawer to horizontal mode.
  • Increase the icon size to 130%
  • Increase the padding around the icons.

#12. Flat World

Have you ever taken an imaginative trip to the 2-Dimensional world? Well, the world looks beautiful to me, and thus we have curated a flat 2D theme for you. The icon pack and the wallpaper, as the name suggests, will offer you a flat experience.

Being flat doesn’t mean ugly; instead, it looks colorful, stunning, and beautiful. Everything combined with KWGT Widgets and a few Nova tweaks will be better than the imaginative 2-Dimensional world.

Wallpaper used: Tapet

Icon Pack: Glim

Widgets used: KWGT

Nova Tweaks:

  • Increase the desktop size and dock size to 110%
  • Switch the folder view to stack.
  • Change the desktop scroll effect to ‘Swipe’
  • Change the animation to ‘Relaxed’

#13. Colourful

After the colorful flat design, let us try out a dynamically color theme for your smartphone using Nova Launcher Themes. This theme here is full of vibrant and dynamic colors for icons and wallpaper, and widgets.

The theme is perfect for people who are obsessed with seeing a lot of colors on their home screen. We have used colorful wallpaper from Backgrounds HD and Rondo’s icons.

Wallpaper used: Backgrounds HD

Icon Pack: Rondo

Widgets used: One Weather and Rondo Clock

Nova Tweaks:

  • Increase the size of the dock and desktop to 120%.
  • Turn on the persistent search bar.
  • Change the search bar style to 2 and logo style to 5.
  • Change the page indicator’s color to Yellow.
  • Switch to grid view in the folder view.
  • Use a circle for the folder background.

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#14. Landscape

When talking about different themes on an Android smartphone, how can we forget about Landscape wallpapers and icons? Well, this theme, as the name suggests, is all about landscape scenery. It will give a scenic twist to the home screen of your phone. The very popular application for Wallpaper – Background HD and Alos icon pack will surely amaze you. Overall, this is one of the best nova launcher themes in this list.

Wallpaper used: Backgrounds HD

Icon Pack: Alos (Paid)

Widgets used: One Weather and the Minimalist Text

Nova Tweaks: Just hide the notification bar, and you will be good to go with the Landscape themes.

#15. Iron Man

We can’t ditch out favorite superhero characters from Marvel and DC Comic worlds when talking about themes. However, nobody can beat the love we have for Iron Man. If you can’t get enough of him, try out this Iron Man using Nova Launcher on your smartphone. If you’re an Avengers movies fan, you must try this theme. This is one of my favorite nova launcher themes in this list.

Wallpaper used: Iron Man, obviously.

Icon Pack: Golden

Widgets used: Shuttle and One Weather

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make the shuttle widget transparent.
  • Change the wallpaper scrolling to none.
  • Make sure the notification bar is hidden.
  • Change the transparency of the App Drawer to 0%

#16. Retro Thematics

The retro thematics have always amazed us, be it in real life or virtual life. Hence, we have brought up the retro thematics through Nova Launcher on your Android phone. If you also like retro themes, this combination pack will be perfect for your preferences. We have used vintage wallpaper, retro icon pack, and retro widgets to make the elegant look and feel.

Wallpaper used: Vintage

Icon Pack: Retro

Widgets used: Retro Clock

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make the transparency of the background 0%
  • Hide the notification bar
  • Change the search bar to ‘None’
  • Select the ‘Swipe’ to scroll effect for desktop
  • Switch the animation to ‘relaxed’

#17. iOS-based Theme

Android OS has an amazingly well interface and thematics. However, you have to admit that iOS has a separate fanbase for its user interface. Android might be highly customizable, but it has never met the simplicity of the iOS interface. Thus, if you are missing your iPhone, how about we turn your Android phone into iOS?

Well, not literally. But using this theme, you can have the same taste. We have used iOS wallpapers and iUX icon packs to make your smartphone look and feel as similar to iOS as possible.

Wallpaper used: iPhone Wallpapers

Icon Pack: iUX 12

Widgets used: Stock Clock

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make the app drawer background transparent.
  • Hide your notification bar.
  • Switch the search bar to ‘None’.
  • Make sure the desktop and dock size is set on 100%

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#18. Lines

The Lines is one of the most minimal Nova Launcher themes available on our list. As the name suggests, we have used a line based wallpaper and a similar icon pack. The background is black, while the elements are light in color. Thus, it makes a perfect complimentary combination of thematics for your Android smartphone.

Wallpaper used: Zedge Wallpapers

Icon Pack: The Lines

Widgets used: Simple Weather, Month Calendar, and Clock

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make the app drawer background transparent.
  • Make sure you’ve hidden the notification bar.
  • Turn off the search bar by switching it to ‘None’
  • Turn off the wallpaper scrolling effect by selecting ‘None’
  • Change the folder preview to grid mode.

#19. Space

Well, the theme can’t help you get space in a relationship but can offer some cool space stuff on your phone. The icon pack used here uses circular icons with gradients and shadows. The planets inspire these design thematics in our solar system.

Similarly, we have used the universe’s representation as our wallpaper. It makes the overall look and feels similar to that of the real outer-space. Widgets in this theme are of your choice. We have used just the stock widgets. If you’re looking for the most popular nova launcher themes, you can try Space, which is one of the best themes for nova launcher prime users.

Wallpaper used: Art Vector

Icon Pack: Mercury

Widgets used: Stock Clock

Nova Tweaks:

  • Make sure the app drawer’s transparency is set to 0%
  • Hide the notification bar
  • Switch the search bar to ‘None’ to make the looks minimal
  • Change the folder preview to ‘Grid’

#20. AMOLED Glow

As the name suggests, the AMOLED Glow theme is exclusively for smartphones using an AMOLED Display. If you don’t have one, you can skip this one.

This theme here uses a minimal design line for AMOLED Display users. We have used a circular icon pack with small icons and neon colors for wallpaper and widgets.

Wallpaper used: AMOLED Minimal

Icon Pack: Delta UX Pixel

Widgets used: Zooper Widget Pro

Nova Tweaks:

  • Remove all unnecessary apps from the home screen.
  • Create folders for necessary applications.
  • Decrease the icon size and dock size to 80%
  • Turn on the night mode.

#21. Polycon

Polycon is one of the oldest icon packs available in the market. It is based on the material design user interface of Google offered in Nexus and Pixel devices. Unfortunately, Google Play Store has no option to download it anymore. However, you can still download and enjoy it from the link below.

Wallpaper used: Aesthetic Fire

Icon Pack: Polycon Widgets Used: None

Nova Tweaks: You can choose from pre-built Nova tweaks in the Polycon icon pack application and proceed accordingly.

#22. Voxel

The Voxel is a flat icon-based icon pack with more than 4500 icons pre-built in it. These icons have been divided into 25 and counting categories.

You can also find a lot of amazing wallpapers to use on your home screen and lock screen. The icons available on Voxel are flat in shape yet colorful in nature. Voxel is one of the best and free nova launcher themes of 2021

Wallpaper used: Voxel Wallpapers

Icon Pack: Voxel

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#23. White Icons

As the name suggests, White Icons theme is made out of a white icon pack known as WH Icons. It has a clean, crisp, and minimal user icon design with over 5.5K icons.

Not just that, you can try out the cool Cloud Wallpapers from WH Icons’ developer. If you can’t find your favorite application’s icon, you can send in a request from the application’s dashboard.

Wallpapers used: Cloud Wallpapers from WH Icons.

Icon Pack: WH Icons

#24. Candy Cons

Candy Cons is another great icon pack for Nova Launcher Themes. You can try out the colorful candy icons along with the color variations in some of the popular apps. The Google apps can have a dynamic color range using this icon pack’s tools.

Also, you can check out the 20 free wallpapers provided pre-built in the application. Not just Nova Launcher, you can try it out on other Launcher apps as well. If you’re looking for free nova launcher themes, you can try Candy Cons.

Wallpaper used: Free Wallpapers by Candy Con

Icon Pack: Candy Con

#25. Moonrise

Well, the Moon marks the end of the day. Similarly, Moonrise marks the end of this beautiful list of 25 Nova Launcher Themes to try out in 2021. The icons available in Moonrise are customizable and will flawlessly replace your default icon pack.

It can help you customize the icons, interface layout, desktop and app drawer animations, and whatnot. Try it out if you’re looking for a subtle icon pack with smoother icons and animations.

Icon Pack: Moonrise by Msite Studio

Final Verdict: Nova Launcher Themes

Unfortunately, Nova Launcher has no option or library for exclusive themes, unlike other Launcher applications in the market. However, it is still the best Android Launcher and customizing application Google Play Store. Nova Launcher has sustained a monopoly in the market with the maximum number of downloads and positive reviews from various developers and users.

If you are looking forward to customizing your Android smartphone, there is nothing better on the Internet than Nova Launcher themes in this article. Try out them all one by one, if you want to, and let us know what your thoughts are on the same. Which one is your favorite Nova Launcher Theme mentioned in the list above? Did we miss your favorite combination?

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more tech updates and informative articles, keep following Cartel Press!

Last Updated: 29 December 2020

Setup nova launcher । 2021 Customize Android with Kwgt free ☀️ Ep#27

If you’re an Android user, then you probably know about Android customization and the Best nova setups of 2021. Like changing the icon packs and adding custom widgets like kwgt widgets of choice and mainly set up with good-looking Wallpaper.

If your smartphone doesn’t support any third-party icons then you need to install a third-party launcher that will unlock all features like applying a bunch of icon packs, enabling all the gestures to trigger certain tasks. these are cool android homescreen setups using nova launcher and lawnchair launcher.

Before we Get started, we need to install a couple of Android customization apps to Achieve the exact look. If you don’t know how to Customize android using the nova launcher and Kwgt widgets we already made a detailed article now how to Nova-Launcher you can read this post for a Detailed Guide for nova launcher setups.

Here are some of the Best Nova launcher setups that you must try this year 2021 on your smartphone. All these good-looking nova launcher homescreen setups will have different types of icons packs and widgets. These are the best nova launcher themes of 2021. You can apply all these icon packs and widgets on your smartphone using the Nova launcher backup files.

Super Mario Setup

Best Nova Launcher Setups for Your Android Homescreen

I got this super Mario wallpaper from the top walls app which is assured in the last best apps video. On this setup, I used this simple time widget from the pack Apex for kwgt and at the bottom, I added the default Google search widget and coming to the icon pack here and using the Ash Free icon pack. this is icon pack is one of the best free icon packs to try. best android nova launcher setups 2021 2022

Good Night Nova Setup

This is a super minimal nova launcher setup I made with one simple kwgt widget. Matching with the Minimal 4k AMOLED wallpaper which having planets as fruits to a Plant. This wallpaper has Green and black color which makes us super attractive. You can get this wallpaper from our telegram channel.

Coming to the Icon pack here I’m using the clean-looking Reev Pro Icon from the Google Playstore. I got this Beautiful KWGT widget from the Rainbow for the kwgt pack and the exact widget number is RB 050. All the Widgets from Rainbow kwgt are simple and good-looking widgets.

Blue mountain Setup

I Got this Beautiful minimal wall from the wall stack wallpaper app. If you’re looking for more wallpaper for your setup then check this post best Android wallpaper apps of 2021. Here you can see I added two widgets for this setup.

The first widget is from the pack minimal for kwgt and at the bottom, I added a weather widget and the coming to the icon pack, here I’m using the asterisk icon pack which is free to download. 

Minimal Blue-green setup

Best Nova Launcher Setups for Your Android Homescreen

This is a simple good looking home screen setup. I got this wallpaper from the app minimalwallz and coming to the widgets I added two Widgets the first Widget is taken from the rainbow kwgt pack and it is available for free to download on Google playstore. Coming to the icon pack, here I am using the green line icon pack and which will suits the wallpaper. 

Triangle Nova setup

This setup looks quite cool with the white and blue colored wall with perfect widgets and matching icon pack. I got this Beautiful wall from the wall stack app and as you can see here, I added a clock widget that suits the wallpaper, and this widget is taken from the magic kwgt pack.

At the bottom, I added a weather widget from the Android 12  kwgt widget pack. Coming to the icon pack here I’m using the beeline pack and this is my favorite icon pack.

Dark Lamborghini Setup

Stunning Right? I got this Dope wallpaper from Unsplash. The wallpaper is with main two colors Red and black. To match the wallpaper I changed the widgets to Red color. At the top, I added this simple clock widget with time and weather info. At the Bottom, I got this matching Google widget from the Andromeda Widget pack.  To match the wallpaper here I’m using the Redline icon pack which looks dope with the dark AMOLED wallpapers. Dope android homescreen setups

You can check out our YouTube video Tutorial here

You can also check out our Android 12 homescreen Guide in that we explained in detail how to get the exact Android 12 homescreen to look on any android and getting the latest android 12 material U design.

Final verdict

That’s it Guy the best nova launcher homescreen setups are here. You can achieve the exact look using our nova backup file. All the setups are made using the same homescreen grid so you don’t need to change for each and every setup. 


Nova 2021 best launcher setup

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Dark Themed Nova launcher Setup (S21 Ultra) - Android Setup - Filmed in Dark Mode

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