Medium sized passion twists

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What are Passion Twists: All You Need to Know About this Hairstyle

Passion twists are a protective style that has been extremely popular since The style is a variation of the Senegalese twists hairstyle, appearing like a rougher, non-uniform version of the twists.

Many liken passion twists to goddess locs as well because they share a delightfully disheveled appearance.

Some may mistake passion twists for Senegalese twists or goddess locs, but they are distinctly different from each of these styles. They are, instead, somewhat of a marriage between these two styles.

Origin of Passion Twists

Passion twists were created by Kailyn Rogers (AKA The Boho Babe), an innovative hairstylist who is based in Miami. She was looking to create an easy-to-maintain protective style that had an edge. She created the style and debuted it at the beginning of via an Instagram post. In a snap, the style had gained enormous popularity.

Ebena Kailyn Rogers The Boho Babe Passion Twists.jpg

Kailyn Rogers (AKA The Boho Babe) - Passion Twists Creator


For most people, passion twists are easy to install. You’ll need some information about how to do it correctly, though. Shortly after debuting the style, Rogers created an instructional video teaching others how to do passion twists. The hairstyle remains popular to this day, and black women all over continue to sing the style’s praises. 

Passion twist full tutorial! by the creator of passion twist

Passion Twists Hair 

First and foremost, you need to know that there is special passion twists hair. In order to recreate the classic passion twists birthed by Kailyn Rogers, you’ll need to purchase Packs of Passion Twists Hair or any Passion Twists Hair that is similar to the Freetress hair. 

Passion twists crochet hair is available as well - this hair is pre-sectioned and looped. It will save you time during installation. 

You can find passion twists hair at your local beauty supply store or online outlets.

Materials that you’ll need for the passion twists style: 

  • Packs of Extension Hair: FreeTress Water wave/Passion Twists Hair
  • Edge Control
  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Oil of your choice
Passion Twists

Lightweight and tension-free passion twists

Passion Twists

Lightweight and tension-free passion twists - waist length

Follow these steps to install passion twists: 

  1. Start on freshly washed, conditioned, and detangled hair. Use a rat tail comb to section the hair into square-shaped sections (or any other shape you’d prefer). Make sure that you take into account the size that you want each passion twist to be. You can make the sections large, medium, small, or alternate the sizes however, you desire. 
  2. Put a dab of edge control gel around the borders of the section of hair you’re going to braid. 
  3. Pick up some passion twists extension hair and then separate your real hair into two equal sections. 
  4. Twist the extension hair in with your real hair.
  5. Once the extension hair is secured to the real hair, you then begin to twist the section of hair down as if you were creating a Senegalese twist. 
  6. Twist the hair with enough tension so that the twist begins to buckle onto itself. You can literally pull the two sections of the twist apart periodically to achieve the appropriate tension. This will create the non-uniform look of the passion twist. Leave the ends loose.
  7. Repeat these steps for the rest of your head. 
  8. Oil your scalp with an oil of your choice. 
  9. Lay your edges down with the edge control you want. 

Passion Twists styles by Kailyn, The Boho Babe

Jumbe Passion Twists

Jumbo Passion Twists

Passion Twists

Passion twists Synthetic Color: 1B (natural black)


Passion twists carry many benefits. 

The supplies are cheap.

In comparison to other faux hair, passion twists hair is affordable. You can get several packs of hair for less than $50, whereas you could be spending more than $ for other types of hair. Other supplies needed for the style are very low cost. 

Passion twists are inexpensive

Depending on your stylist, the style could cost anywhere from $50 to $ Being that you could spend a few hundred dollars on just the hair required for other styles, the cost-effectiveness of passion twists is a huge plus. The cost of your passion twists will depend on the size and length you want your passion twists to be. 

Passion twists are not designed to be hard on your edges

Since passion twists are supposed to look a bit rough, there is no reason why a stylist should be trying to get your hair to look super sleek. Since this is the case, there is a lower probability of you experiencing hair loss with this style. *Make sure that you talk to your hairstylist if any style is too tight. 

Passion twists last a long time 

The time that the style can last ranges from a few weeks to a couple of months depending on your hair growth rate, how well you care for the twists, and the quality of twist installation by the stylist. Note that it is generally not recommended to leave any protective style in for longer than 2 months. 

Passion Twists Ebena

The style is easy to do

While many will choose to go to a stylist to get their passion twists installed, you can do your own passion twists. All it takes for most is to watch a tutorial on how to install them. Watch the instructional video by Kailyn Rogers, the original creator of passion twists, here. Still, since the style takes several hours, and longer if you do it on your own hair, many prefer a stylist. 

They are low maintenance and protective. Passion twists are a true protective style. Once your hair is done, there’s no need to manipulate it and cause damage to it. The style is also incredibly low maintenance. All you need to do is wrap a silk scarf around your head, go to sleep. And when you wake up, all you need to do is take your scarf off and go. If you notice that your scalp is thirsty for moisture, spritz it with a little leave-in conditioner. 

They look great on everyone. No matter your face shape or features, this style can be adapted to compliment your look. You can change the size and placement of the passion twists to create your optimal look.


Passion twists are a fun protective style to wear. lt offers lots of varying styles. With all the choices of hairstyles, you will find one that works best for you! Would you like to know more about the benefits of protective hairstyles? Read this article.

Credit to: The Boho Babe Miami  @xolovekailyn


Passion Twist



Beautiful luscious texture| Easy to install

  • Length: Long

  • Texture: Smooth

  • Size:

  • No. Of Packs Per Head: 3

    Product care instruction:

  • Oil Sheen occasionally.

  • Trim after weeks of installation

  • Mousse for volume

  • Wear satin bonnet at night for moisture

  • Buy NowFind A Salon



What hair length is Passion twist best suited for?

Passion twist can be used as various hair lengths, however, using it on a long length hair will enable you to achieve the ideal result you’re looking for but you will need like 5 or 6 packs.


Any special hair tips for Passion twist?

Make sure your hair and scalp is clean before you install any kind of crochet. To enjoy the best results of using this product, moisturize your scalp to avoid a dry or chafing skin before you crochet. Use a holding spray or mousse to keep your crochet looking smooth and neat always. With regular care and attention, you can ensure your extensions last as long as possible and stay looking healthy.


What colours is Passon twist available in?

Available colors are 1, 2, 1/27, 1/, 1/blue


What is the texture and style of Passion twist?

If you’re someone who loves your hair to be soft and smooth, then Passion twist will be your right choice. Passion twist will help you achieve a smooth and soft texture to your hair.

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Hello beautiful 😍, passion twists are the style du jour.

What are Passion Twists?

Passion twists (also known as spring twists) are what happens when Senegalese twists and goddess locs get together. They’re a new form of two-strand twists that are done using wavy hair extensions, creating a boho look with more texture.  They appear to have been created by Vlogger and hairstylist, The Boho Babe who wanted to come up with a less time intensive way of getting a look like goddess locs.  Check out her video below.

Already this style is starting to trend, with people asking us if we offer it on our mobile hairstyling service (not yet, but it’s coming soon!). So, we’ve scoured the web to curate a mood board of passion twist hair ideas. Enjoy!

[Oh by the way 👋🏾, if you&#;re thinking about getting a protective style, our short film, Pretty Shouldn&#;t Hurt, is a must-watch. Also learn all about safeprotective styling here.]

Passion Twist Hairstyles

Wear Them Long

Passion twists, like goddess locs or goddess box braids have a free-spirit vibe to them. So, one of the best ways to wear them is long and flowy, letting their curly texture shine.

(Click photos to enlarge).

[🌹BTW, if you feel like smelling like a rose with while sporting your passion twists, Viva La Juicy Rosé is pretty good.🌹]

Wear Them Thick

I love a good jumbo box braid or twist. They have this extra touch of drama to them and chunky passion twists are no different. Pump up the thickness of your twists for a little more &#;oomph&#; to your look.

&#;Or Try Thin

If the jumbo look is not quite your cup of tea, channel your inner Zoe Kravitz for a lighter less voluminous look that lays flat.

Wear Them Up

Show the world all that face, and tuck your twists away from time to time. Put them in a turban, a good ol&#; half-up-half-down, or top bun.

Keep it Business and Go Short

If you can&#;t be bothered with hair draping down your back all day or piled atop your head, go for medium length passion twists.

Or try shoulder length or shorter.

Try Blond or Burgundy Passion Twists

Ombrés will never go out of style right? Try a deep blond.

Or mix colors from the root down.

Or maybe highlights are more your style&#;

However you choose to wear them, definitely give passion twists a try. I can already see you frolicking down some Caribbean beach with your flowy curly twists waving in the wind 😉😎🌴.

Featured Photo: Lani Jasper | All Other Photo Credits in Captions
EASY \u0026 NEAT PASSION TWISTS (rubber band method)

Best Hair for Passion Twists on Natural Hair


Looking for the best passion twist hair for natural hair? There are plenty of hair brands out there that you can use for passion twists. But this was specifically created with all the problems that people pointed out with the hair they used for passion twists. The main issue was that current passion twist hair did not blend in with their natural hair. So I wanted to create something that is more suitable for those with natural hair. Hair that is actually better than most on the market. It took me a few tries, plenty of time spent on samples and testing fibers until I got the perfect texture for natural hair. Basically a non silky version, which resulted in textured passion twist hair. Although the silky texture will also be available (coming soon), for those who want the original silky look.


Beginning of Passion Twists

Passion Twists are these beautiful boho looking twists created by The Boho Babe. She stated the type of curl or wave pattern used, which is water wave or a bohemian curl. This literally broke the protective hairstyle sphere. With everyone, their aunt, mom, sister and cousin jumping on the bandwagon myself included. Her original picture of passion twists went viral on Insta (as seen below) subsequently followed by her youtube tutorial.


In the image below I show both the textures of passion twist hair side by side. One is the silky, which was the type of hair the Boho Babe showed in her video when she was doing passion twists. The other is the textured water wave hair, which I developed to be better for natural hair as it better matches type 3 and 4 natural hair.

best hair for passion twists

Image: Passion Twist Hair Silky and Textured


Why is it the best hair for Passion Twists on Natural Hair

  • It is not silky, although the water wave hair that was initially recommended is silky. I found it easier to deal with a non silky texture. This hair does not slip, which eliminates the issue of slippage and your hair coming out of your twists.


  • It has a bit of texture to it that makes it easy to grip like braiding hair, but not as coarse as marley hair. This allows it to blend in with natural hair regardless of texture. This is especially important for those who want passion twists on 4c hair.


  • It tangles less and is long lasting. To detangle simply finger detangle and voila. I can’t completely say no synthetic hair gets tangled up (as the hair on our heads are susceptible to tangling as well). But the hair does not tangle as much as other hair and it is easily to detangle. You will notice how easy it is to fluff it up from the get go.  Do not forget to protect your hair at night by using a silk or satin scarf or hair bonnet to reduce friction.


  • More strands per pack, most other companies don&#;t have alot of strands in the pack. Even when they do you require more hair to create a medium sized passion twists. This hair will allow allow you to create more passion twists with less hair. The textured passion twists hair require a strand for a medium sized twist. This inevitably means you will need less packs to get a full head.


passion twist on natural hair

Image: Textured Passion Twist Hair


pre-twisted crochet passion twists

crochet passion twists close up

Image: Pre-twisted Crochet Passion Twist Hair



Issues with Passion Twists on 4C Hair

The Boho Babe herself I can image knows how to maintain and manage the hairstyle as she did create it. As it can be more difficult to install if you are not a professional or maybe not have a tight grip to do the invisible root method. The invisible root method is a method where you start your twists from the root rather than braiding the hair and doing your twists. As the new tutorials started to trickle in, people started pointing out issues that they experienced with the hair they used for passion twists. So below are some of the issues people experienced with their passion twists hair and my textured passion twist hair helps avoid these issues.


Hair Slippage

The passion twist hair started slipping out of their hair. Even when gripped closely to the base of the hair making it look very old.


Natural Hair not Blending in

Think of when we would have a laid leave out for our weave. As soon as it gets humid your natural curl pattern comes back. Making you have to constantly straighten and gel the hair to achieve a laid leave out. This is the same with natural hair when twisted with silky hair.


Hair Not lasting & Passion Twists Tangling

Depending on the hair brand used the hair can tangle faster than others. As different brands use different fibers for their water wave crochet hair.




Shop the Look


Sized passion twists medium

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When it comes to protective styles: Braids, Locs, and twists remain the best for some ladies. No doubt questions keep flowing in on which one to go for first, but that’s not why we are here. I want to talk about the age-old question: how long do passion twists last on hair?

Like most long term protective hairstyles, passion twists can last anywhere between weeks depending on the overall hair care routine, firmness during installation, the technique, style length, and quality of hair used.

Now let’s look further into what that means and what you can do about it;

Also Read:

What Determines the Durability of Passion Twists on Hair

While there are tones of factors that might affect how long passion twists last indirectly, the ones mentioned below are the most common and main factors that affect the durability.

1. Routine

A lady once said her style lasted for just one week, and I was like WTF.

Yes, she is new to the trend; that’s one; she installed it herself; that’s two, she handled (applied hair products and wash hair) just like other types of protective styles.

Its’ a low maintenance style for sure, but you have to be conscious of every move you make because of little thing matters.

Some hair products you use can add weight to hair after a few days of repeated maintenance, that’s when you wash.

2. Hairstyle Length

People say this is a very light style, but everybody’s ability and resistance isn’t the same.

Long passion twist styles are lovely and gorgeous, but it doesn’t last long when compared to shorter ones. Too bad!!!

Long styles are relatively challenging to sleep with at night, and I guess you know what it means, you might end up making it unruly and tangled beyond fix when you wake up.

In summary, smaller or shorter twists last longer while providing both volume and fullness.

Hey wait, I recently shared the 20 best passion twists crochet hairstyles you won’t regret trying out this year. If it’s something you’re interested in, do well to check it out.

3. Quality

Passion twists braiding extensions are soft and wavy, so they unravel very quickly.

The type of hair you choose matters a lot because passion twist extensions have different quality and varieties plus wave patterns ( Medium-sized wave is best for passion twists).

The most common quality hair used for passion twist is Freetress Water Wave Hair;  it tangles less, compared to other types.

4. Installation Practices

If you install too tight, you end up getting ropes(depending on the method used), if you install too lose it starts to slip out within 14 days.

Most ladies newly introduced to passion twists do it themselves, so on the first and second attempts, they always have an average good impression.

I would advise, if you want to see the real beauty of passion twists and how long it lasts as a newbie, visit a professional stylist for installation after then you can start installing it by yourself.

Trust me; you won’t turn back because the style is so lovely.

Tips To Make Passion Twists Last Longer

The type of hair used for passion twist possesses the looser curl pattern (wave or corkscrew curl), so they easily go astray, lol.

But don’t worry; I got you covered with some helpful tips that will enable you to slay this protective style to the fullest.

  • Crochet braid passions twists tend to last longer than all other traditional installation methods. So always opt for this method. And aside from making your hair last long, crocheted braid passions twists save your hair from pulling out and reduce the weight on the individual hair strand.
  • You have to be careful and watchful on wash days. In short, you should wash once a week and, most importantly, scrub gently in a way that won’t temper your style, or you can book an appointment with your stylist for better professional experience as a new lady.
  • Mix two or more color for more beauty hacks, this won’t make it last longer, but the compliment you will receive from friends will make you understand what you got on yourself.
  • If you feel that the style feels too bulky, feel free to trim to your desired length, but not below bob style.
  • Don’t detangle hair every minute; do it twice or once a day. You can even remove and replace the hair that seems difficult to detangle, depending on the method of installation.
  • Immediately after installation, use a holding mousse to set flyaway hair at bay.
  • Prepping hair won’t affect the durability as well, but it will save your time and that of the hairstylist. So first thing first; wash your hair, moisturize, detangle, and strengthen your hair before visiting your stylist for installation.

Passion Twists

Working Maintenance Routine for Passion Twists

Like I said earlier, passion twists hairstyle is a low maintenance protective hairstyle.

So you don’t need much product and time to maintain on a daily or weekly basis.

Daily Routine: Ensure you moisturize and detangle while having retention in mind and at hand.

Also, apply mousse every few days to keep the frizz at bay and maintain the shine.

Avoid heat styling as much as you can. Instead of using a blow dryer on your hair after bathing, cover it with a shower cap before entering the bathroom.

Weekly Routine: The only weekly routine I know is the washing, other care regimes must be done daily.

So be creative when washing your hair, also feel free to use the same method you would use for other protective styles.

Sleep Regime: Just like most protective hairstyles you have worn so far, you have to prepare it for before going to bed every night.

The most common method is pineapple style with satin bonnet plus or minus silk pillowcase.

Here’s a detailed video tutorial on how to protect your passion twists hairstyle while before you sleep.

How Long Does it take to Install Passion Twists?

Most people are scared to go for it thinking it will take forever to install, but that’s far from the truth.

Installing passion can take anywhere in between hours, depending on how experienced you or your hairstylist is with twist styles.

Now I would love to hear from you;

Did you find my post on how long passion twists last helpful?

Or maybe you have some critical questions or experiences to share with us.

Either way, do let us know by leaving a comment below right now, and don’t forget to share.

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1Shoulder Length Passion Twists

Shoulder Length Passion Twists

This style is a perfect example of the simple beauty of passion twists. These shoulder length twists are the perfect length for those who prefer a lightweight, low-maintenance protective style.

2Two-Toned Shoulder Length Passion Twists

Two-Toned Shoulder Length Passion Twists

Getting a protective style is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a new hair color. These gorgeous two-toned passion twists are a great choice for those who want a subtle color change without having to permanently alter their natural hair color.

3Medium-Sized Blonde Passion Twists

Medium-Sized Blonde Passion Twists

These beautiful blonde passion twists are sure to turn heads wherever you go. This is the perfect summertime or vacation look and they&#;ll give you a pretty sun-kissed look any time of year.

4Red Ombre Passion Twists

Red Ombre Passion Twists

These gorgeous shoulder-length passion twists have an extremely natural look. The ombre red braiding hair gives this look a bold pop of color on the ends.

5Half Pulled Back Passion Twists

Half Pulled Back Passion Twists

These beautiful passion twists look great in this half pulled back style. This is a quick, easy way to style your passion twists, whether you want to keep your hair out of your face or just switch up your look a bit.

6Blonde Ombre Passion Twists

Blonde Ombre Passion Twists

These pretty passion twists are created with blonde ombre braiding hair. The twists are medium-sized for a look that has volume and lots of texture.

7Burgundy Passion Twists

burgundy Passion Twists

Burgundy is a popular color for many protective styles like twists and braids, and it&#;s not hard to see why. This deep, rich but subtle shade looks good on pretty much everyone. This shade of burgundy really helps bring out the texture and beauty of these passion twists.

8Chunky Passion Twists High Ponytail

Chunky Passion Twists High Ponytail

These chunky passion twists look great pulled up into a simple high ponytail. This is a quick easy way to style your twists and it works great whether you&#;re working out or on the go.

9Sun-kissed Passion Twists

Sun-kissed Passion Twists

These two-toned passion twists have a gorgeous sun-kissed look. The way the color is distributed also gives these twists a really natural look.

10Passion Twists With Gold Accessories

Passion Twists With Gold Accessories

Adding hair accessories is a great way to add a little flair to any protective style. These beautiful chunky passion twists are adorned with gold accessories, giving them a fun, elegant look.

11Ombre Shoulder Length Passion Twists

Ombre Shoulder Length Passion Twists

These gorgeous passion twists are created using ombre colored braiding hair for a really striking final look. This is a great way to experiment with color.

12Passion Twists Side Ponytail

Passion Twists Side Ponytail

This is a super chic way to wear your passion twists. These super long twists look great styled into a cute, simple high ponytail.

13Short Red Ombre Passion Twists

Short Red Ombre Passion Twists

These gorgeous passion twists are created using two-toned braiding hair, resulting in a beautiful ombre effect. This look also makes it looks like you&#;re growing out permanent hair color on your natural hair.

14Medium-Sized Ombre Passion Twists

Medium-Sized Ombre Passion Twists

Medium sized twists are always a great choice because they take a less time to install and it&#;s easier to achieve a more voluminous look. These gorgeous ombre passion twists do exactly that.

15Dark Red Passion Twists

Dark Red Passion Twists

Red is a versatile hair color choice because there&#;s a shade that looks good on everyone. If you&#;re hesitant about trying a new color or if you just want a subtle hue, these dark red passion twists are a great option.

16Chunky Passion Twists

Chunky Passion Twists

Chunky twists are always a good look. Using two-toned braiding hair is a great way to emphasize the beautiful texture of passion twists. This is a great way to rock passion twists.

17Side-Swept Passion Twists

Side-Swept Passion Twists

These beautiful passion twists look great pulled into this simple but chic side-sweep. This is a great way to help show off colorful earrings or a bold makeup look.

18Two-Toned Passion Twists

Two-Toned Passion Twists

These gorgeous passion twists feature a subtle two-toned color that gives the illusion of highlights. These twists are easy to style in a variety of ways.

19Golden Brown Passion Twists

Golden Brown Passion Twists

These beautiful golden brown passion twists are a great choice for those who want a subtle color change. These twists will give you a gorgeous sun-kissed look no matter what time of year it may be.

20Shiny Passion Twists

Shiny Passion Twists

These passion twists have a lovely shine to them. The amount of shine your twists have depends on the color and type of braiding hair you use. Since the final look can range from shiny to a more matte look, it&#;s important to keep this in mind when selecting braiding hair.

21Ombre Brown Passion Twists

Ombre Brown Passion Twists

You can never really go wrong with an ombre look. These pretty passion twists look great styled with a simple side part.

22Passion Twists With Blonde Highlights

Passion Twists With Blonde Highlights

These pretty passion twists have a sprinkle of blonde throughout, mostly on the ends. This is a great summer and/or vacation look. They look amazing styled up or down.

23Reverse Ombre Passion Twists

Reverse Ombre Passion Twists

These gorgeous passion twists have a reverse ombre look (light color on top and darker color on the ends). This is a great option for those who want a two-toned look that stands out from the rest.

24Passion Twists With a Hint of Grey

Passion Twists With a Hint of Grey

These passion twists have a hint of grey color in the front. You can easily create a variety of cute styles with twists this long, including ponytails, updos, and buns. Grey is still a trendy color for protective styles and this look gives you the option to go for a more subtle look.

25Passion Twists High Ponytail

Passion Twists High Ponytail

You can never go wrong with a high ponytail. This is a great way to style your passion twists: it&#;s cute, easy, and chic. It also keeps your hair off your shoulders and back and out of your face. To switch up this look a bit, try pulling half of the twists into a high pony and leave the rest out.

26Long Passion Twists

Long Passion Twists

There&#;s nothing like the simple beauty of long passion twists. This look allows you to rock a really natural-looking style while keeping your natural hair protected.

27Passion Twists with Subtle Highlights

Passion Twists with Subtle Highlights

These beautiful passion twists feature subtle highlights which really help show off their gorgeous texture. They look great styled into this effortless side sweep.

28Long Red Passion Twists

Long Red Passion Twists

If you&#;re looking for a style that&#;s simple but still different from your everyday look, these long red passion twists should get the job done. If you want a more (or less) voluminous look, use more (or fewer) packs of hair.

29Bob-Length Passion Twists

Bob-Length Passion Twists

Super long protective styles like twists and braids are great, but short twists have their perks too. In addition to being cute, short twists are more lightweight and they take less time to install. If your natural hair is currently short, take advantage of being able to rock short protective styles while you still can.

30Passion Twists Updo

Passion Twists Updo

This cute updo is a great way to style your passion twists. One of the unique advantages of passion twists is that the curly ends give styles like this more texture and a really natural look.

31Long Medium-Sized Passion Twists

Long Medium-Sized Passion Twists

These gorgeous medium-sized twists are accessorized with a few gold beads, giving them a regal look. These hip-length twists can be styled in a variety of ways but you can never go wrong just leaving them down, casually pushed to one side.

32Long Black Passion Twists

Long Black Passion Twists

These gorgeous black passion twists are styled with a simple side part. This look is proof that passion twists look amazing with or without bold colors, accessories, or intricate styling.

33Chunky Passion Twists with Gold Beads

Chunky Passion Twists with Gold Beads

Chunky passion twists have a ethereal look to them. Add a few gold beads to accessorize and take this look to the next level. Chunky twists are a great choice because they tend to put less stress on the roots of your natural hair and they don&#;t take as long to install as smaller twists.

34Two-Toned Blonde Passion Twists

Two Toned Blonde Passion Twists

These two-toned twists are mostly blonde, with darker color at the roots, giving the style a natural look (like you&#;re growing out your blonde color). This is a great way to rock the blonde color you want without going full-on blonde.

35Multi-Colored Passion Twists

Multi-Colored Passion Twists

These multi-colored twists are sure to turn heads wherever you go. This style mixes black, red, and blonde color for a truly unique look. This is a fun way to experiment with multiple colors at once.


Now discussing:

Out go Passion Twists and in come Passion Braids. Yes, there’s yet another new hairstyle in town and we’ll be covering everything you need to know about Passion braids.

What are Passion braids?

How long do passion braids last?

Passion braids can last for 3 to 5 weeks. Just like passion twists, they’re not meant to be kept in for too long.

How much do passion braids cost?

Passion braids cost $ if you get your hair done by a professional stylist and at most $ if you decide to DIY them.

What are butterfly braids?

Passion braids are also referred to as butterfly braids due to their distressed like look similar in butterfly locs.

There are different types of passion braids and tutorials alike.

Black Beauty Bombshells is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates program. AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, we earn a small commission on qualifying purchases.

There’s the medium/standard size Passion braids as seen on the page of the original creator of Passion twists Kailyn Rogers and the knotless Jumbo passion braids version by slaidbyvee_.

Medium passion braids

passion braids

Jumbo passion braids

jumbo passion braids

Now while many people still have their reservations about this hairstyle, it seems like it will gradually grow on people.

Passion braids tutorial

Passion braids are easy to do especially because they’re done using the knotless braids method.

Start by parting clean and stretched hair into your desired sizes.

Apply shine n jam at the root of the hair in order to get a proper hold.

Start by braiding the hair like you would with a normal natural hair braid until your base is formed.

Take the freetress prestretched braiding hair and continue feeding in small amounts gradually as you’re braiding the hair.

As you move along the braid, take the freetress waterwave hair and add it to the mix.

Remember to loosen your hold as you move along the length of the braid to make the end process where you achieve the desired look easier.

After your braid is done, start loosening both the waterwave braiding hair and freetress hair using your hands by lightly pulling it.

The end result should be something like this. A messy/butterfly/fish braid look.

passion braids example
passion braids process

For a detailed visual, watch the video below.

DIY Passion braids

The DIY passion braids route is equally as simple because they’re Knotless and don’t take too long to do.

There are two methods you can use for diy passion braids, the crotchet method and the method in part 1.

The only difference is that in the crotchet method, rubber bands are used and a crotchet needle is used to loop the hair in before you start braiding it.

You can use either methods depending on whether you want the medium sized simple passion braids or the jumbo messy Knotless passion braids.

Find detailed visuals in the videos below.

Passion braids maintenance

  1. Wear a satin bonnet or wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night.
  2. Use dry shampoo to clean your hair and get rid of oil build up.
  3. Use an anti itch oil on your scalp if your scalp gets itchy.

25 Passion Braids Hairstyles


Jumbo passion braids


Passion braids


passion butterfly braids


Passion braids


medium passon braids


Long brown knotless passion braids


Messy jumbo passion braids


Extra long knotless passion braids


Two tone passion braids


Mid back jumbo Knotless passion braids


Jumbo passion braids


Medium length jumbo passion braids


Jumbo passion braids


Jumbo Knotless passion braids


Blonde and black jumbo passion braids


Knotless jumbo passion braids


Black passion braids


Multi tone jumbo passion braids


Jumbo passion braids


Extra long jumbo passion twist braids


Jumbo passion braids


Long jumbo Knotless passion braids


Long jumbo passion braids


Small to medium knotless passion braids


Passion butterfly braids
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