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The phase-out of ozone-depleting refrigeration chemicals like R resulted in the creation of Ra, BTU ductless mini split air conditioner heat pumps new refrigerant that lacks some of the negative environmental impacts of its predecessors. Ra is employed at a higher pressure than previous versions, however, so it required the development of new technology to use it — resulting in the creation of ductless mini split air conditioners.

The ductless mini split design offers a heavier, more environmentally-friendly, and more effective alternative to window-mounted units.With their modulating inverter compressors, they have an effective capacity often in the thousands of square feet, making their relative efficiency much higher — another positive impact on the environment (and your budget).

Heat, cool, dehumidify, and purify, our 24, BTU mini split air conditioner heat pumps cover areas of well over onr thousand square feet.

Regardless of which unit you choose, Mini Split technology will increase your energy efficiency, resulting in a positive impact on the environment AND your budget.

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    Btu|2 Ton|( Sq Feet)

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     Btu|2 Ton|( Sq Feet)

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     Searching for a 2 ton Btu mini split air-conditioner heat-pump v? (v not available) We have all ductless ac units on sale, and the best brands. We are an authorized dealer for brands like: Carrier Midea, Goodman, Chigo, AirCon, YMGI, Comfortside, Daikin, Arctic King, Cooper & Hunter. 

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        24, BTU Single Zone Mini-Split Concealed Duct Heat Pump & Air Conditioner



        Indoor Unit:


        Outdoor Unit:


        Dry Air Flow (Hi/Med/Low CFM):


        Cooling Capacity (BTU):

        Heating Capacity (BTU):

        Moisture Removal:






        / 15





        Fan Speeds:

        3 & Auto Control/Variable

        Remote Control:


        Indoor Dimensions (H x W x D):

        /32" x /8" x /16"

        Outdoor Dimensions (H x W x D):

        /32" x 37" x /8"

        Indoor Weight:

        71 lbs

        Outdoor Weight:



        7 Year Compressor/5 Year Parts

        Number of Zones:


        Energy Star Rated:


        Refrigerant Type:


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        Daikin Slim Duct

        24, BTU Concealed Duct Carrier Mini-Split Air Handler

        Please note that for any installation covered under the manufacturer's warranty, this air handler must be installed with a compatible condenser, cassette grille, controller, and other installation equipment, all available at an additional cost.

        • Can heat and cool up to an average-sized room or two adjacent smaller rooms in ideal conditions
        • 24, BTU concealed duct air handler
        • Quiet and efficient operation with a fully insulated cabinet
        • Outside air intake and rear or bottom return options
        • Compatible of both vertical and horizontal applications
        • Condensate lift pump included

        The Carrier 40MBDQ Performance series concealed ducted air handler is an option that can be used in almost any application and is ideal when there is a limitation that prevents wall or ceiling mounted options, or when two small adjacent spaces need heating and cooling. With its versatile application potential and slim form factor, superior comfort is only a simple ductwork run away.

        Sours: https://hvacdirect.com/btu-concealed-duct-carrier-mini-split-air-handlermbdqhtml

        Split mini 24000 ducted btu

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        Midea Ducted Mini Split System in Minisplitwarehouse.

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