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Foreclosure Data / Coverage Areas

We track foreclosure data for the metro areas along the entire front range as well as populous mountain counties, and we will continue to add more counties to our database.

We have all ACTIVE FORECLOSURE records for 25 counties, which represent 87% of the state's population. Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Denver, Douglas, Eagle, El Paso, Elbert, Fremont, Garfield, Gilpin, Gunnison, Jefferson, La Plata, Larimer, Mesa, Park, Pitkin, Pueblo, Routt, Summit, Teller, Weld. We have UNLISTED information for the counties shown in yellow.

We have RESIDENTIAL ASSESSOR RECORDS and RECORDED DOCUMENTS for 38 Colorado counties highlighted in light and dark brown. Search our Residential Property Database.

Are you a PPAR Member? If so, we provide PPMLS LISTED/UNLISTED information for Douglas, Elbert, El Paso and Pueblo County at no additional cost. To get started, just login to renav.com then proceed to My Account > User Profile. Enter your PPAR Information (located near the bottom of the page) and press "Save Changes". Your information will be validated instantly. Use the Advanced Search form to locate unlisted leads!

Auctions are held every
Wednesday at AM.

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El Paso County Public Trustee
E. Vermijo Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO
[email protected]rustee.com

1 bids were received for El Paso County's auction on Wednesday, October 13th.

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Client Testimonials

"You guys are great! You do know how to serve."

— Barb G., MB-Diva Properties

Sours: https://www.renav.com/elpaso-county-foreclosure

El Paso County Public Trustee

The El Paso County Public Trustee is appointed to a four-year term by the Governor of Colorado. In El Paso County Treasurer Mark Lowderman was appointed as the County’s Public Trustee by Colorado Governor Jared Polis. Treasurer Lowderman’s appointment represents an acceleration of an already planned merger of the El Paso County Public Trustee’s Office and the County Treasurer’s Office. In most of the state, County Treasurer’s already serve as the Public Trustee. However, in the state’s 10 largest counties, the Governor had the authority to appoint a Public Trustee to a four-year term. That changed this year when the legislature passed—and the Governor signed—House Bill , which consolidated all Public Trustee operations into each county’s respective Treasurer’s Office.

The El Paso County Public Trustee’s office serves the citizens of El Paso County as defined in the Colorado Revised Statutes. The Public Trustee manages the release of deeds of trust and foreclosure of deeds of trust on properties within El Paso County. We administer these processes in a professional manner adhering to the guidelines and timelines set by the Colorado Revised Statutes.

The Office of the Public Trustee is committed to:

  • Processing all releases of deeds of trust in an accurate, timely fashion in accordance with Colorado law.
  • Protecting the rights of borrowers, lenders, and lienholders.
  • Providing service and education regarding foreclosure proceedings
Sours: https://www.elpasoco.com/el-paso-county-public-trustee/
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Please note: Our new email address for all foreclosure and release communication is [email protected].

The El Paso County Public Trustee Foreclosure Sales are held on Wednesdays at in room at the El Paso County Citizens Service Center.

If our office is closed, we have 2 payment/document drop boxes located at the Citizens Service Center for your convenience. One is directly to the left of our door on the second floor, or you may utilize the GREEN drop box located by the customer garage entrance. (Turn left before entering the garage and the GREEN drop box will be on your left). Please do not use the white ballot box located east of the building in the round about.

If you have been financially impacted by the COVID Crisis, please contact your lender’s Loss Mitigation Department regarding a forbearance, loan modification or other programs that they may have available to help you avoid foreclosure. You may also contact Colorado Dept. of Local Affairs Homeownership Assistance Fund. Their website is https://cdola.colorado.gov/rental- mortgage-assistance. To connect with a representative CALL OR TEXT:  / M - F a.m. - p.m. mountain time, Saturdays a.m. - p.m.

Notice to an owner in foreclosure:

If your property goes to foreclosure auction sale and is purchased for more than the total owed to the lender and to all other lien holders, please contact the public trustee's office after the sale because you may have funds due to you.

There is no reason to contract with a 3rd party to obtain the funds you are owed. Call our office at or email [email protected] to claim your overbid funds.

  • Persons who may have funds due:

In addition, be aware that ownership of the property will not transfer away from you until at least 8 business days after the actual foreclosure sale, which may occur at a date later than the initial sale date indicated on the mailed notice you receive from this office. There is no reason to vacate your home prior to the actual foreclosure sale.

Notice to holder of a junior lien:

If you are the holder of a junior lien on a property with overbid funds, you may claim those funds, up to the amount of your lien, by filing an intent to redeem with this Office within 8 business days after sale. The cost of filing the intent is $ You do not need to actually redeem to collect the overbid funds.

If the borrower believes that a lender or servicer has violated the requirements for a single point of contact in section or the prohibition on dual tracking in section , the borrower may file a complaint with the Colorado attorney general, the federal consumer financial protection bureau (cfpb), or both. the filing of a complaint will not stop the foreclosure process.


The El Paso County Public Trustee has been protecting the rights of borrowers, lenders, and lienholders since The Office of the Public Trustee is fully funded by fees collected for services provided.  Any such funds received in excess of operating expenses are turned over to the El Paso County general fund, after ensuring the maintenance of an operational reserve, as required by law.

The El Paso County Public Trustee’s office serves the citizens of El Paso County as defined in the Colorado Revised Statutes. The Public Trustee manages the release of deeds of trust and foreclosure of deeds of trust on properties within El Paso County. We administer these processes in a professional manner adhering to the guidelines and timelines set by the Colorado Revised Statutes.

In the largest counties in Colorado, including El Paso, the Public Trustee is appointed to a four year term by the Governor. In other counties, the elected Treasurer is the Public Trustee for the concurrent term. The powers and duties of the office of Public Trustee and procedures for the operation of the office are defined in Title 38 of the Colorado Revised Statutes. The areas covered include:

  • Foreclosures of Deeds of Trust
  • Releases of Deeds of Trust

The Public Trustee does not:

  • Give legal advice – contact an Attorney.
  • Handle Tax Sales – contact the County Treasurer at
  • Release private trustee mortgage transactions.
  • Handle Federal Auctions, such as HUD or VA.
  • Have information regarding liens on foreclosed property – contact the Clerk and Recorder at
  • Have access to the foreclosed property.


Although every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the public information data, El Paso County cannot be responsible for consequences resulting from any omissions or errors contained herein.

El Paso County assumes no liability whatsoever associated with the use or misuse of this data.

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Sours: https://elpasopublictrustee.com/
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