Solve : 5x 2

Solve : 5x 2 DEFAULT

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Number Line







Nonlinear equations


Rearrange the equation by subtracting what is to the right of the equal sign from both sides of the equation :


Step by step solution :

Step  1  :

Equation at the end of step  1  :

5x2 - 1 = 0

Step  2  :

Trying to factor as a Difference of Squares :

       Factoring:  5x2-1 

Theory : A difference of two perfect squares,  A2 - B2  can be factored into  (A+B) • (A-B)

Proof :  (A+B) • (A-B) =
         A2 - AB + BA - B2 =
         A2- AB + AB - B2 =
         A2 - B2

Note :  AB = BA is the commutative property of multiplication.

Note :  - AB + AB equals zero and is therefore eliminated from the expression.

Check : 5  is not a square !!

Ruling : Binomial can not be factored as the
difference of two perfect squares

Equation at the end of step  2  :

5x2 - 1 = 0

Step  3  :

Solving a Single Variable Equation :

       Solve  :    5x2-1 = 0 

 Add  1  to both sides of the equation : 
                      5x2 = 1
Divide both sides of the equation by 5:
                     x2 = 1/5 =
 When two things are equal, their square roots are equal. Taking the square root of the two sides of the equation we get:  
                      x  =  ± √ 1/5  

 The equation has two real solutions  
 These solutions are  x = ±√ = ±  

Two solutions were found :

                   x = ±√ = ±
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&#;Explain how to solve 5x 2 - 3x = 25 by completing the square. What are the solutions?

Thanks, Mclovinhere's another way


5x ^2 - 3x = 25     divide through by 5


x^2  - (3/5)x  =  5         


Take (1/2) of (3/5) = 3/square it = 9/add to both sides


x^2 - (3/5)x + 9/ =  5 + 9/      factor the right side


(x - 3/10)^2 =   /    take both roots


x - 3/10 =  ±√ [/]


x - 3/10 = ±√() /10     add 3/10 to both sides


x =     [ 3 ±√ ] / 10



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Solve: (3x-8)/(x-2)=(5x-2)/(x+5)

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2 5x solve :

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Solve x+7-8x/3 = 17/6-5x/2

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