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Cut, Color & Style at Sweeter Than Honey Hair Lounge, Costa Mesa

I couldn't imagine a better way to get my hair done then with an awesome hairdresser, in a super chic hair salon, and with an ice cold wine spritzer. I was asked to come check out Sweeter Than HoneyHair Lounge in Costa Mesa for a cut, color, and style with stylist Kristina; and was very excited for this opportunity because I could get my currently ombre-d hair revamped for the fall season.
My time at Sweeter Than Honeywas lovely from beginning to end, so much so that I didn't want to leave! Stylist Kristina introduced me to her assistant Cassie who then sat me down and asked if I wanted to anything to drink, I happily obliged for one of her wine spritzers. Kristina then consulted with me on my current hair look/condition, options that were best for me with cuts and color (showing me photo examples on her iPad) and how she could help me get to my end hair goal: less bulky feel & a blonder ombre.
I came in with twice bleached/toned ends and pink and blue streaks throughout, therefore Kristina had expressed that the color dye base whether vegetable/plant or fabric based would determine how easily or more difficult it would be for the color to lighten. Luckily, Kristina was able to do a 'test strip' on a piece of pink hair which lightened quite nicely, so she went ahead and started lightening the rest of my ends. It was fun to get to know Kristina while she transformed my locks; she's very knowledgeable in her craft (she has extensive experience in not only hairdressing but hair education as well), went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable and in tune with any needs I may have, and I love her happy, positive energy and personality.
After my wash, and before starting on my haircut, she made sure to ask if I was okay with having my hair cut with a razor instead of scissors and explained why it would be more beneficial for the haircut I desired. I let her razor away and the end result after styling my hair into loose, enchanting waves was miraculous. She captured everything that I wanted for my hair: blonder ends, lightly layered, less bulky-feeling hair, and fabulous waves (which she made sure would last me through the weekend for a photoshoot and fashion event).
The salon, I mean hair loungeitself, is seriously the darn cutest dressed up, boho chic cottage. Who wouldn't want to come in to get any hair service done; the space is absolutely cute, colorful, and inviting with natural wood and vintage elements, crochet accents, a cool and calm color scheme, fabulous throw pillows, as well as an uber cute backyard seating area. Want to book an appointment with Kristina?
Contact her at her direct number (call or text): 949-235-8327
Sweeter Than Honey Hair Lounge
1724 Tustin Ave, Costa Mesa CA 92627
Sours: https://amandanhammond.com/blog-1//2014/09/cut-color-style-at-sweeter-than-honey.html
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Sweeter than Honey Hair Lounge




Hours may fluctuate. For detailed hours of operation, please contact the store directly.

Business operations may be affected due to COVID-19. Please contact the business directly to verify hours.

Most Recent Comments

  • August 2021

    You won't regret going to this salon. I got exactly what I asked for and more. If you go here ask for Kendra. She is the best and is super nice. Thank you for fixing my hair I'm so obsessed with it. Definitely will be going back to Kendra.

  • July 2021

    I love their friendly and professional service, my second time at the salon. Alexis is amazing.

  • May 2021

    The wife has found her new hair salon after having so many strike out. We were referred to Omar and he was able to work his magic and even repair the mistakes that the previous salon had done. Highly recommended!

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Than honey hair lounge sweeter

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