Small office tv room ideas

Small office tv room ideas DEFAULT

There was a time when the television was the focal point of the living room, with every piece of furniture being arranged around it! Many of us TV buffs still tend to do the same, but the modern trend has been to take the TV away from the living room or to hide it completely. While some have taken it to the bedroom and the family room, others have opted for gorgeous and at times stunning media rooms and home theaters that blow you away. It is either an over-the-top home theater, media room or the hidden TV nook that grace most contemporary interiors. So, when did the good ol’ TV room start becoming unnecessary? Either way, we’d love to share some of our top small TV room decorating ideas.

Part of the issue with dedicated TV rooms is technology and how ‘media centers’ complete with loads of electronic goodies have replaced the lone TV with cable. Then there is the reduction in costs, which has made the idea of a dedicated home theater or a cool man cave far more accessible for everyone.

Multifunctional TV Rooms

Anytime we talk about a dedicated room that only serves a single purpose, we can hear many of our readers cringe in the distance. It is indeed an era of multitasking, and people expect their home to do pretty much the same. Since most of us spend barely an hour or two on weekdays hooked to our favorite shows, it does make sense to utilize it fully by turning it into a home workspace, library, reading nook or even the children’s playroom.

Brilliant monochromatic TV room in purple [Design: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]
Versatile TV room can also serve as guest room and kids' study [Design: PVA Developments]

Just put in a stylish sofa bed or even a Murphy bed unit, and it will also serve as a great guest room when you have friends and family over for the weekend. This approach takes the TV out of the living room and bedroom, even while fully utilizing the small additional room.

Combine your love for TV and books [Design: EJ Interior Design]
Tiny nook off of the hallway turned into kids' play zone and TV viewing space [Design: Inspired Interiors]
Turn the sunroom into a relaxing TV room [Design: Ben Ganje + Partners]
Home office and TV room combo is a practical and ergonomic choice [Design: Michael Abrams Limited]

Choosing the Right Décor For TV Rooms

We are talking about small rooms with limited space here, which means that the décor choices you make will be absolutely vital. A small TV room with a modest television set, maybe a Blu-ray player and additional gadgets requires very little in terms of actual square footage. With contemporary wall-mounted sets and sleek entertainment units, even the tiniest nooks can be turned into a cozy room that serves you well. Add a cool sectional or a plush couch to maximize seating in the room, and you can even throw in a couple of ottomans for kids.

Beautiful TV room idea for the small attic space [Design: Naomi Astley Clarke]
Bright L-shaped couch in blue with colorful accent pillows for the TV room [Design: InnerSpace Electronics]

Built-in, custom banquette seating saves space and also offers additional storage options, while an iconic piece like the Eames Lounger or the Bubble chair will bring both style and finesse to the room. The choices you make depend on the number of members in your family, the purpose of the room (obviously multipurpose rooms will need additional décor) and the size of the room itself. The neutral backdrop paired with bright and colorful furnishings leaves you with a playful vibe.

Small TV room with custom built-in banquette and storage [Design: Sortun-Vos Architects]
Perfect design template for the small TV room [Design: Sennikoff Architects]
Clean and cozy eclectic family room [Design: thea home inc]

TV Rooms That Play with Space & Dynamics

Taking the television away from the living room actually helps not just improve the aesthetics of the room, but also saves you plenty of time. Most of us spend countless hours lazing in front of the TV just because it is there, and often it is left running in the background for no reason. Having a dedicated TV room solves this problem, and this is precisely the reason why even homes with lavish living spaces and ample square footage now consider this layout for smaller TV rooms.

Contemporary dedicated TV room with wooden windows [Design: Matt Elkan Architect]
Colorful TV room in Brazilian home is part of a larger living space [Design: Suite Arquitetos]

Once you have decided on the space for the TV room, pick décor that is visually proportional to the size of the room and complements its style. Basements and attics benefit from low-slung décor with a smaller footprint, while larger rooms can accommodate bigger pieces.

Small basement TV room with a lovely rug and a small sofa [Design: Simply Baths & Kitchens]
Beach style TV room with a comfy sectional [Design: Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes]
Smart compromise between the grand home theater and a simpler TV room [Design: Gordana Car Interior Design Studio]

Lighting and Color Inspiration for TV rooms

Lighting is an essential component of any entertainment room, and getting it right in the small room can be a challenge at times. Dedicated TV rooms can have a darker, moodier ambiance that gives the impression of a more luxurious home theater. Colors such as black, dark gray and deep violet on the walls along with smart ambient lighting work best in such rooms. If the TV room is a part of the larger living space or is utilized as a home office, laundry, guest space or playroom, then pick a lighter backdrop and a more cheerful ambiance. Style is another consideration, and with a small TV room you can try out fun themes and styles that move away from the one used in the rest of the home.

Perfect shade of gray for the dark and moody TV room [Design: FLO Design Studio]
Plastered walls add texture to the home office / TV room [Design: Terra Firma Custom Homes]
Silk effect textured wallpaper for the small TV room [Design: The Couture Rooms]
Elegant TV room with modern Scandinavian style [Design: Bismut & Bismut Architectes]

If your TV sits in the living room or bedroom, then opting for a separate TV room is a smart idea, no matter how small it is. The change in lifestyle that it brings is something you will notice almost instantly!


9 Tips to Combine a Home Office and TV Den

Split personalities can work well together if you set your room up with the right storage, layout and lighting

Shawn Gauthier
Shawn GauthierNovember 23,
I'm a freelance writer and design enthusiast who believes the best design is collected, not decorated, and that homes should always be as comfortable and functional as they are chic. In addition to writing for Houzz, I work as the Head Copywriter for Layla Grayce and Zinc Door.
Today’s homes don’t always come with a room for everything. If you’d love a den for lounging but also need a home office, you can have both even if you don't have separate rooms. Wondering how to make it work? Use these professional tips to create your very own den and office all in one.
Create decorative storage. When you’re using the room as a den, the last thing you want is to stare at unappealing office storage. “Use creative storage to store and tuck away papers and binders when they are not in use,” says interior designer Elizabeth Gordon. “These can include attractive built-in or freestanding shelving, decorative bins and boxes, or cabinets with drawer storage.”
Sneak in the television. You want your TV handy for den time, but you don’t want it glaring and distracting when it’s time to hunker down for work. “Incorporate the TV into a built-in cabinet or storage shelving with books and storage bins,” advises Gordon. “If possible, place the TV in a location — say, within a two-door cabinet — that allows it to be closed off from view during work hours but easily accessible when it's ready to be viewed.”
Make use of the walls. Build in your desk or push it up against the wall. This leaves the remainder of your space open for enjoying the den with family or friends. “Keep the desk counter shallow, but bump the area where you sit out a bit for more computer/work space,” says interior designer Debra Campbell. “A long and shallow desk takes up less depth in the room but still allows for plenty of workspace.”
Keep your workspace clutter free. Avoid adding too much stuff to your desk. When the room is in den mode, you don’t want to be distracted looking at piles of work and electronics. Campbell recommends using wireless equipment if possible. “Put your fax and printer on a shelf that slides out within the built-in cabinetry, and hide them behind retractable doors," she says. "This allows easy access while working, yet they can be quickly put away once work is complete.”
Let your furniture multitask. Place an extra-deep console or narrow table at the back of a sofa. “It functions as a desk during the day for work and can be easily transformed into a decorative piece when entertaining or watching TV at night,” says Gordon.
Don’t overcrowd. Focus only on the necessities for both an office and a den. This way the space remains calm yet practical, and you can move between functions without the room feeling chaotic and jam-packed.
Amp up the function of your furnishings. Since you’ll be using one room for two purposes, you’ll want to make the most out of every inch. Look for furnishings with storage: pieces with shelves or hidden compartments. This room features an ottoman that hides necessities. There's a space to store blankets and pillows inside, while casters make it easy to move out of the way.
Light for both office and den usage. Make sure your lighting is appropriate for work and relaxation. “Incorporate multiple sources of lighting in the room that can serve different purposes, including reading, mood setting and entertaining,” says Gordon.
Get clever with artwork. “Artwork can even be placed in such a way as to hide work binders or office accessories that are not in use,” Gordon says.
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Small home office ideas – work from home no matter how tight the space

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  • Whether working from home, tackling admin or encouraging the kids to knuckle down with their homework, more and more of us are looking to incorporate a more permanent study area within our homes. However, very rarely do small homes have the luxury of a spare room that&#;s free to turn into a study, so a clever use of space is key.

    With thoughtful planning and creativity, almost any space in the home can be turned into a useful small home office ideas.

    Small home office ideas

    If you&#;ve only got a nook or small office zone to play with, make the best use of any vertical space available by building shelving units right up the ceiling and buy a pair of steps to access them if necessary. Also ensure that cable management and integrated task lighting is included if you&#;re starting from scratch with a bespoke built-in solution.

    Be inspired by more of our small home office ideas below&#;

    1. Put up a single shelf to use as a desk

    window nook study with rounded built-in desk and green window blind

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Nick Smith

    This has to be one of the smartest ways to make a small space work for a home office, a simple wooden shelf placed under a window creates the perfect perch for work. This cosy nook by the window has been transformed into a dedicated work station with a streamlined, curved handmade desk to maximise the space – simple but brilliant.

    2. Zone in on an area with paint

    Loft bedroom with painted panel

    Image credit: Dulux

    Use paint to define your work space in an open-plan area such as a loft bedroom or living space. Paint a panel in contrast colours to the main wall, making it roughly the width of your desk and just below ceiling height, so it creates a framed backdrop for your desk.

    3. Use all available walls wisely

    wall mounted shelving for a desk area

    Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore

    When space is limited it&#;s key to utilise every inch of space to the max. For a small home office desk solution the key is in making the walls worker harder. A wall-mounted storage unit with fold-down compartments provides ample space for a desk and storage without taking up space. You can choose to fold each section flat against the wall when not in use.

    4. Work in a corner of the kitchen

    armchair at table in kitchen with filing cabinet and orange anglepoise lamp

    Image credit: Future PLC/ David Merewether

    Small homes don&#;t often have the luxury of a whole room dedicated for a home office, but fear not – just a corner will do the job! Create a small work station by pulling up a comfortable chair and small table in the corner of the kitchen. When not in use the chair can be used elsewhere within the room and the table pushed against the wall to avoid it taking up valuable floorspace.

    5. Transform a dividing wall into a smart desk area

    small home office ideas 1

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

    If you have an open-plan kitchen design try transforming a dividing wall into a computer station. Invest in a narrow tall desk with enough space to balance a laptop and plenty of shelves for storing office supplies.

    Instead of buying a single purpose desk chair, double up a breakfast bar stool from the kitchen. A pegboard hung above the desk will help free up desk space further.

    6. Utilise space under a staircase


    Image credit: Neville Johnson

    If you don’t have an entire room to use as a home office, a well-defined work area is the next best thing. Add a small desk or make one from a simple shelf, or choose bespoke furniture that can be designed to work in awkward spaces.

    ‘Open-plan offices should complement the rest of the room, so a mix of neutral wood and painted finishes works well,’ says John Walsh, senior designer at Neville Johnson. ‘Open shelving allows you to personalise the space with objects that can be highlighted using internal lights.’

    7. Conceal your desk inside a cupboard

    home office desk in a cupboard

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Whitmore

    It&#;s important to keep a healthy home/work life balance, so having a home office you can shut away is key for properly switching off. This solution is also an ideal small home office idea to avoid the presence of a screen or computer from encroaching on a compact living space.

    Transform an old cupboard into a home office that can be opened up whenever you need it. Include a shelf for storage and a board on runners for a keyboard.Attach pin boards to the inside of the cupboard doors as a place to keep track of to do lists, tickets and postcards.

    8. Float a desk to take up minimal floorspace

    small home office ideas for a bedroom alcove

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Tim Young

    If you&#;re limited on space, using a bedroom as a home office may be the only solution. Making a desk double up as a dressing table makes it a useable furniture piece with a bedroom purpose too.

    A narrow, floating desk won&#;t protrude too much into the room. Pop a mirror on it to transform it into a dressing table. Keep your home office essentials minimal, so you have less to hide away.

    9. Welcome wallpaper

    home office with floral wallpaper

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dominic Blackmore

    Don&#;t be afraid of introducing pattern into a small space behind a desk, as an interesting wallpaper or mural will cleverly distract from a messy desk and can play with the perception of space. If wallpaper isn&#;t your thing, you could use a pin board or wall-mounted clipboards to make an interesting backdrop to your study area.

    Utilise the wall space beside the bed

     blue bedroom with wall unit as beside table/desk small home office idea

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Tim Young

    Make the most of every inch of valuable wall space with a wall-mounted unit that doubles as a desk. Simply fasten the bottom half away, to hid all trace of a desk element. With drawers and storage compartments it doubles up a standard bedside unit to place a lamp, book and some fresh flowers. Add a charming small stool for when you&#;re using it as desk.

    Make the most of attic eaves

    real homes style at home home office loft cox house

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Joanna Henderson

    If your loft space is already boarded out it will be simple enough to convert the space into a small home office idea. a lick of paint and a roll of carpet goes a long way to transform an attic for storage into an attic where you wish to spend time. Take your desk up to the newly refreshed loft and dedicated the space away form the main hub of the house as a work-only zone.

    It&#;s a good idea to position yourself near a window, so you don&#;t feel completely shut off from the world.

    Keep office clutter behind closed doors

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Tim Young

    Don&#;t mix business with pleasure. Ensure your home office doesn&#;t encroach on your living space by keeping it well hidden. Give office essentials a dedicated storage cupboard, that your can shut the doors on after a long day. Complete the vibe with a trolley you can wheel desk-side and lot of boxes, files and jars to keep it all under control.

    Soften the look of a functional home office

    small home office ideas with black painted wall and wall planner

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Tim Young

    Don&#;t compromise on interior style, make the small space work harder within your home. Soften the edges of a functional workspace by incorporating decorative home accessories and plenty of plants.

    A cluster of houseplants, in varying heights, leaf shapes and pot textures can help to instantly add an informal feel to a home office.

    Corner off space to fashion a workstation

    Small home office ideas in a small white living room

    Image credit: Future PLC/ David Woolley

    No spare room? Then use a corner of your living room for your home office. Traditionally, an office keeps you shut away from the rest of the house, but these days, social and work lives are more closely entwined.

    Hang family photos to ensure the space still feels like part of the original room.

    Work your walls with vertical storage solutions

    Small home office ideas with vertical shelving

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Jonathan Jones

    When space is limited you have to be smart with your home office storage solutions. Use every space available to you, particularly with vertical storage. From tall bookcases to wall mounted storage, the only way is up to create a clever small home office.

    Keeping floors clear and clutter-free will help to create the illusion of more space.

    Adopt a theme to give your home office personality

    Small home office ideas with penguin wallpaper

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Lizzie Orme

    Jazz up your home office with a statement wallpaper idea, even if it&#;s just a single panel – this small space can handle pattern. This Osborne & Little wallpaper creates a library feel, perfect for a cheery home office.

    If you have lots of books, files and paperwork to store, make use of all available wall space with shelving.

    Turn an outbuilding into a home office

    Small home office ideas in a outbuilding

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Dan Duchars

    Turning an outbuilding into a garden office idea is ideal for keeping work and living areas separate. Especially if indoor space is limited. Using one side for correspondence and filing and the other for more creative work helps create a sense of serenity.

    And there&#;s nothing more inspirational than a garden to look out over while working.

    Adapt an alcove to suit a smart home office

    Small home office ideas using alcoves beside the fireplace

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Polly Wreford

    Use every inch of space at your disposal. Find space in an alcove in your living or dining room to act as a smart home office area. If you have to use a corner of your living space, invest in a notebook-sized computer that will not dominate. Choose a wooden desk and chair for a classic, unobtrusive look.

    Here, the dark wood of the desk matches the room&#;s colour scheme, tying the look together beautifully.

    Upcycle existing furniture for a make-shift office

    Small home office ideas with side tables used for desks

    Image credit: Future PLC/ David Brittain

    Who says you need traditional office furniture in your workspace? If you&#;re using the space infrequently you may not want to invest in new furniture, or pieces that feel too &#;office&#; like. Even a bedside table can double up as a mini desk if space is tight elsewhere in the house. We love upcycled furniture ideas to revamp and repurpose old furniture pieces.

    Two bedside tables side by side can provide more than enough room. Fit shelves above for display and keep a space clear for your laptop.

    Utilise loft space to form a savvy office space

    Small home office ideas loft office space

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Oliver Gordon

    Creating a work area in a corner is a great way to make use of otherwise under-used space. Sloping roofs are the perfect example of a space that might otherwise be redundant. It&#;s often tricky to make use of the half height ceiling, due to the awkward measurements. But this awkward design feature provides the perfect place for shelving above a desk.

    Use white as an airy and calming backdrop

    white desk area with pictures hanging from a peg rail

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Polly Eltes

    Keep walls white in your home office so you can display photographs and pictures to inspire you. Continue the theme with co-ordinating stand-alone furniture and accessories, such as the desk lamp and shelf unit, for a cohesive feel.

    Decorating with soothing white shades not only evokes a calm feel, the blank canvas creates the illusion of greater space.

    Decorate walls to clearly define a work zone

     home office desk with pinboard and script wallpaper

    Image credit: Future PLC/ James Gardiner

    Use the wall space to corner off a clear work zone. A pinboard the same width of your desk ensures the space doesn&#;t encroach on another living space. Create a comfortable feel by using soft colours such as taupe and greys that are easy to live with and will co-ordinate with other tones.

    Make a dressing table double up as a desk

    dressing table used as a desk in a bedroom

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole

    Use a dressing table in place of an office desk. The storage within the design allows for somewhere to stash work essentials, while the top provides just enough space for a laptop for working. At the end of a long days work simply restore the space to a dressing table if need be.

    Make a multi-purpose display and desk area

    small home office ideas with trestle table and toile wallpaper

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Rachel Whiting

    If space is limited in the sense you don&#;t have a dedicated room or even a corner, create a multi-purpose space. If the desk has to be there make it blend seamlessly into your space by using it to display trinkets and accessories.

    Pop a chair underneath in a co-ordinating fabric to make it feel more at home in the space.

    Where do you put a home office in a small house?

    With the right idea you can put a home office in any room of a small house. As we&#;ve shown you can set up a small work space in the corner of a kitchen, in an attic space or even in a bedroom. All you need is work surface on which to work and a comfortable seating solution. Not all jobs nowadays require storage, it can all be digitally stored, but for those that need it vertical storage is the best space saving solution.

    A real trend is to have a designated study area in the kitchen right now, so it&#;s worth making a concealed desk within the kitchen joinery with a drop-down or pull-out desk that can be put away when not in use. It&#;s a great location with the kitchen being the hub of the home – you can watch the kids getting on with their homework while you prepare the dinner.

    Garden rooms are also becoming a more popular solution for creating a dedicated study space, providing peace and quiet away from the main house.


    Looking for small home office ideas? For many people working from home, the rough and ready remote setup is far from ideal. Particularly if you only have a tiny box room or – worse – a corner of a room to work with. 

    But just because space is short, that doesn't mean you can't create a fab home office idea that's suited to your needs. Set up correctly, anywhere can become a centre of professional excellence and achievement. Whether that's an alcove in a living room, a dressing table that doubles as a desk in a bedroom, or even a flip up table in a hallway. 

    Allowing you to be more productive, without poor posture or eye strain, be inspired by these stylish and space-efficient solutions.

    Small home office ideas to squeeze into tight spaces

    1. Create a flip-down office space in the hallway

    (Image credit: Carpetright)

    Not just an entry-point into the home, hallways are a great location for small home office ideas. This design by Carpetright uses a flip-down wall desk design and is painted in line with the half and half wall decor idea.

    When not in use, the desk can be packed away and used as a shelving idea for displaying books, plants and other homewares.

    The spotty carpet in this scheme creates interest and a soft texture underfoot for comfortable working. 

    2. Sneak a small office idea into a cupboard

    (Image credit: IKEA)

    Most of us had spent a lot of time in our homes recently. Because of this, we've looked at ways to de-clutter our spaces and get rid of things we don't need - including clothes that don't fit (thanks UberEats!).

    So if you have spare small closet ideas that were considering taking to your recycling center, turn them into a small home office idea instead.

    Create this look using an IKEA MICKE desk which fits just about anywhere in the home.

    3. Create a bright space in a period living room

    (Image credit: Homesense)

    Carve out a spot in a period living room for work by zoning the space with a panel of color – in this case a stimulating blue. A bureau is a desk idea that suits an older property, with the added benefit that your work surface folds up to hide any reminders of work life after office hours. 

    This design mixes up old and new with a fun twist by bringing together a gallery wall idea, painted light fixtures, colorful busts and bright upholstery. 

    4. Hide your office in a wardrobe

    (Image credit: IKEA)

    Who would've thought that small home office ideas and shoe storage ideas could go hand in hand (or should that be foot in foot?).

    In this idea by IKEA, a tiny floating desk sits above a footwear rack, utilizing every inch of space. The small black lamp with a flexible cable design works to provide ample task lighting when you need a bright boost.

    When showing off your apartment or house to guests, simply draw the curtain to hide away this remote working space. Carrie Bradshaw would love it

    5. Color coordinate your furniture in a mixed-use space

    (Image credit: IKEA)

    In today's modern world with fixed office locations and cheap co-working spaces, it's rare that anyone has a dedicated home office space.

    So if you're suddenly having to shoehorn a small home office idea into your living room, don't let it stick out like a sore thumb.

    Inspired by the living room colors, this office uses three single unit drawer ideas in teal, white and black to create cohesion. It also uses the same leafy living room wallpaper idea to create a seamless space.

    Let's not forget that plants also play a huge role in making this office space feel homely and healthy. Distributed across the lounge and working area, they help to create an organic atmosphere which promotes well-being.

    6. Create an office in a guest bedroom

    (Image credit: IKEA)

    Let's face it, our guest room ideas are not going to be used to host days a year. Most of the time, they are used as a place to hang laundry on a clothes horse, or as a walk-in closet or – realistically – a dumping ground for miscellaneous bits and bobs.

    So turning this room into a small home office should be a breeze. Using a sofa bed, you can chop and change the function of this room.

    The 2-in-1 furniture means you can either use it as a casual seating area for working or a comfy sleep spot for friends and family.

    7. Incorporate a floating desk and shelf scheme

    (Image credit: IKEA)

    If you've only got a cozy nook, corner or awkward alcove, floating desks and shelving ideas can provide you with a sufficient setup to work from home.

    Shop for the best office chairs and create this workspace near a windowsill to take advantage of natural lighting. This location will also prove handy as another space to pop books, notepads or a cup of coffee on.

    8. Create an office in the hallway 

    (Image credit: IKEA)

    We've covered flip-down hallway office ideas, but how about something a little more permanent?

    This small home office idea takes utilizes the length of a hallway wall to maximize the horizontal space you have.

    This is a great setup for couples or siblings who don't mind working in close proximity. However, carefully considered hallway lighting ideas will be all important, particularly if the space doesn't get good natural light. 

    'Always have at least two sources of light,' says Danetti stylist, Jess Contomichalos. 'A main light and a desk or floor lamp. Task lighting is very important if you're going to be at your desk for long periods.' 

    Amy Cutmore, tech expert at Real Homes, adds: 'make sure you include a mix of overhead lights in the form of spots or a run of pendants, and task lighting by way of adjustable wall sconces or lamps.'

    9. Unleash your inner Potter with an under stairs office

    (Image credit: Future)

    Fancy yourself a bit of a wizard when it comes to magicking up small home office ideas? Thankfully, this under the stairs design is a lot more relaxing than the Dudley's dorm for Harry Potter!

    Making use of the under stair and adjacent wall, you'll have lots of room to be creative. A faux fur rug helps to break up and soften an engineered, laminate or real wood flooring design, zoning the office space to give it its own identity.

    No office, no problem: create an office 'zone'

    (Image credit: Ikea)

    Turn an area of your living room, guest bedroom or hallway into a small office using simple home office storage and an attractive office desk.

    You can get desks in every size and style, so it is not hard to find unobtrusive office furniture that will match your room and your existing furnishings.

    'Put your desk in front of a window to stimulate you as you work, as a view is always better than a blank wall,' recommends Danetti's Jess Contomichalos. 'If you don't have a window, never face a blank wall. Instead put up shelves so that you can introduce some accessories and plants to give that wall interest at depth.'

    Try a desk that's also a dressing table

    (Image credit:

    When space is at a premium, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to be able to dedicate a whole room to a home office, so it’s worth thinking about how you can create multiple uses for your space. Here, it's achieved with a Mid-century style desk in a vintage-feel bedroom – the perfect homework.

    Guest room ideas are great place to start as they are frequented less often. You could add a small desk and sleek chair that won’t be obtrusive should you have guests come to stay.

    Add shelves above the desk area, and invest in some matching storage files to keep your work materials organised and avoid any embarrassment should you have any surprise visitors.

    When it comes to multi-purpose furniture, a desk could easily double as a dressing table in a master suite with the addition of a freestanding mirror.

    Pick a space-saving all-in-one desk and storage

    (Image credit: John Lewis)

    This is another great option for multifunctional spaces. Fill a wall with modular shelving including a desk.

    To make the space feel less utilitarian, keep office supplies in pretty storage boxes, and use the shelves to display your favorite possessions too.

    Opt for a loft bed design in a kids' bedroom

    (Image credit: Ikea)

    Space is often tight in a children's bedroom. To save floor space in a kids' bedroom idea, using the area under a bunk bed for a desk.

    It is the perfect place for a homework station too!

     Make the most of underused spaces

    (Image credit: -)

    No one said that home offices had to be self-contained spaces. So thinking outside of the four walls concept is a great small home office idea!

    If you have any wasted space (under stairs, large landings, hallways, kitchens or dining rooms), this could be the ideal place for your home office.

    You could even consider using a wall paint idea, flooring or rugs to zone the different elements of the space so it feels more intentional than makeshift.

    Build an alcove office

    Alcoves are another commonly underused space.

    Sometimes too small for a wardrobe, TV stand or chest of drawers, if you can't squeeze in a small desk, you can easily use the walls to support a work surface and create an alcove office.

    (Image credit: Elfa)

    If you don’t want your small home office area to be visible 24/7, then consider what you can create behind closed doors.

    This hideaway approach will be a bespoke option, but it would be perfect for those who hate clutter, or those who only occasionally need a home office set-up, and will help maintain the clean lines of contemporary spaces.

    It'll look particular good as a small apartment decorating idea where you don't want your workspace to dominate the floorplan.

    Create an 'invisible' office in an open-plan room

    (Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

    If you want your small home office space to be unobtrusive, a glass desk is a great option that will seemingly disappear when not in use. You could paint your desk or use coloured or patterned contact paper (there are some great marble-effect contact papers available) to give your desk an individual look that complements your existing decor. Spray paint is also a great way to ensure any new home office elements work with your existing space.

    Go for a slimline desk

    (Image credit: Ikea)

    Plenty of desks incorporate storage, but in a small space you will want to find a slimline one which doesn't dominate the space.

    Go for a console desk with shallow desks right under the table top, or pillar storage in place of legs. You should also look for cable channels to hide unsightly wires away.

    And, to create the illusion of space, don't stick anything to the walls. Instead, a chalkboard wall idea is a great resource to ensure you don't waste paper or post-it notes.

    Or choose a bureau for an all-in-one office

    (Image credit: Cotswold Co.)

    Stick a small bureau in the corner of your bedroom, in the hallway or under the stairs and voila, you've got yourself an instant, traditional home office design idea.

    This one from Cotswold Co. has plenty of desk space for a laptop, pigeon holes for storing the essentials, plus a really spacious cupboard underneath. The best part is once you are done working you can fold the desk away to save on even more space. 

    Use dead space to create a small home office

    (Image credit: Carpetright )

    Those strange ‘dead’ spaces we all have in our homes – next to the wardrobe, under the stairs, alcoves beside the fire – are all potential temporary (or maybe permanent) office spaces.

    When looking at how to create an alcove office - it couldn't be easier! This spot next to this window is perfect, you just need it to be wide enough to squeeze in a desk! 

    Add in a stool, desk lamp and some cozy carpet (this one is called Twickenham), and you are good to go! 

    Get creative with your storage 

    (Image credit: Ikea)

    Yes that is an ottoman being used as home office storage!

     If your home office is just your kitchen table but you still need space to keep your papers, stationery and tech, using bedroom storage ideas that can just sit at the end of your bed is an easy solution.

    Just fill it with desk organizers and use the lid to pop your notes and calendar. 

    Add a warm glow with metallic paint 

    (Image credit: Crown)

    Metallic paint will help a small space feel larger because it bounces light around. it has come on leaps and bounds and this Striking shade from Crown has great coverage.

    Use it to zone a wall that you can pop your desk against and create a pinboard for inspirational images and quotes. 

    The calming blush colour works really well with metallic – accessorize with gold, silver and pink stationery to tie the two shades together.

    What's the best color to paint a small home office?

    "If you have a small, dark office, why not embrace it, and play to its strengths.', says Helen Shaw UK marketing director, Benjamin Moore.

    'Incorporating a rich, bold paint color is a fool-proof way to create instant character, taking a small space from&#;drab&#;to stylish.'

    'Dark colors cleverly absorb the light of a space, making the division between walls appear blurred.'

    'This ‘blurred edges’ effect adds depth and dimension to a room, making the space appear larger, rather than more cramped as some may fear.'

    Danetti's Jess Contomichalos has a different take. 'Choose soothing colors for the walls,' she says. 'Pale warm neutrals or greys are the perfect backdrop for a working environment that doesn't jar with your home. 

    How do I set up an office in a small space?

    • Check you have the right amount of space for a desk and chair. You will need to fit in a desk that's high enough that your forearms rest horizontal across the surface, and that is wide enough to fit a screen or laptop an arm’s length away from you when you are sitting comfortably back in your chair.
    • Choose a chair with a backrest. Lumbar support is crucial when sittng for long periods. If you can only fit in a small stool, you should rethink whene your workspace is situated.
    • Always have a view. Ideally site your desk next to a window. The view and natural light is proven to up productivity. If that's not possible, create an inspiration wall in front of you, covered in photographs, motivational phrases, plants, or whatever will get you in the mood for work!
    • Shut it away. It's important to be able to close the door on your working day – either metaphorically or physically. If your office is in a kitchen, bedroom or living space, pick a bureau style desk that you can close up so your laptop and work is out of sight. Or site it within a cupboard that you can close up – kitchen designers are increasingly making this a design option.  

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