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Fantasy Football Mock Draft Simulator™

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Practice for your draft with fast mocks against realistic opponents.

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Complete mock drafts in minutes with no waiting between picks.

Mock with custom settings including keepers, scoring rules & roster positions.

Quickly test different draft strategies to see what works best.

Get an instant grade and analysis at the end of your mock draft.

Support for salary cap mocks in addition to snake, linear and custom draft orders.

What are fantasy football mock drafts?

Mock drafts are a fun way to practice in advance of a fantasy draft. They can be helpful for gauging where players will be taken and for testing different strategies. While a typical mock draft can take over an hour to complete, the FantasyPros Draft Simulator allows you to complete mock drafts in a matter of minutes.

What is the Draft Simulator?

Our fantasy football Draft Simulator is an efficient way to practice for your draft. It's similar to doing a live mock draft except that you're drafting against our computer algorithm (which uses a random selection of expert cheat sheets and ADP sources). Supported mock draft formats include snake, linear, 3rd round reversal, custom draft orders, and salary cap drafts.

Who are my opponents?

FantasyPros has the largest database of fantasy football expert rankings and ADP data on the web. We randomly select these cheat sheets as your opponents in the draft. You can even decide to draft against only ADP sources, Experts or specific Pre-Draft Rankings. It's important to note that we don't simply grab the top available player on the opponent's cheat sheet. Instead, we use a pick algorithm that takes into account player rankings, team needs, and other important factors. We do this to create realistic mock draft results.

Can I change the picks the simulator makes for my opponents?

Yes, PRO, MVP and HOF members have the ability to adjust picks that are made throughout the mock draft simulation. Choosing this option will revert the selected picks and let you redo the draft from that particular round. This comes in handy for testing out how different selections can impact your fantasy football draft. It's also helpful if you know certain opponents will draft specific players. This can help produce more realistic mock drafts that are tailored to your league.

Got questions? Read our full FAQ here

Redolets you test out different draft strategies by restarting from any point during your mock draft.

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Save/Resume Draftsauto-saves each pick of your mock draft so you can finish drafting whenever convenient.

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FantasyPros Mock Draft Simulator: Practice fantasy football draft strategy, learn where to draft top players & sleepers

It’s all fine and dandy to read player rankings and cheat sheets or listen to endless hours of fantasy football podcasts in preparation for your drafts, but if you haven't zeroed in on a strategy and don’t know when you need to pull the trigger on certain players -- like your favorite sleeper or potential breakout -- you’ll be left feeling unsatisfied. This is where the (free) FantasyPros' Mock Draft Simulator comes in.

FantasyPros' interactive mock draft simulator resembles a real fantasy draft (one you can complete in mere minutes, that is), providing you with an idea of where certain players come off the board. The customizable settings enable you to select the hypothetical number of teams, user draft position, roster positions, scoring type (standard, PPR, custom), draft type, and positional values. You can even chose the player rankings to match ESPN, Yahoo, or leagues. This allows for you to set up your mock draft as close to the league you're going to be drafting in as possible. (You can even set keepers if you upgrade to the premium version!)

PRACTICE DRAFT STRATEGY: FantasyPros' Mock Draft Simulator

After your mock draft is set up, you're quickly moved into the draft, where there are a variety of tools at your disposal. Among free tools are cheat sheets and pick suggestions. The latter gives four players as options to draft at your current draft position. These suggestions are generated by a consensus of fantasy experts in order by which the experts' agree the player should be selected at that current spot. Below is a snapshot of what the tool looks like.

DOMINATE YOUR DRAFT: Ultimate Cheat Sheet


Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker | Top

If you aren't happy with any of the four expert suggestions, this is where the cheat sheet tool comes into play. The cheat sheet is a complete list of the experts' consensus rankings. You can look at the overall rankings or filter by specific position. New fantasy owners might choose to always opt with the experts, but of course, you may see things differently. Better yet, you might just want to see how the rest of your draft plays out if you "reach" for one of your favorite sleepers early or if you start RB-RB-RBor RB-QB-WRor take Travis Kelce in the first round. You get the idea.

Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker | Top

Below is a snapshot of what the cheat sheets in the Mock Draft Simulator look like:


Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Kicker | Overall

It's also important to note that the FantasyPros' Mock Draft Simulator set the pace of the draft. Because all of the other teams' picks are rapidly simulated, you go at your own pace. If you want to do a bunch of quick drafts in under five minutes each, go for it. If you want to spend an hour on a draft and deeply analyze the draft board and each pick, that's an option, too. There's no one else to tell you to speed, leave the draft room after five rounds, or take the full allotment of time between their picks.

Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST | Each team

Of course, the other owners in your real league aren't robots who automatically select a player based on a database of rankings (which is why the Mock Draft Simulator mixes it up each time you use it), but the general flow of the draft -- where certain players will be taken -- will be eerily similar. 

Superflex Top | Superflex Top PPR | IDP | Rookies | O-lines

You'll notice pretty quickly that running backs get very scarce after the first three to four rounds. Because you took part in one or several mock draft simulators, you'll know it will look much the same when it comes to your real league. Any edge you can get over your leaguemates is huge in fantasy football. You may choose to share this tool with others in your league, but hey, it may be advantageous to keep it to yourself on the way to a fantasy Lombardi Trophy.

Quarterback | Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | D/ST


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Fantasy Football Mock Draft Lobby

Join a public mock draft or try out our draft simulator for a lightning-fast mock draft experience.

The Public Mock Drafts will be available next preseason. Visit our fantasy football home page.

Mock draft against real opponents, with your league host's settings.

Hone your draft strategy & see who the experts would take at each pick.

Advanced auto-pick algorithms mean you always get a realistic draft experience.

Mock drafts start as soon as they fill, so you spend less time waiting around.

A screenshot of the mock draft lobby, showing several open drafts with different scoring formats and numbers of teams.

What are public mock drafts?

Public mock drafts are a fun way for you to practice for your fantasy football draft. They let you draft against real opponents in timed conditions, so you can mimic the experience of your real draft and improve your decision making on-the-clock.

What's the difference between public mock drafts and the draft simulator?

Public mock drafts let you draft in real time against other FantasyPros users. Drafts are starting constantly and feature a variety of common league settings. The Draft Simulator is our fastest draft experience and lets you start a draft instantly to practice drafting against our advanced algorithms. The draft simulator also gives you complete control over your draft, so you can customize the settings to exactly match your real fantasy football league.

What are the player recommendations based on?

FantasyPros has the largest database of fantasy football expert rankings on the web. We combine these rankings into our expert consensus rankings, so you can see which players the experts would draft at each pick. To get live player suggestions during your real draft, upgrade to FantasyPros premium and connect your draft to our Draft Assistant for the ultimate advantage.

What settings do your public mock drafts support?

Currently, public mock drafts support Standard, PPR, and Half PPR drafts for both 10 and 12 team leagues. The Draft Simulator is fully customizable and includes support for keepers, dynasty leagues, IDP leagues, and more.

Got questions? Read our full FAQ here

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