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Z-Edge U24C 24-inch Curved Gaming Monitor, Full HD 1080P 1920x1080 LED Backlight Monitor, with 75Hz Refresh Rate and Eye-Care Technology, 178° Wide View Angle, Built-in Speakers, VGA+HDMI

FreeSync Compatible

Premium freesync features adaptive sync technology which dramatically reduces screen tearing, stutter, and input latency, presenting you the smooth gaming experience.

178°Wide Field of View

With the superior 178°viewing angle, this curved display offers a larger perceive field of view, you can view the screen from every angle without distortions.

Multiple Ports Support

Featuring the traditional VGA port, the monitor has one additional HDMI port as well, makes it easy to connect the monitor with other devices. For the better sound performance you can use the headphones via the audio port.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Z-Edge-1920x1080-Backlight-Eye-Care-Technology/dp/B08H8JM216


Z-Edge 30-inch 200Hz Curved Gaming Monitor
Z-Edge 30-inch 200Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

30 '' Z-Edge Curved Ultra Wide Screen 21: 9 2560 x 1080 Gaming Monitor, 200Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms MPRT FPS-RTS

I showed this screen to my son, he surprised me and got everything from last semester. Initially, he ordered $ 600 worth of screens! I told him this wasn't going to happen ... I told him he could have any screen he wanted, but it should be accessible to everyone. He searched for a few days while listing the features he wanted on screen. The main requirements are a 1ms response time and a large screen of over 27 inches.

I finally fixed this issue on my Z-Edge. I hadn't heard of it before but when I checked the specs, the price made an impression on me. 32-inch curve, one-time millisecond, black backlight, 165Hz refresh rate. Big brands can cost only one hundred to two hundred dollars.

If something goes wrong, I need to do the display / color / screen metering calibration, but once done the image on this screen is very nice and lively. The video quality is smooth and clear with no apparent delay.

I'm not a big fan of curved screens, but I do see the action when I play on it. The screen is large and has an immersive effect that makes you the heart of the game. It has great performance and is affordable. I think it's a great find.

Z-Edge 30-inch 200Hz Curved Gaming Monitor
Z-Edge 30-inch 200Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

  •  [200Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms MPRT] UG30 gaming monitor is developed for gaming. It delivers a fast response time of 1ms and a refresh rate of 200Hz, which greatly reduces ghosting and noise, and delivers games and action movies with unparalleled smoothness and fluidity. Facilitates.
  • [1500R Arc Game Screen] The facts showed that when playing games or watching movies, 1500R arc screen can give a sense of immersion, fill our peripheral vision, and expand our field of view further. The curved screen provides maximum immersion and divides your life in all aspects.
  • [WFHD 1080P Resolution & HDR Support] Together with HDR technology, the screen delivers crystal clear images with FHD 2560 * 1080 resolution and 9: 21: 9 aspect ratio. HDR compensates and takes exposure during the day to clear at night. The 3000: 1 contrast ratio shows deep blacks and glossy white and can capture more image detail even in the dark.
  • [Ergonomics and Elegant Design] Supports VESA mount size 100 * 100mm. The monitor can be easily installed on the wall or on the mounting arm. You are free to choose the best screen position. The three-sided edge-to-edge design takes full advantage of the screen, giving this streamlined screen a stylish, modern look and easily expanding the field of view in a frame of two displays.

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Sours: https://www.gsmgotech.com/2021/02/review-z-edge-30-inch-200hz-curved.html
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Z-Edge 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor, Full HD 1080P 1920x1080 LED Backlight Monitor, with 75Hz Refresh Rate and Eye-Care Technology, 178° Wide View Angle, Built-in Speakers, VGA+HDMI

Z-Edge 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor, Full HD 1080P 1920x1080 LED Backlight Monitor, with 75Hz Refresh Rate and Eye-Care Technology, 178° Wide View Angle, Built-in Speakers, VGA+HDMI

Z Z-Edge

200 ratings Write a review

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This product is not Fulfilled by Ubuy and can take minimum 10 days in delivery. We might cancel the product from the order and refund you if any issue arise with the delivery of this product.

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on (110-120) volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • [1800R Curved Monitor] Wrapping around your vision like the theater screen, the 27’’curved monitor covers a wider field of the view, enhances the depth of the perception. The monitor offers you the maximum immersion whether you watch the movies or play the games, the monitor will fully engage you in all your content.
  • [FHD 1080P Resolution and Advanced VA Panel] Built in the high-end VA panel, the monitor enlarges the viewing angle to a greater extend, providing the 178°panoramic viewing angel. The 3000:1 contrast ratio provides richer colors, allowing you to capture more image details.
  • [Rapid 75Hz Refresh Rate and 5ms Response Time]With the lightning 75Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time, the display dramatically reduces the motion blur, picture stuttering and ghosting. The fast response time brings a steady visual, giving the users the exceptional gaming experience. Flicker-free and low blue light technology minimizes blue light to protect your eyes from strained after the prolonged use of the monitor.
  • [Multiple Ports Support]Not only does the display have the traditional VGA port, but it has the additional HDMI port, which ensures you to connect the monitor with TV or other devices easily. Built-in two speakers, the monitor presents the surrounded sound.
  • [Sophisticated and Stylish Design] Three-sided frameless design and the sleek profile make full use of the screen, easy to expand your view in a dual-monitor setup. Tiltable stand allows you to adjust the height for your most comfortable position.
Package Dimensions27.3 x 18.8 x 6.3 inches (69.3 x 47.8 x 16 cm)
Item Weight11.62 pounds (5.23 kg)
ManufacturerZ Z-Edge
Item model numberU27C
Specific Uses For ProductBusiness, Gaming
Refresh Rate75 Hz
Screen Size27 Inches (68.6 cm)
Screen Surface DescriptionMatte


Z-Edge 27-inch Curved Gaming Monitor, Full HD 1080P 1920x1080 LED Backlight Monitor, with 75Hz Refresh Rate and Eye-Care Technology, 178° Wide View Angle, Built-in Speakers, VGA+HDMI

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: I am using a vga port but there is no sound coming from the built in speakers. what am i doing wrong? volume is up as well.

    Answer: VGA doesn't carry sound like HDMI or newer ports do. You will need a separate audio line to get audio working. VGA is strictly video.
  • Question: what cases are compatible with this monitor

    Answer: This monitor doesn't go in a case. GPUs go in a case.
  • Question: Does the 24 and/or 27 curved have 4 mounting holes or not? I see holes in customer images but not on product images...

    Answer: It does but there a metal piece blocking the way where you would put the mount so you really can’t use the mounting holes.
  • Question: Can I connect my Mac book pro to this monitor?

    Answer: Yes so long as there is a cable.
  • Question: What is the FPS for this?

    Answer: 75
  • Question: Can i use this as a normal computer? Or do I have to connect my computer to it?

    Answer: Yes, you will need to connect it to either your computer or to a laptop.
  • Question: How do you turn down volume?

    Answer: Hi, Thanks for contacting us. When the monitor displays nothing,the left and right button is for you to adjust the volume. If you have any issue please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
  • Question: Can you play fortnite on it

    Answer: If you have it connected to a video source yes. It works great for m

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Customer Reviews

Ri•• ••ch

October 23, 2021

Good monitor for the price

It's is a pretty decent monitor. I was planning to use a different mount, which it has mounting holes for. However, the built-in bracket isn't removable. Tried to disassemble the monitor and I believe it's glued. So, I'll be cutting the bracket with my dremmel...

sa•• ••ra

October 20, 2021

Love it!

I really love this monitor, I'm glad I got the 24 instead of the 27. For work, this was a perfect size.

Ma•• ••ca

October 14, 2021

didn’t even work

It didn’t even work. You’d think if you were paying 200 dollars for a monitor it would at least work.

Sours: https://www.ubuy.com.ro/en/product/19QUVH4-z-edge-27-inch-curved-gaming-monitor-full-hd-1080p-1920x1080-led-backlight-monitor-with-75hz-refresh
Z-Edge U29IA 29-Inch UltraWide Full HD Gaming Monitor ✅ Review


Pros: 27inch screen/28 inch with bezel, great price, thin bezel, nice aesthetic, metal stand and arrived in 7 days.

Cons: Is says it's 75hz but it only says 60 in setting, the darker colors aren't very sharp it's only noticeable in a very dark environment like a Minecraft cave This last one isn't a con but rather a small concern, only when I exit SOME games the monitor goes black for a second or two while the window is closing. I don't think it's a hardware issue but some kind of drivers thing, should be able to fix it IDK how though.

Overall Review: Good price, nice monitor, was bigger than I expected, bright screen, all the specs are legit except the 75hz, no weird tinted screen stuff, quality metal stand not hollow, I was a bit sceptical since no one else on the internet had made a video on this monitor yet but I like it👍.

Sours: https://www.newegg.com/z-edge-u27chd/p/0JCHU

Monitor z edge curved

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Z-Edge U24C 24\

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