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    • Manufacturer: Conmach
    • Model: Blockking-12MS

    Capacity 230x230x450mm (9 inch) block capacity - 3 unit / press- 3,000 unit/shift 200x200x400 mm (8 inch) block capacity - 4 unit / press- 4,000 unit/shift 150x200x400 mm (6 inch) block capacity - 5 unit / p...

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    Curbs and blocks making machine BLOCKKING-20MS

    Curbs and blocks making machine BLOCKKING-20MS

    • Manufacturer: Conmach
    • Model: Blockking-20MS

    Capacity 230x230x450mm (9 inch) block capacity - 6 unit/ press - 6,000 unit/shift 200x200x400 mm (8 inch) block capacity - 8 unit/press - 8,000 unit/shift 150x200x400 mm (6 inch) block capacity - 10 unit/pre...

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  • MADE IN ITALY Automatic Brick making machine, Concrete Block Machine, Hollow Block Machine SUPER

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  • 100% Made in Italy Automatic Egg layer Concrete Block making machine Mobile Block Machine Mod. 1015 Hollow block machine
  • 100% Made in Italy Steel Moulds for Concrete Block, Moulds for Block Machines, Reasonable price

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  • Conmach Blockking-12MS Block, Brick & Paver Making Machine


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    QT4-40 machines for sale hollow block making price brick machine

    maker machines cement brick making machine small manufacturing block plant

    QT4-40 machines for sale hollow block making price brick machine

    maker machines cement brick making machine small manufacturing block plant manual block making machine   


    1. QT4-40 production capacity





























    2. QT4-40 forming technical parameters

    Dimension of host machine


    Total machine power


    Moulding period


    Vibration force


    The size of the pallet


    Workshop area


    Weight of the  machine

    About 1.5T

    Mixer model







    3.KQ350 mixer









    Charge volume(L)

    0.35 m3


    Discharge volume(L)

    0.56 m3





    Max diameter(pebbles/break stone)mm




    7.5 KW


    Machine diameter






    4.Belt conveyor:








    Speed (m/min)

    1.25 m/min

    Specification (ton/hour)

    30-40 ton/hour







    maker machines cement brick making machine small manufacturing block plant


    maker machines cement brick making machine small manufacturing block plant

    Sours: http://www.kaidongmachine.com/sdp/2364351/4/pd-7356888/20668525-2824151/QT4-40_machines_for_sale_hollow_block_making_price.html
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    Buy hollow block maker multifunctional version price and types for sale

    A block machine also known as buy hollow block maker is used to produce hollow blocks, interlocking blocks, paving blocks, curbstones, porous blocks, solid blocks, insulation blocks, sidewalk blocks, grass planting blocks, stretcher blocks, corner blocks, pillar blocks, jamb blocks, partition blocks, lintel blocks, frogged brick blocks, bull nose blocks, concrete stretcher blocks, concrete corner blocks, solid construction blocks and many others designs. The price of buy hollow block maker can vary considerably depending on the model and the manufacturer. The price of the cheapest buy hollow block maker is around 1,000 USD.
    Contact us at +90 505 130 2931 (WhatsApp) and we will be happy to give you valuable information and the price of machine depending on your needs.

    buy hollow block makerfully automatic version
    buy hollow block maker

    Types of buy hollow block maker based on production process

    Based on production process, we can divide buy hollow block maker into two types: mobile type and stationary (fixed) type. Depending on your needs and your request concerning the production process you can choose the machine type.

    buy hollow block maker types based on production process

    Mobile type of machine

    The mobile type of machine is moving from one place to another while producing the blocks. As the name suggests, a mobile machine makes or in other words “lays” concrete blocks directly on the ground. This soil (on which the production will be done) must be hard enough to have a very good production.

    Stationary type of machine

    As you know, the word stationary means fixed. Therefore, the stationary machine cannot move while producing the blocks. It makes or in other words “presses” the blocks on pallets. The pallets are placed inside the machine. The stationary machine can never make the production of blocks without the pallets.

    Types of buy hollow block maker based on energy consumption

    Based on energy consumption, we can divide buy hollow block maker into two types: electric type and diesel engine type. Depending on the availability of energy in your area you can choose the machine type.

    Electric type of machine

    Electric type of machine can only work when electricity is available in your area of production. We suggest that you check the availability of electricity before buying such an electrical multifunctional machine. These machines do not consume a lot of electricity.

    Diesel engine type of machine

    Diesel engine type of machine can be used in the production areas where electricity is not available. If you don’t have electricity available in your area of production this machine is for you. In case of electrical load shedding, electrical power outages, electrical power cut we suggest that you choose a machine with diesel engine.

    Types of buy hollow block maker based on blocks production

    Based on blocks production, we can divide buy hollow block maker into two types: single pattern block type and double pattern block type.

    Single pattern block type of machine

    Hollow blocks, solid blocks, lintel block are some examples of single pattern blocks. To produce these blocks you need only one type of mixed aggregate and commonly do not need color. If you produce only single pattern blocks, then you need a machine with a single mortar hopper.

    Single pattern block type

    double pattern block type

    Pavement blocks or pavers and interlock blocks are some examples of double pattern blocks. When you produce double pattern blocks, you need a machine with a double mortar hopper. These blocks are made of different kinds of mixed aggregate. In many cases you use at least two kinds of mixed aggregate and color as well.

    Double pattern block type

    Advantages of buy hollow block maker

    Buy hollow block maker has many major advantages and benefits such as high production capacity, blocks with good precision and accuracy, best production quality, production on time, aggregate measurement, cement measurement.

    High production capacity

    A single machine can product more than 10,000 hollow blocks in a single day. The machine can also make more than 600 m2 per day. If you want to produce curbstone the same multifunctional machine can produce more than 3,000 curbs in a day. That is equivalent to 3 kilometers of curbstone in a single day.

    Blocks with good precision and accuracy

    It is important to have the same quality for all the blocks. Both hollow blocks and solid blocks are used in the Construction Project. Concrete blocks come in different shape and size. Pavers also come in different sizes and patterns. The machine can produce with precision and accuracy.

    Best production quality

    You can have a good production quality with the multifunctional machine. One of the major advantages of concrete hollow blocks is their high durability and stability. Concrete hollow blocks are compacted by high pressure and vibration. By this way, the blocks are very strong and able to withstand a high level of loading. They also have high fire resistance and no salinity which reduces their maintenance cost. Compared to other surfacing materials, a good quality block paving is more environmentally sustainable because of its porous nature. This means the paving will absorb rainwater and stop it from gathering on your patio or driveway.

    Production on time

    The machine allows you to produce and deliver your blocks on time. On-time delivery makes your customers more pardoning of potential problems. It also starts a conversation with your customers. If a customer knows they can get a product delivered quickly, they are more likely to conduct as much business as possible with your company.

    Aggregate measurement

    Mostly you need gravel and sand in order to be able to produce hollow blocks, pavement blocks, curbs… The multifunctional machine can automatically calculate and mix the quantity of gravel and sand depending on the type of blocks.

    Cement measurement

    For different types of blocks you also need different quantity of cement. A load cell included in the silo of the machine allow you to calculate and mix the cement with the gavel. The process is down automatically through a computer system.

    Water quantity measurement

    If there are too much water on the mixed aggregate the quality of block can be affected. To avoid this issue, an automatically measurement of water is needed.

    Ordering and paying buy hollow block maker

    The process of ordering and paying buy hollow block maker can be simplified into 7 steps: defining your needs, choosing the moulds, choosing optional spare parts, getting the shipment and delivery price, production time, delivery time, payment.

    Step 1: defining your needs

    This is the most important step to consider. You are going to buy the machine not because you want it but only because you NEED it. Therefore, you may want to define clearly your needs regarding the types of blocks you want to produce. Depending on the types of blocks then you can choose the best and maybe the cheapest multifunctional machine that can produce the blocks you want.

    Step 2: Choosing the molds

    The second most important step is to choose the different molds. The machine has a multifunctional working process. That means the machine is able to produce many different types of blocks. But that does not mean the machine came with all the moulds. For every pattern of block, you need one mould. So If you want ten designs of blocks you also need to have ten different molds.

    Step 3: optional spare parts

    The third most important step is to know and choose the different spare parts and optional parts that could be needed later. When a person is sick he may need to see a doctor and take some medicines. When a machine has an issue it needs spare parts and optional parts. If you buy a multifunction machine without optional spare parts, you will soon or later face some problems. These problem can cause you to delay your production time. Therefore, you may always want to know and buy some optional spare parts.

    Step 4: getting the shipment and delivery price

    The forth most important step is to getting the shipment and delivery price. In order to have an accurate budget, you may want to include the shipment and delivery price in your budget. The multifunctional machine is mostly delivered by shipping. The shipping can be calculated by a shipment company and included. You may ask for CIF price or FOB price. The abbreviation CIF stands for “cost, insurance and freight,” and FOB means “free on board.” These are terms are used in international trade in relation to shipping, where goods have to be delivered from one destination to another through maritime shipping. The terms are also used for inland and air shipments.

    Step 5: manufacturing time

    The production or manufacturing time is the number of days in which the machine will be manufactured. The production time can vary depending on the size of the machine you need. The production time can also vary depending on the number of moulds you have chosen. Choosing many molds means a long production time. According to your project you may need to check the production time as well as the delivery time.

    Step 6: delivery time

    The delivery time is the number of days in which the machine will arrive to the port of delivery in your country. If your country is very far from the factory you may face a longer delivery time. Consequently, you may need to manage your project knowing the delivery time. When the multifunction machine arrives to your country, you may pay for customer duties as well.

    Step 7: payment

    If you follow all these previous steps, you may be ready to make payment for the multifunction machine. The payment can be made through wire bank transfer from the bank account of the buyer to the bank account of the manufacturer or the seller. Other payment methods are also available. You may ask for accepted payment methods.

    Suppliers – Where to buy buy hollow block maker?

    You should definitely buy your machine from us in Turkey. Contact us if you want to buy your buy hollow block maker in Turkey. As you may know, Turkey is one of the well-known country of block machine manufacturer. We provide machines that produce strong blocks We have an excellent after-sale service. We provide machines with guaranteed quality and Certificates. We provide the best quality machine at the lowest price. WUSTL stated that Low price doesn’t always mean low quality, but it could mean a challenge to high-end products.

    How to buy buy hollow block maker from a manufacturer?

    If you want to buy your buy hollow block maker, you can get machine right here right now by sending an email to us or you can also call us (+90 505 130 2931 (WhatsApp) – free call on WhatsApp). We will analyze your needs and produce the best machine for you. The most important is not only to buy the machine but also to know very well the machine working processes. You should also know the spare parts included in the price. The services available after-sale is also very important. We make certain the pre-sale services, the sale operation and the after sale services of block machine bought from us.
    You can easily buy a multifunctional machine when you cooperate with your bank. We advise you to make a contract with the bank to buy your machine. You can open a letter of credit with the bank. The process is easier than you think.

    Why investing in buy hollow block maker bought from a manufacturer?

    These machines became popular and necessary for almost every country. Many entrepreneurs decide to invest in buy hollow block maker because they know the potential of the construction sector and also their opportunity to make more money with less risk. The demand of concrete hollow blocks or CMU is huge in most of the countries where we have sold our machines. Investing in a manual hollow block machine will be more economical. That will allow you to have best quality concrete hollow blocks compared to the blocks made traditionally.

    Buy hollow block maker supplier in Turkey

    You can have many buy hollow block maker suppliers or manufacturers in Turkey or Europe: Spain, Portugal, Germany… As we stated earlier, Turkish block machine are made with good quality and their price is cheaper. Because we already sold many machines we have a rich experience in helping customers to choose the machine depending on their needs and reality.

    Used or second hand buy hollow block maker

    We don’t have any used or second hand buy hollow block maker available right. Of course, you can get a used. These types of used machine do not include a warranty period agreement. Why would you buy a machine without a warranty? Besides, there is no a big difference of price between a new machine and a used one. You may consider making a bank contract to buy a brand new machine. Our advice is to buy a brand new machine if you are looking for a good quality machine for sale.

    Choosing a good quality buy hollow block maker

    In order to choose a good quality buy hollow block maker, you may consider these three points: the type of steel used in to manufacture the machine, the system of pressure of the machine and the aggregate mixing unit.

    Point 1: type of steel used in to manufacture the machine

    The machine mainly made of steel components. It is every time essential to check the type of steel that will be used to manufacture the multifunctional machine. If a good steel is used that means the machine will have with a long lifetime. But if the steel used is of bad quality then the machine could be damaged quickly. The quality of the steel used in some machines makes them last more than 30 years while continuing the production of blocks. We suggest that you check the type of steel used in to manufacture the machine before even buying.

    Point 2: system of pressure of the machine

    The system of pressure of the machine must be very strong and well built. The quality of the system of pressure define the quality of blocks made. When the pressure system of multifunction machine is not good, the blocks could be cracked easily. This part of the machine continuous exert physical force to the mixed aggregate and for the desired blocks.

    Point 3: aggregate mixing unit

    The aggregate mixing unit is necessary to mix cement with gravel, sand and water. Then this mixture will be transferred to the multifunction machine for pressure. A concrete mixer (often called a cement mixer) is a device that homogeneously combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete or mixture for block production.

    Final note

    If you want a good quality buy hollow block maker without spending a lot of money in unnecessary equipment, we will be happy to assist you and install your machine. Contact us +90 505 130 2931 (WhatsApp) – free call on WhatsApp. We will be pleased to give you good information. We give the price of machine depending on your needs and reality.

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    Sours: https://yorkamgroup.com/en/buy-hollow-block-maker-multifunctional-version-price-and-types-for-sale/

    Hollow Block Making Machine

    When we talk about the hollow block making machine there are some different pictures and ideas of this machine in people’s heads so we need to specify what we exactly mean by it. A hollow block machine is a machine that produces hollow blocks using pressure and vibration to compress the concrete mortar into the molds and form the concrete blocks.




    The hollow block machine has different molds in the shape of concrete blocks and when the mortar is poured inside these molds, the machine uses vibration and hydraulic force to press the mortar into the molds. In this way, concrete hollow blocks are shaped.

    This machine is also called the interlocking brick machine and has two general categories as shown below.

    The mobile machine is simpler and easier to use and also cheaper but most of the job like preparing concrete, transferring the mortar to the machine and operating the machine is done manually.

    The capacity of this machine is also low compared with the stationary hollow block machine. This machine is suitable for small-scale projects with a low budget.



    The stationary hollow block making machine is a bigger and stronger machine and it also has different models, different automation levels, and optional parts. This machine is the industrial version of mobile machines.

    The smallest Stationary hollow block machine produces 4.000 pieces of concrete hollow blocks or 12.000 pieces of paving blocks on an eight-hour shift and the biggest Stationary machine produces 24.000 pieces of concrete hollow blocks or 56.000 pieces of paving blocks on an eight-hour shift.

    If you need price details for these machines you can check Hollow Block Machine Prices.




     Note that double-hopper machines are also available and they are specially designed to produce double-layer paving blocks. For more details, you can read our article ''paving block machine''.


    Concrete Block Types By Raw Materials

    In modern construction practices, bricks are categorized according to materials used to form them and the method of production. Under this classification, there are five common types:

    • Burnt clay bricks
    • Sand-lime bricks
    • Concrete bricks
    • Flyash clay bricks
    • Fire bricks

    This article is about concrete Hollow block making machines so first concrete brick is defined, then we will move to the machine.



    Concrete Block Description

    Concrete blocks also called cinder blocks or cement blocks, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are made from a mixture of Portland cement, sand, gravel, and water and produced in a machine.

    There are two major categories for concrete blocks

    1. Hollow concrete block

    2. Solid concrete block

    When the mortar is wet and paste-like it is cast into the form of the block. Concrete blocks are usually placed in fences, and provide an excellent aesthetic presence. These bricks can be manufactured to provide different colors if color pigments are added during production. Note that Concrete bricks are not recommended to be used in below-ground applications. For underground construction, solid blocks are used mostly.

    The difference between concrete block and cinder block is that cinder block comprises fly ash as aggregate but the concrete block does not. There are also other additives that can be used in the hollow block making machine.

    You can read the article ''What is Hollow Block?'' to know every detail about hollow blocks



    Normally the size of a standard hollow block is 20cm(width) * 40cm(length) * 20cm(height) . This is a worldwide standard and the manufacturers produce their hollow blocks considering this standard. The size of themachine is also determined by these blocks.





    Hollow Block Making Machine Mortar Type

    The basic mixture of the mortar is a 4-to-1 or 5-to-1 mixture. It means for every five units of sand you need to add one unit of cement and then you should add water until you achieve the texture you want for your machine.

    To produce a mixture that can be used in a cement brick machine you generally want a thick, creamy mixture that will stick but also endure the blocks' weight.

    When adding water, you need to be more careful because too much water will make it difficult for the sand particles to bond with cement in the concrete.




    You should also be careful with the amount of cement you are using for your hollow block making machine. Too much cement will cause cracks on the hollow concrete clocks when they are dried.

    You can sometimes go as low as three shovels of sand to one shovel of cement, anything beyond that does not provide you with a quality mortar that cures slowly and hardens the best.

    Sand helps the hollow concrete blocks to withstand the weight of the wall. So make sure you use the right ratio in your mortar used in the hollow block making machine.

    These days it is very important to make hollow blocks lighter in weight.




    It can be achieved by mixing a lighter aggregate in the hollow block machine, such as perlite, vermiculite, or Styrofoam to reduce the overall weight.

    Like always this method has advantages and disadvantages. It is not as strong as the common mixture but it has better insulation than the traditional concrete.

    This concrete is often used for countertops and rooftop decks, where a lighter weight is more important than a higher strength. It is also used for walls where insulation is more important than strength, such as offices





    How A Hollow Block Making Machine Works

    First, you need to prepare the mortar with the right ratio. Usually, one unit of cement is added to four units of additives and sand. Then you need to add the right amount of water till the mortar becomes like a paste. This action is done in the mixer.

    Some Stationary hollow block making machines do the whole process of preparing the mortar automatically and some others do it semi-automatically. It depends on some facts like the budget or the capacity that the market requires.




    Then the mortar is delivered to the hopper of the machine by a conveyor belt. This action is also done automatically in double-hopper machines.

    there are two options for the conveyor belt in the double-hopper machines:

    1. Single conveyor belt with a changing position head to feed both hoppers

    2. Two conveyor belts separately to feed both hoppers


    The hollow block making machine will take care of the rest of the job. First, the mortar is poured into a machine called a mortar cart and the mortar cart starts to fill the mold by going back and forth. When the mold is filled the vibration starts to vibrate the mortar so the tiny space between sands can be filled and when the machine vibrates, the surface of the mortar shrinks. The mortar cart starts to fill the mold for the last time before the press starts its job.




    Pressing takes place on the surface of the pallets with the bottom and top molds. After pressing takes action both molds go up and the pallet is automatically delivered to the output of the hollow block machine.

    Pallets are then delivered to the drying section or curing chamber. Delivering the pallets is optional it can be ordered as manual, semi-automatic, or automatic. It depends on your budget and production capacity.




    Pallet size differs according to the size of the machine and as the machine gets bigger the pallet also needs to be bigger and thicker as well. The quality of the pallet is so important because of the maintenance. The higher quality pallets you use the longer you can use them and save money changing them. 



    The same process also works with the paver block machine as well.


    Different Choices for Pallets

    There are three different options for your pallets depending on your needs. You can see the pallet options below.

    • Plastic pallets
    • Wooden pallets
    • Metal pallets

    The automatic pallet gathering system in the hollow block making machine is done by a forklift or a finger car system. It is faster and it requires less space allocated to the drying part. It is because the pallets are stored in five levels then carried to be dried but in the manual machine, they are delivered and stored manually and one by one.

    For a hollow block plant, you need a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 2 workers. It only depends on your automation level. If you live in a country that labor costs and the land are cheap, the semi-automatic machine suits you the best.

    For higher productions, you are recommended to buy automatic machines because of the smaller land needed, and to handle higher capacities robots show better performance.



    Pallet size differs in accordance with the production capacity of the hollow block making machine. For example, PRS-400 requires 100cm*50cm with 4cm thickness, and PRS-800 needs 95cm * 110cm pallets with 4cm thickness.

    This machine can also produce other concrete products by just changing the molds. There are almost 600 different molds available for this machine.

    The products that hollow block machine can produce are listed below

    • Hollow concrete blocks
    • Paving blocks
    • Hollow floor blocks
    • Curbstone
    • Roof gutter
    • Lego blocks
    • Lawn stone
    • Tile




    You need to have in mind to buy a high-quality machine for long-term use if you are considering establishing a hollow block producing plant. You also need a hollow blocks business plan for your plant according to your country.

    To get your special offer or your special plan for your plant you can contact our English department.


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    Block machine for sale hollow

    Hollow Block Machine

    Hollow Block Machine: Definitive Guide


    Hollow Blocks are concrete bricks universally used in compound walls due to its low cost. These hollow blocks are more advantageous due to its lightweight and ease of exposure to air.

    The blocks and bricks are made out of a mixture of cement, sand, and stone chips.

    Typically the size of Hollow blocks are definitely following: 40cm(length) X 20cm(width) X 4 in(thickness) or 40cm(length) X 20cm(width) X 5 in(thickness). In general, a hollow-core concrete block is more than 50% solid.

    So in this article, you will be enlightened as we will be looking deeply and extensively into a Hollow Block Making Machine.

    And produce hollow block using your Hollow Block maker.

    LONTTO hollow brick machine can produce blocks of any size, two holes of hollow block or three holes hollow block. And also can produce solid and interlocking bricks. We have a design service. Our engineer can design the mold according to your requirements, no need to worry about that. Contact us and know the price now.

    All the hollow brick machines are easy to operate and install. We can arrange the engineers come to your local site for hollow bricks machine installation and training service. Contact us and learn the price now.

    Hollow block making machine

    Hot Model QT4-15 Automatic Hollow Block Making machine

    LONTTO hollow brick machine supplier offers reasonable price compared to other hollow block making machine manufacturers in the market.

    LONTTO Hollow block making machine can be divided into a fully automatic hollow block making machine, semi-automatic hollow block making machine and manual hollow block making machine according to the operation method. Most models of automatic hollow block making machines are hydraulic type. Contact us for your hollow block machine price and video now.

    Hollow blocks are mostly used to build houses for construction, they have good insulation performance. If you want one for personal use or a newcomer in bulding industry, who wants small investment, choose a semi-automatic hollow block machine and manual hollow block making machine. Contact us now, We send you the price soon by email or whatsapp.

    Models of LMT4-40, LMT4-35, LMT4-26, QMJ4-45, and QMJ4-30 are your best choice. If you are in commercial business and in need of fully automated brick making machine, you can choose any fully automated hollow block machine models, QT4-25, QT4-15, QT6-15, QMY6-25 or QT8-15 QT10-15. They can meet your requirements.

    All the machine from LONTTO in china are high quality and good price. Please contact us today, or leave your email. We send the price list of your machine now.

    What is hollow block making machine?

    Hollow block making machine is designed for making hollow blocks. The machines also to produce solid concrete blocks and paver bricks. Lontto has automatic and manual, mobile type hollow block making machine for sale. The machines are high efficiency.

    Because it requires less man-power and working hours and machine users have reviewed this that it can make your total cost lesser.

    Before the Bricks Machines for construction, hollow blocks using traditionally inspired machines cause environmental pollution.

    Hollow Block Machine

    Give you a brief history of hollow block manufacturing machines, Solid concrete blocks were first employed in 1832 by the builder William Ranger in England who patented his version of “Ranger’s Artificial Stone.” Several decades later in 1860, Hollow concrete blocks began to be used for wall construction.

    However, in 1868, a builder named Frear founded what could be deliberated as the first stationary machine to build concrete blocks on the American continent. The current appearance of blocks was established when Harmon S. Palmer received its first U.S. patent for “Concrete Block Molding Machinery” in 1887.

    Today you can see that Hollow block machines have proven themselves to be economically active and have been able to vanquish the fear consumers have when using blocks. Contact us to get the price now.

    Raw Material For Concrete Hollow Blocks

    When speaking on Hollow Block Making Machine, you need to know some facts about the material used for these blocks.

    As said earlier, the hollow concrete brick can be produced by hollow block making machine, and the product is mainly used to fill high-level framework because of its lightweight, sound insulation, good thermal insulation effect and others in its advantages.

    Cement is a binder material, a substance used for the construction that sets, hardens, and adheres to other materials to bind them together. This is obviously the most important of all materials used in concrete blocks.

    For your concrete blocks, it is advisable to always use a good cement from a good cement company. This is mainly to regulate aerated concrete slurry thickening time and to ensure a stable slurry casting.

    Moreover, cement hydration, setting, and hardening can make your final product has a certain strength and better durability.

    Fly ash is a coal combustion product that is composed of the particulates that are driven out of coal-fired boilers together with the flue gases. Lately, methods of replacing partial cement with high-volume fly ash have emerged because of its ability to increase the workability of cement while reducing water demand.

    You should note that concrete bricks are also essential to have low shrinkage values of other properties to have a high strength product.


    Sand is a granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. As you know, sand is one of the most important raw material used for concrete blocks, and one of its uniqueness is that you can see it in large quantities from nature i.e., it is very common.

    The quality and quantity of sand you use in the maker of your blocks determines the texture and hardness of each block.

    Gravel is a loose aggregation of rock fragments. It is classified by particle size range and includes size classes from granules to boulder-sized fragments.

    Gravel is an important commercial product, with a number of applications for the construction industry. You should note that small gravel are important for concrete hollow blocks.

    The maximum particle size of gravel to be used for the successful maker of your hollow block cannot exceed 10mm。

    The ratio of materials required for blocks

    Types Of Hollow Block Machine For Sale

    • Manual And Small Hollow Block Making Machine
    • Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine
    • Semi-Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine
    • Hydraulic Hollow Block Making Machine
    • Mobile Type Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine

    Automatic Hollow Block Machine

    LONTTO Hollow Block Making Machine is specialized for produce hollow blocks. You can choose an egg-laying hollow block machine, it is a mobile type, which does not need pallets, hence saving costs and easy to move. The QMJ4-45, QMJ4-30, or QMY6-25models can be your choice.

    If you want to produce paver block and solid block also, you can choose paver block machine. They can produce hollow blocks, solid blocks, or paver block, and you only exchange the block mold.

    Please contact us to get the machine price now.

    Advantages Of Hollow Block Making Machine

    Concrete Hollow Brick machine has major advantages as follows:

    1. Produce High Strength of Block:

    The effective hydraulic pressure systems present in your hollow block making machine produce each unit with high precision and accuracy.

    1. Customizable:

    The required of the design of block differs highly depending on the construction building needs. Modern automatic hollow block making machines are integrated with advanced control systems which let you change the molding design as per the required.

    Hollow Block Making machine for the construction industry, it also can produce solid blocks and interlocking brick. If you need the solid and interlocking bricks, we have the service for add the mould and give you the best price.

    That is, you can customize the shape of your hollow block or even inscribed on it. Also, switching the machine between fully automatic and semi-automatic is also a possibility in these machines. Contact us and apply the price today.

    1. Quick and Accurate:

    Capacity per 8 hours of hollow block making machine really reduces the overall time of hollow blocks. The block machine was designed to give the fastest you can ever imagine. Now, you can have 8000 blocks produced within a few hours using the hollow block making machine.

    Hollow Block Machine

    Obviously, this speed of productivity has proven useful in a variety of construction industry. Features that make the hollow blocks faster than others are; Because of hydraulic pressure systems, quick feeding system, quick molding cycles, and high efficiency.

    All these make the hollow block making machine preferable. Contact us. Apply the machine price today.

    1. Environment-Friendly:

    Hollow block machine is very advantageous to the environment because it surmounts the pressure given by the enormous flame given off by other traditional block making machines.

    Also, since hollow brick making machine makes use of industrial wastes like fly ash and other similar waste, it serves as a medium for the recycling of industrial waste which ultimately serves for the betterment of the environment. Conatact us for latest price now.

    Hollow Block Maker Machine

    1. Low cost of hollow blocks:

    Hollow brick machines are innovated so that they can reduce up to 40% of energy usage and this helps reduce the overall price on your part and also the low cost of hollow blocks on the consumer required.

    Working System of Block machine

    The working principle of block making machine is to use slag, mine slag, pulverized coal ash, stone powder, industrial stone, cement, and other materials as raw materials, scientific ratio and water mixing and finally through the new type.

    The block making machine is pressed at high pressure so that beautiful cement blocks and hollow blocks can be pressed and colored pavement blocks can be manufactured.

    Contact us to get the price of hollow block machine machine.

    The working system of a Block making machine is equal to the production of a Hollow block which involves four stages of manufacturing:

    1. Proportioning:

    This is one of the most crucial aspects of blocks using the block making machine. It is the determination of the suitable amount of raw materials needed to produce the desired quality under given conditions.

    According to academia.edu, the combined aggregate content in the concrete mix used for making hollow blocks should not be more than 6 parts to 1 part by volume of Portland cement.

    If this ratio is taken in terms of weight basis this may average approximately 1:7 (cement: aggregate). However, there have been instances of employing a lean mix of as high as 1:9 by manufacturers where hollow blocks are compacted by power-operated vibrating machines.

    The water-cement ratio of 0.62 by weight basis can be used for concrete hollow blocks. Contact us for more information including video and price now.

    Hollow Block Making Machine

    1. Mixing

    The thorough mixing of aggregates is important in hollow block maker machine. You must allow thorough mixing so that the water-cement paste will completely cover the surface of the aggregates.

    The concrete mixer collects all the raw materials including water and rotates it for one and a half minutes (11/2). The product of the mixture is discharged into the mixer and consumed within 30 minutes, this prevents clinkers.

    1. Compacting

    Compacting is the filling of air-holes with concrete particles without movement of water through the concrete. But if there are excessive compacting results in the formation of water pockets and layers with high water content and poor quality of product.

    1. Molding:

    The wooden pallet is kept on the vibrating platform of the machine and the mold box is depressed on to the pallet. The mixed concrete is poured into the mold and evenly leveled. The motorized vibrating causes the concrete to settle down the mold by approximately 11/2 to 13/4 inches.

    The stripper head is then placed over the mold to bear on the leveled material. Vibration causes the concrete come down to its limit position, then the mold box is lifted by the lever.

    The blocks molded rests on the pallet and is removed afterward and another pallet is placed and the molding process repeated.

    One of the keys featuring advantages of the block making machine is that it can accommodate different molds for producing blocks of different sizes.

    Hollow Block Machine

    1. Conclusion

    LONTTO block machine working principle: the materials are mixed by a concrete mixer, semi-automatic type machine needs JQ350 mixer, Full automatic type machine need JS550, JS750 concrete mixer.

    Then the materials are transferred to the hopper by a belt machine. Then materials are distributed to the bottom mold.

    The upper mold press down according to the hydraulic press and strong vibration motors. After a few seconds, the hollow blocks are produced.

    Contact us today, we give you the best price.

    Maintenance of Hollow Block Making Machine

    You as a good supplier must be ready to take part in the maintenance of your Hollow block machine because by proper maintenance, your machine will have a long lifespan. If you do not know how to maintain the machine. You can contact us. We supply the service of training.

    1. Removing concrete residue when cleaning the mold requires the use of air compressor and soft tool. Do not heavily knock, pry and scrape the mold.
    2. When you want to install or change the mold of hollow brick machine equipment, collision should be avoided. Damages and deformations occur when there is mold and mold collision, mold and other parts collision and these must be avoided.
    3. Carefully adjust clearance, including the space of head and the mold core, head and sport plane, mold frame and line plate. Relative motion shall not interfere and brush touch
    4. You must check the condition of the mold size and welding combining site in use. If weld cracking occurs, you must speedily repair.

    When you replace the old, you should clean and oil the rusty metal surface. Then you should flat it in dry and level off place to avert the gravity distortion.

    How to buy a Hollow Block machine?

    Investing in a hollow block making machine is a smart decision for any business that is looking to get off the ground quickly by producing high-quality products with a low overall production cost.

    When you are buying your hollow brick making machine, you should know the following items:

    1. The strong frame steel: when you check the hollow block machine, the steel frame is very important, if the steel is standard, it will be working 30- 40 years. If it is not strong, it will be broken few years

    1. The hydraulic pressure system: you need to choose the famous brand hydraulic station if you choose a hydraulic type hollow brick machine. Lontto uses CALYCA brand hydraulic system.
    2. Concrete mixer: concrete mixer can be JQ series concrete mixer when a small hollow block machine, if use JS series concrete mixer, it will be an automatic hollow block machine.
    3. The Price: When you buy the hollow block machine, you should choose a suitable model machine, different models of machines will be a different price.

    Production time: When buying a hollow block making machine, you have to look into this critically. The production time of a machine affects production a great deal. It determines the number of blocks to be produced within working hours.

    Contact lontto to apply the hollow block making price now.

    Why choose LONTTO as Your Hollow Block Machine Supplier?

    Strong Blocks

    Hollow blocks are produced by LONTTO machine is of high freeze resistance, high density, great insulation to noise and heat high permeation resistance. The tensile of block reaches 15Mpa-20Mpa.

    Excellent Service

    We have exported hollow block machines for more than 30 years, including Malawi, Bangladesh, Ghana, Somalia, Uganda and so on. We supply installation and training. And the machine test, the factory visiting. And supply you the shipping service.

    We have rich experience in helping customers choose their own hollow block machines.

    And LONTTO hollow block making machine company has a complete sales department, production department, design department, technical department, finance department and after-sales department, to provide customers with a full range of quality services.

    LONTTO provides 24/7 online service, from machine installation, operation and budget planning to raw material analyzing, domestic transportation recommendation. DHL delivery ensures needed parts are sent to you in time. Contact us now, we give you the price list.

    Guaranteed Quality

    As a high-quality supplier of hollow block making machine, our quality is also guaranteed. Our PLC is Siemens Brand, Steel plates conform to national standards(P≤0.035%,S≤0.030%), molds use German WEDM technology, through heat treatment, making our molds very durable.

    Produced hollow block machine must pass strict inspection. This ensures each set of LONTTO hollow block machine meets the national product executive standard before the sale.

    High standard process and inspections get LONTTO block machine the International Quality System Certification ISO9001-2000 and quality certificate of CE, SONCAP, SABS, etc.

    LONTTO machinery believes high-quality machinery with reasonable price is always the best strategy to win the market.

    What Is the Price of Concrete Hollow Block Machine?

    Lontto concrete hollow making machine has manual and semi-automatic and fully automatic type for sale. And the price is different from the models.

    If you choose automatic concrete hollow block machine, the price is higher, and if you buy semi-automatic and manual type of hollow block machine, the price is cheap.

    And you can check the price in the following:

    Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine Price 2021 from Lontto


    If you want to know your hollow block making machine price, please contact us today, we will send you the full quotation including photos, parts of block machine and shipping cost.

    Contact us now, let LONTTO support your construction building business.

    Sours: https://www.block-machine.net/hollow-block-machines/
    small manual concrete cement hollow block making machine for sale in Panama City in Panama

    Hollow block making machine can effectively produce hollow blocks by processing sand, cinder, slag, fly ash, gangue, insdustrial and construction wastes, which is very cost-saving and environmental-protection. We have many types of hollow block maker machine, such as, fully automatic type, semi automatic type, concrete hollow block making machine, etc. Main models of ABM-3S, ABM-4SE, ABM-6S, ABM-8S, ABM-10S and ABM-12S. Aimix Group is one of the most reliable hollow block machine suppliers and manufactures. The machine made in our company can produce concrete and cement bricks, and when the operator replaces the different molds, it will produce the bricks with different specifications and shapes. If you get a hollow block machine from Aimix, you will have a low investment and quick recovery of the cost. Check parameters below.
    ABM-4S hollow block making machine

    make hollow blocks
    hollow brick and blocks
    finished hollow bricks

    Different Types of Hollow Block Making Machine

    There are several types of hollow block machine for sale in our company. On the basis of the different forming structures, we can divide the machine into mechanical and hydroform bricks machine. According to the different operation mode, the cement hollow block making machine is distributed into full-automatic, semi-automatic and manual machine.

    The hydraulic and mechanical type

    Hydraulic Hollow Block Making Machine: the hydraulic block making machine forms the bricks relying on the hydraulic transmission, and it has features of low noise, high production output, and extensive applications. The bricks made by the hydraulic type machine has high compactness.

    ABM-3S hollow brick machine
    hollow bricks390*190*1903540-720
    solid blocks200*100*60101500-1800
    interlocking bricks225*112.5*6081200-1400

    ABM-4S fully automatic hollow block machine
    BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
    paving blocks200*100*6018-23s2504-3200
    interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s1565-2000
    hollow bricks390*190*19015-20s720-960

    ABM-6S hollow block machine

    paving blocks200*100*60213287-4200
    interlocking bricks200*160*60121878-2400
    hollow bricks390*190*1906864-1080

    ABM-8S hollow block maker

    paving blocks200*100*60284382-5600
    interlocking bricks200*160*60203130-4000
    solid blocks240*115*53429000-10000
    hollow bricks390*190*19081150-1440

    ABM-10S hollow block moulding machine
    BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
    paving blocks200*100*6018-23s4852-6200
    interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s3287-4200
    solid blocks240*115*5315-17s11011-12480
    hollow bricks390*190*19020-25s1440-1800

    ABM-12S hollow block maker
    BrickSize(L*W*H)Cycle MoldingPcs/Hr
    paving blocks200*100*6018-23s5948-7600
    interlocking bricks200*160*6018-23s3913-5000
    solid blocks240*115*5315-17s12700-14400
    hollow bricks390*190*19020-25s1728-2160

    The full-automatic, semi-automatic and manual type

    Mechanical type: when the hollow block maker makes bricks, it makes some noise. But it has the features of few breakdowns and easy maintenance because of its simple mechanical structure.

    Fully automatic hollow block making machine: the full-automatic type is equipped with PLC electric control system, so it is easy to operate. In addition, the combination of digital technology and displacement sensing system ensures the precise and reliable procedures. The full-automatic machine is widely used in the large-scale project because of the easy operation and large production output.

    Semi automatic brick making machine: during running, the operator monitors the machine by the button, and the machine completes each procedure when the operator presses the corresponding button. The semi-automatic hollow bricks machine price is proper and and the machine is beneficial to save the manpower.
    Manual Hollow Block Making Machine:the operators need to feed the materials and transfer the pallets by themselves. In the process of making machine, it costs many labor resources. But hollow block machine price is lower than the automatic machine. It is very suitable for the small-sized projects.

    Successful cases about hollow brick machines

    Our Client From Australia Came To Visit Our Semi Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine

    ABM-4SE semi automatic hollow block machine

    1. Our client visited our semi automatic hollow block making machine, he spoke highly of our machine. We promised him that if he bought our machine, we will give him one and a half year warranty.
    2. Semi automatic hollow block machine is very cost-saving, if your project is not very big, semi automatic type will be your ideal choice, because it is controlled manually. Compared with fully automatic hollow block machine, it productivity is less than fully automatic type’s.
    3. We will send our engineer and technician to your construction site, and help you make a best plan for hollow brick business.
    4. Before you buying a semi automatic hollow block making machine, you need to tell us the scale of your construction site, and your raw materials, so that we can provide you best type.
    5. If your hollow block machine has some problems, please call us, we will help you solve the problems, if phone call can’t solve the issue, we will send our engineer to your site, and help you check and maintain, meanwhile, we will tell you some maintenance tips, make your machine have a long service life.

    Installation of ABM-8S in Pakistan

    ABM-8S hollow block making machine Pakistan
    ABM-8S auto hollow brick making machine Pakistan
    installation of ABM-8S hollow brick machine Pakistan

    ABM-4S to Philippines

    ABM-4S automatic hollow bricks machine
    ABM-4S hollow brick making machine
    mold of auto hollow brick machine
    pan mixer of auto hollow brick machine
    part of hollow brick machine Philippines
    ABM-4S automatic hollow brick machine

    Shipment and debug Of ABM-4SE Hollow Brick Machine to Philippines

    concrete mixer machine
    concrete hollow block machine to Philippines
    concrete hollow bricks equipment
    ABM-4SE hollow block making machine
    debug of ABM-4SE hollow block machine
    debug of hollow block making machine

    After-sales maintenance of ABM-8S hollow blocks machine in Bangladesh

    hollow block

    ABM-8S hollow block machine

    after-sales maintenance in Bangladesh

    Shipment Of ABM-4SE and ABM-8S Hollow Brick Machine Pakistan

    Good news! Our customer from Pakistan ordered two sets of ABM-4SE and ABM-8S hollow block making machines for sale, our machines are ready to be shipped to Pakistan. After the arrival of hollow block making machine, our technicians and engineers will do installation and test-run, ensure the machine can work normally. Pakistan is our main market, we have been sent many machines to Pakistan, such as, concrete batching plant, diesel concrete mixer with pump, trailer concrete pump, self loading concrete mixer, etc, if you need any other construction machines, you can also contact us!

    ABM-8S hollow brick machine
    belt conveyor for ABM-8S hollow block machine
    concrete pan mixer for ABM-4SE semi automatic hollow block machine
    shipment of ABM-4SE semi automatic hollow block machine
    shipment of ABM-8S automatic hollow block machine

    The Working Flow of The Making Hollow Bricks

    First of all, the operators transfer the raw materials into the batching machine by the wheel loaders. And the hollow block making machine weighs the materials and has a batching according to the requirements.

    Then discharge the prepared materials into the hoisting hopper. When the hopper goes to the top, discharge the materials into the mixer.
    block making production
    Several minutes later, the materials are mixed well, and the discharge door is opened. The materials will be transferred to the belt transmission, and then they are conveyed to the storage hopper of the host machine.

    When the mold is reset, the materials will be transferred to the mold box. Then the distributor forces the materials into the mold box by going forward and backward. The out shape of the block and the inner shape of the block cavities are decided by the lines in the mold box. When the materials are full of the mold box, the distributor goes backward and stop moving, and the upper mold will press the cavities with vibrations. When the lower mold ascends, the bricks are formed and placed on the pallet.

    Then the palletizing system stacks the bricks automatically and then the bricks are conveyed to the drying platforms for drying for seven days or so.

    Hollow Block Machine Manufactures and Suppliers

    Generally speaking, the hollow brick machines supplied by the different enterprises have different qualities and prices, and all of the clients would like to buy good-quality machines at favourable price. If the clients have good-quality machines, they will make more bricks and improve working efficiency. It is advisable to select the machines from many manufacturers and suppliers.

    First of all, the clients should pay attention to the quality of hollow block maker. Most of the machines have the similar appearance, so it is not reliable to choose the machine according to the appearance. For the machine, the keys parts nearly make the decisive influence on the quality and efficiency. For instance, the mixing speed is decided by mixer, and the the compulsory mixer will lead to even and quick mixing of materials. Otherwise, the machine will cost more time on mixing materials, though the same materials are fed into mixer. As for the mold, the mold made from carbonized materials will have long service life, and the bricks made by the concrete hollow block making machine will have intact appearance. However, the mold with poor quality often has short working life. What’s worse, the operator will replace the new one frequently, which will reduce the working efficiency. In Aimix, the hollow brick making machines are equipped with compulsory mixer, such as JS500, JW500 and JS 750. The molds are made from the high-strength material, and the carbonized materials enable the mold to be durable. Moreover, there are many kinds of machines for sale, and you can certainly find a most suitable one.

    AIMIX hollow block manufacturing machine factory
    AIMIX automatic hollow block machine factory
    hollow brick factory
    automatic hollow brick machine workshop

    For the clients, it is easy to select a suitable machine, but it is difficult to purchase the suitable machine at excepted price. The machines with good quality usually have high price due to the good configuration. That is to say, it is impossible to get an automatic machine at manual hollow block making machine price, so what the clients should do is to select the suitable machine with reasonable price. For concrete block making machine manufacturers and suppliers, the low sales price and high-machines ensure high competitiveness, thus most of them try their best to improve the production technique and working efficiency. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we Aimix is always pursuing the advanced technology to enhance the quality and performance of cement hollow block making machine. On the one hand, the professional experts ensure the update of the technology, so that we will offer advanced machines for the clients. On the other hand, the proficient workers lead to superior productivity and quality. If the clients purchase the machine in Aimix, the favourable price will have a surprise for the clients.

    The Characteristics Of Hollow Brick Making Machine

    All the electric components and hydraulic components adopt the famous brands. The concrete hollow block making machine is equipped with the color touch screen and the imported PLC electric control system, so that it implements automation in the whole product line, and improves the working efficiency.

    The control system adopts the automatic control mode, and it is easy to operate. The hollow blocks maker has the functions of man-machine interaction, data input and output. Moreover, the software package for self-diagnosis is equipped on the machine, and it will display the operational state.

    PLC control system

    PLC control system

    twin shaft concrete mixer


    automatic unloader

    double stacker

    The hollow concrete block making machine distributes the materials compulsorily, which ensures the density of load block, light-weight block and gas-filled concrete block, and improves the efficiency of distribution.

    The body of machine adopts the thick-wall high-strength steel and the special welding technique, so it is firm and aseismatic. The violent vibration ensures rapid prototyping of the materials and the sufficient liquidation of cement, so that the bricks have high strength.

    Hollow Block Maker For Sale

    Aimix group is a top enterprise in manufacturing construction machinery, and there are many construction machines for sale. As a leading company, we Aimix have prominent advantages.

    after-sales service team

    Good quality and proper price of the machine: We Aimix aims to enhance the performance and quality of the machine by improving the technology. The machine adopts special design and is made from the high-strength steel, which ensures the smooth running and long service life. The mass production and the improvement of the technology greatly cut the hollow bricks making machine cost, and the customer will purchase the good machine with proper price.

    Perfect service: In order to help the customer to select a suitable machine for making hollow blocks and ensure the smooth operation of the machine, there are perfect after sales services in our company. When the customers have an inquiry, we will give an early reply and introduce suitable hollow bricks machines for them. If the customer has special demand on the machine, we will communicate with the experts and give reasonable design. During operation, if the operators have any questions about the machine, we will assist them to solve the problems by telephone or video chat.

    There are many hollow brick machine manufacturers on the market, and the customers will select the best manufacture by comparing the hollow block making machine price and quality. We are confident that we will provide the best production and service for you if you purchase the machines from Aimix. If you want to get more information about the hollow block moulding machine, please leave your message or contact us, and we are glad to help you.

    Sours: https://aimixconcreteblockmachine.com/hollow-block-making-machine/

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