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Custom-Printed T-Shirt for any 6" to 14" Bear

Make your teddy bear stand out with a custom-printed t-shirt! Add your own design, logo or wording to our plain white t-shirt made especially for our teddy bears ranging from 6" to 14" in height. Our t-shirts are made with % polyester fabric so that the colors come through bright and clear. See which bears wear our shirts best in this category. Learn more about our custom-printed accessories inthis one-minute video.
  • Price includes printed t-shirt only. Teddy bears must be purchased separately
  • Two service options: fully dressed or not dressed. If you have some spare time, save 50 cents a piece by dressing them yourself.
  • Most custom-printed orders will arrive within seven to ten business days. Often they will arrive sooner.
  • Rush deliveries are available. We will look at the calendar date you need your order by and if a tight turnaround is needed, we'll send you a separate invoice for the both the service fee and faster shipping, if applicable.
  • Quantity discounts are automatically applied. The more you buy, the more you save.
  • T-shirts are printed with dye sublimation using a CMYK 4-color process to ensure vibrant and long-lasting colors.
  • We accept most graphic files such as jpg, pdf, png, eps and ai. Or tell us what you want written on the shirt in the order notes.
  • Proofs are available, but not required. Contact us if you need to see a picture before we ship.


Custom Stuffed Animals

Why Order Stuffed Animals in Bulk?

Promotion Choice carries a line of super cute custom stuffed animals wearing t-shirts that will flash your brand in a very unique way. Do not miss out on this opportunity to get stuffed animals to help promote your brand or announce your message to the world in a very special way.

What types of stuffed animals are available?

Our custom stuffed animals feature several types of animals and come in numerous different styles. Some examples include our custom teddy bear, stuffed elephant, stuffed lion, donkey, rag bear, tiger, beaver, hipster bear, and also the same variety of these animals wearing funny ugly sweaters. For brands working with kids, you'll offer your customers a present that will sit by their bedside and be reminded of your company everytime they give these cute personalized stuffed animals a big hug.

What sizes and colors do they come in?

Our custom stuffed animals come in two basic sizes - either six inches or eight inches in height. The t-shirts they wear emblazoned with your logo or artwork messagevcan also come in differing colors, such as black, blue, green, hunter green, red, orange, white, or multi-colored. You can get them so they all either have the same colored t-shirts or you can mix and match t-shirt colors. If you do mix and match, be sure to choose your ink color wisely. For example, don't choose to print your artwork in black ink, don't select black t-shirts or your artwork design will not show. Instead, choose lighter colored t-shirts like orange, white, and grey can also possibly work with black ink printing.

Is the material safe for kids?

Made from safe non toxic polyester, our stuffed animals are perfectly kid friendly and make the best gifts for holiday seasons like Christmas. In fact, many of the ugly sweater plush animals have a very "christmasy" look to them!

Steps for ordering our custom stuffed animals

Our custom stuffed animals can be very easily ordered on our website. Going step by step following the instructions on our order form and uploading your logo or design at the very end (or just typing in your text message in the text message box if you don't have any artwork or logo), you will be done with your logo in a matter of minutes. The production time for our stuffed animals is usually 1 business day after all artwork and proof approvals plus ship time. If you have additional questions for us, do not hesitate to call us either over the telephone or via online chat. We are always here to help and to make sure that you receive your custom stuffed animals as expected.

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Custom Printed Stuffed Animal T-Shirt

Whether you are looking for a fun way to say happy birthday or a creative advertising idea for your company, The Zoo Factory has an exciting new solution. We are now offering 16” custom printed t-shirt for your stuffed animals. From logos to company mottos and quotes, the options are endless and there are plenty of ways to incorporate these shirts into your next event!

Say “Happy Birthday”

If your child and their friends will be stuffing animals at the birthday party, why not give each animal a fun and memorable shirt to wear? With birthday message and an image to match the theme of the event, these shirts will remind the kids of the great memories they made in the year to come.

Number Your Tables

As you are planning your next big corporate event, you are probably looking for a unique way to decorate while promoting your brand. Stuffed animals adorned in company t-shirts are the perfect way to do so! Depending on the size of your event, one great place to put them is at the center of each table. Holding table numbers, these adorable stuffed friends are sure to steal the show. You can even draw names at the end of the evening to choose who gets to take each fluffy friend home.

Add to Gift Baskets

For schools and non-profit groups planning fundraisers, family-friendly gift baskets are the perfect place to spread awareness with custom printed stuffed animal shirts. Printed with your group’s logo or motto these adorable shirts are sure to have everyone buying tickets for a chance to win!

Price for custom printed t-shirts are based on set up fees, the number of shirts purchased and the number of colors in the design. Shirts require a one month lead time to create, so call today for your quote.

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15 DIY NO SEW Tops for Stuffed Animals!

Personalized T-Shirt for 12" Teddy Bears or Stuffed Animals

Personalized mini T-shirt fits most* 12" teddy bears and stuffed animals that sit in a standard upright position, and may fit animals up to 14" if they are not too fat. These shirts also fit many 18" dolls such as American Girl and other similar sized dolls. We can print your teddy bear T-shirt in full color with your text, photo, logo, or any of our designs. No minimum orders or setup fees. If you are putting a photo or logo on your stuffed animal T shirt, please upload a large, high resolution image using the link above (.jpg or .png format).

Please note: We cannot print copyrighted images unless you have a signed release form. This includes things like college and pro sports team logos, company logos (unless it is your own company), and images copied from the web.

 Price includes printing on the front of a plain white shirt. Shirts with colored sleeves and printing on the back is available for an additional fee. We do offer quantity discounts for 10+ shirts, please contact us for details.

*Please note, we cannot absolutely guarantee that your shirt will fit any particular animal unless you have purchased your animal from us.  All stuffed animals are constructed differently and shirts will not fit animals that have arms hanging down in front, no shoulders, extra fat tummies, etc. They work best on animals that sit up in a standard upright position such as the ones shown on our site.


Animals stuffed custom for clothing

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How to Make Clothing Patterns for Stuffed Animals

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