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In reference to this post I thought I’d make a list myself, since I’m interested in it too.
I haven’t played or deleted any of the premade Neighbourhoods, so I haven’t influenced any of these Sims’ gender preferences. However, I used clean templates for all sub-hoods so I won’t be able to do things like University premades, Bluewater, Downtown, etc. yet; I might reinstall the game on another account later, because there are some University premades I’d like to check out.
Before the cut, I’ve listed the Sims who a hard-coded as attracted to the game’s same gender or repulsed by the opposite gender, and Sims who have no pre-coded gender preference. The full list of sexual preferences is under the Read More. I do recommend that you take a look at the whole list, though, even just for the Sims you like; there’s some interesting nuance there, about which Sims are actively repulsed by the opposite gender, which aren’t, and whether they’re in a relationship with a Sim who feels the same way.


Foreword: When I talk about “opposite gender” or “same gender” I’m talking about sex/gender as defined in the Sims programing. The game has a very clear gender binary, which dictates how other Sims are attracted to each other.
Sims have the capacity for gender preference. In-game this is measured on a scale of -1000 to 1000; negative numbers means they are “disgusted” by that gender, positive numbers mean they are attracted to that gender, and 0.0 means “no preference” - they will not autonomously make advances to Sims of that gender but are unlikely to reject advances either. The bigger the number, the stronger their feeling. In SimPE this scale is rendered as -1.0 and 1.0; I’m giving you the raw SimPE data for a Sim’s preference for the game’s two genders, and you can judge for yourself how strong those preferences are.
Also, as always, Sim sexuality (unless you have mods I guess?) is extremely fluid. Sims are, by design, inherently pansexual, and their gender preference changes and is shaped by the Sims they interact with romantically. If you choose to play a Sim with a different sexuality than the one they came pre-programmed with, you’re not wrong; and if your Sim successfully entered a relationship with a Sim that ‘goes against’ their preference, these stats aren’t wrong, either.
Sims with 0.0 interest in their non-preferred gender could be seen as “bi” or “fluid”, but you’ll find that the majority of Sims actually fall into this category. It’s a lot rarer to find a Sim who is actively “disgusted” by a gender. You could study this as a commentary on the inherently fluid nature of sexuality and a rejection of the notion of a sexual binary - or you could view it that these Sims are what we could consider “binary” with no interest or desire in that gender, but are not actively repulsed by the idea, merely ambivalent, as opposed to Sims with negative attraction/”disgust” towards a gender. Compare a person who would feel nothing in a sexual encounter with a non-preferred gender with a person who would feel discomfort.
Or, heck, look at it on a Sim-by-Sim basis. Even with the gender binary, the system is very, very vague, which is good.
Sims gender preferences seem to be handled differently in later EPs, especially in bin families. In the three basegame Neighbourhoods, it’s rare for a Sim to be disgusted by a gender, even if they are already in a relationship that indicates a gender preference, and it was rare for any Sim to have no preference for either gender. In later EPs, it seems to become standard that single Sims have no interest (0.0) in either gender, and Sims who are already in a relationship are repulsed by the gender opposite to their partner’s. This trend might indicate that 0.0 interest in both genders does not indicate asexuality, but rather sexual fluidity, or even that the Sim has yet to discover or explore their sexual preference; but the best way is to judge each case on a Sim-by-Sim basis. (Remember - every Sim is pan anyway by design, so we have to take context into consideration.)
However, even with this inherent fluidity, it’s rare to find Sims who were pre-coded with a preference for the same gender.

Sims who are pre-coded to be attracted to the game’s same gender or “disgusted” by the game’s opposite gender:
Edit: Somehow overlooked Kent Capp, one of the few Sims with a pre-set gay preference. :P

Circe Beaker (Strangetown): Women: 0.1 Men: 0.1
Nervous Subject (Strangetown): Women: -0.1 Men: 0.0
Titania Summerdream (Veronaville): Women: 0.1 Men: 0.1
Kent Capp (Veronaville): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Ariel Capp (Veronaville): Women: 0.1 Men: 0.1
Jason Cleveland (Belladonna Cove): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Sims who are shipped with no pre-coded gender preference:

Kaylynn Langerak (Pleasantview): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Natasha Una (Desiderata Valley): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Rick Contrary (Desiderata Valley): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Daniel Bell (Desiderata Valley): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Tina Traveller (BV Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Cyd Roseland (Pets Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Sharla Ottomas (SSN Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Tommy Ottomas (SSN Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Julien Cooke (FT Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Isaiah Gavigan (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Ginger Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Gavin Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Georgia Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Gabriella Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Garrett Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Gallagher Newson (AL Bin): Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0


Patrizio and Isabella Monty (Veronaville) are married, and while they are disgusted by the same gender (-0.1), they are not attracted to the opposite gender (0.0), implying they are not attracted to each other.
Despite having no preference for women and a pre-coded preference for men, Jason Cleveland (Belladonna Cove) is married to a woman and has a child with her.
Even though Sim preferences can fall anywhere from -1.0 to 1.0 in intensity, Ana and Ramir Patel (Belladonna Cove) are the only premade Sims whose gender preference exceeds .1; they are both pre-coded to have .2 preference for the game’s opposite gender, meaning they are more likely to autonomously engage in romantic interactions (implicitly, with each other).



Mortimer Goth: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Cassandra Goth: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Alexander Goth: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

Nina Caliente: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Dina Caliente: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Brandi Broke: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Dustin Broke: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Beau Broke: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

John Burb: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Jennifer Burb: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Lucy Burb: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Darren Dreamer: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Dirk Dreamer: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

Don Lothario: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

Daniel Pleasant: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Mary-Sue Pleasant: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1
Angela Pleasant: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Lilith Pleasant: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Coral Oldie: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1
Herb Oldie: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1

Kaylynn Langerak: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0


Loki Beaker: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Circe Beaker: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.1
Nervous Subject: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.0

Vidcund Curious: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Pascal Curious: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Lazlo Curious: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

General Buzz Grunt: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Tank Grunt: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Ripp Grunt: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Buck Grunt: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

Pollination Tech#9 Smith: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Jenny Smith: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Johnny Smith: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Jill Smith: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Olive Specter: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Ophelia Nigmos: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Lola Singles: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Chloe Singles: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Kristen Singles: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Erin Singles: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Ajay Loner: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

Bella Goth: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1


Consort Capp: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Juliette Capp: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1
Hermia Capp: Women: 0.0 Men: -0.1
Tybalt Capp: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Goneril Capp: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1
Albany Capp: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Regan Capp: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Cornwall Capp: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Kent Capp: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Hal Capp: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Desdemona Capp: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Miranda Capp: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1
Kent Capp: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Ariel Capp: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.1

Patrizio Monty: Women: 0.0 Men: -0.1
Isabella Monty: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.0
Romeo Monty: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Antonio Monty: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Beatrice Monty: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Benedick Monty: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Mercutio Monty: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Bianca Monty: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1

Titania Summerdream: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.1
Oberon Summerdream: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Puck Summerdream: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Bottom Summerdream: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Riverblossom Hills:

Jason Greenman: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Rose Greenman: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Daisy Greenman: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0

Morty Roth: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Stella Roth: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Sandra Roth: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Xander Roth: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

Catherine Viejo: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Betty Goldstein: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1
Andrew Martin: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Jacob Martin: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

Gabe O'Mackey: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Jules O'Mackey: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Alexandra O'Mackey: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Patricia Wan: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1
Cleo Shikibu: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Leod McGreggor: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0

Desiderata Valley:

Luis Aspir: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Victor Aspir: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Elizabeth Aspir: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Pauline Aspir: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0

Hannah Bell: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Issac Bell: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Daniel Bell: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Sharon Wirth: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Opal Contrary: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Edward Contrary: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Rick Contrary: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0

Sophia Jocque: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Marcel Jocque: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Violet Jocque: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

John Mole: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

Natasha Una: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0

Belladonna Cove:

Isabel Baldwin: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Benjamin Baldwin: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Sophia Baldwin: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Marcus Baldwin: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

Vivian Cho: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Etsu Cho: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Marissa Cleveland: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Jason Cleveland: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Justin Cleveland: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

Samantha Cordial: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1
Kimberly Cordial: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Armand DeBateau: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Tara DeBateau: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Gabriel Green: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Chastity Gere: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Ana Patel: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.2
Ramir Patel: Women: 0.2 Men: 0.0

Timothy Riley: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Sally Riley: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Geoff Rutherford: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Connor Weir: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

Jessica Peterson: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Carlos Contender: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0

EP Bin Families:

Trent Traveller: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Trisha Traveller: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1
Tina Traveller: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0

Cyd Roseland: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0

Peter Ottomas: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Samantha Ottomas: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1
Dora Ottomas: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1
David Ottomas: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Sharla Ottomas: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Tommy Ottomas: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0

Julien Cooke: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0

Mary Gavigan: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1
Nathan Gavigan: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Isaiah Gavigan: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0

Matthew Picaso: Women: 0.1 Men: 0.0
Jessica Picaso: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.1

Sanjay Ramawami: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Priya Ramaswami: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1

Herbert Goodie: Women: 0.1 Men: -0.1
Faith Goodie: Women: -0.1 Men: 0.1

Ginger Newson: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Gavin Newson: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Georgia Newson: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Gabriella Newson: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Garrett Newson: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0
Gallagher Newson: Women: 0.0 Men: 0.0


So you’ve decided to play The Sims 2: The Big guide to TS4′s grandma

The Sims 2 for PC is an incredible game. It continues to entertain and delight people all over the globe over 17 years after the initial release. Personally it has been a huge part of my life.

It is, however, objectively ancient and thus a pain in the arse to set up and install in 2021 (or whenever you’re reading this). There are tonnes of resources out there to make the game run and look better but they are scattered across every corner of the internet. Finding and utilising these resources can be a nightmare for any new player.

I have 17 years of experience with getting this damn game to work and I thought that some of that knowledge could be helpful for newbies. So I’ve cobbled together this ‘ultimate guide’ which should hopefully help to setup a more stable and enjoyable experience from the beginning.

PRE-SETUP: Download 7-zip

Most downloadable files come zipped up in .zip or .rar formats to keep all of the files neat and together. You need an unzipper utility to get to the good stuff inside.

7-Zip is a utility tool that works like RAR or ZIP but doesn’t cost anything.  It can extract things from .rar, .7zip and .zip files amongst many others. Download and install the program. 

To unzip a file right click on the file and select ‘7-zip’ then ‘extract files…’ then hit ‘ok’.

Online Privacy

This guide requires going online to download files. As with any online activity this comes with risks. The best way to protect yourself online is to limit what information you share about yourself, have a good antivirus and to use a VPN (virtual private network).

If you’re in the market for a new internet browser @caramelsmiles12 recommends Tor:

As it hides your IP address, a key factor in keeping your privacy in tact.

I would also personally highly recommend these free browser extensions for other browsers:

And this free protection program:

If you can afford it I would also suggest upgrading to the paid version of SpyBot. I’m not sponsored by them, I’ve just used this program for years and it is so effective and reliable. It’s also pretty affordable compared to it’s competitors. The free program works really well too though. Whichever program you have, always try to run an antivrius scan every month or so.

It’s pricey, but if you can afford it a subscription to a VPN service is also really helpful. I personally use:

If you’re under 18 then make sure to consult an adult that you trust before entering payment details online and never use someone else’s money without their permission. Make all payments through a secure service like Paypal wherever possible. Take care not to share identifying information online.

STEP 1: Obtain the game

At one point the Ultimate Collection (which included the base game and every available DLC) was completely free on Origin for anyone who had bought physical copies in the past. However that giveaway has now sadly ended. Today there are a couple of ways to get hold of The Sims 2 and it’s various expansions.


The first is to buy the physical disks. To my knowledge new copies are no longer sold in stores. However second hand copies can be purchased from online selling sites such as Ebay or Amazon, or in person from local charity or thrift shops. This is significantly cheaper now than it was at release, but can still set you back a pretty penny. To save some money try to get the bundled editions rather than the individual packs, and make sure to scroll through ‘more purchase options’ on Amazon. 

Important notes: Don’t buy the Ultimate Collection from private sellers online. The Ultimate collection is online only, not the physical disks, and often it’s people just selling their Origin Accounts which is against the terms of service and can get you in trouble with our beloved EA overlords. 

SecuROM: Physical disks contain SecuRom:

SecuRom is a DRM, an anti-piracy procedure to verify the legitimacy of your game which can cause nasty side-effects on some computers. EA actually had a class-action lawsuit filed against them in 2008 for using it in their games.

If you buy the physical disks then it may be worth installing a No CD crack afterward so that you can get rid of the DRM. 

EDIT: @osab has shared that Lazy Duchess’ launcher will act in the same way as a no CD crack. Thankyou @osab! Details for how to install the launcher are included later on in this guide. I highly recommend the launcher as it fixes some other problems with the game as well.

If you don’t want to or can’t use the launcher then Reddit user olivethegreat recommends George’s noCD crack, which can be found here: (thankyou to @ilovethesims2cc for uploading the file)

Here is a tool for removing SecuRom if you already have it:

Please also see the thread here for more details on SecuRom and it’s side effects:


The Sims 2 is an incredibly old game that is considered unsupported by EA and is unavailable to purchase from them. For this reason many people choose to download the game online instead of buying the physical disks as most online downloads surpass the problems with the physical disks. Please be aware though that this could still be considered piracy which is illegal in some countries.

Personally I bought every single TS2 disk legitimately when it first came out, and thus received the Ultimate Collection for free from Origin during the giveaway. I find the Ultimate Collection to be much easier to run on Windows 10 than my old physical disks. If you do decide to download The Sims 2 online then I would highly recommend getting The Ultimate Collection for this reason.

STEP 2: Install the game


Insert the disk and follow the onscreen instructions. If you accidently buy a disk without a CD key then you can search up CD keys online and they should work just fine with your disk as they are multiple use and not restricted to just one user.

Be careful to install each expansion pack and stuff pack in the correct order.

IMPORTANT NOTE:@bisexualmoron reminded me that the physical disks need to be patched manually as the server is no longer running. They sent me this link, so once you’ve installed everything then head on over there to patch your game. Only use the patches for the games that you actually have:


Ensure you follow all of the included instructions and make sure to read any README files.

Be careful to install each expansion pack and stuff pack in the correct order.


The Sims 2 OR Sims 2 Deluxe OR Sims 2 Double Deluxe OR Sims 2 Holiday Edition

University OR University Life Collection

Nightlife (you do not need this if you have Sims 2 Deluxe or Double Deluxe)

Christmas Party Pack OR Holiday Party Pack

Open for Business OR Best of Business Collection

Family Fun Stuff OR Fun with Pets Collection

Glamour Life Stuff

Pets (you don’t need this if you have the Fun with Pets Collection)

Happy Holiday Stuff (you don’t need this if you have the Sims 2 Holiday Edition)


Celebration Stuff (you don’t need this if you have Double Deluxe)

H&M Fashion Stuff (you don’t need this if you have the Best of Business Collection)

Bon Voyage

Teen Style Stuff (you don’t need this if you have the University Life Collection)


Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff (you don’t need this if you have the Best of Business Collection)

IKEA Home Stuff (you don’t need this if you have the University Life Collection)

Apartment Life

Mansion & Garden Stuff (you don’t need this if you have the Fun with Pets Collection)


You’re going to want easy access to bodyshop, the program that lets you build more detailed sims to import into your game. If you have the Ultimate Collection you can find it at: (installation hard drive)>(installation folder)>The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection>Fun with Pets>SP9>CSBin. If you have the physical disks it will likely be in your latest expansion or stuff pack folder.

Right click on TS2BodyShop. Then select either pin to start, pin to taskbar or create shortcut depending on what will help you find it the easiest. Personally I pin everything to the taskbar but you might have a more organised method.

STEP 3: Adapting the game to Windows 10


The Sims 2 was made by people who couldn’t have ever predicted the dual blessing and curse that is Windows 10. As of such the game is not wired to recognise modern OS’s or graphics cards. This means that without modification the game is unlikely to be able to match your screen resolution or to use edge smoothing. This can make the game look jagged and ill fitting.

But never fear, the Simsnetwork is here! Their instructions are super thorough so I’m not going to repeat them here. Head on over to the page to download and use the program:


There are a few issues both inherent within the Sims 2 itself and in getting it to run on Windows 10. Lazy Duchess has resolved some of these by coming up with this great custom launcher for the game:

Again, the instructions are great so I won’t reiterate them here. Suffice to say I’d really recommend that you download and use this launcher. I especially find it useful for squashing first born syndrome (where all of your sim’s kids look the same) and for making it so that you can easily dip in and out of the game window without crashing everything.

It’s a good idea to pin to start/taskbar or create a shortcut for Sims2RPC.exe so that you have it readily available for whenever you want to play.


By default the Sims 2 can only utilise 2GB of virtual memory. This can lead to crashing or wonky flashing graphics. This website offers a program to increase the virtual memory usage up to 4GB which makes for a much smoother experience:

Download the file then extract it with 7-zip. Next, double click on the .exe file and navigate to where your Sims 2 is installed. Select Sims2EP9RPC and hit ok.

Please follow this guide by MaraSims to get your virtual memory sorted:

EDIT: @osab has shared that Lazy Duchess’ launcher applies this automatically, so if you use their launcher you don’t need to install the 4GB patch. You still need to do everything else in Mara’s guide.

Reddit user olivethegreat says the 4GB patch is also included in George’s noCD crack. As above, please still do the rest of the steps in the guide.


Run the game from Sims2RPC.exe. Let it load to the neighbourhood selection screen and then exit. This is to confirm that the game works and to generate a folder in your my documents.


Corruption is a nasty little beast. It can ruin your favourite sims families, prevent you from playing with entire neighbourhoods or a giant ball of fire from space might come and destroy your real life house (kidding… mostly).

Thankfully there are plenty of ways to prevent corruption from happening. 


There are a lot of anti-corruption mods and fixes available on the internet. These mods go into your my documents>EA games>The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection (or your latest expansion or stuff pack folder)>Downloads. Just right click on a blank space in that folder to create the Downloads folder if it isn’t there already.

Here are the mods I use to prevent corruption. Make sure to unzip the files using 7-zip or these mods won’t work.


Death is a bit dicey in the Sims 2. That’s because all of a dead sim’s character data is tied to their grave - so a sim essentially IS their grave. The problem is that a grave is also an object which can be smashed up and thrown away by other sims, deleted by the player etc. When that happens it partially shreds the character data, leaving behind just enough corrupted half-data to spread to every single sim or lot your dead sim interacted with.

Thankfully there are plenty of creators out there that have a solution for us. I’ll list those here.

No unlink on delete:

This mod prevents your dead sims from becoming corrupted when their gravestone or urn is deleted by the player.

No auto urn cleanup:

This mod stops sims from automatically cleaning up broken urns, which can shred the character data of the deceased. Talk about a fate worse than death!

No corrupt death:

Prevents a death memory which can become corrupted.

Select your cemetery:

Allows you to choose a specific lot to send graves to after your sims die. Useful for getting your graves off residential lots where angry ex lovers might smash ‘em to smithereens. 


As my doctor says, prevention is better than cure. These mods prevent problems before they happen.


Midge’s edit of Boilingoil’s no sim loaded. This mod fries a bunch of nasty errors and stops problems before they happen.


There’s an annoying bug called the super duper hug bug which you can get from downloading custom interactions or downloading custom lots from other players. This mod tests for it and deletes it if it finds it.

Pregnancy controller fix:

This stops a problem with pregnancies that can slow down your game over time.


Stops unnecessary extra NPCs from spawning. Useful for reducing the town population size as too many sims in one neighbourhood can slow down your game.

The Clean UI mod:

It’s a pain to install as it requires you to replace some actual game files rather than just shoving it all into your downloads folder, and you need to look over each file carefully as there are some files where you need to choose one and delete the other. But ultimately this mod is totally worth it. Not only does it make your game look all sleek and modern but it also hides some buttons in the game that can cause corruption if you click on them (you’d think that wouldn’t be a thing, but it is).

STEP 6: Make the pre-mades playable

Premade neighbourhoods (the ones that come with the game) are notorious for coming pre-packaged with corruption. Strangetown is especially bad. Thankfully for us, meetme2theriver has us sorted:

(Thankyou @atomtanned and @veronaviile for sending the updated link)

If you want to play any of those neighbourhoods then I’d highly recommend replacing them with meetme’s versions first, lest you wake up one day 10 generations in to your game only to find that the whole thing is gone. 

STEP 7: Familiarise yourself with what NOT to do

Luckily, The Sims 2 comes with a tutorial on how to play. Unfortunately it doesn’t show you how NOT to play.

There’s some great, hilarious and intriguing stuff - that you absolutely should NOT do.

Here’s some great videos showing some of the things you should avoid. Try not to fall down the rabbit hole of binge watching all of this person’s videos, like I may or may not have done.



There are tonnes of cheats to help either make the game a tad easier or just to influence the story that you’re telling with your sims. Here are some basic ones to get you started:

(To access the cheat panel press CTRL, SHIFT and c at the same time. To close the cheat window press ESC)

boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

This is the big daddy of cheats. It not only enables a bunch of other cheats but it also allows you to do a tonne of stuff by shift clicking on your sims, their mailbox or even some of their stats (like skills and personality points). Make doubly sure you understand what not to use to cause corruption by going back and watching that video again.


Fill all of your sim’s needs up. I use this a LOT when my sims are pregnant as their needs tank pretty dramatically without mods.


Get 1000 simoleans (in game currency).


Get 50,000 simoleans - great for building houses for your rich sims.

moveobjects on / moveobjects off

Allows you to move and delete things that you normally couldn’t. If you delete a sim they will just reappear the next time you reload the household. Do NOT delete graves or NPCs or their cars.

aging on / aging off

I personally have a mod to halt all aging until I want it to happen ( because I’m a control freak. But you can also use this cheat as well. Great for when you want to make sure you tell all of your sim’s story fully, as one default lifetime never seems enough.

boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/  boolProp snapObjectsToGrid false

Turns off or on objects snapping to the grid. Turning it off is useful for decorating houses, as it gives the game an organic feel rather than everything looking blocky and off centre. Turn both this and moveobjects on off when placing windows or doors. Make sure your sim can actually use objects - sometimes if objects are placed too close together or overlapping then sims can’t route to or use them.


Here’s a directory of various mods to tailor your gameplay to suit your play style. Some of them are a bit cheaty, some are just down to personal preference.

Twojeff’s mods reuploaded as their old website has gone down.

Midgethetree has so many brilliant, detail orientated mods.


(All links are for mods that are compatible with apartment life - you’ll need to manually find the version compatible with your latest expansion pack if you don’t have them all. Some of these mods have different versions that I’ve not included. These are just my personal preferences for my game)


This mod adds an object to the game that looks like a tree and can be found in misc/misc. Clicking on it gives you a whole slew of options, including setting sim relationship and family ties, choosing a career level etc. 


By default sims can only give birth to either a single baby or twins. This mod adds the chance of randomly getting either triplets or quads instead. You can set the odds of getting them by clicking on the sim - so you can either make this a rare occurrence or make all births quads if you want chaos.


The game calculates a sim’s sexuality by counting their romantic interactions with either males or females. So if a bi sim marries a sim of the same or opposite gender and doesn’t cheat they’ll become either totally gay or completely straight. This mod fixes that by making preference for one gender not decrease just from interacting with a different gender. And as a bi woman who’s marrying a man, I appreciate that.


ACR stands for ‘autonomous casual romance’. This mod allows your sims to preform romantic interaction by themselves without you telling them to do it. It also lets you set options for each individual sim, like their sexual orientation and whether they can cheat on their partner or not. Make sure to spend some time setting up the options of this mod ingame every time you create a new neighbourhood, as there are options like turning on or off autonomous try for a baby.


Sims kids can’t cook, which makes sense. I wouldn’t let my 8 year old anywhere near the stove either! But unfortunately all they can get for themselves is snacks, which isn’t particularly realistic. This mod lets them make themselves cereal so they can have a little more independence. 


When a townie moves into your household they lose all of their memories. I don’t know what’s happening to them in unmodded games but I don’t think it’s especially realistic for them to have never had lives before they moved in. This mod resolves that issue.


In the ‘vanilla’ (unmodded) game you need to send your sim to a shop to buy new clothes. I love that level of detail, but there are times when I just can’t be bothered! This mod adds an object to the game that looks like a coat hok and can be found in the wardrobe section. This coat hook lets you get clothes for free and then change your sim into them.


Sims don’t always do this automatically. Which is realistic but disgusting. I prefer to play with this mod installed.


I like to make up stories for my sims rather than just reaching goals. Sometimes that means keeping them in the same job for a long time. This mod forces a pop up which asks if a sim who has reached their goals wants to accept a promotion or not.


In an unmodded game sims can die from getting in a lift that breaks. That’s literally one of my biggest fears in real life, so I like to eradicate it from the game.


Before this mod my trees constantly set on fire during lightning strikes. The fire brigade don’t acknowledge it as a real fire, so I just had to let all of my trees burn out then replace them every time there was a storm. This mod reduces the chance of things outside setting on fire.


The Sims 2 genetics are actually really realistic, with dominant and recessive genes to boot. I really like that about the game. But the problem comes in when you’ve been playing through several generations and everyone ends up with brown eyes and black hair. This mod makes it a 50/50 chance to inherit each parent’s eye, skin or hair colour - so a brown eyed sim and a blue eyed sim could have either a brown or blue eyed child, whereas before the eyes would almost always be brown.


In the vanilla game you can’t place highchairs at tables. That’s pretty unrealistic. This mod allows sims to access highchairs from the sides and diagonally, meaning your littelest family member can sit at the same table as the big kids.


For some reason you can’t normally get baby bottles out of the mini fridge. Midgethetree changed that.


Puppies and kittens don’t usually get their patterns until they age up to adults. This mod shows off their patterns from birth.


There’s an NPC called Rod Humble who comes to every new household you create and drops off a computer that has a teaser of the Sims 3 on it. This was super exciting at the time, but the Sims 3 is old news now and I find it annoying to have him drop off a free computer for no reason. This mod stops him from coming at all.


Teen sims can run away if their relationship is low enough with everyone else in their household. It’s a cool detail but I personally don’t like how it’s been executed as the teenager can end up running away for all of the teen lifestate and I don’t like to miss out on the fun years!


This mods allows you to change the weather and control the seasons. I personally use it to make Seasons last 60 days to simulate each seasons lasting a couple of ingame months.


Same sex marriages are called ‘Joined Unions’ in the Sims 2. This mod changes it so that it’s called marriage.


By default the baby’s take the mother’s surname. With this mod you can choose your baby’s surname after birth. It also allows sims to inherit personality points from their parents, with some variance given for individuality. 


Pregnant sims have some default outfits in the game. The selection is very limited. With this mod you can dress your pregnant sims in any clothing you’d like! You’ll need some custom content with baby bump morphs though, otherwise the bump won’t show up (but don’t worry, your sim is still pregnant).


All of the townies in game are automatically thin. This mod lets fat and muscular sims spawn too.


Sims can normally only adopt babies, toddlers and children. This mod makes it so that you can also adopt teenagers as well. As a bonus you can also choose the adopted child’s gender and skintone.


This mod adds an object to the game, a table which can be placed on community lots. When your sim uses the table they can apply for social welfare. This is great for storytelling involving single parents, disabled sims etc.


These days it isn’t unrealistic to expect that people might be able to meet their great grandchildren. I’m an adult and my great grandma is still going strong! This mod adds a new memory to the game that lets sims remember meeting their great-grandchildren.


If you have a teen couple, when one of them ages up a couple of days before the other they will automatically fall out of love. I don’t think people tend to break up in real life just because one is 17 and one is 18! So this mod allows them to stay in love until the other sim ages up. It does not, however, enable teen-adult romantic interactions.


Sim children dump their homework anywhere, and this often leads to it getting lost. With this mod you can set them a specific place to put down their homework. No more ‘I lost my homework’ excuse!


Sims only normally have one first kiss. There’s a really sweet cut scene that plays and they get the memory of it. The problem is that they can only ever do it once in their whole lives. This mod makes it enabled all of the time (as long as the relationship is high enough) which means your sim can have a first kiss with every new partner.


There are all different relationship types in TS2 - family members, spouses, friends. But what it doesn’t have is an option to show that two adult sims are in a committed relationship without being engaged yet. There’s an option to go steady for teens, but for some reason this wasn’t included for adults? This mod enables it for adults and allows you to choose the sim’s last names upon marriage too.


This is a bit of a controversial one. In my country the age of consent is 16. I like to imagine that some of the teenagers in my game are 16 and 17. This mod allows them to ‘woohoo’, which is the term for sex in the game.


It’s nice to decorate for Christmas in the game but it’s such a pain in the neck to put up and take down the decorations every winter. This mod makes it so that you can decorate once, and then those decorations will show up in live mod every winter.


Allows sims in a relationship to break up at any time, not just when the relationship is low. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, y’know?


Sims have turn ons and turn offs in the game, which influences which other sims they are attracted to. Some of those turn ons and offs are a bit boring, don’t suit my gameplay style or don’t make sense with some CC that I have. I prefer these custom ones instead.


This mod adds a new option to ask another sim to just be friends if they have crushes on or are in love with eachother but not yet in a commited relationship.

Now you can play your game, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done everything you can to make this backwards-ass old game run to the best of it’s ability. ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

STEP 9: Make it pretty

Some people don’t care about graphics, and good for them. But also no.

LeyaSun has an amazing guide here:

And I’ve used it to set up most of my game. However, I have a few extra tricks up my sleeve too, which I’ll list here:


Reshade does things to me. Wonderful things.

It’s a program that allows you to use various new visual effects and shaders to make any game look a million times better. And I spent months trying to get it to work with the Sims 2, only to realize that the Lazy Duchess’ launcher makes it super easy.

First, download reshade itself:

Double click on the reshade setup.exe then navigate to your Sims2EP9.exe file. You can find it at (installation hard drive)>(installation folder)>The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection>Fun with Pets>SP9>TSbin OR  (installation hard drive)>(installation folder)>The Sims 2>(your latest EP)>TSbin

Use it to setup reshade, do NOT use your Sims2EP9RPC.exe. When asked for the rendering API select the 10/11 option. Now download ALL of the effects that you can! Or not. Up to you.

Now use your windows explorer to go into the TSbin. Take the reshade-shaders folder, your reshade.config file and your ReShade text document and put them into the mods folder. Now take your d3d9.dll or dxgi.dll file and rename it to ReShade.asi (make sure you change the actual file type from .dll to .asi or it won’t work) and put that in to the mods folder too.

Then you can select a preset to try out. This is the one that I use: but if you Google ‘ts2 reshade preset’ you should be able to find more. Take the .ini file and put that in your mods folder too.

Now check that it works! Load up your game through Duchess’ launcher and wait to see if a little box pops up in your game saying that reshade has been installed. Press the shift and home keys at the same time to bring up the menu to adjust your settings.


The premade townies are fun, but they’re not the best looking bunch and they get a bit boring when they keep cropping up in every new neighbourhood that you create. By emptying out Pleasentview by replacing your N001 neighbourhood with this file (,4306.msg218734.html#msg218734) and downloading default face templates (the ones I use are here: you can force your game to create new, randomised and better looking townies and NPCs. 

if you still want to play with Pleasentview AND have better townies then you can download meetme2theriver’s version (, rename it something like N008 then stick it in your my documents>EA Games>The Sims 2>Neighborhoods folder.


This is the screen that’s on display when you load up the game. If you have a tonne of CC like I do then you’ll need a pretty screen to look at! I use this one:

Make sure to read the instructions, as it doesn’t just go in your downloads folder.


Better bubbles:

Improves the appearance of the thought and speech bubbles.

Softer outdoor shadows:

Creates beautifully blended, realistic shadows.

Sim Shadow Fix:

Stops sim’s shadows from flashing pink.


Defaults are custom content that replace something that comes by default with the game with something else. For example, the ugly EA outfits can be replaced with nicer looking custom content versions. There are defaults for almost everything in the game at this point - objects, hair, even sims. You can only have one default of each thing in your game. Sometimes a creator might include multiple versions in one file, so be careful to always make sure you only keep one.



For hair, makeup and clothing I used the Default Database to make a pick n mix of stuff that I like:

I personally try to use Remi or Simgraoop textures for the hair and tend to prefer clothing that is nicely detailed without looking photo realistic or having overcomplicated meshes. I also like simple, suits-all style makeup.


I use these skintones:

No witch overlay:

Alien skintone:


Correlated werewolves:

Normal looking vampires and smaller fangs:


These eyes:

These eyebrows:

This servo:

This bigfoot:

These ideal plantsims:

And these aliens:


Default Road:

Rug Fixes:



Vegan Kaktus’s Defaults for objects:

Eddy’s computer screens:



Baby Bottle:



Nintendo DS:



Mobile Phone:


Drink Replacements:


Dorm Room Door:

Police Car:

Atomic Age set:








I am an absolute fiend when it comes to custom content. I literally have 27.8GB of it in my game right now. You probably don’t want that much if you want your game to load in less than a year.

When you’re downloading CC make sure to only put a couple of pieces at a time into your game. If something is broken or causing problems then you don’t want to have to wade through a folder full of fresh content to find the one rotten apple.

Here are a couple of programs you need to get custom objects working:


Enable recolours of maxis objects.


Allows custom build mode items. You also have the option of installing gunmod’s radiance lighting system. Only use one lighting mod at a time.


Sims Cave:

The Sim’s cave is one of my go-to sites for finding new content for the Sims 2. I’d highly recommend going through as many update threads as you’ve got time for. It’s a sure fire way to find loads of talented artists.

Garden of shadows:

I swear my downloads folder starts crying whenever I log on to this site. It takes a bit of rooting through but you can find some top tier stuff in these threads.

Sliders Directory:

A few years ago the community learnt how to make custom sliders for bodyshop and it was ground breaking! These sliders will help you to customise your sims with even more detail.

A NOTE: Skintones and eyes can be either custom, which means you have to manually apply them to the sims, default which means they override the ingame ones or geneticized and townified which means that they’ll spawn on random townies and that a dark skinned and light skinned sim might have a medium skinned child rather than just inheriting one of the parent’s skintones. You can have a default and custom version of the same skin/eyes at the same time, or a default and Gen&town version, but you can’t have a custom and gen&town version of the same thing at the same time.



This creator still updates every week! Their hairs are the only ones I use in game other than my defaults. They make excellent quality clothing for all ages, some kickass tattoos and some other miscellaneous cool stuff as well.


This person is still active too. I just love their clothing - lots of stuff to bulk out the swimwear and underwear categories especially.


This person is still making great stuff as well. Their conversions are excellent quality and really pad out a sim’s wardrobe.


Lots of wonderful object conversions.

Tony Veis

I swear this person is on a personal mission to keep filling my objects folder until my laptop explodes.

The Raven

This creator has made loads of amazing objects, clothing and hairs for babies. Upgrade your littlest sprogs today!

Sun&Moon star’s factory:

Functional objects that add brand new gameplay. Their focus is on historical objects but they can easily be used for modern gameplay too. I love dotting blackberry bushes around my rural towns.


Lazy Duchess has a tool to merge your CC. Fewer packages means it’s easier for your game to load up, even if your mods folder stays the same size. For now it’s only recommended to merge create a sim parts like hair and clothes. Leave your objects alone:

The bulk renamer utility allows you to take special characters out of all of your custom content names in one go. Special characters are difficult for the game to read and can slow down loading times:

STEP 9: Screenshots!

I use Gadwin Printscreen to take screenshots, you can get that for free here:

And PhotoFiltre to edit them, get that for free too:


This mod makes it so that you can click on your sim and make them look at you. Perfect for lining up the line of sight for your sim during screenshots.


Poseboxes are objects that add the ability to pose your sims for screenshots. There’s a great guide to them here:


Adds an object to the game that is just a huge, blank background. Good for taking simple pictures of your sims without background distractions.

STEP 10: Maintenance 

The sims 2 is getting on in years and she needs a bit of looking after. Here are some common troubleshooting tips for you.


Even with all of the anti-corruption mods it’s still way too easy to corrupt your game/neighbourhood using EA made features. Make sure to back-up your neighbourhoods folder every time you make significant progress in a neighbourhood. Your neighbourhoods folder is in your my documents, sims 2 folder.


Sometimes neighbourhood corruption can be detected and fixed before it ever becomes a problem. Every month or so run Mootilda’s hood checker ( to fix any stray corruption that may have sneaked in.


The Batbox: has several options to fix things that might have gone wrong on specific lots. Make sure to use it regularly to check if there any issues and to resolve them as they appear.


First, make sure you’re giving it enough time to load up - the game can be slow to load sometimes, especially if it’s the first boot up or if you have lots of CC. If it’s still not working then try Deleting your .cache files from my documents>EA games> The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. These files store information to make your game load up faster but they become easily bloated and prevent loadup at all. I personally delete them before every play session.


The bat box (available here:,72.0.html) has several options to fix all manor of in-game screwery. If certain sims or objects keep throwing errors then use the 50/50 method on your CC (described below).


Most likely faulty or conflicting/incorrectly installed custom content. Use the 50/50 method to narrow down the culprit if you don’t know what’s causing the problem (move out 50% of your downloads folder, see if the game loads, if it doesn’t try another 50% etc until you’re left with only one file).


Your game has run out of available virtual memory. Make sure you followed Mara’s guide correctly. Sometimes, if you have lots of CC or a big neighbourhood then your game with flash anyway. Delete all of the files in your my documents>EA games>The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection>Thumbnails folder before you load up the game. I personally do this every play session. Sometimes, the only way to fix pink flashing is to either reduce the amount of CC you have or to simply reboot your game and/or your computer when it happens.


And there you have it - a functioning, beautiful game that was made 17 years ago. I hope it brings you as much joy as it has brought me.

If there’s anything that I’ve missed out here you can probably find it over at The woman is a TS2 legend and has so many guides and videos that she puts my years of playtesting and research to shame. 

I’m more than happy to answer any questions about TS2 - I’m still learning some things myself, even after all this time - but I’ll help if I can.

Special mention to my other sources for this guide:

  1. Entrance to the emerald nightmare
  2. Davinci resolve 17 price
  3. 2017 chrysler 300 c specs

Constructing Race, Gender, and Sexuality in The Sims 2

In the world of The Sims 2, a player has an almost limitless number of options in constructing the pixel people who will live out their lives in a world also constructed by the player. The player may create a Sim approximation of herself—an avatar of sorts—and have that Sim live out the player’s dreams. The player may create completely fictitious characters and place them in numerous scenarios, deciding who will marry and have children, who will be career driven, and who might turn out to be total slackers who spend their time having parties.

The game allows for much more player interpretation than most. Unless playing the EA/Maxis premade families, players control everything about their created characters. It all starts in Create-A-Sim or Bodyshop. These tools allow for the customization of a Sim’s basic personality and appearance. The player chooses skin tone, hair and eye color, facial structure, body type (fat or slim), aspiration, zodiac, and turn-ons and turn-offs. Sims emerge from creation with neutral sexuality. They can become gay, straight, or bisexual, depending on player intervention. As for their turn-ons and turn-offs, the only potential racial indicators are those for hair color (although it is easy enough to create darker skinned Sims with blonde or red hair). Sims may be turned on or off by fatness and fitness. With these exceptions, Sims are not only colorblind, but attractiveness blind. In short, except for hair color and body type, there is no way to have a Sim prefer a particular appearance or race. Any prejudices must come from the player; they simply are not in the game itself.

Within the game, Sims of any gender preference may get married and raise families. Gay couples and single Sims can adopt children as easily as straight couples. With a mod, gay couples can have biological children. There is no discrimination in the Sims job market. Any Sim, regardless of gender, race, or sexual preference can advance to the top of any career. This video points out that the Sims franchise “is a utopian ideal . . . based on a true meritocracy. Every Sim is created with the same chance for advancement as the next.”

All of this may go a long way toward explaining why 65% of Sims players are female. The video cited above quotes  Nakamura’s assertion that female players may be turned off playing games such as Tomb Raider where, although the lead character in the game is female, she is drawn as a hyper-idealized character based on male fantasy and is not a character most women would find easily relatable. Even very fit female Sims look nothing like the large breasted, tiny waisted Lara Croft.  In The Sims, females can become astronauts, generals, adventurers, and even Captain Hero without having to conform to any male fantasy of what women should look like. The game is, however, not free of stereotypes and does make use of some well known tropes.

In the Bon Voyage expansion pack, for example, Sims can travel to an Asian location as well as to the tropics. Both locales make use of a mash-up of different cultures. Takemizu Village has been criticized for freely mixing Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cultures, as well as not going the extra mile and creating Asian NPC’s. So, basically, there are Anglo-looking Sims wearing kimonos who walk around bowing all the time. On Twikki Island, things get a bit more confused as the game developers seem to have fused Polynesia with the Yucatan. There are stereotypical islanders walking among Mayan Ruins while wearing grass skirts. It is entirely possible, however, that had the game portrayed any one culture that the stereotypes may have been even more glaring. Overall, however, the game seems to be sensitive to issues of race, gender, and sexuality. While no game can completely rid itself of these constructs, the attempt to do so is laudable.





HOOKING UP AGAIN!? AND IN THE BATHROOM🤦‍♀️ - The Sims 4 Modded #40

We need help. Uncle Lesha with both hands took hold of the nipples sticking out from top to bottom, pinching, twisting, shamelessly pulling down. He patted on the cheek: - Come on, come on, finish it, filly.

Sexuality sims mod 2

Any woman, any bitch of her dog, reading these lines, understands me perfectly, but those of you who have not had a chance. To experience this. No man can compare with Cain, not with his thick-nosed dick, or with his original monstrous energy. No man can give me such a feeling of his own worthlessness, the feeling of a bitch, living only to tightly accept his master's cock.

And I find in my insignificance under Cain an indescribable emotional pleasure.


First, he gently shoved one finger into it. Two didnt get through. - Relax your ass, - he said, - and then it will hurt.

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