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Analysis of LEGO Disney Princess &#; Part 1

by Stephanie Taylor

As a building toy that generally markets towards children, it makes perfect sense that LEGO would want to partner with Disney. Afterall, Walt Disney himself said “I make them [films] for the child in all of us”, which is eerily similar to one of LEGO’s most recent mission statements to “nurture the child in each of us”.  LEGO did not partner with Disney products until The larger Disney theme, originally called Disney Princess, started as only DUPLO sets aimed at a very young age group. In , two years after the release of the Friends line, LEGO began to produce and market princess sets using the minidoll scale. Around this time, LEGO also removed the “Princess” from the theme title, and simply called it “Disney” (with Disney Princess being a subtheme). Presumably, they did this to expand the number and kinds of sets they could produce – after all, Disney has many movies that do not include princesses, and several that include princesses but these characters do not make it into the official line-up (see below for more details). Although LEGO continues to make Disney DUPLO sets, and has expanded into a few BrickHeadz and sets in a traditional minifigure style, the bulk of the current Disney sets, especially those that include princesses, include minidolls. It is these sets, and the characters involved in them, on which our analysis is focused.


In collecting data, we focused on two categories. The first were the sets, released from (the beginning of the minidoll Princess sets) to early August , when the data was collected. Because most of the princess sets include minidolls, we chose not to include DUPLO, BrickHeadz, or traditional minifigure sets.

It is important to note here that we also chose to include sets from the Frozen universe, although technically Anna and Elsa are not part of the official Disney Princess line-up. The reason for this omission is described very well here, if you are curious.

Thus, we analyzed a total of 49 sets in terms of price, number of pieces, number of characters, types of characters (male vs female and POC vs non POC in particular), and other important attributes. For the sake of consistency, and because the LEGO website no longer lists most retired sets, the piece count we used was from Bricklink, which is likely slightly lower than the official piece count (as Bricklink counts character parts separately).

We also further calculated the average price-per-piece of these Princess sets, by taking the original LEGO price of the set and dividing by the Bricklink provided number of pieces.

For reference, listed below are the official Disney Princesses (with Anna and Elsa), divided by ethnicity.

Non POC PrincessesPOC Princesses
Snow White

For a more visual representation, see the below graph

Set Results

This limited study yielded some interesting results, and sheds some light on LEGO’s philosophy around these Princess sets. Although these sets generally have fewer characters and fewer parts than regular LEGO sets, LEGO charges significantly more for Disney Princess sets per piece than for either regular (non intellectual property) sets or even Friends sets.  

These pennies absolutely add to the bottom line. In a theoretical example, a 1, piece Friends set would cost around $ A similarly numbered non-IP set would be $ However, a Princess set with that number of pieces would cost an average of $ Although there is some variation within the Princess sets on a piece-per-price basis.

generally LEGO does seem to follow a consistent line in terms of pricing Princess sets, albeit at an obviously steeper slope to other sets.

For context, the most expensive set (based on number of pieces) is Anna and Elsa&#;s Frozen Playground at $ ( cents per piece), while the least expensive set is Cinderella’s Romantic Castle at $ ( cents per piece).

We also analyzed the differences in Princess sets with POC characters and those without. There is a discrepancy between the number of sets that represent POC princesses and the actual number of POC princesses (first graph) and by percentage. As shown below, while the number of official POC princesses is over 1/3, only 20% of LEGO sets showcase a person of color.

There are also differences in set prices between sets with POC characters and sets without.

It is important to note here that there are only 10 sets with any POC characters, and one of these (the most expensive set with POC characters, in fact) is a Frozen II set with a background character of color. It is good that in general, sets with POC characters are not more expensive than sets without. That being said, because of the extremely linear relationship between price of sets and number of pieces, lower priced POC inclusive sets in general means POC inclusive sets have less pieces. This means that sets with white characters only are in general more detailed and more elaborate. A good comparative example is Moana’s Ocean Adventure, with a POC, is very small and basic, whereas the Sleeping Beauty&#;s Fairytale Castle set clearly has had far more time and effort put into it by LEGO designers. Interestingly, even when adjusted for inflation, Moana significantly outperformed Sleeping Beauty in the box office.  Since both these sets were released at around the same time, it is interesting that Sleeping Beauty set is much more substantial than the Moana set; particularly considering how much more popular Moana is to children today than a film released over sixty years ago.

Although there is no official reasoning behind why Princess sets are so exorbitantly priced, with POC characters or without, we can think of two possible reasons. Anna and Elsa are not included in the official line-up because Disney believes that they can make as much money selling just Frozen merchandise by itself as they can by selling all of the combined merchandise of the other 13 princesses. LEGO could be following a similar philosophy – they could believe that, simply because of the weight the Disney name carries, they can get away with selling Disney products with a higher price tag.

The other possible explanation for this is that the “strategic partnership” between Disney and LEGO actually cost LEGO money. It is striking that LEGO did not partner with Disney before Both have similar values, both could profit from such an exchange, and both make media meant for children, or, “inner children”.  There’s no reason why the partnership would have taken so long, considering that Disney was founded in and LEGO in However, during the late 90s to the early s, during what some called the “Disney Renaissance”, LEGO was going through a serious economic crisis. This, it seems, would have been the perfect opportunity for Disney and LEGO to partner up – however, it also seems plausible that a newly flourishing Disney was unwilling to take a chance on the floundering LEGO. When LEGO recovered economically, around , the timing was right.  It’s not surprising to think that Disney insisted on large licensing fees.  Disney has been known to be extremely stringent when it comes to releasing their products to the general public.

It’s also possible that LEGO needs to charge more for Disney sets because they need significantly higher sales to make the same profits. If they charged the same amount for a Disney Princess set that they charged for a Friends set (which is their own creation), they may actually lose money because of an expensive licensing deal with Disney.

The second part of this analysis, on Princess minidolls, will follow in Part 2

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New Lego Disney Princess Sets starting at $


I wanted to mention the new Lego Disney Princess sets that are now available.  I saw them advertised in the free Lego magazine we get and the girls were going nuts for them.

These look like a ton of fun for Lego fans that love Disney princess!  Lego has had the Duplo Princesses for awhile but this is a new line that is for the smaller blocks.

I think these are a great alternative or addition to the Lego Friends.  My girls really like those blocks but I think the Princesses will resonate a little more then the characters from Lego Friends.

Here are a few choices:

Lego Princess Rapunzel Creativity Tower $

Lego Princess Ariel&#;s Amazing Treasures $

Lego Princess Cinderella&#;s Romantic Castle $

Lego Disney Princess Ariel&#;s Magical Kiss $

Lego Disney Princess Merida&#;s Highland Game $

Lego Disney Princess Cinderella&#;s Dream Carriage $

Prices can change at any time on Amazon.

I did check Walmart and these don&#;t appear to be available as of yet.  Toys R Us does have these but the prices are all over the place- the Rapunzel set listed above for $39 is currently $55 from Toys R Us.

One last place to check is  The prices appear comparable to me- see the different sets here.

lego princess


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Lego Frozen Fever Arendelle Celebration Castle Disney Princess Build Review Play - Kids Toys

Lego Disney

Lego theme

Lego Disney (formerly known as Lego Disney Princess which was launched in until ) is a Lego theme based on the various Disney Princesses and Disney characters involved in different Disney films. It is licensed from Walt Disney Pictures. The theme was first introduced in and was re-branded theme from the Lego Disney Princess line in


The line focuses on the Disney Princesses and characters who have appeared in various Disney franchises.

In , The Lego Group built three life-sized models of Olaf, Anna and Elsa, three characters that appear in the Disney's Frozen II franchise. The Olaf model consisted of 7, Lego bricks and measured feet-tall. Anna model consisted of 18, Lego bricks and measured feet-tall. Elsa model consisted of 22, Lego bricks and measured feet-tall. They were placed in Los Angeles.[3]

In , The Lego Group built Lego Disney resort hotel model and displayed at Walt Disney World. To celebrate its first anniversary, Disney’s Riviera Resort was recreated in a near-minifigure scale towards the end of last year.[4]


The Little Mermaid[edit]

Main article: List of The Little Mermaid characters

  • Princess Ariel: The year-old mermaid princess of Atlantica who is fascinated with humans, especially Prince Eric.[5]
  • Prince Eric: A human prince saved by Ariel and is determined to find and marry her.[6]
  • Ursula: a sea witch who stole Ariel's voice and is determined to ruin her attempts to get Eric to love her.[7]

Beauty and the Beast[edit]

Main article: List of Disney's Beauty and the Beast characters

  • Belle: A bibliophilic young woman who seeks adventure, and offers her own freedom to the Beast in return for her father's. In their effort to enhance the character from the original story, the filmmakers felt that Belle should be "unaware" of her own beauty and made her "a little odd".
  • Beast: A young prince who is transformed into a talking beast by an enchantress as punishment for his arrogance. The animators drew him with the head structure and horns of an American bison, the arms and body of a bear, the ears of a deer, the eyebrows of a gorilla, the jaws, teeth, and mane of a lion, the tusks of a wild boar, and the legs and tail of a wolf.
  • Cogsworth: Majordomo, the head of the household staff and Lumière's best friend, who has been transformed into a pendulum clock. He is extremely loyal to the Beast so as to save himself and anyone else any trouble, often leading to friction between himself and Lumière.
  • Lumière: The kind-hearted but rebellious French-accented maître d’ of the Beast's castle, who has been transformed into a candelabra. He has a habit of disobeying his master's strict rules, sometimes causing tension between them, but the Beast often turns to him for advice. He is depicted as flirtatious, as he is frequently seen with the Featherduster and immediately takes a liking to Belle. A running gag throughout the movie is Lumière burning Cogsworth.
  • Mrs. Potts: The castle cook, turned into a teapot, who takes a motherly attitude toward Belle. The filmmakers went through several names for Mrs. Potts, such as "Mrs. Chamomile", before Ashman suggested the use of simple and concise names for the household objects.


Main article: List of Disney's Aladdin characters

  • Aladdin: A poverty-stricken but well-meaning Agrabah thief.
  • Jasmine: The princess of Agrabah, who is bored of life in the royal palace.[8]


Main article: List of Disney's Mulan characters

  • Fa Mulan: A young female who is willing to give up her life to save her father. She enters the army as a man named Ping. She faces the worst enemy China's ever seen, the Hun leader Shan-Yu, who has an army willing to destroy anything in their path. She succeeds in fighting them and saves all of China single-handedly without any help whatsoever. The Emperor of China awards her for her effort and the whole of China celebrate her return.[9]

The Princess and the Frog[edit]

  • Tiana: An African-American year-old waitress and aspiring chef/restaurateur. She is a smart, hard-working, and independent young woman, but one who works so hard that she often forgets important things such as love, fun, and family.


Main article: List of Disney's Tangled characters

  • Rapunzel&#;: Born with long hair as the result of the power of the sun drop, was kidnapped by Mother Gothel so she could use the power of Rapunzel's hair. Rapunzel eventually escapes with Flynn Rider and goes on an adventure that changes her life. Always optimistic and searching for the brighter side of things, Rapunzel does all she can to help her friends and family by showing that nothing can keep her down.[10]
  • Flynn Rider: Born Horace and better known as Flynn Rider, was abandoned by his father in order to protect him. Flynn grew up as a cocky thief. His luck changed when he found himself unwillingly rescuing Rapunzel from a tall tower. Since then, he has fallen in love with her and has changed his ways to be by her side by protecting her at all costs until he eventually weds her.[11]


  • Merida: A 16 year old girl who has been forced to be betrothed to strengthen the bond of a kingdom.[12]


  • Anna: The year-old Princess of Arendelle and Elsa's younger sister.[13]
  • Elsa: The year-old Queen of Arendelle who possesses magical ice powers and Anna's elder sister.[14]
  • Olaf: A sentient comic-relief snowman that Elsa and Anna created as children, who dreams of experiencing summer.[15]
  • Kristoff: An iceman who is accompanied by a reindeer named Sven.
  • Mattias: The leader of a group of Arendelle soldiers who were trapped in the enchanted forest for over thirty years.


Raya and the Last Dragon[edit]

  • Raya: The fierce and courageous warrior princess of Kumandra's Heart Land who has been training to become a Guardian of the Dragon Gem. To restore peace to Kumandra, she embarks in search for the last dragon.
  • Sisu: A goofy young water dragon who is the last of her kind in existence.
  • Boun: A charismatic year-old entrepreneur and owner of the "Shrimporium", a boat restaurant in the Tail Land.
  • Namaari: The warrior princess of the Fang Land and Raya's enemy.
  • Tuk Tuk: Raya's best friend and trusty steed that is a mix of an armadillo and a pill bug.

Toy line[edit]

According to Bricklink, The Lego Group released a total of 71 Lego sets and promotional polybags based on Lego Disney Princess and 29 sets and promotional polybags based on Lego Disney.[1][2]

Construction sets[edit]

Lego Disney Princess[edit]

In , Lego Group partnered with Disney. The first sets were released on 2 January based on several Disney films, with six sets being released. The six sets were Ariel’s Secret Treasures (set number: ), Merida’s Highland Games (set number: ) Ariel’s Magical Kiss (set number: ), Cinderella’s Enchanted Carriage (set number: ), Rapunzel’s Tower of Creativity (set number: ) and Cinderella's Romantic Castle (set number: ).[18][19] In addition, the first polybag Rapunzel's Market Visit (set number: ) was released as a promotion.[20] Each of the Disney Princess minidoll figures, which are about the same size as a traditional minifigure, but are more detailed and realistic, like the minidolls in the Lego Friends theme.[21] The sets were designed primarily for girls aged 5 to

In , the four sets was released on 1 January The four sets were Aurora’s Bedroom (set number: ), Jasmine’s Exotic Adventure (set number: ), Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Palace (set number: ) and Ariel's Undersea Palace (set number: ).[22] Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle (set number: ) was released on December [23] Also included, the two sets were Anna & Kristoff’s Sleigh Adventure (set number: ) and Arendelle Castle Celebration (set number: ).[24] A polybag named Olaf's Summertime Fun (set number: ) was released as a promotion.[25]

In , the two sets was released on March The two sets were Rapunzel’s Best Day Ever (set number: ) and Belle’s Enchanted Castle (set number: ).[26]

Lego Disney Parks[edit]

In , the Disney Castle (set number: )[27] was released on 6 October [28][29][30]

In , six sets were released, including Disney Train and Station (set number: )[31][32] released on 7 September [33][34][35]

Lego Disney[edit]

In , six sets were released, which included a polybag named Cinderella's Kitchen (set number: ) was released as a promotion. Later, another two sets were released in November and based on the Moana film.[36][37][38][39]

In , nine sets were released.[40][41] A polybag named Ariel's Underwater Symphony (set number: ) was released as a promotion.[42]

In October , sets were released based on the Frozen II film[43][44][45][46][47] which also included Elsa's Winter Throne (set number: )[48] and Olaf's Traveling Sleigh (set number: ).[49][50][51] These included three key chains with attached minidoll figures of Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

In , Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse (set number: )[52] was released on 3 July [53][54]Lego Model Designer Ollie Gregory revealed how he designed Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters&#;(set number: ) and explained, "When designing a set like this, it’s always important to look at reference," and continued, "In this case we looked at a lot of the original Mickey and Minnie shorts back from the 20s and 30s as well as some of the original character sheets from the Disney archive. From that we can take a look at our existing elements, see what we have that kind of matches the shapes that they have."[55]

In , the 3 sets based based on the Raya and the Last Dragon film was released on 1 March [56] The 3 sets were Raya and the Heart Palace (set number: ),[57] Raya and Sisu Dragon (set number: )[58] and Boun’s Boat (set number: ).[59] In addition, Raya and the Ongi (set number: ) polybag set was released as a promotion.[60] In June , The Ice Castle (set number: ) was released on July [61] Mini Disney Castle (set number: ) will be released on 1 October [62]

Lego Storybook Adventures[edit]

In , 3 sets was released on January [63] The 3 sets were Mulan Storybook Adventures (set number: ), Little Mermaid Storybook Adventures (set number: ) and Beauty and the Beast Storybook Adventures (set number: ).[64]

In , Anna and Elsa’s Storybook Adventures (set number: ) was released on January [65][66]

Lego Disney Mickey and Friends[edit]

In May , the new Lego Disney Mickey and Friends sub-theme was released on June The five sets were Mickey Mouse’s Propeller Plane (set number: ), Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop (set number: ), Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse’s Space Rocket (set number: ), Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck’s Farm (set number: ) and Mickey &&#;Friends&#;Fire Truck & Station (set number: ). These sets were specifically designed to be simpler to build with fewer pieces and slightly larger building elements.[67][68]

Lego Art[edit]

Disney's Mickey Mouse (set number: ) was released on 2 January as a part of the Lego Art theme.[69]

Lego Brick Sketches[edit]

Mickey Mouse (set number: ) and Minnie Mouse (set number: ) was released on 1 Marcha as a sub-brand of the Lego Brick Sketches theme.[70][71]


Duplo Disney Princess themed sets have also been produced as part of the Duplo theme and was released in January These sets are twice the length, height, and width of traditional Lego bricks, making them easier to handle and less likely to be swallowed by younger children. Despite their size, they are still compatible with traditional Lego bricks. The&#;Duplo Disney Princess&#;sets are aimed at children aged two to five, such as Disney Princess Collection (set number: ).[72]

Collectible minifigures[edit]

Main article: Lego Minifigures (theme)

The Lego Disney Series 1 (set number: ) was released 1 May as a part of Lego Minifigures theme, and includes characters from various Disney films, shows, and musicals. It consists of 18 figures instead of the usual [73][74]

The Lego Disney Series 2 (set number: ) was released on 1 May as a part of Lego Minifigures theme, and includes characters from various Disney films, shows, and musicals. It consists of 18 figures instead of the usual [75]

Web shorts[edit]

The product line was accompanied by a series of animated short films that was released on YouTube.

TV special[edit]

Frozen Northern Lights ()[edit]

Main article: Frozen_(franchise) §&#;Frozen_Northern_Lights

In June , Disney announced a franchise extension called Frozen Northern Lights. This brand extension including animated shorts, book series and a TV special, plus potential characterized toys courtesy of LEGO Friends.[84][85]

The extension's book series launched the extension on 5 July with its first book, Journey to the Lights, published by Random House by author Suzanne Francis and is pages in length. The ten books in the series will be released by the end of The film's main characters attempt to restore the Northern Lights' glimmer and face Little Rock, the series' new protagonist.[84]

A spin-off collection of four shorts developed by LEGO aired on Disney Channel, titled:

  1. Race to Lookout Mountain[86] (a.k.a. Race to Lookout Point)[87]
  2. Out of the Storm[88]
  3. The Great Glacier[89]
  4. Restoring the Northern Lights[90]

They later aired as a whole on 9 December Titled LEGO Frozen Northern Lights (also known as Frozen: Magic of the Northern Lights in the UK and Lego Frozen Northern Nights elsewhere[91][92]), the shorts were compiled as a special and featured the returning voice talents of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad.[84][93] The special received million viewers and ranked fifth for the night on cable.[94]


A quarterly Lego Disney Princess magazine published by Blue Ocean Entertainment was launched from to accompany the toy line.[95]


In , the Toy Retailers Association listed the Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle (set number: ) on its official list of Dream Toys [96] In , the Toy Retailers Association listed the Disney Castle (set number: ) on its official list of Toy of the Year Awards.[97] In , The Lego Group reported that the Lego Technic, Lego Star Wars, Lego Classic, Lego Disney Princess, Lego Harry Potter and Lego Speed Champions, "The strong results are due to our incredible team," and that these themes had helped to push revenue for the first half of grow 7% to DKK billion compared with the same period in [98]

In , Arendelle Castle Village (set number: ) was listed as one of the "10 best Lego sets " by official website Pocket-lint.[99]

See also[edit]


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Disney lego sets friends princess

Disney Princess Legos are one of the best gifts you can give to help encourage children to learn new skills. Originally, this review was written to help located different princess Lego sets for the holidays. However, that season has passed, and I&#;ve come back to update with new sets and availability.

I was recently reading an article on the benefits of playing with Legos. Some of the benefits of building Legos include building conversation skills, perseverance, and learning patience. Not only that but the time spent putting together a set of Legos gives children a break from the use of electronics.

As a parent, I can say I&#;ve purchased probably more than the average amount of Legos over the years. The cons have been keeping up with the pieces and trying not to step on them. Ouch!

My best advice is to purchase a storage container every time you purchase a set of Legos. After that, try to get children in the habit of keeping the manual with pieces for each set in that storage container. If you decide to sell them down the road this will come in handy. You might be surprised at how quickly someone will purchase used Lego sets.

I actually sold the majority of my son&#;s Legos locally to a grandparent who put them together with his grandkids. And I was more than happy with the use my son had gotten from them over the years, and the fact that I could resale them.

As for this review, we&#;ll take a look at the Lego Disney Princess line. Each section below is broken down by Disney princess or movie with the available Lego sets underneath.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this page meaning Resorts Gal may be compensated if you make a purchase. These come at absolutely no cost to you and help support our business.

New Disney Lego Princess Sets

We are well on our way into with February rapidly approaching in the coming days. As time progresses, new Disney Princess Lego sets are coming available. Here are the latest releases I&#;m seeing available on shopDisney.

LEGO Anna and Elsa&#;s Frozen Wonderland – Frozen

Available here on shopDisney.

LEGO The Ice Castle – Frozen

Find this stunning Lego Frozen castle here on shopDisney.

LEGO Raya and the Heart Palace – Disney Raya and the Last Dragon

The heart palace can be found here on shopDisney.

LEGO Raya and Sisu Dragon – Disney Raya and the Last Dragon

This set is available here on shopDisney.

LEGO Boun&#;s Boat – Disney Raya and the Last Dragon

This Raya and the Last Dragon set is available here while supplies last.

Lego DUPLO Princess Sets

LEGO DUPLO Disney Princess Ariel&#;s Undersea Castle

Find this one here on shopDisney.

Elsa and Olaf&#;s Tea Party DUPLO Building Set by LEGO – Frozen

Find this cute Duplo set here on shopDisney.

LEGO DUPLO Minnie Mouse&#;s House and Café

This one is available here on shopDisney while supplies last.

LEGO Minnie Mouse&#;s Ice Cream Shop

Check availability here on shopDisney.

LEGO Belle and Rapunzel&#;s Royal Stables

Find this stable set here on shopDisney.

LEGO Cinderella&#;s Royal Carriage

This Cinderella Coach Lego set contains pieces and is recommended for children ages six years old and up. It&#;s a really nice set that includes the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella figurines. And will you just look at the horses?

Cinderella Carriage Princess Lego Disney

Find it here on shopDisney while available.

LEGO Ariel&#;s Celebration Boat – The Little Mermaid –

This next Lego set featuring Ariel would have been on my birthday list had it been available when I was a child. Look at the tiny Sebastian! Not only that there&#;s also Prince Eric, Ariel, Flounder, and Max!

This set contains pieces and is recommended for ages four and up. Find it here on shopDisney.

Lego Storybook Adventures Sets

LEGO Elsa and the Nokk Storybook Adventures – Frozen 2 –

If you aren&#;t familiar with the Lego Princess Storybook Adventures sets, then take a closer look. They actually fold up like a storybook making a convenient case for children to store their Legos when they are finished.

This set is available here on shopDisney.

LEGO Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Tiana&#;s Storybook Adventures

Find this one here on shopDisney.

Belle&#;s Storybook Adventures

Belle&#;s Storybook Adventure is good for children around the ages of five and up. It contains pieces.

This set is also available here on Amazon.

Disney Princess Legos

First, we have a look at this Sleeping Beauty-inspired Lego set featuring Aurora in her forest cottage. The set includes pieces and is suitable for children ages five and up.

Figures included: Aurora and Maleficent mini-figures, plus a raven, fawn, bunny, squirrel, and bluebird

Special Features: The water wheel on side of the cottage spins and lights magical sparks in the chimney.

More details about Aurora&#;s Forest Cottage are available here on Amazon. (Showing Sold Out on Lego and shopDisney)

If you are looking for a smaller set or something that would compliment the cottage, there&#;s also Aurora&#;s Royal Carriage.

The carriage with figurines is available here on Amazon.

LEGO Rapunzel&#;s Tower  

Another fun Princess Lego is Rapunzel&#;s Tower Lego set containing pieces. Lego recommends this tower for ages six years and older.

Figures include Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, and Pascal.

Additionally, the set features a swing made from Rapunzel&#;s hair and a cave with a secret entrance.

Details about Rapunzel&#;s Tower are available here on shopDisney.

Lego Disney Princess

Any princess in training or future Lego builder will probably love this charming set featuring Belle and Beast. Geared for ages four years and older this set contains pieces. This specific Lego collection goes by the name, Belle&#;s Castle Winter Celebration.

Figures included with Belle&#;s Castle are Belle and Beast, Lumiere, Chip, Mrs. Potts, Wardrobe, and Cogsworth.

Details about this set are available here on Amazon.

Lego Disney Moana

Moana&#;s Island Home Lego set features pieces and is recommended for ages six years and up. This fun build includes a waterfall with a spinning whirlpool disc.

Figures included in the Moana Island Lego set are the Moana mini-doll, Hei Hei, Grandma Tala Stingray, and two turtle animal figures.

Find out more details about this set here on Amazon.

And if you are looking for a less expensive option or something to compliment either of these, Moana&#;s Ocean Adventure might be a good fit.

You should be able to find it here on Amazon. Additionally, there&#;s a Moana Ocean Voyage Lego set here on Amazon.

Lego Cinderella Sets

Following Moana, we have this Lego Cinderella Castle Celebration. It looks like a lot of fun and is recommended for children ages four and up. The cute castle might even make a nice starter set.

Cinderella&#;s Castle Celebration comes with pieces including Cinderella, Lucifer, Bruno, and mouse figures.

The junior-size castle is available here on Amazon.

As far as Cinderella Legos there&#;s a stand-alone piece that might compliment the celebration castle. The Cinderella&#;s Carriage Ride set features Cinderella in her ball gown and has 91 pieces.

To check the carriage set details and availability try here on Amazon.

And those of you needing a more challenging set might take a closer look at Cinderella&#;s Dream Castle Lego set. It comes with pieces and is for ages years old.

Check out more details for the dream castle here on Amazon. I wish this had been available when I was a kid. (Per the Lego store this product is retired so supplies might be more limited than usual.)

Lego Frozen 2 Sets

However, my favorite of the Frozen 2 Lego series is Elsa&#;s Jewelry Box. It includes an Elsa and Nokk figurine. Both figurines can sit on a functioning turntable and spin when the project is completed!

Right now this one is available here on Amazon.

This Frozen Duplo Lego set is also available for those just starting out. Here&#;s a look at the Frozen Ice Castle below. Duplo versions of Lego are for ages two and up with pre-assembled bricks.

You can read more about this style here on Lego&#;s site. And it appears to still be available here on Amazon.

Next, in the Frozen lineup of Legos is Elsa&#;s Frozen Ice Palace. This set contains pieces and will be a bit more challenging since it&#;s designed for ages six and up. It comes with Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Marshmallow, and 4 Snowgie mini-figures.

You can find the Frozen Lego ice palace here on Amazon.

And while we don&#;t want to upstage Elsa&#;s Frozen Ice Castle, we can still take a look at Arendelle&#;s Castle Village. The village of Arendelle in this Lego version looks just as enchanting as it does in Frozen 2.

It comes with Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and three animal figures.

Arendelle&#;s Castle Village has a suggested age of five years and up with pieces. Check availability for this set here on shopDisney.

LEGO Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters Building Set

Find these here on shopDisney.

LEGO Disney Castle – Limited Release

Find this one here on shopDisney.

Final Thoughts on Princess Legos

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Disney Princess Legos and found it helpful in discerning which set might be right for your child. Most kids these days have a favorite Disney movie and love anything related to the specific hero or heroine of the story. And what could be more fun than actually taking part in an activity related to a favorite movie? Like building a set of Legos?

So if you are looking for anything special in the Lego Disney Princess lineup bookmark this page and check back often.

And if I have time I plan to put together a few more reviews featuring Disney Lego products. If you visited the site before, you know I only share Disney-related products.

You can view all of my featured Disney merchandise reviews here on the Disney shop section of the site.

Or you might be interested in one of the following reviews:

While we cover a good deal of information on the site, Resorts Gal specializes in providing detailed information about the Walt Disney World Resorts. Browse our Disney Resort Reviews to begin planning your next Disney vacation.

And if you are planning a trip to one of the Disney water parks, check out our full ride guide to Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

And don’t miss out on our full list of Disney restaurant reviews. They include character dining, signature dining, table service, and quick service.

Rapunzel's Tower - Lego Disney Princess Build \u0026 Review

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