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Corruption in GTA Online just got bigger than ever, With the new CEO opportunities released with some other adventures in the Finance and Felony update. This took the concepts of the previously introduced VIPs further by expanding them so that the players can develop a city-wide piracy delivery assistance.

The best thing about being the CEO is that you’ll run your very own monarch by employing staff. This will make you feel literally like a real CEO. Destroy your rivals across Blaine Country and Los Santos with ease from the help of your own business.

In order to become a CEO in GTA Online you’ll have to buy an office, then you’ll have to target towards buying a warehouse too for your own contraband. Once you get your hands on an office and a warehouse, buy and sell missions will be available now for you to run them.

Before we go further in the details, the main thing you’ll always have to keep in your mind is that there’s only one CEO role, these missions are created to be played as a team, very much similar to Heists. You won’t have a good time making money as a solo player because shifting one crate at a time isn’t easy. All of this occurs because the risks are too high and you’d have to rely on a very situated team to secure the loot, store it and cut it loose at the delivery destination. A lot of things can go wrong because there’s a massive competition out there in GTA Online including Los Santos police and local gangs.

If you want things to go smoothly, you’ll have to put all of your firepowers on the tables. Here’s how to do it:

How to make yourself a CEO in GTA Online

The first step is going to be the office. You’ll have to buy an office in order to register yourself as a CEO. There are a total of four offices to choose from and to get them on sale, browse through your phone and navigate to Dynasty 8 Executive on your phone in GTA. These offices aren’t cheap so make sure you have plenty of money before buying an office.

GTA Online: CEO Guide


Here are the locations with their respective prices

Maze Bank Tower: $4 million
Lombank West: $3.1 million
Arcadius Business Center: $2.25 million
Maze Bank West: $1 million

At this moment you can also customize the office with a safe, gun locker, decor and living quarters. You can hire an Executive Assistant to cover up the miscellaneous matters like calling Pegasus vehicles, getting a carpool wherever you are or ordering free snacks and etc.

Registering Yourself As The CEO

After you’ve bought an office, you can successfully register yourself as the CEO as shown in the video below:

After you’ve made yourself a CEO, you can now recruit associates as well, very similar to the previous VIP privileges.

There are a lot of benefits to being a CEO, some of them are listed below:

GTA Online CEO Benefits

  • All existing VIP/Bodyguard advantages can carry over to CEOs and Associates.
  • Buying property (office, warehouses) unlocks new special vehicles.
  • CEOs with associate workplace receives extended advantages additionally to any or all existing personage advantages, including the permanent period of time as a CEO officer, no cooldown amount, no bank balance demand, and more.
  • Associate advantages
  • Loyalty bonus to wages for following completed Special Cargo missions.
  • Increased Health Regen cap.
  • CEO proximity RP bonus inflated.
  • Associates earn wages as Bodyguards did in Executives and alternative Criminals, but the wage they’re paid by SecuroServ will increase for each consecutive obtain or Sell mission, the chief operating officer completes (up to a max of $10,000).

The office you bought also comes with a SecuroServ computer. This is the main highlight becuase this computer will enable you to manage your warehouses. So, once you’re happy with your office, it’s time to get a warehouse.

Here’s everything you need to know about warehouses:

  • You can own up to 5 warehouses at a time.
  • Trade missions are lanced from the warehouse.
  • A warehouse is where you store your Special Cargo obtained from Buy missions.
  • A small warehouse contains 16 Special Cargo crates.
  • A medium warehouse contains 42 Special Cargo crates.
  • A large warehouse contains 111 Special Cargo crates.
  • You can upgrade vehicles in the warehouse at the workbench with armor, higher speed etc.

Buying Special Cargo

In order to buy special cargo, you’ll have to start a Buy mission from the SecuroServ computer in your office. Make sure you have Associates with you beforehand, as the missions are multi-parted. Each and every buy missions ranges in difficulty and depends on how many Special Cargo crates you want to buy; one (very easy), two or three (hardest).


  • There are 20 buy missions in whole, with all varying in difficulty.
  • You are only rewarded for the number of crates you remit to your warehouse. If a crate is damaged, you get nothing.
  • Once you’ve achieved a number of Special Cargo shipments you get the option to go for a Special Item crate. There is only ever one Special Item, but it’s as challenging as acquiring three Special Cargo crates.
  • Special Items require more money but obviously sell for more. You can only possess one Special Item in each warehouse at a time. They involve a big diamond, rare hides, a pocket watch, a decorative egg, etc.
  • Only one player can carry one Special Cargo crate at a time. You might need to divide the team, or group up and remit one item after another.
  • Once you collect Special Cargo, all other players in the map will be alerted. Make sure you have adequate defenses.
  • You have exceptional CEO and Associate privileges so make sure you utilize them: Ghost Organisation will hide you for three minutes, Remove Authorities makes the law see the other way.
  • Your Executive Assistant isn’t just a secretary. They will notify you when Special Items are available and get in contact if things are going wrong on a mission.
  • There’s a five-minute cooldown following a Buy Special Cargo mission

Keep in mind that you can always sell your warehouse as well, whenever extra cash is needed, go ahead on your laptop in the warehouse you’ll see different offers on the table, whenever you are agreed on a buy you’ll have three ways to deliver your goods via Land, Sea or Air missions.

Don’t forget to defend your warehouse

Luckily your warehouse can’t be attacked by other players. However, they can be attacked by the local gangs of Los Santos. So always keep an eye on your warehouse. If you have special cargo stored in a warehouse, that warehouse is most likely to get attention so never store good cargo in a warehouse for too long.

Whenever you get a warning of your warehouse being attacked, defend it with everything you have because failing it would be a deal breaker and all of the hard work and time spent will get wasted.

Good Luck!


If you’re interested in becoming a CEO or VIP, it’s best to know the differences between the two. For most players, a CEO is a more valuable position, as the VIP position lacks for four hours in freemode (whereas the CEO position lasts as long as you like).

With that aside, becoming a CEO or VIP is surprisingly easy in GTA 5. To become a VIP, a player needs to have $50,000 in their bank and open up the Interaction Menu (they don’t actually spend $50,000, it’s just a minimum requirement). Here, they go to “SecuroServ” and then they can register as a VIP. After those four hours are up, you would have to wait another 12 hours until signing up to be a VIP again.

Becoming a CEO is a little more complicated, as a player needs to own an office beforehand. The cheapest office is $1,000,000, but any office will suffice. Once you have whatever office you fancy, becoming a CEO is highly similar to the VIP method listed above. Go to “SecuroServ” under the Interaction Menu and register as a CEO.

What are the perks of becoming a CEO or VIP?

There are numerous benefits to becoming a CEO or a VIP in GTA 5. First, they gain additional ways to make money (some of which are fantastic moneymakers). Second, becoming a CEO is a requirement for some other businesses, which hosts its own myriad of perks. However, they also have some amazing abilities related to spawning vehicles worth mentioning.

Becoming a CEO means you own an Organization, which is essential for doing businesses such as:

- Gunrunning

- Import/Export

- Special Cargo

- Air Freight Caro

- Owning a Facility, which lets them do the Doomsday Heist

- Nightclubs

- Arcades

Alternatively, a player can own a motorcycle club to get some of these benefits, so it’s valuable to see what else a CEO or VIP brings to the table. The first ability to talk about is how CEOs and VIPs can spawn vehicles to them. There’s a small cost if they don’t own the vehicle, otherwise it will be free.

The following vehicles can be spawned by a CEO:

- SuperVolito

- Turreted Limo

- Baller LE LWB (Armored)


- BeeJay XL

- Buzzard Attack Chopper

- Cognoscenti (Armored)

- Rumpo Custom

- Dinghy

- Volatus

- Schafter LWB (Armored)

- Washington

- Stretch

- Patriot

- Super Diamond

- SuperVolito

- Sanchez

- Duneloader

- Bodhi

- Havok

The CEO or VIP can also have their associates/bodyguards spawn these vehicles, which is its own benefit. Speaking of that, becoming a CEO or VIP can have their friends become bodyguards or associates, which gives them extra money and RP.

Another perk worth mentioning is that CEOs have extra abilities:

- Drop Bullshark Testosterone for $1k

- Drop ammo for $1k

- Drop Super Heavy Armor for $1.5k

- Hide everybody in the Organization for 3 minutes for $12k

- Remove wanted levels and grants immunity to wanted levels for two minutes for $15k

How to make money as a CEO in GTA 5?

Making money as a CEO in GTA 5 is pretty simple. Aside from the businesses listed above, active CEOs can partake in Organization Work, which includes nine jobs at any given time. There are:

Solo Organization Work (ideal for solo players)

- Asset Recovery

- Hostile Takeover

- Sightseer

- Headhunter

Solo Organization Work + Vehicles (also ideal for solo players)

- Fortified (Requires an Armored Boxville)

- Velocity (Requires a Rocket Voltic)

- Fully Loaded (Requires a Ruiner 2000)

- Transporter (Requires a Wastelander)

- Plowed (Requires a Phantom Wedge)

- Stockpiling (Requires a Blazer Aqua)

Group Organization Work (Requires at least one associate or bodyguard)

- Amphibious Assault (Requires a Technical Aqua)

- Ramped Up (Requires a Ramp Buggy)

More Group Organization Work (Requires at least one person outside of the organization)

- Haulage

- Airfreight

- Piracy Prevention

- Executive Search

- Executive Deathmatch

Aside from these jobs and the aforementioned businesses, there is also Special Cargo. Special Cargo involves Buy Missions and Sell Missions. The 17 Buy Missions are:

- Standard Pickup

- Way Back Trouble

- Spooked

- Moving Pickup

- Helicopter Packages

- Deal Gone Wrong

- Crash Site (five possible locations)

- Air Drop (Standard & The Valkyrie Issue)

- Personnel Issue

- Multiple Vehicles (Map Searching & Trackify Searching)

- Thieves

- Ambush (Gang Ambush & Police Ambush)

- Gang Fights

- Cargo on the Sea

- Robbed Cargos (The Armenian Mob, The Kkangpae, The Lost MC, The Professionals, The Vagos)

- The Police Transporter

- Police Confiscation

Selling the cargo is pretty easy, as it generally involves the player driving either the Tug, Cuban 800, Titan, or Brickade from one location to another. All of these missions don’t even include side businesses like Nightclubs, Vehicle Warehouse, etc., which makes it even more profitable than you might realize.


Q) What level do you need to be to buy a CEO office?

You can buy a CEO Office at level 1. The main issue is acquiring the money to purchase an office, as $1,000,000 is quite a lot for a level 1 player.

Q) How to kick off undesirables from your yacht?

Technically, there is no peaceful way to kick off undesirables from one’s yacht. The only way to get rid of them is to turn off the yacht’s defence mode and manually kill them. Afterwards, players have to change who has access to their yacht through the Interaction Menu to only allow desirables on the yacht. Owners cannot stop players from glitching into the yacht.

Wrapping Up

As you might see, becoming a CEO or a VIP is highly recommended. The pros outweigh the cons, as it’s quite easy to save enough money to become a CEO permanently (or just a little to be a VIP until then). The money-maker alone is nice, but all of those extra benefits make becoming a CEO or VIP highly worth it, especially when you have friends that can help you out.

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Grand Theft Auto Online: Leveling and Making Money as a CEO

Grand Theft Auto Online allows players to become CEOs of their very own companies. Here's how to make money and level up as a CEO in GTA5.

Grand Theft Auto 5Online allows players to become rich and powerful CEO's. This guide will teach players how they can Level Up and Make Money as a CEO. Grand Theft Auto 5 Online "Finance and Felony" update came along back in 2016, introducing the online mode to new vehicles, a new game mode called Power Play which allows certain power-ups to either boost the team or damages the players' enemies, and new VIP missions. Although, the biggest addition to come along with this update is the ability to start the players' own business as a CEO. Players can rule their own underground empire, but there are certain steps that come along with becoming a successful CEO. This guide will assist players in getting money and leveling up as a CEO.

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Aside from heists and playing free mode with friends, the new CEO mode allows players and their friends to come together for a common goal, making money. The CEO missions play very similarly to the heist missions, as the main priority is to work as a team. CEO players would create a team of individuals that they can trust and pay them accordingly. There's a total of 20 different special cargo missions players can access while as a CEO. Although, these missions are split into two different roles. Each with their own benefits. The CEO roles and Associate roles.

The first is the actual CEO. The benefits of being the CEO would be having no bank balance requirement in order to keep the business and an extension to all existing benefits like no cool-down period and having longer uptime as the CEO. The CEO is the leader of these operations. The second roles come in the form of associates. Associates work under the CEO similar to freelance workers. Associates will get a cut of successful missions, and an increase in health regeneration, loyalty bonuses under that CEO and an RP bonus. Associates also earn a solid wage, with opportunities to increase it for every successful mission. Associates aren't tied to a specific organization, so they can work around for other companies if needed. Although, they do get more money if they're loyal. Here's how to start the road to becoming a CEO

How To Be A CEO In Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

The first thing players must do is spend a hefty price point on office property. Currently, there are four different locations players can purchase for their headquarters.

  • Maze Bank West: $1 million
  • Arcadius Business Center: $2.25 million
  • Lombank West: $3.1 million
  • Maze Bank Tower: $4 million

Starting a business is a hefty financial responsibility. Once players purchase one of these locations, they have the option to customize it by including living quarters, interior design and gun lockers. It even comes with an Executive Assistant that can help out with missions. Players can also name the organization whatever they would like. Included with the property comes to SecuroServ computer. Through this computer, players can start "Buy" missions and manage their warehouses. Warehouses are additional properties players will need to purchase to be a successful CEO and store their cargo. They come in three different sizes, small, medium and large. Purchase the small one first to begin this venture and purchase more when being a CEO becomes more second nature. Warehouses can also be used as a workbench for improving the speed of vehicles and armor. Players can own up to 5 warehouses at once. Having at least one large warehouse is important, as it can hold a total of 111 special cargo crates.

How To Make Money and Level Up As A CEO In Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

To make money, players need to participate in "Buy" missions. These are multiple part missions that require players to work together to complete them. There's a total of 20 buy missions. The idea is during these missions, players must take cargo crates. These cargo crates are extremely valuable and can sell for a high price. Each mission has its own range of cargo crates, so work together with the team to secure as many as possible without losing any. Losing a cargo crate is lost money out of the companies pocket. Players can either split the workload equally or stick together for security purposes. Although, make sure the warehouse has enough space to hold down these cargo crates, or else they have nowhere to go. These warehouses can be attacked by local street gangs. Make sure to pay attention when thugs are making their way to the cargo. The more cargo the warehouse contains, the more likely it is for it to be attacked. Once players have collected enough crates, the "Sell" missions begin.

The idea with the "Sell" missions is to sell off the inventory of cargo the player has collected for a heightened price. The goal is to deliver the cargo with as minimal damage as possible as quickly as possible. Payments will be more if the distance traveled is higher. After a while, the player will receive a wanted level, providing a challenge to the delivery mission. For example, in the "Phantom Wedge" sell mission, players will take control of a powerful truck called the "Phantom Wedge". The Phantom Wedge can take more damage when compared to a regular pick up truck and players will be given a three-star wanted level shortly after the mission begins. Players can also only earn part of the money if some of the cargo is destroyed mid-mission. Also, other players can interfere with the mission. The more players there are in a session, the more money the player will receive for a successful delivery. Make sure to use the CEO/Associate perks while on these missions. Ghost Organization allows the team to hide from the map for three minutes. Also, the "Remove Authorities" perk will prevent cops from pursuing the player. Once the player delivers the cargo successfully, the payment will appear in their bank accounts.

Grand Theft Auto 5 allows players to live out these extremely dangerous and risky situations. With the CEO feature, players are no longer just robbing other players in the street for chump change (even though they can still do that if they want to). Players are allowed to build successful empires with their own employees and bring in income much faster. Players can potentially make over $1.5 million during a single mission if all the cargo is delivered quickly without damage. Running a business is not an easy task, but the greater the risk, the higher the reward.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.


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GTA 5 Wiki Guide

Benefits of Becoming a CEO and Associate

There are a bunch of benefits that come along with becoming a CEO, so let's just dive right into them.

  • All of your benefits from the VIP/Bodyguard drop will carry over with you.
  • Buying up properties, like offices and warehouses, will grant you new vehicles.
  • You will also receive extended benefits in addition to all of your existing benefits. You will have no cooldown perioud, no bank balance requirement, and permanent uptime as CEO.

In addition to the CEO benefits, becoming an associate can be just as rewarding. It's also a great way to make a lot of money. Here are the associate benefits:

  • Increased health regeration cap.
  • Loyalty bonuses to wages for consecutively completing Special Cargo missions.
  • CEO proximity RP bonus increased.
  • You also earn wages for every consecutive mission the CEO completes.

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Ceo gta guide online

Rockstar has the tendency to release a pretty exhaustive guide sometime after each DLC release to get GTA 5 players on the rails, particularly if they have been struggling with the content before. In some cases, they even need two long posts to cover all the bases in a given update.

This guide provides some tips on how to come out top on one of Rockstar's recent GTA Online's major DLC releases, Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. This is the biggest and deepest update yet, not to mention the most divisive among the community.

There has always been animosity... well, actually, there has always been seething hatred and disgust between the griefer and non-griefers among the GTA Online playerbase, but never has it been as pronounced as since the release of the DLC.


Griefers vs Non-Griefers

Finance and Felony has players make investments of several million GTA $ in the form of crates that need to be taken to warehouses and later delivered to buyers. Thing is, these crates have the tendency to burn or blow up when shot repeatedly by high velocity projectiles.

You can imagine the moist squeeing this realization spawned from those handful of pre-pubescent players who love flying around in Hydras and repeatedly killing other players who are minding their own business. On the other hand, those GTA fans who wanted to immerse themselves in the new black market mechanic saw this as more than a nuisance.


While we've covered anti-griefer techniques in the past, put together a quick tutorial on how to get into your own empty public lobby whenever you want as well as a guide of our own regarding Finance and Felony, Rockstar's own guide has some pretty handy tips.


Further Adventures in Finance and Felony builds upon what was possibly the best received DLC since Heists. Executives and Other Criminals was added to GTA Online back in December 2015 and brought with it a new level of gameplay with the VIP and Bodyguard system.


While more than enough words have been written about being a great VIP and a reliable Bodyguard, it never hurts to re-iterate how influential that DLC was. After all, it is SecuroServe which provides CEOs with associated in this update too.

The Office

The crux of becoming the biggest shark in the pool (which in this case is Los Santos) is getting the right office. There are four offices on offer, each with a different price tag. Functionally, they are all identical - the players with the cheapest offices have the same chances at success as the ones with the most expensive offices.


With the pricier HQs, you really just paying for the location, size and bragging rights. In this sense, being a CEO in GTA Online is much like being a CEO in real life - tossing money out the window for some flashy luxuries is in direct relation to your social standing.

Each office also gives players access to the same optional bonuses - if you pay extra, of course. These include a gun locker, a safe and accommodations.


The accommodations turn the office into a proper apartment, allowing characters to sleep and change outfits in the office, while the gun locker finally brings weapon loadout customization to GTA Online, allowing players to dump unused guns in order to make weapon selection quicker.


All stock offices come with boardrooms with a cool 3D map of Los Santos that has both purchased and available warehouses marked, a home cinema with a gaming system (and hence a mini-game) and your handy SecuroServe desktop which will be used to coordinate your corporate activities.

Your Personal Assistant

Another bonus that all CEOs in GTA Online will get with their office is a personal assistant, the gender of which can be freely chosen by the player. The assistant does all kinds of nifty things, like keeping you notified of the happenings regarding your business; they call in Pegasus vehicles to your office's landing pad; they recover impounded rides and enable fast travel back to the office. However, undoubtedly their most useful feature is refilling your snacks.


For free.

That alone earns them a raise, no?


Once you have the office, you should simply access that SecuroServe terminal we talked about and register yourself as a GTA Online CEO (if only it were so easy in real life). There are fewer restrictions in place for CEO-hood than there were for being a VIP - there is no required minimum bank balance, there is no time limit nor is there a cooldown period after un-CEOing yourself.


Next up, in order to become a black market kingpin you need stuff to sell - but before you acquire said stuff, you need someplace that stuff goes. That someplace happens to be a warehouse - or, actually, up to five warehouses. These come in small, medium and large flavors, but buying one isn't final as you can always upgrade.


These warehouses all come stocked with a workbench which can be used to apply special upgrades to delivery vehicles. These upgrades are particularly useful against socially insecure players who live out their fantasies in GTA Online as they include the likes of armor plating and homing missile jammers.

The temptation to go for the flashiest office and to stock up on large warehouses early on might be strong, but we suggest not to take that leap - it will set you back several million which you won't earn back quickly, but you can always upgrade later. Black market missions need time to get a move on, so you'll be doing a lot of work before turning a profit - however, once things start up, you'll be making tons of dough.


Buy Missions (Crates)

Once you're set up with a warehouse, its time to go on your first buy mission. These missions are where you acquire crates of cargo that you will later sell for a greater amount, hence profit. You can choose to carry one to three crates at a time, however the more you carry, the greater the risk.

These crates will attract the attention of other players and NPC enemies as well, so you need to make sure your team is ready for opposition. Sometimes it is worth doing multiple 1 crate missions instead of risking the three, however at other times the opposite is true.


Selling Your Cargo

After completing some buy missions, you will be offered the option to try your hand at a special cargo mission. Here, the cargo is worth a lot to the people you will sell it, however picking it up will broadcast your location to every player in the session while spawning tons of NPC enemies. This is a high risk, high reward scenario recommended only for skilled teams.

Now that your warehouses are loaded, it is time to turn those crates into profit. These are once more risk-reward scenarios, where the missions for those buyers willing to may more are also more dangerous.

You can manipulate the prices for which your goods go to some extent by stockpiling - if you don't sell off your merchandise, the demand and therefore the value will increase. However, the more valuable cargo is, the more likely NPC gangs will attack said warehouse, forcing you to protect your goods.

Being a CEO is a game of risk assessment. Will you take one, two or three crates? Will you risk saving time in the face of greater opposition? Will you stockpile your goods in spite of raiding parties? Will you sell to the highest bidder and brave the tougher missions?


In the end, both the safe and the quick routes will turn profits. The safe route is more time consuming, however the quick route will see you lose more often.


Solo Lobbies

So why can CEO activities only be done in public GTA Online lobbies? Apparently because one must also accept the risks of other players spitting in their soup and whatnot. However, this is a bit unfair considering how many assholes inhabit GTA Online. In order to complete your CEO missions in peace, feel free to reference the solo public lobby guide we linked earlier on.

More VIP Work

Sure, the main attraction in this DLC is the crate smuggling, but plenty of other features also fit into the update alongside that aspect. More VIP challenges and jobs were added to the joy of players, as these were among the most lucrative activities added in Executives.


The new VIP jobs, much like the old guard, offer greater rewards in the face of greater risk - the objectives are more difficult and other VIPs/Organisations can have at the same objective or hinder your progress for some cash of their own.


First up in the list of new VIP work is Headhunter, which takes "elimination of the competition" in the most literal way possible. You and your associates are tasked with killing some targets spread across the GTA Online map - however, you'll do well not to dally, as there is a time limit within which you must complete this activity.


Headhunter isn't no blue milk run, as the targets and their guards have greater-than-average armor and health going for them. Even if you're not soloing, going in on foot all-guns-blazing will waste you in no time. Either approach with a vehicle, or apply stealth - long distance kills will help you keep your blood inside your body and it comes in handy when you need to turn tail.

And turn tail you must, as upon the death of the target Los Santos' finest will be hot on your trail. Police in GTA 5 are notoriously tough, so you'll need an escape plan.


Speaking of escape plans, some of your targets will enact their before you make contact. Chasing a target in a vehicle will be tricky, as staying behind them will result in an oncoming hail of gunfire. Try to think ahead and out-manoeuvre your quarry.

Now, if you'll heed the first piece of advice, then soloing targets will be more than viable - it will be efficient. If your associates are up to snuff, one per stationary target and two per mobile target should do. This will save you time - and time is money.


We also suggested the use of vehicles - once the job is done, you'll get a relative sense of what you're up against if you've run it many times before. As such, it might be good to call in a few Pegasus drops with vehicles fit for various roles before initiating the job to shave of precious seconds.

Don't forget that Lester and VIP abilities are your friends. Since the police will be hounding you after the first target goes down, taking advantage of these abilities and services to lose the heat will assist in your endeavors.



Next up, we have the VIP Job Airfreight, featuring one of the most loved - or hated, depending on patch - aerial vehicle in the game: the Cargobob. Incidentally, some players have been getting free Cargobobs recently, seemingly at random.

Either way, this job helpfully supplies you with one such chopper so owning one isn't a prerequisite. You and your associates are tasked with liberating the vehicle and the cargo from their armed captors and deliver said cargo, unharmed, to a set destination.

Depending on your playstyle, when storming one of the fortified locations, you should commandeer or destroy the attack helicopter stationed there - if you leave it alone, it will come back to bit you in the ass. Literally and figuratively.

This isn't the time for fancy flying. All you need do is set a straight course to the drop off and go. Associates will need to cover you from the air as well as from the ground - the permanent 3 star wanted level will be calling a lot of cops on your tail. Remember, this is GTA 5 after all.


Make sure you've stocked up on parachutes. Once you deliver the cargo, a self-destruct mechanism will be triggered in the Cargobob to erase any and all evidence that could tie the operation back to you.


The third and last VIP job added to GTA Online with Finance and Felony is Haulage. It's pretty simple on paper. You need to deliver a trailer full of cargo to a destination with a semi. Only thing is, there is a whole host of mean people wanting you to not do just that.


Obviously the main thing you'll need to worry about here is escort - get something armored and armed, with wheels, to follow the trailer and fend off attackers. Said attackers will sometimes kamikaze into you frontally, so keep adjust your camera so you see what's right in front of the semi while still seeing far ahead - the skies are of no concern.

One of your associates should be following you with another semi sans trailer - if the one carrying the cargo takes too much damage, the driver should detach and allow the backup to take over. If you and your associates aren't entirely incompetent, two semis should last you the mission.


VIP Challenges

Of course, VIP work isn't the only new addition - VIP challenges are also on offer. The key difference is that VIP challenges are exclusively reserved for Bodyguards and Associates, giving them a chance to get some decent pay while their employers reap the big cash.

It also encourages healthy rivalry among the bodyguards, as they compete against each other during said challenges. The winner always gets the biggest reward, but all associates receive a participation reward.


Cashing Out

First up in the new line-up is Cashing Out. The associates are tasked with hacking as many ATMs as possible before the timer hits zero - more importantly, they need to hack more ATMs than the other. Since the world of GTA Online is teeming with cash machines, this challenge will always be cutting it pretty close.

One way to prevent other players from surpassing you in this challenge is pretty simple - kill them. On the flip side, in order to prevent yourself being killed you should put some distance between yourself and your opponents instead of hitting the closest ATMs.


Being a chameleon would certainly benefit players during this challenge, as you should always keep an eye on your minimap, as planning which ATM to hit based on opponent movements is crucial. To prevent others from doing the same, you should call Lester to take you off the radar.

You'll need to be speedy if you want to succeed - you have 60 seconds after starting a hack before the cops latch on your tail, which is more than a slight nuisance. Some of the faster vehicles in GTA Online will benefit you here.



Finally you have Salvage, taking players to the seas around the GTA Online map. You'll be starting on the shore, but swimming isn't the fastest way to the target area - keep an eye out for Seasharks nearby.

Once again, offing your opponents to keep their score low is a good tactic - however you'll need to get close and personal, since knives are the only weapons you'll have. You can always leave your more rowdy rivals to duke it out while you swim over to a quieter bit of ocean.


Even with rebreathers, the number of checkpoints will deplete your supplies of life giving air soon enough. Luckily for you, this challenge also spawns crates of rebreathers along with checkpoints, so keep an eye out for those too.

Finance and Felony also added a pretty nifty weapon attachment - drum magazines. Since the majority of players prefer auto-aim lobbies, who wins in a firefight comes down to who has more bullets in their gun. With drum magazines, you'll be the guy with the most bullets. Skill be damned!


Special Cargo Deliveries

This massive GTA Online DLC also occasionally offers you with the chance to deliver special cargo crates for a significantly larger reward - and larger risk. Upon accepting the delivery, your exact location will be continually telegraphed to all other CEOs in the lobby - and all other players.

You should hire as many associates as possible, but make sure they are skilled too - you'll need plenty of muscle to guard the crates. In GTA Online, having a few less savory individuals in a public session cannot be avoided, so they'll be sure to come after your crates.


In order to save time and keep your momentum, you can pick up crates by driving over them - at full speed, if necessary. Of course, this is risky, as missing the angle will cause you to miss it, and going back is guaranteed suicide.

Remember, Pegasus is your friend. Buzzards and other armed vehicles will make fending off attackers significantly less stressful. Even armed/armored land vehicles come in pretty handy. Also, don't forget to utilize CEO abilities to lessen your troubles along the way.

Stockpiling will drive up the price, but you stand to lose a whole lot more of your investment too. Gauge the skill of your associates and act accordingly.


How to make money in GTA Online

Wondering how to make money in GTA Online? Since release, the cost and amount of vehicles, weapons, clothes, and other things to buy in GTA Online has increased substantially. But so too has the amount of money that can be made. Here I've collected up all the best ways of making money (legitimately) to help you get a grasp on what can sometimes be a quite complicated and clumsy process.

I’ll start with a quick beginner’s guide and then go in depth on each of the main money making methods.

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Be aware that there are plenty of ways to make money in the game that are not listed here, such as racing, deathmatches, missions, and various other game modes. But the amount you get for the time invested has not scaled up since 2013, so these are more inefficient than newer methods. Shark Cards have also not scaled up the amount of money you receive since 2013, and with the rampant inflation in price of GTA Online cars, weapons, and other items, they have never been a worse value proposition. Avoid.

New players may find older jobs useful to get started and ultimately as long as you're enjoying what you're playing the acquisition of money will come naturally, however this article will focus on the most efficient ways to make as much money as possible.

Even a lot of what I'll talk about here has been rendered redundant thanks to the recent Cayo Perico heist. Even the new GTA Online Auto Shop from the recent Los Santos Tuners update pales in comparison from a money making perspective. If your goal is solely to grind as much money as possible, rather than experience everything the game has to offer, then just follow the beginner’s guide. Just be warned: efficient grinding in GTA Online can start to feel more like a job than a game.

What should I buy first to make money in GTA Online?

The key to making money now is the Cayo Perico heist, so for new players it's all about accumulating the $2.2 million needed to buy the Kosatka submarine that unlocks it. Search GTA wiki for the names of anything mentioned below to get more info.

  • Start by doing the special scavenger hunts that are available in free mode—Bounty Targets for Maude, the revolver Treasure Hunt and Los Santos Slasher—for a total of $250,00 each. 
  • In a similar vein, complete the Movie Props and Signal Jammers collectible missions to net $150,000 each.
  • Spin the Casino Lucky Wheel daily for the chance at extra income in the form of cash or chips (which can be converted to cash).
  • Pay attention to double and triple money game modes each week and participate in them, alongside doing missions that are available to you, until you get $2.2 mil. 
  • Buy the Kosatka and work your way through the Cayo Perico heist. 
  • Things will be slow at first, but once you’ve done your first heist you’ll be able to buy better weapons and vehicles to make things quicker—prioritise the Sparrow helicopter for the Kosatka.
  • From this point on it’s a continuous cycle of doing the Cayo Perico heist quicker and quicker, improving your skills and buying items that will allow you to do it even faster, until you’re making approximately $1.5 mil an hour. Then you can enjoy the rest of the game and supplement your money making methods with the others outlined here. 

Cayo Perico Heist

Potential profits:  $1.5 mil per hour
Prerequisites:  Kosatka submarine (min cost: $2.2 mil) & organisation member (VIP/CEO)

Method: Go to the Music Locker at the casino and meet with Miguel Madrazo. Afterwards you’ll be able to purchase the Kosatka Submarine. Start an organisation as a VIP or CEO from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu, then go to your Kosatka and start the heist from the planning board. You’ll need to gather intel on the island, complete some prep missions, and finally do the heist itself. From starting the intel to finishing the heist should take around 45 minutes to an hour after a few times trying it—as long as you focus only on what is needed. Given its popularity and profitability, there are numerous written and video guides online that can help. 

Tip: Unlike other heists, everything can be done solo and in a private lobby. Most of the time it’s also more profitable to do it solo, and the potential profits per hour dwarf every other money making method in the game. Make sure to start your next heist within 48 minutes of ending your last one to have it be set on hard mode and earn a 10% bonus.

Diamond Casino Heist

Potential profits: $400k per hour
Prerequisites:  Arcade (Min Cost: $1.2 mil), organisation member (VIP/CEO), & 1-3 Friends 

Method: After buying the Arcade, complete the mandatory setup missions. Then start an organisation as a VIP or CEO from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu and start the heist from the planning board within your Arcade. You’ll need to scope out the Casino and find out what you’ll be stealing from the vault. You’ll then need to choose your approach out of three options and do the relevant prep missions, before completing the heist itself with between one and three friends. Depending on your approach there are certain prep missions you can skip entirely and some that will be extremely helpful to do, and there are plenty of guides online to help you figure it all out.

Tip: Completing the heist with the minimum number of people required to get all the loot is usually the most profitable. For art that’s two people, but the rest are three. Big Con is the easiest approach as you can get in and out without any trouble. Aim to steal a helicopter or go into nearby tunnels to avoid cops more easily and quickly when escaping.

Original Heists

Potential profits: $400k per hour
Prerequisites: High-end apartment (min cost: $200k) & 3 friends

Method: Walk to the heist planning room in your high-end apartment and select your chosen heist to start. You will need to pay an upfront cost to start the heist as host. Invite your three friends and work through the setup missions and finale. It is recommended to have a good group of four people to do this as communication and skill is required to reduce the time taken, and there are numerous guides online for each mission.

Tip:  The Pacific Standard Heist on Hard mode is the most profitable of the original heists when done effectively with a competent group of players, however the income from it is now overshadowed by more recent heists. The host of any heist doesn’t make any money during setup missions and has to spend money to kick things off, so it’s a good idea for the host to take 40% of the final heist earnings with other players taking 20% each so that all four players will earn approximately the same overall.

Auto Shop

  • Potential profit: $300k per hour 
  • Prerequisites: Auto Shop (min cost: $1.7m) & Organisation Member (VIP/CEO)

Method: Go to the LS Car Meet first in order to be able to buy an Auto Shop from the in-game website. Start an organisation as a VIP or CEO from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu. Walk to the Job Board in order to access Contracts, which are essentially mini-heists. Complete the two relatively short setup missions and then the finale to net the pay-out of approximately 170-180k each time.

Tip: Other business aspects of the Auto Shop include modifying and delivering customer cars, and finding exotic cars in free mode random events to export. Neither of these are very profitable considering the time investment involved, so it's not recommended to buy the additional items for the Auto Shop that help with them (Car Lift & Staff Members) as it will take a long time to earn that money back.

Doomsday Heist

Potential profits: $300k per hour
Prerequisites: Facility (minimum Cost: $1.25 mil) & 1-3 friends

Method: Walk to the heist planning room in your facility and select your chosen heist act to start. You will need to pay an upfront cost to start the heist as host. Invite one, two, or three friends and work through the prep missions, setup missions and finale. As with the old heists, round up a group of decent players because communication and skill is needed to reduce the time taken to beat it.

Tip: Completing these heists with two players rather than four will naturally mean more money per player, as the overall payout remains the same, but the missions will be slightly more difficult and potentially more time consuming with fewer players. The host of any heist doesn’t make any money during setup missions and has to spend money to start each, so it's a good idea for the host to take 40% (4 players)/50% (3 players)/60% (2 players) of the final heist earnings with other players taking an equal share of what remains, so that all players will earn approximately the same overall. Paying to skip prep missions is almost always never worth it from a monetary or time perspective.

Special Cargo

Potential profits: $200k per hour
Prerequisites: Office (minimum cost: $1 mil), warehouse (minimum cost: $250k) & organisation member (CEO)

Method: Start an organisation as a CEO from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu. Walk to the computer in your office and select "Special Cargo", then "Buy" on the amount of crates you desire. You will need to complete a mission to deliver the crates to your warehouse. You can only carry one crate at a time but you can go back and forth to collect them. You can then use the laptop in the warehouse to sell your collected crates via a delivery mission to turn a profit.

Tip: Buying more crates at once is more time effective, especially if you have friends to help you collect them and deliver to your warehouse. The more crates you sell at once, the more money you'll make per crate, hence a large, full warehouse is the best to build up and sell. Large warehouses cost more to purchase, though, and selling 111 crates at once is a larger risk as you'll either gain 2.2 million or lose everything.

Vehicle Cargo

Potential Profit: $300k per hour
Prerequisites: Office (minimum cost: $1 mil), vehicle warehouse (minimum cost: $1.5 mil) & organisation member (CEO)

Method: Start an organisation as a CEO from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu. Walk to the computer in your office and select "Vehicle Cargo", then "Source Vehicle". You will need to complete a mission to steal a vehicle and drive it back to your vehicle warehouse. Be careful when driving it back as damage will result in repair costs, impacting on profit. You can then use the laptop in the vehicle warehouse to export the vehicle you sourced via a delivery mission to turn a profit.

Tip: Repeat sourcing missions until you fill up your vehicle warehouse with 10 standard range and 10 mid range vehicles with no duplicates. At that point, every source mission will give you a top range vehicle until you get all 12 of those. Only export top range vehicles and sell as many vehicles at once as you can if you have friends to help—this will help maximise profits per hour.

Air Freight Cargo

Potential Profit: $150k per hour
Prerequisites: Hangar (minimum cost: $1.2 mil) and organisation member (VIP/CEO)

Method: Start an organisation as a VIP or CEO from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu. Walk to the computer in your hangar and select "Source", then the type of cargo you want to source. You will need to complete a mission to deliver the cargo to your hangar. You can then use the laptop in the hangar to sell your collected cargo via a delivery mission to turn a profit.

Tip: Stick to sourcing only one type of cargo, and make it either narcotics, chemicals, or medical supplies. You get a 35% bonus for selling 25 crates of these types, and a 75% bonus for selling all 50 crates. Selling a full hangar will require friends to help you, and in general sourcing cargo with friends is much more time effective.


Potential Profit: $80k per hour passively (while doing other things)
Prerequisites: Bunker (minimum cost: $1.2 mil) and organisation member (VIP/CEO)

Method: Start an organisation as a VIP or CEO from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu. Walk to the laptop in your bunker and select "Resupply", then "Steal Supplies" or "Buy Supplies". You will need to complete a mission to deliver the supplies to your bunker if you choose that option, or they can be delivered without any effort if you buy them. Once you have supplies your staff will begin manufacturing, turning them into stock when you're doing most other things in the game. You can then use the laptop in the bunker to sell your stock via a delivery mission to turn a profit.

Tip: Buying supplies is more time effective, as is setting your staff to only manufacturing and buying the equipment/staff upgrades. This is passive income so you should have this running in the background while you make active income from other methods listed. There is no monetary bonus for selling a full bunker, and doing so will require friends if there are multiple vehicles to be used for the sell mission.

Motorcycle Club

Potential Profit: $80k per hour passively (while doing other things)
Prerequisites: Clubhouse (minimum cost: $200k), business (minimum cost: $650k) and Motorcycle Club president

Method: Start a Motorcycle Club as president from the corresponding option in the interaction menu. Walk to the laptop in your business building and select "Resupply", then "Steal Supplies" or "Buy Supplies". You will need to complete a mission to deliver the supplies to your business if you choose that option, or they can be delivered without any effort if you buy them. Once you have supplies your staff will begin production, turning them into stock when you're doing most other things in the game. You can then use the laptop in the business building to sell your stock via a delivery mission to turn a profit.

Tip: Cocaine production is the most profitable (on par with the gunrunning bunker), with the cheapest cocaine business costing $975k to buy, although sell missions often take longer to complete. Buying supplies is more time effective. This is passive income so you should have this running in the background while you make active income from other methods listed. There is no monetary bonus for selling full stock and doing so will require friends if there are multiple vehicles to be used for the sell mission.


Potential Profit: $70k per hour passively (whilst doing other things)
Prerequisites: Nightclub (minimum cost: $1.1 mil) & other businesses (minimum cost: $850k)

Method: Walk to the computer in your nightclub building VIP area and select "Warehouse Management", then assign a Warehouse Technician to one of the goods you have available. Those goods will be based on the other businesses you own, such as motorcycle club businesses, a gunrunning bunker, or a cargo warehouse. You can assign up to five technicians, meaning only five of your other businesses will count. Once assigned, your technicians will begin acquiring goods on their own when you're doing most other things in the game. You can then use the computer in your nightclub building VIP area to sell your goods via a delivery mission to turn a profit. 

Tip: The business aspect of the nightclub is really only for those who have many other businesses already, and it will not make you much money on its own in comparison to everything else listed here. It is merely an extra bump to your hourly income in the same vein as gunrunning and MC businesses. Unlike those however, this is completely passive income where you don’t need to keep restocking. There is no monetary bonus for selling full stock and it is actually more efficient to sell earlier. To reach the maximum profits ignore Organic Produce and Printing and Copying, and assign technicians to the other five areas. Then sell goods every time Cash Creation, Pharmaceuticals and South American Imports are full (every 20 hours). 

VIP Work

Potential Profit: $150k per hour
Prerequisites: Organisation member (VIP/CEO)

Method: Start an organisation as a VIP or CEO from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu. Open up the interaction menu and select "VIP Work", then the mission you want to do. You will need to complete a mission in free roam and will be rewarded with money upon successful completion.

Tip: These missions are a great way to earn some money while waiting for cooldown timers to expire, such as if you're waiting to source another vehicle for your warehouse, as they are completed fairly quickly and pay relatively well. They aren't a replacement for other money making methods, though, as their payout isn't as high, but they're solid filler jobs. Headhunter, Hostile Takeover and Sightseer are notably decent missions to take on.

Premium Races

Potential Profit: $80k per race
Prerequisites: A fast car/bike, good racing ability

Method: Either drive to the location of the premium race, which is a golden stunt wheel on the map, or hover over it and start the job from the map. When the lobby has filled with eight other players, you'll have $20k taken from your bank account. You must finish third or above to make a return on that investment, with the winner of the race receiving $100k, second place taking home $30k, and third place getting their entry fee of $20k back.

Tip: Premium races change every week and are a gamble, as it can take time to fill up a lobby and there is no guarantee you'll make money. If you're proficient at racing, however, are familiar with the stunt race on offer that week and have a good car (if you don't already know beforehand which car to use then you're not ready for the premium race), this can be quite lucrative.

Time Trials

Potential Profit: $100k per time trial
Prerequisites: A fast car/bike or RC Bandito

Method: Drive to the location of the time trial corona, which is a purple stopwatch icon on the map. Start the time trail when you feel ready and attempt to get to the end point quicker than the listed par time. There are no checkpoints in between so you can take whatever route you like, and there are numerous guides online for each trial. You'll be rewarded with around $100k for successful completion. 

Tip:  Time trials change weekly and you can only gain the reward for completing them once per week. You do have an unlimited number of tries to beat the par time and can respawn back at the start, but of course the longer it takes the less money you effectively make per hour from this method. In general, pulling wheelies on a fast bike will get you to your destination in the quickest way possible. There are also time trials for the RC Bandito but they are more annoying to complete and have a higher cost of entry, given the price of the Bandito to start with. 

Daily Objectives

Potential Profit: $1.6 mil per 28 days
Prerequisites: Rank 15

Method: Open up the interaction menu and select "Daily Objectives". This will display the three objectives you'll need to complete on that day. Simply complete each task and you'll be rewarded with $25k upon successful completion. Some tasks may be more difficult to complete than others and require the use of friends to complete easily.

Tip: This is one of the easiest ways to earn money but only if you keep at it every day, as there are significant bonuses for seven and 28 consecutive days of objectives completed. Completing daily objectives for seven days in a row will earn a bonus of $100k, with 28 days in a row netting an extra $500k. The total amount of money you would make by completing all daily objectives for 28 days in a row would be $1.6 million (28x25k + 4x100k + 500k).

Double Money Events

One final bit of advice is to take advantage of double money events. Almost every week Rockstar will change what you can do to earn double money. Sometimes it will be on races or adversary modes that, even with double money, won't be as efficient as the above methods. However sometimes some of the above methods may have a double money week, such as Gunrunning Bunker or Vehicle Cargo sales. The more options you have open to you, the more you can take advantage of these double money events if they happen to be for something lucrative. And if there's ever double money on Heists (which is very rare) absolutely do some grinding during that week.

Other resources

GTA Online Reddit Mega Guide A great resource for those who want to make the absolute most out of their moneymaking and time with the game. A lot of extra information can be found in their consistently pinned mega guide .
GTA Series Videos Time Trials Guides This shows the way to beat each time trial in GTA Online for easy money each week. Also has guides for premium races.
Broughy1322 Car Testing The best vehicles to use for racing to help get those premium race wins.
Making $500K per hour solo Add the Gunrunning bunker working in the background to this method for the best way to earn money as a solo player.
Solo Cayo Perico Heist Guide An excellent in depth guide that shows you exactly what you need to do to complete the heist from start to finish in the easiest way.


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