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Women's Wide Leg Jeans

Shop women’s wide leg jeans at Lands' End to find your perfect pair of wide-leg jeans! Our current crop—pun intended—of flare jeans includes women's wide leg cropped jeans to offer fantastic casual options in denim as the warmer weather approaches. Look pulled together and sport a fresh silhouette at the same time in our women's high waist wide leg jeans. Women's wide leg jeans plus size women's wide leg jeans and women's wide leg cropped jeans can be thoroughly casual with canvas sneakers and a women’s T-shirt or extremely elegant with a tailored blouse and women’s loafers

We strive to give you the best, most flattering women's high rise wide leg jeans and women's petite wide leg jeans, with features that make sense for women's jeans in general, including a just-right amount of give, contoured waistbands that don't gap and five-pocket styling for maximum asset flattery. Those are just some of the thoughtful details that make our women’s wide leg jeans the best around! 

Watch this space for more women's wide leg jeans and women's wide leg cropped jeans! You may have noticed a certain newly minted duchess sporting beautiful palazzo pants at the big tennis match last summer, and we believe that this elegant silhouette is set to make a splash soon. Take a cue from the duchess and pair your wide leg pants with a sleek button-up shirt. If you prefer something more feminine rather than menswear inspired, opt for a cotton sweaterand kitten heels for a stylish daytime look. Women’s wide leg jeans and women's high waist wide leg jeans are an easy, functional way to use this trending silhouette in your everyday wardrobe. You will love the way women's high rise wide leg jeans lengthen your leg and whittle your waistline! 

Shop with Lands' End when you want to branch out and try something new! As always, we offer this trending silhouette in sizes for every Lands’ End shopper, so take a peek at our women's wide leg jeans plus size and women's petite wide leg jeans if that’s where you usually shop! We think you'll really love this cute, cool style and be eager to try women's wide leg cropped jeans for summer, so browse our collection of women’s wide leg jeans today!


Lands' End Women's Mid Rise Wide Leg Ankle Pants Indigo

44,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry ,Ankle,Indigo,Rise,End, Women,Wide,Lands',Pants,Mid,Leg,Women's Lands' End Women's Mid Rise Limited price sale Ankle Leg Wide Pants Indigo Lands' End Women's Mid Rise Limited price sale Ankle Leg Wide Pants Indigo 44,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry ,Ankle,Indigo,Rise,End, Women,Wide,Lands',Pants,Mid,Leg,Women's 44 Women Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Lands' End Women's Mid Rise Wide Leg Ankle Pants Indigo 44 Women Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Lands' End Women's Mid Rise Wide Leg Ankle Pants Indigo

Lands' End Women's Mid Rise Limited price sale Ankle Leg Wide Pants Indigo San Francisco Mall


Lands' End Women's Mid Rise Wide Leg Ankle Pants Indigo

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Lands' End Women's Mid Rise Wide Leg Ankle Pants Indigo


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Lands End Womens Plus Size Wide Leg Linen Blend Pants

Lands End Womens Plus Size Wide Leg Linen Blend Pants

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Get your hands on this amazing This Is What An Awesome Uncle Looks Like Top, One of a Kind - Abalone Bracelet - Length 7 1/2 to 9 1/4 with Brass Chain and Hook Clasp BEADS: Handcrafted Artisan Lampwork Bead - One of a Kind with Abalone Shell Beads in various shapes and sizes, we are ready to help you at any special requests. Personalization and engravings are availabe. Lands End Womens Plus Size Wide Leg Linen Blend Pants. Although we have made every effort to represent the product as accurately as possible. ★★★ Please read below & try our sample demo before your purchase ★★★. (Sample in photo above)♥♥♥, this book features an assortment of embellishments. 11 x 9 Natural Canvas Zipper Bag Printed on one side with high heat pressed quality vinyl. The Mad Hatter Costume is constructed of cotton fabric with a vest and coat attached to the bodice. Very easy cutting instructions included. maintains the cut on painted or rusty plates. 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WIDE LEG PANTS Lookbook 2.0 // 8 ways to wear wide leg pants

Women’s Wide Leg Pants

Looking for womens wide leg pants? Lands’ End has what you want! Browse our wideleg pants to find the attractive and comfortable bottoms you need to round out your wardrobe. The great variety we offer means we have wide legged pants to suit your needs and taste. Whatever look you’re wanting to create, Lands’ End womens wide legged pants are here to keep you comfy from sunup to sundown.


Whichever look you have in mind, Lands’ End has you covered with wide legged pants for women available in many colors, prints and styles. Shades like military green, deep sea navy, iron gray and black mean you’ll be able to choose the right pair to complement all of your favorite comfy women’s tops. For womens wide leg pants that go with everything, Lands’ End offers a denim selection, which is America’s favorite neutral!


Thoughtful styling with your wide legged pants will maximize their versatility, meaning you can wear them over and over. You might try them with one of our slim-fitting women’s tank tops and a waterfall cardigan, or a chic slouchy women’s sweater. Lands’ End tops, cardigans and denim jackets change the look and function of your favorite wideleg pants, creating any vibe you have in mind.


The quality  construction of our womens wide legged pants means they will keep you looking good for a long time. Our wideleg pants are made from quality fabrics like stretchy denim, crisp cotton and breathable linen, so you can have wide legs pants that work well all year ‘round, no matter the occasion. However you choose style your new wide legged pants, their versatility means you’re on your way to a fresh look that shows off your personal style. Shop Lands’ End for the womens wide leg pants you’ve been looking for!



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Easy palazzo pants Wide leg pants cutting and sewing

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