Do wish bracelets really work

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The bearer of a Wish Bracelet shall receive their wish so long as the bracelet is worn, comes apart and falls away.

Wish Bracelets remind you to think positive thoughts which are the beginning, the seed of all action: Tie a Wish Bracelet three times and make three wishes. Thereafter rub the beads often and visualize your wishes have already come true. Once the bracelet falls off, all your thought/wish energy is released to the Universe and returns when it has run its course.

Each colour also represents a wish i.e. RED = Love and Harmony

How it works? As per the Law of Attraction, you attract similar to what energy you hold and your thoughts are the very foundation of your energy. If your thoughts/wishes are positive, your positive energy gains strength and becomes a positive signal for a positive experience. Ultimately, you want to attract your wishes your way and you can through positive thought. You are a magnet attracting what you think/wish/do just as a magnet would attract what it attracts.

We Wish You the Best of Thoughts and Wishes!

dragon-wandKeep your


POSITIVEto tweak your

INNER HAPPINESSwhich will produce

GOOD THOUGHTSultimately giving you

POSITIVE ENERGYwhich attracts likeness in the form of a



To make a wish bracelet, start by cutting 3 pieces of hemp to either 15 inches for your wrist or 20 inches for your ankle. Next, tie the strands together in an overhand knot, leaving 2 inches of slack to tie the bracelet on when you're done. Then, braid the hemp an inch or so before threading on the beads.

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Also to know is, how do you tie a Brazilian wish bracelet?

All you need to do is tie the ribbon around your wrist with 3 knots – make sure you have a friend tie it; if you tie it, the wishes won't come true. Make a wish for each of the 3 knots you tie. Once the Wish Ribbon wears out and falls off your wrist on its own, it is believed that your 3 wishes will come true.

Subsequently, question is, are Wish bracelets real? Even though many products are made with the idea of the bracelet, only a true bracelet that is worn with knots will help your wish come true. The popular tradition is to tie the bracelet with three knots. With time, the bracelet will break and your wishes are said to come true.

In respect to this, how long do wish bracelets last?

A: In our tests, they'll start to fray at about six weeks. One test bracelet lasted about two months, where others have lasted five months. It depends on the age of the floss (some is "vintage") and your own lifestyle.

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Didn&#;t See It Coming

It happened.  A few days ago, the long-awaited for event finally happened. My wish bracelet fell off, finally. About an hour before it finally broke, I realized something. I had always imagined that my bracelet would fall off when the big thread in the back became too thin. I kept my focus on the back of my bracelet, checking the thick thread often hoping to see it getting thinner each day. Although, as time passed by, I saw very little change. Day after day, week after week, there was no noticeable difference, but I kept on looking. It never occurred to me, until right before the thing fell off, that the bracelet would finally fall off when all the threads in the front got too weak. I told you how, at times, the beads would fall off and land all over the floor. Well, a little while before it fell off, I noticed that one last string in the front held the last three tiny beads. Only then did refocus my attention and begin to think, &#;This thing is not going to fall off like I thought, it is going to break from the front!&#;

Now my husband would say that I have no common sense, and I should have realized that it would break from the front before the last string popped. I prefer to say that sometimes I get so focused on what I believe should happen that I fail to see other alternatives. When my bracelet finally hit the floor, I couldn&#;t help but notice. I stared at the broken pieces laying on the floor, and I began to wonder, &#;What now? Should I hear some great trumpet sound?&#; Then, of course, I began to think, &#;Yippee! Now I can get ready for my wish to come true!!!&#;

Oh, I wish life was that easy. In case you are worried that I really believe that these wish bracelets will make my dreams come true, rest assured, I am not that gullible. I do lack common sense at times, but I know better than to put my hope in straw.  However, I do believe that God knows how simple-minded I can be, so he chose to use something as ordinary as a straw bracelet to teach me some important spiritual lessons.

My life, like my bracelet, was something that I thought I had figured out, but it sure hasn&#;t turned out like I thought. When Holt&#;s accident happened, it was an experience that forced me to see that things were not going to end like I thought they would. Since that day, my expectations for life have been refocused and changed. I do not like the changes, but I have to accept that someone much greater than me controls the outcome. God&#;s view of life is not limited like mine; he sees far more than a thread or two. He sees how each of our lives are woven together and how we impact one another. Although I may feel like my life is a second-rate plan at times, God has promised me that he can take even the shreds of a life and give them a new meaning and purpose. If I keep trusting Him, God promises he can work together all things for good.(Romans ) I sure do need that in my life; I need all the good I can get.

Another thing I have realized is that God sees many more solutions to a problem than I do. I only saw one way for my bracelet to pop, and I kept my sole focus there. When I saw nothing changing in that one big thread, I got discouraged. All the while, other places on my bracelet were changing and shifting. I was so consumed with looking at one solution that I failed to realize that every time I heard a bead fall to the floor, that was a sound of things changing. My situation was not near as stagnant as I thought it was.

Even my prayers are similar to my bracelet. I pray for God to change one specific area of my life in the way I think he should. I focus on one situation changing. All the while, God may be shifting and moving in areas that I fail to notice. I get discouraged because I feel like God is not answering my prayers, but maybe God is going to answer those prayers in ways that I don&#;t see coming.

That is one way the devil gets to me. Each morning when I wake up, I hear Satan asking, &#;Is anything really different in your life today from yesterday?&#; Sadly, many mornings I lay in bed and answer, &#;No, I do not see any real changes.&#; Then, God has to refocus my attention and remind me to trust that He is still working for my good even when I do not see it. Every single day, God is working for me, not against me. The results may not be immediate, but things are changing.

Trust&#;.that is what it always goes back to. Trusting that God is working even when I cannot see it. Whether it is due to my lack of focus or the time it takes for some prayers to be answered, God is always doing more for us than we realize.

Maybe you, like me, have had to refocus your idea of the &#;perfect&#; life story. From death to sickness to heartbreak, problems in life can shift your focus and make you look for an alternate ending. Keep looking up. God will not leave you in the middle of a storm without calming the wind and rain. You can&#;t count on things falling off like you thought they would, but you can always count on Jesus to help you pick up the pieces.

The Holt Rowland Foundation&#; still praying for God to use our broken wishes to help us leave a mark for good.



Wish Bracelets

Wish Bracelets

I&#;ve got a fun bracelet project for you to try that&#;s a bit of a revival project.  I loved making wish bracelets when I was growing up, especially in the summer.  It&#;s cheap, it&#;s easy, it&#;s fun &#; all ways that it make a great camp craft or group craft idea!  You only need a couple supplies for this project, and I&#;ll show you how to make wish bracelets today.

How to Make Woven Wish Bracelets at | Great summer project! Cheap and quick to make, it's a perfect camp craft or group craft!

It&#;s been like 20 years since I used to make these, so I am just going to say, I feel they&#;re due for a comeback. Can I declare such a thing?  It&#;s similar to a friendship bracelet, and makes up really quickly (I did this short stack in an hour).

The idea behind a wish bracelet is that you make a wish, and tie it on.  Eventually, the hemp wears out, and you will lose the beads.  Which sounds sad, but when this happens, your wish is then &#;released&#; and is supposed to come true.  And because 20 years ago I loved making wishes, I loved, loved these bracelets.

How to Make Woven Wish Bracelets at | Great summer project! Cheap and quick to make, it's a perfect camp craft or group craft!

You need some hemp twine and large seed beads, making this a really inexpensive project, too.  You need beads at least size 6/0.

Edit to add: some people have asked for video! So I put this YouTube tutorial together. You can view it in action (it&#;s under 8 minutes from start to finish), or you can scroll down for the photo step-by-step.

First things first.  Cut three strands of hemp twine to about 15 inches.  You could probably use jute, too &#; I just had hemp cord from the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby on-hand from last time it was half off.  You only need seven beads for each bracelet, but since seed beads can be inconsistent in size and shape, just take a look and make sure the hole is as large as possible.

Tie a knot in the end.  Make your ends longer than this, aim for about 2 to 2 1/2 inches (I really wasn&#;t sure if I had cut enough length when I started taking photos).  Now, braid your three strands down about three inches.  Nothing fancy, just a simple braid.

Now, because I&#;m right-handed, I&#;m going to add beads from the right.  When I show you how to do this, feel free to add them from the left instead if that&#;s more comfortable for you.  But you&#;ll only be adding beads on one side, and I will show you what I mean.

That strand I have just pulled from the right to the center, I threaded a bead onto my strand.  Snug it up close to the braid, and pull your left strand to the center like normal.

Now that you&#;re pulling from the right again, add another bead on the strand you pull to the center.

When you pull from the left, no bead.  When you pull from the right, add a bead.  Add all seven of your beads.  Why seven?  Because that&#;s a &#;lucky&#; number, of course! ;) There may be a real reason I don&#;t know, but mine always had seven as a kid, so I made them up with seven now.  You could always play with a different number of beads if you like!

Once your beads are all added, braid the rest of your strand normally, adding another 3 inches in length (give or take, depending on your wrist size, of course).  Tie the end off and trim the strands up evenly.

Now just make a wish before you tie it on!
How to Make Woven Wish Bracelets at | Great summer project! Cheap and quick to make, it's a perfect camp craft or group craft!
They make great gifts for your friends, or are a fun craft to do for groups.
 So &#; what are you wishing for?
Wish Bracelets

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Work really do bracelets wish

I have been getting A LOT of questions and feedback here lately regarding my bracelets  specifically about the twine, HOW LONG they LAST, THE WEAR AND TEAR  etc etc

First, let me say that these are WISH bracelets and i market them as WISH BRACELETS therefore they are MEANT to wear off at some point. 

Its not only the tag and card and twine that make the bracelets so special its the idea of magic and the little bit you get from closing your eyes and making a wish as you tie it on your wrist


BUT we have been doing some silent research to accommodate the mass concerns ;)

I've discovered (besides the magic, of coarse, and complexity of the WISH made *WINK*) that it really depends on the person wearing the bracelet that determines the length of its life i.e. their activities, way of life, and overall CARE for the piece


Now just a few EXAMPLES:

My mother's bracelet wore away at SIX WEEKS.  She is very mindful of her things and takes great care in everything thus its longevity i believe 

THEN THE PRINCESS', however, wore away in THREE DAYS. 

See my point! ;)

Mine is still going strong at TWO WEEKS as is LIL MANS (who also is much more CAREFUL and MINDFUL of his possessions than his sister) the twine is faded and stretched out a bit but still very secure.

Yet, my little Bro's GF's* ( and we've already hit upon how possessive i am of my men right?  thus there is no need to delve into my feelings about him even HAVING a GF*) Bracelet wore away around two/three weeks even though she took great care of hers she is a very active little thing, sports etc which wore at the twine a great deal.

AND, De has so many on her arm at any given time there is really no way to give you a time frame on hers ;)



But an AVERAGE standard time frame (taken from a mass of different test subjects) is TWO to FOUR WEEKS :)


Now, with all that said


I can't really call them wish bracelets since they won't wear away to signify the wish coming true &#;


They will have the HAND STAMPED TAGS, and, other than the custom ideas i conjure up in single unique pieces, these will MOST LIKELY ONLY BE SOLD AS PERSONALIZED CUSTOM ITEMS.


Do Magnetic bracelets really work?

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