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Consume Cannabis

N. Milwaukee - Jefferson Park

1S Summit Avenue - Oakbrook Terrace, IL 

Consume Cannabis has four locations spread throughout Illinois and two in the Chicagoland area. Both medical and recreational users can stop into for an array of top-tier products from the medical recreational menu. You can even join the Consumer's Club to earn points and redeem rewards. Take a cannabis class to grow your knowledge of your favorite flower. 



W. Weed St. - Lincoln Park

W. th St. - Homewood, IL

Veterans Dr. - Posen, IL

S. Harlem St. - Worth, IL

S. Roberts Rd. - Justice, IL

W. North Ave. - Melrose Park

10, Skokie Blvd. - Skokie, IL

Curaleaf has a home-grown, welcoming vibe that promotes inclusivity within the world of recreational marijuana. The shop sells flower, vapes, extracts/oils, topicals, concentrates, edibles and so much more. You’ll find clean and modern facilities at each location, as well as well-trained and attentive staff. The new recreational use dispensary features high quality, hand-selected, locally-grown products and services.

All seven locations are open every day for medical patients and adult-use customers. Adult-use customers must order online and pre-select a time slot for pickup. 

Photo via Facebook/Verilife


60 W. Superior - River North

Park Place - Rosemont, IL

S. Arlington Heights Road - Arlington Heights, IL

South Lincolnway, Suite - North Aurora, IL

Lakeside Drive, Unit 4 - Romeoville, IL

North Columbus - Ottawa, IL

Barrington Road, Schaumburg, IL

You’re guaranteed to find a clean, safe and peaceful environment at all Verilife dispensaries, plus a wide selection of products and superbly knowledgeable staff. Take it a step further with and become a member of the VeriVIP Rewards program! Medical and recreational sales—by appointment—are available at Verilife's numerous Chicago area locations. 

Photo Via MOCA

Ascend by MOCA

W. Fullerton Ave. - Logan Square 

W. Ohio St. - River North

Ascend by MOCA–short for Modern Cannabis–aims not only to be a supplier of great products, but also an educator. The Logan Square location serves medical and recreational customers, while the River North location is recreational only. The shop offers “Get A Card” services at the Logan square location five days a week to help people submit their applications. 

PHOTO courtesy of ASCEND By midway

Ascend by Midway Dispensary

S. Ridgeland Ave. - Chicago Ridge

ASCEND by Midway is now open as well, bringing the first adult-use dispensary to Chicago Ridge! Ascend by Midway features a wide selection of the highest quality flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles and topicals including its exclusive Ozone line of products—all available with a seamless online ordering system and friendly budtenders to help you find the right product. 

Photo via facebook/ new age care

Enlightened Dispensary

E Euclid Ave, Mt Prospect, IL

Enlightened Dispensary gives quality curated cannabis to medical users in the Chicagoland area. This dispensary is both medical and adult use.



W. Fullerton Ave. - Addison, IL

You need a breakthrough cannabis experience. Hatch is a medical and recreational dispensary that specializes in providing expert patient care specialists and exclusive product selections. If you want to become a medical user you may apply for a medical card through Hatch's site. Need to move dispensaries? Medical users can make Hatch their dispensary online.  

Photo Via facebook/nuerachicago

NuEra Chicago

W. North Ave. - Wicker Park

NuEra (formerly NuMed) Cannabis dispensary celebrates the fact that legalization in Illinois didn't just change the laws on the books—it unleashed a whole new era of cannabis. An era in which cannabis is safer, higher quality and available in a greater variety than ever before. 

Photo via Rise Dispensary

Rise Dispensary

N. Milwaukee - Niles, IL

Colorado Ave - Joliet, IL

Rock Creek Blvd - Joliet, IL

Quincy Ave - Naperville, IL

N Randall Rd. - Lake in the Hills, IL

Armour Blvd - Mundelein, IL

RISE believes that cannabis is for everyone. And no matter your lifestyle or level of wellness, there is a way for this humble plant to improve your well-being. That’s why making you comfortable and helping you feel informed is the foundation of every RISE store experience. 

Photo Via Facebook/Maribisofchicago

Maribis of Chicago

S. Archer Ave. - Brighton Park

S. Mannheim Rd. - Westchester, IL

N. Grand Ave. E - Grandview, IL

You'll always find a great selection of products at one of the woman-owned and operated Maribis of Chicago as well as frequent deals and specials. With their three locations throughout the Chicagoland area Maribis serves a wide range of both medical and recreational users.


Nature’s Care Company

W. Randolph St. - West Loop

Rohlwing Rd. - Rolling Meadows, IL

Helping patients feel better physically and emotionally is Nature’s Care Company’s mission. Both the Rolling Meadows location and the brand new West Loop dispensary (serving recreational users) have a staff of highly qualified specialists and a substantial menu of products.

Photo via FACEBOOK/zen leaf

Zen Leaf

S. Halsted - West Loop

S. Western Ave - Chicago, IL

Old Skokie Valley Road - Highland Park IL

Butterfield Rd - Lombard, IL 

Lincoln Ave - Charleston, IL

IL Rte 59 - Aurora, IL

N. Naper Blvd - Naperville, IL

Since Zen Leaf has provided cannabis users with quality products. Today Zen Leaf serves both medical and recreational users in their different locations throughout the Chicagoland area. Whether you're attempting to become a new patient or enjoying the flower recreationally Zen Leaf has the spread for you.

photo via earthmed


South Westgate - Addison, IL

E Touhy Ave - Rosemont, IL 

EarthMed staffs employees with backgrounds in healthcare and that are knowledgeable about the medical applications of cannabis, so you know you’re in good hands here. No appointment is needed at this Addison dispensary but online ordering is still available for both medical and adult-use patrons to cut down on time spent picking out and purchasing your products in-store. 



Lake St. - Oak Park, IL

Maple Ave. - Evanston, IL

MedMen's modern and welcoming storefronts in Oak Park and Evanston provide medical and recreational users with an array of products. Attend one of their workshops or coffee & cannabis chat events. MedMen's store pickup hours are 9am to 7pm, but you can still place online orders for recreational-only products via Leafly. 


Mission Illinois

S. Commercial Ave. - South Shore

Mission Illinois looks to provide a safe, inclusive and professional environment, as well as acts of community service, educational offerings, charitable donations and more. Medical patrons and recreational users are can place orders online for pick up before pm.


Columbia Care IL

N. Milwaukee Ave. - Jefferson Park

Columbia Care has over 50 facilities in operation or development in 15 markets, including the EU, so you better believe they know a thing or two about service and making sure their customers are taken care of. Columbia Care has different windows available for medical patients walk-ins, picks ups and recreational customers' pickups, and recommend online orders for a quick and safe pick-up option.


The Herbal Care Center

S. Western Ave. - Tri-Taylor

You’ll find one of the largest and most diverse product selections at The Herbal Care Center including flower, edibles, concentrates and topicals. 

Sours: https://docom/p/the-best-dispensaries-in-chicago

The 12 Best Dispensaries in Portland


Like every legal weed state during the pandemic, Oregon’s industry saw a huge spike in demand during quarantine. It wasn’t just that people were buying more of it—loosened delivery and curbside regulations made it easier to do so from the comfort of your couch or car. Thanks to the proliferation of delivery middleman Dutchie, over half the shops in town deliver now, and the handful of one-off delivery services like Green Box are thriving.

While delivery was king in socially distanced times, physically visiting an experiential cannabis shop holds even greater appeal than usual as vaccinations roll out and summer adventures begin to beckon. Especially in Portland, a place where people take cannabis retail environments extremely seriously, considering our modest tourism numbers. Shops have personalities here: They have themes; they have legacies; they transport you to eras of countercultures past. Not to mention Portland’s farm-to-table agricultural philosophy and emphasis on cannabis education has resulted in what I consider to be the safest, most robust and interesting cannabis products in the world. Here are the 12 best dispensaries you can’t miss, from flower and concentrate authorities to the experiential spaces that celebrate our multifaceted relationship with this plant.


This far east of the city center, people rarely wait in line for anything. But drive past Archive the day of a fresh drop and you’ll spot a line wrapping around the building. Known for its legendary seedbank of sought after genetics and authentic, legendary strains, you’ll be picking up straight from the breeders responsible for strains like Scooby Snacks and Do-Si-Dos—a dizzyingly giddy OG Kush Breath genotype of Girl Scout Cookies. That also means that in addition to an expertly curated menu of house-grown buds and the best in the west, there’s a phenomenal selection of seeds and plant clones to boot. In-store shopping and pick-up available.

Bridge City Collective

Boise and Central Eastside
When wall-to-wall racks of products and experienced budtenders seem daunting, you need a simple but reliable shop that won’t overwhelm you with choices. Balancing a polished space with a down-to-earth style, this is an ideal shop for newbies seeking concise quality and veterans interested in an efficient, satisfying grocery run. The straightforward menu contains local favorites like Focus North and High Noon Cultivation, plus a robust selection of edibles, oils and vapables. With one location in the middle of the unofficial Central Eastside Bar District and the other in the heart of New North Portland, these friendly shops are a lighthearted break amidst the tourist flurry of hyped up hoods. In-store shopping, curbside pick-up, and delivery to a residential Portland address available.


Jayne has charmed Portlanders with a serene, botanical space and a user-friendly approach to providing a vast variety of herbal goods. Details like mossy green decor and a tangible, bound paper menu give respect to the natural roots from which this industry is growing, and thoughtful extras like non-infused candy and chips keep the airy space grounded. Find a large selection of edibles and topicals in particular here, including various transdermal patches, sensual oil, and multi-use tinctures from Luminous Botanicals that can be applied topically or eaten. In-store shopping, curbside pick-up and delivery to a residential Portland address available.

Thrillist TV

Kings of Canna

The Kings of Canna took a more dapper, Sherlock Holmes-inspired approach, with warm lighting and mahogany-colored wood floors providing a cozy, s cigar-room vibe—and when you live in as casual a town as Portland, the fact that this luxuriously-styled shop has remained a favorite of growers and customers alike says a lot. The products, though displayed against red velvet in a stunning wraparound glass case, are priced very reasonably. You aren’t paying for the decor, they just want to enhance the shopping experience. Boutique grows like Nelson & Co. Organics can be found on the shelves for $14/g, as well as a variety of generic—but above decent—flower for just $60/ounce. In-store shopping only.


With a white marble aesthetic and artistic details down to the custom floor tiles made to match a signature geometrical pattern, Serra defines posh pot in Oregon. But the attention paid to the interior design is also reflected in their vast selection of unique, terpene-laden flower Pruf Cultivar. But don’t overlook other buzzworthy buds on the shelves, like those from Black-owned LOWD, either. (Their WiFi is unforgettable). Serra is a good destination for sophisticated add-ons, too, like their 20 mg chocolate bars made with local bean-to-bar chocolatier, Woodblock Chocolate, and mild, beautifully-packaged herbal + weed spliffs from Barbari. In-store shopping, curbside pick-up and delivery to a residential Portland address available.

Electric Lettuce

Cedar Hills, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Oldtown, Foster-Powell, Lloyd District, Alberta
This groovy little (older?) sister to the Serra brand has the same quality selection with a chiller, Summer of Love-inspired ambiance. Walls are covered in vintage political posters and tchotchkes straight out of your grandma’s attic, while the effects of flower, oils, and edibles are categorized by five frequencies: active, aware, groovy, cosmic, mellow, and easy. White marble is swapped for tie dye and shag carpet, and there’s a record player in the lounge area for you to sustain the time travel a little longer. Also, their one-of-a-kind glass ashtrays and general EL gear remain some of the strongest pot swag in town. In-store shopping, curbside pick-up, and delivery to a residential Portland address available.

Green Muse

Formerly known as Green Hop, this is the hip-hop-centric dispensary redefining what a dispensary can do. Co-owned by former educators who have established an internship program teaching employable skills to at-risk young adults of age to consume, the Black-owned business aims to help make space for their community in a gentrified North Portland neighborhood. Nineties hip-hop plays on the speakers, and graffitied walls create a colorful, creative environment. They organize their solid selection of the best of local flower by relating each to a corresponding music artist according to that strain’s high, like the balanced, high-CBD effects of Critical Mass going by Stevie Wonder. In-store shopping and curbside pick-up available.


East Burnside
ICYMI—Bend has as strong a cannabis scene as Portland for its comparative size. Oregrown started there but its renown for fabulous flower and mouthwatering resin cartridge pods made in collaboration with PAX quickly spread statewide. You can find their flower all over town, but visit their store for the full experience, where you can peruse branded street- and outdoor wear in the stylish space, containing the single coolest, massive custom couch melting down one corner of the room. Edible seekers won’t be disappointed either—they serve the higher dosing crowd well with a variety of $5 - $6 single gummies and local favorites like Elbe’s cake balls packed with 50 mg THC in one bite. In-store shopping, curbside pick-up, and delivery to a residential Portland address available.


Central Eastside
If a scientist opened a cannabis dispensary, this would be it. In this case, a weed scientist did open up a dispensary, from which the smoking crowd has benefited greatly. When cannabis first legalized, and testing regulations were still very much in flux, in fear of newbies buying unsafe product, many local leaders reached out to me begging me to write something so that “no one shopped anywhere but Farma.” This shop’s carefully curated collection of farms, processors, and edible makers have been vetted for organic, ethical practices, and the staff has managed to maintain a special, particularly welcoming and helpful budtender culture. In-store shopping, curbside pick-up and delivery to a residential Portland address available

TreeHouse Collective

Find TreeHouse under the billboard denoting the start of the Green Mile: a collection of cannabis dispensaries on the diagonal Sandy Boulevard which stretches for miles. But if you’re looking for a huge selection of the state’s best flower and concentrates, this place is the only stop you’ll need to make. Resin Ranchers, Ten Four Farms, Tao Gardens, Evans Creek Farms—all the farms serious consumers seek out, for the best prices this central. Plus, a variety of live resin, hash rosin, rosin badder, and all the other niche concentrates a dabbing aficionado will appreciate. In-store shopping and curbside pick-up available.

Five Zero Trees 

Dekum, Montavilla, Beaverton
Stickers for this shop are everywhere: on bridges, on outhouses, on sidewalks—pretty weird considering neither of the outposts are within walking distance of downtown. But the heavy users of Portland fell for this flower authority back when it was just a medical shop in deep Southeast. This place once sold a 1g Oregon Lemons joint so strong it nearly knocked Tom Sizemore out before he started talking like a conspiracy theorist, pledging to call whenever he’s in town for the hookup to the good stuff (true story). Now you can find a Five Zero Trees (two actually!) as far as the Oregon Coast. In-store shopping and curbside pick-up available.

Oregon's Finest 

Pearl District and Central Eastside
With two fairly grandiose locations—one in the Pearl District and the other next to the Convention Center—Oregon’s Finest is hard to miss. With multiple high-end strain options from growers regularly featured in all the cannabis magazines, this is an easy one-stop shop if you’re anywhere downtown. You’ll find not only 25+ strains at any given point, but premium concentrates in every form and factor. Same with accessories—this spot has accoutrement for connoisseurs looking for the latest vape tech, as well as discrete one-hitter options for subtle stoney strolls. As far as shopping goes, you can’t go wrong with anything from sofresh farms, the impressive in-house grow. In-store shopping, curbside pick-up, and delivery to a residential Portland address available.

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Lauren Yoshiko is as close to a cannabis culture critic as the hazy concept allows. She opened a dispensary, managed a dispensary, and managed a farm in Southern Oregon for two years, all the while reporting on every facet of the industry for various publications. Follow her on Instagram at @laurenyoshiko for aesthetically-pleasing smoking tables, mild cat content, and nail art.

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The Best Recreational Dispensaries in Denver


While a lot has changed over the past year, the Mile High City continues to deliver when it comes to all things quality cannabis. But, with a directory of more than dispensaries, where do you even begin to dig into the dank? From mouthwatering edibles to top-notch concentrates and supportive topicals to flourishing flower power, we’ve rounded up the best one-stop-shop recreational dispensaries in Denver to take care of your entire leafy list. If money’s tight, we’ve got you covered with the best dispo deals citywide so you can burn on a budget (not through your savings). Still feeling anxious about in-person transactions during COVID? You’ll find safety measures broken down by location (including plenty of curbside and online ordering options), so you can consume with comfort. 

High Level Health

Cheeseman Park/LoDo/Golden Triangle/Dumont
This award-winning brand (currently holding an impressive accolades) serves up exceptional flower, concentrates, and vapes. HLH emphasizes the overall wellness and satisfaction of clientele with all-natural growing methods and attention to detail and has its own breeding program, which means exclusive strains. Papa Smurph and Platinum Valley are highly sought after, while the HLH GG#4 (a non-proprietary strain) has gone through significant in-house work and is a popular choice for recreational and medical consumers, alike. When it comes to shopping for out-of-house products, you’ll find Wyld, Wana, Coda, and Stillwater’s Ripple Dissolvables regularly in stock. Daily deals run the gamut here. Joints are priced $ for one, $ for two, and $ for three, half-ounces are $ (and you can even break them down into four different eighths), and HLH sugar, shatter, wax, and butter are all $ per gram or 4 grams for $ (pre-tax prices). As a thanks for your reefer loyalty, you can also earn 2% back by joining the points program (earn points for every dollar you spend).
COVID protocol: Order online and check the COVID blog post on the HLH website for updates and the latest details. Additionally, strict social distancing practices are in play for in-store shoppers.

Apothecary Farms

This concentrate-driven hot spot serves up exceptional varietals with high-cannabinoid extracts. Specializing in terpene preservation (for all you flavor snobs), Apothecary Farms uses refined extraction techniques, including cryo freezers and climate-controlled transport. You can expect unique and exotic tasting notes from in-house strains like Honey Banana, Blackberry Banana Kush, and Black Cherry OG. An advanced lab that follows standard operating procedures ensures consistent, clean product through every extraction batch. For dab enthusiasts looking to keep consumption affordable, there are $15 grams of shatter and wax every day and $25 daily deals on live resin. For the connoisseurs, there’s a hearty selection of house-produced solventless hash rosin starting around $50 per gram. And, if you are seeking flower, there are about 10 strains on hand at a time sourced from top cultivations like 14er Boulder, and you can cop a $20 eighth on top-shelf buds.
COVID protocol: The dispensary is following all CDC guidelines to ensure everything is clean and sanitized at all times. Apothecary Farms currently requires all customers and employees to wear masks while in the facility.

Thrillist TV

Lucy Sky

Lucy Sky goes the extra mile for the customer experience. The staff aims for lasting bonds between cannabis advisor and consumer, so education is key for this two-outpost brand. Hand-picked, top-shelf flower is available at all times, and notable bud is supplied by Malek’s Premium Cannabis, Clearwater, Cuban Crew, and Willie’s Reserve. Consistency is key when it comes to outsourced product lines, and you can find Green Dot Labs, Soiku Bano, Labs, and Dablogic on a regular basis. Deals are in play every single day of the week, from daily ounces at $ to 10% off edibles on Mondays to 10% off top-shelf live resin and all other concentrates on Wednesdays. If you’re an early riser, stop in during the first hour of the morning to score 15% off. Additionally, Sky Bucks are up for grabs (get $5 off $35 the following week) and you can add a gram for $5 when you spend $ So, throw a few extra coins in the meter and take your time on this lit shopping spree.
COVID protocol: Online ordering is encouraged, and curbside pickup is offered for debit card-only transactions. Within the store, no more than three guests can shop at one time, and customers are required to sanitize hands in the lobby (all staff is masked and in gloves). There are sneeze guards on each register, and no hand-to-hand transactions permitted. Areas are marked for social distancing and the entire space is sanitized regularly.

L’Eagle Services

L’Eagle applies sustainable, environmentally friendly practices brand-wide. Unsure of which cannabis product is right for you? A passionate, knowledgeable staff ensures you will find exactly what you need. When it comes to flower, L’Eagle’s grow pros include two degreed horticulturists and nearly 40 years of commercial cannabis techniques to produce buds that are cured properly for 60 days prior to sale. A large selection of 25 to 30 organic flower strains keeps the regulars lining up, from L’Eagle Eagle, with sweet pine and lemon notes and uplifting effects, to the award-winning Austin Hash Plant. With plants that eat better than most people, this year-old company utilizes only the best nutrients available. The ethics carry into L’Eagle’s concentrate creation, as well, where in-house offerings feature the cleanest rosin (using only heat and pressure; no chemicals or solvents) and caviar (featuring Girl Scout Cookies flower, dipped in freshly pressed, % solventless rosin, and rolled in freshly sifted kief), which are crafted away from the shop and grow. But, don’t let the organic nature fool you; L’Eagle serves up deals for an affordable green smoking experience. Sign up for text message blasts for the skinny on half-price specials, random $10 eighths on a snow day, $15 grams of live resin, and more. On a regular day, you can still snag a $99 ounce and a $16 eighth, and feel great about blazing up in sustainable style.
COVID protocol: To expedite the experience, pre-order online (you can also view real-time menus), and your goods will be ready and waiting when you arrive. Note that L’Eagle practices social distancing and recommended COVID precautions within the dispensary.

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Co.

Formerly Northern Lights, this new Denver franchise of Rocky Mountain Cannabis Co. sources from a massive lineup of third-party growers, so flower fans can expect a healthy range of options and prices. When it comes to concentrates, consider an array of up to 75 strains, from wax and shatter to live resins and rosins. Upgrade your edible experience with Dialed In products, which are made with rosin. Fret not; you still have access to some incredible deals! Save on bud with 15% off eighths and larger quantities on Tuesday, BOGO cartridges on Wednesday (aka Pensday) and choose-your-own-deal Sunday. Despite the transition, expect the same friendly faces you’re used to—just sporting new T-shirts! Plus, all loyalty points carried over from Northern Lights to the new database.
COVID protocol: One person (or party of two) can enter the waiting room while another person (or party of two) shops inside. Customers are asked to maintain six feet of social distance from the staff and each other while in-store. Facial coverings over both nose and mouth are required by all. Missing the former convenience of Weedmaps? The transition is currently underway!

Denver Kush Club

Five Points
In-house bud that leads to concentrates is at the core of this year-old Five Points staple located next door to the famed Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. An extensive collection of classic and new Kush Concentrates products grace the rec case, including diamonds, sauce, live resin, shatter, wax, Denver Nuggets (moon rocks), Caviar joints, distillate, and cartridges. For those who prefer traditional flower, DKC stocks up to 25 strains at a time, from signature Kush (duh!) buds to all the popular and newest strains. Still, there’s an array of both edibles and topicals (and a full clothing line) to round out the inventory. 
COVID protocol: Place orders online, by phone, or curbside, and expect strict social distancing guidelines while inside the shop.

The Herbal Cure

Washington Park
Connoisseur flower, exceptional customer service, and art installations are the draws at this mom-and-pop shop. Over the past year, The Herbal Cure has expanded its budventory to carry additional strains from Snaxland, Bloom County, and Cherry, to both keep shelves stocked (25 to 30 strains at a time) and satisfy its growing customer base. Top-selling flower includes Apple Fritter, Tropicana Cherries, Super Lemon Haze, Runtz, and Frankenberry, along with a variety of OG and Cookies crosses. Beyond the bud, this dispo is a one-stop-shop for concentrates from Viola, Harmony Extracts, and DabsLabs, and you can lock in the best prices in the city (and state) on live rosin, pods, and pasta joints from Labs, along with solventless selects from Green Dot Labs and Sunshine Extracts—look out for in-house flavors extracted from the house grow from several of these concentrate collabs! Devour edibles courtesy of Coda, Wana, and Robhots; this full-spectrum operation has a flavor for every indulger to savor. Still haven’t found the Cure? New customers get hooked up with 20% off their first purchases, along with $22 eighths, every day.
COVID protocol: The Herbal Cure is still serving walk-in customers based on city and state guidelines; however, shoppers can also place online orders. For those who pre-order, take advantage of a % discount, until further notice.

Terrapin Care Station

Expect a wide selection of award-winning flower and deep discounts on popular brands from this independent, locally-owned shop, where the staff goes the distance. Not sure which strain to try? Seasoned budtenders recommend classic strains like Moonshine Haze and Hells OG, as well as Terrapin-original strains including Grapefruit Durban and Ugly Stepsister. For a quickie, try conveniently pre-rolled TerraPins ($). If it’s a more elevated lift you seek, puff Terrapin’s premium line of flower “The Woods,” which consists of wildly potent strains from exotic genetics. They also bring the fire with Double Bear Concentrates, which are produced by real-life mad scientists in tandem with Terrapin growers. The cases are lined with flavorful concentrates, from cured (starting at $ per gram) and live resin, as well as a wide selection of affordable vape carts (from $15 to $30) and pods. Edible enthusiasts can score on savings, flavor and potency thanks to selections from Wana, NFuzed, Cheeba Chews, and As an added perk, join the TerraPoints program to unlock more deals with every purchase.
COVID protocol: Place an online order prior to visiting for quick pick-up. In the shop, expect CDC guidelines in place, including social distancing and one shopper inside at a time. All employers are outfitted in masks and gloves, and surfaces are sanitized regularly.

Verde Natural

Park Hill Northeast
Hand-grown plants cultivated in living, recycled soil contribute to Verde Natural’s unique and vibrant flavor profile. Whether it’s Hazelnut Cream, Super Lemon Haze, Wedding Cake, or Coal Creek Kush, these indoor buds are fed an all-organic diet, and have won awards for both taste and potency. Verde’s smooth aftermath upon inhalation is a product of this mindful harvesting technique. To create Cannabis Cup-winning concentrates, Verde’s flower is extracted into solventless DabLogic products, like Live SHO Cake Batter and cartridges. With four, full-gram joints for $40, buy 8 grams, pay for 7 on solventless items, and the strain of the month priced at $25 per eighth, even premium product is available at a lower cost. 
COVID protocol: Online or by-phone ordering is encouraged. If you plan to visit, keep in mind that only three people are permitted in the shop at a time (between both the recreational and medical sides) and masks are required. Staff members are outfitted in gloves and masks, and the store is disinfected regularly, as is the ATM.

Diego Pellicer

Southwest Denver
Stunning interiors featuring Chihuly glass art aren’t the only attractions at this top-notch joint. It’s about the consumer journey at Diego Pellicer, with a strong focus on the shopping experience. A brand-new bud bar in the center of the room displays more than 30 different exotic and premium strains, while the inventory offers unique discounts and hard-to-find products. The namesake pays homage to an s hemp entrepreneur, and the quality cannabis stems from one vertically integrated company grow, along with outsourced, small-batch, exotic strains from boutique grows, which regularly test with THC levels into the most impressive high and mid-to-high percentiles. Highly regarded for potency and well-grown exotic genetics, this upscale outpost carries brag-worthy strains such as Colorado Cream Soda, Super Lemon MAC, and Runtz, from growers including Locol Love, Antero Sciences, Snaxland, and Cherry. As far as concentrates, Diego Pellicer offers 7-gram live resin buckets, solventless and freeze-dried concentrates, CBD isolate, and Empire Diamonds, a THCA product testing at 99%. Don’t judge this dispensary by its decor, though—grab $15 eighths, $9 grams, $ ounces, $15 grams of wax and shatter, and $24 grams live resin every day of the week. 
COVID protocol: Place an online order on the Diego Pellicer website. Or, if you prefer to shop inside, note that only four people are permitted at once, and social distancing is required. Budtenders wear gloves and keep their hands and stations sanitized regularly, and masks are required.

Medicine Man

Northeast Denver/Aurora/Thornton/Longmont
A 40,square-foot cultivation facility anchors the operation at this four-branch dispensary. With up to 50 different strains growing at a time, there’s plenty of variety when it comes to indica, sativa, hybrids, and CBD options. When not serving up the in-house flower, Wana gummies fly off the shelves daily. In fact, third-party edibles and concentrates are aplenty at Medicine Man, including additional selections from Incredibles, NFuzed, Wyld, PAX, Labs, Lazercat, and Green Dot Labs. There is always a deal at Medicine Man; take advantage of everyday low pricing and a loyalty program where you can earn points every time you shop.
COVID protocol: All stores are operating with extreme social distancing practices in place. Sneeze guards and 6-foot separators are located at every register. All budtenders wear gloves and sanitize work areas after transactions and facemasks are required. Online ordering is encouraged to minimize time spent in-store.

The Health Center

University Hills/Uptown/Boulder
The Health Center offers 20 to 30 varieties of award-winning strains. From Durban Poison to Strawberry Nightmare, it’s more than just catchy bud monikers that will get your foot in these doors. Aside from a strong focus on ethical and local grows, along with potency and effectiveness, visitors can take advantage of deals seven days a week. Visit on Saturdays for BOGO half-off edibles. And, for the early-bird stoners that can make it in for “happy hour,” during the first hour of business each day, you can choose your own deal from the daily roster. 
COVID protocol: The Health Center has installed air purifiers in all locations, protective shields at every terminal, and hand sanitizing stations for all. The staff members wear gloves and masks at all times, complete ATM sanitization after every transaction and follow hand-washing requirements. Online ordering is encouraged, curbside service is now available and in-person transactions are limited to 7 minutes. Social distancing is strongly enforced, or patrons risk removal.

Kind Love

This spacious Glendale spot just over the Denver County Line is home to some of the most coveted and elite genetics in cannabis, as well as an educated staff always eager and willing to advise. Legendary classic strains like Louis XIII hold up alongside modern stars like ARC, MAC1, and GMO Cookies, while exclusives like ARCtic Cookies and Trixxx set a high standard for new strain creations. Got a green thumb? Trust in Kind Love to provide clean, high-quality clones from their same A-list genetics and seeds, courtesy of world-class breeders.
COVID protocol: Kind Love prefers online ordering, followed by in-store payment and pickup. Within the shop, there’s strict adherence to state and local regulations.

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