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Summary: Soulmate AU where the world turns black and white when your soulmate dies.

Pairing: Sam Winchester x reader

Word Count: 3,

Requested By @ancient-reader: Hey i had a angsty soul mate idea. you can sense your soul mate dying and because Dean and Sam “die” a lot their respective soulmates are super confused.


The first time your world fell apart, you were 23 years old.

It was as normal as any other day. You got up, you cleaned your room, you and your roommate left for class, you slept during most of it, you got back to the dorm, studied, slept some more. There was nothing wrong. Everything was going as smoothly as it possibly could.

Then again, you didn’t really know if anything was supposed to happen beforehand.

You had been watching a movie with your roommate, some cheesy chick flick she recommended. So far, it was hard to follow, mostly because you found the main character annoying as fuck. Carrie, your roommate, was slurping pot noodles, her flaming red hair a mess around her head.

It was the discolored hair that your eyes fell to first.

It turned a dark shade of gray, which you didn’t notice at first. The room was dark, and you dismissed it as a trick on your eyes. But then, as you looked back to your laptop screen, the moving figures had all turned shades of gray.

You froze, blood going cold as you stared at the screen for a few more moments, trying desperately to find something that would tell you this was a trick.

The colors didn’t come back.

You let out a strange, strangled sound from your throat, stumbling off the bed. You barely registered the protest from Carrie as her noodles spilled in your mad dash to the light switch. The lights came on, but the only thing it did was make the grays brighter. They remained gray. Your eyes traveled frantically over objects around the space, heart beating a mile a minute. There was a pang in your heart then, and you knew at once that this wasn’t a mistake.

Your soulmate had died.

You had collapsed right there, legs giving out as your heart shattered into a million pieces, Carrie jumping towards you in a panic.


It was only about a day later that what you considered was impossible happened.

You had been cooped up in your room all day long, Carrie having told everyone what happened and to not disturb you. The administration in your college was kind enough to give you a few days off, which you accepted. You could barely see straight. It would take a while to get used to your colorless world.

You hadn’t dared look outside the window, unable to stand how gray everything was. Your heart was weighed with loss, a million questions in your head. What had happened? How did he die? Cancer? No, you would have felt him weakening. This was sudden. Car accident? Made sense.

You were looking at the blanket covering your legs, your back against your headboard. A blanket you knew was red.


You stiffened when you saw the color impinge on your eyes, spilling over the blanket. You heart was beating a mile a minute, mind racing for an explanation as your head shot up.

The colors were back.

A strangled shout left your throat, jumping up from your bed and pressing your back to a wall. Your body was breaking out in sweat, trying to rationalize what was going on. But you couldn’t, you had no explanation.

When Carrie came home that afternoon, you kept your mouth shut. You were sure your mind was playing tricks on you. Maybe a grief management mechanism. It was envisioning colors so you wouldn’t have to deal with your soulmate’s death. Yeah, that was it.

But you were wrong. When you chanced a peek outside that night, you saw the lights. Yellow, red and blue lights. Surrounding the campus, from signs outside restaurants, from cars passing by. This was no trick. Your colors were back.

Which meant your soulmate was alive.

It couldn’t have been possible. The colors were gone for at least 24 hours. You had heard of people who died for like, 6 minutes and then came back when electrically shocked. But this was 24 hours. He came back after 24 hours. His body should have been cold and already rotting by that time.

How was that possible?

Something changed in you that day. Maybe it was the trauma of your supposed loss. But from that day, you became obsessed with finding the truth. You scoured the internet for weeks, going deeper and deeper in hopes of an explanation. Was your soulmate actually alive? Or was it some medical condition that allowed you to see colors despite his death? You had to know. Your heart ached to know.

Carrie noticed the change, of course. At first, she wrote it off as a grieving mechanism, exactly what you had labeled it at the beginning. But as days went by and your search became obsessive, she began to question your sanity.

“You sure you’re okay?” She asked one morning as she got ready for class. You had to leave too, but hadn’t even bothered dressing yet. You wouldn’t lie, your studies had kind of taken a corner at that time. Carrie had picked up on that too.

“Fine.” You mumbled, reading through an article that sounded hopeful. Towards the end of it though, you deflated. Nothing about colors coming back.

From there, your mind wandered from recoloring to the concept of resurrection. Was it possible? Was that how your colors were back? Was your soulmate, in fact, alive?

From the internet, you resorted to old, forgotten books in public libraries. When science failed you, you turned to the arts. Spirituality, religion, legends. You have never believed in the authenticity of these mediums, but your case wasn’t exactly cut and dry anymore. It was as abstract as these arts suggested.

Resurrection was something that old lore talked about very often, but as far as you could tell, most of these sources were unreliable. You should have stopped there. You should have called it a day and went back to college, finished your degree, gotten a job. Maybe even had a family.

And what? Spend your entire life wondering what the hell had happened to you? Spend your days loving someone only to have them die when you were old and having your colors still intact? Find out they are not your soulmate? Live a life so unreliable, with the possibility that your partner was not your soulmate hanging over you?


Lore led you down a rabbit hole, and before you knew it, the world of the supernatural was laid out before you.

It was a slow transition. A hunt here, a monster there. It wasn’t until two years later that you could honestly say that you were a hunter. Your eyes were opened to a whole new realm of possibility. The medium was endless, and you even started to play with the idea that your soulmate was a hunter. It would explain the resurrection.

Life on the road was a tough one, considering you dropped everything and ran. Only a few people looked for you, you had seen some posters online. Most of them believed you were still healing from your ‘loss’ and had let you be. But mostly, it was the loneliness that made it difficult. Often times, you’d go days without uttering a word, and you’d even resorted to singing loudly in your car, anything to fill the space.

When you were 26, the unthinkable happened again. The colors disappeared.

You had actually been on a ghoul hunt when it happened, and the adrenaline had made the loss barely noticeable. It was only when you had fallen back into your car covered in ghoul guts that you noticed the lack of yellow headlights illuminating the road before you. The light was a bright grey.


You turned on your flashlight, going through everything you had in the car, things you knew were colored, finding them all in shades of grey. Tears coated your eyes and you shuddered, trying to process what had happened.

Don’t worry. It’s okay. This is probably like last time.

It wasn’t like last time.


For the next year and a half, you saw only grey.

It was a few weeks after you lost the colors that you resigned all hope. This was it. He was really, truly dead. For two months afterwards, you had cried and mourned, trying to deal with the loss of the unknown love of your life. How was it possible to love someone so much, yet not even know who they were? You wanted nothing more than to have him alive and happy with you. The hunting life was a lonely life, and you craved to feel him next to you, by your side through all of it.

And now he was gone.


It started with little objects.

A ball kicked around by a kid, a bright blue. The rest of its surroundings, still black and white. A cup of coffee labeled a vibrant green, standing out in the gray. Your own skin in the mirror, clad by gray clothes.

You were sure you were losing your mind.

There was no lore book, no type of witchcraft, nothing you could find that could explain this. It was one thing getting your colors back, but certain colored objects at a time? It made no sense.

Then one day, all the colors came back.

It was at that point that you lost it, screaming and tossing things around in your motel room. You cried and shrieked when motel management forced your door open and tried to restrain you. These last few years had been so alone and so difficult, you had reached your breaking point. This was too much, even for you.

When you gained consciousness, you were lying in a hospital bed. A kind man in a lab coat was standing over you, saying something about getting you a psych evaluation. You wanted to kill him. You wished you had your gun on you.

You couldn’t escape them very easily though, not when you still had a limp. Apparently, you had sprained your ankle during your struggle with the motel people. Had even punched one of them in the face. All in all, things weren’t looking good.

As you sat in what looked like a nurse’s office, clad in all white clothes, you looked at the room around you. You could see the colors; some blue utensils, your own skin, the color of the couch you sat on. You were so drained, you didn’t even want to question it anymore.

They led you to a temporary room to stay in until your ankle healed. You highly doubted that was the reason they detained you, considering they put you on the same floor as a bunch of crazy patients. You knew they thought you were unstable, and not just physically. You had to find a way to get out of here.

The halls were narrow but clean. Most patients stayed in their rooms, some you saw wandering around. As you passed by the rooms, you caught glimpses of the people inside; a middle aged man mumbling to himself, a girl walking around and around her room, a man who was crying in a corner, another one-

You stopped at the latest sight. The man in the room was laying on the bed, still, eyes looking straight up to the ceiling. He was huge, almost not being able to fit the bed, his hair was long and his face was stubbled. His eyes were haunted and empty, dark circles prominent. His entire cheeks seem to sink into his face, mouth slightly open. It didn’t take rocket science to figure out he hadn’t slept in a very long time.

You moved on down the hall, not being able to shake a weird feeling from your body. Something about that man had unsettled you, but you couldn’t pinpoint it.


It was when you saw a ghost go up in flames in his room while him and a girl stood in a salt circle that you realized the tall, sleep deprived man wasn’t just a normal person. He was a hunter.

When the girl had left, you slowly appeared in his doorway, watching the muscles in his back shift as he sat down on the bed, running a hand through his hair and yawning. Hesitantly, you knocked on the doorframe, making him jump and turn to look at you.

When his eyes met yours, your breath caught.

“Sorry for disturbing you.” You kept your voice low and took a step inside. You heart was beating a mile a minute. What was happening? “The salt circle for the ghost… you’re a hunter?”

The sentence made him straighten and turn in his spot so he was facing you, a sceptical look on his face. His eyes kept darting over you, as if shaken by your presence the same way you were shaken by his.

“I- yeah. You too?” You nodded.

He smiled a bit, as much as his tired face could muster, but it still made your insides twist. This man….

“I’m Y/N.” You took a few more steps forward, making him smile a bit more and gesture to the bed to take a seat, which you did.

“Sam.” He replied. Sam. It sounded so right. “What are you in for?”

You let out a bitter laugh. “You wouldn’t believe me.”

Sam raised an eyebrow, hands in his lap playing with each other. His entire figure was hunched with tiredness, but he didn’t seem disinterested. On the contrary, he was looking at you like you held all the answers.

You were looking at him the same way.

“I don’t think this life leaves any room for the impossible.” He commented.

You smiled and shrugged. “I guess so.” Taking a deep breath, you continued. “Well, my soulmate keeps dying.”

Sam froze, eyebrows furrowing. His eyes were a dull shade of gray bordered with shades of brown. But this gray didn’t make you want to rip your hair out. It made you feel calm almost, like you were at home. As cheesy as it sounded, you felt like you’d known Sam all your life.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well,” you breathed. “one day, I could see colors, and the next, I couldn’t. I thought my soulmate had died, but about a day later, they were back.”

“When was this?” He asked, voice lower now, staring at you intensely.

“About 6 years ago. A little more.” You said. Sam stayed quiet, frozen in his spot.

“And it happened again?” He enquired, eyes not leaving yours. “About a year and a half ago?”

Your eyes widened, movements seizing. Sam was still looking at you, almost with a guilty look on his face. Despite his large frame, he looked small under your gaze.

“How did you…..?” But you knew, of course. You finally understood. It was him. Him.

“Yeah.” He whispered, voice shaky.

You continued to look at him for what felt like a lifetime. Suddenly, every feeling you had felt from the moment you passed by his door made sense. The rapid heartbeat, the constricting chest, the unprecedented connection.

Sam was your soulmate.

“You died-” Your breath caught as you subconsciously scooted closer to Sam on the bed. He bent forward more, as if welcoming the gesture.

“More than once.” Sam whispered. “I- I always wondered what my soulmate would feel like after it happened. Always. But I never thought I’d send you to a psych ward. God, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t.” You choked out, hands moving up on instinct. Your palms met his stubble roughened cheeks, making his eyes flutter shut. The contact made your heart slow, your muscles calm. Your thumbs traced his prominent cheekbones, one hand pushing his hair behind his ear.

“We’ll figure it out.” You stated when you realized just how poor Sam’s condition was. You leaned forward, forehead resting against his. Sam let out a breath, and you could feel his muscles practically melt under your touch.

“We’ll figure it out.” He whispered back.


For the next hour, Sam told you everything about his life. From dying and coming back, Dean going to hell, to Sam’s own trip down there with Lucifer. He talked about being soulless, then getting his soul back but Death making a barrier around his head.

“I think that might be why you only saw a few colors at a time.” He guessed. “I mean, I was there. But not really. Not all of me.”

When Sam was done, silence took over the little space. During the talking, you had moved closer to him, both of you sitting cross-legged right in front of each other. Your hands grasped his tightly, and you saw him fighting to keep his eyes open.

“It’s the memories, right?” You asked, voice barely above a whisper. “Memories of the Cage. Lucifer. They’re keeping you awake.”

Sam nodded jerkily, taking in a shaky breath. His eyes were slightly red, coated with a thin layer of tears with the effort of not closing them. You reached a hand up, running it down the side of his face, pushing his hair back. He was slightly bruised up too. A cut on the corner of his lip, a bump on his cheekbone.

“He won’t let me sleep.” Sam croaked out, almost as if afraid to say it out loud. “All day, he just keeps talking and talking…” He drifted off.

“Sam,” you couldn’t help it, you pressed your forehead to his again. It felt so natural, so right. “You know what I feel? I feel angry.”

Sam looked at you in confusion. You nodded.

“That’s right, I’m fuming. Because you’re so strong. I mean, fuck, you overpowered fucking Satan and spent a whole year in hell with him. You saved the world. You’re a hero. You don’t deserve to have your story turned into a tragedy.”

Sam gave you a sad smile, closing his eyes and nudging your nose. “You’re the only person who’s said that to me besides Dean.”

You smiled too, letting your own eyes fall shut. One of your hands was still on his head, fingers weaving slowly through his hair. The other intertwined with his hands tightly.

“I’m right.” You spoke, making Sam take in a shaky breath. “I know you think it’s okay that you’re not happy, but it’s not. You deserve the world, Sam.”

Sam opened his eyes then, a warm brown meeting your own. He was still smiling.

“Who says I’m not happy?”

You stared at him for a few seconds before he nudged forward, closing the little gap between you two.

Your lips moved with a harmony that shouldn’t have been possible, but it was. It was like you’d done it a million times, yet it felt like nothing you’d ever felt before. Sam clouded your mind and your senses. He was all you could feel, all you could touch, all you could think about. His lips were slightly chapped, but so soft, as they moved slowly, chastly, over your own. His hand came up to cup the back of your neck, fitting his lips more firmly to yours. Your breath caught and for a second, and you were sure you had died and gone to heaven. If this was what kissing your soulmate felt like, you wanted to do it forever.

After what felt like an eternity, Sam pulled away just an inch, his breath still on your lips.

“Yeah, I’m very happy.” He mumbled, smile taking over his lips again.

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Pairing: Reader x Cas

Prompt: Soulmate AU

25 Days of Tropes Masterlist


Soulmates are real.

Soulmates are real.

Soulmates are real.

It had been almost an hour since the man—Castiel, you’d learned—had shown up at your door and you still hadn’t wrapped your mind around the news. You had a soulmate, and he was an angel in the literal sense of the word.

Angels are real.

That was also something you hadn’t wrapped your mind around.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” Castiel asked.

Dumbly, you nodded and took another sip of the tea he’d made you. You set the cup down on your coffee table and looked over at him. 

“How long have you known?”

Cas frowned, confused. “How long have I known what?”

“That I was your soulmate.”

“Only for a few days,” he answered. His voice was earnest as he continued, “I’ve been looking for you. It took me longer than I had anticipated, you’re very well hidden here.”


His response hadn’t been the answer you were expecting, but if you were being honest, you weren’t really sure what to expect. Your worldview had just expanded about ten thousand percent.

“Are you alright?”

You looked up, meeting his concerned gaze. “I’m fine, I think. It’s just… a lot to take in, I guess. This really wasn’t expecting when I said that I wanted to fall in love this year,” you said. You laughed a little, remembering how only two days before you’d discussed your resolution for the new year with your best friend. The decorations from your New Year’s Eve party were still hanging from your walls.

Offering Cas a weak smile, you stood and pushed your hair back out of your face, looking around the room.

“What’s the phrase? New year, new me?” Cas asked, his voice hopeful.

That made you laugh a little bit more. “I don’t think that really applies here, Castiel.”

“You can call me Cas, if you’d prefer. That’s what my friends call me.”

“You have friends? Aren’t you an angel?”

Cas smiled softly and stood, and you noticed that there were happy little crinkles at the corners of his bright blue eyes. “Yes, but I have a few close friends. We have our arguments, though. We don’t always agree, and I suppose my upbringing as a warrior doesn’t often help with those,” he told you.

“A warrior, huh? Are your friends angels too?”

“No, they’re very human,” Cas answered, watching as you picked up your empty teacup and carried into the kitchen. After rinsing it out, you started to wash empty teapot. “What are you doing?”

“I’m cleaning,” you told him. “Do you want me to do something else?”

Cas hesitated and after a moment answered, “I was hoping that you would come with me.”

You raised an eyebrow at him and set the cup and the pot in your draining rack, then dried your hands with a dish towel. The towel was soaked by the time you’d finished drying your hands and the counter, and you draped it over the bar on the oven before putting your hands on your hips and looking back over at Cas.

“You want me to go with you?”

“Yes. Now that we both know we’re soulmates, your life is in danger,” Cas said.

“I’m sorry, what?”

He nodded and the two of you stared at each other for a long moment before you shook your head.

“No, Cas. This is ridiculous. Are you in some kind of trouble or something? I can give you money, I guess, but you can’t just come in here and tell me that one, you’re an angel, two, we’re soulmates, and three, I have to come with you just because we’re soulmates.” You ticked off the items on your fingers as you spoke, then crossed your arms over your chest.

Cas sighed, running a hand through his hair and looking around the apartment. He stopped for a moment to inspect the over-the-top New Year’s banner you’d found at the party store, then shook his head and muttered to himself. Pulling out his phone, he quickly dialed in and brought it to his ear, staring at you all the while.

“Dean? I need your help with something.” Cas went quiet, looking down as he listened to the man on the other end. Finally he said, “Yes, I’m with Y/N.” He looked up again and held the phone out for you.

Tentatively, you took it and held it to your ear. “Hello?”

“Is this Y/N?”

“Yes, who is this? Are you a friend of Castiel’s?” You glanced over at the angel, who was watching you intently.

“You could say that. I’m Dean. He told you your life was in danger because you’re his soulmate?” Dean asked.

“Yes, he did.”

“And you’re refusing to go with him?”

“Why would I go with him? I’ve known Cas for a few minutes, Dean. I’ve got a life here and I’m not going to just give it up like that,” you replied, your tone a bit sharper than you’d intended.

Dean sighed on the other end of the line. “Listen. He’s right—your life’s in danger now. As much as I hate it, the safest thing for you right now is to go with Cas. He’ll bring you here, where it’s safe, and in a few days we can figure out if there’s a way for you to get back to your normal life.”

Something about Dean’s voice made you want to trust him. Both he and Cas were convinced that you were in danger, and after a moment of thought you relented.

“Fine. I’ll go with you, but only for a few days. Promise me that I’ll be able to come back to my apartment and my job?”

“I can’t promise all of that,” Dean said, “but I can promise you that you’ll be safe and Cas will do whatever he can to make sure that you have a good life no matter what the situation is.”

Looking back at Cas, you gave him a small smile. “Okay. I trust you. Cas and I will see you soon, Dean.”


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A/N: This is part of the AUs list! Rules and AUs here!

Summary:  Soulmate AU where you have a timer on your wrist counting down to when you meet your soulmate.

Words: 1,

Sam x Reader

Warnings: Language

Other AU authors: sincerelysaraahh, beautiful-hellfire, ruby-loves-supernatural, hiddenwritingsintheworld, charmaineevangeline, just-some-spn-imagines, well-frick, sam-dean-cas-in-the-impala, and misswinchesterworld. Follow the tag ‘AUlist’ to see all of the fics!

Your name: What is this?

Two hours.

That’s what your wrist said.

You were now in the process of seriously freaking out.

This day, your soulmate day, was not supposed to happen like this.

You were supposed to spend the morning getting ready, so that you could look your best for the first moment you met the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with, but of course that wasn’t going to happen. Nothing that you’d planned ever turned out right, so here you were, stuck in highway traffic after driving through the night, and your timer was at an hour and fifty five minutes.

You took a glance in the rear view mirror, just to see how dishevelled you looked.

You weren’t surprised to see heavy bags under your eyes and your bun even more messy than usual.

Under your breath you cursed your sister for having her baby so damn close to your soulmate day. Your niece could have just waited a few more days, another week maybe, but no. She was born at pm the previous night, or - as you preferred to remember the moment - fourteen and a half hours before you were due to meet her future uncle; your soulmate.

“Relax, Y/N,” your brother-in-law told you, “It’s not like you’re going to not meet him because you came here.”

“I know,” you sighed, rubbing your temples before putting your glasses back on, “I just didn’t want to look like a steaming pile of shit the first time he sees me.”

“You don’t look like a steaming pile of shit,” he chuckled, “Stop being melodramatic. He’s your soulmate, Y/N. He won’t care.”

You scoffed, “So you’re telling me that if Jessie had looked like I do right now,” you motioned to your hair, oversized plaid shirt and dirty jeans, “You wouldn’t have been a little disappointed when you bumped into her in the park a couple of years ago?”

“I wouldn’t have cared because I just met my soulmate,” he said, firmly, “And, besides, some guys like the ‘farmer’s daughter, let’s go shoot some wild animals’ look in a girl.”

You huffed a laugh, shaking your head, “Thanks, Robert. Really made me feel better.”

“You’re welcome,” he grinned, handing you your overnight bag, “Now go, get home. You’re future lover awaits.”

It should have taken you six hours to get home, no stops. But you had to make a stop four hours in to pee, and from then on it was nose to tail traffic and your old car was having none of it.

The next chance you got, you left the highway in the hope that the more scenic route would get you home faster, and for the next forty-five minutes, you were right.

But then your car decided to break down. In the middle of fucking nowhere.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” you grumbled, looking down at your wrist and seeing

You looked around the deserted road, seeing nothing but trees and the occasional wild animal.

“Well that’s fucking great,” you grumbled, “My soulmate is clearly a wild deer.”

You pulled up the maps app on your phone and searched for a local garage.

There was one three miles away, and copied and pasted the name into your browser and thanked all that was holy that there was a phone number.

Good afternoon, Winchester’s Motor Repairs, Dean speaking. What can I do for you?”

“I’ve broken down,” you sighed, resigning yourself to the fact that you were going to meet your soulmate looking like a tramp, “On some road like three miles away. Can you help me?”

“Sit tight, darlin’,” he drawled, and you smiled, “Just name the road and I’ll be on my way.”

Within ten minutes, this Dean guy had pulled up beside you in his truck and hooked your car up to the back.

You got in the passenger side of the truck, smiling appreciatively.

“No offence, sweetheart,” he said kindly, “But you look like you’ve had a rough day. Want to talk about it?”

You huffed a small laugh, “It’s my soulmate day. I’ve got,” you looked down at your wrist, “Forty-five minutes and fifteen seconds until I meet whoever it is I’m supposed to fall madly in love with, and I ‘look like I’ve had a rough day’. And I mean, what guy is going to be stoked to have me as a soulmate while I look like this, well, I assume it’s a guy-”

His eyes widened as you spoke, and you frowned, “What?”

“You’re straight, right?”

Your frown deepened, “I am. But why would that make any difference about my car?”

“I’m sorry,” he smiled apologetically, “I didn’t mean it like that. What’s your name?”

You eyed him, sceptically, “Y/N,” you told him, “Why?”

“Just thought I should get to know you a little better,” he shrugged.

You forced another laugh, “And that’s not a little weird.”

“Sorry,” he grinned, “Again.”

When you got to the garage, Dean excused himself off into the office, saying that he needed to make a quick phone call.

As soon as he was out the back, he pulled out his phone and dialled his brother’s number.

“Come to the garage,” he said, in place of a greeting.

“Are you serious, Dean?” Sam groaned, “Do you even remember what today is?”

“I know exactly what today is and that’s why you have to come to the garage.”

“No, I’m going to the coffee shop like I planned-”

“How long would it take you to get here?” Dean interrupted, “If you left right now.”

“About half an hour,” Sam sighed, “If the traffic’s okay.”

“And what does your wrist say?”

“Thirty seven minutes. Dean I’m not-”

“You’ve got to come to the garage,” Dean insisted, “Please, Sammy. Don’t question it. Trust me on this one.”

When Dean had looked at your car, out on the road, he said that it would take about ten minutes to fix once you were back at the garage.

Since he had returned from the office, he’d been working on it for half an hour and your wrist timer was down to its last three minutes.

“How long is this going to take?” you called from the waiting area, “It’s just, unless my soulmate is a spare tyre, I don’t know what’s going on.”

Dean opened the door from where he was working, “Sorry, it’s going to be another few minutes. But… just trust me. Don’t leave, okay? The timers aren’t wrong. Your soulmate will be here.”

You frowned but nodded all the same, unsure why you trusted this almost stranger.

You looked back down at your wrist in the last ten seconds, your heart pumping hard in your chest.

When it got to six seconds, you stood up and walked towards the door, trying to catch your breath.

You reached for the handle and opened the door, seeing your wrist tick down to as you looked up at the tall man – at least a foot taller than you – standing in front of you.

“Hi,” he breathed, laughing a little awkwardly, “Please tell me your wrist says zero too, or I’m going to kill my brother.”

“Yeah,” you smiled, shaking your head in disbelief, “I guess you’re my soulmate.”

He nodded, smiling down at you as he held out his hand for you to shake, “I’m Sam,” he told you, quickly adding, “Winchester. I guess you’ve met Dean?”

“I’m Y/N,” you told him, briefly forgetting your own surname as you took in the appearance of the stunningly attractive man before you.

Suddenly, you weren’t so angry with your sister for having her baby anymore, because this guy was your soulmate, and in that moment you couldn’t be happier.

Sours: https://teamfreewill-imagine.tumblr.com/post//rough-day
Supernatural Imagine- Castiel x reader


Title: My soulmate


Pairing: Castiel x reader

Warnings: language, soulmate AU

A/N: Okay so I’m really super nervous and scared about posting this and I’m praying to Chuck that you’ll like it!

Your name: What is this?

Do you remember that pitch black darkness that creeps around you when you turn off the light at night? The darkness that scares children and makes them believe that there’s a monster in your closet?

This was your reality, your everyday ever since you were born.

In this world, soulmates were the only thing people lived for. If you found your soulmate, you were complete, your life was worth something. If you didn’t… not so much. Many people were fortunate enough to meet one, but on the other side many people weren’t.

You were one of those people. And you were pretty sure that you’ll end up as one of those ‘losers’ or what lucky people liked to call them ‘lost souls’, they weren’t really lost, but no one cared about it. One of those who weren’t lucky enough to actually find the other half.

You wouldn’t really care if you were at least lucky enough to see in black and white. But in contrast to both of your brothers and your mother, you were blind, just like your dad. Maybe that is why you loved him so much.

He understood you and everything you had to go though. He went thought the same thing and since your mom died, he was your rock to lean on and a life leader. At least until he died trying to catch your mother’s killer.

Your brothers, Sam and Dean, saw in black and white as kids. Later, Sam found Jess, his soulmate, but she was killed in a fire. Dean, on the other side, was like you. He never found his soulmate and neither did he care.

Neither of the brothers knew that, but you were blaming yourself for what happened to Jess. You panicked when John didn’t call you and you were the one who convinced Dean and Sam to help you find him.

Needless to say that you felt really bad when you went to college and he didn’t because of you.

College was fun, but terrifying at first. This was the first time that you were actually alone, states away from people you knew. Being blind just made everything worse. You were like a scared mouse when you came there. Being bullied in since middle school because you were blind convinced you that the same will happen in college, that people are just mean to others.

Surprisingly, you quickly found a group of friends and no one made fun of you. Professors offered special hours for people like you, but never in 5 years you attended it. It’s not like you actually needed it. Studying never caused you any big problems.

And people you met there were amazing and smart. They inspired you and helped you become a better person. They helped you realize that you’re worth just as anyone else, not less.

And so you spent years away from your brothers, doing what Sam should. They called you every night and talked to you, cheering you up if you had a bad day. They tried really hard to give you what dad used to, but no matter how hard they tried, neither of them was John.

After finishing college, which was more luck than sense if you were honest, you moved in the Bunker with them.

You still missed all the hunts and couldn’t really help with the research, but at least you had a job now and you were actually able to help.

“Y/N, honey, can you come into the library for a minute?” Dean called loudly.

“I’m blind, Dean, not deaf.” you called back, carefully making your way to the library.

You heard Dean smirk at your answer just when you entered the library. Sam helped you find a seat even though you told him that you don’t need his help. You knew that he doesn’t understand what it means to be blind, but even though you couldn’t help but raise your voice.

“Are you on your period or what?” Sam tried to lighten up the mood, cheer you up.

“Say that again and you’ll bleed for a week like I do every month.” you snapped back, crossing arms over your chest.

Both brothers sighed. If you fell into a bad mood, there wasn’t a living, breathing creature that could make you laugh. Stubborn as you were, you could just ignore them for a week for no reason. Dean saw your mother in you and he often told you that you’re just like she was.

“Okay, so what’s up?” you asked, looking at where you guessed that the brothers will be.

“We told you about Cas, right?” Dean started calmly.

“Your boyfriend? Yeah, just about a billion times, why?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows.

You couldn’t see the annoyance on Dean’s face and how Sam tried to stiff his laugh, not really successfully if you were honest.

“Yes that Cas.” Sam answered, still holding back the laugh.

“He’ll come here next week. He’s got nowhere to stay, so Sam and I told him that he can stay here. I hope that’s okay with you?” Dean was still careful, the last thing he wanted was you teasing him and Castiel.

“Awww Deano is moving in with his bae.” you laughed and nodded a second later. “I’m fine with it.”

You heard a sigh of relief from both brothers, which made you smile. You were hard on them sometimes and sometimes you were just annoying. But you loved them more than anything.

“Okay, he’ll get a room next to yours. But don’t worry at all, he’s quiet.”

“So you’re telling me that you’re the only one that can make him scream?” You teased again and you could only imagine the expression on Dean’s face.

“Shut up, ” he mumbled angrily.

“Is what you said to Cas when Sam was in the room.”

“Ewww, Y/N!” Sam groaned. “I won’t be able to sleep now.”

You laughed and shook your head lightly.

You’ve heard about Castiel, the angel of the lord, for a million times. He saved your brothers and he helped them fix mistakes. Also, he was the one who made all angels fall and the one who fixed it. From what you heard, he was a special guy.

Dean was usually the one who talked about him a lot. You teased Dean about it, but really you knew that Castiel is Dean’s only friend next to Sam and you.

While you were in college it made you happy that they had an angel by their side. You felt calmer, knowing that there’s an angel watching over them and making sure that in the end they’ll be alright.

Suddenly you heard the familiar sound of wings in the room.

“Gabe!” You exclaimed, and a smile grew bigger on your face.

“There’s my favourite human! And her brothers.”

Gabriel walked to you and pulled you into a tight hug. You hugged him back even tighter.

“I missed you.” you mumbled against his chest and you felt him smile against your hair.

“Missed you too, kiddo!”

Gabriel and you met while you were at college. Sam and Dean decided to pay you a visit and he appeared next to you. After that he visited you at least once a week, taking you out for an ice cream or coffee. He was your best friend despite the fact that your brothers didn’t really like him.

“You had to come again?” Dean groaned in annoyance.

“Your sister don’t seem to mind, Winchester.” Gabriel winked at him, before turning back to you. “I’m sorry, Sweetheart, but I just popped in to bring you chocolate. I’m really busy in the next few weeks. But I’m sure that Cassie will keep you entertained when he comes.”

“Okay.” you mumbled. “Thanks, Gabe.”

You felt him nod before he pushed your favourite chocolate in your hand, kissed your cheek and disappeared again.

Okay, maybe there was someone who could make you happy if you were down.

“Isn’t he the best?” you squealed and blushed lightly after Gabriel was gone.

“I don’t like him.” Dean said angrily. “I bet you’ll like Cas way more.”

You overheard Dean’s sassy comment, he never liked when Gabriel visited you. Sam on the other side pretended that he didn’t care, but he was even more annoyed than Dean sometimes.

“Sam I’m sorry I yelled at you.” you apologised when Sam came to wish you goodnight.

“What do you want?” Sam asked in a teasing tone.

“Why would you…? Okay, can you tell me a story how you and Jess met? And I’m seriously sorry. I was being a dick.”

Sam shook his head and laughed.

“You’ve heard this story a billion times, Y/N. But okay, just because you are my favourite sister.”

You moved, letting Sam sit next to you. You loved this story and Sam really knew how to tell it.

“It was March, one of those really rainy days, I woke up with a strange feeling in my stomach, like something big is about to happen. I was late for one of my classes and I couldn’t find my umbrella, so I was running through whole campus, hoping that I won’t end up soaked wet. It was freezing outside and I just wanted to be inside soon…”

Sam was running through campus, probably the only one without an umbrella. He tried to avoid people, but even though he bumped into one every now and then.

It was freezing and for a moment he thought that he should return back to his apartment. But quickly this thought was replaced by his father’s words. He shook his head, forgetting about the earlier thought.

He needed to finish this, to prove to John and Dean that he can live a normal life.

A second after he thought of his father, he felt his body bumping into something and the next second he was on the floor.

“Shit.” he mumbled to himself right before he saw a blond girl, also on the floor.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t watching.” he apologised and realized that she was also blind. “I’m really sorry.” he apologised again.

A girl was beautiful and suddenly he felt a need to be with her. He wanted to be next to her and protect her from anything evil. He felt like he should be the one to make her happy and safe.

“It’s okay. This happens. Are you late?” she asked with a voice Sam would never get bored of.

“Yeah…” he chuckled. “Here, let me help you.”

Girl extended her hand towards Sam…

“And when our hands touched I started seeing colours. They just started popping. I should be amazed by that, but seeing the expression on her face… That’s when I fell in love. I wish I could see her again…”

You smiled to yourself. They were a perfect match and if you could wish for one thing, you’d wish for her to come back. Sam needed her and you knew that even after all this years he still missed her everyday.

“You will.” you promised. “In heaven.”

Next week went by quickly.

In the morning, boys drove you to your job and picked you up at 5. It was the last week of your work as well and you knew that you’re going to miss it. It kept you busy for 8 hours a day and just thinking about what you’ll do with the extra 8 hours of your day made you feel stressed.

On the other side you were kind of happy that you’ll have more time to spend with your brothers and your soon-to-be roommate Castiel.

You were excited to meet this weird angel and there was a feeling, deep inside you, that he’ll play an important role in your life. But being silly as you usually were that was probably just because you were excited about a new roommate.

Sam and Dean talked about him a lot. They were even more excited about this than you were. It practically meant that they had an angel help right next to them all the time and that would probably make things much easier.

“Y/N!” Dean called loudly. “Cas came, we’re in the library.”

You smiled to yourself and slowly walked there to meet Castiel.

“Y/N…” you heard deep, husky voice on your left. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

You turned to where you expected Castiel to be and smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Castiel!”

You extended your arm to shake his hand. Castiel slid his hand in yours, smiling politely and shaking it lightly. It was obvious that he wasn’t used to meeting new people.

But when your fingers touched, when his hand gently slid into yours, something you never thought would happen, happened.

Figures started forming in front of you, at first just shadows, but quickly your eyes started forming figures and after a few seconds you saw everything clearly.

You stared at a man in front of you, not quite aware of what’s happening. You felt like your brains are shutting down and you were pretty sure that you’re about to throw your breakfast out. At the same time there was kind of happy feeling in your stomach.

“Y/N!” you heard Dean’s and Sam’s voices in the background.

For a second you turned to your brothers, immediately recognizing who is who but after a quick glance you turned back to Castiel, your soulmate.

He was still smiling, but not in a ‘I can see colours’ way. His smile seemed polite and you sensed worry in his eyes.

“Do you…” your voice quickly faded away.

“Do I what?” he asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

Suddenly that small feeling of happiness was gone. You felt like puking and your vision got blurry for a second.

How can he not know what you’re talking about? He’s your soulmate. You have to be his, he has to see colours. It’s the law of nature. You two are meant to be together. Every book, movie, every living creature is talking about this. It can’t be wrong. God doesn’t make mistakes, does he?

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Dean asked again. He was worried and Sam was too.

“Hm? Yeah, I just need some air.” With those words you walked out, tears forming in your eyes.

You needed to get away from here.

Is it possible that God made mistake? That you of all people are nobody’s soulmate?

I hope you liked it! Thoughts? Part 2?

Part 2

Sours: https://misswinchesterworld.tumblr.com/post//my-soulmate

Reader spn au x soulmate

protection squad — Soulmate AU

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam, Jessica


Word Count:


Warnings: None


Prompt: Soulmate AU. Dean makes a surprise appearance one night and you get a lot more than you bargained for.


Originally posted by wingsandtrenchcoats

“You’re gonna kill this interview Sam, don’t worry about it. Stanford is going to be chasing after you with that full ride.” You reassured your best friend, Sam.

“I tried to tell him, Y/N! He won’t listen! It’s like he wants to be nervous.” Jessica, Sam’s girlfriend, cried as she threw her hands up in frustration.

Sam grabbed Jessica’s hand and brought it up to his lips, “I just really need this scholarship, guys. I know it’s gonna turn out okay, I’m just stressed.”

Jessica pulled Sam close and whispered something to him causing him to smile. Not to your surprise, they once again forget that you’re there and start having gross couple moments causing you to look away. The three of you had gone out for drinks to celebrate Sam’s freakishly good score on his past law exam.

Sam and Jess were soulmates. Everyone was born with a sentence placed on the inside of their left wrist. These were the exact first words that your soulmate would speak to you. You were with Sam when he ran into Jessica for the first time and she spoke those special words to him. You met sam your first day at Stanford. You both were lost and confused, and decided that sticking together would best benefit the both of you. Since you’d known him, Sam would daydream of the girl that would come up to him and tell him that he dropped his shoe.

You hadn’t met your soulmate yet. In all honesty, judging from the words that were written on your wrist, you weren’t sure you did want to meet him. I mean would you want the man whose first words to you were, ‘Don’t put on more clothes on my behalf, sweetheart… I’m loving the view I got right here” to be your soulmate?

Sam and Jess always made fun of you for those first words. Sam claiming that he always knew your type was the douche.

That night, after the three of you had a little too much to drink, you all retired to Sam and Jessica’s apartment. Well, the happy couple had a little too much to drink, you only had a few drinks. After getting them to enough of a functioning level to get themselves to bed, you threw on the sleeping shorts and sports bra you kept at the apartment for emergencies. Unfortunately, you only had long sleeve thermals, seeing as you brought your belongings over in the winter, and you were not going to do yourself that injustice with the hot California summer beating down on you. Even at night time, it was too hot to function. You happily found your favorite spot on the couch and drifted off into a much needed slumber.

You woke to the sound of glass breaking. You shot up, looking around trying to find the cause of the disturbance but it did no good as it was pitch black. The only source of light was the blue cable box light casting just enough brightness for you to navigate. You reached over the side of the couch to where Sam had a baseball bat and got ready to beat the crap out of whatever was in the apartment.

The hallway light flicked on, a sleepy Sam appearing.

“Y/N, must you make all the noise?” Sam said, rather annoyed. A look of confusion washing over his face when he sees you with the bat.

He walks past you, signaling for you to stay begins him. He walks toward the kitchen, turning on the light when he finally makes it. There’s a broken beer bottle shattered next to the fridge. A man with the brightest green eyes you’ve ever seen steps into view and you bring the bat back up next to your ear, Sam noticing him right after you.

“Seriously, Dean! What the hell are you doing here?” Sam yells at who you assume is Dean.

Wait, hold on. His brother Dean?

“What? I was gonna clean it up Sammy, give a guy a minute. Geez, you’re as uptight as ever.” Dean says nonchalantly like I wasn’t about to beat the living life out of him with a bat.

“I’m gonna go put some clothes on.” You whisper to Sam.

“Don’t put on more clothes on my behalf, sweetheart… I’m loving the view I got right here.” Dean smirks, and you want nothing more than to actually beat it off of his face. How dare this guy you just met not only wake you up, very rudely might you add, but then talk to you like that? Hell no. Not on your watch. You were so mad, you couldn’t even think straight. You were NOT a morning person, and your lack of sleep lately due to finals was starting to surface in an ugly manor.

“There are a million words in the English language and yet I cannot fathom a way in which to combine them to describe how much I want to beat you with this bat right now.” You glare at him. He’s looking at you with challenging eyes, so you keep your eyes locked, seeing more red as the seconds tick.

“Wow, you’re cute when you’re pissed.” Dean flirts.

Sam repeatedly hits you on the arm looking between you and Dean with wide eyes. His mouth opened but no words coming out.

What Samantha?” You snap.

All he does is grab your left wrist and shove it in front of your face. You look at him with confusion… until it hits you.

You walk over to Dean and grab his left arm, staring at it with equal amazement and disgust. Just as you thought, exactly what you just said to him was placed on him arm.

“Whoa there, if you wanted to play rough, all you had to do was ask.” He laughs.

This man was your soulmate. This, now that you look at him up close, astoundingly beautiful, disrespectful douchebag, was your soulmate. Your best friend’s brother was your soulmate. Queue that Victorious song because apparently, your best friend’s brother was the one for you.

“Care to let me in on the joke?” Dean said, still looking rather confused.

You carefully placed your left wrist in front of him, displaying the first words he spoke to you.

“Oh… wow.” Is all Dean said.

“My brother and my best friend. My brother… and my best friend. Who would have thought. Why didn’t I think of that earlier?” Sam laughed.

“So you’re like, my soulmate?” Dean questioned.

“I mean it looks that way.” You say, still processing, still calming down from your outburst.

“So that means you’ll put up with me? No matter what? Sweet!” Dean laughs as he puts his hand up for a high five.

You shake your head and stick your hand out, “I’m Y/N. I assume your Dean, Sammy’s big brother?”

He meets your hand with his and smiles, “That would be correct.”

“Do those lines actually work on girls? Because if so, you really should’ve raised your standards. They’re pretty awful.” You question, and he laughs.

“No, they never really did. Good thing I’ll never have to use them again.” Dean smirks, “I thought I’d shoot my shoot at a beautiful girl though. Guess this time it worked, the one time I really needed it to.”

“Not so fast buddy. We aren’t going to go jumping any bases just because we’re meant to be or whatever. We’re still gonna start from square one. We don’t know each other at all. You’re gonna work your way up and the same for me.”

“I take it you aren’t too keen on this whole ‘soulmate’ concept.” Dean states, more as an observation than him being a smartass.

“I just believe that people should be together because they want to be together. That you learn every little detail organically. I’m not opposed to the idea, to you. I just want to do this the right way.” You gesture between Dean and yourself.

“Well, Y/N,” Dean smiles, “I look forward to getting to know every little part of you. What do you say we spend some time together when you aren’t in the mood to beat me into a pulp.”

You laugh, “Yeah, I’d like that. Although with all the stories Sammy has told me, I don’t know if I’ll ever not want to beat you up.”

“Yeah, and if you hurt her, I’ll personally make sure that that beating gets arranged. You might be my brother, but she’s basically my sister.” Sam interjects. In all honesty, you kind of forgot he was there.

“Well at least I know you like her…” Dean laughs, sounding slightly uncomfortable.

“Okay, I’m going to bed. This was a crazy night, I’ll see both of you in the morning.” Sam kisses the top of your head and shoots a look to Dean.

When you hear Sam shut his bedroom door, Dean speaks up, “So, you mind sharing the couch? I won’t try and cuddle… unless you want to.”

“That’s fine, the couch is actually pretty big.” You shrug as you go around the apartment, turning the remaining lights off as Dean follows.

Dean takes the two of you being alone as an opportunity to start your relationship building. The two of you exchanging light hearted stories and fun facts about yourselves. A few hours later as you snuggle back into your spot on the couch, your tiredness veils over you completely, making you a messy series of yawns. Your conversation with Dean becoming less audible as the urge to fall asleep blankets over you.

“You know Dean, you’re actually really cute when you’re not being an ass.” You yawn again.

Dean laughs, “Get some sleep, Y/N. We’ll talk more in the morning.”

Sours: https://novaddictx.tumblr.com/post//soulmate-au
Supernatural Fanfic part 1 - Soulmates

Request: Please can I have either a Soulmate AU preference (or a mini-series where the reader is an angel and falls in love with TFW?)

Dean- From the moment you were born, you had the name of your perfect partner tattooed somewhere on your body. Yours was etched into your clavicle and for the first few years of your adult life, you liked to show it off when you walked down the street. But when you had no takers, you started covering it up with high-cut tops or concealer.

When you became a hunter, your chances of meeting the one were even more limited. Occasionally, you would have a few flings when you went to the Roadhouse but none of them meant anything to you. A few people had even tried to convince you that they were your soulmate after lying about their name. You shot them down quickly after you saw that it wasn't your name on their skin.

You had taken a break from socialising with other hunters until you were in Nebraska again and felt the urge to share a drink with Jo Harvelle. You pulled up to the Roadhouse and braced yourself for the loud drunks inside.

You walked in, your head held high and your plaid shirt buttoned all the way up to your throat. Jo beamed at you when she saw you and motioned for you to join her at the bar. She handed you a glass of scotch and wrapped an arm around your shoulders.

"How's my girl been?" She slurred.

"Busy. I've barely had a minute to relax with all these hunts going on." You reply, sipping at the drink in your hand. Your eyes wander to two men across the bar. One was tall with long hair, the other had gorgeous green eyes and a jawline that could cut through steel. They were chatting with Ellen and you couldn't help but stare at the shorter of the two.

"Y/N? Helloooo?" Jo waved a hand in front of your face, effectively causing you to look back at her.

"Sorry, I-"

"No, Sammy!" One of the men shouted. You turned to look at who it was and came face to face with the long haired man.

"I couldn't help but overhear, your name is Y/N?" He asked. "Y/N Y/L/N, right?"

You blinked at him and nodded.

"I'm Sam Winchester. That's my brother Dean over there. He doesn't care to admit it, but he's in desperate need of a soulmate right now."

You just flick your gaze between the two brothers, your mouth probably catching flies. Dean was glaring down at his bottle, his cheeks a little flushed. Without saying a word to Sam, you stand up and walk over to Dean, putting a hand on his shoulder. He turned and looked up at you.

"Listen, I don't know what my bitch of a brother said to you, but I'm fine the way I am." He said harshly, taking a swig of his drink.

You raised an eyebrow and unbuttoned your shirt a little so he could see the words "Dean Winchester" against your collarbone. His feigned, rough attitude broke away a little.

"I'm just not ready for the responsibility of a relationship. I don't want to put you in danger. Too many people close to me have gotten hurt."

"Dean," you laughed. "I'm a hunter. I can take care of myself."

He cracked a grin and looked at you properly from head to toe. "You are a pretty good hunter." He remarked.

"The best. So how about you buy me a drink, Winchester?"

"You got it, soulmate."

Sam- "How much longer have you got, Sammy?" Dean asked as they drove towards their next hunt.

"I thought we agreed we wouldn't bring it up again."

Dean snorted. "C'mon, I know you peeked last night," Sam shot him a look. "Dude, I'm okay with it. We both know that out of the two of us, you're the one that deserves a normal life."

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/supernatural-preferences-soulmate-au

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