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The following Truth or Dare (2021) Episode 1English SUB has been released. Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! Enjoy.
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In those teasers too much emotion happend.

New side of saint! Saint getting into the characters i applause!

user uploaded image

Alright first of all my hands are all shaking while i wrote this. Too much palpitations happening. For those who interested I'm really do grateful! Hence today since the morning most of us keep figure out when the teasers will come out. The trace of happiness since morning didn't left me since.

user uploaded image

The awaiting zeesaint moments for me. Yes the MV teasers is OUT. I'm blooming with happiness! Is this teasers for WHYRU? NO the answer is It's NOT. So they're invited to do an mv together that's no correlation at all with WRU.

user uploaded image

The MV been shoots that saint&zee requested too include fans in the mv. Hence they give out chances for fans to submit resume to be in that mv and lucky fans choosen. The fans are so kind that they don't leak any hints whatsoever so that I'm clueless myself.

So what exactly the teaser is?

"TRUTH or DARE" ต้น ธนษิต ดีโว่หนุ่มเสียงดี เจ้าชายอาร์แอนด์บีแห่งยุค ผู้เล่นคนที่3 จาก #LoveGame

ติดตาม THE STORY และ MUSIC VIDEO เร็วๆนี้






"TRUTH or DARE" Ton Thanasit a devo good voice, R&B prince.The 3rd Player from #LoveGame seriesStay tuned for THE STORY and MUSIC VIDEO soon.

Saint & Zee inviting fans to join them to film an mv by Ton Thanasit the winner of Acedemic of Fantasia 8 in Thailand. He the one invited zeesaint for becoming the main in his recent comeback.He's a fan of zs.An MV along with a story in Love Game Project, so this means that our ZS will have their full story besides MV

So excited !!!

]|I{•------» truth :heart: dare «------•}I|[

When courage comes with the risk of 'losing friends'

Dare to tell the truth in his heart or keep it forever

]|I{•------» truth :heart: dare «------•}I|[

The teasers

ต้น ธนษิต - TRUTH or DARE [ STORY TEASER ]

Please watch the teasers

Upcoming MV

user uploaded image

2days it's too hard to wait

P/s: Honestly i have to much WHYRU things that i don't shares. If u guys curious u can just hit me up on dm or in the comments section. I don't mind :joy:

user uploaded image
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Story 8.5

Acting/Cast 8.5

Music 9.0

Rewatch Value 8.0

A Fateful Mix Up

She's the daughter of a street artist and is forced to marry a bandit. Another is the daughter of a prince and is arranged to marry a general. The brides are switched, all because of the misread of a simple character, resulting in the commoner marrying the general and the royal princess waiting to marry the bandit. It is this seemingly simple play of words/characters that has attracted my attention and drawn me into the story.

On that fateful day while waiting to be married off, both Xiao Wanzi (Li Gengxi aka Teresa Li) and Lu Yingyao (Sun Anke) are in their respective rooms in a motel until chaos strikes. In confusion, they run back into the wrong rooms because they misread the characters 竹 ("zhu") and 林 ("lin") which may look rather similar in certain calligraphy style. From there, they are sent to the wrong households as the wrong brides, and their fates totally change.

At the general's mansion, very soon Mei Shiqing (Huang Junjie) realizes Xiao Wanzi is an imposter. Nothing like a supposedly well-groomed princess, Xiao Wanzi is crass, has a common look and an illiterate. However, she is streetwise, honest, compassionate and upstanding as she protects others with her own life, and this is enough for Mei Shiqing to fall in love with her. He also has a secret identity as Ye Ling Xia that Xiao Wanzi idolizes. Like Batman, Ye Ling Xia helps the poor and weak. Numerous times, she comes forward to help him fend off the enemies, though he doesn't really need her help because he's a skilled martial artist and a superhero. But her selfless acts impress and attract him.

As Xiao Wanzi, Li Gengxi is very convincing with a lot of animated expressions, after all she uses to perform on the street and needs her vivacity for her acts. Many viewers find her not attractive enough, but for me, she fits the role well because Xiao Wanzi is supposed to be a very common looking girl with no sophistication.

Huang Junjie is very good looking and he looks extremely well as a wordless cold character. However, he still hasn’t grasped how to play such a stern character fully; frowning doesn't make him look serious but makes him look constipated. The only moments I find his acting perfect are when he tells people to “get out” in a stern voice, expressionless, and when he dresses as the superhero character with a mask.

I love the second couple here in particular Lu Yingyao who is well read, gentle and kind without the spoilt princess temperament. And she falls in love with the adopted son of the bandit, Xiao Bao (Ding Jiawen) who has a good heart. Under her coaxing, Xiao Bao eventually abandons his life as a bandit.

What seemingly two mismatched pairs become best of friends and love each other with no judgement of their respective backgrounds. Hanging around the mix up identities lurks something nefarious – smuggle, money laundering and conspiracy. The supervillain is not revealed until the final episode.

The Chinese title, “huā hǎo yuè yòu yuan” (the flowers are good and the moon is round), gives hints of the ending of the story. There are some pretty good OSTs here that I have enjoyed very much.

My Verdict
Though the storyline is not new, and can be tropey at times with predictable outcome, this is still rather a fun watch with a superhero protagonist, an animated first female lead, an intelligent lovable second female lead, an antagonist turns protagonist, and a hidden supervillain. The comedy is cute and sweet. For romance buffs, the two couples have never been separated since they first meet, and there are no misunderstandings that are not resolved quickly. There could be flaws here and there but the writing and editing are decent. Overall, it’s quite an enjoyable drama.

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Ton Thanasit ต้น ธนษิต - TRUTH or DARE (Thai/Rom/Eng) Lyric Video

See also: Wrong Carriage, Right Groom

Truth or Dare

Also known as

Wrong Carriage, Right Groom

Original Title

花好月又圆 (Huā Hǎo Yuè Yòu Yuán)



Directed by

Wai Hong Chui


Teresa Li as Xiao Wan Zi
Huang Jun Jie as Mei San Shao
Ding Jia Wen as Xiao Bao Ye
Sun An Ke as Lu Ying Yao

Original language


Episode runtime

45 minutes





Truth or Dare is an upcoming Chinese drama about a couple that accidentally gets married.


A story that follows two couples who mistakenly find themselves in a marriage they never expected and gradually grow in love and trust over time.

The cheerful and clever Xiao Wan Zi (Teresa Li) grew up as a street performer with her dad selling their special skill of breaking a big stone on the chest. An unexpected encounter utterly changes Xiao Wang Zi's life. Xiao Wan Zi who neither knew how to read nor write suddenly finds herself becoming a princess. Opposed to marrying the princess, Mei San Shao (Huang Jun Jie) pushes Xiao Wan Zi away in hopes that she'd willingly retreat. Meanwhile, the king has arranged a marriage for Lu Ying Yao (Sun An Ke), the daughter of the 9th prince. However, bandit Xiao Bao Ye (Ding Jia Wen) mistakenly takes her as his wife.[1]


  • Teresa Li as Xiao Wan Zi
  • Huang Jun Jie as Mei San Shao
  • Ding Jia Wen as Xiao Bao Ye
  • Sun An Ke as Lu Ying Yao
  • Fan Wei as Qiao Yun
  • Dai Ya Qi as Nan Xiang
  • Wang Jia Yu as Mei Ke Heng
  • Wang Xi Wen
  • Soundtrack

    Main Article: Truth or Dare OST



    Filming took place at Hengdian World Studios and wrapped up after 85 days on June 14, 2020.



    Truth or Dare

    Official Poster

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    Drama truth or dare thai

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    ต้น ธนษิต - TRUTH or DARE 【OFFICIAL MV】

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