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Spidy Gear Truck Bed Webb

Spidy Gear Bed Webb patented design uses a real spider's web shape to quickly secure cargo.

Spidy Gear Truck Bed Webb

Part #SizePrice
80111-01Bed Webb - Large (Black)$48.00
80111-03Bed Webb - Large (Blue)$48.00
80111-06Bed Webb - Large (Red)$48.00
80111-11Bed Webb - Large (Yellow)$48.00
80112-01Bed Webb - Small (Black)$48.00
80112-03Bed Webb - Small (Blue)$48.00
80112-06Bed Webb - Small (Red)$48.00
80112-11Bed Webb - Small (Yellow)$48.00

Large: 60" x 84" to 78" x 114"
Small: 48" x 60" to 66" x 84"

Spidy Gear ® Truck Bed Webb

Tie down cargo in the back of your pickup truck and prevent dangerous road hazards with the cargo netting for truck beds from Spidy Gear.

Our spider net for truck beds are designed to fit any domestic or import small to full-size pickup truck bed. At the center is a stainless steel ring from which heavy duty cords radiate and mount easily to the truck bed. Cords are made from 6 mm stretch shock cord -- very durable. Mounting hardware for the cargo bed net is included and easy to install (90-day factory warranty included). Pickup truck bed cargo nets are available in 4 fade-resistant colors and add a sporty look to your truck bed while protecting your cargo and preventing road hazards.

Spidy Gear Truck Bed WebbSpidy Gear Truck Bed WebbSpidy Gear Truck Bed Webb

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Cargo Net

  • Keep your cargo net extra secure by adding a couple of bungee cords to the mix. These can help tie down the load, especially when the mesh net only has four anchor points. Additional anchors will add to the security, keeping everything from sliding around.
  • Consider coating your net with a spray-on waterproofing solution. This will add to the durability of the material, protecting it from humidity and rain while in use. Just keep in mind, this won’t make your cargo impervious to the elements.
  • You can always double up on truck box cargo nets if you require an extra hold. Simply strap the load down with the first cargo net, then add a second cargo net at an angle for additional strength.
  • A truck cargo net is also a useful tool for keeping small items from rattling around in the back of your car or truck. Simply use it over a smaller surface area, tighten, and your miscellaneous trunk items won’t keep rolling around.
  • Maintaining a cargo net is really easy. Most high-quality options will be weather- and UV-resistant, so there’s not much you need to do. Keep them stowed away when not in use to protect them; clean them with a damp cloth if there’s ever any dirt or grime on them.


Q: What do I need to haul large loads?

A: Aside from a heavy-duty cargo net, you’ll also want additional straps to secure the net and tie everything down. That’s especially important if the load is also oversized or oddly-shaped. To avoid anything coming loose, we recommend tying down the load at all four corners and, at a minimum, at two other points.

Q: If my cargo is heavy, do I really need a cargo net?

A: Yes! It’s a common misconception that the weight of the cargo alone will keep it from blowing away. It’s incredibly important to secure every load properly, regardless of how light or heavy it is. Make sure the truck bed cargo net and any additional ropes or straps you’re using are strong enough to hold the weight of the load.

Q: Is a cargo net useful if my cargo area is closed?

A: Yes, definitely! Cargo mesh nets are, of course, most useful in open pickup truck beds where they can prevent cargo from blowing away in the wind. If your truck bed is already covered in one way or another, you can still benefit from a cargo net. 

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the Gladiator Cargo Net MGN-100. It’s a thick, heavy-duty net that securely attaches to your truck.

If you’re looking for a great cargo net that won’t break the bank, check out the PowerTye Mesh Cargo Net. It’s a great value.

Sours: https://www.thedrive.com/reviews/27077/best-cargo-nets-for-trucks
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