2001 bmw 330i oil capacity

2001 bmw 330i oil capacity DEFAULT

BMW E46 Oil, Types, Capacities & What You May Not Know

The BMW E46 has a common misconception about oil. Many believe that these cars burn too much oil. A well cared for and higher mileage (173,000+) vehicle in my experience burns the same amount of oil that it burnt the day it left the factory in Germany — 1 quart per 1,000 miles!

My first and only BMW E46 that I have owned is a 2001 330i Sedan with a Manual Transmission. I purchased it outside of Sacramento, CA with about 124,000 miles. As I started commuting in the car one of the first things I noticed was the rate of oil consumption. I started learning more about the 330i’s engine and am sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

Please keep in mind, oil is a hotly debated topic on the Internet and the information in this article is 5-parts research, 2-parts opinion and likely not the end-all-be-all of BMW Oils.  That being said, I’ve kept my high-mileage engine in good working order and have the Oil Analysis reports to prove it.

Since I don’t have an M3 (yet) nor a Diesel engine, I will not be sharing my experience with oils for those engines until I acquire one and operate it for some time. Also, this article focuses mainly on US-bound cars but much of the information will carry over to the rest of the world cars, including capacities and specifications.

Sours: https://brzoapp.com/bmw-e46-oil/
BMW 330123330i (2000 – 2006)M54 B306.520 000 km / 24 months330xi (2001 – 2005)M54 B306.220 000 km / 24 months330i (N52B30) (2005 – 2013)N52 B306.525 000 km / 24 months330i (N53B30) (2007 – 2013)N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months330xi (N52B30) (2005 – 2008)N52 B306.525 000 km / 24 months330 xDrive (N52B30) (2008 – 2013)N52 B306.525 000 km / 24 months330xi (N53B30) (2007 – 2008)N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months330i xDrive (N53B30) (2008 – 2013)N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months330i (N52B30) (2005 – 2013)N52 B306.525 000 km / 24 months330i (N53B30) (2007 – 2013)N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months330i (2007 – 2010)N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months330i (2010 – 2013)N53 B306.525 000 km / 24 months330d (2007 – 2010)M57TU27.530 000 km / 24 months330d DPF (2007 – 2010)M57TU27.530 000 km / 24 months330d (2010 – 2013)N577.530 000 km / 24 months330d DPF (2010 – 2013)N577.530 000 km / 24 months330d (2012 – )N57 D3030 000 km / 24 months330d xDrive (2013 – )N57 D3030 000 km / 24 months330d GT xDrive (2014 – )N57 D3030 000 km / 24 months
Sours: https://oil-change.info/bmw-330-engine-oil-capacity/
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2001 BMW 330CI (E46) Oil Change and Oil Service Light Reset!

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330i oil bmw capacity 2001

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