Tall wood plant stand

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Tall Wood Plant Stands

Tall Display Pedestals or Plant Stands, a Pair
Located in West Palm Beach, FL
Nice old paint on these polychrome stands could be used for either plant stands or display stands. Painted black wooden tops. Decorative gilding on edges Very useful and attractive s

Midth Century Neoclassical Revival Pedestals and Columns

Arts & Crafts Tall Wooden Plant Stand, s
Vintage, tall wooden plant stand. Original condition, cleaned and impregnated.

Early 20th Century Czech Arts and Crafts Pedestals

Baré Tall Plant Stand, Walnut Wood Base with Cast Bronze Dish
The Baré set is a family of objects designed around the act of indoor horticulture. Named after Jeanne Baré - the first woman to circumnavigate the globe - each object in the series

21st Century and Contemporary Canadian Side Tables

Tall Mid-Century Modern Turned Wood Red Finish Plant Stand Sculpture Pedestal
We offer a tall Mid-Century Modern handcrafted turned wood pedestal, plant stand, sculpture stand, table. The pedestal is great for your favorite lamp or sculpture.  

Vintage s American Mid-Century Modern Pedestals

Baré Tall Plant Stand, Walnut Wood Base with Cast Bronze Tray and Planter
The Baré set is a family of objects designed around the act of indoor horticulture. Named after Jeanne Baré the first woman to circumnavigate the globe each object in the series prov

21st Century and Contemporary Canadian Side Tables

Tall Sass Plant Stand, Pedestal, from Souda, Carrara Marble Top, Made to Order
The Sottsass-inspired “Sass Pedestals” are simple, sculptural accents for your home or retail display. Made from stacked wooden bases and a honed marble top, Sass pedestals are perfe

s American Modern Platters and Serveware


Marble, Carrara Marble

Tall Arts & Craft Vintage Plant Stand with Four Turnwood Legs
Located in Oakland Park, FL
Tall Arts & Craft vintage plant stand with four turnwood legs Turnwood legs Arts & Craft vintage plant stand embellished with four turnwood legs and a square top shaped like a plint

Vintage s English Arts and Crafts Pedestals and Columns

Pair of Tall Midth Century French Painted with Gilt Pedestal Plant Stands
Add a touch of elegance to your home with this sophisticated pair of midth century planters. Crafted in France circa , the pedestals are decorated in the Napoleon III style. T

Midth Century French Napoleon III Planters, Cachepots and Jardinières

Sours: https://www.1stdibs.com/buy/tall-wood-plant-stands/

Best Plant Stands for Indoors and Outdoors in

The perfect plant stand is a sort of Holy Grail that has harried interior designers and homeowners for decades now. Sure, everyone loves a nice, big colorful garden, but what about those plants you’re keeping indoors?

What do you use to house them in and more importantly, on what do you place the pots?

Why, a plant stand, of course! And while this may seem like an easy enough task, it’s trickier than it sounds.

After all, you want something that will go with the room’s style and that will stand out enough (though not too much, so that it doesn’t rob the plants themselves of attention).

To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of great ideas for plant stands that you can use outdoors or indoors. But first…

Why Use Plant Stands?

Each plant is special. For the dedicated gardener who spends hours caring for his plants, each and every one of them is a reason to be proud.

A plant stand helps you showcase your plants and with that, the beauty and joy they bring you every day.

When you have something you’ve cultivated from seeds, watched them sprout and grow vibrant green leaves and delicate flowers, it’s natural to want to put them on display.

After all the hours you spend caring, pruning, watering, and arranging those plants, why shouldn’t they get the attention they deserve?

Important: The right plants stand can actually compliment the space it’s set in and “vibe” with the rest of the space. Also, plant stands make plants easier to reach, so that you can better care for them.

Alternatively, you can opt for a hanging plant stand if you are low on ground space. This way, you can still have plants even if you technically don’t have the space for them.

See, there’s a myriad of reasons why you should have at least one plant stand in your home.

And if you want another reason—plant stands are gorgeous. The best ones, at least.

Best Pot Planter Stands Ideas

So we’ve given you quite a good idea why you might want to get yourself a plant stand (or ten), but you might be a little stumped for ideas.

It can be tricky, particularly if you’re not big on the whole decorating thing. Good news–we are here to help.

Plant Stands Indoor Ideas

First, let’s start by looking at some of the best ideas of what you can have indoors. Obviously, these will relate more closely to notions such as color arrangement, space, furniture size, etc.

1. Small Copper Plant Stand

This black little gem is ideal if you’re low on space (think studio or apartment) but want to add a dash of nature. It’s great ‘cause the black goes with plants of any color and, luckily for you, that’s also true for furniture!

2. Gold Planter with Metal Plant Stand

Here to add a touch of royalty to your space, this gold plant stand is a little trickier to fit into your room.

Tip: This one would go well with minimalistic, black and white (or in any case, dark shades), but would be completely drowned out in a room furnished with bright colors.

3. Tiered Plant Stand

This simplistic style stand is ideal for a corner, particularly a well-lit one, and goes well with smaller, bush-style plants. Bigger plants wouldn’t be a good fit, as they would “drown out” their smaller neighbors.

4.Minimalist Modern Metal Plant Stand

They weren’t kidding when they said minimalist! This simple style stand goes well with practically any decor. Be it a completely black room or a colorful artist’s studio, you can’t go wrong with this metal gem.

5. Black Metal Plant Stand

While pretty, this plant stand risks being a tad too simplistic, if you know what we mean. Ideally, combine it either with a brightly colored room or at the very least, a colorful plant to add some life!

6. Tall Copper Plant Stand

This copper stand is a tricky, albeit gorgeous, piece to accommodate. In the wrong setting, it can seem tacky, which is why we suggest going with a white decorum/pot/background (as in the picture) to avoid that effect.

7. Triangle Rustic Plant Stand Pedestal

A delightful stand that will prop up your plants in just the right way for them to get noticed. This stand works well on shelves, coffee tables, as well as directly on the floor—but only in minimalistic-style rooms.

Tip: These are great for Aloe Vera and most other house plants.

8. Stylish Leather Hanging Plant Stand

No space for a plant stand? No sweat, we’ve got you covered airborne style as well.

This leather hanging stand kinda makes it look like one of those old-school shoulder-bags. Both a blast from the past and a piece of decoration from the future!

9. Hanging Plant Stand

This wooden stand looks just like a swing, doesn’t it? It also doubles as a makeshift table to display your gorgeous smaller pots (never put a big, hefty plant pot on this!).

Geometric Modern Plant Stand

You don’t have to be an ace in math to see that this subtle, beautiful plant stand is the perfect piece for your home. If you tend toward angular furniture, then these simple stands are for you!

Black Metal Plant Stand

Don’t want to make a major thing out of your plants? No worries. These discreet metal stands will give your house plants the support they deserve without taking up too much space (or focus!).

Brass Vintage Roller Plant Stand

A subtle, yet shiny brass stand to complement both dark and light-colored plant pots in your house. This stand is a little tricky to match with furniture, so use it in hallways or rooms with either white or brown-ish furniture.

Corner Black Metal Plant Stand

Don’t be fooled by its name, because this leaf-themed beauty doesn’t go well just in corners but pretty much anywhere. Here’s a tip, though: you may want to align it with a coffee house of some shelves of a similar height.

Chicken Legs Metal Plant Stand

A fun idea for those of you who love farming, but also an excellent conversation starter at your next house party! These chicken plant stands give a whole new meaning to “lively plants”.

Vintage Wicker Mini Peacock Plant Stand

Kinda reminds you of the wicker chair Grandma used to sit in on the back porch, doesn’t it? Needless to say, this vintage beauty goes well with… wicker furniture, but also with minimalistic monochrome rooms.

Cast Iron Plant Stand

A subtle, grate-like stand, this piece shouldn’t be used on a wooden surface. However, it would look fantastic on a tiled floor—both inside and out on the patio!

Hairpin Metal Plant Stand

Any hair-obsessed ladies out there will tell you a hairpin is never a bad choice, and the same goes for this gorgeous plant stand.

A minimalist design to add a splotch of light to your room, and perfect for corners!

Desktop Mini Bicycle Plant Stand

Love cycling? Then this tiny stand is the perfect choice for you. A sleek black style that goes well with light-color furniture, this desktop stand also goes well on shelves!

Copper Plant Pot Stand with Moroccan Style Tiles

This understated, stair-like plant stand allows you to play with layers, which can be a wonderful way to freshen up an old room and breathe new life into it.

What’s more, the Moroccan style adds a touch of the exotic to your life.

Gold Plant Stand

There’s no denying that gold and green is a compelling, timeless combo, which is perhaps what makes this stand so epic.

While this stand is a little tricky to place (it won’t go well in brown/honey or brightly colored rooms), the effort is well worth it, in the end, don’t you think?

Spiral Air Plant Stand

You know what we just said about gold and green? Same goes here, especially with that lovely rose tint. Even better, these inexpensive stands add a touch of excitement to your room and actually work best in brown-base rooms!

Indoor Planter Pots Ideas

So we’ve talked a bit about plant stands on their own, but you must be curious about picking the right pot for the stand, which is exactly what this section is about – both the pot and the stand, already matched for you!

Mid Century Ceramic Planter Bowl with Acacia Wood Stand

There is something timeless about this simplistic combo that makes it go well in any setting—from wood tiled floors to glass coffee tables, like in the image. The Acacia wood adds a touch of class to an otherwise surprisingly simple design.

Plant Stand with Pot

This is quite similar to the one we just talked about, but the taller stature makes it more difficult to fit. Ideally, plant this one (get it?) in a room with few pieces of furniture, to highlight it.

Ceramic Elephant Plant Stand

Okay, we know this one’s not gonna be for everyone, but if you’re looking to furnish a bright, colorful room, this exotic elephant-themed piece may just be the perfect thing for you.

Ideally, try to pair it with a couple of other Oriental decorations and accessories, so that it doesn’t stand out too much.

3D Printed Plant Pot with Characters (2 Options)

If you’re looking for something lively, and ideally, if you live with children, these adorable smiley face pots are the best choice.

Tip: They go well with a myriad of styles and can look great both on a surface and on the floor (the standing up one!).

Gold Rimmed Pink Marble Ceramic Vase Planter Pot With Gold Metal Stand

We’re not sayingthis would look great with a bunch of pink roses… But this is the sort of gorgeous planter that would look good regardless of what you put in it! If you want our opinion, use it in light-colored rooms.

Two Textured Standing Planters

There’s something wonderfully simple about these metallic planters, something that gives the impression that you’re using a pot you found to keep your plants it, while at the same time making them look incredibly poised.

Cubus Plant Stand

This stand is idealif you’re looking to furnish a room filled with angular pieces of furniture.

While the sleek design makes it easy to assort, make sure you don’t try to jam it into a room full of round pieces, otherwise, you’ll have a design disaster on your hands!

Plant Stands for Decks and Patios Ideas

While we did technically mention a patio earlier, here’s where we really get going. In the section, we’ll look at some of the best ideas for decorating your outdoor deck or patio with a little greenery.

Butterfly 4-Tier Corner Rack

If you love butterflies (and who doesn’t?), you’ll love this plant rack. Its simple design allows it to blend in well with a white backdrop but also makes it stand out against other colors.

Metal Potted Plant Stand

As we’ve already said, metal goes well pretty much anywhere, which means this sleek, simple stand will go well in various outdoor settings.

What’s more, the black won’t show any potential dirt or wear-and-tear that’s bound to come with prolonged exposure to the elements.

Helix Wrought Iron Plant Stand

Our favorite thing about this stand is that it skillfully combines both a smaller and a larger pot, creating a beautiful impression of scale and contrast. Put a flowering plant in this one to create a nice color combo.

Multi-Tiered Wooden Plant Holder

Okay, we’re no longer playing, this one’s for the real serious plant-lovers out there. The great thing about this holder is that, like we see in the image, it can hold various plant styles and colors and not have them clash!

Iron Plant Stand with Wheels

A wonderfully versatile piece as it’s got basically no color (so no risk of clashing), and can hold any pot style. It’s also good because it can be easily moved around, in case you want to re-do your patio!

Tip: This one’s a real heavy-duty trooper, so don’t be afraid to put bigger plants on it.

Outdoor Planter Stands Ideas

Sticking to the great outdoors, the plant stands you’ll see below go well both on your patio or deck, but also right on the grass in your backyard, or if you like, even in the driveway.

Vertical Cedar Ladder Planter

This ladder-themed plant stand is ideal if you’d like to house multiple flower beds. It’s great because it’s got space for a lot of earth so that your plants can root properly.

Thanks to the stair design, you can do as many plant styles as you like.

A-Frame Plant Stand

This beautiful stand for plants is great to keep smaller potted plants in, and super great for display outdoors (though the simplistic wooden design means it goes well indoors as well).

Thing is, it’s weather-resistant, so it’d be a pity not to take advantage of that!

Leisure Half-Round Wood Plant Stand

The cool thing about this stand is that you can create a progression—bigger plants on the bottom, then smaller and smaller as this half-round staircase goes up.

Stapleton Plant Stand

This sleek, beautiful antique piece goes well with any outdoor furniture, the grate-like design making it universal in many ways.

Ideally, we suggest planting a bright green plant that doesn’t flower on this one, just to create more of a contrast.

Malibu Three-Layered Plant Stand

The greatest beauty lies in simplicity, right? That’s true about this multi-layered plant stand. As earlier, this wooden piece is great to house different-sized plants, going from big to small as it goes up.

Garden Planters Ideas

Moving exclusively to the green part of your property, below you’ll find the best, sturdiest (and prettiest!) planters to put directly out on the grass.

They’re great if you want your potted plants to enjoy some of that delectable sunlight.

Square Iron Cast Plant Stand Set

You know what makes this plant stand set so beautiful? The care and skill with which the iron was crafted, which is both subtle and elegant in just the right away to adorn your garden with any and every type of plant!

Corner Wood Plant Stand

In spite of the name, this lovely wooden piece will look great just about anywhere in your garden. The tall structure means that you really should pair it with a small pot and plant, just to balance it out.

Metal Tiered Corner Plant Stand

This is like a plant emporium—expect to find anything from succulents to gardenias on this highly versatile and expansive plant stand!

What’s great is that the structure is super stable and can be placed even on uneven ground!

Wrought Iron Potted Stander Flower Pot

This plant stand gives the impression of motion through its design similar to wheels. The layers also serve to add extra depth and allow you to showcase plants of different heights without having them clash.

Victorian Kettle Plant Stand

This gorgeous, vintage piece of decorum goes well with older furniture. This is not a design that would go well in a minimalist setting, but ideal to give extra focus to one particular plant in your garden.

Vintage Wrought Iron Planter

This one’s a little tricky because the design allows the earth to seep through the bottom, which is a little counter-intuitive.

It’s also why we suggest you place this directly on the grass so as not to make a mess!

Garden Wooden Box Planter

You know how sometimes you’re planting flowers in the garden and can’t help but think it’s a bit…well, dull?

We’ve got the solution—this raised wooden box planter helps draw attention to your beautiful flowerbed.

Macramé Garden Hanging Plant Stand

You don’t have to be in love with macramé to see that this elegant hanging stand brings light to any space.

The macramé filters the light so that you can use this stand in any outdoor color scheme. It’s lightweight sturdy enough to provide support to your plant pots.

French Vintage Style Metal Planter

Okay, granted that this planter is a bit on the fancy side. But that doesn’t mean you need a fancy, vintage-style garden to fit this gorgeous stand.

On the contrary, its simple elegance allows it to blend well in any and every background.

Hanging Bamboo Planter

This simple, elongated planter is tricky to house because only certain plants can flourish inside its complex shape. However, once you find the right plant for it, this beauty will liven up any exterior wall.

Wooden Plant Stands Ideas

There are countless types of wooden plant stands on the market and you’ll probably have a hard time choosing one.

What you need to consider is how many plants you can fit on any particular stand and how well they would go together.

Another important factor is if they are suitable for the style your house is decorated in or if they fit in with the landscaping design of your garden.

Tier Bamboo Plant Stand

A large stand is an excellent choice if you want to put on display plants of a similar type so they don’t clash with each other.

You wouldn’t want one that stands out taking the spotlight, while the others are ignored, right?

Mid-Century Plant Stand

On the contrary, if you want to put the spotlight on the latest addition to your collection, give it a place of its own.

Tip: Set it against a stark white wall and make sure to give it ample space. Don’t squeeze it in between the couch and the side table or it will be wasted.

Oak Plant Stand

Naked wood is a color that goes well if your house is decorated in a modern style. The simplicity of such a plant stand makes it the perfect choice for a lush plant with big green leaves and flowers.

The stand only has a functional role and doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Bamboo 6 Tier 7 Potted Plant Stand

When there are so many plants that deserve a place in your house, a stand with multiple tiers allows you to create a vertical garden of sorts. A great solution for limited space.

While the pots can vary in size and shape make sure their colors don’t clash.

Deluxe Garden Planter Rectangular Plant Stand

This stand is great for plants with hanging flowers. Use it to brighten up a part of your garden. Set it against a wall of the house, on either side of your front door or on the porch.

Individual stands are a good choice for invasive plants who might threaten to overtake your garden.

Rustic Adjustable Wooden Plant Stand

Unpretentious and functional. This stand is a good idea when you feel your beautiful plant wouldn’t get enough sun if you put it on the floor.

Works great if you want to decorate a corner of the room, preferably near a large window.

Wooden Plant Stand 6 Tier

Something a bit retro, that would look well in a garden with a rustic feel. This kind of stand is perfect when you have several smaller plants you don’t know where to put.

Use the various heights of the stand and the size of the plants to create some sort of balance.

Round Wooden Plant Stand

This is the type of stand you should look for if you have a striking plant to put on display. Make sure the plant is bigger than the stand itself, otherwise its beauty would be lost.

Outdoor Hanging Plant Holder Wood Plant Stand

A very original design for a plant stand. It deserves a spectacular plant, something that catches the eye.

Tip: Use it to decorate a part of the garden that seems too plain or put it somewhere where it won’t fail to get notice.

Extra Tall Mid Century Modern Plant Stand in Oak Wood

The main reason you might need an extra-tall plant stand is to create balance in the room.

Playing with various heights is OK only up to a point. Too much of it is tiring to the eye and frankly, quite confusing.

White Oak Plant Stand

When your house is decorated in light colors, you wouldn’t want a dark-colored plant stand. And if there’s something that deserves to draw attention to it, that’s obviously the plant you put on it.

This stand is a great way to showcase a plant you’re particularly proud of.

Tall Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Wood in light colors is a good choice for a plant stand as it looks well in a house decorated in a modern style. It’s not formal so you can place it even in the kitchen or the dining area.

When you use a tall stand always make sure to balance it with an equally impressive plant.

Wooden Plant Stand

This is so precious you simply want one in your home! It’s very useful when you want to get a branch to sprout roots that you can plant in another pot or gift it to a friend who’s always complimenting your gardening skills.

Rustic Plant Stand with Shelves

Surely there’s some place in your garden for this little thing. Great if you have some plants you need to keep an eye on as they grow.

Works best with small plants as there isn’t much space for something with big leaves.

Small Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

This plant stand is great for a house decorated in a classical style. It’s unobtrusive, letting the plant itself take the spotlight.

Tip: Works really well with an impressive pot in a vibrant color that matches the dominant shade in the carpet or the drapes.

Large Planter Pots Ideas

When you have a plant that you know will grow big, consider putting it in a large pot with ample space from the very beginning. Larger pots are more suitable for outdoors.

Large Succulent Planter Pots

It’s not only cacti that you can grow in pots that imitate stone, but the idea is highly suggestive. Plants that grow out of stone. Also symbolic of all the effort you put into it.

Best suited for a large living room with plenty of free space.

Rustic 3-tier Plant Holder

This is the perfect choice for wildflowers that go very well with simple unpolished wood. Do not use the same type of flowers for each tier as the result might be a bit boring.

Buy various types of seeds from your local store, then mix and match!

Metal Hanging Flower Stand

Such a hanging stand works perfect for a deck or the porch, although not right above your table and rattan chairs! It’s great for a plant that grows fast, preferably something with overhanging leaves.

Tip: Do not use for a plant with short leaves that would go unnoticed and don’t put it too high where no one would see it!

Large Plastic Planter

This type of plant stand looks great when placed in a visible place, near the gates to your property or along a stone walkway.

Since the stand itself is plain, use it for an impressive plant, preferably with bright colored flowers.

Large Round Plant Stand

This is perfect for a small tree or some sort of shrub that needs a lot of space for the roots to grow. You can use it for a plant that is not yet ready to be planted in the garden.

The metal with an antique patina to it makes such stand more suited for a stone pathway or a wooden deck. On a tiled patio floor it might look out of place.

Cluster Round Plant Stand

With this kind of arrangement, you can bring out the artist in you, as well as the gardener.

Since the stand itself is a work of art, you shouldn’t use these pots for large brightly-colored plants to completely overshadow them! Balance!

Round Tall Plant Stands

You definitely need space for this kind of arrangement as these pots go well together. If you separate them, they will be lost among the furniture in your room.

This type of stand is best suited for a house decorated in a formal style or an office.

Decorative Ceramic Pot

This richly-decorated pot is a stand in itself. You can put it on the floor or on a small table in a neutral color. It’s great for bonsai!

You want guests to notice the beautiful tree, but also the nice pot. Choose a design in a color that matches the decorations in the room.

Modern White Tall Planters Pot

This is a very elegant pot that goes well in a place where it cannot fail to get noticed.

Tip: You should consider placing one at the front door or several if you have a stair with stone steps, to create some sort of unity.

Vertical Tiered Wooden Planters Stand

The perfect type of stand for a rustic garden, this would look great along a gravel path or set against a wooden porch.

It’s a great choice for a small herbs garden as it allows you to grow various herbs without sacrificing a plot in the garden.

Planter Boxes Ideas

Boxes are a great choice if you want to grow plants that require a lot of space and would be too crowded in a regular pot. Here’s our selection of planter boxes.

Rectangular Plant Box

You should choose a box in a neutral color when you don’t want your garden to feel overcrowded. Black is more of formal color so it’s best suited for a no-nonsense plant, decorative but not too bright.

Multilevel Box Stand

This stand looks like it’s made of old crates. If you don’t find one to buy this is perfect for a DIY job. It’s just perfect for a wild garden. But make sure the plants you put into it are of a similar size.

Garden Plant Stand

If you have a large garden, you should use a few of these plant stands to grow small trees and shrubs in them. Place them around the patio or at regular intervals along a pathway.

Large Rectangular Wooden Box

A wooden box with a simple design works well in a well-managed garden, along the sides of a manicured lawn.

If you don’t want a full flower garden, consider brightening your backyard with flowers in vibrant colors.

Raised Rectangular Boxes

A simple and elegant solution to grow some vegetables without giving up too much of your garden space. Separating the plants in various boxes allows you to care for each type as recommended.

Some might want more water, while others would do best in partial shade, so you can place each box accordingly.

Tall Rectangular Boxes

These boxes were designed to take up as little space as possible so they’re perfect for a small garden.

The fact they’re on wheels is a big plus, allowing you to move them around if, for instance, you want to keep your plants protected from the elements.

Extra Large Rectangular Boxes

These boxes are the perfect solution when you want to grow many plants or vegetables while giving each of them enough space.

Since they come in a dark color, they create an interesting contrast with white, red or yellow flowers.

Multilevel Rectangular Box

This is a very elegant plant stand. Works perfectly for a tall plant that grows vertically rather than horizontally. It would look great in a room decorated in a more formal style.

Wall Planters Ideas

Using plants as wall decorations is all the rage, not only because it allows you to save some space, but also because you can create striking contrasts, making any room more stylish.

Round Ceramic Wall Planters

White is always elegant, and these wall planters work well in a room decorated in light or pastel colors.

However, make sure the plants you put in them have strong colors—dark green in this case, but something with brightly-colored flowers would go just as well.

Wooden Wall Planters

The naked wood of these planters makes them more suitable for outdoors. Use them indoor only if the room is not already crowded.

Tip: These ones are best for small plants, with delicate flowers. You don’t have to put them in a vertical line—use your imagination!

Brass Oval Wall Planter

This sort of wall planter makes a statement. It wants to be noticed, so you’d better use it for equally impressive plants.

Since it comes in a vibrant color, make sure the flowers complement the wall planter. Don’t use too many of these in a single room as it might be a bit much.

Bucket Wall Planter

A great design for a wall planter. This sort of planter is perfect for a rustic garden with lots of wood and wildflowers.

Since the buckets will surely catch the eye make sure the plants are not the show-offy type!

Geometric Wall Planter

A great idea for wall decoration. It’s less about the plants, but about the little ceramic wall planter.

You can create various patterns on the wall. Best suited for a room in a minimalist style.

Decorative Elephant Wall Planter

A nice idea for a room decorated in a modern style. The design is very interesting, and the white color makes sure it’s not too eye-catching.

Use for a small plant as a large one might obscure the fancy pot.

Rhomboid Wall Planters

Now here’s something suitable for a house in a modern style. The simple geometric design allows you to put the emphasis on the plants.

Since you cannot use them for big plants, compensate with arresting colors.

Wicker Basket Wall Planter

A bit retro, this type of wall planter is right at home in a modernly decorated room. Works well in a cozy room full of warm colors.

Or, you can put this sort of basket on the deck.

DIY Pot Plant Stands Ideas

Why go with commercially-available plant stand or wall planters when you can make your house unique? The best thing is you can use all sorts of discarded items to create something special.

Vertical Plant Stand

Doesn’t it look amazing? It’s like a tree with flower pots growing in it. All you need is a solid piece of wood and to figure out how to attach the pots to it.

Tip: You don’t have to go monochrome—be bold and play with colors!

Metal Plant Stand

All you need for this sort of stand is a metal holder. It doesn’t have to be exactly like the one in the picture.

No matter what you choose, the stands should be of a similar shape.

Plastic Bottles Plant Stands

This takes recycling to a whole new level and at virtually no cost to you. Cut a hole in the bottle, put a little soil inside, and plant whatever you want. Not big plants, though.

Ceramic Pots

You must have discarded pots, cups, bowls around the house, who doesn’t? There’s only one rule—make sure the pots are similar in size and color.

If you have some plain ceramic bowls, you can have the kids decorate them.

Vertical Crate Garden

You need some old crates, painted or not, and a lot of imagination. It’s totally up to you how you place the crates on top of each other.

Tip: To make it stand out, use pots in various colors and shapes, but nothing too striking.

Tall Vertical Wooden Plant Stand

You can use shelves you don’t need anymore or build it yourself with a few wood planks.

It’s the perfect plant stand for a modern room with rustic overtones. Make sure it’s well balanced with larger pots on the lower shelf. 

Wooden DIY Wall Planter

Sours: https://www.plantedwell.com/plant-stand-designs-ideas/
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Making Plant Stands

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Wood plant stand tall

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$3 Mid-century Modern Plant Stands with Free Plans

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