Virgo love horoscope today

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Know what astrology and the planets have in store for people born under Virgo sign. Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Virgo today.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

A close friend may share some vital secret with you. You need to be very discreet with this information and offer appropriate sympathy and advice. Tackle all the tasks in your life in a constructive way. Your actions are especially powerful now and are likely to have a long term effect on those around you. So, you need to be careful about what you say or do.

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Virgo Health & Wellness Horoscope

You need to take special care of your eyes, especially if your job requires heavy strain of the eyes. People, who have to read a lot, take photographs or use the computer continuously in the course of the day should get their eyes checked out and take adequate care. It may also be a good idea to rest your tired eyes for a day and look at nature for a change rather than books and computer screens.

Virgo Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope

Expand your range of activities with your partner by undertaking adventurous trips together and doing things which please your partner. Especially take out some time for lunch with your partner. Those who are married may find it a perfect day to discuss about the introduction of a new member into their family.

Understand compatibility with love horoscope. Check love percentage using love calculator.

Virgo Career & Money Horoscope

Some sort of confusion is likely to occur at the career front today. You may be doing well enough in your chosen job. At the same time you may get an offer to join a business which is thoroughly trustworthy and offers a greater reward. Since you never saw the offer coming, this is likely to leave you in a state of indecision. Take your decision after long and careful consideration.

To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your Virgo weekly and Virgo monthly horoscope. To read Virgo horoscope in Hindi, see Kanya rashifal today.

Virgo daily horoscope highlighting your day in general, love & romantic magnetism, career & wealth potentials, health and wellness for Virgo today etc

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Virgo: Your daily horoscope - October 27

Virgo&#; Astrofame Virgo Today

There is a cushion for you to walk on today, so why make it difficult for yourself when there is comfort and pleasure right under your feet? Feel free to go out on a limb today. Your bravery will pay off tremendously, so have faith in the safety net below you and go for it. There is confidence in knowing that you inner thoughts and emotions are aligned with your outward performance.Has someone got their eye on you? Find out for sure, here!

Your love horoscope

Today you might be feeling unloved, though there's no real reason for it. Your relationships with those around you should actually be pretty strong, but your biorhythms are down and so you might be lagging in self-confidence right now. Phone up a close friend and get together with her. Go shopping, or to a movie, and get your spirits up. By the end of the day you'll feel like your old self again!

Your career horoscope

Latch on to what your mind has to say today. More than likely, your rational brain knows the right way to go. Your emotions are apt to dictate the action, but let your mind handle the steering. The key is to not get worked up over nothing. Tempers are likely to rise up in heated debates over what is fair and what is not. Become a part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Your finance horoscope

An unexpected chance to take a trip by air to a place far away, perhaps at someone else's expense, could come to you today. A group might be involved, perhaps one connected with education. Do you lecture, or teach? If so, this might be a chance to give a lecture in an exciting place you've never been to before. Get your materials together, pack your bag and go! And don't forget to have fun!

Your wellbeing horoscope

You might be drawn to exploring some new philosophies. Maybe you will listen to an inspirational speaker. Their creative ways of approaching life could inspire you. Maybe you will listen to a series of lectures on audiotape, using them to help motivate you. Or you could pick up some books by an author whose energy and concepts really connect with you. It could be time to embrace some new views.

Tomorrow's horoscope

Spiritual growth may be an aspect of your development that has been neglected. If so, consider taking steps to bring more understanding of your beliefs into your life. If you go to church, are you learning there? Have you considered exploring other faiths? Have you ever asked yourself exactly what it is you do believe? Consider doing so and listen to your honest answers. This will be the means to finding more of what you need in this area.

Here are your free predictions for the week, from October 24 to October 30

Life: You embrace challenges this week, as you enjoy the stimulation and are confident enough to overcome them each time. Your decision-making is better than ever come the weekend, and you won’t hesitate to get what you want.

Love: You’re completely at ease in your relationships. On Friday, Mercury, Venus, and the Moon will energize you and your partner, and you’ll spend the weekend on cloud nine. As for single Virgos, open your eyes and put yourself out there!

Is love in the air for your zodiac sign?Here are your free predictions for the month of October


Until the 6th, Venus and Neptune offer you moments of ecstasy where love has no limits. As a couple, you are going through an important stage in your relationship, and you are strengthening your bonds. If you are single, you may make a "key" encounter.


The Sun, Mercury, and Mars help you find financial solutions, increase your income. Saturn goes direct on the 11th in your professional sector, lightens your daily routine. The work is less heavy and the responsibilities less stressful. From the 18th, job searches or steps can be taken.


Pluto continues to provide you with a lot of mental strength, a good psychological sense, and a fine analysis of situations. Take advantage of the cooler season to relax your mind with board games, strategy games, etc. On the other hand, Mars favors team sports or walks with friends.

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Virgo Daily Horoscope for October Have patience!

VIRGO (Aug Sep 23)

This is an excellent day and you may plan to help someone in need. You may also devote some time in helping the needy and underprivileged people. Some may donate their belongings to poor children. You will be popular among your friends and relatives due to your good deeds.

Everything seems okay, but you should be cautious on the professional front. Today, you may feel that you never get credit for your determination and hard work. This is just a phase; you will get recognition for your work soon. You will get along with your partner today.

Find out more about the day.

Virgo Finance Today

Your stable financial condition will allow you to do financial charity. You may feel like helping others, but do not let people take advantage of your good and kind nature.

Virgo Family Today

This is a favorable day on the domestic front, so you can make the most of today by spending quality time together with family members or planning an evening out. Be grateful for the cooperation and support you get from your family members.

Virgo Career Today

This is not a lucky day on the work front. Some business deals may not go in your favor and disturb your peace of mind. Try to be patient and wait a bit longer to enjoy financial and business success. You may be shifted to a different project that you don't like much.

Virgo Health Today

Those who have already opted for a healthy lifestyle, they will soon reap the reward. You will enjoy your good health and try to maintain it. An elder will recover from a prolonged health issue.

Virgo Love Life Today

You will feel grateful and happy by having a caring partner by your side. Try not to force your romantic feeling on your spouse as it may upset your partner and ruin a romantic evening. Long romantic walks may make the aura exciting on the love front.

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Today virgo love horoscope

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